Bleeding Steel (2017) Movie Script

-Mr. Lin.
-Your daughter's condition is deteriorating
-How can that be?
She was fine earlier today
She heals faster
than normal people
the leukemia cells built up again,
So her condition has deteriorated.
But Xixi is strong-willed.
Before she went into the coma,
she told everyone
you'd promised to be there
for her birthday.
You must save her!
I'll do my best.
I'm on my way. Please do your best.
Move, move! Sorry!
-Officer Lin, we have a problem.
What do you mean?
Our witness protection has been compromised.
We just lost contact with our men.
I'm afraid our witness has been exposed.
Witness Protection is Grade A Priority!
What are you telling me?
-What happened?
-I'm not sure,
but HQ has comfirmed the identity of the witness.
It's Dr. James, the reclusive geneticist
who recently defected.
For 5 years, he's been secretly working
for the region's biggest arms dealer,
researching biochemical weapons.
A week ago, his Bioroid went haywire
and killed everyone in the lab.
The arms dealer was brutally killed
and his assets seized.
What research?
We don't know the details.
It's some kind of
special force exposed to nuclear radiation.
Uniform number?
Uniform Number Victor Seven Three.
Agent Lin, you and your men
are the best guys I've got to
transfer Dr. James
to a secure military base.
The breach of the witness protection plan
may threaten rigional security.
Yes, sir.
-Let's go.
-Yes, sir.
"Mr. Lin, the child is dying."
Keep your eyes open!
Trust me.
Come on, get in.
Protect Dr. James!
Get back!
Take cover!
-Cover me.
-Cover me!
-Yes, sir!
Susan, I'll distract them.
You go for the car!
Officer Lin!
-Get down!
-Get down!
-Get Dr. James out of here!
-What about you?
Just go!
Protect the witness first.
-Flash bang!
Come here. You, follow me.
Yes, Madam!
- We've got to get to the car!
-Johnny, hang in there.
I'm ok.
Susan, Are you OK?
Ok for now.
Let's go!
Don't do this!
Don't do this!
Come on!
Doctor, Doctor!
The doctor has been shot.
Requesting backup.
The doctor has been shot.
Requesting backup.
-Give it to me.
-No, no...
You are a devil.
You would have never succeeded without me.
Where are the lab records?
They're mine!
Papa, Papa.
Although Rick Rogers' latest novel
has not yet been published,
the copyrights for the movie
are already being sought after by Hollywood.
Bids for such rights have been
coming in at shocking sums.
I have taken a sneak peek at this book.
She is a mission herself.
Her blood contains all of the memories.
One day, she will find
her memories back again.
We are very privileged
to welcome to the show
to talk about his new book BLEEDING STEEL.
Rick Rogers!
Oh Rick, oh.
-How are you?
-I'm very well
Welcome to the show, thank you.
Have a seat.
So we heard the main character
was a US marine
before he died of nuclear radiation.
But then, Some geneticists
bought his body
and turned him into a bioroid
with a mechanical heart.
Well can't keep a
secret from you, can I?
There is no secret in this world.
Maybe that's so.
But many unkown secrets are
hidden in my novel.
So go buy the book.
It's the perfect synergy of
the human body and machine.
Stop, security check.
Turn around.
Is my kitty here yet?
She's on her way, boss.
Next time, it's my turn.
Come here, kitty.
Come to Papa.
Excuse me, where are you going?
-Who are you?
-Shut up!
Where did you get the
information in your book?
Where did you get the information?
It was my inspiration.
Who are you?
What do you want?
This is your last chance.
-Who are you?
-How did you get the story in BLEEDING STEEL?
-Please don't kill me.
-I bought it.
Where's the original copy?
Everything you need is in there.
I just stole a story.
You shit.
Surveillance videos have been uploaded.
A team of policemen are on their way to you.
-Who is that?
-Is that Batman?
Popular novelist Rick Rogers has been murdered.
Once police described it as a robbery
gone wrong.
We believe the purpose of this criminal
disable the CCTV cameras,
However, we have obtained additional footage.
from a CCTV camera in the building on the corner.
We urges that members of the public
who recognize this man step forward.
We have reason to believe he may
have been involved in the event yhat took place tonight.
We were attacked by a masked man in Rick's apartment.
I'm sorry.
He knew a great deal about our bulletproof vests.
Where did you get the information
in your book?
How did you get the story
-Please don't kill me. Ibought it.
-Where's the original copy?
Matching System
13 years you had me trapped
in the sterile cage like an animal.
You gonna suffer
everything I've suffered.
Sir, we found out about the transvestite.
He bought his costume online.
-We have a shipping address.
Do not fail me again.
Yes, sir.
Rick was a pervert.
Why was he obsessed with this girl?
One pizza for Leeson.
Thank you.
When I find you
I'm gonna kill you.
-Yes, please.
-Red sauce?
And beef soup, right?
-Thank you, sir.
-Beef soup for the beautiful young lady.
Excuse me?
What did you say?
-Sorry, I can't really understand you.
-I don't speak Chinglish.
That's good one.
Have you had a nose job?
-I'm sorry.
-No more, no more.
Back off! Back off!
Let it go. Enough, let it go.
-Back it off, girl.
-It's ok, drop it.
Get back, get back,
nothing to see
That was a hell of a punch.
You're a credit to us Chinese.
-And you know I helped, right?
Well I have to go now.
I'm Leeson, what's your name?
Are you ok?
Did you have another nightmare?
-Drink something.
-Thank you.
Did I wake you again?
I'm sorry.
Ever since I changed doctors,
the nightmares have gotten worse.
Because that's not a doctor.
She's a witch.
She's not like a real witch.
She's more like a guide
or a spiritualist or something.
OK, whatever she is
the dreams are getting worse and clearer.
You have them every night.
I can't take it any more.
I've lost my weight.
and I can't sleep.
Please, Nancy,
stop going to the witch,
or get her to fix it.
-look over.
What's you name?
Come on, baby.
I've been waiting for you for ages.
How've you been?
-The nightmares are more frequent and more vivid.
I feel like I become someone else in my dreams.
It takes time to heal.
This is stress, my dear.
Figments of your imagination.
Nothing more.
But every bit of it feels so real.
Like I've been there,
and I know all those people.
As if
they are leading me,
pushing me to find something.
Don't think too much.
Doctor, the subject is rejecting multiple organs.
They are failing.
I think we gonna have to give up on this one.
-Nancy! No...
-Help me!
Please don't kill me.
-Don't kill me.
If you kill me,
nothing can save you.
What the fuc...?
I've never seen anything like
this before.
There's someone else's soul inside you.
This is way beyond me now.
There's a man.
He is a master of hypnosis.
He might help.
He will be there tomorrow.
Let's see if you can see him.
Why did you let her go?
She hasn't told us anything about her dream.
The needle broke in half.
Rick's dead.
I have a feeling
the tapes we were selling him,
got him into trouble.
See what we have here.
I see you come here a lot.
Looking at that lame witch.
What's your name?
Now that's my boy.
-Let me pass.
-So now you speak English?
How about this?
Pass under here
I know you like that, huh?
Get that bitch!
Come on, boys.
We got fresh meat.
Don't be soared.
Back off.
-Back off!
-Don't get close!
Feisty one.
You can't get away now.
Who you think you are,
Jackie Chan?
Let's go!
-You bastard!
Come on!
-Shit, I think I'm blind.
-Don't let that bitch slip away!
Stop running!
I will get you!
You broke my balls.
Shut the door.
Hurry up!
I think we've met before.
-Oh, it's you.
-What are you doing here?
-I followed you.
-Why did you do that?
I was kidding.
So who are you?
-Excuse me?
-You're always getting into fights.
Hey, hey.
Come on, relax.
I was kidding.
Don't go.
Come on.
Let's go for dinner tonight.
I think you should cahnge your pants.
Well, yeah.
I'm warning you.
If you follow me again,
then I'll...
-Follow you?
-I said I was kidding.
This was just a coincidence, all right?
Not even a thank you
for saving you?
-You know what, lady?.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a performer.
A performer?
They are in rehearsal right now.
The performance is in the evening.
I need to see him right now.
It's urgent.
I'm sorry, I can't let you in without a permit.
Ok, thank you.
Hey guys,
She's my girlfriend
Can she come in?
-Should be alright.
-Thank you.
Hey baby.
Come on.
My girlfriend.
My girlfriend.
My girlfriend.
My girlfriend.
You followed me again.
I followed you?
What are you talking about?
And who just goy you in?
You can't...
Not that way!
It's a maze in here, Where are you going?
What's your name?
Come on. You know I was kidding yesterday
Forget it, all right?
Don't you remember? I told you.
It's Leeson.
"Mohammed Salaami"
"Mohammed Salaami"
-It's my stage name.
It was not.
I found it.
You sure don't look like Salaami.
What are you after?
What are you looking for?
Mohammed Salaami.
Yeah, I'm Salaami.
/ Good, I am glad I found you.
-I need you come with me.
-Where are we going?
-I need you to fix some lights.
-OK, OK, OK.
Just stay here.
Please just stay there.
No more fighting.
OK, everybody. Let's start rehersal.
Lights, music, get ready.
OK, ready? Action!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Please welcome Mr. Cosentino.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you're about to see
tonight is trult extraordinary.
My angel has arrived.
Come to me.
Sit down.
You were a fallen angel,
but God has given you a second life.
I know all your pain.
I'll guide you through
the darkness to the light.
And find the soul that belongs to you.
Love is all around you.
-No, no... please.
-Everybody get out!
Go, go, go...
Stop, jangan budon't kill the innocent people.
I got this.
You are late.
My work here is done.
-Put your weapons down!
-Get on the ground!
Look out!
Get him!
Kill him.
Nancy's on the second floor.
Take me up to the entrance.
You know you are really starting to piss me off.
Give me back my daughter.
You want her?
She's all yours, daddy.
Wardrobe Racks Only
Hey! over here!
Mister, who are you to her?
Shut up.
Wow, nice place. Is it...
-What the hell?
-Be quiet.
Let go of me.
Identity Confirmed
Go. -Where?
Down there. -No way.
-Go down there!
-What do you want?
You trying to get rid of me?
What the hell is this place?
Watch it, Take it easy.
Oh my God.
Who are you?
What do you do for a living?
Do you really need to do that?
What the hell?
What was that thing anyhow?
It's a time bomb.
Tell me.
Why have you been following Nancy?
You've got to be kidding.
It's between us men.
I can't help it if I'm super charming.
You don't have to kill me to get my girl!
You're not a student at the university.
The transvestite at Rick's place.
-It was you?
-Yes, it's true.
But what does any of this have to do with Nancy?
All I did is get back what was
mine to begin with.
What belongs to you?
-What was it?
Things that belong to the rich.
I'm like Robin Hood, okay?
It's stealing.
You lazy young boy,
you're just a thief.
Rick is a dick.
And he's also a thief.
What does that have to do with Nancy?
When I was going through Rick's safe,
Nancy's library pass was in there.
I was curious about her.
And then she just..
captivated me.
And I fell in love.
I've told you everthing.
Would you please...
-remove the bomb now?
-Vitamin B.
Good for your health,
and for hangovers.
You fooled me.
Who the hell are you?
I could tell it was you flying around under that mask.
Who do you think you are, Spiderman?
Shoot a web!
Until I confirm your identity
you'll have to stay here.
Let me out!
Officer Lin, the bank records are obtained
are proof of transactions between Rick and the witch.
For 2 years, the wich has been selling Rick
Nancy's therapy videos.
Rick based his novel off these recordings.
That's what I thought.
Oh, I just sent you a sounf file.
Find that who that guy is.
How long are you going to keep me looked up here?
I have human rights.
I'll pee if you don't let me go.
Ok, you asked for it.
I'm going to pee now!
Can you give me water and food please?
I'm so dehydrated. I can't even pee.
Hsinkan General Hospital
She must be protected
All my work is in her body.
Someday she'll be the proof to the world
of my contribution to mankind.
-Hello? Nancy's gone.
-Officer Lin.
She just got on plane to Xingan.
The thing I've been afraid if is finally happening.
I'm going to get her. -OK
/ I'll call you from the airport.
-Copy that.
-What happened? Release me.
Look, I can help you.
Whatever your game is,
stay away from her.
This is more serious than tou know.
-I want to protect her.
/ She doesn't need you.
Here's the key.
The door will open automatically tomorrow.
There's food and drink in the room.
You won't starve.
That's dog food.
Train your arms.
This is an illega detention.
Control System
Officer Lin, Your new identity.
The old flies
stayed with you when Xixi died.
And Dr. James' body,
we had it taken care of.
He managed to save Xixi
with mechanical heart
and bioengineered blood.
Inside Xixi's body,
are the bioengineered genes that of Dr. James.
So far no sign of rejection.
The bioengineered blood in Xixi's body
is super regenerative.
However, when she wakes up,
her old memories will be gone.
including...memories of you.
What's that thing that I blew up?
The bioroid?
He was an exprimental subject.
Dr. James called him Andre.
His body wasn't recovered.
We are still searching...
-Yes, sir.
-Can you do me a favor?
Of course.
Take her to an orphanage in Australia,
To director Isabella.
Andre, will definitely come back.
I don't want Xixi to be involved.
As long as she lives,
I will protect her as a stranger.
As a father,
her safety is all i ask for.
Officer Lin, if Xixi's memories are coming back,
are they hers
or are they Dr. James'?
That's what I worry about.
Oh yeah, what about the guy I asked
you to check out?
His name is Leeson.
He lives in Sydney.
In 2011, he travelled to the US.
Korea, China, and Japan
and then returned to Sydney 2 years ago.
He has no work records,
no family we could find.
He was arrested for theft a year ago.
But was released due to lack of evidence.
What did he steal?
We don't know.
His file is classified.
We are still communicating with the
Australian Police.
He's not a normal thief.
No. We don't think so either.
We're losing Xixi's signal.
I think we should separate.
Ok. I'll return to headquarters
and initiate Plan B.
We will do everything we can
to have your identity restored.
If I can find Xixi,
I just want to have a peaceful life with her.
-See you.
Good luck, Officer Lin.
Trust me.
All my work is in her body.
Every detail is recorded in her blood.
She must be protected.
Someday she'll be the proof to the
world of my contribution to mankind.
You've been with me all along.
I don't have time for this.
Go to hell!
Oh my God! It workedl!
Hey, You chased the wrong car.
How did you get out?
A fitness machine is no match for me.
If you're that good,
help me find them.
Come on, it's the 21st century.
We're not locals.
so we've gotta use GPS.
Hang on.
Good job.
Go back to Sydney.
What? You almost blew me up!
-Go on then.
-They've got Nancy.
I'm sending you a location.
-Got it, let's move!
Good afternoon. May I help you?
Please wait a minute.
Honey, look.
Three aliens.
Terima kasih.
This way please.
NO, no, no, no... bastard!
Let's roll!
Turn here.
-Get in.
Brilliant idea.
I don't want to see more people get hurt.
I did a study of the men in black
we killed 13 years ago.
and discovered that their suits
are susceptible to gas.
Now, we're just exploiting that weakness.
-How was it?
This is what we found in the safe.
-Noting else.
-Just a camera?
Such superior regeneration ability
is attributed to the activation
of the regenerative genes from the starfish.
Each recombined cell contains
the entire genom,
and fuses to other tissue
to rapidly regrow the missing part.
The experimental subject is a special force
exposed to heavy nuclear radiation.
He'll become the first bio-warrior
in the world if the experiment succeeds.
We have developed the first
generation mechanical heart
to match the rapid regeneration feature
of the bioengineered blood.
If the experiment succeeds, the bioroid with
the mechanical heart and the bioengineered blood,
will be the immortal warrior of the future.
If Andre gets his hands on the lab records,
he can create an army of bioroids just like him.
That's horrifying.
We can't let Andre get this.
According to our intel,
Andre had a secret deal with
a prominant arms dealer.
I bet, this is what they
were working on together.
But, this is the only thing we have
that we can trade for Nancy.
No matter what,
he won't release Nancy.
Officer Lin, 13 years ago
Andre was hurt.
His body was severely infected
and for all these years
he's been kept confined in a sterile room.
What he needs is Nancy's blood
to save himself.
This and Nancy
are the two things he needs.
So long as we still have the lab records,
Nancy should be safe.
We don't have much time.
We have to find Andre.
I have an idea.
Where's the camera?
Take this camera straight to Headquarters.
Yes, Madam.
Boss, they are back.
You and I, are actually the same.
We are lab rats in his little experiment.
The only difference is you didn't
get to experience
the pain I have suffered.
That sly fox
hiding his life's work
inside of you.
And all these years,
just to find you.
I feel like you've turned
me into a monster monster.
Diverter initiated, Purification in process.
Who are you?
We have the same mechnanical heart.
But I am getting eaten alive
by my own cells.
Thanks to Dr. James' blood
not only will i get my powers back,
but your blood
will give me the ability to regenerate.
The world's first super bio-warrior.
My blood contains two sets of memories for 13 years.
Those painful memories constantly
tortured me day by day.
You will have three memories
once I pass them onto you.
And believe me
you will go insane.
You see this diverter here?
It'll remove all the memories
sin your blood.
Never again will I experience any more pain.
What's that?
Quiet down.
The lab's on the second floor.
Let's go.
-Where is the asian girl?
-Inside the lab
Open the door.
What are you guys doing?
Where do you think you're going?
-Sound the alarm!
Get out of here!
go, go, go, go!
-How do we open this??
How do we get in?
Get back.
-It doesn't work.
-How can that be?
-Open it now!
-Only the boss can do that.
It's me, It's me!
I was trying to help.
But my gun was out of power.
I'll enjoy killing you.
On three,
we attack.
I haven't started counting!
Blood transfusion interrupted, Reverting.
-Come and help me!
Go to hell!
Warning, System malfunctioning.
Watch out, Papa!
All personnel evacuate.
Warning, System malfunctioning.
All personnel evacuate.
Warning, System malfunctioning.
-Papa! -Uncle!
-Officer Lin!
-It's going to explode! Run!
All personnel evacuate.
Go, Hurry!
It's going to crash!
Get the parachutes!
/ Papa's fine.
Don't worry.
Strap her.
Don't ever leave me alone again.
-Officer Lin!
Get her out of here!
Papa, Papa.
When I get well,
you've promised you'll take me
to an amusement park.
I don't have much time left.
The bioengineered blood of my
biggest sucess was all given to Xixi.
It has superior regeneration capabilities.
Take good care of her.
-Officer Lin!
Susan, do something. Save him.
Pull the black handle on your left
when I tell you to.
-Don't be afraid!
-How is your arm?.
Madam, the lab records are missing.
The lab records are gone?
Recording now.
Smile at the camera.
Let's try that one.
I love you, Daddy.
I am so happy! -I'm dizszy
Daddy! -I'm dizzy.
Let's try that one.
Which one?
-That one.
-No, no, no... My heart can't...
-I'll go, I like that one.
You go get some rest.
I'm going to get you guys some fantastic ice cream.
-I'll have chocolate.
-I need to sit down.
-Let's find a place to sit down. Over there.
I was this, backwards.
I knew you'd be dizzy.
This all feels like a dream.
Pinch me.
I won't do that.
You'll wake up.
Officer Lin, You've been waiting
for this for 13 years.
I'm so happy for you.
Officer Lin, Headquarters just called.
We know Lesson's true identity.
His real name is
Choi Kyung-ho.
His father was the arms dealer
killed 13 years ago by Andre.
So his motivation was to get revenge.
and take back his family's assets.
All I did is get back what was mine
to begin with.
When his family was killed,
he was traveling abroad.
So he survived.
Coincidentally, he and Xixi
grew up together in the orphanage.
d Happy birthday to you d
d Happy birthday to Nancy d
d Happy birthday to you d
Happy birthday, Nancy.
Price is not a problem.
If you've got for me what you said
din the e-mail.
Come over ro my office in Moscow.
We'll talk.
I can send a olane to come get you.
Hey, man.
Thanks for openly
discussing a price.
Although... it's a matter of trust.
Sorry, I have a dinner date
with Jackie Chan later.