Blaze (2018) Movie Script

There's no such thing
as defeat in non-violence
No such thing as defeat
in non-violence
No such thing as defeating
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about Caesar Chavez.
A man with gumption
and focus and organization!
If the world had 12 more
Caesar Chavez's
it would be a much more
peaceful place.
The fact of the matter is this,
the world is an organism.
I'm a cell, youse a cell,
he's a cell, she's a cell.
And people like Caesar Chavez
are these super white
blood cells
coming to eradicate
all the free radicals.
And instead of putting
somebody in power like he
we put the big Gipper
who stands in front
of the whole nation and says.
"Well, my butthole is a fountain
of divine jelly beans.
- Blaze!
- "We all make a living wage for the deadly po... poor people."
Can he hear me?
Hey? Cowboy!
You've been kicked out
of every bar south of Virginia.
'Cause you're a pathetic drunk.
That makes me
your last fuckin' chance!
Well, I say it can be done!
I don't give a fuck
about... Star Wars.
The Russians can shove it up
your fuckin' ass, I don't care.
If Ethiopians eat goddamn sand
and Jessie Jackson can shove
the fuckin' Rainbow Coalition
up his goddamn ass!
But you, you son of a bitch
are gonna start fuckin' singin'
right the fuck now!
You're not in control of me,
you fucking Nazi.
Not for a second you ain't.
Come on and get the fuck
outta here right now.
One, two, three..
I'm goin' down
to the Greyhound Station
Gonna get a ticket to ride
Gonna find that lady
with two or three kids
And sit down by her side
Ride until the sun
comes up and down around me
About two or three times
Smoking cigarettes
in the last seat
Try to hide my sorrow
from the people I meet
And get along with it all
Go down where
people say y'all
Sing a song with a friend
Change the shape that I'm in
Get back in the game
start playing again
There's this guy, right?
He's really, really drunk.
He's, like, knee-walkin' drunk.
And, uh, he walks out
of this bar and he, uh
walks right in to
this big old police officer..
And that police officer
goes, "Hey, man"
w... what's going on?"
And he says, "Oh, well, officer,
man, I'm glad I found you."
I lost my car!"
And he says,
"Well, where was your car?"
He says, "It was right here
on the end of this key!"
I'm tired of runnin' around
Looking for answers
to questions
That I already know
I could build me
a castle of memories
Just to have
some place to go
I count the days
and the nights
That it takes us to get back
in the saddle again
Feed the pigeons some clay
Turn the night into day
And start hoping again
when I know what to say
Anyway, so th... the cops says,
"Hey, listen, man.."
He goes, "Why don't you, uh.."
"come with me downtown
"there's a bunch
of g... good boys down there
"they're gonna help you, uh,
fill out the paperwork
a... and we'll help you find
your car."
And he's, like,
"Ah, that's great.
Thank you, officer.
That's just great."
"Hey, buddy, before we go..
You think you might
wanna zip up your fly?"
And he goes, "Oh, man,
they got my girl too!"
Car and the girl!
Smoke the cigarettes
in the back seat
Oh, man! They got my girl too!
Trying to hide the sorrow
From the people I meet
And get along with it all
Go down where
the people say y'all
Feed the pigeons some clay
Turn the night into day
Start talking again
But I don't know
what to say..
Welcome back everyone,
this is Country Roads on KYBC.
Ladies and gentleman,
it's an honor
to have with us today,
Townes Van Zandt.
- Thank you.
- Ah, great to have you here.
- Good to be here. Any time.
- Um, New record, "No Deeper Blue."
- That's right.
- Terrific record! Love it.
- Thank you.
- Love the last song, "Blaze's Blues."
- Yep.
- I don't know.
It says it's dedicated
to Blaze Folley.
I don't know
who Blaze Folley is?
It's actually,
it's... it's Blaze Foley.
Uh, it's a blues song.
You should.. You really
should know, who Blaze was.
- "Clay Pigeons?"
- Yeah.
Ah, "If I Could Only Fly?"
Willie and Merle covered.
- Yeah.
- "Our Little Town"?
You can't.. See you can't do..
You can't do this, um, show.
Any kind of show
without a blues song.
Wait. A... are those
Blaze's songs?
- You know "Achy Brakey Heart"?
- Yes!
- Yeah. No, he didn't write that.
- Yeah, he didn't write that.
See, Blaze was a, he was a buddy
of ours, a real buddy.
You know, obviously
a fellow songwriter.
And only went crazy once, Blaze.
Just once. But he stayed there.
He was shot and killed.
Some, some punk kid in Austin.
I think he lives out west now.
Well, the kid was trying to
steal his dad's disability check
and, uh, Blaze decided he
he wasn't gonna let that happen.
He tried to, he tried to do
something about it
and then he took a bullet
in the gut for it.
I'm so sorry.
"There are a great many things
a man cannot understand."
"Any girl would rather love an
unfortunate man than a fortunate one"
"because every girl.."
"Would like to do something
by loving."
"A man has his work,
so for him love"
"is always kept
in the background."
"To talk to his wife"
"and walk with her in the garden"
"and to pass
the time... pleasantly with her"
"that is all
that love means to a man."
"But... but for us.."
"means life.
"I love you.
"That means that I dream only
"of how I can cure you
"of your sadness.
"If... if you are in heaven,
then I am in heaven
"if you are in the pit,
then I am in the pit.
"If you are in the pit.. If you are
in the pit then I am in the pit.
"For instance it would be, for instance,
it would be the greatest happiness for me
"to stay up all night
writing for you
"to stay up all night writing
for you or to watch..
"Or to watch all night..
"that no one should wake you.
"I remember that three years ago
at threshing time.."
Excuse me? Sorry, hi.
Uh, would you mind
stopping the work
just for like two more minutes
until I get through this speech?
Thank you so much.
"When I, when I brought you
a glass of water.."
"You were already lying
on the sofa"
"and sleeping like a dead man."
"You slept there for half
a day, and all that time.
"I watched by the door
to make sure
"that no one should disturb you.
"The more a girl can do,
the greater her love can be.
I mean, that is,
the more she feels it."
Okay, I'm done.
Thank you.
I think I was better
when you were working.
I got nervous when you stopped.
More, more nervous.
Well, I'll never stop.
Alright, listen,
I think we should start
with "Big Cheeseburgers
And Good French Fries"
- "Let Me Ride In Your Big Cadillac."
- No, no, no, no.
And we're doing
a ton of songs in A.
I think we should make sure to revert
every... every third to C or E.
Oh, shut up, Zee. He's just gonna
shake 'em and he's gonna roll.
- And my friend had to leave town for.. For 18 years.
- Fuck Townes.
I hooked Blaze up
with this guy Phil.
He's costin' a shit ton of money
and we only get two hours tape.
We can't have him gettin' drunk
and reading off the back
of tampon packages.
As funny as that is.
His brother owned the rights
to all the..
No, but I mean seriously, if I
ran us off the road right now
and this exploded, none of these
songs would even fucking exist.
Just drop me off at Will's.
"Drop me off at Will's."
Where the fuck you going?
Is only giving Blaze
the gig because of you.
It's like rain.
Rain doesn't try and fall.
It just falls,
because it's rain.
So, it's the same with acting.
- Leave me alone!
- You don't try and act...
I don't need your help!
- Ah.
- He's got a gun!
- What?
- He's got a gun!
He's got a gun! Run!
He's got a gun!
Fuck me!
He's got a gun, scatter!
Who has a gun?
You know that skinny guy
that does the lights?
- Doug?
- Yeah.
He's got a uh..
14-year-old hayseed girl
up in his room.
So me and some of the guys
went up there
because that didn't sound
very good.
Trying to make sure everything's
on the up and up.
Turns out the fucking guy
is nuts.
I guess I should've known.
You know what they say.
No, what do they say?
Never stand in the way
of true love.
I'm Sybil by the way.
I'm Deputy Dawg.
No, you're not.
Deputy Dawg?
You like Blaze better?
What's your real name?
It was Mike Fuller, but, uh
I ditched that
when I lost 150 pounds.
You lost 150 pounds?
You wanna see my stretch marks?
Is that your best line?
Ah! Nope.
My best line, "Picture cards
can't picture you."
How'd you lose all that weight?
Where'd you get that, uh,
that limp from?
I had polio.
Oh, no. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I was only eight months old.
I've been an oddball ever since.
I never could run or dance
or play any of
the reindeer games.
In high school..
I was the only Jewish person
so they used to invite me into
classes for show and tell.
Odd ducks unite!
I'm shy. I don't know why.
All wild things are shy.
River's overflowin'
Down here where I am
The rain keeps on pouring
I can't get in to town
I guess I may start walking
For the mornin'..
At his funeral, we, uh
we duct taped
his casket together.
- Yeah, we sure did. Didn't we?
- Yeah.
Well, he was buried with
everything he owned.
Which didn't really
add up to nothing.
- No. A Reagan mask, some pigs!
- But, do you know what?
He, uh..
This was his guitar. Right here.
He gave it to you?
I bought it for him.
I bought it for him.
- You did?
- Yeah.
You see, Blaze he... he, uh..
He was really popular
at the pawn shop.
Almost famous at the pawn shop.
He, he ended up
borrowing more guitars
than he ever actually played.
After the funeral I heard
that it might be
at this one shop.
- The guitar?
- This guitar.
So I went over there
and sure enough, there it was.
And, uh.. But, you know..
I told the guy, I said, "Hey, man,
that's... that's my buddy's guitar."
And you know he gave it to me. He
actually willed it to me. Which he did!
But he wasn't giving away
He wanted 1800 bucks for it.
So we all knew
that Blaze only had one coat
and I was pretty sure that that
pawn slip was gonna be in that coat.
So, one night after the funeral
we got thinking about it and, uh
drinking about it
maybe a little bit
and me and Al Minus and, uh..
Crazy Kerkin you know,
some, I'm not really sure.
When was this?
You weren't there, but..
I just pretty much decided
I was gonna go over there
and I was gonna dig him up
to get, to get that pawn slip.
And that's what I did.
I went over there
and I dug him up
cut through that duct tape
opened it up
and sure enough, there it was.
Right there
in that breast pocket.
His pawn slip.
I'll tell you something else
about that.
When I got it open
he was grinnin'.
Like laughin'.
So now it's my guitar.
Only one drink, big dog.
That's the limit.
I don't want any shenanigans
from you tonight.
No fights.
No belligerent bullshit.
- No, no, he's...
- You got it?
It's none for him.
He's sober. Give his to Concho.
Damn right!
- Blaze sober? Bullshit.
- Yeah.
He's clean as a the house too.
- Where's Townes?
- Oh, he's, uh, he had to make a stop.
- He's right behind us. He's coming.
- Uh-huh.
I'm breaking so many promise to
myself letting you play again.
Don't make me regret it.
What an asshole.
- Hmm.
- You good?
Sneak me a Dr. Pepper
and a squirt of amber in it.
Nah. You got this. You got this.
Check, check, check. Alligator,
alligator, alligator, gah.
You rollin'?
Okay, good people.
I've got every last dollar
in the world to me
spinnin' 'round those
reel to reels so you know.
So I'm gonna do my best
not to do too much.
Johnny Carsonin'
or Chatty Cathyin'
just gonna play every song I,
I can think of I guess.
Will that mean we're gonna be
on the album if I shout a ton?
Yes, I suppose it does!
[LAUGHS] Hey, Jake, we're
gonna be on the album!
Welcome home!
Fuck you!
Hey! When's Townes comin'?
He's comin' when he's coming.
Spring bird.
You know spring bird!
Springers! You've got to know
some springers.
Ever feel like you're not
gonna be alive much longer?
Ha! With the way you live,
that's not much of a premonition.
That's wishful thinkin'.
If I was to go up
and see the Big Spender.
That's what I call the man
upstairs, The Big Spender.
'Cause he, or she,
is one generous being.
You want a light? Zap!
Here's a star on fire.
You like flowers?
Here's ten million
different kinds.
You want music?
Here's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
You don't dig on the fancy
pants symphonic stuff?
Here's Merle Haggard.
Yeah, I suppose
if I was to check out early
and go and meet the Big Spender.
I'd be sad I never got to meet
Merle Haggard
never got to play my charm song.
So, ladies and gentleman's
this deal tonight,
is my letter to Merle.
Say hi to Merle, folks.
- Hey, Merle!
- Howdy, Merle!
- Hey, Merle.
- Hey, Merle.
You know, I bet
old Merle's been in love.
Well, I's been in love too.
This one's called "Picture Cards
Can't Picture You."
Ain't that right?
You see it's not that primitive.
It's got, you know..
Running water.
Man, we sure do appreciate
the offer.
You know, y'all can rent it
if you like.
How much you want for it?
Honey, I think
we just landed in paradise.
Didn't try
to fall in love with you
Tried everything
that I can do
To keep myself from falling
Like I've done so many times
Tried to wash it all away
Everybody's a friend.
Anything and every day
- Hey, hey, bud!
- Yes.
I think of all the things we
said when we were all alone
Well, I'm hungry,
so you've gotta catch a fish!
I saw daylight in your eyes
Have some wine.
Put some whiskey..
I saw daylight in your eyes
Wish I could but I can't say
Tomorrow's still a day away
I always loved the time
That I could spend with you
Ah! Get it, get it!
Who can know
and who can tell?
I've never seen
a wishing well
To hell what
it's supposed to hold
But who knows maybe somewhere
there might be
I saw daylight in your eyes
I saw daylight
in your eyes
So you're gonna be
a big country star
like Roger Miller?
I don't wanna be a star.
I wants to be a legend.
What's the,
what's the difference, deputy?
Stars burn out 'cause
they shine for themselves.
Look at me shine,
look at me glow.
I'm amazing.
Legend lasts forever.
A legend stands for something.
Something that matters,
you know?
Well, do you think
that's possible?
You... you could live forever?
People can't, but a song can.
It's just a matter of time.
All of a sudden
I have no idea what to sing.
You know any Neil Young?
When is Townes comin'?
Why don't you play the first
song you ever wrote?
The first song I ever wrote?
Man, I wouldn't play that song
to myself sitting in the dark.
Stupid little song about living
in a tree house in the woods.
I wrote that song for a..
A beautiful little Jewish gal
with kinky hair.
Thought that song
would last forever.
Just like every time,
I'm... preparing a scene
it's like... I have all
these ideas of how I wanna do it
and then..
When I actually have to do it
or if there's somebody
watching me..
It's not even like stage
fright, it's just like..
The ease of it
kinda leaves my body. You know?
- And..
- Mm.
After every time, it's like
it's never as good
as I know it can be.
I don't know, I guess it's just,
like, confidence or something
I just don't feel like I'm giving
it all the energy I actually have.
I wanted to be, like, free and
not questioning what I'm doing
but I'm always questioning it.
Where do you think
confidence comes from?
I don't know.
Thinking you're the best?
That's not real confidence.
Can I tell you
where I think it comes from?
Mm-hm, okay.
I think confidence
is a consolation prize
for knowing that you're alive.
I do.
Some years back,
you weren't even here.
And now you're here.
- Mm.
- Couple years, you won't be here again.
Knowin' that you're here's...
kind of a rarity as a human being.
It seems too simple
but it's true I think.
Next time you're on stage
remember, you got a heart
beatin' in your chest..
There's lungs filling up
with air.
All that stuff is really
All these little melodramas
people make up for themself
they don't mean anything.
I think that's the way it is.
You have it though.
I've seen it.
Yeah, as long as you're around.
That's not true.
You have it when you're walking
across the room.
And you fill other people
with it
because you remind them
that they're alive.
Bet you didn't know that?
No, I didn't.
Well, now you do.
Now, please discard.
I'm ready, there!
Can I take another one?
- No!
- Okay.
It's my turn!
That night,
the night he died, uh..
We recorded a live record..
At, uh..
It was The Outhouse.
Is Townes coming or not?
Maintain Jennifer, he's comin'.
I often find myself thinking on
where does a song come from?
A real song.
You know what I mean?
He's told me not to come here.
'Cause the good ones, they
just sort of arrive on time.
There we go.
Like, uh... where was it?
I'm so lonesome
I could cry
Five minutes
before it was written.
Where was it?
'Cause it's,
once it's in the air
it's like it's
always been there.
You can't imagine the world
without that melody.
It's like babies maybe.
Where do they come from?
Comes from love, right?
From the galaxy deep.
All them stars,
lighting up the night sky.
Songs are like stars
or like babies.
What happens if you stop 'em?
What happened to all the songs
in me that haven't come out yet
on account of
me not being able to live up
to who I'm supposed to be.
Maybe I should just be satisfied
with all the burnin' planets
we got.
The whole universe can't catch
on fire, can it?
Maybe it can.
Maybe the Milky Way's
a gigantic record
and your life
is like the needle.
Where the hell you going?
Take a smoke break.
What the fuck? Hell no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
You got time to lean,
you got time to clean.
I've tried for a long time
but I think I can't win
I'd do it all better
if I could do it again
Wherever I'm going it's the
same place I've been
Ain't it a cold cold world?
Outside it grows hot
but inside I was cold
The eyes of the young man
the eyes of the old
And what they were thinkin'
I'll never be told
Ain't it a cold cold world?
Ain't it a cold
cold world?
Shall we put the water on?
I made the fire.
So? I braved the cold
before it was warmer.
That doesn't make any sense.
- Unh-unh.
- Unh-unh.
I believe in you.
Okay, one more time,
I'll get it.
Which do we like better?
Do we like Blues Foley?
Like Blaze Foley?
Or just Blue Foley?
Or Blind Darrell the Dachshund.
You just don't like
Deputy Dawg, I know that.
They all sound
real gimmicky to me.
What's the matter?
My boobs hurt.
Maybe that's from
all my rough love?
I think I'm pregnant.
Phew. Whoa.
How can we be sure?
I don't know, you're not even
sure about your goddamn name!
Jeez, Louise!
I said it don't matter
I said I don't mind
Then the bus driver said you
still owe me a dime
Ain't it a cold
cold world?
Freaky little kids
Name's snow cone
Go on snow cone.
Tiny little dog
Makin' me feel sad
Ashin' on myself
ashin' on myself
Wish I had some dope
Why can't I go inside?
This isn't the road
Lookin' at the sky
The government try
This ain't my road
It's gone.
Let's go home.
Sittin' by the road
Just take off your shoes
Play with your feet
Knees need a rest
but got nothing to eat
Just sitting the road,
doing your time
And your socks still wet
when you put 'em back on
You look around for a stranger
but even they're gone
Where did everybody go?
If you roll
and you come up seven.
Well, there you go then. Huh.
But, now, if it comes up boxcars
well, you got to come back
the hard way.
And, uh, of course.
Snake eyes, you're done.
See, it was just like his songs
there was two kinds of Blaze.
Some folks met one
some folks met the other one.
And one of 'em
was just plain wild.
Lots of folks knew that one.
But now the other one,
that one was different.
He was big,
he was kind and gentle.
But sometimes
he could get bitter.
I keep thinkin' about
people 20 years from now..
Jim wants me to deliver
that shit today.
Shit. I imagine
they'd be lookin' at him.
Asshole. What?
Listen, honey, just..
Just go and order the pizzas.
Well, tell him to go fuck
himself. Pizza's fine.
But then again..
What is he,
Little Lord Fauntleroy?
Maybe he's just thinkin'
who the hell is this fool
talking on the phone
for the whole thing?
You know, you'd never know
by lookin' at him.
But he was a spiritual,
almost righteous.
I guess you could say
he took a vow of poverty
and saw everything
through that lens.
You know, I used to fish
the White River with my father.
I don't know when I'm gonna be
back. I just..
One spring I was
fishin' with him and I said,
"Daddy, is this the same water
we was ridin' on last summer?"
I mean, is this water
that we're motivatin'
on the same water... from before?
I told you I was gonna pick some
shit up for Jim! I gotta drop it off!
He just shook his head
looked at me,
with some bait on his hook.
'Cause I put 20 bucks in the damn
drawer is how you can order it!
That's when I realized
grown folk don't know shit.
I can't sit here and talk
all day. I've gotta go.
And nobody knows nothin'.
Least of all
this goofy son of a bitch.
Is he talking to me?
Heh, probably.
Yeah! I'm talking to you!
I can hear every goddamn words
you're saying on that talk bus.
How many quarters do you plan
on jamming in, Igmitus?
Hey, man, I'm just waiting
for your shit music to stop.
Ah, ignore this fucker, man.
Shit music.
Honey, I might have
to call you back.
- Uh-huh.
- Blaze.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Why don't you bring your ass up
here, ZZ Top?
Blaze, come on.
Fucking piece of shit.
One time we'd been up
for like a week..
I was finally trying
to fall asleep.
Blaze just stumbles
into the room
and he's, like,
mumbling something.
He, he told me
he was trying to meditate.
He, he just kept..
Saying this, like, Buddhist
prayer over and over again
he was just like,
staring at the wall.
What, like a mantra?
But then all of a sudden
there was this..
Explosion in the room.
Like the room exploded
with this bright white light
and it felt like
something, like..
It was like somethin'
that hasn't made it
its way into a book.
And from this feeling
of genuine love
this Buddha-like
character appeared.
And he went to the door
and he opened the door
and there was even a bigger
explosion of light
and in walks Jesus.
And Jesus tells Blaze
that you never turn your back
on your family.
Did he say it that in Aramaic?
Yeah, something like that.
Regardless of what you worship
or how you worship..
You can't..
You can't lose,
you can't strip away these
these symbols
that you're raised with.
They become part of you like..
Like blood.
Hell fucking no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hell fucking no.
Here's what I'm saying is
Blaze didn't have to look east
to see the light.
The light is with us.
I think the two of you
were drinking
or something for a week,
and if I remember correctly
you had to pull a pistol on him
to get him out of your bedroom.
What I'm saying is
that, uh, he was, um..
He was open
to that kind of experience.
That doesn't mean
that I think he could handle it.
Goddammit, why'd you take your hands
down to the goddamn hole in the wall.
Because they won't let you in.
I let you in and you come in
you asked me to come in
and goddammit
I let you in and you fuck it up!
- I'm real sorry about that.
- I'm gonna tear your ass down..
Look, I care for the man.
I care for him.
Six... six hundred.
Let's just, let us finish this.
Now, come on.
I'm just sick and fucking tired
of people getting hurt in my bar.
- Don't you understand?
- Oh, come on.
- It's over.
- Please?
Goddammit. Son of a mother
fucking bitch.
That was embarrassing.
You alright?
I think so.
Okey-dokey, smoky-pokey.
This next song
is my wedding song.
If J.T.'s alright with it and
they're still not too mad at me.
I'd love to have the Outhouse family
come up here and play some music with us.
Jodie, Nassie and Dave.
If y'all feel inclined.
Come on up here
and play this song.
This song's called "Big
Cheeseburgers And Good French Fries."
It's not like playing up a tree
house free as a squirrel.
But looky here now, I'm just
standing here playing for Merle.
That rhyme to.
There's a little sucker thing
going round and around.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- How you been?
- I'm doing good.
Well aren't you the cutest
fucking thing I've ever seen?
You feel confident that they're prepared
to have a Bigfoot in their house?
- There's nothing to worry about.
- Sam!
- Sam, come on. They're here! She's here!
- Let's go, let's go.
Thanks for the tea,
uh, Mrs. Rosen.
I wish I could
still drink coffee.
Coffee does wonders
for my noodle hub
but wreaks havoc
down in my spaghetti house.
It's just a mess, you know?
Blaze, don't you think Sybil
has a nice nose?
Oh, Ms. Rosen, we Pentecostals
don't go in for noses.
Having said that, as far as noses go,
that's one of the finest noses I knows.
So you guys been married
for a long time?
Oh, we've been married forever.
Y'all's got that
old-fashioned love.
That's what I want for Tsibila.
Setsibila? What is Setsibila?
Tsi... Tsibila. It means
a little onion in Yiddish.
Little onion. So youse my little
sweet Vidalia Onion?
Gonna eat you for breakfast
with my hot potato.
Are you kidding me?
Ugh, Mom!
Can, uh..
Can we talk to one
another... honestly?
Yeah. That would be nice.
I think you brought this man
home to meet your family
because... you are in love
with him
and you are considering
marriage and children.
Is that right?
We are a Jewish family.
If we have grandchildren,
we would want them to be Jewish.
- I got it.
- I noticed you haven't asked for Sybil's hand.
Is that somethin' you were
planning on doing?
Yeah. Yeah, it was.
Well, now would be a great time
for that I think.
- Now?
- Dad.
Could you come on
back in here, please?
No, no, Dad, Dad.
Please. Let's not be ridiculous,
If Blaze wants to marry me
we have to talk about it first.
Of course
I respect the past, but..
The past has a lot
of ugliness to it
that I think we're all trying
to change in the future.
I don't want to spend my life
cleaning up some man's socks
and I definitely don't want
to be handed out
as if I am something
that's owned.
If Blaze wants my hand,
he has to ask me.
And if I say yes, then,
we will ask for your blessing.
And if you don't give it to us,
we'll do it anyway.
But if Blaze does decide
to convert to Judaism
your mother and I, and we
haven't discussed this
but I'm certain we agree
if he does convert, your mother
and I will cover the costs.
Of course, we will.
That's good to know.
That's good to know for sure.
Blaze, is your faith important
to you?
Is my faith important to me?
I'm not dead positive
I know what you mean..
Your identity as a Christian
is that fundamental
to your integrity?
I got ya.
Mr. Rosen, Christianity didn't
do much more than kick my ass
every day including Sunday.
It taught me to sing, but, uh...
the Lord giveth
and the Lord taketh away, so...
No, not terribly important.
That would be a nay.
Well, see, that's
very helpful for me to know.
Say, I got a question?
Was Zero Mostel really Jewish?
From "Fiddler On The Roof?"
Yeah, yeah.
I believe so.
In fact, I think
he was raised orthodox.
Hot dog.
I love Zero Mostel.
'Tis no shame to be poor!
But it's no honor either.
If I were a rich man
do do do do do do do
We saw him on "The Muppet Show"
the other night with Sam and Emo.
Kermit had all these lady
wrestlers on.
Wild. I love him,
I love him. I'm in. I'm in.
I've got an angel of a woman
with big blue eyes
Friends in the country
with old neckties
Big cheeseburgers
and good French fries
Could go fishing
but the fish draw flies
Could go swimming
if it ain't too deep
Rather just sit here
and rest my feet
I know I ain't lazy
'cause I don't like sleep
Might just being lazy to you
I want to live in the city
got a telephone
Live in the country
throw my dog a bone
Ride on a space-ship
wanna get lost
Mama still tell me
about the Pentecost
Ride a bicycle
but my ass gets sore
Sell the Holy Bibles
from door to door
Used to be stupid
but I ain't no more
Might just be stupid to you
I like to drink beer
hang out in bars
Don't like buses
and I don't like stars
Don't like presidents
don't like cars
Never had stitches
but I do got scars
Love to go to parties
love my friends
Got no books
just got bookends
You think I'm crazy
but that depends
It don't seem
that crazy to me
You know, when I first met
Blaze, um...
he was gettin' a divorce
I think.
Uh, nobody knows who,
who she was or is or..
I think she was like half
Jewish, half black girl.
She wasn't black.
Uh, I don't remember her name,
but, she wasn't black.
He called her Little Onion.
Little S... Sybil.
Sybil Rosen!
I feel like a panther ate me and
shit me off the side of a cliff.
I think..
We should go to Austin.
I think it's time for you
to peddle your songs.
Oh, yeah?
Change of pace.
You know?
Let's not get too easy.
Your songs are getting so good
right now, they really are.
Are you sure you're ready
to leave paradise?
I just think
you need an audience.
I can't be the only one who knows
your songs forever. I mean..
We can't just be squirrels.
You know, I... I just don't understand,
like why you guys are leavin'.
Blaze is ready.
Blaze is ready.
Blaze is ready. Blaze.
I is ready, man.
He's ready. Ready for what?
For the big time?
I mean, come on! Look at this
place! Open your eyes!
Graceland has got
nothin' on this.
Am I right?
- That's probably true.
- Yeah! I know.
And you, next summer,
I have slotted "Twelfth Night".
"As You Like It"
and "The Seagull."
And you are gonna play.
Rosalind, Viola and..
- And Marsha?
- And Marsha!
No! Oh!
It sounds pretty good, darling.
- I'm so flattered.
- Yeah.
I really am. No. I mean..
Thank you.
We have made up our mind.
- We flipped a coin.
- You flipped a coin?
That's how you make
life decisions?
We talked about it more..
We gotta try out the real world
for a little while.
The real world? Oh, wow.
That sounds serious.
The real world..
What if this is the real world?
Robin Hood and Little John
walking through the forest
Laughin' back and forth at
what the other one has to say
Reminiscin' this and that
and having such a good time
Oo-de-lally oo-de-lally
golly what a day
They was never ever thinkin'
there was danger in the water
They was drinkin'
they was guzzlin' it down
Never dreamin' that a schemin'
sheriff and his posse
Was a-watching them
and gathering around
Robin Hood and Little John
runnin' through the forest
Jumpin' fences jumpin'
ditches tryin' to get away
Contemplatin' nothin' and
escapin' finally makin' it
Oo-de-lally oo-de-lally
golly what a day
Oo-de-lally oo-de-lally
Golly what a day
- You guys want some coffee?
- Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You guys could make
a living at this.
Yep, well, we do.
You guys,
uh, drink a lot of coffee
when you guys on the road
like this?
Oh, yeah. I guess you have to.
Keeps us going.
I didn't start drinking coffee
until I was a teenager.
My father loved coffee almost
as much as he liked liquor.
One summer, we was painting
the side of the house.
So he had me down on doing
the low bit
he was doing the high bit.
Anyway, he fell on his face.
Broke his jaw in three places.
- Is this a true story?
- This is a true story.
This is a true story.
I was probably nine years old.
And he was in the hospital
for three days
and I went to visit him
on the second day.
He was just... you know
anxious and shaking,
and his jaw was wired shut.
And he was, like, and I said,
"How you doing, Daddy?"
He said "I'm doing alright,
apart from the fact"
"that I need a drink
and a cup of coffee
"and they won't let me have
liquor inside the hospital.
But they said
I could have coffee."
And I'm waiting to find out how.
So the nurse came in.
Nurse comes in and says,
"Mr. Fuller.
"I really have to apologize
to you
the only way we can do this
is an enema."
Oh, no.
And he said,
"I don't care what you do
I just want you to get
my coffee."
So I said, "Should I leave?"
He said, "No."
So she came in. She..
And I promise you, it's true..
Turned him on his side.
And he says,
"Son, hold my hand."
I said, "Alright."
I held his hand and he looked
at me and she said.
"I'm going to put in
the hose now, Mr. Fuller.
Take a deep breath.
Took a deep breath."
"Oh! Shit!
You put the thing up
where it shouldn't be."
She rolled this thing in
they had hot coffee
up in that IV bag.
- Hot coffee?
- Hot coffee..
They just gone and pour
that thing.
And she released the valve
on that thing
and said, "Take a deep breath."
He said, "Oh! Shit!"
Oh, God almighty."
And she said, "What's the matter,
Mr. Fuller? Is it too hot?"
And he said,
"No! It's too sweet!"
True story.
I have changed my life
For Jesus
He's the one to whom
I owe
- Mike!
- Hey, Marsha!
- Hey, brother!
- There you are.
- Y'all don't have a car?
- No.
What you do? Hitchhike?
Yeah, keeps us more streamline.
- Oh, jeez.
- No, no petrol.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- How do you do? Glad to see you.
- Oh, good to see you.
- This is my sweetheart.
- Oh, hi!
This place is really creepy
but you get used to it.
And my vision
Will be told
And the songs And I will..
These songs will sound
more sweeter
You ever see "One Flew
Over The Cuckoo's Nest?"
When those pearly gates
Hey, Daddy. It's me.
You got some visitors today.
Look who it is. It's Mike.
You got any cigarettes?
Look, and he brought
his girlfriend.
Hello. Hi.
- You got any cigarettes?
- I don't.
He's not supposed to have them.
Oh, okay.
Well, here we are,
the singing Fuller family.
That was us.
Churches and revivals
for bed and board.
Sybil, they used to pay us
in canned goods.
He'd trade 'em in
for a bottle of Thunderbird.
Mama would grap the flute
and play the ukulele.
You'd get drunk
in the parking lot.
Can't believe we was ever afraid
of you, huh?
Think I better die young
before I end up in a place
like this, eh?
No, you ain't like him, Mike.
You got any cigarettes?
Hey, Dad.
When my time here
Is over
Look at those bones, Marsha.
Those are my bones
those are your bones, too.
We'll cry out holy
Holy Lord forever more
So, ah, y'all gonna
have any kids?
This short life
May soon be over
And my vision
Will be told
And the songs will sound
More sweeter
When those pearly
What do you think, Daddy,
you liked it?
I love you, Mike.
I love you in Christ.
- But you gotta come see mama.
- Oh, Marsha.
Look, I know Joey's a fat fuck
but mamma's not gonna
live forever
and you gotta forgive her.
Marsha, it's definitely
pa need this more than I do.
Anger's a poison, Mike.
It's gonna eat you up
from the inside.
- I ain't angry with anybody.
- Bullshit.
Look, hate him but don't
hate her, it's too much.
- Will you guys pray with me?
- Uh, yeah.
- I swear I'll pay you back.
- I know.
Dear Lord Jesus,
we thank you for this life
and thy many blessings.
When our daddy passes
from this Earth
try to do for him
what all of us here could not.
And if you gotta drop
his sorry ass off
in the fire pits of hell,
let it be.
Your will, not ours, Lord.
And please, Lord Jesus,
knock on Mike's heart
and open up that door
of forgiveness
that you opened for me.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Fuck, Marsha, I was about
to tell you to lighten up
but, uh, looks like you've
already gotten to it.
- It's been a long day.
- Cheers!
It sure has.
The first time
I was ever at the Outhouse
my first night in Austin
I came to your open mic.
But I didn't have the guts
to get up and play..
Little Sybil said,
"Come on, baby
that's not what
legends are made of."
So, the next song I'm gonna sing
is called "For Anything Less."
I wrote this song
when I was, um..
A long time ago.
Last night you went away
To be
And I tremble
But I didn't shake
Too long
I know so many arms
That are waitin'
Just to hold you
But no one could want
to hold you
More than me
If I could win
your love again
You know I would
I'd try my best
Can you be patient with me,
little onion?
I'm always. Remember?
Oh, yeah.
- Alright, I'll see you later.
- Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm.
Mmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm.
Wait a second.
What is this all about?
Well, the old cupcake.
No, you can't go now.
I've got to, it's my first day.
Yeah, I know but
this is my first day
seeing you dressed like that.
Good morning, you're late.
That's no way to start.
I'm sorry about that.
You said this was a music club.
I didn't say it was good music.
Saw a dancing young lady
Who worked at the bar
Dozen lone rangers
I don't know who they are
Waitress was spinnin'
My head was ajar
I should have been home
with you
Saw a real little old drunk
man dancin' around
- What's your real name?
- Settle down.
No, don't look at the cards!
I don't need to, but I want to.
Don't look at your cards!
What? You said we could
look at them!
I should have been home
with you
I really like you.
I... I think I..
I mean, I think
I must be in love.
Alright, so if you're ever down
in North Carolina
see a big fat black pig
right across the road.
Some girls looked pretty
but you were the best
This lonely heart looks like
it needs a George Washington.
She ain't lonely now.
You know my dick's not really
long but it's really skinny.
I had this friend in high school
who was dating this
redhead girl.
You know what,
he called her pussy.
The red headed stranger.
Kelsie? That's my mom's name.
- I swear to God.
- No.
Don't look at your cards.
Don't look at your cards.
Beer guts don't count!
- We don't want no fandandy.
- No fandandy from you!
If you ever find yourself
in North Carolina
and you see a big fat pig
right across the road..
Run over it!
Hey, man, you want a beer?
I'll take a beer if you're
going to get a beer please.
Nah. I... I go..
I gotta... I gotta go to bed.
- No, man!
- I'm gonna see you.
No, man!
- Run over it!
- Run over it.
I saw a dancin' young lady
who worked at the bar
Sorry, Sybil!
Heard your good night.
I'll be back
to pick you guys up.
The waitress was spinnin'
My head was ajar
I should have been home
with you
I should have been home
with you
I should have been home
with you
Well, hi.
What's all this?
I wrote you a song.
I see that.
It's all over our walls.
Well, I couldn't find any paper.
How the hell am I gonna clean
this up, Blaze?
I knew you wouldn't like it.
It's a garbage song anyway.
What the fuck is going on
with you?
To my way of thinkin'
every human being person's
life is sorta dedicated
to trying to perfectify
the universe we's livin' in.
We're all kinda
born into this world
into our own dark little rooms.
With these shackles wrapped
around our feets.
Shackles made up from
our parents, grandparents
religions, countries,
phony ideas.
And we got to sit there
in the dark and try to redeem
and gather up these sparks
that are flyin' around
all around us.
And they are flying around us
all the time.
No denying that, believe me.
I try to gather up these sparks
and turn 'em into songs.
We can all sit
in our own little dark room
and gather up these sparks
and form them into
a perfect key.
It's freedom.
Dear little Sybil,
guess you're upset
'cause you haven't
got a letter from me.
I know it's strange, seems like
since we got married.
I've been gone all the time.
I'm in Atlanta, about to play
to a totally empty house.
For tips only.
But the folks who work here
are a good audience.
Both of 'em.
Sybil, please don't
feel like my leavin' Austin
and travelin' around so much
means I picked music over you.
Every woman who comes on to me.
I tell her about you
first thing.
That you are my life, my music.
That we're apart right now
so we and our children
can have a peaceful,
loving life someday.
Sybil, if I could, I'd sell
Hoovers at Kmart, I would.
But I'm a salesman of songs
right now, darlin'.
Remember you make songs in me.
I love you like in books.
I can't wait
till we can afford rings.
If you miss me, put this
postcard by your libido.
And I am goin' by the name of
Dr. Blaze Foley.
Zee is going by
Dr. Whiplash Brubaker
and after a song he checks
the audience's vital signs.
I have so much more confidence
now, so much, thanks to you.
Sometimes I still feel hopeless
'cause of the waist-deep
pessimism that blankets
this world.
But I try to walk above it
'cause of the feelin'
you give me.
Hey! Say! Hot dog!
In the factory
Never been so slow
Sybil, I want you to think
about your art
yourself, your heart,
mind, and soul.
Do it now 'cause time eases by
every day.
Every song I hear
about a man and a woman.
I think about us and cry.
Sometimes outside,
sometimes inside.
I see your face in windows.
I love you more than Coney
Island double cheeseburgers.
You told me at the airport
not to remember you
with tears in your eyes.
I remember your laugh,
and your hair
your sharing, passion,
your fashion
your warm smile, your sweet lips
but I do remember
the tears as well.
I know someday you will want
a proper home and children
and I want to be the father
of those children.
And I want for them to be
well provided for and loved.
We can do so many good things
for good friends
and for this good world
but we need some cash.
So let's go for it.
And if I ever I do find another
woman in my arms
it would only be in my arms
and not in my heart.
And should you ever find
yourself in the same situation
just don't forget me.
He's the president..
There are no goodbyes
just see you laters.
She said, "Good gracious,
Mr. Fuller."
"I'm sorry, what's the matter?
Is it too hot?"
And he said,
"No, it's too sweet."
Sittin' in the bar
I'm countin' my dough
Runnin' out of money
and places to go
Sittin' in the bar
with a drunken dime
Won't get home
'till the first daylight
Baby can I crawl
back to you?
Baby can I
crawl back to you?
Going to the bus station
tipping my hat
Gonna buy a book about
the promised land
Lost my ticket
in a day or two..
Baby can I crawl
back to you?
Baby can I crawl back
to you?
Say, hey, Sybil.
I was just writing
a story about you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
What you waitin' on, darlin'?
Well, I didn't get very far,
it's only one line.
But I know the ending to it,
Well, I look forward to reading
it when you get done with it.
You redecorated.
You've been gone six weeks.
Six weeks, two days.
I feel like a country
western widow.
There's a song in there
I got an idea.
What's that?
You and me.
We's gonna build some place new.
- Didn't we just move here?
- Um-huh.
I mean, didn't I just move here?
Great God Almighty, it was way,
way, way colder in Chicago
than anybody told me
it was gonna be.
Had I known
it was gonna be this cold.
I would've dressed like
an Eskimo
and brought my sledge dogs.
Drivin' up, I was thinking
about Mississippi River
and Muddy Waters
and where he came from
and all the different
blues' artists
that had come from Chicago
and all the blues
that dropped into
the Mississippi River
and never made it into
anybody's ears.
Never got saturated out
into the delta, you know?
And where did they go? Maybe they
ended up in the Gulf of Mexico.
A lot of the shellfish
singin' the blues.
It was June or September
Don't rightly remember
First time
I laid eyes on you
It was June or September
Seattle or Denver
Say, good people,
I don't want to be a ranger
or spoil your evening
or anything, but, uh
I'm not expectin' much from ya.
I know
you don't expect much from me.
I'm not telling you
to get a record deal from ya.
I'm not trying to seem
too important.
I hate important music.
I don't want to be a part
of important music.
If I get a record contract or
if anything good happens to me
you know, because I deserve it,
because I earned it
and I'm just trying to get you
to lend you your ears to me.
The fact remains that I'm a
human bein' on planet Earth
one of these
miserable things called feelings
swirlin' around in my heart.
I'll even sing you one of them
Gulf of Mexico blues, you know.
Three fingered starfish
and cross-eyed stingray
and its moon boot buddy.
You know, all the people they
lost in the world. Anyway..
Maybe I'll sing the song
I was singing.
Second time around maybe you'll
like it a little bit more.
It was June or September
Seattle or Denver
You know, John,
I saw Frank White
over at Dillard's the other day.
He's ordered
a new pair of britches.
"Oh, saw him over there, too.
"His baby girl come over here
"bustin' his pants off
and trippin' over bullshit
"and he's talkin'
about a football game.
Uh, he's, look, I've gotta go
get me a new suit for..."
- Just sing, would ya?
- Don't be an asshole.
Kiss my ass, darlin'.
John Prine know you stole
his melody?
Bilbo Baggins know
you stole his hairy feet?
Little Billys like you
are a dime a dozen.
Fuck you, you little biscuit
eatin' silly son of a bitch.
I'll kick your ass
all over this bar.
- Come on!
- Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
You gotta go, man.
I'm not goin',
I'm singin' songs...
Hold it, you're drunk.
Get off of my stage.
Get outta here.
I came a long way to play music
at your bar, brother!
- Get the hell off of my stage.
- Okay, okay, okay!
- You're finished.
- Goddammit!
Welcome to Chicago
and fuck you too!
And fuckin' John Prine song.
The bartender's barkin' at me
from behind the bar
about some fucking
John Prine song.
No, fuck you,
it's a Blaze Foley song.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell's wrong with me?
What the hell
is wrong with them?
The bartender's up my ass
the ladies in front of me
are up my ass.
- Stop it. You're drunk!
- Of course, I'm drunk.
So what if I'm fucking drunk?
You don't even know why I drink!
Oh why don't
you explain it to me then?
'Cause you wouldn't
fucking like me on Thorazine.
And I'll see you, boss.
- Stop it. Stop it.
- I'll see you, boss!
- You get away from the door.
- Come outside!
I dare you to fucking
come outside.
- One, two, three, come outside!
- Stop it! Stop it. Stop it!
Listen to yourself.
What are you doing?
- What are they doing?
- Calm down. Look at me.
Stop this.
Why are you letting this
get to you?
You're better than this.
You must know that.
Look at me.
I worked damn hard for that
guitar, you know that.
Why do you think I did it?
You don't know why?
It's because I love you.
I fucking love you,
do you understand?
Sybil, don't give me this
fucking greeting card horse-shit.
This isn't greeting ca..
There's your guitar.
Dear Lord
you say to ask for grace
and it shall be given.
I ask for it. Please.
I do not want to be lonely
all my life
but people make me lonelier.
Help me with this life
that feels so
treacherous and disappointing.
I've been reading Mr. Kafka
and I can feel his problem
in getting grace.
I'm talkin' around the point.
I realize you have to suffer
to learn
but it's hard to want to suffer.
We all walk around
puffing like peacocks
as if we made our own feathers.
Cut us open, so we can see
our ego is an illusion.
I would very much like to
talk to you.
Today, right now.
I have proved myself a glutton.
A glutton for scotch
oatmeal cookies
and erotic thought.
Okay, that's it,
take ten, everyone.
The next song's called,
"If I Could Only Fly."
But I was a selfish man
when I wrote this song.
I wrote it for a girl, a woman.
And, uh..
It should have been called,
"If We Could Only Fly."
I almost felt
you touchin' me
Just now
Wish I knew which way
To turn and go
Feels so good
Then I feel so bad
Wonder what I ought to do
If I could only fly
If I could only fly
I'd bid this place goodbye
And come and be with you
And I can hardly stand
Got nowhere to run
Another sinking sun
One more lonely night
You know sometimes
I write happy songs
And sometimes
when things go wrong
Though I wish they all
Could make you smile
Maybe someday
we can get away
Coming home soon
and I wanna stay
Wish you could come with me
When I go again
I think my days of being
your muse are over.
Well, I think
they're just getting started.
Wind keeps blowin'
Somewhere every day
Tell me things get better
Somewhere up the way
Just dismal thinkin'
On a dismal day
Sad songs for us to bear
You're a part of me, Sybil,
no matter what.
And the feelings we have
for one another are real.
And it's real love.
But there's other stuff
going on out there.
There's things
that are pullin' at me
and they're pulling hard.
Things that aren't love.
I don't know why, but..
I have to let them take me.
I don't know.
The sad songs for us
To bear
can I ask you a question?
How come all the,
the songs you sing are so sad?
Well, you know, uh..
They're not all sad.
They're not all that sad.
Maybe there's a couple of 'em,
you know, that are just..
Just maybe just hopeless.
See, you're gonna meet
all kinds of ding-a-lings
in this line of work.
But you can't fake this.
You can't just, uh,
wear a tiger suit
and run with the tigers.
Mr. Foley?
Hey, we got a little
proposition for you.
Can we sit down?
And you can't buy paws
like you can
some fancy cowboy boots.
Zephyr Oil & Trading.
We made a little money
on an oil patch
and now we're ready
to make some vinyl.
We seen you
there pickin' in Texas
we put our money on you.
We believe Blaze Foley
ought to be the headliner
for our new record label,
Zephyr Records.
Zephyr. Like the wind. Whoosh.
It's more like a gentle breeze
though, it's more like..
- Hey listen..
- That's important.
Let's record a single,
get it on the radio
then we make an album.
- That's right.
- I'll tell you what..
We went to Cactus Records,
I didn't see anythin'.
- Not one record!
- Nothing.
- That's why we're here.
- He knows Willie's sister.
- It's true.
- Yeah. She's real nice.
Willie fuckin' Nelson.
We're gonna buy you a car.
Arrange you gigs from here
to New York City.
How's that sounding, Blaze?
Where do I sign?
Show me the dotted line.
- This is the only line we know.
- Yeah, baby!
If you want to write a song.
If you want to
really write a song..
Everyone's gonna tell you
that, uh..
You gotta live that song.
But that is not it.
You're gonna have to die
a little.
You know what my pops
used to always sing?
He'd sing,
"I've never fucked a bobcat!"
I like this dude.
In your big
Lord Jesus
Oh let me ride
Let's hear it, people, straight from
the top. Zephyr Records. Zephyr Records.
Zephyr Records, come on!
Come on, everybody,
who wants to hear this song?
Yeah! Let's do it, Atrium!
Let's rock this camp,
goddam it..
I'm gonna go out on a limb here
and say that, uh,
we've got enough for an album.
That's one hell of an album.
- Fuckin' A, bro.
- Yeah.
I gotta tell you, Blaze.
That's like... Hank Wayne's good.
Oh, shit. Thanks.
So we'll mix it when we get back
from New York?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Wait a minute. What do you mean, "Mix it?"
Hey, guys, I gotta go get some sleep.
Maybe for about a week.
Alright, be sure to lock up
when you leave.
- Alright.
- Thanks, Phil. I got it.
- Good job, bro!
- What?
He's tryin' to explain it to ya.
- Don't take it personally.
- It'll be fine.
I know what it is.
This is a real big deal
for us, man.
We've been wanting to do this
for a long while
and it's a real good experience.
I couldn't help but think through
the whole recording process
about the old fable
about the songbird for whom
which sang the swamp choir.
Are you familiar with that?
There's this beautiful songbird
for whom sang
in this swamp choir.
He used to rehearse
on this little cypress tree
and he was up there
rehearsin' one day.
They had a big swamp recital
coming up.
He sang a really pretty song and this bullfrog
comes up and starts watching him singing.
Songbird looked down and said, "Bullfrog,
you liked that song I'm singing?"
The bullfrog looked up
and said, "Ahhh."
Songbird said, "Well if
you don't like that song.
I'll sing you
an even better song."
So he sang another song
and yes indeed
this song was twice as good
as the first one.
He finished up the song,
he looked down at the bullfrog
and he said, "Bullfrog,
what you think about that song?"
Once again the bullfrog looked
up and he said, "Ahhhh."
Songbird said, "Damn!
I was singing my best song."
He took a deep breath and he sang one of the
most beautiful songs the frog had ever heard.
In fact, it was the most beautiful
song the whole swamp had ever heard.
It went on and on and at the end
of it this high note was held.
The songbird stretched his
neck, his gullet up to the sky.
And he hit that
final crescendo and..
Heart gave up.
Songbird fell dead.
And as he fell
that bullfrog looked up
and said, 'Ahhh.'
And swallowed the songbird.
The bullfrog felt pretty bad about
that, he wandered over to the river.
And he went to see the band leader,
which was a big old fat raccoon.
He said, "Hey, man, I'd like to sing 'The
Revival Of The Night' if that's possible?"
The raccoon looked him up and
down and said, "Bullfrog..
Can you even sing?"
The bullfrog said, "Nope,
but I gots it in me!"
Well, that's the strangest damn
joke I ever heard.
Gotta say, Blaze,
we're pumped, man.
- Hell, yeah!
- Whoo!
Looking good, looking forward to
the gig in New York.
The first time that I ever met
Blaze was in New York City
at the Lonestar Cafe.
When he was openin' up
for Kinky.
See, people make a livin'
all day long writin'
but really the only thing
they're sellin' is hot dogs.
I watched
The sun come up
And hot dogs is just eyeballs
and insides all smushed together
with a whole lotta salt added.
The thing about Blaze is
he was not sellin' eyeballs.
The sky did turn from gray
To blue
As my thoughts did
Turn to you
The birds sang songs
We used to sing
Memories of you
To bring
Soft and sweet
And clear and high
Oh, Blaze, man,
this place here..
This place is way better
than the Sky Line
Motor Court Inn.
Zephyr Records called ahead
and got these
titty tassels
on the windows for us.
They called ahead and put the
old dingle bell rock up in here.
[LAUGHS] Yes, sir!
It's good enough, man, why
don't you just, uh, hunker down?
Stick around for a while?
You stay here with us, too, man.
What's that gonna cost?
Well, sing us a song
give us one of them
long wise intros you do.
Well, it just so happens
that's my specialty.
Hey, can I ask you too?
Well, would you mind..
Can we do "Miss Carousel?"
I'm sorry, I just..
I don't know what it is
about that song, but, I..
Every time I do those solos..
It's like a, it's like a
weird Spanish fly or something..
- I don't, I mean..
- Spanish fly.
I just have to thank you, man.
When anyone asks you to play..
I'm sure this has happened
to you.
It's a kooky thing, but it
happens to me all the time.
It's like a reoccurring
waking nightmare.
Let's say you're doing a gig.
And everything's just goin'
but then all of a sudden,
way in the back of the hall
you see this dude
standing back there.
He's the only guy standing up.
So you keep the show going,
doing some songs
you're talking to the people,
then all of a sudden
he starts to move
a little bit closer.
It's just as soon as he gets
right up to the stage, huh?
So when he starts to reach
into the inside of his jacket..
You know, I always think of
this same thing every time.
Jesus, Lord,
I hope that's a gun.
- And, man, it never is.
- It never is.
It's never..
It's always a harmonica.
Well I stood in a line
and left my name
Took about six hours or so
The man just grinned like it
was all a game
Said he'd let me know
I put in my time
till the Pocono line
Shut down six years ago
Tell me, how did you, uh..
Uh... uh, was there a certain reason
that you became a folk singer?
What... what is it
that drives you?
Once I started to do a little
gigs around town
and you know,
playin' a little bit
I guess at one point
where I thought..
"Man, I can really do this.
I can really do this."
But it takes blowing
everything off.
You know.
It takes blowing family off
and... job
security, happiness.
Just gotta blow it all off.
And just get a guitar
and, and go.
Well the man's still grinnin'
says he lost my file
Gotta stand in line again
I want to kill him
but I just say no
I had enough of that line
my friend
I head back to the bridge
it's feeling kinda cold
I'm feeling too
low down to lie
I guess I'll just tell Marie
the truth
Hope she don't
break down and cry
Well Marie didn't wake up
this morning
She didn't even try
She just rolled over
and went to heaven
My little boy safe inside
Well I put them in the sun
where someone might find them
Caught a Chesapeake
on the fly
Marie will know
I'm headed south
So as to meet me by and by
Marie will know
I'm headed south
So's to meet me by and by
Christ almighty!
What in the world... is that?
Fuck me, Townes.
Where did that come from?
I always thought it was
[CHUCKLING] Jeez, oh, Pete, man.
It's so cool.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
Yeah, look, you're opening up
in New York.
I mean, you know, Dep, I..
I mean..
Sorry. Blaze.
You really made it, huh?
Well, we just heard
in a couple weeks
Willie Nelson's gonna record
"If I Could Only Fly."
- No.
- Yeah.
No. Oh, wow!
Ain't it crazy?
I mean, I knew it, but I didn't
really know it, you know?
I'm, I'm so happy for you.
Thank you. How 'bout you?
You're living in New York City doing
this Broadway thing. That's a big deal.
Off.. Off Broadway.
I only got one line.
One line?
So what it is?
- Asshole?
- Yeah.
Welcome to Broadway, Sybil
Rosen debut... "Asshole."
You still writin' at all?
Uh, yeah. I... I've migrated
to writing plays now.
- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hm.
How 'bout you?
Ooh. You know me.
Have these old gypsy feets.
Keep me movin' down the road.
Hey, I haven't heard
that one before.
Yeah, there's a lot
that you haven't heard.
- Well, I think I, I gotta go.
- Yeah?
But, um, I'm gonna come back
and see you play.
- Will you?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I... I got a show tonight, but..
I'll try for tomorrow.
Okay, well, um, I'll put you
on the guest list.
And I'm here
for three more nights
so you can come by every night.
I'm happy to see you.
- Me too.
- Thanks for comin'.
- And good luck tonight.
- Thank you.
Let me hear that line one time.
A professional actress
right there.
Why do you suppose
she didn't come to the gig
but she came to say hello?
I told her I had a record coming
out w... with Willie Nelson.
She said "That's great."
Why the fuck would she not
come out to the gig, man?
This next number is called.
"My Existential Journey
into Quasimodo's.
"Quasar Monitorial
Underneath the Porny, uh,
And on, on, on the side note,
it tells her to call, "Son up?"
Why would she tell me
she was coming and not come?
I keep gettin'
these long postcards
from my mother.
And she keeps saying,
"Blaze Foley, Blaze Foley.
Blaze Foley, when you
gonna get a regular job?"
Why would she tell me
she was coming and not come?
And the bull right
my wind paid..
I only come second billing tonight.
Settle down. I'm second billing tonight.
Buddy, you, you
got women trouble.
But I've got the cure for that.
I got the cure for that.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Where is he?
Well, you havin' a good time?
Where's that little shit?
White trash fucktard!
You don't you get it, do you?
We were your shot.
You fucked us!
We were workin' for you.
Think we're goin'
to pay this bill?
You not only just
shot yourself in the foot
it ricocheted on the floor
and hit you in the head, dummy!
Hey, but don't worry about us.
Yeah, don't worry.
We're gonna file bankruptcy
we're gonna go home
fuck our girlfriends,
fuck our wives
and never think about your
hillbilly ass ever again.
You're gonna keep drinkin'
and thinkin' about this moment
for the rest of your life.
Go away.
Hey, hey. What... what?
Hey, you know what?
- You coulda been a star, cocksucker.
- Mean.
But you just wanted to be cool.
You just wanted
to drink Tequila Sunrises
until our company went under.
Guess what? Ding, ding. You win!
- Prize is yours, boy.
- Hey, fellas, hang on a minute.
You're the loser
you always wanted to be.
Let me hold on. Let me just
ask you one question.
Is that how y'all do business?
You just go around drillin'
holes in the ground
and thinking you might
get lucky?
And tie us a bone.
See, what you fail
to realize is that
we've got this thing down
to a science.
You know what I mean? Like all
this, this is our crack team.
Researchers, this here
is research. This is research.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Yeah, buddy.
- You too.
- Thanks for dropping by.
One, two. Three.
One, two, three.
Buddy stay off that wine
Although it makes you feel
mighty fine
You can drink gin and beer
that's good
You can drink liquor
aged in wood
But buddy
stay off of that wine
Now nobody's gonna
call you a sinner
if you have a glass or two
before dinner.
And nobody's gonna say that
youse were outta line.
That's right.
But if you're a gal
that likes to drink
and you don't want to get
to where you can't think
remember, buddy,
stay off of that wine.
Buddy stay off of that wine
You can drink gin and beer
that's good
Liquor aged in wood
but remember Buddy
Stay off of that wine
That wine
This is my medicine, man.
Remember when I told you
about my life
with my sweetheart
in the tree in the woods?
It was a.. It was a magical time.
Well, uh..
Beautiful girl.
Now look who's come to town?
He's right on time.
First of the month.
More dependable
than the governor's mates.
Hangin' with these
peckerwoods now, huh, pa?
This is my damn house.
This is my house.
You know why I'm here.
- How do you do to you too.
- Hey, old mule.
Hey, man. That's no way to treat
your old man.
Is this him, Concho?
First of the month every month
into his arm.
His mother was addicted to that
stuff and he was born like that.
And I love him.
You know, that's my son.
Where the money here, pops?
I ain't fuckin' around...
I'm tellin' you
that's my damn money, son.
Give me the fuckin' money, pops.
Why don't you take
a breath, let's, uh..
Let's step off the porch
and have a conversation.
Who is this motherfucker?
That's my friend.
All these my friends.
Who the fuck are you all clowns,
Y'all just 'round here trying
to drink up
on my old man's money
probably putting it up
your nose I bet, huh?
Hey, man, I happen
to love this old man.
You love him? You don't even
fuckin' know this old man.
Bet you he ain't tell ya
how he used to beat me, huh?
Bet you, he ain't tell you
he had enough of me, huh? Huh?
Talkin' about you love this
old man. You don't know shit.
Get these fuckin' peckerwoods
off my porch.
Shut your mouth! Shut your
mouth! Shut your mouth!
- What the fuck, man?
- Barry! Barry.
It's a screwdriver.
Just 'cause you big,
don't mean you can't fall.
- Barry..
- Now, shut your bitch up, pop.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Shut your bitch up, punk.
Hey, you can't talk
to Elise like that.
Just give me the money, pops,
and I'm gone.
Townes, run and get the car.
Blaze, this is not your problem.
You got your screwdriver?
- Okay, screw driver!
- Hey!
Hey! Hey!
- Townes, where's your phone now?
- Don't call the police.
- Shut the fuck up!
- You shut the fuck up!
Don't call the police!
Barry, get outta there!
Oh, no.
Is that the end of that reel?
Any chance you got another
wheel of celluloid over there
you want to slap on?
It's only my life's work.
Sorry, Blaze, we're done.
Well, show's over, folks.
Thank you for comin'
'n helpin' me
write my letter to Merle.
And, Merle.. If you's listenin'
I love you, Merle.
And I hope you dug the tune.
You did it, Blaze.
You did it, Blaze.
Well, thank you very, very much.
My name is Cinnamon.
Like the bun?
Now, here's to you, big dog.
You recorded 24 tracks
in two hours.
- Goddamn.
- You're a goddamn hero.
- You're a legend.
- Cheers.
Look here, I'm on the wagon and
my friend's gonna buy me a guitar
if I stay sober,
so I'm gonna stay sober.
But you know you're gonna fall off the
wagon some time. So, let's do it tonight.
Come on. Let's do it in style.
It'll be fun
and then I will personally
put y'all both back on the wagon
tomorrow morning.
I'm a doctor.
And this here is some straight
pharmacological cocaine.
I think you'll like it.
Well, do I call you
Miss Cinnamon or Dr. Buns?
Man, it's a shame you weren't
there on his last night.
H... he... he played
better than ever.
He was, like,
nervous and scratchy.
Like some.. Between a dog
and a wolf..
- You know that expression?
- No. No, I don't. I..
- No?
- No.
It's like the night
when it stops
getting darker and moves towards
to the light?
That's the way
Blaze played that night.
Well, it was lucky
he recorded it.
Lucky he has friends like you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
give a big ol' Outhouse welcome
to Audrey Gaines.
T for Texas
T for Tennessee
T for Texas T for Tennessee
Ain't it T for them
And that woman
made a wreck outta me
Hey, amigo, looks like
you could use some flowers.
Think I could use some flowers.
What you got?
Say, hey.. That's Jasmine.
Ain't that pretty?
Smells like heaven.
It sure does smell like heaven.
Come on, Socrates, let's go.
- Can I tell you something?
- Yeah.
All the way to heaven
is heaven itself.
Gracias, gracias.
Every day in Mexico
I always want to see
Townes play.
You want to see him,
after he blew us off?
Oh, come on.
Townes is like our father.
That's the way it goes
Without Townes we doesn't
have any gigs anyway.
All the federales say
They could've
had him any day
They just made him
hang around
Out of kindness I suppose
He's not drunk.
He's a junkie, okay?
Lefty he can't sing
the blues
All night long
like he used to
Dust that Pancho
Ended up in Lefty's mouth
The day they laid
poor Pancho low
Lefty split for Ohio
They got the bread to go
Ain't nobody know
All the federales say they
could have had him any day
They just let him go so on
Out of kindness I suppose
Listen, I wanna say thanks, pal.
For backing me up in there.
Mm. No place to fall, man.
- Oh, I love that song.
- No place to fall.
- Oh, yeah?
- I love that song.
Did you write the whole thing?
Let's say you're at a party
and, uh..
The party's goin' on..
And you're sittin' on
the window sill, just talkin'.
And then, uh..
You just start wonderin'
like, what it would..
What would it be like... you know
to fall.
I mean, like, really fall.
And if you don't do it,
you're not gonna know.
So the next,
you're just fallin' back.
I mean, you just fall.
War stories. Have you ever
fallen on you back?
Now you know how it feels.
You remember the adrenaline.
- You remember everything about it.
- Yeah. Yeah.
You see, people are gonna think
that, like, you're an idiot
or you're crazy.
You know, like, Sally,
you know somethin'
that they don't know.
I got a confession to make.
I'm not really a doctor.
I mean I said all that stuff
and I think y'all believed me
and then I just went with it
and now I'm feelin' bad
about it.
'Cause it was a, it was a,
it was a lie.
Oh, honey, that's okay.
- Oh, Dr. Cinnamon Bun.
- Are you sure?
Youse the only doctor
that I ever need.
You made me feel a lot better.
Ah, well. The doctor's in.
- Hey, man?
- Yeah.
Did I tell you I met John Prine
the other day?
We're gonna write a song
called "Squirrel"
'cause when I told him
I used to live in a tree house
he said, "Well, you must be
a squirreling motherfucker."
- Yeah.
- Man, that's up.
So I'm gonna write this song
called "Squirrel"
about a squirrel like me.
And a squirrel lady called
Little Onion
and this cat called the world
has got a .22 squirrel rifle
and he's gotta aim
to shoot those squirrel legs.
But you know what I says to him?
What'd you say?
[STAMMERING] Get all up over me!
Get all up over me.
Come on. Come on, get my ass.
What you think about that?
Well, squirrelly, I think
you better just protect
your nuts and
watch what y'all doin'.
And if I had
no place to fall
And I needed to
Could I count on you
I lost the flowers you gave me.
To lay me down
Well I'd never
tell you no lies
I don't believe it's wise
Ya got pretty eyes
- Is this for me?
- Yes.
That's too much.
- You're gonna get in trouble.
- No, I won't.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
That's marvelous.
I've got something for you.
Pick one. It's a magic ring.
In about a week's time,
you'll develop a special power.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
And if we help
each other grow
When the light of day
Smiles down our way
Oh we can't go wrong
You see time she's an old
fast movin' train
She's here then she's gone..
Oh, my love..
I see there are
no possessions implied.
I say the mark of my love
is the best part of me.
You mind it all.
I remember my daddy, uh..
Kickin' me with
those nasty old cowboy boots.
He's always cursing me
like that.
Even when he wanted
it sounded like curses.
I can see him with my...
my little boy eyes lookin' up.
He's just wailin' on me.
But it don't hurt.
It just feels like sand poundin'
on a grave digger.
You know what I mean?
And I'm a coffin.
Coffin boy.
Put an X on the dirt.
Marked it off
right on top of my head.
Great God Almighty,
baby, you've found me.
You dug me up.
I don't know why you did,
but you did.
You did it with your voice.
And your eyes.
And your lips..
And your intelligence.
And I'm not even talkin'
about what it's
like to be inside of you.
You've got such goodness in you.
Such kindness in you
and you're funny too.
And, me? Me never see it.
It didn't mean though that
I wasn't no coffin wise old man.
And youse my
funny female pirate.
What's better than a sexy pirate
with pretty skin
and pretty titties.
I had a little bit of love,
enough to put into some songs
but not enough to put
toward the baby.
Not enough
for a full grown woman.
Not enough love
for little Miss Sybil.
I've been lookin'
for you for a long time.
Do you think we're born
knowing how to love?
I think you were.
No, but seriously.
Why do we forget?
Plain old livin' I imagine.
I'm scared.
What's you scared of?
I'm scared
of fucking all of it up.
I feel like we're living
in the Garden of Eden, you know?
And I feel like
I'm smart enough..
I'm smart enough
to know that I am.
But I don't know
if I'm smart enough to stay.
I think I feel
the same way, darlin'.
Like, maybe I don't know
how to dance
and I go left when I'm supposed
to go right and I look up
and you're gone.
I'm not going anywhere.
Will you sing me a song?
There's a rabbit hole
Goes down into hell dear
You jump down it
if you want to
But you can't come home
There's a dull road
ahead of me
Stretches high up
into heaven
I see him! Yes!
- Come on, Bigfoot.
- Blaze!
- Get you home.
- We found you, dummy.
Professor Zee
and the good doctor.
- Tallyho. No, no, no.
- Get in the car.
- No, no.
- Where you going?
- Get.. Come on, get in the car.
- Come on, buddy.
- Get in.
- You thought I forgot.
All day long, you thought...
Oh. Are you fucking kidding me?
Somebody's gotta do something
to that young fella.
That kid's gonna whup
on that old man
till somebody does something.
Will you let it go?
If that was your daddy, you'd
want me to whoop his ass too.
- Let it go.
- You too, Dr. Buns.
True, Blaze. I love my dad.
Listen. Alright, listen.
I'll go with you,
I'll go with you tomorrow.
I got porn.
Come on, seriously.
Come on.
You see, to a man
with an empty plate
just a crumb becomes a feast.
You know, Blaze, he understood
the importance of zero.
The value, zero.
Pretty out there, huh?
It's not out there to him.
It's just out there
to everybody else.
Look who's coming to call.
My son.
I don't want your bullshit
today, man, get out the way.
You're not coming in.
Oh, yeah?
Goddamn Barry, what you did?
I told you not to fuck
with my boy.
Call the police. Call 911.
Oh, Lord.
They're gonna take
all of us to jail.
I'll spend the rest of my life
in jail, Lord.
I told you not to fuck with me!
I told you!
I told you not to fuck with me.
Why you always fuck
with me, man?
You brought it on yourself, man.
Barry, let go.
Get the fuck off! Barry!
Call the police!
Get in the car.
Get, get. Get in the car!
Hey, you! Who the hell you, man!
I'm goin' in the house.
Hey, pal, I saw you
in the forest.
I need you to..
I don't want you to do that.
Oh, please don't let me die.
This is for Blaze.
He always comes around
when I play this
so, uh, maybe I'll stop playin'
it, so he can rest in peace.
Okay, Blaze.
I got a guitar all my own
Got a quarter
for the telephone
I ain't headed down
this highway all alone
One two three and maybe four
Baby they're knockin'
on my door
Well I know you're gonna
miss me when I'm gone
Got no pa but I got a ma
Think she lives in Arkansas
Well I might just go
and see her one more day
It ain't like
she really care
It ain't like
she pay no fear
But I might just blow on
through there anyway
Mm hmm-hmm
It's okay.
Goin' down to Alabam'
Cause trouble if I can
Oh buddy would you like
to come along?
Well, I guess this means
you're a legend now, huh?
You really made me
a country western widow.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry it took
me so long to get here.
I just thought..
You know... every time
I'm in a car
and I put a seatbelt on..
Every time I feel the strap
against my chest..
It feels like your arm.
It sounds silly.
But, it's true.
His short life was..
Hey stop it! Stop! Stop!
You can't be diggin' in here!
Oh, I'm sorry, I was just tryin'
to plant these flowers.
You can't plant nothin'
but bodies.
Well, why is that?
Because I run the place
and it's against the rules.
Those aren't your beer cans,
are they?
No, they were already here.
Alright, now.
Sorry about your troubles,
But everybody's got 'em.
I got a guitar all my own
I got a quarter
for the telephone
Yeah I ain't headed down
this highway all alone
One two three and maybe four
Baby they're knockin'
down my door
I know you're gonna miss me
when I'm gone
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
There's a rabbit hole
That leads down
into hell dear
You could jump down
if you wanna
But you can't come home
There's a tall golden ladder
That stretches high up
into heaven
You could climb up
if you wanna
But you can't come home
Or you could stay
With me
For a little while
You know that home
is wherever you are
Let me ride
the lonely miles with you
You say such
lovely words for me
I hear your voice
inside the wind dear
When the wind don't blow
I find your face
in fallen shadows
I need you close to me
For my rounds
and rotten rainbows
Glide on their sleep byways
But you can't come home
Or you could stay with me
For a little while
You know that home
is where ever you are
Let me ride
the lonely miles with you
Or you could stay with me
For a long long while
You know the moon lights up
the trees for us
So darling kiss me quick
before I catch them blues
Wah wah wa wah wa wa wha wa
Wah wa wa wah wah wa wa
Wa wa wa
Wah wa wa wa wa wa wa
The sun came up
it was another day
When the sun went down
you were blown away
Why did you let go of
your guitar?
Why'd you ever let it go
that far drunken angel?
Could've held on
in that long smooth neck
Let your hand remember
every fret
Finger touching
each shiny string
But you let go of everything
Drunken angel
Drunken angel
You're on the other side
Drunken angel
You're on the other side
Drunken angel