Blade: The Iron Cross (2020) Movie Script

Oh my God.
He's going to kill us all.
Father, there is
unfinished business.
My dreams of the dark man
and his terrible
experiments continue.
Experiments like the
one's we've seen before
but even worse.
I sense unbearable pain.
But now, Father, I've
seen something else.
I do not yet know what part
our old friend will play.
Where are you?
There you are.
How'd you get back there?
Time is short.
There are more
murders every week.
All my prayers go
out to you, Father.
I hold you in my heart.
What shall I do with
you, my sinister friend?
Shall I awaken you?
You're not like the
others, are you?
So little left.
Not yet.
You will awaken soon enough.
You have a very skillful
touch, Dr. Hauser.
If your experiments
don't work out,
perhaps we can find you
a place in the Gestapo?
Prok, I am an ingenieur.
Do not call me doctor.
And I do not torture
for pleasure.
This is merely part
of the procedure.
These subjects, their pain.
A means to an end, nothing more.
Somehow I don't believe you.
What is the point of this?
This is sickening, it's immoral.
Perhaps you don't have the
spine to do what is necessary.
Muller has a hold over
from the silver legion,
but not a real Nazi.
Morality is never but the
concern of the master race.
We are superior.
Muller deserves
an explanation.
We are working here
to perfect this,
developed by the late Dr. Hess.
- Traitor!
- Nonetheless,
that is irrelevant.
I have expanded
upon his procedure.
The key is pain, a
specific kind of pain.
The subject dies enduring
excruciating torture
in a carefully
calculated regime.
Bring him to life
with Tolong's Elixir.
Just a drop.
And now we add a molecule
of electromagnetic energy.
You see, you see?
The process has destroyed
the higher brain.
Pruned it, leaving
only what we need.
No memory, no trace
of life before.
Only a fierce, relentless
will to destroy.
The right needs
soldiers, not mad dogs.
Mad dogs have their uses.
Imagine thousands such mad
dogs, invulnerable, unstoppable,
activated in the middle of
Leningrad or Moscow or London
or even here in America.
That's all well
and good, Hauser,
but how will we stop them?
Well, for the moment, the
fluid only animates the body
for a limited...
Automatic tissue destruction.
I will report
your progress back
to General Weiss
in high command.
What's the point of all this?
Stupid experiments, the high
command, a thousand year rike.
- Muller, I'm warning you.
- No, I am warning you.
Do you have any idea
what's happening out there?
What's already
happened in France,
in Italy, in Africa, in Russia?
The war is lost!
The Bolsheviks are marching
on Berlin as we speak
and our high command are
running like scared rats
from a burning building!
Muller, you coward!
Shut up!
Move it.
I said, move it!
Come on, big guy.
You wanna dance?
I told you to show up.
You can call me whatever
you want, you fat pig.
I don't care.
But if you follow
me, I swear to God
I will drill you full of holes.
The cause is dead.
Let him go.
Come, Prok.
I think you will find
this interesting.
How did you do that?
The creature was in stasis.
It can remain in that
catatonic state indefinitely,
frozen until activated
by my command.
I admit it might
be useful, but still.
Mad dogs?
You must find a way
to control them.
Don't you agree?
Lang, Klein, get
this trash out of here.
And tell Vasquez we
need more test subjects.
Some acid should do the trick.
Make way.
Armies in Normandy push closer
to advance their
immediate objectives,
and the railway
town of Kaa 10 miles inland.
An American flying.
Hi, Kiddo, sorry to wake you.
Not that you don't have a story
to write for me or anything.
So what's the headline?
Mission X will...
I'm sorry, I
actually have to go.
Would you like a cup
of coffee, Ms. Ivanov?
No, thank you, Gloria,
I have a lead to follow.
Hey Gloria, I'd actually
love a cup of coffee.
I'll take that.
You apparently have
enough, young man.
Elisa, you just woke up.
Do you have anything?
Radio Serial Sending
Secrets to the Nazis.
Maywest in Love with Gorilla.
Real Green Cheese
Falls From the Moon.
There's been another
killing like the others.
That's not a headline.
Not a good one.
I like the killing part.
God, Gloria, your scent is
just intoxicating.
Barney, you're so.
I suppose I shouldn't ask
where you get your leads.
- I told you.
- I know, you dreamed them.
I dreamed them, yes.
Barney, you got your camera?
I got it.
Good, let's go.
Fine, just go get a story
and make sure it matches
one of my headlines.
Will do, Mr. Maxwell.
you, Mr. Bitterly,
are we ever gonna be on time?
Yeah, you know, it's not
that I mind or anything,
but we're the only ones here.
- Yes?
- Are you sure whoever
did this isn't coming back?
Don't be afraid, Barney,
they won't be back.
I'm not afraid.
I'm just worried
about you, that's all.
You know, a single girl.
Thank you, Barney.
That's what I'm here for.
- To take photographs.
- Right.
Boy, sure is something
strange about this body.
I mean more than usual.
That's because there's
more than one body.
Freeze, don't move.
Hey, Officer, aren't you guys
interfering with the press?
Shut your mouth or I'll
end up beating your face.
Now state your business here.
You told us to shut up.
Are you being a smart ass?
No, I just...
You, Luesky Bind?
What are you doing here?
Give me a smart mouthed
answer and I'll show you
I don't mind slugging a dame
right in the belly, hmm?
Good evening, Lieutenant Gray.
Miss Ivanov.
Take those cuffs off.
But Lieutenant.
That's correct,
Officer, Lieutenant.
Now take off those
fucking cuffs.
Pardon my French, Miss.
You were about to say,
I'm gonna clam my trap
and secure this
crime scene, right?
Set my perimeter.
Hey, Lieutenant,
I just wanna...
So, Ms. Ivan.
We've got to stop
meeting like this.
I do like to see you.
Well when you beat me
to the crime scene,
I have to interrogate you.
Honest to God, I don't
know what to make of it.
The way you keep
popping up all over town
right along with
these burned up bodies
without a word of explanation.
I don't know what you
mean, Lieutenant Gray.
I've always made
myself perfectly clear.
Yeah, I know, I
know, you had a dream.
But you get there first.
And how did you and
the other officers
got there so fast this time?
Someone tipped the station.
About the bodies?
About you.
Someone's keeping tabs on me.
I don't know.
With your results, it
doesn't surprise me.
Hey, Lieutenant,
if you don't mind,
I have to get those
to the dark room.
Yeah, yeah, breeze off, kid.
Ms. Ivanov.
I'm not buying into this
fortune teller stuff,
so I figure there's
got to be something
you're not telling me.
Now I know I can be a bit
rough around the edges,
but maybe you can try
trusting me a little.
Elisa, let me help you.
- Lieutenant Gray.
- Joe.
It's Jonas, really,
but call me Joe.
Yes, Joe.
I know that you will help me.
I've seen you in my dream.
So I can tell you this.
I'm listening.
My father has very
powerful psychic abilities.
He and I were brought here
in the corporation was
the army intelligence
to uncover foreign plot
and eliminate the enemies.
You don't say.
Where's your father now?
He's back at the
Institute of Brain Research
at the Leningrad University.
Is that where they
study people like you?
The study of bioenergetics
is now illegal in Russia.
My father made a deal
with the American Army
so I can stay here.
Otherwise, I would probably
be stuck in a submarine
somewhere in the Arctic Sea.
A submarine?
But Joe, please,
keep it a secret.
Say no more.
My brother served in
the first Great War
and he saw combat at
the end of our line,
but he never said
a word about it.
We all have our secrets.
I would've loved
to fall beside him,
but I was a little
too young then,
a little too old now.
Why are we here, Ms. Ivanov?
My real talent is seeing
future in my dreams.
And I've seen you in them.
Seeing me in your dreams?
Shall I be flattered?
No, Joe, you don't
want to be in my dreams.
My dreams of the future are...
Well, I don't know,
I mean looks like it could
come in pretty handy,
knowing what's coming
up, knowing when to duck.
I'll say goose.
But it's not that simple.
What was that for?
Let's consider it
a kiss in advance.
In advance of what?
Consequences of your dream?
I suppose.
Maybe we can try
it again sometime.
Better time, better place.
That I cannot
see in my dreams.
You have five dead bodies.
Now, I guess it's
six dead bodies,
that last one being
a doubleheader.
Six dissolved
bodies and no leads.
Yes sir, that's right.
No sir, that's wrong.
You have this girl,
who's shown up out of the blue
at every one of our crime scenes
before anyone else gets there.
Sir, I know how
it looks, but she's clean.
She's not even American.
Where is she from?
What's her interest
in these murders?
Don't tell me she's clean.
Is she a Russki?
Damn Commies, we should
just gas the lot of them.
Russia is our ally, sir.
She seems to have
friends from high on up.
What I really wanna do is take
a unit out to the warehouse...
That's enough!
I also have friends high on up
and that warehouse is off
limits to this department.
I want you to keep your eyes,
ears and nose on that girl.
Found out where she's
getting her information.
These murders have to stop
and Ms. Ivanov knows
something we don't.
Yes, sir.
That is one fine filly.
Feeling aroused, are we?
Sometimes I forget
where you came from.
A little dull, I think.
What shall we do about that?
Razor sharp now.
I think that's enough for you.
They you are, tell
me your secrets.
I see, not just a
mixture of chemicals.
Father, you were right!
There must be a
fusion of bio plasma,
paranormal affluence by energy.
If you can hear me, I'm sorry.
I can't spare elixir right now.
But please use my energy.
I need to see inside of you.
45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50,
51, 52, 53, 54, 55.
I told you
not to meet me here.
Nobody followed me.
Anyways, I'm out of uniform.
You still have
your police hat on.
Besides, you're too big to miss.
Where is Elisa Ivanov now?
She's in her apartment.
I was watching her through
the window with my binoculars.
- What else did you see?
- She was playing
with a creepy doll or something.
But I'll tell you what,
that's one fine looking filly.
Shut your mouth!
Spare me no filthy perversions.
Um, I can break
into her place...
I don't wanna hear any
more of your abhorrent plans.
I will send a more
suitable agent.
I have another task for you.
There is a shipment of
large gauge electrical wires
that is being slated for repairs
at the power
distribution station.
You will go to the warehouse
and leave it unlocked
and wait for Hauser's men.
Sure thing, boss.
Anything else?
Take this file and give it to
your contact at the warehouse.
And don't let
yourself be followed.
Okie dokie.
Guess this is it.
Who's there?
I can hear ya.
Nice job tailing me.
I didn't even see you coming.
Whoever you are.
But now it's just you and me.
I'll be goddamned.
It's Pinocchio!
This is gonna be fun.
I used to be a slugger in
the Minors, little fella.
You're out.
Time for some pitching practice.
- Boss, what happened here?
- Doesn't matter, dummy.
Let's get the
cables and beat it.
Oh my God.
He's dead.
Of course he's
dead, you dumb poluka.
What's the matter, you never
seen a dead guy before?
Well, not a real dead guy.
I'll take this package.
You, hide the body and then
bring the rest of the cables.
What are you
looking for, Ingenieur?
- What?
- Glands, Prok, glands.
The foundation of
body chemistry.
For example, the pineal gland.
That which controls
brain chemistry.
That is the secret.
What about the elixir?
I will make a
substitute for the elixir.
I will engineer a solution.
Well then why are
we spending so much time
on this formula?
Because to make
a substitute, we first must
understand the mechanism
of the original component!
They are all there.
Hypothalamus, pituitary,
thyroid, adrenal, pineal, testes,
all working together to
give us vitality, force.
Think you can bypass this?
Look at this body, Prok.
Look at the internal organs.
You can't see it from there.
What am I looking for?
Does this body
look dead to you?
Of course it does.
What are you going to do?
That is bioenergy.
Pure bioenergy, that is my
substitute and solution.
Hauser, you are a madman.
I received the iron cross
for my drastic measures
during the Great War.
I made sacrifices
and I replace them
with blood and iron.
And what is preventing you
from using this
synthetic bioenergy?
I have to be too close.
I need to find the
right waveform.
File for my contacts.
The scroll for Osiris.
The flaw isn't in my method.
It is in Hess's formula.
Some imperfection.
- So?
- Do we still have an agent
following Ms. Ivanov?
We do.
She's getting too close.
I'm gonna have her killed.
Not quite yet.
I think I may have
just discovered
how to go back to
Tolong's original elixir.
You better be
getting results soon
as I've just received
a communicate.
General Weiss is on his
way here now from Berlin.
Where is Klein?
He is late.
He's getting the
rest of the cables.
Hiding that body of
that big dead cop.
What happened to him?
He was dead when we got there.
Then we must prepare
for uninvited guests.
Get him dressed.
I want to prove my concept.
Ugh, these dreams!
Ms. Ivanov, Mr. Madison asked
if you're ready to
submit your story.
Not yet, Gloria.
- Hey, honey.
- Hello, Barney.
I made just some great
shots if I do say so myself.
- Yes, these are fine.
- These are very frightening.
Yeah, keep your knickers on.
Take a look at this.
A monogrammed I.
That's gotta mean something.
It does.
- It does?
- I've seen these
in my dreams.
Joe could help us.
Barney, good work!
These monograms dissolved
soon after we arrived.
If you hadn't taken
these pictures,
I wouldn't have any proof.
What does it mean?
It means that we have a way
of discovering the murderers.
That's what I'm here for.
- Hey Barney?
- Hmm?
Who else have
you shown these to?
I have the negatives locked
down in my dark room.
Great, so go grab those
negatives and bring them here.
- Yeah, sure.
- I also need you
to get something
from my apartment.
Whatever you need.
All right.
It's a framed picture.
Just like a tree by the water.
Do not look in my trunk.
None of my business.
I'll be right back.
- I'll drive.
- You have a car?
Of course I do.
Wanna go for a ride?
- Sure.
- I'll drive.
And my headline.
How about "Lothario
Photographer Gets Fired?"
Well, I guess
this is the place.
I'm scared.
Will you protect me?
Sure thing, Doll Face.
Look at this.
A tree by the water.
Well, this must be it.
I've been watching you.
You've, uh, been watching me?
Do you wanna play?
Would you like a piece of me?
I'd like a piece of you.
I'd love a piece of you.
Your scent is intoxicating.
What are you looking at?
I was just...
Looks like you need a shave.
Start looking.
I, I was looking.
Take him.
Don't know what it is.
The girl wants it,
so Hauser wants it.
Find that puppet, the
one with the skull.
Tear this place apart!
Oh, Barney, what
happened to you?
That's what I wanna know.
You look terrible.
I just had a
run-in with a stiff
who tried to take my head off.
A dead man?
I put four slugs
in it's mug and he still
came back for more.
Let's get some privacy.
So what happened to Barney?
Well, earlier today I
sent him to my apartment
to bring me something
of grave importance,
something that in
the wrong hands
could have the potential
to free destruction.
And then they snatched him.
- Who?
- I don't know.
But I think this goes much
deeper than just a den of spies.
This goes high up and
I don't trust anybody.
But I'll take my
chances with you, babe.
So why don't you
tell me what it is
you see in these
dreams of yours?
In my dream, I saw the
puppet kill a policeman.
The big cop that was
trying to arrest me
at the last crime scene.
Are you joking, a puppet?
It was in my dream.
It's as though I had some
kind of connection with him.
But he did it
without the elixir.
It was my blood.
Hmm, sounds like
a load of bog.
Look at this.
The letter L.
Hmm, looks familiar.
I've seen that some place.
It's the symbol of the
silver legion, American Nazis.
What is this dingus
that these people want?
They must have the
scroll of Osiris.
The scroll of what?
The dingus.
It's an ancient
key to the elixir,
but they can't decipher
it without my notes.
Well grab them,
let's scram out.
- Do you hear that?
- Hear what?
The typewriters,
they've stopped.
Hey, hey, you okay, kid?
Elisa, Elisa, we
have to get out.
It's gas.
It's gas.
We have to get out of here.
We have to get out of here.
Is that her?
Yes, that's her.
Take them both.
Vasquez, you look ravishing.
Absolutely delicious.
Calm yourself,.
To pay.
I thought that
would wake you up.
Elisa Ivanov.
Such a pleasure to finally
meet you face-to-face.
Your army friends did a fine
job of killing my colleagues.
Too bad they're not here
to help you out now.
Let him go, he's just a boy.
My poor girl.
When I was his age, I
was fighting in a trench
in the Great War.
At his age, I had already
received the iron cross for valor.
At his age, I sacrificed
for the fatherland.
Besides, I'm afraid that most
of his higher brain function
is already gone.
Why don't you pick on
someone your own size, coward?
You are lucky to have
survived my undead assassin.
I am impressed.
Let's see how lucky and
tough you really are.
You think that hurts?
We'll really put the
screws to you later.
Fraulein, why don't
we make this easier
and you can avoid any
further discomforts?
You see, I already
have everything I need.
I have the scroll of Osiris
and I have your notes.
But your notes, they're
written in Russian
and the Cyrillic alphabet.
I see now how your experience
with that primitive script
gave you an advantage
in deciphering
the Egyptian, Phoenician
and Greek symbols.
It's truly amazing, amazing.
Why don't you share your
insights with me now?
So you can raise
the army of the dead?
So you can wreak havoc on
thousands of innocent people?
Ms. Ivanov, I can assure you
those two things will
definitely happen.
I only ask that you make it
easier on me and yourself.
Go to hell, Nazi scum.
My machine is complete.
The antenna above us will fire
a death ray in many directions,
killing thousands
with unbearable pain.
After which, we will emit
a very special signal.
It will radiate bioenergy,
revitalizing the corpses
and bending them to my will.
You don't have enough
power for that.
Did you think the explosions
of power plants last year
was an accident, huh?
A mere inconvenience?
We created the need.
Need for products,
supplies, spare parts.
More for us to use and exploit.
You realize right
here in this building,
there's a
fully-functioning dynamo
and thousands of liters of fuel,
more than adequate
for any power need.
We have people everywhere,
in every industry.
You know, even the government.
That's enough!
Prok, you sing like
a goddamn canary.
My idea.
Fraulein, if you do not
tell me what I need to know,
I have enough fluid
here to analyze,
to produce the pure product,
the very same that Tolong used
to bring his cursed
dolls to life.
Would you spare me the trouble?
How can you do this?
How can you betray your country?
My father is a
Spanish nationalist
and Franco is a
friend of Hitler.
My country was once
a great empire.
We were.
And we will be again.
You're a fool.
Nazis never give.
They only take.
Your turn.
Surely you realize, Ms. Ivanov,
that in the end you're
going to tell me everything.
The longer you make me wait,
the longer you
compel me do this.
In the end, I will
see the evil inside you
cut its way out.
I will see you die in agony.
All of you.
Suit yourself.
How can that be?
I cut the power.
That waveform.
Your bioenergy.
That is your
particular signature.
That is the frequency,
the enigma of the scroll.
I will not tell you anything.
You don't have to.
You have inadvertently
given up your secret.
We can replicate that waveform.
Hans, tune the machine
to that frequency.
Replicate the waveform.
Now it's my turn.
What are you doing?
Tell me what you
are controlling.
Fraulein, I can
increase the current.
I will not stop until you
tell me what you are doing
with your bioenergy.
The fucking puppet.
None of you will
live to see the sun.
Russian witch.
Is this the puppet?
It's alive!
Tolong's puppet, capture it!
I'm just gonna gas
the whole lot of ya.
Not a chance.
I have puppets too and
they are bigger than yours!
Prok, you coward!
No one leaves!
Oh, well, so
pretty little thing.
No, no!
Not me, him!
Hey, sleazebag!
This is going to
sting a little bit.
I am not a puppet, but
when I lost my arm,
I forged a new one with
blood, sweat and iron.
It looks like you and your
little friend have a connection.
Let's see if the
connection goes both ways.
There, a strong connection.
Have you had enough yet?
You can't hurt me.
You think you're superior,
but you do not rise above.
You just stomp down on
people who are weaker
to feel better than they are.
Very poetic, Ms. Ivanov.
Pity no one will ever
read those words.
But I'm not finished.
I have more in store.
Yes, very tough indeed.
But I have read accounts
of these puppets
and I know that they
can be destroyed.
You are not indestructible!
Completely pulverized.
I can't even find
his little blade.
Would've been a nice
souvenir for me to keep.
Now your turn.
What, what is, are you doing?
Not me.
I can't be, I have killed him!
He has no body!
Glad he's on our side.
He had enough of his
own energy to run away,
but he didn't.
Redemption, perhaps.
Or penance.
I don't like it.
And yet he saved us.
Is this what it was
like in your dream?
No, Joe.
In my dream, everyone dies.
Well, then I guess we died.
- Goose!
- Shit!
- What now?
- More ducking.
Because we can't have alarm
when a dead man switch.
- So if he dies?
- The weapon fires anyway.
He didn't finish the machine,
but the death ray
part is complete.
- It will kill everybody.
- Everybody in your dream.
We only have a
couple of minutes.
I'll just have to throw a
monkey wrench in the works.
What are you doing?
Ever hear of a short circuit?
When the weapon activates,
the power's gonna arch
across this section instead.
With that much energy,
an electric short will
blow these transformers up.
That doesn't sound so bad.
I can't reach across
these terminals.
Lay it across the top terminals.
There are a few thousand
liters of fuel somewhere
in this building.
I don't know what
that is in gallons,
but I expect a large fireball.
- Joe, it's time to scram out.
- Yeah.
This way!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure!
- Really?
- Yeah.
Death Ray Plot Foiled
By Killer Puppet.
What a load of shit.
Run it!
Run, run, run.
An accidental
fire destroyed the warehouse
and all it contained.
That is the official story
from our friends in
special operations.
As for Detective Gray, he
has moved on to another case.
Mm, more of a mission.
I feel you, my soul.
Please stay safe, Father.
As always, I hold
you in my heart
and I send you all my love.
Where the hell are they?
Looking for these?
How'd you get in
here, Lieutenant Gray?
You don't have to call
me Lieutenant anymore.
You're a fucking traitor.
What are you gonna do?
You'll never make it stick.
All the evidence burned up.
Set 'em on fire myself.
We are everywhere.
Yeah, I can see that.
I'll get to your
friends soon enough.
It's my new mission.
As for you,
it'll look like you
killed yourself.
What the hell are
you talking about?
You asked how I got in here.
You couldn't
fit through there.
Not me.