Blackmark (2017) Movie Script

For we are opposed around the world... a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy...
...that combines military, diplomatic...
...intelligence, economic, scientific...
...and political operations...
...that relies primarily on
...instead of invasion...
...on subversion,
instead of elections...
...on intimidation,
instead of free choice...
...on guerrillas by night,
instead of armies by day.
Its preparations are concealed,
not published.
Its mistakes are buried, not headlined.
Its dissenters are silenced,
not praised.
No rumor is printed,
no secret is revealed.
It conducts the Cold War, in short...
...with a wartime discipline... democracy would ever hope
or wish to match.
Come in.
Agent Michael Larson.
FBI Case Number 6-7-9-5-2.
Today is November 25, 1983.
Please state your name and occupation.
My name is Anya Popolovski.
I'm an archival analyst for
the Soviet Embassy in Washington DC.
Note the Embassy has agreed to
...with us on this investigation.
Ms. Popolovski... you recognize this man?
His name is Timothy Daniels.
Defected to Soviet Russia in 1963.
This photo was taken five days ago.
His file suggests a connection
to you and your father.
- This can't be Timothy Daniels.
- Why not?
Because Timothy Daniels is dead.
Ms. Popolovski...
...I need to impress upon you
that this man is armed...
...and extremely dangerous.
And any attempt to protect him...
...will be regarded as treason by
the United States government.
The Cold War was
founded on lies, Agent Larson.
Secrets and lies.
I've made it my life's work to
study the men...
...who killed my parents.
This is my father, Alexi Popolovski.
Commander of the soviet missile corps.
Arthur Blackmark,
the military industrialist.
Timothy Daniels... the spy.
And Gerald Hillcrest.
The man in the shadows.
Put me in witness protection and
I can help you arrest...
...someone more dangerous than Daniels.
The man who killed John F. Kennedy.
World War II created the two most
powerful forces on earth...
...the atomic bomb and
the military-industrial complex.
By the end of the Second World War...
...private military contractors
owned the...
...wealthiest corporations in America.
And as the fear of communism spread... did their influence and power.
Slowly they began to use their
vast network of...
...intelligence operatives to
provoke the Cold War...
...locking the United States and
the Soviet Union... a permanent arms race.
By 1952, nuclear manufacturer
Gerald Hillcrest had formed...
...The Consortium,
a group of the eight...
...most powerful corporations
in the world.
Together they would use their
power and influence... control the world
with nuclear force.
We must guard against...
...the acquisition of
unwanted influence...
...whether sought or unsought... the military-industrial complex.
In 1962...
...Gerald Hillcrest delivered
forty nuclear warheads to...
...Fidel Castro sparking
the Cuban Missile Crisis...
...bringing the world to
the brink of nuclear war...
...changing the course
of history forever.
Then, in 1963,
a second missile crisis...
...a secret missile crisis,
began with a phone call... Timothy Daniels.
Your mission is as follows.
At 11:40 AM local time... will use the device to access...
...Layer Four of
the Russian Defense Network.
At 11:43... will access fire control
for Nuclear Ordinance...
You will enter Tier One targets.
At 11:45... will engage main firing sequence.
A successful launch...
...will result in the completion
of Operation Outpost.
Good luck.
He tapped fire control!
Safety three offline!
Get me Kirlinkov and Sergey.
Alexander, move DO-2235
to longitude 1148.001.
Alert Ostrov and Pskov.
- Yes, sir.
- Vasily, narrow the band.
You cannot launch against
the Russians...
...they will intercept!
Do you think they're stupid?
Kennedy doesn't even know
what's going on!
Do you think the Russians are idiots?
You don't even know what's happened!
- Gentlemen.
- Sir... 3:45 local time, NO-1136...
...initiated main firing sequence.
Eastern seaboard.
High level targets.
Washington, Florida, New York.
- How many?
- Just the one.
- Just one?
- Only one, sir.
- This isn't Khrushchev.
- No sir.
- How much time?
- Fifteen minutes.
Safety five offline!
Ebat, somebody get me abort codes!
The hell, Sergey?
It's not us.
- Codes entered.
- Waiting for confirmation.
Abort codes 2-3-X-Z-9-3-D.
Do we take Popolovski?
- Depends on zee daughter.
- Ethics...?
- Body count.
- 117 against 328.
It's a hell of a lot better than
M.A.D., sir!
- No.
- No?
What do you mean, no?
Sir, we need to start priming
right goddamn now!
I think they'll intercept.
Thirty-three percent.
Abort codes failed.
Interception approved.
I've got a trace!
Team Number Six, with me!
Alexander, you have the floor.
We swing.
Get Daniels on the line.
One hundred twenty-eight million people.
Two million if they intercept.
Three hundred twenty-eight
if we do nothing!
All right.
Hold those codes until you get my order.
Thank you, sir.
This is Operation Outpost
requesting immediate extraction!
Key in 0-0-1-5-9-1-2.
Outpost is compromised!
Stand by.
Mr. Dobrynin, what the hell is this?
Listen, listen.
How do I know what Khrushchev does?
He's like a mad dog.
Always barking, never biting!
That... for breaking my trust.
- They're coming.
- Who?
- Popolovski.
- Stand by.
- Scathe, go ahead.
- T minus five.
And sir, Popolovski came to us.
- We have Alexi Popolovski.
- So what?
You're gonna call the Kremlin.
You're gonna tell Khrushchev to
abort his goddamn missile!
They're here.
Sir, we need a decision.
Take him.
Daniels. New deal.
Crimson Curtain.
That's a hit, sir.
I have the device.
Blue box tone generator.
- How long?
- Two minutes!
Transmitting tones...
Three-seven-nine. Nine-six-one.
- Sergey?
- Primer stage still firing.
Nothing, Alexi. Try again!
- Found it.
- One minute.
- Forty-five seconds!
- Codes?
Two, five, seven...
Three, seven, nine-nine...
Six, one!
Abort successful, comrade.
Abort successful!
Abort successful.
Why would the CIA...
...order Daniels to launch
a missile at his own country?
Daniels only thought he worked
for the CIA.
Knowledge... intelligence... is power.
Blackmark made his fortune buying
intelligence operatives...
...from the CIA and selling their
information... the highest bidder.
Daniels was his operative.
Why have I never heard of
Arthur Blackmark?
You have.
Today, all major
military contractors are...
...subsidiaries of his corporation.
Blackmark Enterprises.
But neither Blackmark
nor the CIA would ever order anyone... launch a missile at
the United States.
That... would be bad for business.
Where are we on the missile?
Khrushchev says it's us.
We say it's them.
- We give a response?
- Air Command's pushed to...
...DEFCON Three, but quietly.
I don't like the idea of somebody
running around Russia...
...launching missiles
without telling me first.
Yes sir.
Doctor Albrecht...
You are interrupting.
I need you in Room One.
Do we have confirmation from Daniels?
He's gone dark, sir.
- We swung.
- We missed.
- We missed?
- He missed to be precise.
Two years of drills,
two years of training...
...two years of waiting for the exact...
...perfect moment to take
Popolovski out!
He shows up on our doorstep,
and we missed?
What does McCone say?
Khrushchev says it's us.
It could've been Daniels.
It is my theory...
...that, with the help of this device...
...Daniels had access to
the Russian defense network...
...and triggered one of their
nuclear launch codes.
Why launch a missile at
your own country?
Two submarines carrying
Polaris missiles...
...just when dark in the North Sea.
Any signs of an attack?
If Kennedy moves missiles back
into Turkey...
...we will have nuclear war
within 72 hours.
Daniels is our priority.
We find him...
...we take Popolovski out,
we stop this from escalating.
Dr. Albrecht...
Yes sir.
Mr. Blackmark.
Good to see you.
Get out of my office.
- Cigar?
- No.
You know what these remind me of?
Do you remember Bolshakov's message?
The one from Khrushchev?
"Under no circumstances will..."
"...surface-to-surface missiles
be sent to Cuba."
I had such high hopes for Cuba.
Castro... failed.
Problem is...
For every Castro there's a Khrushchev.
For every Khrushchev there's a Kennedy.
And for every Kennedy...
There's you and me.
When gods wage war...'s men who must die.
What do you want?
I hear Kennedy... looking at Turkey again.
There are Four Horsemen, Arthur.
You, me, and everyone else.
It's time that we play our part.
Mary. Get me John McCone.
Who gave you the codes?
There are 692,000 tone combinations...
...across our defense network.
It would mathematically take
1,359 days... force just one...
...of the nine digits
in the firing sequence.
So again...
...who gave you the codes?
Do you know why Khrushchev
doesn't ride in a helicopter?
Stop me if you've heard this one, but...
Who gave you the codes, Daniels.
You did.
You're here... protect your people.
Who gave you the codes?
I'm sorry.
It's my daughter's birthday.
No more blood.
Tell me who you work for.
How is Anya?
I love this game! Daniels.
Between you and I...
...between our countries,
but there are rules.
When you break the rules...
...there are consequences.
This is business.
It is not personal...
...and we do not involve family.
Goodbye, Timothy Daniels.
I have a medicine.
A medicine banned by the Soviet Union.
A medicine your daughter needs!
- Benzolpenocticide?
- Yes!
It's a fair trade.
Do you know why Khrushchev
doesn't ride in a helicopter?
Okay, Daniels... first.
- For Anya.
- No, it's morphine.
She'll need more.
And it comes every day at 3:00.
- If you want it.
- I see.
Keep an eye on him.
Every time we play
the escalation game...
...we get one step closer... mutually assured destruction!
Kennedy needs a response.
Any sign that we are moving
missiles back into Turkey...
...will be enough to set Khrushchev off!
And then we will be right back
where we were last October.
They were this close.
To firing on New York City.
Now, you sit down.
What if I told you...
...that I could end
the Cold War tonight?
You're serious.
What do you know about Alexi Popolovski?
He's a hand in nuclear affairs.
Bit of a pesky fellow.
Runs stings on all of our agents,
but minor player.
Have you ever found his fail-safe?
- Fail-safe?
- Back in the days of Stalin...
...people of
political importance, who...
...didn't want to get the ax would...
...incentivize their livelihoods.
Blackmail, loyalty lines...
...things that could be released
or destroyed...
...on the event of their deaths.
Take a guess what Alexi Popolovski's is.
How did we not catch this?
Your boys and my boys
play different games John.
Does KGB know about this?
What do you need?
I need a team.
Six, from Russia...
...ready to make a discretionary
strike at my command.
I'll make the call.
I need to run this up the chain.
Especially now!
Especially after Dulles.
Do not talk to the President about this.
What exactly is it that... don't want
the president to know, Arthur?
John, there are things I do for you...
...that even you
don't want to know about.
This stays between us.
You know how to reach me.
Something about this rings
very bad to me, Arthur.
California Shipbuilding, John.
You don't profit from a war like this... one does.
Blackmark was the youngest
member of the Consortium.
- Clear.
- Handpicked by...
...Gerald Hillcrest to become
its leader.
But the Cuban Missile Crisis had
turned Blackmark...
...and Hillcrest against each other.
And McCone's unwillingness to
...affirmed what Blackmark Feared most.
That Hillcrest was trying to
start a new world war.
All he needed was a little proof.
Must you be so obvious, Arthur?
How much did you pay McCone?
You came here to talk politics?
He said that he met someone...
...who was hired to sink an
Onassis ship.
Now, why would anybody wanna do that?
It's what I'm here to find out.
You know, you could lose your
holdings for this.
Or I could kill you.
And isn't that really why you came?
No. Not yet.
This... is a gift.
Token of our friendship.
It's from the masthead of the Stiletto.
You know, you... still manage to
surprise me, Arthur.
We found something you need to see.
Good evening, Gerald.
We'll be having Thanksgiving
early this year.
I hope you can be there.
This way sir.
In 1962...
...the United States had missile
bases along the Turkish coast...
...less than 300 miles from
the Soviet Union.
As part of the resolution to
the Cuban Missile Crisis...
...Kennedy agreed to remove his
missiles from Turkey.
And just as soon as he did...
...Hillcrest replaced them with his own.
If Khrushchev thought Kennedy
had gone back on his word...
...the result could only be war.
Have you ever seen the lights of
the Kremlin at night?
Of course.
No, no, no.
Have you really looked at the lights?
Read the message in the lights?
- You know how Stalin died?
- Da.
We are going to go the same way.
I have read the message in the lights.
Kennedy's in Turkey.
Defense Condition Two.
Set quietly.
He never left, Alexi.
I need information.
I may need to leave.
Not like that.
I don't envy you, Alexi...
...after what they did to Anya.
But my uncle, he went to Lubyanka.
He's dead now.
I will keep them off your back
as long as I can.
Always at your service.
Stay safe, comrade.
- He has the photographs?
- Of course.
- And?
- He said something strange.
He needs to go dark. He wants to
disappear for a few days.
Then he's right where we want him.
Did he give you anything?
Only a syringe.
Then he has Daniels.
Perhaps I can acquire
both assets, same time.
Well, prepare the extraction.
But be sure and keep me
closely informed.
Thank you, sir.
My father had a choice.
Turn Daniels in and give up my cure...
...or use him for his medicine...
...and risk being caught by the KGB.
Brunt... what did you find?
The drug is real.
I think it will stop the infection,
maybe heal her scars.
But be careful.
I have to go, comrade.
I love you so much, my little zaichik.
Anya. Anya...
Anya, Anya.
Anya! Anya!
I was my father's greatest weakness.
Me, too.
Tell me about Hillcrest.
Why provoke Khrushchev and Kennedy?
War, paranoia, fear,
they were good for business.
But Hillcrest wanted more.
By escalating tensions between
the two countries...
...Hillcrest hoped to draw out
and eliminate anyone...
...who might threaten his power.
When he ordered Daniels to launch
a Soviet missile...
...he wasn't starting a war
between the...
...United States and the Soviet Union.
He was starting a war on Blackmark.
Can somebody tell me
what the hell this is?
...CIA leaked out Intel.
KGB's looking for Popolovski.
I'll get McCone.
All right. Every mole in the USSR
is about to...
...find out about
Popolovski's fail-safe.
And when they do, Khrushchev is
gonna shut it down so fast...
...we won't have time to blink.
But if we kill Popolovski before
his abort codes change...
...we will end the Cold War.
I need to know where Daniels is. Now.
His signal just went online.
Give me a timetable.
Twelve hours for the information
to disseminate...
...twenty more until the codes change.
Thirteen hour flight each way.
- Options?
- Air drop in Potapovo?
- Forty-five kliks?
- Checkpoints.
- What about Moscow?
- Political mail run?
Might work.
Will the embassy buy it?
- What about Black Division?
- Not ready yet, sir.
I can get us in.
We've been tracking for
special activities.
Deep cover smuggling operation
with the Soviets.
- Where?
- Poltava, Ukraine.
- Idaho.
- Sir?
- It could work.
- Turn around time on the plane?
Four hours. Touch down five miles
South of Moscow. No check points.
- It'll piss off McCone.
- He'll pull our contract.
- I won't let him.
- What's our cover?
- EnA mission?
- Reiner should buy that.
- I buy it.
- All right, let's play ball.
Operation code named "Idaho."
I want our boys airborne within
the hour.
- Marshall makes the call.
- Yes sir.
- Copy.
- Excuse me.
Operation Code Named Idaho.
Tactical squad armed,
moving on the apartment.
Thank you.
Counter Operation Code Breadbasket.
And find out what Albrecht
is working on.
- Yes sir.
- That's excellent work, Scathe.
You keep me posted.
Wake up.
You killed my daughter!
Your daughter's fine.
You poisoned her!
It's side-effects are violent...
...but the drug itself is harmless.
No, Mr. Popolovski.
I play by the rules.
I need you to help me understand
what's going on here.
Maybe we can... out some kind of deal.
Why does the CIA want you dead?
- Hello?
- Prepare for delivery.
- Code, Breadbasket.
- Copy that.
You have one hour.
Don't open it.
You're not on my list.
I'm compiling a report for
Weapons Development.
Arthur did not inform me.
They are asking about
isotope penetration.
I, I have just finished
the final adjustment.
Isotope penetration...
...has increased...
...wait till you see this.
Zee first ever radio-chemical weapon.
Now watch...
You see?
Twelve thousand rads.
Delivered in a highly
concentrated dose... human subjects...
...ze results are exponentially better.
Is it enough?
Zis weapon could kill a man
in 15 seconds.
Provided he is in a 20-foot
radius and has not been...
...injected with my antidote serum.
I will inform Blackmark immediately.
Herr Scathe!
Never enter my laboratory again
without permission.
Yes, Dr. Albrecht.
You know, I fought with your
cousin during the war.
We were...
...on a joint operation together
at Ravensbruck.
He talked about your a lot.
He said that... were a brave man.
I'm sure your daughter would
probably agree.
Have you ever been to Boston
in the fall?
I prefer New Hampshire.
Please, I don't have much time.
My name is Bruntoshkow Molotowski...
...Central Intelligence.
You may call me Brunt.
It's the nature of our game.
You know this, Alexi.
- Wait. You know him?
- Well, da. Professionally.
New orders, Daniels.
Popolovski lives.
Alexander Kordakov discovered
his fail-safe.
- What fail-safe?
- You don't know?
And we work for intelligence agency!
If Popolovski dies...
...abort codes are sent directly
to Department of Defense.
To what missiles?
All of them. But is useless now.
Alexander discovered the codes,
so they're being changed.
But still...
...this information is valuable.
Worth something to President Jack.
What do you want me to do with this?
Keep him here... keep him alive...
...while I arrange extraction.
I will call you on the 20th.
Codeword remains Breadbasket.
All other operations have been
If they use any other codeword... can assume it is a threat!
And please...
lock the damn door.
Keep him alive. Wait for my call.
That day Blackmark's red phone
rang for the first time...
...since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
His team had arrived in Moscow.
And his worst fears were about
to come true.
Sir, Khrushchev found out
about the missiles.
We're piping the call into
the war room now.
Mr. President...
...can you tell me why my
intelligence shows there are...
...still 10 nuclear missiles
along the Turkish coast?
Mr. Khrushchev, I have seen
those reports.
Those are not our missiles!
Then who's missiles are they,
Mr. President?
We had an agreement.
We have nothing to gain from war.
Then why did you order your
American agent to launch...
...a Soviet missile at
the United States?
I neither ordered nor condoned...
- ...any such operation.
- Lies!
If you do not remove your
missiles from Istanbul...
Damage control?
- ...force to destroy...
- Nothing we can do.
City by city. state by state,
Until there is nothing left of
your country but death and ashes!
Mr. Khrushchev. If you launch
a single missile at our country...
...I will unleash the full force
of this great nation against you!
Our nuclear missiles are prepared
to launch now.
Remove your missiles, Mr. President.
You have 72 hours.
Put a lid on the press.
Lean on them.
Shut it down before anyone finds out.
Yes sir.
I want to see my family.
Do you know why Khrushchev
doesn't ride in a helicopter?
We need to get out of Moscow.
When Khrushchev came to America
he rode in a...
...Marine One.
And he loved that helicopter so
much he wanted one for himself.
But his advisors refused.
They said...
Soviet helicopters weren't safe enough.
There's no missile gap, Alexi.
We've always been ahead.
How long have you been here?
Five years, eight months, six days.
How did you get such good vodka?
Idaho Potatoes.
Yeah. Khrushchev smuggles 'em in.
Keeps the people happy.
Somebody's coming.
- Hello?
- Prepare for extraction.
Operation code?
- Idaho.
- Yes sir.
What's going on?
- What is it?
- I don't know.
Take that.
Are you seriously trusting me
with a shotgun?
If I start screaming, start shooting.
Let's move to the closet.
We're on site.
Red light, green light?
Green light. Operation is a go.
Timothy Daniels?
Operation Idaho.
What was that pass phrase again?
Idaho, sir.
We have the extraction orders
right here.
Right. Come in.
There's no sign of Popolovski.
Looks like there's a code mix-up.
These orders mention, Alexi Popolovski?
Yes sir. We're on an EnA mission,
Popolovski's the target.
Haven't seen him.
Popolovski's been here.
Daniels is claiming otherwise.
Then find him!
Eastman, keep an eye on him.
Arlen, Scott, you're with me.
We're taking heavy fire from both
Daniels and Popolovski.
Request regroup and support!
Reiner, there's no time.
You fail, we're at war.
Who is this?
This is your handler, Mr. Daniels.
What's going on?
Why are you refusing extraction?
Your agents didn't give
the correct pass phrase!
I'm under new orders to keep
Popolovski alive!
Popolovski is the target.
I can change the parameters of
my mission.
Just give me the correct pass phrase!
I can give you additional
What is the pass phrase?
I am ordering you to kill
Popolovski, Daniels!
Popolovski's codes will be
changed within the hour.
We are 72 hours away from
Mutually Assured Destruction.
Let's start the clock.
Marshall, Hiller...
...begin reviewing lock down
procedures and...
...establishing containment zones.
Copy that.
Hillcrest couldn't let Blackmark
activate my father's fail-safe.
And four innocent men died.
Because of it.
Fearing the shootout would
attract unwanted attention...
...Daniels decided to keep my
family together, in one place.
And so we prepared for
Brunt's extraction... the threat of nuclear war
loomed on the horizon.
When are we going, Papa?
Soon, Anya.
- Will America hate us?
- No.
But why does America hate us?
Because we hate them.
Why, Papachika?
...a long time ago...
...we were friends.
But then we started to keep secrets.
And build walls.
Never build walls.
- I like secrets.
- Hush, Anya.
Are you ready?
Do not lie down near the edge of the bed
The Grey Wolfie will come and
grab you by your tiny side
Stalin's heart stopped.
Turn off your recorder.
I have a proposal.
What are your terms?
Your industries are suffering.
The eastern drought.
The missile gap.
I can give you everything we have.
In exchange, we get cash flow.
Buried in our foreign accounts.
I stay active, in the United States.
I get Khrushchev's ear...
...and I make sure he keeps his
army out of West Berlin.
I wish we were for sale.
He came to us first.
Gerald Hillcrest.
We can offer you protection.
I have seen your protection.
Even if you could nullify
this contract...
...nobody controls Khrushchev.
I think there are only
two ways to end this crisis.
Either find a new premiere...
...or you elect a new president.
You know...
...I called my wife today.
If this is our last meeting,
Mr. Dobrynin...'s been a pleasure.
An absolute pleasure, Arthur.
Sorry about the wrist.
The com chatter...
...has us about...
...50 hours out.
So I figured...
...we'd find out who this belongs to.
Can you tell me something, Daniels?
It's not CIA.
And it's too modern to be KGB.
I can probably use it to tap
the American trunk line...
...maybe abort one or two missiles.
Why launch a missile
at your own country?
'Cause I had my orders.
And you never... question orders?
What are you getting at?
Did you...
...ever think...
...that we caused this war?
Pass me the cutters.
Men like us, who follow orders?
I operate under the impression that...
...if my commanding officer
orders me to launch...
...a nuclear strike at my own country...'s for a damn good reason.
But who is your commanding officer?
I know Brunt.
He doesn't work for the CIA.
- Well, maybe he's a double agent.
- Are you sure?
What if, Daniels...
...what if you have been working
for the...
...Politburo this entire time?
What if it was Khrushchev...
...who ordered you to
launch that miss...
That's enough.
What if you don't even work for the CIA?
You said it yourself...'ve never seen a radio
like this before.
What if your loyalty...
...started a war...
...that would end the life
of my daughter... family, of my country?
I said that's enough!
What if you had killed me?
I watched your cousin...
...lead a platoon of men to their
death at Ravenbruck.
I followed my orders.
I kept my head down.
He died. I lived!
Alexi, I would give everything...
...everything I have to stop this war.
What country, Daniels?
- What sacrifice?
- Sacrifice?
What about Anya?
I made a mistake.
They burnt her face!
I learned my lesson.
I do this... for your daughter.
For all the Anya's in the world...
...that are hiding behind
the Iron Curtain.
That's why I joined the CIA.
And that's why I follow orders.
Blackmark Enterprises.
Put a burn notice out on Daniels.
He's no use to us now...
...let the KGB handle him.
You are not...
...who you think you are...
...Timothy Daniels.
Go take care of your family, Alexi.
by taking away all of his options...
Hillcrest left Blackmark with
only two ways to stop the clock.
The problem, the thing is...
Find a new premiere...
...or elect a new president. it off as an accident.
If we have a sniper.
Do agree with your first premise.
Poison is not an option.
What I need from you is the name
of your top contractor...
- Yes?
- They're holding a meeting.
Something big.
Arthur's keeping me in the dark.
- Does he know anything?
- I'm not sure.
Albrecht's building
a radio-chemical weapon.
There's an antidote serum.
Are we ready to move forward?
No. We need the serum first.
Move quickly, Scathe.
What are you doing in here?
Just a smoke.
Yeah. Me, too.
Can I be candid with you, Scathe?
Of course, sir.
I miss sleep.
Being able to turn off my light...
...and go to bed knowing
the world is gonna be here tomorrow.
I used to believe in the promise
of America.
What do you believe in, Scathe?
Freedom, sir.
Me, too.
It's why I trust you.
Let's get back to work.
Mr. Oswald is here to see you.
Send him in.
This way.
- Mr. Oswald.
- Call me Lee.
- Scotch?
- No.
- Tell me about your time in...
- I can't tell you about Russia.
Why not?
Client confidentiality.
You were stripped of your
sharpshooter status?
Sergeant didn't like me.
I take it you are comfortable
with high level targets?
I believe I am.
And it should go without saying
that anything...
- ...that we say in this room...
- You know, I am...
...nothing if not professional.
Double your rate, no questions asked.
But I'm gonna have to have you
sign something...
...before I give you the name.
With respect...
...if this is a matter of trust...
No, I trust you'll get the job done.
Your record makes that clear.
I need you to sign.
This is serious.
You said double my rate?
Give the name.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
The President of the United States.
Come in.
There's been a development.
With Daniels, sir.
KGB is moving on his apartment
within the hour.
- Is everything all right?
- Stay here.
I give you assurance that this...
- Scathe!
- going to be taken care of!
Somebody find me Scathe!
The serum...
We're leaving now.
- Daniels, what is it?
- They're coming!
I need her medicine!
What is it?
- KGB.
- How do you know?
It's not here!
- Brunt. We need to go now!
- I'm on my way. Ten minutes.
Khrushchev says privet!
Where is Alexi?
We'll split up.
There's a car downstairs.
They will give you passport and money...
...take you directly to Langley.
...will take Anya from here.
It's okay.
Your father loved...
I need you to do me a favor, Anya.
Keep this safe for me, okay?
I never said goodbye to my father.
The official report said your
parents died in a fire.
That night there was a phone call
made to the KGB.
I'm sure it was Blackmark.
You don't think it could've
been Hillcrest?
Blackmark, Hillcrest...
it doesn't matter.
My father died for wealthy men
in a foreign country.
Not for glory or honor,
but because of their greed!
This is true evil, Agent Larson.
Men who consume and destroy for profit.
But my father wasn't enough.
Blackmark wanted blood.
He wanted to become Gerald Hillcrest.
Stay close...
...we won't have much time.
Good luck, sir.
It is the tradition of this
Consortium... meet once a year on Thanksgiving.
However, due to the...
...the present global crisis
we've been forced to meet early.
First time in our history.
But we're not gonna let that
damped out mood, are we?
No. It has been a most eventful year.
So, let's begin. Brother Mark.
My brothers...
...look at what we've created.
We built this country with our
sweat and our blood.
We built this administration with
out influence and guile.
And we built this war...
...with out pride, and our greed.
Gentlemen, I have a dream.
I have a vision of the future.
I see war.
Endless, ceaseless, unwinnable...
...and without reason.
I see tall buildings fall.
I see presidents and kings...
...reduced to pawns and jesters.
I see fear in the eyes of every man...
...women and child... they watch
the stock markets crumble... they loose their homes,
their jobs...
...their families.
I see a world crying out...
...for a higher power.
We are that higher power.
And when the world is ours...
We will profit.
And yet...
...and yet...
There are those in this room...
...who have betrayed me.
That's enough!
You've played Khrushchev and Kennedy.
You have worked day and night...
...bringing them to this boiling point.
The Bay of Pigs, the Missile Crisis.
Alexi Popolovski and Timonthy Daniels.
And tomorrow...
...finally... will bring the world to an end.
Did you think I wouldn't notice
your signature?
What do you think?
...a toast.
To Gerald Hillcrest.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.
When gods wage war, men must die!
You haven't stopped the clock.
I'm sorry. Mr. McCone can't
see you right now.
He asked me to inform you that
your recording does not...
...contain a credible threat...
...and that he has no record of
your employment.
I did manage to find these
in our archives.
Evacuate all above-ground floors.
Sections B1 through 5 proceed
immediately... your designated fallout shelters.
This is not a drill.
Date and sign, please.
On November 22, 1963,
Arthur Blackmark inherited...
...the seven most powerful
corporations in the world.
As the soviet missiles began
their final countdown.
As Lee Harvey Oswald prepared
to assassinate...
...the president of the United States.
You must recite the phrase to
complete the transfer of power.
There is power in darkness.
From darkness I came...
...a rider on a black horse.
To judge. And to condemn.
Rule the world with power and authority.
To claim my inheritance.
For I am the darkness.
Listen. Listen.
I want you to hear the sound of power.
The sound of death.
And the darkness grows inside of me.
Shots have been fired at
the President's motorcade...
...on its way through downtown Dallas.
The suspect is a white male, armed...
...believed to be carrying
a .30 caliber rifle.
Hold on. This just in...
Ladies and Gentlemen,
the President is dead.
He died just moments ago... Parkland Hospital, in Dallas.
Scathe killed Daniels to keep
the world from ending...
...and then he went into hiding.
In fear of Blackmark.
Brunt stayed active in the Soviet Union.
And I was raised by
the Russian ambassador.
He told me parts of the story.
I learned the rest on my own.
I want you to find Blackmark and
bring him to justice!
For killing the President.
For killing my father.
And I want to be placed in
the witness protection program.
I'm sorry, Anya.
There's nothing I can do.
I want to believe you. But this
investigation is about Daniels.
Nobody else.
History repeats itself, Agent Larson.
When the Cold War ends, a new war
will begin.
And another, and another...
...until Blackmark controls the world.
I've never heard of Arthur Blackmark.
If you follow the power in your
government, you will f...
Dammit, Anya!
Do you or do you not know where
Timonthy Daniels is?
I took a big risk involving
your embassy...
...and I need something to show for it.
So, if he's dead... give me proof.
Daniel's recording of Blackmark
hiring Lee Harvey Oswald.
Bring him to justice.
If this is real...
Be very careful who you can trust.
Everyone has a fail-safe.
Agent Larson.
We could use more people like you.
We'll be in touch.
Give me the tape.
Timothy Daniels.
BLackmark's been looking for you.
Like he was looking for Scathe?
Do you know what his last words were...
...before I killed him?
"I believe in freedom."
As long as Blackmark's still alive...
...There is no freedom.
Not for me, not for Anya.
She almost had me convinced
you were dead.
She lied.