Blame Freud (2014) Movie Script

It's like my relationships
have sell-by-dates, like milk.
They go sour after a few weeks.
- It may be that...
- It's not my fault!
- Sometimes we tend to blame others...
- I'm not doing that,
I just don't like
anyone for more than a week.
Maybe you're too focused on yourself.
Greta says I'm unaffectionate.
because I didn't have a mother?
I think you need to be
a bit more self-critical.
What a drag, dad!
You always contradict me.
But surely you want my opinion.
- You get paid to keep quiet.
- But by my clients.
- So what am I?
- My daughter.
So a daughter who has
relationship troubles
can't talk to her dad about them
because he's a shitty shrink?
Don't swear!
- She can, but not as a client.
- What's the difference?
- Not in my office and not lying down
on that bed. - I'm comfortable.
Talk at home, in the armchair.
- I see.
- Emma...
Did you know that the most common
illness in the world is love?
Don't worry: it may be inevitable
but it's not fatal.
Of course, sometimes it can be
serious and incurable
but most times
it's like a sort of flu or cold.
It won't last forever,
you'll just
be left with a few dirty tissues.
- Now can we talk?
- Okay.
Well, I've met a guy.
His name's Alessandro.
But he's got lots of flaws
and he'll last two weeks.
No, on the contrary:
he's sweet, cute,
nice and he's lasted two months.
- I think I'm in love.
- I've never heard you say that.
- He's an architect. - Is he in his first
or second year at uni?
No, he's already an architect...
In fact, that's the point.
- There's quite a big age gap.
- How much?
- He's 32 years old?
- No.
32 years is the age gap.
You're with guy who's 50?
The same age as me?
- No, you're 5 months older.
- Emma! What the hell!
Don't swear!
Here she is, she's calling.
- Good morning, family. How are you?
- Hi, sister!
- I'm starving!
- She's made me lose my appetite.
- She's told you about Alessandro!
- Did you know as well?
I was the only idiot who didn't know!
Don't laugh, it's dead serious!
I saw a photo, he looks okay.
How can you tell from a photo?
I want to meet him.
- No.
- Why?
- It's too soon.
- It's two months too late!
Dad, relax, chill out!
- Are you excited about
tomorrow night? - Just a bit...
- Really?
- Loads!
- Where are you going?
- To Phoenix, in Brooklyn.
We went there on our first date.
How romantic!
I want a relationship like that.
Dad, have you seen
the lady with the dog again?
- What lady? You told her?
- Are you still following her
or have you spoken to her?
- Go for it, it's about time!
He's been divorced for 20 years
but he doesn't feel ready.
I have three daughters to raise,
I've no time for a fourth woman.
Stop being the perfect dad!
Give us a chance to moan about you,
we need it!
A dad who is too perfect can do
more damage than an absent one.
Have you finished?
Thanks for the discretion.
Confidentiality is your problem,
not ours!
You're looking good!
- I miss you, all of you!
- Bye.
On the long wall we'll put a Presta,
- a really successful product.
- Excuse me. - Yes?
It's obvious that we can't have
two Cubes here.
So I say we put a nice Babitz here,
two Monets next to the bed,
- so that leaves room...
- For a Falcon
that guarantees space
for your clothes,
- What do you think?
- I like it.
You see that I found a solution
for you?
- You've become better than me.
- This might as well be my home.
Don't do that in here!
- I told my father about you
yesterday... - What?
- Yes, but don't worry.
- What did he say?
- He wants to meet you.
- He does? - That's a good thing.
He could've said:
"Stop seeing him. "
"Or: "It's your life,"
"ruin it as you please. "
- "Ruin it"?
- But honeybun...
- Don't call me that here!
- Good morning, sir.
Do you know how many parents
would've freaked out?
But he didn't, that's nice...
- When is this meeting scheduled for?
- Friday.
It's too soon, let's not rush him,
- give him time to process things..
- Don't worry, he's an expert in that.
He raised three daughters
doing that.
- So, to my father?
- Cheers.
- Did you move the opera librettos?
- Where do they go?
Next to the thrillers,
another two have disappeared.
- Disappeared?
- Yes.
Stolen, goddammit!
That's the third time this month.
I'm going.
I'll be back... I don't know when.
- So you're going to pick him up?
- Yes. - Are you sure about this?
- Yes.
- Did he ask you to?
He told me when he was arriving
and how.
Why would he do that?
To promote the release
of his new book.
- He told me he was missing
the Roman air! - That figures!
The intoxicating and joyous Roman air.
What do you think?
- How do I look in this skirt?
- Not good, not good at all!
And last night you did it again.
You're fantastic, generous,
you always go for it and never hold back.
You're a wonderful person.
Too wonderful, perhaps.
And I don't want to let you down.
Marriage is... too much for me.
- How did it go?
- It was awful, really awful.
Love isn't what these shitty poets
want us believe it is.
Love has teeth, teeth bite
and bites hurt
and wounds never heal.
It's by Stephen King,
it seems fitting for this moment.
You're not well.
I wasn't well at all,
I felt like
I'd felt too many times before
useless and empty,
after the umpteenth break-up
and the mantra I repeated
every time:
"Jodie wasn't right for me".
And then I thought about
Elena, Irene, Stefania, Elettra...
They weren't right for me either.
But maybe it's me that's not right,
maybe I'm not right for anyone.
A guy doesn't tell another woman
he misses the joyous Roman air
- .. if he's married with kids.
- Marta, honey, sweetie pie.
- How long have you known him?
- Since the launch of his last book,
1 year, 2 months and 23 days.
And during this year, 2 months
and 23 days, has he said
anything more meaningful than:
"Thanks for your collaboration?"
Of course! Once he wrote
"your precious collaboration".
And he wrote:
"I was waiting for your email".
What does that mean?
That he was thinking about me...
How could a guy like him be married?
Like any ordinary guy, with
an ordinary wife...
.. and ordinary kids.
When I saw what he was like
I couldn't believe it!
- What was he like, Marta?
- Ordinary!
Him, who's capable of writing
things like:
"Her solitude was like a long winter.
A long winter followed...
by another winter... ". - No wonder
he missed the joyous Roman air!
Come on, dad!
Marta, please!
A long winter followed by another...
Let me make something clear:
mine isn't a gay story. It's a tragedy,
and like all tragedies, it's unisex.
And this isn't the usual metaphor
of a woman
who cuts her hair to break free
of her past,
it was an offer: three cuts
for 99 dollars 90.
And during the last cut, seeing that
gynaeceum filled with excitement,
those happy wives prepping
themselves for their husbands,
a thought struck me.
It wasn't Irene, Stefania or Elettra
that weren't right for me,
it wasn't women in general.
Maybe, the only way out,
that I'd never considered,
was the one the hostesses
were pointing at: men.
- Sara!
- Dad!
How are you?
- Fine.
- Let me get that.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be choosing
wedding favours?
Yes, but Jodie decided
to leave me.
- What do you mean?
- She upped and left!
- I'm sorry.
- It doesn't matter.
It was obviously meant to be.
- You've taken it well...
- You're right, I have!
Dad, sit down.
I've made a decision
that will change my life forever.
Go on.
- I'm going to be heterosexual.
- I don't understand.
- I'm through with women.
- What do you mean?
I've tried, real hard,
but it doesn't work.
So I'll try with men,
perhaps it'll work.
I'll be heterosexual,
like all other women.
Aren't you happy?
- No...
- You're not?
I can be understanding,
but only up to a certain point!
Just because I'm a shrink
doesn't mean I'll accept everything!
- You can't change sexuality...
- Sexual orientation, not sexuality.
It's the same thing! It's taken me
20 years to accept you're a lesbian
so you have to stay a lesbian!
- Sexual identity is a serious thing.
- Who gives a damn!
If something doesn't work,
you change it, you have to help me!
Where did I go wrong?
I wonder where I went wrong.
Sigmund, where did I go wrong?
Tell me!
It's not you that's wrong,
maybe it's me.
Help me to understand men, please!
I've got a lot to learn!
Thanks, dad.
Who told you men are any better
than women anyway?
Who told me?
You, all of you, everyone!
You leave your jobs,
give up your careers,
look after the family, the house,
the children, and all the rest...
If you do all that, it must mean
that men are totally amazing.
Otherwise it'd make no sense.
- May I...
- You may. Good evening.
Dad, this is Alessandro.
Alessandro, my dad.
- Good evening.
- Hello.
I'm going, I have to finish
my homework.
- Bye, honeybun.
- Bye.
- She's gone...
- To study, she's a student.
She has homework... honeybun.
I admit I'm aware
that this is all very strange...
- Good. - We didn't set out to be together,
we just found each other.
Emma is special, intelligent,
and above all mature!
And that must be down
to the upbringing you've given her.
She told me you raised your girls
singlehanded, Francesco.
Are we on first name terms?
- Sure! Is that okay, Francesco?
- My name's Francesco.
- Checco? Checchino?
- Not Checchino, please.
It was love at first sight,
I'm sure you've experienced it.
Never with an 18-year-old.
You study these things! At 50
the Peter Pan syndrome's normal.
Yes, but don't go out with
She told me you loved to crack jokes!
- Is that a wedding ring?
- Yes.
- You're married.
- Only technically.
- What does that mean?
- That it's over.
- You're separated.
- It's as if we are, yes.
- Are you separated or not?
- We still live together.
- Oh God!
- It's a very big house.
Oh God! Do you have
a wife and kids?
- No kids.
- No, you prefer other people's kids...
- Francesco...
- Don't touch me.
- Emma makes me happy.
- She makes you happy...
Very happy.
And do you think
an 18-year old girl
can be happy having
a 50-year-old lover?
Not lover, don't use that word!
I just have to find
the right time to end a relationship
that's already 99% over.
- 99%?
- Yes.
- You have to give me
that remaining 1 %. - What?
- You want my daughter?
- Yes.
Let me be your therapist then.
To try and save your relationship,
- .. starting from that 1 % that works.
- It's pointless.
Many relationships can be saved.
- How long have you been together?
- Me and Emma? - You and your wife.
- 7 years.
- A crisis at 7 years is typical.
- Actually, it's 6 years.
- 6 years is typical too.
- 5 years...
- Bollocks! Sorry!
- All crises are typical.
- It's pointless.
- No, you owe it to me.
- What'll I say to Emma?
It's got nothing to do with her.
It's between me and you.
- All right?
- All right.
Are you sure?
I never want to hear:
"You're wonderful, but I'm leaving. "
- A man could say that too.
- No.
I could never be that wonderful
with a man!
- So you still like women?
- But I know it'll never work!
You know me, I'm gay, but why?
Did I play with soldiers? No.
Did I buy guns? No.
I love ballet, and the colour pink!
I was crazy about Hello Kitty!
I played with dolls...
I just made love to a woman first.
I liked it and I looked no further,
maybe I'm lazy.
Maybe I'm gay because I'm lazy!
It's time I got to work.
- I need to reassess my position.
- I give up! - Me too!
- Here they are!
- Hi, dad.
- Here we are.
- We're here.
You know that fundamentally
I disagree.
- It's morally wrong.
- Yes.
- And that...
- Yes!
- Good.
- Shall I lie down?
No, let's be serious!
I think men can be divided
into 4 categories
that cover 95% of the male universe.
Category N. 1: frustrated men.
All day long they say:
"My life is crap,
my wife doesn't love me,
"my kids hate me. "
A woman who falls into this
relationship becomes a saviour.
She doesn't say: "I love you".
She says: "I'll save you".
Category N.2: Peter Pan.
Luckily, they don't have
a middle-age crisis
because they're eternal teenagers.
For them you're a joystick,
winning you over
is like completing a computer game.
They prefer young women.
Extremely... young.
Now on to Category N.3:
"I'd like to, but I can't".
They're usually married with kids,
but on the verge of separating.
On the verge of telling them,
of the verge of leaving home.
They're always on the verge,
but they never do anything.
Because the kids are still young,
she wouldn't understand...
Then, when the kids graduate,
you'll maybe realise
the time will never be right!
Then they are the nice, handsome,
intelligent ones.
At last!
What's their problem?
- The mother.
- The mother?
A constant and irreplaceable
figure since childhood.
That's when they start turning
their young men into monsters.
"How beautiful is this little willy?"
"How big is this little willy?"
The whole repertory: "You're handsome"
"you're so intelligent, clever... "
So, if for half of your life a woman
makes you feel like God...
Why accept that another one
- makes you feel shit?
- You've talked about 95% of men.
- What about the other 5%?
- They're the decent ones.
Happy hunting, darling.
- Goddammit!
- What's up?
"Don Quixote", "Samson and Delilah",
another two librettos!
That's the fourth theft this month,
it must be the same person!
- A serial thief!
- Go ahead and joke!
We're struggling to get by.
- Just pay me board and lodgings.
- You risk losing that too.
Good morning.
- I'd like "50 Shades of Grey".
- The hairdresser's next door.
- Sorry?
- Your natural colour suits you.
- Actually, it's a book.
- Really?
- I don't know it.
- Can I order it?
No, I'm sorry, we're closing.
Keep that up and we will close!
We can't sell everything.
This bookshop's been here for 60 years.
Grandpa would turn in his grave.
How, we cremated him?
I love you!
- Hi.
- Good morning.
- Did you just eye him up?
- Me? I only said hello!
- You eyed him up.
- Come on, he's a customer!
- So you know him then?
- He's been in before.
He never buys anything,
but he comes in.
- So he must be here for you!
- Yeah, right!
Listen, don't be dumb like dad!
Come on.
If you need anything, just ask!
Go on!
No, I mean...
if you need anything, just ask!
Nothing, I was too shy.
- This one?
- He's got a girlfriend.
- This one!
- Don't point them all out to me!
I'll tell you which one might be okay.
Stefano, he's nice,
he's a journalist.
Maurizio, sensitive, funny...
- You don't like any of them!
- But they're all dogs!
Funny, sensitive, intelligent...
but they're ugly!
This one doesn't even have
any hair,
this one's got a paunch! No!
I want a handsome guy,
he has to turn me on.
I don't know about screwing men,
let alone ugly ones!
- I'll remind you I'm your father.
- Big deal!
I have to spend Saturday night
with him.
The problem isn't Saturday night,
but Sunday morning.
- Do they all have something wrong
with them? - 95 out of 100.
- I've already told you. - You have
to find the good ones in the bunch.
- It's just hard to know at the start.
- We start off perfect!
- They never talk about football.
- We talk about love.
- They're great listeners.
- We're fun.
And they're interested in whatever
we do. I've found him!
- Who?
- The poet.
- He's presenting his book tomorrow.
- Shall we give it a go?
- Shall I organize a dinner?
- Okay.
I'm going out, bye!
I don't know how long
I'll be able to resist.
- Dad, you're so old-fashioned!
- Old-fashioned?
There's a 50-year-old guy outside
who's going out with my daughter.
She's an adult! She can make love
with whoever she wants!
- She's making love with him?
- I don't know.
- Did she tell you?
- Tell me if she did!
No. Even though, knowing Emma...
I'll kill him.
Now do you see
why I wanted a son?
You almost succeeded with Sara!
Don't be mad.
- Something happened to me today.
- Really?
- Promise me you won't laugh...
- We swear!
I was at my usual bar...
- The lady with the dog was there.
- And?
She got up, walked past me...
and as she went by
I heard her say: "I love you".
- Who did she say it to?
- Well...
She walked past me,
I heard her say: "I love you".
Who d'you think she said it to?
She's not said hello to you
but now she says she loves you?
That's what I heard.
- Are you sure?
- Of course, very clearly.
She walked past... I love you.
Dad's hearing things!
- Francesco, I love you!
- I'm scared!
- Francesco, I love you!
- You swore you wouldn't laugh.
Six months after I was born,
she left.
At first I thought it was because
I cried too much.
Then I found out she'd gone to work
in an NGO in Cambodia.
She's a doctor.
- Are you angry with her?
- No.
- Do you miss her?
- No. - Yoy don't?
No, I don't know...
I don't even remember
what it's like to have a mum.
My dad was my mum and I had
two great sisters, that's enough.
It must've been really hard for her
to give everything up...
If it'd been hard,
she wouldn't have gone.
You are a bit angry, you see?
No, I swear!
Well, she had a dream
and she wanted to fulfil it.
Pure and simple egoism.
- It's a cool story to tell as well.
- Is it?
My mum, the heroine who left
to save lives around the world...
Even though the real hero is my dad
who saved our lives.
Good morning.
The pavement divides you.
Like a yolk, red
vivid, alone,
unique... oh, souls!
Oh, leaves.
So you hang...
- Hi, dad.
- Darling.
- What are you wearing?
- The first thing I found.
And where did you find it?
Here's my poet friend,
let me introduce you.
Sara, listen!
Don't do all the talking.
When he stops talking,
keep quiet for 10 seconds.
Can you do that?
Look interested in what he says.
- Go, make daddy proud!
- Excuse me.
Enrico, hi.
- You look lovely, as always.
- Thanks. - This is my sister, Sara.
Hello, Sara.
I'm going to get a drink,
see you later.
Just back from New York...
The Big Apple! Extraordinary.
A lively city, violent yet gentle,
cruel, yet fragile, don't you agree?
A contradiction.
Just like life, like our lives.
And New York is life.
Times Square, Broadway...
The New York Yankees.
And then Soho.
Amazing SoHo!
And downtown,
the Empire State Building...
.. King Kong...
What did you love most
about New York?
I said, what did you love most?
I'm going.
Or I'll get told off.
May I? Hi.
- I brought you a little something.
- You shouldn't have.
Yes, I know. Hi, how are you?
- Come in.
- Shall I sit there?
Sorry, I'm a bit nervous.
It's my first time.
- So, how do you save a marriage?
- It's not easy.
- I know.
- There's no fixed rule.
And it's not always possible.
- You know why people fear therapy?
- No, why?
They're scared of
what they'll find out.
- You know what I fear?
- What?
That I'll find nothing.
- That I'll see there's no solution.
- Can that happen?
Of course!
I let them go, I set them free.
- People don't have to stay together
at all costs. - I know.
- Sometimes they lose power like batteries.
- Right! That's a great metaphor!
That's what happened to me
and my wife.
- When something's over, it's over.
- There's no point insisting.
- Love is not eternal.
- No.
- We have to accept that.
- I'm glad you've realised.
It's been a pleasure,
thanks for the great help that...
.. you've given me.
- And we'll do it together.
- Do what?
- Accept that your marriage is over.
If it has to be, then I'd prefer
my daughter to be with a free man.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, but I don't need help.
- It's not an easy task. - In fact,
it's very difficult, Alessandro.
- Ale! Can I call you Ale?
- Yes, of course.
When two people get together
they are like two colours
that are mixed
and then become difficult to separate.
We risk always bringing with us
traces of the other person.
- We're not solvents.
- But I don't know if I feel...
- She's my daughter. You owe it to me.
Let's get to work and rid ourselves
of this woman.
- How?
- With the last time treatment.
- What's that?
- An American treatment, unbeatable!
You'll do the things you did
when you were crazy about her
- But for the last time.
- Why?
So that you realise that these things
no longer make you happy
and that life is great without her.
Let's start with a dinner.
- A place where you went during the good times. - But
I don't remember.
- A place you both liked.
- We liked going to...
.. Zia Teresa, in Maccarese.
- I know it.
She made great maccheroni
with rocket, tomatoes and clams.
Book a table at Zia Teresa's.
- For when?
- For tonight?
- Tonight?
Tonight. Let's begin.
- You think it'll work?
- All I can say is that I hope so.
He has to feel like he's lost
his woman for good.
Then maybe that'll cause a reaction,
otherwise there's no hope!
I don't think it's right,
morally speaking.
So you think approaching a girl
outside the school gates is?
Don't get upset,
it's not good for you at your age.
I'm the same age as this man
who's with my little girl.
Who has grown up.
I'm going, I have a client.
- This is for you, and this too!
- Goodbye.
Good morning!
My colleague's just popped out.
But she'll be right back.
This isn't my bookshop,
it's hers.
I just help her out sometimes.
If you need anything...
Put that book back!
Stop! Stop!
He's the thief!
Stop! Thief!
Who's he?
Sensitive man...
"I'm sorry, I assure you
you won't see me again".
- How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
What's this racket?
- Turn that thing off.
- It's Epic.
- Don't you like them?
- They're shit.
Well, it's Emma's favourite group.
She could listen to them
all day long.
Maybe they sound better not so loud.
For her, that isn't loud.
- Shall we begin?
- Yes.
- Shall we talk about us?
- Yes.
- Did you see your wife last night?
- Yes.
Just think, no more places like that!
No more great spaghetti dishes,
No more fish restaurants,
or top chefs.
From now on just pubs and crisps,
giant hamburgers...
Live music and energy drinks!
If you get there early, they're free!
- Of course, and early is...
- Midnight.
But above all,
no more silent dinners,
where you don't know what to say.
- Actually, we talked.
- About the weather, what a drag!
- No, we talked about the restaurant.
We remembered the times
when we used to go there...
It was pleasant.
- Should I be worried?
- No, it's just the nostalgic effect.
- When it's over, it's over.
- That's right.
An evening of shared memories
won't change things.
In fact, it's memories
that make us move on.
- And metaphorically,
we'll delete them all. - How?
Take a box and fill it with:
videos, photos, letters, cards,
and then destroy them.
When a woman leaves our life,
her past must also leave.
- For good.
- Of course.
At the end of dinner,
I never order a dessert.
- Then you have a taste of his.
- And then?
Watch how they react!
I've understood more things about men
from a Sacher cake than from books.
There are the mean ones
who give you the evil eye
the greedy ones who eat quickly
in case you finish it.
The selfish ones who pull their plates
closer, looking irritated.
You know what a loudmouth does?
He shouts: "Can I have another?"
- You want another sandwich?
- No, sorry.
With the writer it started with
a pannacotta he didn't want to share.
I should've known.
- Did you report the thief?
- No.
- Why not?
- Because he's not a thief.
He steals, so he's a thief.
- He's deaf and dumb.
- How do you know?
- I followed him.
- No way!
I did!
There's something strange.
He takes a couple of librettos
at a time,
one day it's "Don Quixote",
then "Samson and Delilah",
another day it's "Don Pasquale"
and "Turandot".
He could take them all at once,
so why doesn't he?
You're right, it is a bit strange.
- It's like he's following a plan.
- Or a programme.
What do you mean?
"Samson and Delilah"...
My librettos!
I told you he wasn't
any ordinary thief.
Excuse me?
- Is this okay for delicate fabrics?
- For those, white wine is better.
- It doesn't stain so much.
- Honey, the bread...
- Francesco. - Yes.
- Do you know each other?
Yes, Francesco Taramelli,
my old classmate! How are you?
How are you?
- This is Claudia, my wife.
- So she's your wife...
- Francesco. - Hi.
- What a coincidence!
- Do you live locally, Mr Taramelli?
- You can call him Francesco.
- Or Checchino!
- It's a long story, don't worry.
- Do you live locally?
- My office is nearby...
Well, nice to see you again,
maybe we'll have dinner some time?
Would you like that, honey?
- The till's over there. - Okay, bye.
- The till's there. - Goodbye.
I've often been criticised for being
the one who wears the trousers,
maybe it's true.
- But is that a problem?
- I don't think so.
I've always been very generous
in love, I've never held back.
I've never just dipped my toes in.
- It's the ocean or nothing.
- Did it pay off?
Yes, theoretically.
But at the end of the day
it's always me who does the work.
- That's never been appreciated.
- What do you mean?
My sacrifices have never been
Who changed their job? Me.
Who changed their friends? Me.
- Will you have a dessert?
- He will.
- And for you?
- Nothing.
- And the bill, please.
It's really good.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Okay, let's see...
I had a bruschetta,
cabbage and potato rolls,
you had the Patanegra,
pasta with mushrooms...
and the dessert.
We both had wine,
for you 44 and 32 for me.
I know, it's rather expensive...
But it's the Patanegra
that made you spend more.
Damn, didn't you see
how much it cost?
I tell you what...
you pay 40 and I'll get the wine.
No, let's do this...
I'll pay 100
and the rest is the tip.
- Do you need a hand?
- No.
Actually, yes.
What's the future perfect?
The future perfect... that's easy!
Because... well...
The future perfect tense
is the future tense that is perfect...
like the present perfect,
but not like the simple past...
- I'll look on Wikipedia.
- Good idea.
Wait a minute!
Talking of the future,
when we move in together
.. will we make this our house?
- Of course, I get 15% discount.
- Let's play a game then.
- A game?
Show me how you'd arrange it
and I'll show you how I would.
We have 20 minutes from now, go!
Open up.
I won't do anything, open up.
Open up!
"I won't do anything to you"
"Go away then"
"You owe me a libretto"
"It won't fit under the door"
"Open up"
"Fine, I can wait"
"I'm deaf and dumb"
"I'm hungry"
Time's up!
I've finished!
Almost done,
don't be impatient!
- Is this your dream house?
- Do you like it?
- Well, it's nice... - I'm advantaged
because I work here...
Now it's my turn, right?
This is mine.
- Do you like it?
- Yes, it's bright, colourful.
I like the idea of putting
all these objects together...
It's really very nice,
summery, colourful...
I love it.
- So I'll be in charge of the decor?
- Okay.
Why my bookshop?
What do you mean... a bit crazy?
I saw you.
Yes. First you took "Turandot"
and put it in your bag.
"Then you slipped "Don Pasquale",
under your jacket.
Your house?
Well... goodnight.
Tomorrow evening... are you free?
You'll be working!
What about tomorrow morning?
I'll take you to a place
you'll like then.
It's a place where you don't need
to speak or hear.
But just to see.
At ten.
Good morning!
- Late night?
- Yes, and you?
Early night. At first
I thought he was Prince Charming...
- Good morning.
- Hi, dad.
Can I have some coffee?
Then what happened?
- The grand finale!
- Meaning?
When the bill arrived
he split it.
- Mine was more, I had Patanegra!
- You shouldn't have ordered that.
- That's what he said.
- Who is he?
A friend of mine, I'm sorry.
But I'll make it up to you.
- I found the right man for you.
- Who is he? - Roberto, he's perfect.
- Why?
- He's just left his girlfriend.
Of course!
If you're still single,
there's a reason.
- There's a catch.
- The nice ones get snapped up...
.. and the flawed ones are free.
It's best to grab them
straight after a break up.
- So you're seeing him tonight?
- Tonight?
He's dying to meet you.
- Don't let him get away.
- I'm nervous!
- I'll go and get ready.
- It's seven o'clock, have breakfast!
- I hate biscuits in my coffee!
- Go and get ready.
Your cheeseburger with egg,
onion and chips.
Good morning!
- 'Morning.
- Been running, Mr Taramelli?
I came up the stairs.
Call me Francesco.
Yes, of course.
You're the only one of my husband's
childhood friends that I've met.
I am? I didn't know.
The only one?
- Have you eaten? - No.
- Shall we have lunch?
near here, they do good food.
Have you ever tried to use
your voice?
You have? As a kid?
And then?
My voice doesn't sound nice.
I was ashamed.
And I decided... not to use it.
Never again.
But many people learn to speak.
And well too!
"Not me".
I don't understand.
Are you nuts?
I'd like to hear you speak.
Just once, please.
.. don't...
.. push me?
Speak, no.
I mustn't push you to speak.
And then something happens
but you don't notice when it does.
Your relationship changes without
you knowing, that's the problem.
You just realise it's changed.
If you're careful, you'll notice.
Perhaps we prefer to not know.
I even thought of marriage counselling
to have a different point of view.
Mine changes all the time.
Sometimes I see a wife's perspective,
other times a woman's,
or even a lover's perspective...
I even see an outsider's perspective.
You need group therapy
rather than marriage counselling.
Just think, I've never been able
to tell Alessandro that I love him.
- Never?
- No, I just can't do it.
- What about him?
- At first he joked about it,
he didn't make a big deal,
he's been good, he's never
put pressure on me.
Then he bought me a dog
"and called it "I love you".
- "At least I'll hear you say it to the dog. "
- So the dog is called...
I love you.
I love you! I love you!
Who's she?
You want me to sit down?
It's wonderful.
- Well, this is my office.
- This door?
I walk past here every day
but we've never met, how incredible.
I know.
Well, thanks for the chat.
Bye, see you.
Well, well, Freud!
- I'm terribly sorry.
- I've been waiting for an hour!
- Don't crucify me.
- You were with a woman.
Was it a blonde or a redhead?
- You're far too reserved.
- You're the client.
- Shall we begin? - I gave her
a present yesterday, as you said.
- Did you get rid of all the memories?
- Yes, they're in that box.
- You were supposed to destroy them.
- I couldn't do it.
Do me a favour, you do it.
- But something strange happened.
- What?
In the box
I found the DVD of our wedding.
- So I watched it.
- And that's strange?
- Yes, I've never watched it before.
- Why not?
It bored me, every time Claudia
showed it to someone, I'd leave.
Don't wedding videos bore you too?
Yes, but maybe I'd make
an exception for my own.
- Anyway, I watched it.
- And?
I was moved. Just like a kid.
Claudia was beautiful.
- She really is beautiful.
- I didn't get that.
- She still is very beautiful.
- Of course, she's not changed much.
I was crying proper tears.
You felt nostalgic,
that's understandable.
- Is it?
- In fact, it's real progress
.. towards true awareness.
- Awareness of what?
Of the fact that your wedding
is really over.
So the fact that I held her tight
when we were in bed afterwards...
- .. means it's over?
- Of course.
- I was worried!
- No, it's normal.
Is it normal that I felt like
making love to her too?
- Did you?
- No.
- Good.
- But I have to, one last time!
Well, there's time for that.
Well, we haven't touched each other
for a long time.
At first, we did it all the time!
- Does this subject embarrass you?
- No, why?
- You therapists have regular sex.
- Regular as clockwork.
At first we did it all the time,
you wouldn't believe it!
She had this funny way of moaning...
a sort of shrill...
- Enough!
- Sorry, I got carried away.
- And then? - I'd sleep like a log!
- No, what changed?
- In our relationship?
- Yes.
What happens to everyone, I think,
everything became routine
and repetitive.
And normal.
Well, how do I look?
- A bit boyish?
- How about a skirt?
I refuse to strut back and forth
in different dresses
like in an American sitcom, with you
sitting there shaking your heads!
I like this outfit, it's elegant.
- I feel comfortable so I'm wearing it.
- So why ask us then?
It's an excuse to talk.
You have to help me
with the technical details.
What time should I pick him up?
Sara, it's them
who should pick you up
and it's them
who should choose the restaurant.
- It's ringing.
- So it should be.
Roberto, hi. It's Sara.
At 9:30? Perfect.
- Make him feel important.
- I'll stand right next to the buzzer.
- Don't overdo it.
- But don't be late!
- Somewhere in between.
- Okay, see you later. Bye.
You shouldn't talk to me
while I'm on the phone!
You said you'd stand right next
to the buzzer!
I'm at the office,
the audit guys are in
so I don't know if I'll make it,
you know how it is...
- Shame, the Masterchef final's on.
- The final?
I thought we could watch it
whilst we pig out on the sofa.
I know, but I don't think
I'll make it.
I'll get some treats in anyway.
- And if you don't finish too late
I'll leave you some. - All right.
- Hi, honey!
- It's so cool here.
They've played a few tracks
and they're awesome.
I can hear them, they're real loud!
It's pumping!
No, they're having a break now.
- How long will you be?
- I don't know if I can make it tonight.
What? I've been really looking
forward to it!
I know, but the audit guys are in,
you know how it is...
No, I don't know how it is
or who they are!
I promise I'll try to come.
- Bye, honey.
- Okay, bye.
- Is he coming?
- He said he'll try.
Good evening and welcome.
This way, please.
- This is your table.
- Thanks.
After you.
- This place is really nice.
- Thanks.
- The wine list.
- Give it to me.
For you.
If I get a bottle,
will you have some?
Just a drop.
Don't straight women drink?
I can finish a bottle myself!
Here you are!
- Back already?
- Yes, I tried to speed them up.
Great, come and sit down.
- How's it going?
- They're down to the last two.
The girl made ravioli
stuffed with grouper, sea urchins,
scented with thyme
and bottarga shavings.
- What about the other one?
- Crepes with asparagus
artichokes and white truffle.
- And we're eating nachos.
- But we have tortillas too.
- That's good!
- Have some dips...
My ex's name was Jodie,
it still is,
but I just want to forget now.
Sorry, isn't Jodie a woman's name?
- A woman's name?
- Like Jodie Foster.
But it can also be a guy's name.
- Like "Joedi Maggio".
- "Joedi" Maggio?
We'd been together for over a year
then out of the blue...
- How did it end?
- Badly!
Relationships always end badly
or they wouldn't end.
- Am I right in thinking that he left you?
- The day I asked him to marry me.
Ah, you asked him to get married?
He asked me to marry him.
They day he asked me
to marry him!
He asked you to marry him
then left you on the same day?
- What a bitch!
- Who's the bitch?
- Me, what a bitch I am! - You?
- Me! I'd even said yes.
Excuse me for asking,
but why did it end?
Because he wanted a kid
at all costs.
- Strange, usually it's women
who insist... - She did insist.
- Who's she?
- Him... I mean.
It's not that I didn't want to.
I said that maybe marriage
would be a good incentive!
But he was dying
to get pregnant!
To get pregnant?
- To get pregnant, no?
- To get pregnant?
What's it called when you want
to stick those things into ovums?
- To get a woman pregnant.
- That's what I said.
"Not even a goodnight text"
- Hi. - Hi, are you new?
- Yes, it's my first day here.
An orange juice, please.
- Do you want it with ice or without?
- It wasn't a total disaster.
- Don't lie, I know.
About what?
- You talked about your ex all night.
- My ex-boyfriend!
- Well, it's the same.
- No.
I worked real hard
trying to get the pronouns right.
You can't depress everyone
with your story about Jodie.
- You know what men are like.
- No, I don't know!
I told you: make them feel special.
He said you're not over your ex yet.
And that you're confused.
And you should go easy on the booze.
I know, I messed up,
but he was no good anyway.
But Roberto is fantastic.
Too fantastic, too handsome,
too tall, too perfect!
- Have you seen his ass?
- What about it?
Your boyfriend's ass
can't be smaller than yours.
We'll find one with a bigger ass.
No, forget it, maybe I need to accept
I'm not cut out for men either.
- Great, come to the bookshop
to do that then. - Okay.
Here's your juice.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
I come here for breakfast,
I always have juice...
- Thanks for the juice.
- No problem.
Seeing that I drank half of it
maybe I can get you another.
To be honest I'm still quite thirsty
and hungry too. How about you?
Bless you! An allergy, I hope
really don't think so...
- Where shall we go?
- You decide!
Okay... come with me.
So you've ended the nightmare
of evenings in front of the TV too!
What a drag!
Maybe you wanted to go out all night,
drink energy drinks, but no.
You got roped into sitting on the sofa
with your wife!
And don't say it was all right
because I won't believe you!
Well, we can continue
with your therapy.
- My therapy?
- Yes.
Yesterday I bought two tickets
to Paris, because Claudia adores it.
We'll spend a few days by ourselves.
It's too soon.
You said that being together
somewhere nice would make us see
that we can't be together, not even
on holiday, out of our routine.
That it was important to end it!
Too important.
Alessandro, please...
you're confused.
You need more sessions before
organizing a trip by yourselves!
- I'll take Emma to Paris.
- Who? - Emma.
I promised her.
- We'd planned it...
- Planned it?
Emma... she doesn't even have
a passport!
She doesn't need one, it's Europe!
Plus, we've never spent two days
this could be the right occasion.
It could be, but is it?
Who should I take to Paris,
Claudia or Emma?
This is a very delicate decision.
We shouldn't rush into things,
we need to reflect!
I know that!
- Listen, would these tickets
be refundable? - No.
No... It's all right.
Really, it's all right.
I booked for tonight.
Is 8:30 okay?
Do you like Japanese food?
What's up?
What is it?
What's the matter?
You were late,
I said it's all right.
You were late
and I should be angry?
Well, maybe something happened.
If you screw up, I get mad.
If I screw up, you get mad.
- Are you always in a rush?
- I just finished with my last client.
If you've finished, would you like
to come shopping with me?
- Of course. - Why don't you
come round for dinner tonight?
- Do like fried courgette flowers?
- Of course.
Hi, dad.
- What are you doing here?
- We need to talk.
Well, I have a couple of things
to tell you.
Not on the couch, please.
Come on, just for once, I'm tired.
The first is that
there's a guy I like.
I'm always a bit worried
about your infatuations.
And then I've found out who
stole the books,
he's stopped now.
- Did you report this criminal?
- No.
Why not?
- Because it's the guy I like.
- The thief?
- Yes, but he's not a thief.
- He steals, he's a thief!
- But only librettos.
- Why doesn't he buy them?
They're not essential items.
For him they are,
he's deaf and dumb.
- I don't understand.
- He was born deaf.
- You're joking!
- No.
- You are.
- No, help me understand him!
Because it's hard, he's distrustful,
very touchy.
He's really sensitive.
We fixed a date for tonight
but we fell out today.
I really like him, but I don't know
how to be around him.
Listen, Marta...
your little sister has brought home
a 50-year-old boyfriend.
Your other sister
wants to change sexuality.
You're in love with a kleptomaniac,
who's deaf and dumb and touchy...
You know what I think?
That I'm sick to bloody death
of playing the role of the modern,
understanding father!
Who understands me?
Fathers have to behave like fathers,
not friends!
Don't you understand?
I won't help you, because this guy's
not right for you either,
just like the writer, the philosopher
and the juggler.
I'll remind you that you brought
a juggler home!
- So?
- What's wrong with an ordinary guy?
You want a dad you can moan about?
Okay, now you have one.
Thank you.
Hi, dad.
You won't believe it, but today
I met a guy I really like.
Why wouldn't I believe you?
Even though he's a guy, I like him.
It was fate, you know
when you hit it off right away?
- Do you like this?
- Nice.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I know you, what is it?
I had an argument with your sister.
How typical of Emma.
I was talking about Marta.
She likes a guy, a thief,
and she wants my approval.
Aren't you pleased that
she wants your approval?
We're a disaster, I know,
but plenty of dads would love to have
three daughters who still need them.
Think when we won't ask you
anything anymore...
Has she already gone out?
To Lanificio, a vintage restaurant,
she looked beautiful!
Where are you going?
- Well?
- To dinner with the dog lady.
- White or red?
- To get her drunk, red's better.
- Her husband will be there.
- White then.
Can I give you a piece of advice?
Now that you're going out with...
- Luca.
- Luca.
Don't get carried away.
Often we men mistake enthusiasm
for frivolity,
then we have our wicked way
and call it a day.
Have a nice evening, darling.
Would you like an aperitif
to start with?
- Yes, thanks.
- Any preference?
An aperitif.
Don't worry, darling.
Ignore me, carry on reading.
You want to know how to behave?
Be normal:
get mad if he makes you mad,
and tell him off when he's wrong.
And don't be over-protective.
They tend to be anxious,
especially if they don't understand.
Those who can hear
forget about other people's deafness
and the problems involved.
They're not able to do that.
You've brought him
to this beautiful, romantic place...
for him it's just a dark place.
Where it's hard to read your lips.
Don't treat him like he's deaf,
but don't ever forget that he is.
Have a nice evening, darling.
Hi, good evening.
Please, come in.
- May I?
- Come in.
- Follow me.
- Thanks.
- Shall I... - What?
- Shall I put that in the fridge?
White wine, nice.
Alessandro's been held up at work,
so he'll be late.
- At work?
- Yes, but we can begin.
Honey, come on, it's ready!
- Here, this is for you.
- For me?
- Why? What is it?
- Open it.
Are they chocolates?
A map of Paris, nice.
- What are these circles?
- The places we'll see together.
- Of course, when we go.
- You promised it'd be soon.
Real soon! Of course.
"For the attention
of the head of personnel. "
It's a letter of resignation
written by me.
- Did you write it?
- Yes.
- What does it mean?
- What you just read.
It's a letter of resignation.
Honey, you're an architect,
a great architect.
It's time you got serious
about your career!
This is my plan: I'll take my exams,
then we'll take a year off,
we'll travel round Europe to see
all the great works of art.
You need to get
your inspiration back!
- What do you think?
- That it's a great plan.
A bit hard to put into action, though.
Shit, who gives a damn!
We have our whole lives ahead!
Here's to life!
To life!
You've really never been with anyone
since you separated?
At first I hoped Ilaria would return,
that it was just a phase,
and that we'd have put our dentures
in the same glass.
But then time went by,
and I got used to being on my own.
I wanted to focus on looking after
my three daughters.
- Be honest, you do it on purpose.
- Do what?
You know perfectly well!
A man who's so dedicated to his girls
is irresistible to women.
You think so?
I assure you.
- Well, when we get talking...
- Time flies, I know.
Well... I should go.
- I live here.
- Nice.
- What's the plan?
- The plan?
No, I mean...
What's the plan?
I'd love to let you have your way
right now
but my therapist says
you're nearly all bastards,
so I'll wait till next time,
if you don't mind.
I don't mind.
Well, what else can I say...
Till next time.
- Can I have my dad's office keys?
- No. - Please!
- Why?
- I have to get something, he knows.
- Darling!
- Honey!
Why didn't you tell me
you're seeing my father?
- Sorry?
- You know what I'm talking about.
I couldn't tell you,
it's confidential.
- For him, not for you.
- I didn't think it was appropriate.
It's a delicate matter.
You're in therapy to try and save
your marriage but you don't tell me?
Don't shout.
I don't want to save it, it's over.
You know that!
- So why are you in therapy then?
- To fully accept
that it's over between us.
I'm trying to end it, it's not easy.
- Are you really trying to end it?
- Of course.
I came to thank you for the Paris
trip, but I picked the wrong time,
What? You said you were taking me!
- Her? She's 20 years old!
- You said you were trying to end it.
You told her you were trying
to end it?
- I can...
- You're sick.
And I'm 18, actually.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
Now I know why you've been
so nice recently.
- That's not why.
- Please! Aren't you ashamed?
She may be 18,
but she's right about one thing.
You really are sick.
There's 20% off all sofas,
grab a bargain.
You knew he meant a lot to me!
- I knew he wasn't right for you.
- Why try to save his marriage?
That's my job.
Is it your job
to ruin your daughter's life too?
What's up?
Luca, he's invited me
to his house.
Fabio's invited me to his house too.
- I'm a bit nervous.
- Me too.
I'm meeting him after work.
Can we focus on me?
I've never been with a man,
tell me how to do it.
We've joked until now,
but now I'm going to Luca's house,
I'm in the shit!
Just let him do everything,
you can't go wrong.
The light, shall I ask him
to turn it off?
I don't know, some people
like to keep it on.
You're no good,
you're no help whatsoever!
Tell me about your first time,
so it'll be less embarrassing.
No way!
I'll tell you what I do with women
and you tell me if that's okay.
All right.
To start, I put on some music.
He'll do that, you're going
to his house.
I take her hand
and accompany her to the bedroom.
Or do straight people start
on the sofa? We skip that...
It depends.
Just see where he takes you.
Then I look into her eyes with desire
- and I start undressing her.
- No, you wait for him to do that.
Then I lay her gently down on the bed
and I start caressing her everywhere,
on her nose, eyes, mouth, neck...
and I touch her nipples.
Spare me the details!
Forget about all that and let him
make the first move.
Shit, can't I do anything?
Making love to a man's a real drag!
You can invert your roles later,
but at first it's best the man
leads the way.
- Why?
- I don't know!
They're the men
and we're the women.
Women are passive,
where's the fun?
Sorry... could you turn the light off?
Very aggressive!
- Want to use something?
- No, I'll have a drink later.
No, I mean as a contraceptive.
No, nothing.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Excuse me.
What is it?
What's the matter?
Tell me what's wrong.
Nothing's wrong.
Okay, let's go.
I... I'm going.
- This is my voice.
- Please, stop it.
Happy now?
Open up, please!
- Alessandro?
- She's gone.
- What do you mean?
- She's gone, she's not here.
- Have you tried to...
- She won't answer her phone.
No one's heard from her, she's left
the dog here, she'd never do that.
I'm very worried.
Let's report her missing.
- I'll come with you.
- I'll pick you up.
- I'm coming with you.
- There's no need.
There is,
I think you've both caused
enough trouble already.
When did you last hear from her?
Over 12 hours ago.
I think it's a bit soon
to declare her missing.
We're talking about someone
who's never gone away,
- .. she's never left the dog...
- I love you. - Yes, I love you.
Knowing her, something has happened,
trust me. Or I wouldn't be here.
All right.
- Do you have a photo of her?
- Sorry?
- A photo of her.
- Not with me, no.
- Give me a description then.
- Okay.
- Height?
- About 1.70 m.
- Maybe a bit more.
- Yes, a bit more.
- So, 1.72m?
- Yes.
- Hair?
- Fair.
- Can you be more precise?
- Quite fair.
Let's say, honey blonde.
With lighter strands
around the neck area.
She often wears it up,
but sometimes she wears it down.
Over her shoulders, yes.
- Green, is that enough?
- Light green...
with hints of blue.
And small specks of amber,
which are especially visible
in daylight...
Who should I be speaking to?
Has dad ever spoken to you
about Alessandro's wife?
I'm bloody furious with dad,
but this doesn't make sense.
Will you help me or should I keep
thinking that my dad's a bastard?
Alessandro's wife and the lady
with the dog are the same person.
And believe me, getting her back with her husband
cost him a great deal.
Do you realise?
If I hadn't ordered a juice,
I'd never have met you.
Juice or no juice,
I'd have found you all the same.
This afternoon my cousin is coming
from Turin, for one night.
- Do you mind?
- No, not at all.
- She's fun.
- Is she?
Bless you!
- You must be Sara.
- And you must be Barbara.
Come in.
- Luca's still at the office.
- Forgive me for intruding!
What a cool house!
I'm flying to Prague tomorrow,
- I'm sorry to burst in like this.
- Nonsense! Plus, you're family...
Actually, we're second cousins,
we've not see each other
since we were 10.
Baia Felice Campsite, in Terracina!
A luxury resort!
- Shall I make some coffee?
- I'll make some.
- What a cute girlfriend my cousin has.
- Thanks. - I remember him being a loser.
- No way!
- We were 10...
- He's gorgeous now.
- You're defending him...
- Lucky you, being so in love.
- Aren't you?
No, never again.
I was such an idiot,
I hadn't realised.
- What a bastard!
- You see?
But, you know how long it took me
to end it?
10 minutes, honestly!
I left before he could even think of
inventing an excuse.
And you know what the funny thing is?
That I'm happy!
- And I've reached a decision.
- What?
I want to have a relationship
with a woman.
I've given it a lot of thought.
Being with a woman must be fantastic,
I really want to try.
Look at us two, for example,
we've only just met and already
we're in harmony.
That would never happen
with a man.
I think... things are much better
between two women.
Think about it.
- Believe me, it's not like that.
- What do you know?
I know because sexuality
is an important thing,
- you can't decide in haste.
- It's not a hasty decision.
- It's not?
- I can feel it in my belly.
- Not your belly...
- All in my belly!
Maybe you've been unlucky,
not all men are bastards.
Luca is an incredible man.
He's caring, attentive and gentle.
He's restored my faith in men.
- What are you doing?
- Can I take a shower?
Everything you need is upstairs,
hot water, cold water and soft water.
- How long have you been together?
- Not long. Three days.
- Only three days?
- And a half.
Come on!
We'll talk about it again
in two years' time!
Anyway, I bet sex with a woman
is fantastic.
Our bodies are so much nicer,
more appealing, smoother.
- Don't you agree?
- Yes!
I want to try it.
I'm so disappointed with men
It might not be forever, I'll try,
I'll experiment, to understand...
- Can I use a towel?
- Upstairs.
There's no soap, can you bring some?
Luca, sorry, something came up...
It's nothing serious,
just a family matter.
I'm really sorry
I can't be with you tonight!
But your cousin's here,
take her
for a walk, or out to dinner...
Yes, her flight's in the morning,
I'll be back tomorrow.
If I don't see her, say goodbye for me.
"Tonight: Row M, seat 1 "
Luca, I'm back.
I'm a fantastic woman.
- Where did you get to?
- Can I come in?
Of course.
Alessandro was cheating on me,
and you knew.
You should sit down next to me,
You know, being cheated on
isn't what hurts.
It's the humiliation,
of having to say certain things...
And having to ask all those questions.
Why? When?
When did you see each other?
For heaven's sake...
I'd rather die, you know.
But I have absolutely
no desire to die.
So you know what I did?
I committed suicide.
Just for a few seconds.
One jump and off you go.
Your whole life flashes before your eyes
and you fall down, down, down...
all the way to the bottom.
But then you get up again,
and you go up, up, up,
all the way up to the top...
and then it's fantastic, because
you've left everything behind you.
And you're ready
to start all over again.
Ready to start over, maybe from
the couch of his dear childhood friend.
I'm not a childhood friend of his,
I'm his therapist.
- He was in therapy?
- Yes.
And he found out
many very important things.
But the most important one
was that he still loves his wife.
- What did he tell you?
- Where would you like me to start?
From the beginning.
I'll start from Zia Teresa's
in Maccarese then.
I love you.
Honey! Hi.
Thanks. You saved my life.
I think I did.
Do you have an allergy?
No, not at all...
Your memory foam.
Or you'll have a bad neck!
The house is deserted,
the fridge is empty, I'm hungry.
Shall we go for something to eat?
Okay, let's go.
But no hamburgers or chips.
All right, you choose.
- Dad?
- Yes?
- What colour are my eyes?
- They're ocean blue with hints of grey.
The left one
has honey-coloured flecks.
I love you!