Blade of the Immortal (2017) Movie Script

MANJI: Machi!
Big brother...
A rice ball.
that's a horse turd.
Put it down.
Machi: Big brother!
YAOBIKUNI: It's like
you're staring at your own sin.
Was it your fault?
You're on a wanted poster.
A constable
who killed his own Master,
a bannerman to the shogun.
And six other constables
who happened to be there.
You're ferocious.
The sixth man was her husband.
I wanted to cut open my stomach
like a samurai should...
But if I did that, she'd be left
to die in the dirt.
It's hell.
It's easier...
When someone else decides life
or death for you.
I've been alive for 800 years.
I understand
how you feel.
Machi, wait!
I've found you at last...
Big brother!
I'm hishiyasu shido. I lead...
No one's asked your name.
Let machi go...
And I'll let you go.
Oh, you will?
Gee, thanks!
Like I'm going to let you go
with a reward on your head?
So drop your swords.
HISHIYASU: Let her go.
Let the poor girl go.
Big brother...
I let her go.
She's dead, though.
I'll kill all of you!
Come and get me!
Not bad!
Put me down.
Put me down.
Go get him.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Time for you
to go find your sister.
You bastard!
I'm sorry!
Take one of these swords...
And kill me with it.
Machi's dead.
Life has no meaning now.
After you've killed
all these men?
How very self-centered.
MANJI: Just do it, will you!
What are you doing, damn it?
I said just stab me
and get it over with.
My name is yaobikuni.
And these are sacred bloodworms
born of the holy lama.
They will live inside you.
Blade of the immortal
50 years later
I do wish you'd take more
interest in cooking and sewing.
Our Mutenichi-Ryu school
licenses only one a generation.
If I want to be that one,
I can't miss even a day
of training.
Can't you be more ladylike
when you eat?
I'm going as slow as I can.
Where did I go wrong?
I'd hoped
you would grow up graceful,
ready to partake of all the joys
of womanhood.
Just write me off as a failure.
Who the hell are you?
The Itto-Ryu.
We care nothing for schools
or styles,
and we use any kind of weapon.
Our only aim is to win.
So you're the ones
wrecking dojos all over edo?
We will destroy all the schools
and unite them in one.
Master asano...
You will either join with us,
or be destroyed.
Which will it be?
Are you out of your mind?
Just so you know,
we've killed all your disciples.
You're the only one left.
We believe
in fighting one against one.
If you wish...
I will stand against you.
Master Anotsu...
What about those two?
Do as you like.
Don't touch the girl, though.
with children is vulgar.
Close your eyes.
Block your ears.
What happens now
will drive you mad.
Who is it that sleeps there?
RIN: My father.
Why isn't your mother here?
The day my father was killed...
She disappeared.
And what do you intend
to do now, girl?
Find my mother...
And kill those men.
RIN: Leave me alone!
That's why I train every day.
Hire a bodyguard.
There is a man somewhere
in edo who will never die.
Find that man.
RIN: Would he be
in a place like that?
are you manji?
Please! I saw you use a sword.
Help me avenge my father.
Who told you about me?
An old lady named yaobikuni.
She said you will never die.
She'll say anything.
I don't know where to find
the Itto-Ryu
but they attack other dojos,
so they're sure
to reveal themselves.
Go home before it gets dark.
There are bandits around here.
I'll pay you...
It's not about money.
If I kill just because you ask,
I'm nothing but a murderer.
How do I decide who to kill?
The Itto-Ryu...
Killed my father,
and took my mother away.
In your mind this 'Anotsu'
is evil...
And you're good?
MANJI: How convenient!
If they're Master Swordsmen...
They won't kill without reason.
This isn't about logic!
Or good or evil!
I want you to kill them!
I'm desolate.
There were so many of them...
Would you give anything?
Then show me.
If you're that desolate..
Then show me
how determined you are.
MANJI: What's wrong?
So it's all talk?
Don't get me wrong.
You're just a kid.
There are bandits, I said.
I'm not doing anything.
I'll walk you back to town.
It's been a while.
Maybe on the way I'll find
someone to practice on.
SABATO: "Like sand,
like long black hair..."
Like the brief flutter
of a butterfly o'er the sea...
Weeping in desolation,
I look at the sky.
All I am now,
homesick and dreaming.
"Kuroi sabato."
You've been leaving me
love letters
every month for two years now.
You're driving me crazy.
SABATO: Ever since that night...
When you trembled,
weeping in my arms...
I have burned with love for you.
With these hands I will kill you
and make you forever mine.
For me, this is...
Love at its ultimate.
RIN: What's that?
SABATO: A lock of the hair
of lady toki, your mother.
The sport of my companions
left her wretched
in the extreme,
so I took the Liberty.
I'm here.
I'll kill you.
Kuroi sabato!
If I have to fall into hell
to do it, I will kill you!
Doesn't that send shivers
down the spine!
Against a girl young enough
to be your daughter?
SABATO: Keep out of it.
This is our magic moment.
Don't you walk away from me!
Where is Anotsu Kagehisa?
Tell me or you die.
RIN: Manji!
SABATO: You were careless.
I've trained myself
to twist my shoulders
all the way around.
So let's have
no more foolishness.
Get your dirty hands off her!
What are you?
A monster?
You're lucky. You can die.
Manji! You healed up!
MANJI: Bloodworms.
That old cow put them in me.
They keep me alive.
I find it
pretty disgusting myself.
This isn't the time to cry.
If you want revenge...
You need to beat these.
Tomorrow you start training.
All right?
But if you want a shoulder
to cry on,
borrow mine for a bit.
Why is the man who leads
the Itto-Ryu...
Hiding out away from town
like this?
I went to
great pains to find you.
I'm told many men seek my head.
Master Anotsu...
Why have you brought
the Itto-Ryu to this?
In a time of peace,
fencing schools are only a way
of making a living.
I believe that
only those dedicated
to making themselves powerful...
Deserve the name "swordsman".
I wish to break down...
The barriers between schools.
I see.
My judgment seems
to have been correct.
As it happens, Master Anotsu...
We wish to start
a fencing school
for officials of the shogunate.
We would very much like you and
the Swordsmen of the Itto-Ryu...
To serve as instructors
in this academy.
On certain conditions.
That the academy
will be named "Itto-Ryu"...
And that I am appointed head
of the academy.
If I were not sure
of my abilities...
I would not ask this.
I will ask
the council of elders...
For their opinion.
I ask for time to do this.
Is Master Anotsu here?
MAGATSU: Sabato's dead.
Anotsu: Who killed him?
He was around asano's a lot.
Surely not asano's daughter?
He was one of our ten best men.
That girl could never take him.
Anotsu: This is
an important time for us.
Tell everyone
to keep their wits about them.
RIN: These, please.
Very interesting!
In 50 years
of sharpening swords,
I've never had any that smelled
of innards like these do.
Most samurai don't use
their swords that much.
Anyway, it'll cost two ryo.
- I'll need three days.
- Thank you.
BLADESMITH: You know swords?
That one's famous.
Grinder! Is it ready yet?
I'll be right with you.
MAGATSU: You did quite a job
getting it this sharp.
BLADESMITH: Thank you.
Come back anytime.
What's all the rush?
I found a man
with my father's sword!
Where is he?
Near Sensoji Temple.
You stay here.
MAGATSU: Are you the one
who killed sabato?
MANJI: What if I am?
MAGATSU: Who hired you?
Asano's girl?
MANJI: Who cares?
You're going to die, too.
Blow it out your ass.
Lesson one.
"Eighty per cent of victory
is blocking your opponent."
That could hurt.
I was born around here.
When I was a kid,
I found a friend drowned
in a patch of quicksand.
Right where you're standing now.
Lesson two.
"Know the land, conquer all."
To continue,
I was a peasant's son.
One day we were kicking
a ball around.
A Lord's procession came along.
She kicked the ball
the wrong way,
and it startled
his Lordship's horse.
They cut her right in two.
there's nothing
a peasant can say.
It's not fair, is it?
You were a samurai.
You're my enemy.
So is the girl who hired you.
Now I'm going to kill her, too.
Think so?
I'm afraid...
You're not the only hero
of a sad story.
By the way, spiky...
What's your name?
Magatsu Taito.
- Manji!
- Ow!
Don't touch me!
The wounds haven't closed.
I got blood on it.
Thank you for bringing back
my father's sword.
Don't look at me like that.
My sister.
She died years ago.
I look like her?
That's why you looked so shocked
when you first saw me.
No matter how bad the memory...
Sometimes just remembering
it gives you incredible power.
That's how
I won again this time.
So treasure that sword
as a memento...
Of your father.
- Brother's stupid!
- What did you say?
I won't say it again.
I look like her, don't I?
It's not fair that only I cry.
You've got things
to cry about, too.
Me cry? Forget that.
I'm not some stupid kid.
And anyway...
She didn't call me that.
It wasn't "brother".
She said "big brother".
Big brother...
- RIN: Big brother!
- MANJI: Shut up!
RIN: Big brother, manji!
Magatsu? We're coming in.
MAGATSU: Asano's daughter hired
this incredible bodyguard.
An immortal warrior.
Stab him through the heart,
and some weird worms
close the wound.
He's not human.
He's a monster.
I'm hungry.
Let's have some dumplings.
Don't you have any money?
Say so, then.
I'll have tea instead of sake.
RIN: Sorry, manji.
I need the privy.
One tea.
She's looked everywhere.
That's something very
interesting you're looking at.
You're standing in the light,
Each of those circles marks
a well-known edo dojo.
All of them recently forced
to submit
to a certain school of fencing.
For a monk you're well-informed
on the affairs of this world.
I know even more than that.
The whereabouts of the man
you two seek.
Anotsu Kagehisa.
Depending on your answer,
I might tell you where he is.
You said, "you two".
How did you know I wasn't alone?
So you are manji.
Shizuma Eiku,
swordsman of the Itto-Ryu.
So manji...
How about joining up with me?
What are you talking about?
We rub out Anotsu.
Don't get me wrong.
I bear him no grudge.
Far from it.
I have great respect
for his strength of purpose.
And courage and skill
far beyond his years.
A man gifted enough to do that
would still only be human.
He could die
with his goal unreached.
But with you, that would not be
a matter of concern.
Did a guy called Magatsu
tell you about me?
Neither you, nor I
could take Anotsu ourselves.
- But together...
- I'll let you live.
Now get lost.
Is that your answer?
A gut feeling tells me...
Not to hook up with you.
And I thought we'd have
a meeting of minds.
RIN: Manji? Are you all right?
Just a scratch.
Sorry about this.
I'll say it again.
You and I should understand
each other better.
She got to you, too?
Long before I had anything to do
with the Itto-Ryu.
MANJI: How long?
Two hundred years or so.
RIN: Two hundred?
I've seen whole ages
come and go.
I've had five wives,
and more than that in friends.
All dead, while I remain.
Death is merciless.
Never dying is far worse.
I will ignore the answer
you just gave me.
Think it over.
RIN: Manji?
You're bleeding.
Are you okay?
- Manji!
- Look away!
That bastard!
He had something
on his sword.
It's weakened the bloodworms.
You're bleeding!
- I'll get a doctor.
- That won't help!
- But you'll die!
- No, rin!
Stay here!
Why do you need him that much?
What I need
is a man just like me.
Or perhaps...
You'd like to qualify?
Lick it.
If two people
bring new wounds together,
their blood will mingle,
and the worms will migrate.
Go on.
I wish it were true.
If it were that easy,
I'd never have lost anyone.
Lay one finger on rin,
and I'll cut you in pieces.
Then I'll wipe out the Itto-Ryu
root and branch.
Step outside.
Is that your final answer?
It's a perfect moon
for last rites.
Dying's hard, isn't it?
The only thing
I share with you...
Is this pain.
If I can't win you over,
there's no help for it.
I knew you put something
on your sword.
SHIZUMA: Bloodworm poison.
I found it when I was wandering
in Tibet.
It weakens the bloodworms.
Enough of it...
Can even kill us.
So we could die?
But I can't.
Rot, you old bastard!
I guess...
The worms don't love me anymore.
Why did you stay silent
and let me cut into you?
You could have dodged.
You know why.
I'm tired...
Of being alive.
The council of elders has agreed
to your conditions.
Your dearest wish
is about to come true.
Abayama, I will pay a visit
to mt Takao.
Mount Takao?
"Ibane Kensui,
head of the Shinkeito-Ryu"?
The Shinkeito-Ryu used to serve
as official instructors
to the shoguns.
Its leader wishes his name added
to the list
of Itto-Ryu comrades.
Is this true?
Apparently he is ill,
with little time left to live.
He believes...
His task is to foster
true warriors
able to fight
in the upheavals...
Coming to this land.
The Itto-Ryu is the only school
able to carry out that task.
That is what Master Kensui says
in his letter.
I see.
And now all the other schools
will have to follow our lead.
In name and by deed,
the Itto-Ryu will be supreme
in all edo!
Master Anotsu!
We've been hit again.
Tamazaki, bando, and shimizu.
Three in one night?
Probably that "hundred killer".
Anotsu: Abayama,
tell everyone to stay
as close together as possible.
But we can't just do nothing...
Anotsu: I'll call in help.
They still won't heal!
Your wounds
haven't closed up yet!
Sake's the best medicine.
The bloodworms get drunk
and have a good time.
There's the money.
Hey, brother...
Got some time for me?
No, thanks. I've been sick.
Just for a little while.
Come with me.
Rin, go on back home.
What does he see
in that old hag?
No one can see us here.
Let's have some fun.
Forgive this late introduction.
My name is Otonotachibana Makie.
I am pledged
as a warrior to Anotsu Kagehisa,
leader of the Itto-Ryu.
You stand in his way.
I am here...
To remove you.
So I see.
MAKIE: In this past seven days,
13 Itto-Ryu men
have been slaughtered.
That number deserves death.
MANJI: Thirteen?
There must be some mistake.
I've only...
I haven't finished talking yet.
That could hurt!
Where did that bitch go?
What's wrong?
Hurry up and get it over with.
What's the problem
all of a sudden?
When I fight I forget...
But then I come to myself,
and what I've done terrifies me.
What are you talking about?
My skill with the sword
brings only grief!
But Kagehisa won't let me
lay it down.
He needs me
to make his dreams come true.
When I wonder if what he wants
is the right thing or not...
MAKIE: I lose all will to fight.
RIN: Manji!
Out of the way!
Wait until I tell you.
MAKIE: You're rin?
Tell me...
How many have died now
in your quest for revenge?
Aren't you scared
by what you've done?
I swore on my father's grave...
I'd avenge him!
I'd commit...
Any manner of foul deeds!
Of course...
I don't think killing is right.
But do right and wrong matter
when it's for people you love?
Manji's the same.
He's killed lots of people.
Right now he's risking his life
for me!
I can't let him die.
I just can't!
I can't kill a child like you.
Look after her.
The healing's still slow.
Don't worry your head.
More important...
What am I to you?
I can't have you risking
your life for a bodyguard.
But if I hadn't...
I wanted to get her off guard
and attack her then.
Do that again and I quit.
I couldn't kill him.
I am not fit...
To stand at your side.
Breakfast's ready.
Go wash your face.
I've got something to do.
Train alone today.
It looks like
I might be joining you soon.
Or not.
RIN: Anotsu Kagehisa!
Why is he here?
Anotsu Kagehisa!
Now you die!
Do you want to die?
Are you asano's girl?
Where's your bodyguard?
Kill me if you want.
This was my grandfather's axe.
Your great-grandfather
expelled him from his school...
For using a foreign weapon.
I killed your father...
To avenge him.
What do you mean?
Our grandfathers were competing
to be licensed
by the Mutenichi-Ryu.
One night...
A gang of bandits attacked them
and your great-grandfather.
Your grandfather killed four,
and mine killed nine.
But then...
Anotsu: Why?
My skill exceeds your son's!
Why do you do this?
MASTER: It is not our style.
Your style
is not even swordsmanship.
But why now?
Because takayuki is your son?
You never intended
to Grant license
to an outsider like me?
MASTER: Silence!
Axes are for barbarians!
Not for us!
I only used that to defend you!
Get your hands off me!
Master! I...
I defended you, damn it!
Anotsu: And so...
He came to a miserable end.
No one cared.
Why don't you kill me?
You train in order to better me,
but not
in the Mutenichi-Ryu style.
You are...
A heretic, just like me.
That's crazy!
I'm not like you!
Are you so very different?
MANJI: What's wrong?
With Lord Habaki?
MAN: He wants to hold a banquet
for all the Itto-Ryu
I'm afraid I've promised to go
to the Ibane dojo at mt Takao.
Could you attend the banquet?
MAN: I don't mind,
but who's going with you?
Anyone after your head
could ambush you along the way.
Anotsu: I've thought about that.
Maji: What?
RIN: He's Itto-Ryu.
I've been smelling something.
I thought it's shit stuck
to my ass.
MANJI: I thought
I might take your head.
So you're the
hundred killer, huh?
Then I'll take payback
for my comrades.
Not much class to that act.
You've been going by my name,
and now I'm famous.
So you're manji...
MANJI: Who are you?
Shira, of the Mugai-Ryu.
This is Giichi,
and that's Hyakurin.
The others aren't here.
If we all stay hidden,
the Itto-Ryu won't know
they have two enemies.
Would you join these reprobates
to bring down Anotsu?
You really are naive.
HYAKURIN: So it's a deal.
Read this.
He's going to mt Takao in drag?
Who wrote this?
GIICHI: We've infiltrated
someone into the Itto-Ryu.
You've got a spy.
GIICHI: We'll split up
and watch the roads.
Shira and manji,
take the koshu road.
We'll take the oyama road.
HYAKURIN: It's not poisoned.
You have very good sake.
SHIRA: Manji!
He's here.
That looks like an axe
in that carrying-cloth.
MANJI: Shira,
are you sure?
Of what?
It's too good to be true.
I'll go check her out.
How could you do that?
My face is my fortune!
A woman...
What do you think you're doing,
playing stupid games!
I get it!
They got your spy to cooperate
and lure us out.
Don't stand around
admiring them.
These nobodies
only bring three ryo.
The one we're after is worth 30!
Have mercy!
Shira! She's not Itto-Ryu!
She's just hired!
Shut up!
If there's one thing I hate,
it's a kid giving me orders!
Open your yap again
and I'll kill you!
Hold it!
You're just like...
The ones I hate!
Is that all?
Then shut up.
I'm trying to have fun.
What the hell?
Aw, damn! Looks like I hit you.
Sorry about that.
I didn't mean it.
You bastard!
What kind of idiot would
pick a fight with a lunatic?
It's like
asking him to kill you.
I thought I was dead.
- If I was like you...
- Just so you know...
I didn't get like this
because I wanted to.
Long ago...
I killed an official on
the orders of my superior.
I was told
he was fattening his wallet
by oppressing the common people.
That was a bald-faced lie.
The man I killed...
Was about to inform
on my superior for corruption.
So I killed my superior.
And his bodyguards.
One of them...
Was machi's husband.
She went mad with grief.
I took her and ran,
killing whoever came after us.
Then some damn bounty hunter
killed machi.
I figured then I could die, too.
But that yaobikuni,
whoever she is,
made me like I am now.
Look at all these wounds.
I can't even hold a sword right.
MERCHANT: Here you are.
Thank you.
What do you want?
Where's Shira?
Our agreement is cancelled.
You're just after the Itto-Ryu
for the money.
One point five ryo for a nobody,
30 ryo for Anotsu.
You had really good sake
and a nice place.
That's government-supplied.
You're living high on the hog.
It's not just for money.
We're under death sentences.
We do as they say, or we die.
MANJI: Spare me the excuses.
The shogunate is never going
to team up with the Itto-Ryu.
They want to smash it, right?
They're going to finish off
the Itto-Ryu by themselves.
It'll all fizzle out
without rin getting revenge.
So, why are you still in it?
That doesn't concern you.
I brought you this.
At least say...
RIN: Dear manji...
Forgive me
for leaving like this.
From here on,
I will do this alone.
You damn fool!
RIN: I know I do not have
the strength
to defeat Anotsu Kagehisa.
I cannot take advantage of you
any longer.
Isn't death
what you really want?
Did you become my bodyguard
in the hope
that if you fought the Itto-Ryu.
One of them might kill you?
I don't want to lose you.
I don't want you dead.
Realizing that...
I have decided
I cannot be with you anymore.
I don't know
why you have been made immortal.
But because of that,
I have been saved.
There are those, like me,
who weep
at their own helplessness...
Or who have lost
those they loved.
Use your immortality
to stand with them.
Thank you.
Anotsu: How do you do?
I am Anotsu Kagehisa,
head of the Itto-Ryu.
Ibane Kensui,
head of the Shinkeito-Ryu.
I gladly accept your request...
To join us.
I'm very sorry...
But please forget that request.
- IBANE: I am truly sorry.
- Anotsu: Why?
Won't you tell me?
You got too proud,
Anotsu Kagehisa!
You are declared a public enemy.
Your Itto-Ryu ends here!
You tricked me...
Lord Habaki!
MAN: Do you suppose
Master Anotsu
has arrived at Takao?
He should be exchanging toasts
with Master Ibane by now.
His spirit and energy
are truly awe-inspiring.
SHIRA: Manji!
Now I know...
How to make you pay
for my hand and my hair!
Habaki! Damn you!
Anotsu Kagehisa!
I don't have time for you now.
Then draw and fight!
Anotsu: Run,
or you'll get mixed up in this.
- RIN: Huh?
- Soldier: There he is!
The Itto-Ryu has been outlawed.
Hold it!
Are you Itto-Ryu?
We thought
you might come this way.
I'm in a hurry.
Get out of my way.
Don't you guys believe
in fighting one on one?
Kill him!
Don't give me orders.
You're nobodies right to the
marrow of your bones.
Thanks for that.
Damn you!
Come on, you damn worms!
Get to work!
Come on!
Why do you fight to live?
Do nothing,
and your wish will be granted.
You can end your immortal life.
Shut up, you old cow!
Get out of here!
that girl's life
is more important, is it?
You poor man!
You can't let go
of your humanity,
and must wander in infinity...
Shut up, I said!
Come on!
That was close.
Wait for me, rin.
Damn this thing!
The Itto-Ryu is destroyed.
If you are their leader,
choose a death that befits you!
My comrades may all be dead...
But my ambition
is alive and well!
You call yourselves samurai?
He's only one man.
And there's all of you!
Even killing
should be done right!
And you, too, Anotsu!
As if you can do
everything alone!
Who do you think you are?
That girl...
Silence her.
Out of the way.
You get everything wrong,
then you run off worried
about your bodyguard.
I'm not dying...
Till you get revenge.
Is that Anotsu Kagehisa
standing behind you?
Why protect the guy
you want revenge on?
I'm not protecting him!
It's just that...
You're a pain in the ass.
So who do I kill, then?
Is trying to kill me.
Fine with me.
Itto-ryu or government,
I couldn't care less.
Anyone who goes after you.
IBANE: Kill them!
Him and the girl!
Do you want to fight or not?
You're still lousy at that!
Stay by me!
Can't you even die right?
You bastard!
Out of the way!
Anotsu Kagehisa, you poor fool.
Did you think the shogun
would let a man like you
instruct his warriors?
Stop right there.
You gave me
a great idea.
Drop your weapons.
Drop your swords.
Not again.
All of them.
SHIRA: Drop 'em.
Now watch while this kid dies.
Missed me.
You'll be sorry!
Come on.
I can still kill you unarmed.
MANJI: Shira...
You lose.
SHIRA: Screw that.
Even if I fall...
I swear I'll crawl back up
and take your head someday!
So you wait!
Come on! Do it!
Hundred killer...
Thanks to you, I'm still alive.
Thank her, too.
I leave.
Spoken like a true villain.
But you know...
I never want to see you
walk away again...
Anotsu Kagehisa.
Anotsu: I see.
So I should kill you now...
And avoid trouble later?
Keep back, rin.
Hear me.
Whether it takes years,
or decades...
And whether it's from me
or my children when I'm dead...
Fear of the warrior's sword...
Will revive in this land.
Anotsu Kagehisa!
Hundred killer, I'll be waiting.
Don't be long.
But I can't go before she does.
You lied to me!
You said you wouldn't die!
You wouldn't die before me!
You liar!
Forgive me, brother.
That's 'big brother', stupid!