Blank (2019) Movie Script

- Don't kill us.
- Don't kill us..
Let us go.
Hanif! Run away...
Someone, help!
Hanif Run away.
Run as fast as you can.
Run as fast as you can.
Run Hanif, run!
Catch him.
Run, Hanif.
Order, sir.
Lock and load.
'Sir, 24 bags were delivered
to this address.'
'We have found traces of 15 bags.'
Target is moving, sir.
- Yes, Husna.
- 'We found his home.'
Need to take the shot.
'According to these blueprints,
his bomb is sending a signal...'
- What?
- Order, sir.
Taking the shot.
Put everyone on high alert.
Check if check posts are doing okay.
I have put everyone on high alert.
Okay. Whatever are his instructions...
...we will have to follow them.
- Okay, sir.
- Come on.
Who is Warang?
Sir, I am Warang.
The entire area is clear.
I spotted the boat.
- When did the boat arrive?
- I don't know.
So you are the Coast Guard,
but you have no clue...
...when the boat arrived.
Sir, I called it in as
soon as I spotted the boat.
I did my duty, madam.
The name of the boat, registration,
or who brought it here and when... know nothing.
I mean...
More than half of this city's
security is posted at shores.
And still...
This is not duty,
it was carelessness on your part.
Look here.
- Sir this is...
- HMX.
Military grade.
Much more powerful than RDX.
How much do you think they smuggled in?
Judging by the size
of the compartment...
If they managed to
smuggle around 25-30 kilos...
...that would mean a thousand
or more people, at least.
Call sir.
Yes, sir.
I know, but...
Yes, Sir.
I am with the ATS chief right now.
How soon can
I get information from the IB?
Okay. I am waiting.
Okay, thank you.
Ma'am, I'll take your leave.
Wait, Diwan.
IB will send us
information any minute.
Any minute?
25 kilos of HMX have
been smuggled in our city.
And we've no clue.
Maybe a day, five days, or even 10.
We don't know how many pieces
are already scattered around the city.
Every second is crucial
and you want a minute.
I understand, Diwan.
But we have to follow the procedures.
Home Minister.
Ma'am, you follow the procedure...
...and I'll do my duty.
- Yeah, Ronak.
- Sir, Mangesh Tawde, Narcotics.
- Yes?
- Is Ronak your son?
We conducted a raid
at the Blue Moon Hotel.
It was a rave party.
We also seized a large amount of drugs.
And took many youngsters in custody.
Your son was amongst them.
What do we do, sir?
You follow your procedure.
Shall we send all of
them for the drug test?
Obviously, all of them.
Yes, sir.
- Rautya.
- Yes, sir.
Take these two as well.
And hurry up.
Let's go. Get up!
I was waiting for Ronak.
Do you even know where your son is?
Yes, he's out partying with Ashish.
But he isn't answering my calls.
And he won't.
He was arrested in a Police raid.
They were in a rave party.
How do you know?
They called me.
Oh my, God.
- Did you handle it, Sidhu?
- Yes.
They are taking him for a blood test.
Why didn't you stop them?
You should have brought him home.
We could have explained to him.
- Did you know he was doing drugs?
- No!
How can he do drugs?
He's our son.
There must be some mistake.
If it's a mistake,
then he will come home.
Counter terror... But...
- Here are the names.
- What's the status?
- Any update?
- No, sir.
- Sir.
- OK sir.
- Sir.
- Sir.
What about the CCTV Footage?
- Pass it to him.
- Yes.
- I want these three profiles, okay.
- Yes, ma'am.
Access CCTV footage.
Zoom in.
I don't have time. Hurry up.
What is this?
In the last two weeks...
Shirke, Diwan
sir is bringing the file, be ready.
Yes, sir.
- Come on, come on...
- Find it from this file.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on, guys. Fast.
"You are trapped in my iron grip.
And there is no way out."
"Let me tell you that
you're completely unaware..."
"...because no one's ever
escaped alive."
"You won't live to see the dawn."
"Better say your prayers now."
"I am going to kill you."
"Son... I don't give a warning."
"I don't give a warning."
"Hear the siren blaring aloud."
"There's a typhoon heading your way,
everyone clear-out."
"Bullet from my gun
or a hard right uppercut."
"Whatever you like..."
"...because we're going
to settle it once and for all."
"You think I am going easy on,
but this is a warning my son."
"Take this chance if you want,
because this is the last one."
"This is a race between
your life and my trigger..."
" do what you can."
"There's no second chance
when I deliver justice."
"Criminals drop dead,
end of chapter."
"Now that's my style,
I won't say no more."
"Be ready, son..."
"...I don't give a warning."
"You are trapped in my iron grip.
And there is no way out."
"Let me tell you that
you're completely unaware..."
"...because no one's
ever escaped alive."
"You won't live to see the dawn."
"Better say your prayers."
"I am gonna kill you."
"Son... I don't give a warning."
"I don't give a warning."
"I don't give a warning."
That one, please.
"I don't give a warning."
- Hey...
Hurry up.
- Easy, easy.
- Come on, come on.
- What's the report?
- He's an accident victim.
We've to stop the
bleeding immediately.
Nurse, prepare the stitches.
Could be a massive concussion.
Is there anyone from
the family accompanying him?
No, sir. The people present
at the site brought him in.
Get his ID from his wallet
and start the paperwork.
No wallet or phone.
What is your name?
Is there anyone we can call?
Can you hear me?
- Prepare a CT Scan.
- Yes, doctor.
What is this?
Nurse, scissors.
What the hell.
Jai Hind, Sir.
Oh! Mr. Diwan.
You guys know the situation.
So why call me here?
We've some information, Diwan.
Couldn't be communicated
over the phone.
- Ma'am, Shinde.
- Yes.
We have found a suicide
bomber in Holy Spirit Hospital.
- He met with an accident.
- What?
Yes ma'am,
he's unconscious at the moment.
The entire hospital
wing has been evacuated.
- Okay, I'm sending a convoy.
- OK ma'am.
Take him to the Operation's
Base immediately.
- Yes.
- We are coming.
The Intelligence Base has been tracking
a man named Farooq Ali for two months.
We suspect he's a Sleeper Agent.
And you're telling me this now?
Aren't we supposed
to be sharing information...
Sir, we have found a suicide bomber.
An accident victim was
brought in Holy Spirit Hospital.
And the Local Police claim
that there's a bomb on his chest.
- Rohit.
- Sir.
Follow up on Farooq Ali.
- IB has the information.
- Sir.
Hey! Open the door.
Open it!
Open the door, please!
Open the door, please!
Let me check.
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
- Hey, stop? huh?
- Listen to me.
Please. Listen to me.
- Please listen to me, man.
- I said, stop.
Listen to me.
- Sir... There's a bomb on my...
- Stop.
- I said stop.
- Help me, sir.
Sir. Please.
Hey, stop.
- Does everyone have the boy's picture?
- Yes, sir.
Comms check.
- Can you all hear me?
- Sir!
Where is room number 32?
- That way.
Who are you looking for?
Uh, Farooq.
He lives up there.
But he's not at home now.
Who are you?
I am his friend R... Riyaz.
When will he be back?
Haven't the slightest clue.
Must be out getting
some food or something.
I see...
See you then.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I found Farooq's place.
- Take your positions.
- Come on.
Farooq's not at home.
We'll have to wait for him.
What do you think?
Give me some time, sir.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
Sir. No ID, sir.
No phone, no wallet.
His fingerprints
are not on the record.
He's a professional.
Do as I say.
Go to the accident spot.
He has nothing on him.
Wouldn't have wandered too far,
on foot.
- What?
- Someone came to see you.
Haven't the slightest clue.
The least you could've
done was ask his name.
Like a good neighbour.
I am not in charge of you.
His name was Riyaz.
Gaitonde, Riyaz has arrived.
Maroon t-shirt,
and a shoulder over his bag.
Under any circumstance, do not shoot.
Let him go inside.
We'll nab him then.
Why is he coming back down?
I think he has seen me.
Move in. Move in. Move in.
- Stop.
- Stop, you rascal.
Stop, you rascal.
- Stop.
- Stop.
Hey... Farooq.
Move and you die.
Take it.
Do what you want, sir.
By my life rests in the hands of God.
I will rather die than say anything.
Doesn't matter.
We'll pry everything out of you.
Take him away.
Take him away.
Shut up.
- Take this to the bomb squad.
- Sir.
Search Farooq's house right now.
- Immediately.
- Sir.
Harish, can you get this out or not?
Sir, it's deeply
rooted inside his chest.
And this is filled with explosives.
And these electrodes are
directly connected to his heartbeat.
And the current generated from his
heartbeat is balancing this trigger.
Sum it up in one line.
His pulse is the bomb's battery.
If his heart stops beating,
the bomb will explode.
If he dies, or we take the bomb out,
it will still explode.
It's a deadman's switch.
But it didn't go
off during the accident.
Because HMX cannot be
triggered by force or by fire.
It needs an electric charge.
We've arrested Farooq.
I am sending him
to the safe house, now.
One more thing, sir.
We found a bomb in his bag as well.
- We found another bomb.
- What?
Prepare him for the Narco test.
But sir, he's in terrible condition.
He's had a massive concussion.
He probably doesn't remember
anything due to the accident.
But the Narco test could be fatal.
He's right, sir.
Fine. Wake him up in 10 minutes.
I want to question him.
Okay, sir.
Today's story is dedicated
to my little angels.
A little boy,
as old as our Rizwan here.
Was walking down the
path while rehearsing
the verses from the Holy Koran
and lost in his own thoughts.
When suddenly he realized
that he's come too far.
He found himself in the
middle of a dense forest...
...surrounded by only darkness.
Fear was evident on his face.
And his eyes welled up with tears.
Right before his tears
would trickle down on the ground...
...a huge hand came out of nowhere.
It had the brightest
tint of gold ever seen.
And as soon as the boy looked up...
...he noticed a big,
tall, genie standing in front.
In his bold voice, he said...
Come, my master.
I'll take you to an orchard...
..where candies grow
on trees like flowers.
Honey rains from the clouds.
Milk flows like a river. And
clouds are of the shape of balloons.
Would you like to go
to an orchard like that?
Do you know where this orchard is?
In Paradise.
And the road to Paradise...
...leads through Tehreer-Al-Hind.
So the moral of today's story...
...Rizwan will tell all of you.
So tell me, my son.
What do you want
to be when you grow up?
What can you do for Tehreer-Al-Hind?
We shall sacrifice our
lives for Tehreer-Al-Hind.
But if our freedom is threatened...
...then we'll resort to Jihad.
Nothing can come
between Paradise and us.
- Nara-e-Takbir!
- Allah-hu-Akbar!
- Nara-e-Takbir!
- Allah-hu-Akbar!
My comrades, repeat after me.
Will you shed the blood
of infidels for your mission?
By the will of god!
Will you sacrifice your own lives?
By the will of God!
By the will of God!
By the will of God!
By the will of God!
By the will of God!
Brother, there's been
a situation in Mumbai.
The Grand Master wants
to have a word with you.
Greetings, sire.
Mumbai Police is on high alert.
This should've been all over by 9 am.
There has been a small glitch, sire.
But we'll take care of
it as soon as I reach Mumbai.
And it better be, Maqsood.
Our deal at stake.
The deal and Tehreer-al-Hind
will be a success, sire.
Please be patient,
like you always are.
Don't let my silence mislead you,
Remember, IRP raised you from
the slums of Mumbai to the
messiah of Tehreer-al-Hind.
And if you fail, you'll be thrown
back into the gutters you came from.
I remember, sir. I very well do.
Just like IRP remembers
my role in winning Syria.
Can't look me in the eye?
Where am I?
Do you know what's on your chest?
Exactly what I've been asking.
What is this thing? Who put it there?
You are a suicide bomber.
Sui... Suicide...
That's not possible, sir.
I don't know...
How many other suicide
bombers are out there?
What bombs?
How many other bombers are out there?
Sir, you're asking a question.
I know nothing about.
I haven't done anything.
One last time.
How many other bombers are out there?
You saw something.
Maybe a memory of some sort.
What was it?
I don't know, sir.
It's the same thing again and again.
What do you see?
Did you start the fire?
I don't know.
All I see is people are fighting.
Because of you?
I don't know, sir.
Where is it happening?
I don't know, sir.
I can hear a voice saying...
- What voice?
- Run.
Run away...
'Run, Hanif.'
Is that your name?
My name is Hanif. Maybe.
Readings, please.
The polygraph readings are a match.
- What?
- He's telling the truth.
- Yeah...
- There's a small girl in Farooq's home.
You know what, take her
to the Operation's Base as well.
And keep me updated.
Okay, sir.
- Shinde.
- Sir.
Farooq's bag must have a brand label.
Take a picture of it
and send it to me immediately.
"Welcome to Adventure Bags."
"Press One for Hindi..."
Sir, you've been questioning
me for two straight hours.
But honestly,
I don't remember a thing.
- Who is Farooq Ali?
- I don't know, sir.
You have a concussion on the head...
...and even the machine
says that you're not lying.
But people like you
are trained to deceive us...
Which training?
What training? What bomb?
I don't think I could
do something like this.
What do you mean by you can
never do something like this?
I don't know.
Maybe, it's my instincts.
This is instinct.
And this is training.
Received over a number of years.
Now, do you remember anything?
I told you everything I know.
According to you,
I was going to die anyway.
Feel free to do whatever
you like with me.
You're not afraid of dying?
Diwan, may I please see you.
Diwan, now.
May I have the room, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
Take him out of the
city and finish him.
As you could see,
ma'am, I was getting through to him.
He's going to break.
We don't have the
luxury of time, Diwan.
He's a live bomb.
And this Department
is my responsibility.
You've arrested Farooq as well,
haven't you?
Extract information from him.
At least there is no
bomb strapped to his chest.
Okay, ma'am.
But I'll take him personally.
You don't have to, Diwan.
Come on.
- Have you seen this man?
- No, madam.
- Listen... Have you seen him?
- No, madam.
- No?
- No...
Mumbai Police, ATS.
I want information about this bag.
I want every piece of detail you have.
Where it was delivered,
- Who made the delivery, everything.
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
Come on.
We had an order for
four different bags.
School bag, laptop bag, lunch bag...
Was it this man?
No, sir. He didn't pick up the bags.
My guy delivered the bags.
Chotu. You delivered these bags,
didn't you?
Yes, I've been there
a couple of times.
Sir, they ordered 4 different types
of bags, on 6 different occasions.
4 different types of bags,
on 6 occasions.
Adds up to 24 bags.
- Give me the receipt.
- Yes.
- Have you seen this man?
- No, I haven't.
- Have you seen him?
- No, madam.
Have you seen him?
No, I haven't.
Mister, have you seen him?
No, madam.
Sir, Farooq's bag.
It's a mobile phone.
Meaning it can be remotely detonated.
You know what,
keep it in the bomb disposal van.
And take the van far away from Base.
This can be dangerous here.
- And be careful.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, where are we going?
Do you remember anything?
- Where are we going, sir?
- Try to remember.
- First, tell me where are we going?
- To shoot you!
Hanif. Who is calling out your name?
How does it matter, sir?
I tried my best to remember.
Look at my condition.
What good will that do?
I want to know what's
in that head of yours?
I don't remember anything else.
I tried my best,
but that's all I could do.
Yeah, Rohit.
This area is very big.
I am trying.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Madam, Diwan sir has
taken him to the Salt pans.
Meaning end of story for him.
Okay, but we must find his house.
- Move.
- Okay.
Sir, Mangesh Tawde speaking.
- Yes.
- Your son's reports have arrived.
The tests are positive.
- Is he around?
- Yes, sir.
Give the phone to him.
Here, talk to him.
I am sorry, Dad.
Look, son.
Do exactly as they tell you.
I swear it was a mistake.
Just this one last time please.
Help me, please.
That's exactly what I am doing.
It will be good for you.
Ronak? Is he your son?
He's only a couple
of years younger to you.
Is he in trouble?
You'll handle it, sir.
Where is this address?
Come on.
Come on.
This is the one.
Someone move this desk quickly.
Order, sir.
Lock and load.
Yeah... - The delivery address is
a closed warehouse in Dharavi.
I think the entire
warehouse was emptied out.
And I also found traces of HMX.
Target is moving, sir.
24 bags were delivered
to this address.
Need to take the shot.
- Yeah, Husna.
- We found his home.
And there's a plethora of evidence.
Order, sir.
According to these blueprints,
his bomb is sending a signal...
...which connects with 24 other bombs.
All are wirelessly connected.
If he dies, then the other
24 bombs will also explode with him.
- What?
- Sir, Hanif is the trigger.
- Taking the shot.
- Hold it!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
What did you tell the Police?
Speak up. What did you tell them?
What did you tell the Police?
Speak up.
Tie his hands in the front.
We need him alive.
You have not forgotten your teachings.
You have not forgotten your teachings.
You know me.
You're only unaware of who you are.
Don't worry, son.
You're back home.
The apple of my eye. My son.
It's okay, son. You're home now.
So Farooq... where are you from?
Speak up, Farooq.
Where are you from?
Who are you working with?
Who is your leader?
Tell me.
It's turned off.
Now speak up.
Are you going to speak now?
You can strip my soul,
but I won't say a thing.
Speak up, Farooq. Come on.
It's going to be very painful.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, fine.
Do you know, why everyone
wears a ring on this finger?
Do you?
Because the vein in this finger
connects straight to the heart.
If you don't speak up...
...the bag with the bomb
will be delivered to Hyderabad.
Your parents live there, don't they?
I'll tell you, sir.
Come on. Okay, fine. Tell me.
- You have my daughter, don't you?
- Yes.
Take her to Hyderabad as well.
So we can all go to Paradise together.
No, no, no, Aruna.
This is not done.
How could you take such a
big decision without consulting me?
Sir, he's a live bomb.
This was the only decision.
Only decision?
An army of terrorists is trotting
through the city with a live bomb.
Neither you nor Diwan could stop them.
The attack was sudden.
Maybe they were tracking the boy.
Or maybe they have
an informant on your team.
Sir, I trust the ATS.
But if there's one,
then Diwan will find the leak.
He better.
Pick up.
I want everyone's cellphone tapped,
including mine.
But, sir...
I beat the hell out of Farooq
but he wouldn't talk.
He will talk!
Prepare him for the Narco Test.
Sir. We finally have a breakthrough.
We've ID'd the terrorists
that died in the shootout.
They all belong to
different nationalities.
Uzbeki, Iranian, Chinese.
It's a fairly new organization.
RAW has sent these photos.
His name is Maqsood-Al-Mugasil.
Thanks to the funding from IRP...
...he's on his way to becoming the
head of a new terrorist organization.
He's no leader, just a bloody goon.
Many years ago,
he used to illegally seize
plots for politicians and Builders.
Has there been any more sighting?
- Yes, sir.
According to RAW, he's been
sighted twice in four months.
Robat Karim and Pokhara, Nepal.
Meaning now he's in Mumbai.
Your favourite.
- What is...
- Calm down.
Calm down.
You will get all your
answers in due time.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who told you that?
The Police?
I remember.
You've lost your memory.
Not everything...
Just the voice...
Whose voice?
Whose voice?
I don't know.
But you do. You cannot forget it.
Your desire to attain Paradise
won't let you forget your purpose.
Whose voice is it?
Whose voice?
- 'Hanif!'
- Who is that?
Who are you?
Kill them.
Hello. Hello.
Hello, Police Station.
- What is it?
- Hello.
- I am calling from Sewri Chawl...
- Father...
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Come on.
Catch him.
Come on.
But a riot has broken
out in Sewri Chawl.
They set our homes on fire.
We're on our way.
But it will take some time.
- Father, let's go.
- But when?
There's no one out here.
- Father, I am scared.
- Wait...
Father, let's go.
Father, let's go.
Keep pressing this redial
button over and over again.
- I'll be right back.
- Where are you going, father?
- Keep trying, son. I'll be right back.
- Father?
Keep trying. I am coming.
Hanif! Run away, son.
Run away I said.
Run as fast as you can.
As fast as you can.
Run away, Hanif.
This is wrong.
Burn down every house.
Empty everything.
But no one came to your rescue.
Police and Criminals are all the same.
That was your beginning.
Try to remember.
This was your plan.
When you came to me.
You have not forgotten your teachings.
Did you succeed in your endeavour?
I will personally make all
the bombs for the sleeper cells.
They will all be wirelessly connected,
and there will be only one trigger.
We have 24 Sleeper Cells in Mumbai.
For the first time...
...24 simultaneous blasts
in the history of India.
As soon as I remove
this bomb from my chest... 10 seconds.
25 blasts, not 24.
We shall shake India from its core.
Because now it's your turn.
- Do you know how to play X and 0?
- Hmm.
Wow. You are really good at this.
One more?
Where is my father?
If you win the next two games,
then we'll call him.
What is your name?
What is your full name?
Farooq Ali Khan.
Farooq Ali Khan.
Where do you work?
AC Repairing.
A-Class Service. Door-to-Door.
A-Class Service. Door-to-Door.
What is the name of your handler?
What's the matter, Farooq?
It's forbidden to take his name.
Whose name is forbidden?
What is Rafiq's full name?
Rafiq Mohammad Ghani.
You know what,
let's play a different game.
This is a pretty simple game.
We'll start with a question...
...first I'll give the answers,
and then you. okay.
This bag.
My aunt gave me this bag.
Dad's friend gave him this bag.
Very good.
My aunt gave me this bag last year,
at her home.
Dad's friend gave him this
bag yesterday, at the carnival.
Very good.
This is my aunt.
What is your target?
I don't know.
How many more are out there?
I don't know.
Where does Rafiq live?
No one knows.
Where does he work?
Grant Road, Old Mills.
Grant Road, Old Mills.
Old Mills...
Let's go.
I Hope your son's okay, Mr. Diwan.
You should take care of him.
Otherwise goods kids like turn
into bad kids like me.
So you remember everything now...
...or never forgot anything
in the first place.
You're the one forgetting, Mr. Diwan.
So I thought I should jog your memory.
24 bombs, which are connected to you.
Now I have a question to ask you.
Why didn't you answer
your phone that night?
Sewri Chawl, 2002.
Why didn't you answer your phone?
- 'Doctor...
- Mr. Diwan, we're trying our best.'
'Don't worry.'
'Congratulations, it's a boy.'
- 'They both are fine.
- Thank you, doctor.'
You can go inside."
'Keep trying, son. I'll be right back.'
'Diwan sir will definitely
come to our rescue.'
- 'Keep trying. I am coming.
- Yes.'
But no one came to your rescue.
It was all over.
I didn't have my phone.
I didn't have my phone.
I know.
I know that when you were
welcoming a new member to you family...
...we lost everyone we had.
And the Police made
good of this incident.
Your fight is with me.
So come fight me.
Why target innocent people?
Even my father was an innocent man.
He was an informer
for the Police, and you...
...but you let him die.
But now it's the System's turn to burn.
I've been fighting against this system
and criminals like you for 30 years.
And I am still standing my ground.
Then today, I will teach you to kneel.
Sir, he's bouncing the signal all over.
We can't pinpoint his location.
The bomb's activated meaning
Hanif is testing the signal.
Yes, sir.
Mohit, check the signal frequency.
- Quick.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, got the signal.
Lock it. Lock it.
Let's go.
Now we're safe.
All the bombs have been activated...
...and I've also sent everyone
their train tickets.
Except for one.
Sleeper Cell no. 18.
I cannot activate his bomb.
Farooq Ali.
He's in Police custody.
Maybe the Police have diffused his bomb.
What if he reveals the plan?
No need to worry.
He has no information...
...but his handler Rafiq,
he knows too much.
- If the Police get to him...
- Don't worry.
I'll handle him.
Then tonight at 12 o'clock.
With 24 blasts in 24 trains...
...India will come face to
face with the morbid reality.
So be it.
I wish...
I wish we could pray
together one last time.
Now I'll say my prayers in Paradise.
Go on my son.
May success be with you.
Yeah, Harish.
We've diffused Farooq's bomb.
And also locked in on
the signal of Hanif's bomb.
It's crucial that Hanif
stays in the Operations Base.
It's the only place
where we can jam his signal.
Now we can diffuse all the bombs.
Okay, Harish. Well done.
And who are you?
Brother Bashir has sent me.
Brother Bashir sent you?
Let me speak to him.
We don't have the time.
Farooq Ali has been arrested.
We must get out of here right now.
Farooq's been arrested?
- Do you have a bag?
- Hmm.
When was he arrested?
I don't know. But we must
get out of here as soon as we can.
Keep this.
This too.
Sh! Hanif!
Hey, stop.
Magnam Tours and Travels.
This is Rafiq Ghani's ticket.
From Ratnagiri to Mumbai.
Magnam Tours and Travels.
- Does this name ring a bell?
- Yes.
The terrorist's vehicle we found at the
salt pans was registered to this name.
You go give this evidence to sir.
I'll go check out this place.
Scan all these documents.
And cross-check them with
all the names on our database.
Ali. Hard drive.
Check what's on it.
Up there.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Can I get a good
package for North India?
Of course.
Here you go.
Say Bashir.
Brother. If the transfer's done,
then you must leave immediately.
The Police are on high alert.
The money's been transferred,
and that was important.
Bashir, I'm waiting for our
organization to come in the limelight.
Let the Flag of
Tehreer-Al-Hind's flag soar high.
This city has a habit.
Bomb's go off, people die.
Debates on TV, candle marches, and
then the security mellows down again...
...and everyone gets
busy with their own life.
Then we can leave without any worries.
Because this city's
nature is Everything goes.
He's a live bomb,
we can't take any chance.
Sir, we found a hard
drive from Rafiq's bag.
One name keeps surfacing
again and again.
Magnam Corporation.
Registered address
is a small travel agency.
Their overseas account
runs into millions...
...while their office
space is hardly 100 Sq. ft.
Sir, look at this map.
It's some place in Mumbai,
but looks really very old.
The map dates back to 1935...
...but it's hard to decipher
what exactly the map is of.
And this one?
Sir, I am right outside the shop.
There's hardly any space for a couple
of people to stand comfortably...
...but I just saw a
dozen people coming out.
I am sure, there must be
a secret passageway behind the shop.
Not behind it.
Under it.
"Look him straight in the eye."
"Make him stop breathing."
"Zest and enthusiasm
are a lethal combination."
"Can raze the enemy to the ground."
"Show some courage and move ahead."
"Do what nobody can."
"Stop this cat and mouse game,
because you're a lion."
"What's going to happen to you."
"We'll sever 100 heads
for each life we lose."
"We promise to strip
your skin off your bones."
"You're going to pay
for your insolence."
"Be ready to mourn over your death."
"We'll give a fitting reply each time."
"We'll turn you to ashes."
"Show some courage and move ahead."
"Do what nobody can."
"Show some courage and move ahead."
"Do what nobody can."
- Ali, good to go.
- Copy.
Waiting on your orders, sir.
Are we safe to go?
One second, sir.
The shop's cameras have been hacked.
Sir, clear to go.
- Copy.
- Move.
Brother. The Police have us surrounded.
They are coming in through the garage.
But the shop's entry looks clear.
I think we should go through there.
Then leave everything and let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come back.
- Come back down, brother.
Check your phone.
There's no network.
They have jammed the network.
Don't worry, I'll do something.
Hey... Stop.
Stay back or I will shoot.
Stay back or I will shoot.
Take the children to safety.
Take the children to safety.
Cover the children!
I heard you were
an expert in your job.
But now I've seen it myself.
Consider yourself lucky, Mr. SS Diwan.
Because no ordinary
man gets to be face-to-face...
...with Maqsood-Al-Mugasil,
the soldier of Tehreer-Al-Hind.
You're a dealer.
A dealer thriving at the mercy
of politicians and builders.
How does it matter?
Everything in this materialistic
world is for sale, Mr. Diwan.
Faith, honesty,
every relationship, every profession.
Even the country and patriotism.
The nation,
its ruler and even the system.
This is just plain business.
What about these reputed
hospitals and medical companies.
They bank on your fear of falling sick
or dying. And feed off of it.
They do it in the name of science...
...and we do it in the name of Religion.
It's... Just plain business.
And I've come to shut down
that business.
What's the point?
It will all be over at 12 o'clock.
He's rotting in prison.
What is the most you can do?
Arrest me.
"We may be tired."
"...but haven't lost hope."
"The night will pass..."
"...and the dawn shall rise again."
Every perspective says that
Why do you tolerate injustice?
"I am obsessed."
"Make your own destiny."
"There's a fire left inside you."
"Make the sky bow at your feet."
"Make the earth shake
to your footsteps."
"There's a fire left inside you."
- Where is Hanif?
- They took him to you.
On whose orders?
I was told they were your orders, sir.
For father.
For father!
Forget your bag and leave now.
Evacuate this compartment right now.
Come on. Keep moving.
Stop. Hold on.
- Hold on. Stop.
- What is happening?
Why are we all together?
- Hold on.
- Stop. Stay where you are.
There's been a mistake.
There's been a mistake.
Stay where you are.
Everyone stand right there.
No, no one will make a move.
A huge explosion took place in the
train heading from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.
According to our sources,
20-25 people are feared to be dead.
Who is responsible for this blast, and
what was the motive behind this attack
are some of the questions
the ATS are yet to answer.
We're all waiting for a
statement from ATS Chief SS Diwan.
Sir, they are calling you.
Sir, the explosion occurred
in Compartment no. 10.
The compartment in front
of it was empty.
But, the main compartment
and the luggage compartment
have suffered severe
How many were in the compartment?
According to the railway manifest,
there were 24 people onboard.
But we've recovered only 23 bodies.
Sir. Look.
This bomb is exactly like
the one we found in Farooq's bag.
And looking at the
intensity of the blast...
...I presume there
were at least 4-5 bomb blasts.
We have also found
19-20 charred bomb parts.
I think they were all travelling
in the same compartment.
Some of the passengers claim that a lady
officer evacuated the front compartments.
We're trying to find out who she is.
- Where is Hanif?
- They were bringing him to you.
They have an informant on your team.
'Diwan sir took him to the salt pans.'
'Meaning game over.'
'Brother Bashir,
they are taking him to the Salt Pans.'
'If he dies, 24 other bombs
will explode simultaneously.'
'Sir, Don't shoot...
Hanif is the trigger.'
I apologize, sir.
But in order to achieve some goals...
...the righteous have
to be kept in the dark.
Your apology won't change anything.
What you did was wrong.
But if you had done it,
it would've become right.
Wouldn't it?
Look, Diwan sir.
I am not a protector like
you or a terrorist like them.
I am the fine line that
exists between the two.
Forcing Maqsood to come to Mumbai...
...and telling you about
his hideout was necessary.
Whatever I did,
it was all part of my plan.
'Honestly, I don't remember a thing.'
'You know who I am...''ve only lost yourself.'
'Rafiq. We must leave now.'
'Magnam tours and travels.'
Hard drive.
'I've sent everyone
their train tickets.'
'And there will be just one trigger.'
But why?
That night changed everything.
He killed my father.
And burned down our homes.
So it was revenge.
We were only 10 years old...
...revenge seemed like the only option.
I spent a lifetime chasing Maqsood.
When we finally found him, I realized...
...that an ordinary goon had become
the leader of a terrorist organization.
Killing Maqsood wasn't as
important as finishing his ideology.
Finishing his Sleeper Cells.
- That was not your right.
- It is my right! It's everyone's right.
Every one of us believes that
such people should be publicly punished.
That's exactly what I did.
That compartment was
filled with Sleeper Cells.
Not a single person was innocent.
I won't spare you two.
I don't expect anything less from you.
Now you do your job, and I'll do mine.