Bleach: Memories of Nobody (2006) Movie Script

What is the status?
The area has been expanding at
a constant rate
since we first started monitoring it.
The Stealth Force is already
on its way to investigate.
They should be entering
the area shortly.
I've just established contact.
They'll be passing by the Dangai
Precipice World in ten seconds.
They're about to enter
the dimensional area.
Opening communication lines.
Hey! What...?! The exit!
We have an emergency!
We've failed to infiltrate the area!
Requesting immediate back up!
I repeat!
We have an emergency!
- The infiltration has failed!
- Research Technology Commcenter here.
We copy your back up request.
This is Research
Technology Commcenter...
Requesting emergency opening
of Senkaimon.
Members of the Stealth Force
have failed to infiltrate the area!
- Notify Central 46 immediately!
- They have been left behind...
- Move!
- In the Dangai Precipice World.
We'll be swallowed up by
the Restrictive Current!
Hey! Can you hear me?
Why can't you infiltrate the area?
Tell us!
- Get ready!
- Right!
You're not getting away!
Not so easy!
It seems that Hollow
was after this child.
It's all right. He only looks scary.
Shut up!
All right then, let's go.
Don't worry.
Soul Society is not a scary place.
It's where all the souls
come from.
If you stay here...
another monster like that
will come after you.
Is it over already?
Don't use your Combat Pass
so freely.
Huh? Why?
What's the big idea?!
You have him.
You keep leaving your body
here and there,
and thanks to that, I'm the one who has
to deal with the messy aftermath.
Why's that?
For example...
A passerby approaches.
"Excuse me, is something wrong?
Oh no, this man isn't breathing!"
"Ambulance. No, if he's dead,
I must get a hearse!"
Get the idea?
Like they'd call a hearse!
That's not the point!
In any case, it's a big hassle
if there's a commotion.
Hurry! He's in cardiac arrest!
Too late...
M My body!
Oh, look!
What's going on?!
He's alive!
Uh, hi.
Are you all right?
You still need to lie down!
I'm telling you, I'm fine!
- Hey, hold him down! He's delirious!
- Stop it!
Man, that was bad.
That's my line!
You're lucky I had
my Memory Replacement
to switch everyone's memory.
Yes, yes!
What's with you?!
- Why, Sis?!
- There's no point unless you hold him!
- No, no way!
- Why do I wanna...!
Sis, I absolutely...!
Shut up!
- S Stop! I'll get dirty!
- Shut up!
There's dog poop over there!
Hope it sticks to you!
What's the meaning of this?
What? Another Hollow?
Take this!
It got in my mouth!
Serves you right!
Why you!
You've done it this time!
- S Stop! My stuffing's gonna fall out!
- Hey!
Wait! I'm dealing with him...
The train station!
What's with this Spiritual Pressure?
I don't know.
I've never experienced this kind
of Spiritual Pressure before.
What the hell are they?
White ghosts?!
No one else can see them.
They must be spirit beings.
But they don't have chains
on their chests.
We have no choice.
What? Again?
Use him!
Huh?! Hey, what...?!
Kon! Go hide somewhere!
Hey, don't leave me!
Hey, what are you doing?!
This is Rukia Kuchiki of Squad 13,
in World of the Living area 3888!
Ichigo, try performing a Konso!
What?! A Konso?!
Reporting on the situation!
- Unidentified spirit beings...
- What the hell... It's worth a try.
Possessing spiritual power
have appeared in large numbers.
No good Rukia!
It's not working on these guys...
Wait! My connection with Soul Society...
What's going on?! Huh?
Huh?! Stop!
What's this all of a sudden?!
Stop! Stop!
What's the deal with you guys?!
Move it!
What'll we do?
What the?!
A Soul Reaper?!
What are you doing?!
Oww! Oww!
Hey, don't step on me!
What's that?
She's going to release her zanpaku to!
Bring them to the twilight...
Stop! What the hell are you doing?!
Those things aren't Hollows!
Shut your mouth, stupid!
Hey! You stepped on my face...
Bring them to the twilight!
Now what?
Huh? What happened to
that other guy?
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Wasn't that wind so strong?
What's going on?
They vanished.
Yes! That was awesome!
Yes, yes, yes! That felt so good!
Oh, it's you.
H How'd you change into
your gigai so quickly?
I dunno.
Just who are you?
I'm a Soul Reaper.
I know that!
If you want to know someone's name,
shouldn't you introduce yourself first?
I'm Ichigo Kurosaki.
Oh, you're pretty obedient.
My name is Senna. Later!
Don't "Later" me!
Why'd you do such a thing?
Why not?
Do you know something
about those things?
Hey! What's the matter?
This is bad! I knew it!
What is it?!
Hmm... Yellow just isn't my color.
Never mind that. Come!
Ichigo, right?
- Over there!
- Huh?
There's an unconscious man...
in front of the train station.
Requesting an ambulance immediately!
Kon! Not again!
See, you better hurry!
Not so fast! Come with me!
I just want to ask you some questions!
The fool...
Give up already?
You gotta be kidding!
I don't know...
You really think it's okay
for a lieutenant
to be drinking in
the middle of the day?
What're you saying?
This is like drinking water.
Hey! It's emptied out already.
What?! Not again!
You drink too much,
you shaded geezer!
Shut up, baldie!
Wanna go another round?!
Fine! Whoever loses gets the sake.
Got it?!
Taking the high ground again?
The quicker one gets it!
Whatever. Here I...
What's the matter?!
What is that thing?
A Ferris wheel! Look!
I didn't know they had
one of these here.
Anyway, what were you saying?
What squad do you belong to?!
I don't remember such things.
Hmm... What squad did I belong to?
Listen here.
You wield a zanpaku to
and know how to release it.
There is no question that
you are a Soul Reaper.
And if you are a Soul Reaper,
you must belong to a squad!
How can you not remember that?
Question, please!
Why are you here?
Well, that's...
I said I forgot!
What does it matter, anyway?
Then do you know what
those guys were back there?
Don't know that either.
Oh, he's so cute! Can I pet him?
But I thought I should
take care of them that way.
You know what I mean?
What's with her?!
Ichigo, I'm going to Soul Society.
I'm having trouble contacting them.
And I'm concerned about
the phenomenon earlier, too.
Do not let that girl out of your sight!
Hey you! Trying to dump it on me!
Sis... Not again...
I'm counting on you.
Boy, what's she so uptight about?
Hey Ichigo!
Stupid, don't shout like that here!
She's gone!
What?! Dammit!
Jeez, you're so persistent!
Hey, wait!
Remember when you told me
that if I answered your questions,
you'd do anything I asked you to?
I never said anything like that!
Let's play tag!
Hey! I told you! I never said such thing.
Hey, come on out!
Where'd you go?
Hey, what's with all
the fun and games?
Rangiku! Toshiro!
It's been a while...
It's not Toshiro.
Address me as Captain Hitsugaya!
What're you two doing here anyway?
Wait up!
We need to talk.
Err, well, now's not...
Just come!
H Hey!
Hey! Dammit!
I'll come back. You wait!
That man is talking to himself.
I see...
Rukia went to Soul Society?
You just missed her then.
Well, where shall we start?
At 12:50 a. m. Today,
a town from the World of the Living
suddenly appeared above the Seireitei.
At the same time, the Research
Technology Commcenter detected
a trail of spiritual waves flowing
into the World of the Living,
and one minute later,
we lost all communication
between the two worlds.
What're you talking about?
Don't you even understand this much?
Now now...
I'll explain it to you in a simple manner.
First off, our universe has two worlds,
which are the World of the Living,
where we are, and the Soul Society.
Between them is
the Dangai Precipice World,
to keep the two worlds from colliding.
You ran through it once.
However, about three days ago,
a new dimension appeared
between the Dangai Precipice World
and the World of the Living.
It began to expand rapidly,
bridging the gap and adhering
to both worlds.
At this point, it appears the area
that attached itself is acting like a lens
and the World of the Living is
being visible from the Soul Society,
which is in a different dimension.
I guess you can say it's like a mirage.
The Stealth Force was sent out to
investigate this newly created dimension,
but they failed.
Our only choice now is...
to check out the influx of spiritual waves
into the World of the Living.
It was decided that
I would head up the operation.
Why you?
The other captains backed out.
Never mind that!
Then it was probably those guys.
You saw something?
Yeah... hoards of 'em,
all white wearing pointy red hats.
As suspected,
the Valley of Screams.
All right then.
Explanation Number Two. Ready?
As you already know,
souls migrate between
the World of the Living
and the Soul Society.
From time to time however,
some may, for example,
encounter accidents
in the Dangai Precipice World
and become detached
from this Cycle of Transmigration.
These souls wander aimlessly
through the Dangai Precipice World
and are slowly drawn together
over a period of time.
As the souls come together,
it causes a new dimension.
It is known as the Valley of Screams.
In the Valley of Screams,
the souls separate into
memory and energy
in preparation to return to
the Cycle of Transmigration.
Are you following me?
I'm following!
Kurosaki, the ones you saw were
the souls with no memory, Blanks.
What happens to the memories?
It's said that the memories
merge together into one entity
and returns to the World of the Living.
Hence, it is called a Shinenju.
That is the name for
the collective of memories.
In any case,
the appearance of the Valley of Screams
is a natural phenomenon,
and it's existence has been
verified a number of times...
But the problem is...
This time, the Valley of Screams
has connected
the World of the Living
and the Soul Society.
Is it that unnatural?
There's no way a tunnel connecting
two stars can be created natually!
This is the same thing!
There's no doubt that someone
is doing this deliberately.
Hey! Speaking of which!
Huh? What is it?
There were some guys wearing
strange armor with those white monsters!
I saw it!
Do you remember it in more detail?
Of course, I remember!
Uhh... now let's see.
I remember... I mean...
Let me analyze this.
Yes, please do.
Anyway, if this is being
done intentionally,
then it is done with a grudge.
What do they want?
Well, I don't know. It's just...
I have this feeling...
that they're looking for
the Shinenju that has returned
to the World of the Living.
That's my hunch.
We'll try to identify the enemy.
Kurosaki, please keep
watch over the town.
They are bound to appear again.
And, if possible... find the Shinenju.
Yeah, but...
I still have to find that girl, too...
Oh, sorry!
What should I do?
Wow! You really came back?!
Over here! Over here!
Of course! I still have questions
I wanna ask.
Fine! Let's pick up where we left off!
You're it!
Hey, listen!
That little...!
All right... here goes with
the legendary performance!
Take a deep breath...!
Ready, and go!
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one!
- It's all gone!
- Well done!
Wasn't that too fast?!
No such thing. It's good!
Over there! Up there!
- What's that?
- Huh?!
What's she doing?
Is it some kind of act?
This feels so nice.
Where'd she go?
She disappeared!
No, in the back!
- How was that, everyone?!
- Uh... hi.
C'mon, join me!
Err... Later.
No fair, they're getting
more attention than us!
Thanks for the meal!
You should've just told me.
If you'd said you were treating,
I'd have answered anything!
You didn't have any money?
So what about it?
What about what?
I just explained it to you.
Is there anything you know about
the Blanks and the Shinenju?
Nope, I don't know anything.
It's the first I've heard of them.
So someone used
those pointy-hat things to...
what was it again?
Look for that thing, right?
So who is this someone?
We're checking into that, too.
For what?
I dunno.
Have you got any idea what
this Shinenju looks like?
Not a clue.
You're no help at all.
You just have to wait until
the pointy hats appear again, right?
Oh well, I'll help.
But in return...
I knew it!
Take me for a ride on that and
I'll help you with whatever you want!
I'm not fallin' for that again.
You love heights, don't you?
If you look at things from above,
all the things that seem confusing
or messed up... suddenly become clear.
Hey, that ribbon.
Oh, you noticed?
Don't you think red is cuter?
I don't mean that.
How'd you get it?
I saw it in some shop and tried it on...
I was looking at other things,
and forgot about it.
It happens often, doesn't it?
No way! Come with me!
What about the tab here?
I'd like to buy this.
A present for your girlfriend?
I'll gift wrap it for you.
I'll take it as is!
- Here.
- Oh...
Thank you!
You're unexpectedly uptight,
actually going back to pay for it.
Shut up! I hate that kind of thing.
Thank you! What about
the Ferris wheel?
Absolutely not.
High-schoolers don't have
that much money.
Shut up. I'm just going to the restroom!
He's quite nice.
There! All right!
That river...
Welcome home!
You were late tonight, huh?
Mom, I'm hungry!
I know. Take your seat.
Okay then, cheers!
What's taking so long?! Huh?
This place was
so crowded a minute ago.
This... is my...
This is my funeral?
Dad? Mom?
They are from earlier...
Now what?!
You've got better reflexes
that I expected.
What do you want with me?
Come with us.
Our lord, Ganryu, summons you!
Ganryu? Never heard of him.
There's no need for you to know him,
since you are the...
I told you not to blab.
Jumping out like that...
I'll catch her in an instant.
Oh, that tickles.
Don't crush her.
Hurry it up. Let's go.
Now then, let's go.
Hold it!
Where do you think you're going?
You... Where did you come from?!
My arm... my arm!
What's with all the wandering off?
That's my own business!
No way.
You're gonna keep your promise.
Hey, big guy. Sorry about that.
You won't get away with this!
I won't let you!
Jai! Enough.
It is not yet the time.
Time? What're you talking about?
Hey, hold on!
You let someone treat you,
then run off?
I didn't run away!
Then what?
My family grave is here.
Cut the crap.
It's true. I remember it.
It's hazy,
but I remember when I was alive.
That's why I came here for a look.
My house used to be around here, too.
I'll help you tomorrow for sure.
I'm not lying.
See you!
You idiot.
Like I can abandon someone
who was just attacked.
Bad guys are after her? That's fishy.
Well, at any rate,
it's just for one night.
I'm Senna.
I'm Yuzu Kurosaki. Welcome.
Thanks for having me.
Hey Yuzu, let her sleep in your room.
And let her bathe, too.
- Bathe?!
- Okay.
What's the matter, Dad?
Hey! Yuzu, you too?
Come in until your bed's ready.
Hmm... Boys' rooms are
always so drab and boring.
Don't start.
It seems like you've got
a nice family though.
You think?
My dad too. He was...
What's the matter?
Oh, nothing.
By the way, why were
those guys after you?
Did they say anything?
Hmm... Something about Gan-whatever
wanted me brought to him.
That's all. If you hadn't come by,
I might've learned more.
Hey, don't sleep in my bed!
- Why? There's nothing wrong with it.
- Of course there is!
Hey, don't lift your legs up!
- You're such a bother!
- No, I'm not!
Stop it!
Shh! She says
she's gonna sleep in his bed!
Well, Ichigo is a man, after all.
Oh, Masaki, it's the day
we've been dreading!
What am I to do?
Hey! What's goin' on out here?
See, he's all mad.
The bath is ready.
Hey Senna, take a bath
and then go to sleep.
Kurosaki, it's me Urahara.
Any leads on the Shinenju?
Nope. But I encountered
the enemy Kon was talking about.
Are you hurt?
I'm fine. They took off right away.
I see.
About that, we were able to turn up
a few things up on our end.
After analyzing the visual images
taken from Kon's memories...
We identified the armor
as belonging to the clan
that was banished long time ago
from the Soul Society
after their take over attempt failed.
So we know for sure that
they hold a grudge against us.
But we still don't know
what they're after.
Urahara, can I ask you one thing?
What is it?
Can a Soul Reaper have memories
of when they were alive?
Let's see... I doubt that very much.
Why do you ask?
No reason... Just curious.
Say, do you really think
they'll show up again?
I dunno...
But the only lead we have is
that we saw the Blanks here.
Man, why so many people?
It's usually less crowded around
this time of hour...
Senna, don't go too far
from my side.
Hey Senna!
Over here!
You were just attacked yesterday!
Don't go wandering off like that!
A soul?
Hey, what's the matter?
You're scaring him.
My name's Senna. What's yours?
Tomoya, huh?
Will you tell me what's wrong?
Umm... My dad's gone...
You were with your dad?
Uh huh. We were driving to the festival,
but when I looked,
he was gone.
I see...
Well then...
Your dad is probably in heaven and...
That's not true!
Dad is looking for me!
Then we'll help you find your dad.
Of course!
Tomoya, which way
did you come from?
Over that way!
Then let's go.
Hey! Right now, we have to...
But we have no leads, right?
No sense in hanging around here.
Let's go.
Hey, how long're you gonna
keep at it?
There's no festival around here.
there's no guarantee that
his father is still on this side.
We'll find him.
That boy has to leave this world soon.
And a long journey awaits him...
It's his last wish.
How sad if it doesn't come true.
I can't bring myself to perform
a Konso like this.
I want to at least give him...
a good last memory.
What is it?
Sis! This way! This way!
Sis... My dad...
Don't worry. Let's find him.
I'm so glad this place is still here.
I came here a lot as a child.
I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.
I don't believe this...
Thank you so much!
I'm happy for you.
Uh huh.
It's all thanks to you.
No, I didn't do anything.
I see. Could it be that
you haven't noticed?
All these souls gathered
around you here.
I was able to find this place
thanks to them.
These people...?
Uh huh... all of them here.
How weird. You're the one
who called them here.
now we can go on our journey.
Bye bye.
Hey! Wait a minute.
These guys...?!
Why do they come around me?
Ichigo... I'm actually...
What's wrong?
What happened, Rukia?
This is a Level
One order from Central 46.
Ichigo, hand over that girl!
Ichigo, I went through every record of
the Thirteen Court Guard Squads,
the Stealth Force, the Kido Force,
and the Soul Reaper Academy...
There is no Senna listed anywhere!
And the zanpaku-to
the girl uses, Mirokumaru...
It has been verified that it was
swallowed up by the Restrictive Current
in the Dangai Precipice World
100 years ago along with its owner.
In other words,
it cannot possibly exist today.
Wait a minute!
What are you saying?
I'm a Soul Reaper...
Then when did you come to
the World of the Living?
Well... two days ago I woke up
by the banks of that river.
But I remember my own name clearly.
And that river...
I've known it since I was a child...
But... why?
I'm supposed to be just me...
See? All kinds of memories are
mixed up in your head, right?
It's hard to believe...
But the collective of memories
you are searching for, the Shinenju,
is you.
The Valley of Screams became
visible twenty four hours ago...
Soul Society has concluded that
the man behind it is Ganryu
and his motive is to destroy the worlds...
and that a crucial element
in his plans is the Shinenju.
The Shinenju Senna!
Soul Society will now take
you into custody!
That's ridiculous?!
What are you saying?
Even I'm!
Hold it. It just doesn't
sit well with me.
Ichigo, what are you?!
No matter what this girl is,
it doesn't change the fact that
she exists at this moment.
She gets mad, she gets happy,
she gets hurt...
she has feelings, doesn't she?
But you're gonna ignore that
and take her into custody?!
Then you're no different from them!
I'm not handing Senna over to you.
Sorry, but this is not the time to debate.
Move, Ichigo!
Can't do that.
What's that?!
These guys!
Behind you!
Hey kid... Today, you will turn
the Shinenju over to us.
Hah! You wanna lose
your other arm too?!
- Kon, take care of her!
- Right!
He has much more power
than yesterday!
Protect the Shinenju!
Yes ma'am!
What are these things?!
Reign over the frosted heavens!
Roar! Zabimaru!
- Go, Kuchiki!
- Yes, sir!
Get outta the way!
Hado 33: Sokatsui!
You're in my way!
I am a Soul Reaper!
Bring them to the twilight!
As I suspected.
That pattern on the armor belongs
to the banished clan...
The once noble House of Ryodoji!
I wouldn't know.
We are from the Clan of Darkness,
the Dark One.
You won't get away!
Let's go.
You've got some nerve!
Hey, let go of me!
I'm coming for you!
I won't hand Senna over!
You're mine...!
Ichigo? Ichigo!
He's okay now.
Thank you.
I'm glad you all came to help.
Sheesh, he's hopeless.
No such thing.
It was a surprise attack,
but still there were three squad captains
and even they couldn't fend them off.
It couldn't be helped.
What about the squad members?
Unfortunately, they lost track
of the enemy.
Have you been able to learn
anything else?
Yes, it seems they plan to use
the power of the Shinenju
to pull the World of the Living
and the Soul Society together
to make them collide.
No way!
It's hard to believe.
But that's the only explanation.
What about the Soul Society?
They should be working on
the next plan of action. Just...
It's not possible to access
the Valley of Screams
from the Soul Society.
Without an entryway,
it's impossible to enter another world.
Isn't there any other way?
Well, there should be an entrance
in the World of the Living,
which was created
when the Shinenju appeared.
I see.
If we find the entrance,
we can go after them.
Right, Urahara?
Let's go!
We have no choice.
Let's go and search, too.
- Right!
- Yes!
As for the cause of the explosion,
there are no traces of any gunpowder
or chemical residue.
What is going on here?!
Ichigo... I...
It's not your fault.
She's self centered and stubborn
and a little crazy...
But she was trembling.
Deep down, she was frightened...
that she didn't know who
she really was.
And yet...
And yet, I couldn't protect her.
Oh, you noticed?
Don't you think red is cuter?
Remember when you told me that
if I answered your questions,
you'd do anything I asked you to?
If you look at things from above,
all the things that seem confusing
or messed up...
suddenly become clear.
Why'd she say that...?
Ichigo, what's wrong?
Rukia, come with me.
O Okay.
I remember when I was alive.
My house used to be
around here, too.
There... in the river.
What is that?!
This is the same phenomenon
that's visible from the Soul Society!
We can go through it!
Rukia, contact Urahara.
W Wait, Ichigo! You can't go alone...
I'm going!
I'm gonna...
save her no matter what!
What is this place...?
I thought you wanted me to do
something for you!
There's nothing for you to do.
We just need you...
to be the instrument through
which we fulfill our dream.
What are you talking about?!
Lower your voice!
Lord Ganryu is the rightful ruler
of Soul Society!
It's all right. I abandoned
such formalities long ago.
One thousand years have passed
since my grandfather
gave in to the unjust laws
and was banished from Soul Society.
We wandered in exile in
this Dangai Precipice World...
and survived by evading
the Restrictive Current,
which swallows up everything
that touches it.
We learned a way to utilize the souls
who had strayed from
the Cycle of Transmigration
and turned into wandering ghosts
in the Dangai Precipice World
as a source of power.
The number of souls is
always constant.
Therefore, when these souls,
or "Blanks" who have strayed
from the Cycle of
Transmigration reach a certain number...
they're naturally drawn together
and generate a dimension
known as the Valley of Screams.
In other words, this space was
created by countless Blanks.
And at the same time,
all the memories of these lost souls
merge into one object
and return to
the World of the Living.
That is the Shinenju...
In other words... you!
However, the Blanks do not lose
their individuality right away.
Even though the Blanks
are basically empty vessels,
they still wander for a time,
searching for their memories.
This is where the problem begins.
Placing the Shinenju at
the center of the Valley of Screams
will activate the Blanks' natural desire
to seek their memories...
and will drive them to
rush towards the Shinenju,
causing the Valley of Screams
to contract.
This force will be strong enough
to pull the World of the Living
and Soul Society, which is separated
by the Dangai Precipice World,
into a collision.
That's a disturbing thought...
Furthermore, the contraction
has already begun.
Never mind all the details.
So what's going to happen?
Who knows...?
But two world that must stay apart
are going to collide.
One will be destroyed if we are lucky.
Perhaps, both world will be destroyed.
How much time do we have?
I don't have enough data,
so I can't say with certainty...
Bu I'd guess... about one hour.
I'll mobilize the Punishment Force and
enter the Valley of Screams immediately!
It's useless.
There is no Senkaimon that connects
the Soul Society to
the Valley of Screams,
therefore we have no way to enter.
Any effort will be for naught.
The situation is critical!
Prepare the Kido Cannon!
We must destroy the Valley of Screams
and the entire dimension connected to it.
But if we do that, it will cause
massive damage to the both worlds!
There is no other choice.
No! Please stand back!
What is the meaning of this?!
This is a captains' meeting!
Be gone!
My deepest apologies, sir!
I will gladly accept any punishment later.
However, I have crucial information
to report!
The Substitute Soul Reaper,
Ichigo Kurosaki, has discovered
an entryway to the Valley of Screams
through the World of the Living...
and has gone there in order to rescue
Senna the Shinenju!
I beseech you...
Please send reinforcements
to assist Ichigo Kurosaki!
Well... but...
I cannot allow that.
Why is that?
Mind you, I am not taking
the Substitute Soul Reaper's skills lightly...
However, we have only one hour,
and there is no guarantee that
we could enter the Valley of Screams,
defeat the enemy and rescue
the Shinenju in that time
even with the full force of
the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.
Do not think poorly of me.
This meeting is now over.
All Squads will begin
emergency procedures.
Prepare the Kido Cannon!
- I'm...
- I'm... going, too!
I'm not about to let him
take all the glory.
Lord Ganryu, the Blanks have
latched onto the Shinenju.
Humph! A small fry, I see...
I'm coming!
Have you returned for
another beating?
Give Senna back!
Just when we were trying
to awaken her as Shinenju...
Because of you,
she will now suffer pain and
fear as a human being.
No... no!
You bastards!
Get outta my way!
Maybe we should all go after Kurosaki.
You better not.
The Valley of Screams is
somewhat similar to the Soul Society...
It's a spiritual world
where humans cannot go.
How was it?
No good.
Soul Society intends to
use the Kido Cannon
to destroy
the entire Valley of Screams.
If they do that,
what'll happen to Kurosaki...?!
I won't let that happen.
Before they fire the Kido Cannon,
we'll go and finish the job.
Don't worry. We'll figure something out.
You wouldn't stand a chance
going in by yourselves.
We've already put the team together.
We'll settle this ourselves!
I'm coming, too!
There's no time. Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Kuchiki... Please take care of Kurosaki.
I know.
Let go!
It's dangerous, over there.
You too...!
What was that?
What's taking you so long?!
You guys!
You're not getting away with this...
coming all by yourself!
Thought we'd join in for some fun.
Look how many people
volunteered to the call.
Leave this side to us!
Now go, Kurosaki!
I'm counting on you guys!
- Let's do it!
- Right!
Extend! Hozukimaru!
Roar! Haineko!
Raise your head!
Take that! You pesky brat!
What's going on?!
Is this what you're looking for?
Why you!
You little!
It's too late! There!
I don't like playing tag,
but I'm not bad at it!
Go, Kenny!
Can I cut you already?
What do you know?
You might just turn out to
be some fun, after all.
Reign over the frosted heavens!
Hanging in there, huh, kid?
Let's see who'll last longer, shall we?
Well, I don't mind if this
keeps up forever.
Take this!
Humph... Looks like it's over
Dammit! I can't believe
he still has that kind of power left!
What's going on?!
Third chant complete.
We are ready to fire.
Research Technology
CommCenter reports
the target will pass out of
critical range in five minutes.
Head Captain!
I understand.
I will wait until the very last second.
I said I won't let you get
to the Shinenju!
Ichigo, grab on!
Go! Ichigo!
You're not going anywhere!
Then we'll finish you two first!
You still believe you can
save the Shinenju?
Damn right!
I'm gonna save Senna!
It's too late!
The Shinenju has already begun
to merge with the Valley of Screams.
No one can stop it now.
Shaddup! You just wait, Senna!
I'll get you outta here real soon!
You still don't seem to understand.
How useless it is.
Why you!
So you finally showed yourself!
I'll beat you and save Senna!
Go ahead, bring it on!
Let's go!
Ban... kai!
For a millennium,
our clan was forced
to nest in the crevices of
the Dangai Precipice World in disgrace.
We were able to endure
that suffering until this day...
because of our hatred...
our desire to destroy Soul Society!
And that moment is about to happen!
I will not let you interfere!
Why are you so determined?
The Shinenju is just
a collective of memories.
A mere remains of what
used to be alive.
That's not true!
Senna is...
Senna is here and she's alive!
She was confused and afraid,
looking for help...
I'm going to protect her...
I swore it on my soul!
I get it now...
All of you are just...
We pass out of critical range
in two minutes!
No word yet?
What are they doing?!
I can wait no longer!
Fire the Kido Cannon!
The cannon's been fired!
The entire dimension will collapse!
My zanpaku to is pretty tough.
That kind of attack
won't change a thing!
You're not getting away!
There's no need to run away!
You impudent!
Dance! Sodenoshirayuki!
It's useless!
Like I said, it's useless!
Take this!
Be honored...
that you will perish by my Bankai.
Scatter! Senbonzakurakageyoshi.
Let's go.
Here I come!
Come on!
Hey, you're awfully quiet.
What's the matter,
cat got your tongue?
Shut up.
They're coming back.
They've successfully retrieved
the Shinenju!
The Valley of Screams
is disintegrating!
Welcome home!
Kurosaki, you did it!
Well done. You did it!
Quite impressive.
I'm so glad everyone is all right.
Thanks! Rukia! Renji!
Stupid! We didn't do it for you.
I must admit,
not bad for the freeloader.
You can stay and eat.
Senna! I forgot, your ribbon...
What is it?
Why won't the alarm stop?
It's no good!
The dimension passed beyond
the critical zone!
Gravity was created and is pulling
the World of the Living and the Soul Society
together on a collision course!
At this rate...!
What's going on?!
It's not stopping?!
Then what'll happen?
This is not good.
This is bad.
Dammit! Is it too late?
Ichigo... I'm scared.
But... But...
I won't let it happen.
Not when it's such a wonderful world.
Not when...
so many people live in it.
Not when...
You live here, Ichigo...!
It's okay.
The Blanks are still near me.
If I release their energy all at once,
the two worlds can probably
be returned to normal.
If there's no world, you'll be gone, too...
I don't want that.
Stop! You still have...
I don't want you to die instead of me!
Countless explosions in
the Dangai Precipice World
have been confirmed!
The Soul Society and
the World of the Living
are both moving
towards their respective stable positions.
The collision has been averted!
Ichigo, I have a favor to ask.
I want you to check...
my family grave...
Remember yesterday,
I told you it was here?
I was alive once for sure...
and I lived in this town...
I must've had a family.
I existed.
So there should be
a name on the grave...
Was it around here?
The fourth one from the end.
Is there... a name?
My vision is blurred...
Is it there?
Yeah, it's here.
You lived in this town.
You had a family, too.
I'm glad...
It feels so warm.
We'll... meet again, won't we?
What're you saying?
Of course...
The Blanks' energy will
soon be depleted...
And everything about Senna...
will fade from our memories.
Memories of those that never existed
can't possibly remain...
I know she'll be gone soon,
but right now...
I can still hear her voice.
I want to be loved, but don't try to love,
repeating and wandering through
The single answer I've found is
no matter how scared, or hurt I become,
I tell the person I love, "I love you"
I don't care whether you
"do love me, or do not love me"
In this world, there are way too many
things that cannot be changed,
no matter how hard you wish
And the fact that I love you
Is the truth that cannot
be changed by anyone
Crossing over a thousand nights,
I want to tell you,
I have to tell you
I want to be loved, but don't try to love,
repeating and wandering
The single answer I've found is
no matter how scared, or hurt I become,
I tell the person I love, "I love you"
It is scary to put feelings into words,
but I'll tell the person I love,
"I love you"
There is no way to express in words,
the joy of coming across each other
in this vast world
That is why we smile,
singing the passing colorful autumn
in sol fa,
facing back against the winter,
waiting for the spring sunlight
through the trees,
in order to be reborn
So that we can protect someone
The path I came, and the path I go,
whenever I turn back
I had cowardly eyes
I want to face it,
but cannot be honest about it.
Repeating over the days of
not being able to love the person
But hating to be by myself,
I tried to love someone without getting hurt
Crossing over a thousand nights,
I shall go to you now,
there is something I must tell you.
I want to be loved, but don't try to love,
repeating and wandering
The single answer I've found is
no matter how scared,
or hurt I become,
I tell the person I love, "I love you"
Even if that feeling is denied,
telling the person I love...
is the most wonderful thing in this world.
Wow, what strong wind!
Oh shut up.
Who cares about that,
it's the same either way!
No, we'll get scolded!
Yeah yeah, I'm out!
Hey wait!