Blame! (2017) Movie Script

Nobody knows...
when the world became this way.
One day,
the contagion suddenly started...
and humans lost the power
to connect with the city.
After that,
the city expanded on its own...
and humans were seen as
illegal residents... and exterminated.
It all happened...
long before I was born.
This way.
Be careful.
Yeah. Sorry.
You're too jumpy.
We can hear you.
It's still okay around here.
We might've just been lucky up until now.
- Don't let your guard down.
- But...
Zuru's right, you know.
I wonder if this is really the right path.
It is a bit different from the map.
It's an old map. The area must
have been rebuilt by the Builders.
Do you really think we'll be okay
on our own?
Let's go back.
Why the heck would we go back
when we've come this far?
It should be just beyond this passage.
I think.
Zuru, up there.
The exit.
Are you okay? Tae?
Thanks, Fusata.
Are you okay, Tae?
I'm sorry, Zuru. The spare battery.
We'll be in trouble when we get back.
It's just one battery.
Everyone'll be thrilled if we come back
with some sludge. Come on.
Zuru, what are you doing? Hurry.
A Builder!
Don't worry.
These guys don't pay
any attention to humans.
Okay, let's go. We're almost there.
It's making more weird stuff.
Let's go, Tae.
Whoa, this is...
I've never seen a place so big.
A watchtower!
That's why the grown-ups
told us not to come here.
Well, that's it. Let's go home.
Make sure the watchtower doesn't see us.
And how are we supposed to
get to the hunting grounds
while avoiding that huge thing?
Let's take another route.
We'll go through here.
It's a big detour.
There's tons of obstacles in the way.
Well, it can't be helped. Come on.
If the Safeguard appeared
in a place like this...
We've been trained as
Electro-Fishers, too, you know.
Sutezo said that Zuru's already as skilled
as a full-fledged Electro-Fisher.
But we took this gear without permission.
Pops is definitely gonna be mad.
Zuru, I'm sorry.
What? Tae?
You said it was for my sister's sake,
For us to go out hunting alone like this.
It's not just for Ito.
After all, there's almost nothing
left to eat in the village.
Thanks, Zuru.
We did it.
Look, over there.
Look at all the bugs!
It's the sludge pipes!
It's no good.
It's totally dried up.
But it's such a thick pipe.
The watchtower?
The Safeguard!
Yaichi! Above you!
Everyone, stay calm!
Remember our training, lure them in
then shoot!
Did you hear that, Shizu? Lure them to me!
I can't get them off me!
Damn it!
Shiro! Everyone!
Are you okay?
Yeah, this is no...
Wait, Fusata.
It stopped.
Take off your headgear.
I want to see your eyes.
- Hey.
- Zuru.
We're still in the watchtower's view!
The watchtower didn't react
even when she took her helmettals off?
Hey! Tae!
Are there...
any humans here
with the Net Terminal Gene?
Net Termi...?
You saved us... so I wish we could
do something to help you in return...
but we don't know what it is
you're talking about.
Wait. One of the grown-ups
might know something.
But before that, please, tell us...
what are you?
I'm Killy.
A human.
Our village is inside
the perimeter up ahead.
We'll be fine once we get back there.
That's the one place
the Safeguard can't enter.
We don't know why, though.
See, that's the perimeter up ahead.
Stop! Zuru, get away from him!
Sutezo, wait!
Why are you all showing your faces?
You'll be spotted by the watchtower!
That's because
when we're with him, it's okay.
Who is this guy?
Mr. Killy rescued us.
He's human!
He can't be.
Human, you say?
Isn't he a Safeguard?
I've heard there are Safeguards
that look just like humans.
Right, Pops.
Just three of you, huh?
I'm sorry. The Exterminators...
That's why we told you, Zuru,
you guys can't do it on your own!
But then you went and took that gear
without our permission anyway.
At any rate,
it's dangerous to stay out here.
Hurry and get inside the perimeter.
So, he's not a Safeguard.
Are you a traveler?
Where did you come from?
There's no way.
We'll talk more inside.
Come on.
That's our village.
At the most, there were about
400 people living here.
But now there are only about 150.
If you're a traveler, we welcome you.
That's our custom.
Although you're a first
for our generation.
The first person we've welcomed
into our village from the outside.
We Electro-Fishers are descended
from people called Planters
who apparently wandered
through the city like you.
It's said that they found this place
about 300 years ago.
So, we've lived inside the perimeter
ever since.
So, it's rare for us
to meet any strangers.
In the city,
there must be other humans
managing to survive.
But we have no idea how many there are
or where to find them.
We don't know anything.
So, any stories we could hear
from a traveler would be precious.
Pops, have you ever met a human?
No. I've only found the remains
of places where humans lived.
Pops and the others are back!
Hey! The kids are with him!
Hey! The kids are back!
What's that?
Pops and Sutezo brought the kids back!
How many kids? All of them?
I'm not exactly sure.
And there's someone strange with them.
What do you mean, someone strange?
Welcome back, Pops.
Just you guys?
Where are the other three?
And their gear? Did you leave that, too?
What about the helmettals? Weren't you at
least able to bring the helmettals back?
Damn it.
You know we don't have the tech
to make that stuff anymore.
What about food?
It was all dried up.
It's enough that
three of them came back alive.
Oh, well, in another month,
we'll all starve anyway.
Hey, Pops.
Who's that?
He's a traveler.
He's a traveler?
So, there really are
other humans out there.
Can we trust him?
If he's a traveler, we'll welcome him.
But we don't have anything to feed him.
He's not a Safeguard, is he?
A Safeguard wouldn't be able
to get in here.
Stay back, honey.
There's something drawn on it.
A bucket of water?
This is pretty good.
It must be really nutritious.
Give me some.
Hey, let me have some.
- This is great!
- This'll give you energy.
Pops, Sutezo.
This much?
There's some for your sister.
Thank you.
Zuru, Fusata.
I'm glad you're back.
But don't do anything
like that again, okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sure you already know,
but people looked
for a new hunting ground before
and they were all killed by the Safeguard.
The group that went east
was taken out completely.
That's why these guys
thought they had
to do something for the village.
When you've put the gear back,
come to my room.
- Sutezo, let's go.
- Right.
You come, too, please.
I'd like to speak with you.
Your name was Killy, right?
Thanks for sharing your food with us.
Normally we'd be the ones feeding you...
but as you can see,
we're nearly out of food.
Where did you get that thing?
Two hundred levels
- below.
- Two hundred?
So, we can't go get more.
This place is protected by the perimeter,
but there's nowhere inside
where we can get food.
So, we Electro-Fishers go out
and get sludge to bring back.
I'm the leader of the Electro-Fishers.
But the hunting grounds near here
have all dried up
and we have to go out farther.
Each time, friends of ours get killed,
leaving us with fewer and fewer Fishers.
So, even the children...
Here. Come in.
That food is amazing.
- Wonder where he got something like that.
- Yeah.
And that weapon. To think it could
cut through even an Exterminator's body.
6,000 levels below.
I wonder if he came all that way
all alone.
Who knows.
I wonder how many more humans there are.
Maybe there are other villages
like this one.
There might be.
I can't even imagine it.
How far do you think this city stretches?
Why does the Safeguard exterminate humans?
I've never even thought about that.
We really don't know anything.
So, according to Zuru, you took out
four Exterminators at once.
It would really help to have
someone skilled like you around.
Would you consider staying here
for a while to help us hunt?
I'm... looking for humans with...
the Net Terminal Gene.
Net Termi...?
What's that?
All humans had it...
before the contagion.
Before the contagion.
You're talking about a time
when the city belonged to humans.
It's said the Builders
and the Safeguard followed
the humans' orders back then.
Such an ancient legend.
What's that supposed to mean?
The city belonging to humans.
Are you saying that if we had
that Net Terminal Gene thing
we could stop the Safeguard?
Not only that,
we could give orders to the Builders
and make them stop building on their own.
We could stop the expansion of the city.
But there's no way
there's anything like that here.
I've actually heard of it before.
That Net Terminal thing.
I'd long since forgotten about it...
but hearing him speak of it reminded me.
I know I've heard that phrase before,
a long time ago.
But where?
Right below this village.
A place inside the perimeter,
but we've been told for generations
not to go near it.
You don't mean... the Rotting Shrine?
My Gran always told me never to go near it
because there's a ghost there
scarier than the Safeguard.
Sutezo. Do you really believe that?
Hey, you!
Right below...
the village.
He's planning to go there.
Sutezo, follow him.
- Tell him to wait. I'll show him the way.
- Right.
I'm going, too!
Gran said...
that if you go near the Rotting Shrine,
a stranger interrupts your communications
and their voice can control you
like a puppet.
Quit telling stories.
My own great-grandfather
fell to his death because of that...
according to Gran.
Over there.
- What's that?
- Look!
Come out.
Is someone there?
I've waited for so long.
It talked.
I've been calling for help all this time,
but no one came.
It was so long, until you came.
I waited for 17 million
526 thousand hours.
What's your name?
I'm Cibo.
I'm a scientist.
Nice to meet you, Killy.
So, a scientist
really did survive.
That's a Gravitational
Beam Emitter, right?
Quite an impressive gun.
That's the one technology
that even we couldn't re-create.
Where did you find it?
I don't know about the gun.
There are vestiges of the contagion
in your irises.
You... don't have the Net Terminal Gene.
What sort of stupid thing is that to say?
Of course I don't.
Do you know
any humans who have the Net Terminal Gene?
If there were any humans like that,
then this city would have been
made functional again ages ago.
But I've got something good.
Killy, take me to the automated factory.
Automated factory?
What's that?
Who knows.
If you take me to the automated factory,
I'll make you a synthetic terminal
that has the same effect
as the Net Terminal Gene.
You don't believe me, do you?
But it's true.
That thing there...
that's actually the wreckage
of a synthetic terminal that I made.
There's a connection port beneath it.
When we found a connection port
to the NetSphere here,
we surrounded the area with an electric
barrier to keep the Safeguard
from invading, and started experiments.
To keep the Safeguard from invading?
The experiments were successful.
We got all the way
to the entrance to the Authority.
But then we were found
by their defense mechanisms...
and you can see what happened.
Did you... communicate with the Authority?
No, we couldn't.
But we analyzed information
coming through the counter-current
and found a channel we can use to get in.
So, given another chance,
I can definitely succeed.
I have no idea...
what she's talking about.
Hey, you!
Just now,
you said you did something to keep
the Safeguard from invading, right?
Does that mean you set up this perimeter?
That's right.
- How exactly did you do a thing like that?
- Killy, move that rubble out of the way.
That's an electric barrier generator
I made.
Thanks to that, we ran our experiments
- without interruptions from the Safeguard.
- Connect?
If you can do that,
you can give orders to the city?
That's right.
Long ago, all humans had
the Net Terminal Gene
and they could all do it.
I can't believe it.
How could humans do a thing like that?
But it's true, they really could.
We tried to re-create that ability
artificially using machines.
To stop the city running wild.
If we go to the automated factory
I can make another terminal.
Come on, Killy.
Your goal is the same as mine, isn't it?
You want to bring the city back
under human control, right?
Then it's decided.
Let's go right away!
Hey, wait.
Where is this automated factory thing?
In a section far east of here.
About 15 blocks away.
Fifteen blocks.
That'd take two or three days.
Could we help as well?
- Pops.
- Sutezo.
What these people are trying to do
might end up saving our village.
Did you really believe all of that?
Either way, things are growing worse
in the village.
It won't be long before we make a decision
to leave the perimeter
or stay inside and starve.
So... don't you think it's worth
taking a chance?
That may be so...
but if we go east for 15 blocks...
the batteries in our gear probably
won't even last long enough...
and we can't get that far
without being caught by the Safeguard.
All the more reason.
No matter how strong this man is,
there's no guarantee that even he
could reach that far alone.
But if we can help him, even a little...
True. It might be better
to have more people with us.
But we'll need to take food
along for the trip
and there's already so little left.
At the automated factory
we can make anything.
If we get there
I'll make you anything you want.
Yes, even food, anything you like.
To be honest, we don't even understand
half of what she's saying.
we'd like to take a chance
with you, and her.
- Hurry!
- Aren't there any more spare batteries?
- Take as many spears as you can!
- We need one more person!
- Leave some to defend the village.
- Do we have enough helmettals?
Stop stalling, all of you.
Hey, Zuru!
We'll be fine as long as we're with Killy.
Let's go. Follow me.
Yes, sir.
What is that?
I heard they found it
at the Rotting Shrine.
Is that thing really alive?
Yes, I'm alive.
Hey, Sutezo. Is it true?
Will she really make us food
if we take her to this
automated factory place?
I told you, don't ask me.
It's true.
I can make thousands
of the portable rations
like the kind Killy had.
How wonderful if that's true.
Pops, is it really safe
to believe what this thing says?
If you have a problem with my decision
then go back right now.
I don't have a problem.
I never had a problem to begin with.
Shut up and walk.
Pair up and get in a circular formation.
- Don't leave much space between you.
- Yes, sir.
There was no need for you
to come along, Tae.
My sister's doing better thanks
to the food that Killy gave us.
I need to repay him.
And also, wherever Zuru goes...
I go with her.
Things must be desperate for you
to be bringing these children along.
To be honest,
there aren't many of us left
who can use the Electro-Fisher gear.
A watchtower!
Is that what's doing it?
What is this place?
Hey, Killy.
You're not going to just leave me
somewhere on the way, are you?
Killy's metabolism is different
from normal humans.
He very rarely needs to eat.
Well, what about you?
I'll pass.
But I appreciate the thought.
Were you scared?
Yeah. But I'm fine.
When those Safeguards come...
the air around them stinks of ions.
It's like, you know...
your nose kind of stings.
Did you smell it?
I was so frantic...
I don't really remember.
Actually, I think I kind of did.
Now that you mention it,
there was a weird smell.
I see.
That's the type of thing
you have to experience to understand.
Remember this.
When Electro-Fishers camp,
we always light a fire like this
and sleep beside it.
It's the way we've always done it.
we're on edge all day
when we're out hunting.
It's said that
the sight of fire is soothing to humans.
I'm sure that's been true since long ago.
Since long before the city
came to this state.
At the end of the day,
people would watch the fire
to put themselves at ease.
I've waited for so long.
There were others with me before...
but they all passed away.
No one knows how long
the city has been like this.
One day the contagion
just suddenly started
and humans lost the power
to connect with the city.
After that, the city started to expand
at random
and the Safeguard regarded humans
as illegal residents
and began to exterminate us.
I was the chief scientist of Kaito,
a district far away from here.
In that district,
we'd excavated some information
from the remains of the city
and managed to use it
to preserve human life.
But we knew it couldn't last for long.
My group of scientists
found a way to simulate
the Net Terminal Gene.
My coworkers and I
set out in search of another place
with a connection port.
And that's where we found it.
Along our journey...
one, then another of us died.
Even the ones who managed to reach
there, during the experiment they all...
I'm sure Kaito is gone now, too.
The automated factory is through here.
No one who's gone this way
has ever come back.
They must have been caught
by the defense net.
But with me and Killy here,
you'll be okay.
You heard her.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
This is the entrance
of the automated factory.
There are still automated factories
like this here and there around the city.
This is the closest one to your village.
It opened!
You were able to connect?
You don't need to be able to connect
to the NetSphere for something like this.
What are those?
So, this is what they call a factory.
What are these pool things?
Killy, put me on that console.
Now we'll never have to worry
about food again!
Zuru, look! It's amazing.
Killy, can you hear me?
I'm having a little trouble.
Take that synthetic terminal
and get ready to escape.
I still can't move yet.
Be careful.
I dug in pretty deep. Last time
this happened, things went very badly.
Is that one of those synthetic terminals
you told us about, Cibo?
With that, we can stop the city, right?
Hey, you.
Retreat in two groups.
The cargo team goes first.
Fighters, draw them in and take them out.
Yes, sir. Cargo team, hurry!
Exterminators! So many.
Forget your pack, just come!
- Tae!
- Zuru!
Here they come.
Lure them in first.
We're going!
Tae! Can you hear me? Tae!
Tae! Where are you?
Damn it!
- Atsuji! Are you okay?
- My leg.
Where's Tae?
Up there.
She was crushed by an Exterminator.
Zuru! No!
Zuru! Zuru!
Tae! Tae!
Thank goodness.
I'm sorry, I'm okay now.
Tae, are you okay?
Thank goodness.
Man, you're so reckless.
Are you all okay? You're not hurt?
Tae's arm is broken.
Tae, can you move?
- All right, let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Where's Cibo?
She was crushed.
They're still crawling around.
Hey, Killy!
Hey, you! Fire that weapon from before!
What's wrong with you?
Why don't you shoot?
Sorry I'm late.
I've come to rescue you, Killy.
That barrier coating
only lasts 30 seconds.
I'm done for.
You go on.
What are you saying, Atsuji? Run!
Get in this car.
It's not broken?
I'm making it work now.
- Can't we go yet?
- Just a moment.
There it is.
Here we go.
It moved!
All right.
I'm out of spears.
I've got two left.
I have one more.
I have two.
Don't give up!
Killy, we'd finally gotten
the synthetic terminal and everything.
It's a shame.
Why is this guy so heavy?
- We're almost at the village.
- Yeah.
Does it hurt?
I'm fine.
They're back! Pops and the others!
Hey, bring out the crane. Time to unload!
Welcome back.
Welcome back, Pops.
- How did it go?
- Did you find the food?
Hey, take that down below.
Yes, Pops.
Don't worry, I'll take her.
- Okay.
- They're injured.
Get the molecular tape!
She's an awfully big girl.
Is that the person
who looked like a corpse before?
Is he dead?
I don't know.
Bring it around slowly.
It's pretty heavy.
This girl sure is strong.
Killy's fine. He's just sleeping.
Take him inside.
With all this, we should be fine
for four to five months.
So, it was worth gathering
all the equipment.
We can finally eat till we're full!
How many died altogether?
So, two more good workers died.
Real food and drink at last!
Bring down the lights.
For everyone we've lost
over the last two years...
a moment of silence.
Give me another one, too.
You're drinking too much.
Because I want to.
We finally get to mourn properly.
For a while there we couldn't even
afford to do that.
But now we've got food,
the village is saved.
But at a high cost.
We lost a lot of skilled Electro-Fishers
and gear as well.
Can't we just go back to that
automated factory place?
You can make anything there, right?
No, we can't go back there again.
It's crawling with Exterminators.
I see.
So... we have to see how long
this food lasts.
They say the village is saved.
Everyone's really happy.
If Cibo's experiment is successful...
will you still...
continue your journey, Killy?
Hey, Killy.
Do you think maybe...
you could stay?
The synthetic terminal.
I'm going to connect it now.
There's something I'd like your help with.
What are we gonna do now, Pops?
Now we just pray
that Cibo's experiment works.
If it does, we won't have to live in fear
of the Safeguard anymore.
I really can't wrap my head around it.
Around what?
The idea of humans connecting to machines.
I mean, it's like...
They say the Builders and the Safeguard
will do what the humans say.
That's a good thing, right?
But why did people
want to do that in the first place?
I don't want to live long enough
to find out.
You sure eat a lot.
Well, you earned it.
No, it's not for me.
I thought I'd take some to Tae.
I won't be able to move
while I'm connected.
I want you to protect me then.
Oh, Sutezo.
Zuru, looks like he woke up.
You were with Killy, right, Zuru?
Did you talk with him?
Oh, Pops.
You're here to help?
I had a bit too much to drink.
I'll take this on the way back to my room.
Wait, Zuru.
How'd it go? I bet you made her happy.
She's not in her room.
- What is it?
- Tae!
It looks like the barrier generator
has been destroyed.
What's wrong with you?
Wait! Don't go near!
- Tae.
- Hey!
Fusata! Hang in there!
Tae. Tae!
Tae! Tae!
No! Wake up!
I am Sana-kan.
Representative construct of the Safeguard.
We, the Safeguard, will eliminate
all illegal residents lacking
the Net Terminal Gene.
- Tae! What's wrong with you?!
- Fusata!
The Safeguard?
Fusata! Come on!
Watch out!
Zuru, don't!
What's going on?
An explosion!
What's happening?
What happened?
What is going on?
Successful infiltration of illegal
residents' unauthorized compound.
Barrier generator destroyed.
Total extermination in progress.
Successful infiltration
of illegal residents'...
Posing as a human
to get through the barrier.
That's a high-level Safeguard, Killy.
It looks like we should hurry.
Fusata, this way!
Tae. Tae.
In accordance
with Elimination Ordinance 5,
beginning auxiliary elimination.
Damn it! Our village.
Don't worry about me. Go on ahead.
Listen, Sutezo.
Gather everyone together
and go up the tower.
Shoot back from the top of the tower.
- Take care of Pops.
- I will.
Hurry up!
I'm going first!
You guys, hurry up!
Fusata! Put on your gear!
There aren't any more helmettals!
We don't have enough!
Zuru... here.
- Over there, don't let them in!
- Damn it, they just keep coming!
Looks good.
What's going on?
Where did Tae go?
She was replaced by the Safeguard.
There's no way she's alive anymore.
Tae can't be dead!
I'm going on ahead.
How's that?
Damn it!
I'll blast you from up close!
Damn it! Are they monsters?
Zuru! Hey, Zuru!
Hurry, up here!
Everyone, get up here quickly!
In accordance with
Elimination Ordinance 3, Clause 2,
Elimination Level has risen by three.
Requesting authorization to use
Gravitational Beam Emitter.
You are a body that was
stolen from us, the Safeguard.
A body.
Do you intend to return?
Answer immediately.
In accordance with the Ordinance...
I will destroy you here.
Unauthorized connection
to the NetSphere detected.
Elimination Level has risen by two.
I won't let you!
Aim carefully! Lure them in and shoot!
We did it! That was the last one!
It can't be.
The Authority!
This must be inside the NetSphere then.
This is one of the reserve
electronic worlds that connects
the NetSphere to base reality.
Please, let me connect to the NetSphere.
The net terminal you used
has just now lost its effectiveness.
The connection to your brain
in base reality
will also be cut
in just a few nanoseconds.
But you still have time.
Here in the reserve world, time is sped up
so from your relative point of view,
time seems extended.
Please, at least stop
the Safeguard's attack on that village.
Without an order from someone
with the Net Terminal Gene,
we, the Authority,
cannot take any such action.
You're right.
However, as much as is allowed
within this reserve electronic world,
I can tell you the coordinates
of abandoned levels
that the Safeguard
are not currently monitoring.
What's this?
It stores a map of the levels near here.
We cannot take this information
out into base reality...
but we do not have any orders
to stop you from connecting to it.
Take the injured over there!
Someone help carry them!
Hurry, over here.
Bring the molecular tape!
Shall I wrap it?
We were saved thanks to you.
Zuru, what happened to Cibo?
I don't know.
I see.
It's all over.
It's too early to give up.
My brain is in my arm.
This place has been found out
by the Safeguard.
Sooner or later,
the Exterminators will be back.
Then what should we do?
There's an abandoned level
between this one
and the one below it.
There's a descending track to it
to the north of here.
An abandoned level.
It's a place that's been disconnected
from the NetSphere.
The Safeguards and Builders
won't interfere.
What should we do?
Can we believe her?
If we stay here we'll just be killed
by Exterminators.
Everyone, get ready to leave.
Let's go, Killy.
Come on, let's go back home.
It's scary out here.
We're not going back there again.
The Safeguard found us there.
Pops, I'm sorry.
It's my fault for
taking everyone out hunting.
We should be thanking you.
Wow, Cibo, you can call the railway car!
Just don't try it yourself.
Okay, everyone get in.
Can we really get to an abandoned level?
- Here, get in.
- Okay.
Be careful.
That smell.
- They're here!
- Hurry, everyone!
Killy, what are you doing?
Hurry and get in!
You can't be serious.
What's wrong, Killy?
Won't I see you again?
I'm... looking for...
the Net Terminal Gene.
I'm closing it now.
That was the last
the villagers ever saw him.
After that, my grandmother Zuru
led us all in the new land.
You've grown big.
My grandmother
always talked to me about Killy
when I was young.
A long time has passed, but...
there's no sign of the city functions
returning to normal.
I suppose no one has been found yet
with the Net Terminal Gene.
But I believe.
I know that somewhere,
he's still out there
in that endless city...
continuing his search.