Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 (2017) Movie Script

Get them!
You're worthless.
Get him! Get him!
I'm gonna strangle you
till your eyes pop out.
They're not human!
Damned Replicants!
Hang them all! Down with Nexus!
Those skin-jobs
got what they deserved.
Well, look what we have here.
An angel.
You don't have to be so cold.
It's okay.
This is what you're made for.
What the hell are you doing?
And this is what I was made for.
Well, we currently know
of five Nexus 8 models...
- ...that have escaped from Kalanthia.
- Soldiers?
Dealing with deserters
is the military's job now...
...not our concern.
Well, something needs to happen.
They have no special units
to handle this case.
Damn skin-jobs.
Isn't that why we branded them?
Omega 4 confirmed.
Johnny's in the basement.
Heading to the opera house.
Where to, Iggy?
On a drive.
A long, long drive.
Is it real?
Of course not.
Just like me.
You worried, Trixie?
Because I'm human?
I get it.
Humans are selfish, stupid liars.
But Replicants are different.
So pure.
So perfect.
Never betrays.
More human than human.
Launch authorisation confirmed.
Initiating protocol X99K1 5X.
That's affirmed. lnitiate step one.
Once we trigger the launch command,
the rest is up to Ren.
The explosion will generate an EMP...
...shutting everything down.
A darkness that the humans
have never known.
In three, two, one, turn.
Our job is to destroy
all magnetic backups in the archives.
Other cells will start the fireworks
at the remaining data centres.
All records on the ground...
...will be erased.
Then we're almost human.
All except our perfect right eye.
I saw the truth
on the fields of Kalanthia.
Do you copy?
Electromagnetic interference.
Radio is down.
Comms do...
That's when I realised
both sides were Nexus...
...nothing more than toy soldiers
in a sandbox.
We may live longer...
...than old Nexus...
...but life doesn't mean living.
I am for living.
That's what we fight for.
If we die...
...we go to heaven?
No heaven or hell for us.
This world is all we've got.
- What the hell's going on now?
- We've lost control of the missile, sir.
- We've what?
- Possible course over L.A., sir.
What have you done?
It's too late now.