Blackout (2023) Movie Script

- I won't be needing
these anymore.
- You're so bad.
An exhibitionist, even.
- You bet I am.
Come on. It's sexy.
- Okay, stud, let's do it.
But I don't want any ants.
- Ants are a part
of the experience.
Besides, I thought you
liked being bitten.
God, you're so weird!
It's like you've been
planning this for days.
- Days? Baby, I've been
planning this for years.
Ever since prom night,
when I first saw your
pretty little bunny face.
My bun-bun.
- You're so out of control!
- Come on, baby.
It's our anniversary!
We're out here under the
big moon, the Buck Moon.
It makes you feel like
a wild animal, doesn't it?
Come on. Let me in.
- Okay, then.
- Oh, man... Mm.
- Oh, you are ready!
- Yup.
- Is this like some
fantasy of yours?
- Oh, God,
you're so weird.
Oh, baby, you're so fine.
You're so frickin' fine!
- Slow! Slow...
- Okay.
- I fucking love you.
- I love you.
- What is it?
Derek?! Derek?
- That it, Charley?
You're outta here?
I was starting to think
you were staying forever.
- No, no, Martha, I just
needed a spot for the month.
Thanks for everything.
- Sure. You could just drop them
in the cans down there.
- You're the best.
- Gonna miss you.
- Got a couple of
recyclables in here.
- Same cans;
goes to the same place.
- Aw, don't tell me that.
- Get real.
- One of these days, Martha.
- Hey, did you see this?
Hammond says he knows who killed
those kids down in Kenoza Field.
Says it was a Mexican.
- Can I see that?
- Keep it. I got a stack.
No one reads the paper anymore.
- At the tone,
please record your message.
When you have
finished recording,
you may hang up or press 1
for more options.
- Earl!
Rise and shine, brother!
All right, I'm heading over.
I gotta make
a couple of quick stops,
and then I'll be there.
This is it, man!
I hope you're ready.
Uh, that's funny.
That's funny.
Hey, Biggs.
- Hi, Charley. Long time!
- Yeah.
- You know, that, uh--
that woman Kate's
been looking for you.
- Yeah, don't I know it.
- Big-city lawyer, right?
- Mm-hm, yeah.
Doesn't mean she pays on time.
- Something about her shed,
her old shed.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
Is, uh-- is Hammond here?
- Not yet.
- You know what time
he's coming in?
- He's not gonna wanna see you.
- Yeah.
- You ladies gonna
keep chatting?
'Cause I got work to do.
- Hold your horses, Ben.
Thanks, Biggs.
- Thank you.
Good seeing you, Charley.
- Pleasure.
- If I had horses,
would I be doing this shit job?
- Mr. Hammond!
- Oh, what are you doing here?
I thought you'd be long gone.
- Oh, I-- I just wanted to know
what you think you're doing
publishing this op-ed
in the paper about Miguel.
- Somebody has to show the
people of this community
they're willing to speak up,
even if the chief
of police will not.
- Why are you
going after Miguel?
You know him.
He's worked for you.
- Miguel was at the scene
of a terrible crime.
- Yeah--
- That's a fact!
- He was a witness.
- Pretty far-fetched story,
don't you think?!
Some monster out on the road?!
- Everyone in Talbot Falls
with half a brain knows exactly
why you're going after Miguel.
- Miguel is
a sleazy opportunist,
who wants his people to take
over the workforce in this town.
- They're only here
because you wanted cheap labor
to build your resort.
- If he's innocent,
he'll be fine.
- Mm-hm.
Well, I'm telling you
by tomorrow morning,
you're gonna have proof Miguel
had nothing to do
with those murders,
and it's gonna be very clear
that you were talking
out of your ass.
- Why do you care
about those people?!
You've got your own problems.
I had to fire your own team
for not showing up!
- Fi-- You didn't fire us,
we stopped coming in
because the impact study
said that the expansion
was a bad idea,
that it would contaminate
the groundwater
in the whole district!
- Those risks are
completely overblown,
and so far down
the pike that before
any of them take effect,
we'll all be dead!
- I guess you're not planning
on Sharon having kids, then.
- Not with you, anyway.
That's all I care about.
You know,
I've been leafing through
some of my father's papers
since he died.
Seems you two were...
you were really
working the angles
with the courts there,
weren't you?
Pulling all kinds of strings.
- Now, where did you
get to be such
a self-righteous little shit?
I liked you better when
you were painting and drunk.
- Yeah.
Yeah, me too.
- Yeah, well, you're not
gonna do anything anyway.
You don't have
your father's balls.
- Charley?
- Oh, hey, Kate, it's-- yeah.
Yeah, it's Charley.
- Yeah, yeah,
don't "yeah" me, Mister.
"I Must Have Left You
Like Five Messages."
What's a girl gotta do to
get her shed painted?
- Well, in fact, I'm-- I'm
outside your place right now.
- What?
- Yeah, sorry, I'm--
I'm not trying to be creepy.
- Well, actually,
that is super creepy.
Should I be calling the cops?
Well, hello, there!
Thanks for finally
getting back to me.
- All right, you got a few
minutes to go through something?
- "Go through something?"
That's a hell of
a pickup line, Charley
- I wish.
- This isn't gonna be
about the shed, is it?
- No, um, I'm sorry,
I can replace myself.
I can make a few phone calls--
- No, it's fine.
Tell me what's on your mind.
- Um...
I know you're a lawyer and...
I wanted to ask if you'd take
a look at some of these papers
I found in my dad's
estate about Jack Hammond.
- Hammond, the guy behind the
Hilltop Resort project?
- Yeah, that guy.
Self-appointed mayor of this...
"Liberal-leaning" hamlet
trying to rile up the locals
turning everyone
against each other.
- Yeah, and?
- And my dad was
Hammond's lawyer for years.
And there's stuff in this box...
that just seems questionable,
things that granted Hammond
the right to build
and develop Peak Mountain
skirting a bunch of--
of edicts that got
the deal to go through.
- And you think your dad might
have made a few compromises.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- I--
He wasn't exactly the man his
reputation made him out to be.
I wonder if the deal he made
for Hammond was legit.
- Well, if you
wanna delve deeper,
I can show you the way.
- No, I'll be gone.
- Gone? What do you mean "gone?"
Where are you going?
- I wanna...
I just think that if--
if a sharp legal mind like yours
could take a look that maybe...
someone could bring
Hammond down.
- Bring him down?
- Yeah, look, I-- I'm an artist,
I don't know how
everything works...
but I know a shady deal
when I see one.
Okay, maybe that's what
I got from my old man.
That and a taste for the booze.
- I can certainly take
a look at the paperwork
and let you
know what I find.
- He is such a corrupting
force in this town.
I just--
I wanna see him behind bars.
- Yeah, usually doesn't
happen like that.
- Yeah, I know.
- Some fines, maybe.
Developers build that
into their budgets anyway.
- Whatever you think is right.
I-- I just wanted
someone to speak up.
Thank you for, uh,
taking a look, Kate.
I gotta go.
- Um, Charley?
I don't wanna state
the obvious, but...
everyone knows you were hitched
to Hammond's daughter.
Are you sure
you're not just acting out?
I don't know,
you seem a little...
What's really going on with you?
- I can't say.
- Hm.
- Hm.
I guess this wasn't a good idea.
- Okay. But who the hell's
gonna paint my shed, huh?
- ...This is my spot.
What's going on around here?
- It's just a delivery, man.
- They're totally in the way!
- It's a delivery, man.
They're gonna--
They're gonna move soon, man.
- No, but I-- I park here!
- Hey, Santo!
I'm looking for Sharon.
She inside?
- She's in the greenhouse, man.
You want me to get her?
- No, no, no. No, I'm fine.
I-- I know the way.
Hey, Bob. Excuse me.
Carry on
- God, man...
Who's running this place, man?!
They're not supposed
to be here!
- It's all right, man.
Bye, then.
- Ah, man,
what are you gonna do?
You're gonna do
something about it?
You're gonna do something
about it?
- Hello? Sharon?
You in here?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Sorry, I'm late.
- Yeah, well,
now I got stuff going on.
What's up?
- Uh...
I just wanted to see you,
say "So long."
- Haven't seen you
for over a month.
Now, you come here
to say "so long?"
- I was trying to
give you space.
I know you're seeing
- But anyway's, uh, I'm leaving,
you know, for good.
- Leaving?
Where are you gonna go?
- So, uh,
I wanted to say goodbye.
- Excuse me, Miss Hammond.
The trout guy outside.
- Thanks, Santo.
Tell him I'll be right there.
- Hey, Santo. What was Bob
going on about out there?
- Bob?
- Bob, the--
that asshole with the truck
- He said he can park
wherever he wants.
- I told him we had a delivery.
It's okay.
- Sharon, look,
I know I'm late, okay?
But... I just, uh--
I wanted to say...
sorry about it all.
- Charley...
- If you knew what
it's been like, I...
- We're not gonna do this again.
I don't know what
you expect from me.
I'm standing here talking
to you like a friend.
You have problems
that I can't even fathom.
But I put them behind me.
And I hope you can get
yourself out as well.
Because these last few months...
- Well, if you mean me fighting
with your father, then I'm s--
I'm sorry, but someone had to
speak up about that, okay?
People need to speak up.
- Charley,
I'm talking about me and you.
It's not about your
fighting with my father--
- Okay.
- You know I have
my own issues there.
- Okay, okay, I get it.
I, uh--
I wanted you to have this.
- How many times are we
gonna say goodbye?
- You gonna open it?
- I gotta go. Trout's calling.
Yeah, okay.
- Charley?
I know you're hurting.
I don't know how I can help you.
You gotta take care of yourself.
Stop punching at the world.
- ...3497, is not available.
At the tone,
please record your message.
When you have
finished recording,
you may hang up or press 1
for more options.
- Hey, Earl. Uh, sorry, man.
Day got away from me.
Uh, I'm heading over now.
You better be home, man.
Are you ready for this?
Shit. Okay, and, uh--
and just because I care,
I am gonna fill her up for you,
all right?
All right, be there
in 20 minutes, tops.
Stand by.
- Is anyone down there?
- Shit.
- Hey!
- Harry, right there!
- Are you all right?!
- Oh, God... Call 911.
It can't be good.
Nobody's answering.
- Shit, the reception.
- Andy, just try!
- Nothing.
Goddamn it. Harry!
There's nothing!
- Hello?
- Jesus Christ, Harry.
Be careful!
- Hello?
- Is anyone there?
- We're gonna help you.
Can you hear me?
Oh, God. Oh, God.
- What is it, Harry?!
- Harry, what is it?!
- Fuck!
- No! No!
- That's what I'm saying. I'm--
I'm being full on.
Like, I-- I-- I'm the bad guy
in this situation,
but this is my redemption story,
you know what I mean?
And I'm gonna prove
that you can trust me.
I would never leave you
behind again.
You're my boy.
Like, I would never
leave you behind.
I will never leave you behind.
I love you
And if I ever disrespect you,
tell me.
But I will never leave
you behind, like,
on, like,
some army shit, straight up.
On army shit,
I will never leave you behind.
- You gonna do something?
You gonna do something about it?
You gonna do something about it?
- All right...
- You're not gonna do
nothin' about it.
That's what I said.
- Bob, you get yourself
all worked up over these things,
you're gonna blow a valve!
You know...
things aren't what
they used to be.
- But what is, Bob?
And why are you
going to Farm Stand?
They charge you 22 bucks
for a ham and cheese!
- It's on the way.
- All right, well...
you just take care of
that sweet Edith.
That's all that matters.
- You hear that?
- Yeah.
- It's a bear.
Yeah, Chet said that he--
he had a bear.
- Well, whatever it was,
it was moving fast.
- Yeah.
I got a shotgun in my cab.
I'm gonna get it,
and I'm gonna scare it off.
- No, no, no.
- I'm gonna scare it off.
- Wait, I don't think
that was a bear.
- You don't think that's
a good idea?
- No, no.
I don't think it's a bear.
- Scare off the bear?
You don't think it's a bear?
Maybe it's something else
Here, kitty! Here, kitty!
Kitty kitty! Here, kitty!
Here, kitty.
Bob Kraus, you are wasted!
- I'll see ya, sucker!
- Well, I may be drunk, but...
in the morning I'll be sober,
and you'll still be ugly!
Oh, man...
[sparse ominous music)
- Rembrandt here
shouldn't be hard to find.
Looks like he was
living out of his car.
- Well...
unless the vehicle was stolen.
- You think?
- I can run the plates
just to be sure.
- I'm thinking
one driver in the car,
and this guy came down to help
and got his face slashed off.
Pretty brutal way to greet
a good Samaritan.
- Hey, boss.
There's a weird amount of hair
stuck in the door.
- Well, what do you think?
Could there have been
an animal in there, too?
- Uh, I don't know, maybe a bear
came and attacked 'em all?
- Why don't you leave the
guesswork to me, Alice.
- You got it, Sherlock.
- Hey! Luis.
This one was climbing up
the incline it seems,
then got whacked
by the incoming,
which skidded out
and ran into the ditch.
- Any prints?
Anything we can use?
- We got prints from the car.
We'll run those.
- No, any paw prints?
Anything around here
that can explain the wounds
I got on that stiff?
- Nah.
- How about some coffee?
We got that at least?
- Hey, look at this!
- What you got?
- Cell phone.
- Does it work?
- Yeah, the screen comes up
a photo of the dead guy...
before he got the facelift.
- So it's his?
Dropped it on the way down
before getting whacked?
- No, I would say it belongs
to the other guy.
Ran up the hill,
dropped it, ran into traffic.
- He's got a picture
of that guy on his phone?
Got it.
- Here you go.
- All right.
Let's get this stuff
out of here,
get this road working again.
- All right!
Let's clean it up!
- Alice?
This reminds me too much
of those kids
that got mangled last month.
Know what I mean?
- I was thinking the same thing.
- Think Hammond's gonna
blame this on Miguel, too?
- I wouldn't put it past him.
- Feels like something rotten's
going on in this town.
- You think?
- Hey, Charley! Is that you?!
- Steve!
They got you here on a Sunday?!
- Yeah, they want all this
stuff moved by tomorrow.
It's okay with me!
Oh, rough night, Charley?
- Yeah.
Does it show?
- Oh my God, shit yeah, man!
What are you doing here anyhow?
Nobody's seen you for a month!
And heard that Hammond
ran you out of town.
- Uh, you know... I had stuff.
- Yeah! Your--
your whole crew got laid off!
He said they were painting
everything the wrong color.
Could that possible be true?!
- Stevie!
Let me ask you something.
If you found out
Hammond was lying
about those
environmental studies,
would you still work here?
- You know, that's--
that's complicated.
- Well, what if you found out
Miguel was getting paid
a lot less for the same amount
of work as you guys?
- Well, that's--
that's just business stuff.
- Okay.
What if you found out that
Hammond was fucking little kids?
How about that?
You're a funny guy, Charley.
But, uh... hey, everybody knows
you're an artist and--
and you painted the school
that time for free.
That was really cool, man.
But those white pants?
- I don't-- I don't understand.
- Yeah, it's real simple,
all right?
- Okay.
- The red button is to record.
- Show me.
- There.
- Okay.
- That recor--
Now, we're recording,
all right?
- Okay.
- Now, it's recording.
Everything we're saying
is gonna on there.
- Okay.
- There's the microphone.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- That--
- Here?
- Yeah. Straight up.
- Yeah.
- So, listen.
- Okay.
- When I'm talking to him,
make sure you're--
you press record,
'cause we wanna get everything
that he's saying--
- Okay.
- Because--
- Okay.
- He's-- bro, he's lying, bro
- Yeah, yeah.
- So if we get evidence,
that says he's lying...
- Yeah.
- Hey, Frieda.
Hey, what's up, little man?
Uh, is Miguel around?
- He's here.
- Look!
How you doing?
Oh, look at that!
- It's a horse
- It's a horse!
- There's a horse over there!
- There's another one
over there?
- Yeah!
- Yeah?
- It's over there!
- It's over there?
- Yeah, it's over there!
- Where's your--
where's your dad at?
- That's a horse.
- Oh, what's up, man?
How you doing, Miguel?
- I'm good, Charley.
- Hey, you got a second to talk?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Come on.
Where you been, Charley?
- I've been around.
Just wanted to, uh, you know,
check in on you,
see how you're holding up.
- Mm, todo bien,
everything's good.
- Yeah?
There's a couple of
scary guys down the road.
You see 'em?
- Yeah, I seen 'em.
They got a lot of time
to just sit there.
- You read that thing, uh,
Hammond put in the paper?
- People have been
talking about it.
I don't need to read it.
I know Hammond.
- Yeah, well,
now you got these two dipshits
up the road trying to
intimidate everyone.
- I talked to the police
when it first happened.
I told them everything I saw.
It's not my problem if
they can't find who did it.
- Hey, be honest with me, man.
What'd you see that night?
- Hombre-lobo.
I'm s-- I'm sorry, man,
but my Spanish isn't so good.
I'm pretty sure
that means "wolf man."
- Nobody believes me.
They all say it's a...
Mexican superstition.
But I never seen
hombre lobo in Mexico.
Only in American movies.
- Come on, man!
You're messing with me.
- I saw a monster.
It was shaped like a man
but it moved like an animal.
By the time
it caught up to that girl,
she didn't have a chance.
I honked my horn
and I yelled but...
he just finished her off...
and ran back into the woods.
That's when I called the cops.
It doesn't matter
what Hammond says.
What happened to you anyway's,
You look bad.
- Mm. Thanks.
No, I'm, uh-- you know.
I've got problems of my own,
- Need a cerveza?
Dos cervezas, por favor!
- I wonder, uh... maybe...
you guys should get out of
town for a little while.
I'll worry about Hammond.
- I'm not scared of Hammond.
Well, maybe you should be.
- Before his pals show up here
with pitchforks
Man, they don't
know how to use pitchforks!
We know!
- True, true.
- Thank you.
- Gracias.
- I tell you this: Hammond,
he wants to hunt me down
and bring shame on my family.
He knows I have too much
power in my people.
But he brought us all out here
with the promise of jobs and...
and then he tries to cheat us.
And if he gets rid of me,
who's he gonna get to
build his resort?
White boys don't show up
for his shit pay.
I mean, you show up, Charley...
but most don't.
Why you come here,
- I just wanted to make sure
you're staying out of trouble,
- Mm. Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you know what's best, man
You got the haunt in you.
Can I help?
- Thanks for noticing, man.
No, I'm okay.
I just wanted to say good luck.
I wish there was
something more I could do.
- It's a tough country,
but we all love it.
- Hah.
All right, so are you gonna
give me a lift to town or what?
- Huh?
Th-- that's what you wanted?!
- Yeah. Nah, nah.
No, no, but, uh...
Yeah, I got a long way
to go and, uh,
I can't be late again.
- You wanna go now?
- I wanna go now.
I don't got a lot of time.
- What ever happened to
that beat-up
white sedan you had, Charley?
Not that I mind driving
you around.
- It's the last time, Miguel.
It's the last time I ask, okay?
- Can I help you?
- You're Miguel Lopez, right?
- Who's asking?
- What's up, dog?
There was another killing
last night up on Bostock Road.
You know anything about that?
- Can't say that I do.
- Well, it was the same kind of
mess as those kids in Kenoza
and I know you were
there for that, so...
- Where were you last night?
- Look, if the Sheriff's got
any questions for me,
he knows where to find me.
- What's up? You good?
- Where you goin', Lopez?!
- I got all of that.
- Jesus Christ, man!
- Where am I taking you?
- Just, uh, head towards town,
all right?
Kate, hi, it's--
Yeah, yeah.
Uh... L-- listen,
I-- I know it's soon,
but I wondered if you had
a chance to look through
any of those, uh, papers?
If there's anything
worth meeting about?
Uh, no, no, yeah, no, of course!
I-- it's a lot to
go through but, uh, yeah,
I-- I wondered if, you know, out
of the ones that I marked up,
if there was anything even
a little weird at all that...
Of c-- look, I'm sorry to push,
No, no, I, uh...
I didn't get away yesterday but,
you know,
today's the day
so I thought I'd check in.
Listen, I know--
I know if you find anything,
you're gonna make it public.
Okay, bye, Kate.
Yeah, thanks.
So, uh... I guess I'm not
going where I was going,
so this-- this'll do over here.
- You got it, boss.
Thanks for the time today.
- Yeah.
- Miguel?
- Yeah?
- What do you really think
you saw out there that night?
- You know what I saw, Charley.
- Hey-ya, Charley!
You need a lift?
- I'm okay, padre.
- Ah!
I could sure use the company!
Come on!
Well, hello, Charley.
- Hey, padre.
- Long time, no see!
Uh, seatbelt, please.
Where to?
- Uh, I'm just going down
Wittenberg Road a couple miles.
- You got it.
How are you, Charley?
We haven't seen you
around for a while.
Lots of tongues wagging in town,
of course.
Yeah, no doubt.
- If you need a confidante,
I am here, Charley.
- I don't know, Father.
What I'm going through
is almost too fantastic
for anyone to believe.
- Well...
now, I believe in an
all-knowing, all-powerful God,
so I think I am pretty open
to the fantastic.
Haven't seen you since
your father passed.
I'm sure that's been,
uh, hard to process.
He was a tough nut to crack.
- Yeah.
He was much celebrated
in the town, but I...
I suspect for
a sensitive child he was, uh...
- He was fine.
He just didn't get why
I was painting, so...
made the last 20 years
of communications
a little awkward.
- I've known you since you
were a little boy, Charley.
I think you can admit it was
hard growing up in his shadow.
- Maybe.
- And maybe you knew things
that went on at home
that weren't talked about.
- My mom left when she had to,
It's no big deal.
- Leaving you with him.
- Yeah, but I don't blame her.
I mean, it's--
that's all water under
the bridge anyway, padre.
- It's okay to
acknowledge trauma.
- That's not trauma.
Those are just my circumstances.
Everyone's got troubles.
- Look, I know your father
never expressed any support
for your painting;
I appreciate that.
But do you know...
he once gave me a canvas
you'd done of a stream nearby?
It was very pastoral.
And he gave it to me as a gift.
He seemed to feel it had some...
spiritual heft,
and it belonged in the rectory.
It's hanging there still.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I gave that to him.
It's of the-- a stream where
we used to go fishing.
I thought he threw it away.
This-- uh,
this is my road up here.
- Look, Charley, what--
- This is good. Just can--
can I-- can I get out?
- Okay, okay.
Hey, look, Charley, Charley...
Are you okay?
- Absolutely not able to
answer that, Father.
What would you do if you only
had hours left to live?
- Why are you talking like that,
Listen to yourself!
- Would you try to secure some
sort of legacy for yourself?
Fight to the end for
a bit of justice?
Or beg forgiveness from
everyone you've done wrong?
- I can hear your confession,
If you have
a weight on your conscience,
if you seek absolution.
But I can't absolve your sins
if I don't know what they are.
I don't think your bag of tricks
is gonna work for me, Father.
- Faith gives us the tools
and the framework
to answer these questions,
- If what's happening to me is
a part of God's divine plan,
then fuck Him!
- Cha-- Charley, Charley, okay.
If my way of thinking
doesn't provide
the guidance you need,
there are others who can help.
- Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to be rude,
Pastor, okay?
You keep on keeping the faith.
It takes guts nowadays.
Anyway, you got a whole town
to keep together.
Get outta here.
Charley boy, Charley boy!
I didn't hear from you
after your message last night.
I got worried, man!
- It's good to see you, brother.
Mm, you just smell like shit.
It's been
a long couple of days.
Yeah? So?
- What happened to you
last night?
- I don't remember.
I... I never can remember.
I wasn't in my car this morning,
so that's bad.
You see anything on the news?
- Uh, I don't know, I was
just watching an old movie.
What you...
what you think happened?
- Nothing good, pretty sure.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Sit down, man.
You're making me anxious.
- Mm.
What the hell
you watching here, man?
That's making me anxious.
- Oh, this channel used to
be about animals,
and now,
it's about motherfuckers
fucking with animals.
- Did you do what I asked?
- Yeah! I did.
Wasn't your side of the deal
you were gonna give me your car,
Sounds to me
like you showed up on foot.
- You're
better off, man.
That car was full of
so much shit,
I saved you a trip to the dump.
- You know that's some
ghetto-ass logic, right?
- What I'm gonna
leave you with...
hell, you could sell it
for a million bucks.
- If you say so.
Here, pull up a chair.
Lemme show you what I got.
Now, first, I had to make my
own bullets with this mold,
make sure those
are nice and tight.
Then, I had to poke around
for some real sterling silver.
Now, that shit was difficult.
But I came across
this old dining ware set
from the '70s
I had stashed
in the back from some
estate sale on Hurley Road.
I think it was,
must have been five years ago.
But I knew these motherfuckers
would come in handy one day.
I melted them
bad boys down and...
here we go.
Silver bullets.
Even made 'em
hollow point for ya.
It was very, uh, Lon Chaney.
These'll work in your gun?
- All my .44 mags,
This right here...
is your ticket outta here--
if this is... for real.
- You got anything to drink?
- Bottle on the piano,
beer in the fridge.
- Ah.
- So this is really how
you want it all to end?
- Can't see another way, man.
- Tell me...
How'd it all come to this?
I feel like it all
started when my father died...
the 16th of May.
It was sudden,
you know, unexpected.
It set off this
weird chain of events.
- Mm-hm.
- I had to
go through all his stuff
and get his house ready to sell.
It was just boxes
and boxes of papers.
I started to realize how...
how mixed up in town politics
he'd been all these years,
he'd really been
Hammond's legal henchman.
- Mm-hm.
- All right, fine,
I knew that, okay?!
I knew it, I knew it, but...
Anyway's, whatever,
I started drinking more.
You know, more than usual.
I was so pissed at my old man...
- Mm-hm.
- At this whole town.
- Mm!
- Fuck you, you smug bastard.
- Mm? Mm?
- Anyway, that's when I started
going up against Hammond--
you know, calling him out for
all the bullshit up at Hilltop.
He's such a divisive prick,
pitting his own workers
against each other.
There was a town meeting
and I--
I made a big stink,
said we needed to open up
the environmental studies again.
- Ooh...
- Riled everyone up.
- My man done got radicalized!
- Sharon, she was...
she was worried I was losing it.
I was spending these long
nights out at the studio.
Painting from real life
wasn't cutting it anymore.
After all these years
painting landscapes,
I was restless.
I started painting these big...
gestural canvases,
you know, really letting loose.
- Right on.
Then, one night,
I didn't make it home at all.
- Uh-oh.
- I heard this noise...
outside the studio.
It was like it was drawing me
out into the dark.
- What was it?
- I don't know.
I remember stepping outside
and then...
my memories are blank.
I woke up in the woods,
this big gash on my neck.
- What do you think happened?
- I don't remember, man.
I mean, I keep trying to,
but I just-- I can't.
I made my way back home,
patched myself up
the best I could,
told Sharon I...
fell and cut myself.
Funny thing is...
it healed so quickly,
she-- she kinda let it go.
And I cleaned up.
Anger went away.
It was like, uh,
my fever broke, you know?
I quit working for Hammond,
I sold my dad's house...
For a couple of weeks there,
maybe a month...
things were great with us,
and we got closer.
But then, one night, uh...
I started feeling...
Something was wrong with me,
I don't-- I don't know,
it was like I was having
a stroke or something.
I went outside, and then...
and then I saw it--
this-- this...
This full moon was so big,
so bright, so... potent,
and I had this sensation that
I was separating from myself,
transforming into
something else.
It was like this crazy
fractured dream.
I remember,
I looked down at my hands,
and they weren't my hands!
That's when I realized
I wasn't me anymore.
I ran-- ran--
away from the house.
And I just knew
whatever I'd become,
I had to stay away
from Sharon .
- Then what?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
- Total blackout.
- You fuckin' with me,
right, Charley?
- It's been three months
since that night,
and every full moon since,
on the night before
and the night after,
I knew I had to get
away from the house,
I couldn't hurt Sharon.
I just-- I...
I don't know what I would've--
I don't know what I'd do.
- Mm. Mm.
So, um... tell me.
How do I... fit into all this?
- You're gonna shoot me.
- Thought you might say that.
- Silver bullet.
It's supposed to work.
That's what they say, anyway.
- If you can't remember
what happened,
how do you know
this shit is real,
what you're saying?
Charley boy, listen.
It sound like some major
delusional shit to me.
- I wake up...
covered in blood.
And then... there's these.
Line up with where
I would've been.
Look at this, man.
You read this shit.
Tell me, could you live with
this shit on your conscience?
- The vehicle owner
is Charley Barrett.
Credit card has him staying at
the Motel 28 this last month.
- Talked to Martha.
She confirmed he checked
out yesterday morning.
Said him and Sharon Hammond
have been having an epic breakup
for the last couple of weeks--
hot and cold,
for all the world to see.
I guess it's all over now.
Maybe we should give Earl
a call.
Him and Charley
are pretty tight.
- Shit, Alice, I don't know why
I come to work in the morning.
You got all this figured out.
- I ask myself
the same question.
- Probably drive out
to see Earl.
I don't think he knows
how to use a phone.
Got any coffee for the drive?
- Yeah.
- How's Carl doing
with the smoking?
- Day 72.
I'm-- I'm really proud of him.
- Mm.
You sure he's not sneaking?
- No, these nostrils keep him
You two are awful cute.
Hello, Hammond.
What can I do you for?
No, we haven't picked him up yet
because we don't
have any evidence.
Well, it's like I told you:
he ain't going anywhere
'cause he says he's innocent,
and I'd say about half
the town believes him
so there's no need
for him to run.
Yes, we are trying
to get answers.
Well, maybe everyone's
saying he's guilty
'cause that's what
you've been telling
anyone who will listen,
but that's not how
the law works, sir.
Yes, I am aware of what
you think I should do.
Thanks for letting
me know... again.
What was that?
I missed that.
Yeah, that's what
I thought you said.
What a dick.
Thinks he owns this town.
Says he's gonna run me out of
office in the next election.
- I'll vote for you, Luis.
You know, I've been thinking.
- Oh boy, that's trouble.
- I've been thinking about...
what Miguel said when
we first talked to him.
- Yeah?
- You know how he said
- Of course I remember.
- Well, I looked into it...
- Boy, here we go.
- And, you know, wolves
are not the type of animal
to attack randomly.
- We don't have any wolves
in these parts.
- They-- they have this
whole social structure,
and they're-- they're not
a destructive or--
or a vicious animal, like...
maybe humans are.
- Well, what if we're
looking for a lone wolf?
Because if you were
a hombre-lobo,
then you'd be one of a kind--
at least around here.
- Yeah,
I see what you mean, Luis.
I'm just trying to think about
the nature of the wolf
and if there's anything that
we can learn from that.
- I'm sad to say, if you
combined a wolf with a person,
you'd probably get
the worst of both,
and you'd just have
a vindictive asshole
with big teeth and claws.
- Yeah, maybe, Luis.
Maybe, but also, that's just
a speculation based on,
I don't know,
your own world view or...
Do you know the word "umwelt?"
- Certainly do not.
- It's-- it's this German word
that describes how...
all animals are just living in
their own perception bubble.
I was-- I was reading
about it last night.
- Bet you were.
- So, like,
a fly sees reality one way,
and then a wolf
maybe sees reality
in a whole other way
depending on their own needs
and-- and their psychology.
And that's all they see.
So every creature is just
living in its own umwelt.
- I would say that pretty much
goes for everybody--
people, too.
- Yeah. Yeah,
I think you're right, Luis.
Yeah, and that's a problem.
Aren't we supposed to
be better than that?
- Alice...
One day,
you're gonna get a promotion
for being a dedicated
and thorough civil servant
with an unwavering
faith in humanity,
and that makes you a rare breed,
with your very own
idealistic umwelt.
- Just wondering
if maybe this...
Charley Barrett just
happened to
think that he's an hombre-lobo.
- We're gonna find out, Alice.
- 'Cause that could be
a problem.
- Hope you are a werewolf
and not a serial killer,
'cause that stuff...
that is nasty.
- Yeah.
- And what about Sharon?
I mean, what--
what are you gonna...?
- I made some voice recordings,
you know,
trying to explain what happened.
I'm... I'm gonna send them
to her so she knows.
- This just gets more
and more fucked up
the more
we talk about it, man.
- That's why we're--
we're gonna record this, okay?
So that there's no doubt
what happened here.
This video,
it says you're innocent.
I asked you to kill me.
- You-- you're gonna
be a hero, man.
- Yeah, that-- that is not how
that's gonna work, all right?
They're gonna find
a reason to blame me,
throw me in jail,
throw away the key.
- No, no--
- Or they're shooting my
chocolate ass on the spot.
Where-- where you been,
- This video proves
what happened, okay?!
- Yeah, I--
- You're gonna be a hero,
Miguel's exonerated,
and Hammond's exposed
for exactly the way he is.
- What...?
- All right,
man, all right.
No, I get it.
I get it, I'm sorry.
- Wait, wait.
You really a fucking werewolf,
I gotta see this shit.
I'm sorry to ask you to
do this, man.
But you're the only one
crazy enough
to make me silver bullets.
Now, how you figure
this is gonna work?
- So I figure,
you tie me to a chair,
we film the transformation,
you shoot me, done.
Still time for dinner
and a movie once it's over.
- I'm still waiting for
a punch line somewhere.
- I got some rope.
- Uh, how about tape
for the camera?
- Here.
- Okay. Okay. All right,
this is, uh--
this is ready to go.
- Okay, uh... you sit down.
Sit down now, all right?
Come on. Come on.
Are you sure this
shit's gonna hold you?
I mean, you say
you got no awareness
when this happens, right?
I mean... I mean, you got
some extra-sensory powers?
You know,
like some super strength?
I mean, what... You gonna
be able to break these?
- I don't know.
- I mean, what the fuck are we
dealing here with, Charley?
- I don't know.
I'm saying I don't remember
once it's over, okay?
All I remember, it's--
it's like a bunch of
scattered dreams, right?
I just feel this-- this weight
accumulating on my conscience.
- Oh, that's just white guilt,
- Fuck you, man.
- Uh-huh!
- This is Charles Barrett,
saying that I asked Earl here
to shoot me with
a silver bullet, and that--
that Miguel is innocent
of them murders.
I take full responsibility
to the extent
that I can remember and...
and, uh...
I didn't turn myself in
because I didn't wanna be
a caged animal or a lab rat.
I'd rather be dead.
- Charley!
- Stay with me, man!
- Charley! Charley!
Charley! Stay with me, man!
- Charley! You okay?
- Charley! Charley!
- Drop it, Earl!
- I'm going with the red.
Is that good for you?
- Yes, thank you.
No problem.
You okay?
- Yeah. Cheers.
- Cheers.
That's nice.
You seem distracted.
- Oh. Ugh.
I'm just
a little worried about Charley.
- Yup.
I understand.
But Charley's car was empty,
which means Charley got up
and walked away, you know?
I bet he's fine.
- Right. It's just...
all of his stuff
was spilled out of the car.
- I know.
But the pros are on it.
The police are investigating.
Earl will call you
if he hears anything.
- Yeah.
- I just have
a feeling this is not...
your problem that you need
to solve right now.
- Thanks.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- No? Yes?
- Well, he just
really looked so...
defeated when I saw him
yesterday, and it...
To know that he's been sitting
around for the last month,
it's so fucked up.
- It seems to me like
he is having a hard time
admitting that it's over.
- Yeah.
It's just complicated.
- It is complicated.
But you and I are making dinner,
and that does not need
to be complicated.
- Mm-mm.
- It's up to us
to have a fun time.
What do you say? Shall we?
- Yeah. I'll make a salad,
and you do pasta?
- I would love to do pasta.
That sounds amazing.
Did you get sage?
- Yeah, it's in the fridge
on the top shelf.
- Okie dokie! That looks nice.
Oh my God,
can I go garlic crazy?
Is that okay with you?
Um, do you have that...
new stash from... Zander?
- Yes. Yeah, I do.
- Does that sound fun to you?
- Yeah, party animal.
- Guilty as charged.
- It's in my car.
- Um, yeah? In the mood?
- Mm-hm.
- You sure?
- Mm-hm.
- Can I go get that?
- Yeah, it's, um--
it's in my bag
on the front seat of my car.
- Okay.
Be right back.
- Okay.
Oh, shit, Charley.
What's this?
- Don't let him get away!
- We're on it!
- Nothing out here, Chief.
- Except for that poor sucker.
[sparse eerie music)
[frenetic eerie music)
- I didn't turn myself in
because I didn't wanna be
a caged animal or a lab rat.
I'd rather be dead.
- Charley! Charley!
Charley! Stay with me, man!
- Hi, Sharon.
I'm, uh,
recording these when I can
just so that you know
what was going on,
what happened to us,
how it all fell apart
in just three months
after so many years together.
I hope you get it
and that you...
you can maybe forgive me.
- Jesus, you okay?
- Hi, Dad.
- What the hell happened?
I'm hearing all kinds of shit.
- It was a nightmare.
- That guy, what was his name?
- Yeah.
- Baby, I'm so sorry.
What the hell's going on
in this town?
- It didn't happen to the town,
It happened to me.
- Well, do you need anything?
What are you gonna do?
- I got a lot of people to call.
Stuart's parents...
they're old and--
- You gotta take care of
yourself and stay on track.
You were just
getting your act together
getting rid of Charley.
- Dad...
- I saw him the other day,
wandering around
like some sick puppy.
- Listen, Dad, I gotta go.
- It's not just the full moon,
you know.
It's the nights on either side.
It's got me for three nights.
A lot can happen.
I've tried to stay away from
the town and people-- you.
Most of all, I've tried to
stay away from you.
- I figured out
how to end it for good, Sharon.
Earl is gonna take care of me.
Who else would be able to make
silver bullets this
day and age?
So, that's the plan.
By the time you get this,
I'll be gone,
but there will be proof
that I wasn't crazy.
- I don't know
how this happened,
I-- I try to remember what
brought this on, like if it--
if it was something
I let into our lives--
some kind of darkness.
And then I--
I think of the random horror
that I've afflicted
on innocent people
and I see that there's
no point in trying
to make sense of any of it.
- Listen, I'm only trying to
get some information.
This chaos is affecting
the whole town,
and we're gonna need to
make some arrests
and get everything
back to normal!
I think you need to make
a move and bring Miguel in.
We need to show that
we're on top of this!
If you don't get
your ass in gear,
I'll have Tom Granick
go and do it!
Tom is as qualified
as anyone to do this,
and get the town
back on track .
He's the damn foreman on
my team, and he's the coach.
- I gotta go.
- It's about time!
- Afternoon, Burt!
What's all the excitement?
- I could ask you
the same thing, Sheriff!
It sounds like they found
another body up
in Bryer Woods last night!
- Don't you think I know it?
- What happened to Earl?
- Burt, I've got my hands
full without you
giving me the third degree.
- Yeah, and Alice?!
What happened to your partner,
- Al--
Alice, she didn't make it!
Sh-- she died
in the line of duty
protecting the community
she loves,
and I think you all need
to think about that!
- Sheriff...
are you gonna bring Miguel in,
or do we gotta
take care of this ourselves?
- Miguel isn't the problem!
- Where the fuck is Miguel?!
- Miguel's at home
with his family!
- Hey, Luis.
- Hello, Tom.
- Just got a call from Hammond.
- You don't say.
- Thinks he might need
some help with things
getting out of hand around here.
- Well, Tom, things don't need
to get out of hand.
And, in fact, I called Hammond
and let him know that myself.
- Um, Mr. Granick, we were just
telling the Sheriff here
that he needs to arrest Miguel
until all the facts are in.
- And I'm telling you,
this is just some fairytale
Hammond's cooked up!
- Well, I just got
a text from Edith
that Bob Kraus didn't
make it home last night.
- Oh, Bob Kraus is
sleeping it off someplace.
- Just wondering if you need
a little help.
Seems you might need a little
backup, so we're here to--
we're here to help you out
there, compaero.
- With all due respect, Tom, no.
- Here if you need me, sir.
- Appreciate you, Joe!
Don't suppose you got a cup
of coffee for me, do you?
- Negative.
- Now, we do have
a situation in this town
that isn't about Miguel
and Hammond
and all the local
grievances that turn out crowds!
- What kind of a situation
are you talking about?
- Everyone needs to go home
and lock your doors
There's something out there
on the loose and dangerous.
- What kind of a thing?
- What are you talking
about, huh?
- It seems to come out at night.
It's some kind of maniac,
some kind of freakish thing.
I saw it!
- Sheriff,
why are you protecting Miguel?
- Because he doesn't have
anything to do with this.
- Says who, Sanchez?
- I just heard from Edith again.
Has anybody seen Bob Kraus?
- Biggs?!
Is that you out there?
You still here?
What are you doing here,
lurking like that?
And you're a mess!
- You hear about Sharon?
- Fuckin' kidding me?
Of course I heard about Sharon.
- You gonna blame Miguel
for that, too?
Must be the Mexicans, right?
- Listen, you psycho.
I don't know what
you're driving at.
I don't even know
what you're here for!
- I don't know either, Jack.
I mean...
I keep trying to walk
away, but...
something just keeps pulling me
back in, something...
something I have to fix.
And I think it's you.
- You know, you were always
a lost soul.
That's why I didn't want you
anywhere near my daughter.
- Yeah?
- So I got
a call from some lawyer--
a Karen something-or-other.
- Kate.
- Kate.
Kate, whatever.
And, uh... she said
she'd been going through
some documentation
about Hilltop?
Had some questions.
Is that your doing?
- I might've dropped off
a box of my dad's stuff
for her to look at.
- Your dad...
What that man did
for this town--
making the Hilltop
dream possible...
He'll be remembered fondly.
- Mm.
I remember him differently.
- Oh, is that what
this is about?
Is that what you wanna fix?
Well, I can't help you
with your daddy issues,
but if you know
what's good for you,
you'll call the lawyer lady off.
- Is that a threat?
- Who's threatening who?
You just step back.
Just get back!
I could blow your ass
away, right here,
claim self-defense.
But I'm not gonna do that.
I'm gonna take you down
to the jailhouse.
Nothing'd make me happier
than to see your
smug ass behind bars.
- I already got
a statement from Miguel.
- Yeah, bring him in!
- Bring him in!
- Now, now, now, sounds like
a lot of folks
have made their minds up now!
That can get dangerous!
- The truth ain't dangerous,
- Burt and I are gonna go up
to Cooperstown
and bring Miguel down here
just so everything's
on the up and up.
- Tom, there are so many
ways that'd go wrong.
- May I speak?
- Who is that?
- It's me, Tom.
And I'd like to speak to you all
for a moment if you'll let me.
- Well, it seems to me, Pastor,
we hear a lot
of your words on Sunday,
and this is just
a regular old Monday.
- Don't get wise with me,
Tom Granick.
We need to find our faith every
day in these difficult times.
- You got an explanation for why
we've had five murders
in a month,
and now Bob Kraus is missing?
- Bob?
Well, we'll--
we'll pray that's just
Bob being Bob.
But no, Tom.
No, I don't have
an explanation for the darkness
that's fallen across our hamlet,
but I know this:
a house divided will not stand.
- Oh, please,
save it for the pulpit.
- A town turning against
itself will not endure,
just as an individual
who turns against himself
will wither and die!
- You coming?
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Hey, Burt!
You gonna take Ernie with ya?
- That's okay. That's--
that's fine! That's fine!
Tom Granick is gonna
do what Tom Granick does,
but to the rest of you,
I am here to say
"Do not let mistrust
and fear cloud your judgment
and overwhelm your
capacity for goodness!
- The Pastor's right.
We need to stick together.
We need to work together.
It's out there.
I swear, I saw it.
Some kind of monster
or wolf man.
- Are you kidding me?
- I'm telling you all.
You blame the wrong
group of people,
we'll end up turning on each
other for no good reason.
- Scripture tells us we are one,
we are strongest working
together in unity!
- What if that's not possible?
- It is our duty to try.
Now, I've known most of you
since you were in short pants.
I knew most of your parents.
They tried to teach you to
be good, caring citizens!
That is what God
expects from us!
We should aspire
to nothing less.
- Whoa!
- My God, Hammond, what is this?
- Oh, shit. He's got a gun!
- Where's Tom Granick?!
I sent for him!
- He's out stirring up trouble.
You've got vigilantes
on every street corner.
- That's what happens when
you let lawlessness take over
a town like this.
- Get outta here, Martha.
- You okay?
- Get in there!
- Charley, what's going on?
Calm down!
I need you all to calm down!
No one's going inside!
- Come on, loser!
Cool down,
and let's just wait for somebody
to come read you your rights.
- Don't you wanna
see me behind bars?
- Hey, is that the boy
from the Farm Stand?
- Yeah, I can't tell.
- The one with the
hat on backwards?
Bob Kraus said he had
a run-in with one of them
at the Farm Stand.
Buenas dias, seorita!
- Miguel? I can get him.
- Oh, there he is.
- Can I help you?
- You're wanted at the station!
- Luis has got his hands full
all with what's
going on in town.
We said we'd give you a lift.
- I don't mind coming down,
all right?
I respect Luis.
And I know you're just trying
to help him do his job.
- We all want the same thing:
peace in this town.
- Hola, chicos!
- All right.
- You fucking loser!
You fucking psychopath!
- I can't wait to see your face
when you realize
what's happening to you.
- Luis, what the fuck
is going on out there?!
- Hammond!
- Sanchez, just get in here
and get these fucking
cuffs off of me right now!
- I need you to calm down, sir!
- Come in here and get these
cuffs off of me right now!
- Can you just explain to me
what happened to Charley?
It looks like he's
been assaulted.
- Are you out of your mind?!
- I just need to make
sure you're calm, sir.
- You want me to be calm,
Just get your ass in here
and get these cuffs off
of me right away!
- Is this your firearm, Hammond?
Of course it's my firearm!
- Were you threatening
Charley with it?
- [chuckles
- Sanchez, get in here,
and get this
motherfucker off of me!
Get me outta here!
- Oh! What the fuck?!
- Get away!
Luis, get me outta here!
Luis, get me--
Luis! Jesus! No!
Luis! Luis!
- No!
- Oh, shit!
- What the--
Get back!
- Shoot that fucker!
- No!
- Oh, shit.
Oh my God, no!
- Hombre-lobo.
- Oh...
- Holy shit!
- Charley?
This is what you wanted.
- Miguel.
- And we're sorry for what
happened to you. Right, guys?!
- Sharon, this'll be
my last recording.
I'm heading to Earl's tonight.
Just saw you at the
Farm Stand and, uh...
I know there's
little left to say.
I never told you about the
night everything changed.
The night I, uh--
I lost control.
Never told you about what--
what happened, because...
I-- I don't know
if it was my fault.
But I felt I had to
deal with it alone.
I know I should've
asked for help.
I should've trusted
what we had, but...
I was never wired that way.
I think about...
the misery
and terror I've spread
when I've had no control,
and then...
I think about what people do
when they have a choice.
All those who see life
as a game of combat
and carnage,
miss the very sweetness of it.
And then I think,
"I'm not really sure what
I'll miss when I'm gone."
Except you.
I will miss you.