Bless the Child (2000) Movie Script

- [ Bell Ringing ]|- ~ 'Tis the season to be jolly~
~Fa la, la, la, la, la, la~
~Don we now our gay apparel~
~~[Continues, Indistinct]
- [Woman]Did you see it, darling?|- Excuse me?
- [Woman]Did you see it, darling?|- Excuse me?
Star of Yacov, what they be calling|the Christmas star.
Ain't been seen since Bethlehem.|And now it's here.
- That's nice.|- Oh, yes. Very nice.
It's a good sign|for all good people.
Means someone special|come from God.
What do you think about that?
I don't know. I'm not sure|I believe in that kind of thing.
Oh, that don't matter. It's there|if you believe or not believe.
It don't care.
Merry Christmas.
I don't have any change.
If you need a place to stay, there's|a shelter right down on Nassau.
-Jenna?|- Say hello to your Aunt Maggie.
I don't even know|where to start,Jenna.
It's been two years.
- [ Crying ]|- And a baby. What's his name?
- Her name is Cody.|- Cody.
She's eight-- Oh, no.
She's nine days old.
- Can I pick her up?|- She doesn't like to be held,
but do what you want.
She's soaking wet.|Are you breast feeding?
- Who's the father?|- [ Chuckles ] Beats me.
- Beats you?|- It means I don't know.
It could have been a couple of guys.|I didn't get a name and a number.
-Do you have any diapers or formula?|-In the bag.
You gave birth on drugs?
Are you insane?
- Answer me!|- [Cody Crying]
What do you want me to say?|That I'm not perfect, like you?
- I'm not.|- I didn't say I was perfect.
But if I had a daughter, I wouldn't|let her be born a drug addict.
She's not strung out, okay?
I--|[ Sniffles ]
I took her to the clinic and|they said it was something else.
- What something else?|- I don't know.
You have a child. If you don't|give a damn about yourself,
at least|you have to care about her!
- Why?|- Because you're her mother!
What's wrong, Mags?
Are you a little pissed|that maybe there is one thing...
I can do better than you after all?
- What are you talking about?|- You know. ''Mommy hood.''
Maybe if you could|have carried a kid,
that piece-of-shit husband of yours|wouldn't have run out on you.
What was it,|two miscarriages, three?
[ Sobbing ]
Why do you do this,|Jenna?
I'm the only family|you've got left.
I am the one that|is in trouble here, okay?
I came to you for a little help|and all you can do is give me shit!
I made a mistake coming here.|I'm leaving.
Don't run away again.
I'm so scared, Mags.
I don't know|what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna help you,
but first you have|to get off the drugs.
[Cody Crying]
Hi, you.
Where are you going?
To take a bath.
That's what you always say, right?|''A hot bath will cure anything.''
Why don't we|change your socks?
[Cody Crying]
Okay, okay.
[Continues Crying]
Okay. It's okay.
[ Laughs ]|Hi.
[ No Audible Dialog ]
You're a psychiatric nurse,|Maggie.
You know the diagnosis|as well as I do--
the arching back, the repetitive|behavior and the attention deficit.
I used to think|it was autism too,
but I'm not so sure anymore.
It's as if she's listening|to something we can't hear or see.
It's a difficult diagnosis|to accept. I know that.
But there are a wide range|of degrees of autism.
Cody may well be|one of the lucky ones.
Reading, writing,|language skills.
She may even be able|to express basic emotions.
She does.|I know she's a little withdrawn,
but she smiles and hugs me and|kisses me just like any little girl.
There's a special-needs school|in Brooklyn-- pre through six.
They've had great results|with kids like Cody.
It's Catholic. I don't know whether|that's any problem for you.
No. I was brought up|a Catholic.
Just so it's not|too religious.
And later, if her condition|gets more severe--
[Woman On TV]|I welcome you with open arms.
- It gets better every time.|- I've sponsored your appointment,
because I feel you are the most|able statesman in all Freedonia.
[Man] That covers a lot of ground.|You cover a lot of ground yourself.
Leave in a taxi. If you can't get|a taxi, you can leave in a huff.
If that's too soon, you can|leave in a minute and a huff.
You haven't stopped talking|since I came here.
You must have been vaccinated|with a phonograph needle.
- [TV Shuts Off]|- What is it?
Cody! Cody!
Cody, Cody.
It's okay, baby girl.|It's okay, baby girl.
It's all right.|It's okay.
Just relax.|Take a big, deep breath.
Go--|[ Inhales ]
- Is she okay?|- Yes. She does this sometimes.
Look, I gotta get going.|I've gotta be up early tomorrow.
-All right.|-I got a pretty busy week this week,
but I'll--|I'll call you... soon.
That would be nice.
[ Murmuring ]|Don't leave in a huff.
- [Door Closes]|- Leave in a minute and a huff.
Now where is that mouse?
Right here?
Is that him?
I want you to get|some sleep, okay?
Good night, sweetheart.
Time to work|on the picture board, Cody.
Cody. Cody.
- Don't you want to work?|- Please, Sister, after you.
Well, thank you, but we're|not working on our manners today.
Maybe we should.
No work.|Sister Rosa go work. Good-bye.
Cody, your aunt is here for you.
[ Voice Whispers, Indistinct]
[ Voice Whispers, Indistinct]
- Martin Casillas?|- Yeah?
Martin, you remember me.|I'm a friend of your father's.
You were at my house last year.
- You're six, aren't you?|- Yeah.
- Good. You like dogs?|- Sure.
Well, I found a puppy and I bet he|needs someone to take care of him.
Oh, you're probably|too young to have a puppy.
- No, I could take care of a dog.|- Yeah?
Excellent. Well, he's right|over here in my van.
- Wow. Can I have him?|- Maybe.
We're looking for a very|special little boy, Martin.
If you're the one,|you can have the puppy.
- But first you have to pass a test.|- Like what?
The boy that we're looking for can|do things that nobody else can do,
sort of like magic tricks.
- Do you know any tricks, Martin?|- I don't know.
Well, maybe we can|help you find out.
Bet you that puppy's hungry.|Voila! Here.
Why don't you see if he'll|take that from you. Go on.
What's the matter?|It's only garbage, honey. Come on.
- [Clattering]|- [ Squeaking ]
Hey. Hey!
It's just little mice,
like Mickey Mouse.
It's no big deal.
[Woman On TV] The body|of six-year-old Tania Riley,
the fourth victim|in a series of kidnap murders,
was discovered last night near|a residential area in Queens.
A statewide search is now|in progress for the killer.
Police have yet|to name a suspect...
and have opened a 24-hour|hot line for any information...
regarding this or any|of the other murders.
- [Continues, Indistinct]|- Hey. Hey, hey.
Let's put the dolly|in the car.
Hi, Maria. I'm really late.|I've gotta run to work.
Okay. It's bedtime,|mi angelito.
On. For Teddy.
Oh, okay.|But just for Teddy.
Your mommy's|very pretty, yes?
Did you pray for her?
Oh, Cody.
You know this.|I tell you this.
You pray to the baby Jesus|for your mommy,
and one day she will|come back to you.
Not coming, Mommy.|Not come.
I'm sorry, corazon.
I'm sorry, corazon.
You pray. You see.
Who knows, okay?
Buenasnoches, mi angelito.
Buenas noches, mi angelito.
[Applause On TV]
[Woman]|Again, our guest today, Eric Stark.
You probably remember him as Little|Luke, the child star of Family Days.
Today he's here to talk about|his work as founder of The New Dawn,
one of the fastest-growing|self-help organizations in America.
Honey, you have|five minutes.
- Then you have to go get dressed.|- addict by 15.
There were even rumors at one point|that you had died from an overdose.
But now you're helping|these runaway kids.
You're helping the abused kids.|You're getting them off the streets.
You're getting them off drugs|and into your rehab centers.
- What's your secret?|- [Turns Down]
These kids are|tortured with morality.
They feel terribly guilty|and they want to forget.
So what we try to do at New Dawn...
is teach these kids to look|inside themselves--
[TV Continues, Indistinct]
[Mouse Squeaks]
[Faint Hissing, Whispering]
[Whispering Continues]
[ Gasps ]
[ Voice Whispers, Indistinct]
[ Chattering ]
That's your guy.
- I'm looking for Detective Bugatti.|- Yeah, that's me.
- Agent Travis?|- How you doing?
Welcome to Brooklyn. I'll get you up|to speed on all this stuff later.
But... maybe it would be|a good idea...
if you try to keep|a low profile out here today.
- Why is that?|- Well, some of the guys,
they're wound up pretty|tight about this case.
They should be.
This is the fifth child|and from what I heard,
you still don't have any suspects.
That's true, but|some of the detectives,
they get a little territorial|when the bureau steps in.
That would include you?
Hey, I don't give a fuck|if we gotta call in...
the French Foreign Legion if that's|what it takes to stop this guy.
- Mind if I take a look at the body?|- Yeah, no, go ahead.
- Hi, Cody.|- Hi.
Those are very pretty.|Who are they?
[ Gasps ]
Must be that poor bird. It flew|into a window and broke its neck.
They're all quite|curious about death.
Do you think|they understand death?
You'd be surprised.|I blame The Lion King.
Sister Rosa,|would you mind?
Cody fixed the bird!|Cody fixed the bird!
Maybe he was just knocked out|when he hit the window.
No, he was dead.
[ All ] Cody fixed the bird!|Cody fixed the bird!
- I'm tired, Mim.|- Okay, sweetie. We'll go home.
[Woman]|Thanks for staying.
- Sure.|- Must be a full moon tonight.
Helen got cut by a paranoid ''schiz''|with a razor blade.
- And there's a biter in four.|- Terrific.
And a recovering O.D.|in three seeing snow lights.
If you'll take the histories.
- No problem.|- Thanks.
- Cheri Post?|- Who are you?
I'm Maggie.|Wanna tell me what's wrong?
What do you think is wrong? I'm|sketching, you know, coming down.
Wanna lie down for me?
- Your name is O'Connor?|- Mm-hmm.
I don't care about your tracks.|I want to help you.
I just need a blood sample.
Some friends shot me up.
Wanted me to end up|in the morgue instead of here.
Why would they do that?
[ Chuckles ] They don't like|people quitting their club.
Nice club.
Just relax.
You're really nice|for a nurse.
Okay.|Put some pressure on that.
You kind of look like her.
Who? Make it good.|I need a boost.
My sister.|You know my sister?
No, a friend of mine,Janet.
No, no, no.|You said Jenna.
- Where is she?|- I don't--
I haven't seen her in six years.|I've looked for her everywhere.
She has a little girl|she hasn't even seen.
I know she has a little girl.
She's special. You know that,|don't you? That's why they want her.
Please tell me|where my sister is.
Forget about your sister, okay?|They've already got her.
Don't let them get|the little girl.
- [Door Opens]|- Maggie, I need you in four.
- Doctor--|- Right now!
Stay here.
Task force hot line.|Can I help you?
Please, ma'am, slow down.
What makes you think that|your landlord is the killer?
[Chatter Continues,|Indistinct]
Crawford, I hate to break it|to you,
but that weed's been dead|for at least two weeks.
Excuse me.
- What is that?|- It's a lily.
- Really.|- Yeah, it just needs a little sun,
and you get sun|through both windows.
I hope you don't mind.|My daughter gave it to me.
No, it's okay.
Don't let Crawford bug you.
He's a little soft around the edges,|but he's a good cop.
Oh, leave that there.|It's all right.
A little ambiance.
Can I ask you|a personal question?
Depends on the question.
There's a rumor going around|that before you were in the bureau,
that you were some kind of priest|or something.
I was a seminary student. I didn't|make it as far as the priesthood.
Still, that is some kind|of makeover. What happened?
Found another way|to fight him.
- You ready?|- Yeah.
Fight who?
Gentlemen, ladies.
Listen up, please.
Most of you have met|Special Agent John Travis.
For those who haven't,|he's on loan to us...
from the FBI Behavioral Sciences|Division at Quantico.
Agent Travis's area of expertise|is ritual homicide...
and occult-related crime.
He was instrumental in breaking|the Santeria case last summer.
No offense, but didn't that|case just end in an acquittal?
[ Laughter ]
That's right.
The problem with prosecuting|occult crime...
is the judicial concept|of reasonable doubt.
The motives can be so bizarre,|so far beyond reason,
that they're hard|for a jury to accept.
That means we have to work|twice as hard to get a conviction.
But our perp could just be|some run-of-the-mill psycho...
who gets his stuff|off the back of a comic book.
I don't think so.
Whoever did this has a background|in classic occult mysticism.
This symbol was used|in ceremonial sacrifice...
as far back|as 16th century Europe.
The tines on the trident|point left,
signifying the left-hand path|of Satanists.
It was a sign of a sect|of Luciferians...
who took the fallen angel|mythology literally.
Then you think|the perp's got motives...
- besides thrill kills?|- Yes.
The crimes were meant|to be against God, not men.
But all I can give you|right now is a time frame.
All of the victims' bodies|also had these symbols...
branded on them--|Pascua Negra.
The translation would be|''Black Easter.''
Whatever our man is up to|will happen on Easter eve.
That's only about a week away.|Maybe this is almost over.
Or maybe in our perp's mind|that's when it really begins.
No, last night.
I had just taken a blood sample|when she ran off.
How could her|paperwork disappear?
I just need her name.|All right, thanks.
[ Hissing, Squealing ]
It's okay.|It's okay.
- Bad dream.|- Yeah, me too.
Me too.
You try to go|to sleep, okay?
Buenas noches, mi angelito.
I think I'll take Cody shopping|today. It's so beautiful outside.
Okay. I'll just|finish this and go home.
Maria, are you|missing your rosary?
No. Why?
Because I found it|under Cody's pillow last night.
Oh, she asked me for it.
It makes her feel better.
-I have an extra one if you want it.|-No, thank you.
I'll bring it for you|just in case.
Cody, you ready to go|shopping with your Mim?
- Is that Maria's church?|- Yes. Can we go?
Okay, let's go.
I'm going to say a little prayer,|like Maria does, okay?
[ Candles Rattling ]
[Rattling Stops]
She's sad, Mim. So sad.
She's crying for us.
It's okay.|It's okay.
- Nice limo you got there.|- You won the lottery?
- Miss O'Connor?|- Yes.
Hello, Mags.
Hi, Cody. Do you have a kiss|for Mommy, hmm? Come here.
I'm Eric Stark, Maggie,
Jenna's husband.
We just got back|from Barbados last week.
Part honeymoon,|part healing process for Jenna.
And no more bad habits--
- except for spending Eric's money.|- Mm-hmm.
He saved my life.
- Are you a doctor?|- He's Eric Stark, Maggie.
The New Dawn,|the foundation, the seminars.
Did you meet Jenna through|your work, Mr. Stark?
Eric, please. Yeah, we met|at one of my outreach centers.
- When was it, only last month?|- [Jenna Giggling]
- Isn't that amazing?|- Crazy.
So this is all happening|very quickly.
Oh, yeah.|I don't waste time anymore.
I wasted half my life on drugs.|That was enough.
No more.|No more presents.
There's still something|wrong with her, isn't there?
-I was hoped she would outgrow this.|-She's fine.
Just a little different.|And she certainly isn't deaf.
You know, I'm a little bit|in a state of shock here.
You must know, Eric,|that I haven't seen my sister...
since the first week|Cody was born.
Well, I'm here now,|and I'm healthy.
And everything's going to be fine,|isn't it, sweetie?
We'll get you well.
- Do you have a kiss for Mommy, hmm?|- No.
She has to get used to you.|That will take time.
Like round-the-clock time, huh?
- Cody?|- Well, that's why we're here.
You're gonna come live|with Eric and me, Cody.
- We're gonna take you home.|- Darling?
Why don't you have Dahnia|come up from the limo?
- Maybe Cody would like to meet her.|- We have a wonderful nanny.
Cody, go in my room|and watch cartoons, okay, sweetie?
- [Dialing Phone]|- Hi. Could you send Dahnia up now?
Jenna, I don't think|you understand.
- Cody's very special.|- You just said she was fine.
Yes, but she probably|has a form of autism.
-I want the right people to see her.|-She's with the right people.
It's taken a lot of work|to bring her to this point.
A change could|undo everything.
Mags, Eric and I talked about this.|She's my daughter.
And it's sort of like--
It's not really up to you.
Who do you think raised her when you|left her like a piece of luggage?
Who paid for her doctors|and her schools and her test?
That gives me some say|what happens to her.
Of course it does, Maggie.
We're grateful that you took care|of Cody when Jenna wasn't able to,
but now she is.
And I have the money to give her...
the kind of special care|and schooling she needs.
Now that you're here,|I want you both to be in her life.
She's made so much progress,|but what she needs right now...
are rules and stability|and familiar faces.
are rules and stability|and familiar faces.
Then the sooner she gets|familiar with us, the better.
- [Knock On Door]|- Ah, Dahnia.
This is Dahnia, Mags.|She's wonderful with children.
Hello, Miss O'Connor.|May I see the child?
- No, you can't.|- As you wish.
Maggie, really there's|no reason to be so defensive.
We want you to be part of the family|and visit Cody regularly.
This is crazy. It's too soon.|I have to talk to Cody.
- No. There's nothing to talk about.|-Jenna, please.
Well, I think|this visit is over.
Jenna, why don't you|wait in the car?
Maggie, I want you to think|this through carefully.
Jenna and l, we only|want what's best for Cody.
You don't know her yet. She doesn't|know you. This will take time.
I'm afraid you don't|have that luxury.
You're gonna have to decide|right now, today,
how you're going to deal with this.
And I promise you, you do not|want this in some court's hands...
for your own good--|and for Cody's.
Good-bye, Maggie.
- Cody?|- [Cartoon On TV]
[Hissing, Whispering,|Indistinct]
[Tires Screeching]
- He grabbed her out of my bedroom!|- Calm down.
No, I won't calm down. I won't|leave here until somebody helps me.
Excuse me, miss.|How old is your child?
Six years old.
- It's her niece actually.|- Can I take a look at that?
Anyway, the kid's not really|missing. It's a custody dispute.
We should probably|give it to Social Services.
Eric Stark is involved in this?|Have you talked to this guy?
- No.|- I tried. His number is unlisted...
and the foundation|just gave me the runaround.
- Want me to find a number on him?|- Yeah, thanks.
I'd like to talk to Miss O'Connor|for a few minutes.
Please, come this way.
I'll be honest with you,|Miss O'Connor,
Stark's organization has been|under investigation before.
For what?
Harboring runaways.
There were allegations|of tax fraud...
and money laundering,|but nothing that would stick.
Please, sit down.
See, Stark is well|protected politically...
and he keeps a pack of high-priced|lawyers in attack mode year round.
Are you saying|you're scared of him?
All I'm saying|is that he'll bury you...
if you come|after him without grounds.
Are those|the serial murders?
I'm advising a task force here|that's handling that investigation.
But you don't think this|has anything to do with--
No, but I do think...
that what my charmless colleague|told you before is probably true.
Right now the best thing|for you to do...
is try to establish|some form of legal custody.
- You need a lawyer, not a cop.|- So that's it? ''Get a lawyer''?
That's all the help|you have to offer me?
No, you have my word.|I will follow up on Stark.
It'll be my pleasure.|I think his whole outfit stinks.
But I want you to promise me|if you reach him first--
I would just feel better|if you give me a call...
before you even talk to this guy.
That will be my first priority,|Agent, making you feel better.
Miss O'Connor.|Miss O'Connor.
The only thing I can get on Stark|is the number for his lawyer.
- [Door Shuts]|- No, thanks.
I want to follow up|on this one.
- [ Chuckling ] Yeah, right.|- What's that supposed to mean?
Come on. The one lead|you're gonna follow up on...
is attached to a piece of tail|like that?
No wonder this priest|thing didn't work out.
This may be|the best lead we've got.
Take a look, Frank.|December 16, 1993.
The same birthday|as every kid on that board.
May I help you?
I really don't know much|about your program and--
Would you like a tour?
Our main focus has been our national|youth crusade, but our programs...
for adults have been gaining more|and more popularity.
Our self-realization seminars|only require a $400 donation.
What I'm really interested in|is speaking with Eric Stark.
His schedule doesn't allow|for personal interviews,
but I'll take you|to our computer lounge...
and you can e-mail him directly.
Before I found New Dawn, I didn't|have any respect for myself.
I didn't think|I mattered to anybody.
And Eric helped me learn|to will what I do...
and to stop letting|others judge me.
[ Man ]|Eric helps you tap into this power.
I mean, he changed|my whole life.
[Thunder Rumbling]
[Answering Machine Beeps]
Maggie, this is Cheri Post. I got|your number from the hospital.
I know where the kid is.
Meet me at the diner|at Stanton and Essex at midnight.
Do me a favor.|Bring some cash, okay?
This is all you brought?|I can't get out of the city on this.
Cheri, where is she?
Literally?|Of course not.
Well, Eric does-- and so do|the sick fucks that are in with him.
So would you if you'd|seen what I've seen.
- Like what?|- Eric's got this religion,
only it's more like|the opposite of religion.
I thought it was all bullshit|at first, but I've seen it work.
They can predict|the future,
even make things happen|to people, bad things.
What does this|have to do with Cody?
About a year ago, they all started|acting a lot weirder than usual.
They started hunting down kids--
six-year-old kids, boys, girls.
But they all had to be born|on this certain date.
They'd take each kid|and put them through this test,
and if they failed,|they'd kill them.
''The slaughter of the innocents,''|they called it.
Only Cody isn't like|the other ones.
She's the one they've|been looking for all along.
So instead of killing her,|Eric's gonna try to change her--
to make her just like him.
See? So he can use her power.
She's just a little girl.
She's more than that,|at least she's gonna be.
Gonna be what?
I don't know.|A saint, a prophet.
She's gonna lead people to God,|Maggie-- a lot of people--
only Eric|won't let that happen.
If he can't turn her,|he'll kill her.
- Cheri, where is she?|- [Thunder Rumbling]
Do you promise|to get her out of there?
- Yes.|- You're gonna need this.
[Man Laughs]
Hello. Hello?
[ Screaming ]
[ Shrieks ]
[ Screaming ]
Come in. Crazy people|like an audience.
Is that a self-diagnosis?
No, just|a popular theory.
I had a half a dozen transit|cops here this morning.
They think the concussion makes me|a less-than-credible witness.
They're having a hard time believing|you because they didn't find a body.
- You lied to me.|- Excuse me?
You think what's happened to Cody|is connected with the murders.
How many children are dead?
Five, that we know of.
''Slaughter of the innocents.''|Does that ring a bell?
- Where did you hear that?|- From the girl they killed.
- What did she mean?|- Well, it's from the Bible.
When the three wise men|told King Herod...
that the star over Bethlehem...
was the sign that|the Son of God had been born,
Herod sent his soldiers|to kill all of the children...
that were born on that date.
But then an angel appeared|before Mary and Joseph...
and warned them to escape.
And what date|are our innocents born on?
- December 16, '93.|- You son of a bitch.
- It's different with Cody.|- You should have told me!
It's different with Cody.|We know who took her.
And you haven't done|anything about it.
Have you even found where|he's keeping her?
Maggie, his organization owns...
dozens of different properties|all around the country.
He lives like a textbook paranoid.|He keeps moving all the time.
You could put out a warrant.
Come on, Maggie.|You don't think I want this guy?
I do. But if I make a move without|grounds, it'll blow the whole case.
And there won't be|a second chance here--
not for you,|not for Cody.
That's a composite|that we got of the killer...
from two very strong eyewitnesses.
- Do you recognize him?|- No.
- But Eric could still be involved.|- Yeah, it's possible.
How many children have been killed|since Cody disappeared?
I'm going to help you,|Maggie.
I'm gonna make a request to have|an officer outside the door...
- for the next couple of days, okay?|- Okay.
There is one other thing.
The hospital said|that they found this on you.
Those kids tried to kill me|last night. I wish I had used it.
Well, you didn't|get that from me.
Lord, I could use|a little help here.
Oh, sorry.|You all alone in here?
- Yeah.|- Look, if I'm disturbing you--
No, that's okay.|I'm done for tonight.
Oh, man.
- I don't know how you do this.|- What?
This kind of work.|Day after day.
It's gotta wear down|a man's spirit.
The worst thing is knowing|that he's still out there.
And we're running out of time.
You'll catch him.
- I got a good feeling about this.|- You do, huh?
You're wrong|about one thing though.
What's that?
You're not working|alone tonight.
A good man is never|alone in this world.
I'm sorry.|Can't you tell me who she is?
[ Chattering, Indistinct ]
Hey, how about|watching my car?
[Whispering, Indistinct]
[ Shrieking ]
- [ Squawking ]|- [ Chittering ]
Jenna, it's Maggie.
Maggie, if Eric|finds you here--
Do you have any idea|who this man is?
- Maggie, I'm begging you.|- Cody. Cody.
Cody, hi.|Hi!
- Cody miss Mim.|- I missed you. Are you all right?
Cody go|to dentist tomorrow.
Tell 'em don't make|Cody go to dentist.
No. How would you like|to get up right now and leave?
- What do you think you're doing?|- I'm taking Cody.
- And I want you to come with us.|- No. No, Maggie.
No. Maggie, I've watched him|with her. He's very gentle.
What a surprise.|You should've called.
Unfortunately, it's almost time|for Cody's nap.
Come here, Cody.
Sit down, Maggie.
It's all right, Jenna.|It's okay.
Actually, uh,
- I'm a little tired myself.|- [Eric]No! Stay.
We'll have drinks.|Stuart!
I think Maggie'd|like a drink.
Oh--|Unless you have to run.
No. I'll stay.
I don't care|for a drink.
I've been trying to reach you|for the last couple of days,
and I really don't|understand why--
There are certain forces|in this country, Maggie,
that don't want me empowering|the younger generation.
I have to protect my privacy|and my family any way I can.
Well, the reason|I dropped by is, um,
they're having an Easter egg|hunt at Cody's old school.
And I thought it would|be really fun if we went.
- Why don't you run get your coat?|- Actually, Maggie,
things have changed|since last time we spoke.
Originally, we'd hoped some kind|of visitation might be worked out,
but your attitude|has made that impossible.
[ Sighs ]|I knew you wouldn't give her up...
without getting|something in return.
- You have nothing I want.|- How about my silence?
- Go on.|- I'm no fool, Eric.
I didn't imagine what|happened to Cheri.
- I know she's dead.|- No one's saying you're a fool.
It's just obvious you're not well.|[ Chuckles ]
So, I'm scared.|You've accomplished that.
But I'm not likely to make a deal|and break it the way she did, am I?
You let me take Cody and Jenna|and leave right now,
and that's it--|it's over.
You can go on with your|mission or your religion...
or whatever it is, and you'll|never hear from us again.
Maggie, I'm not leaving.|There's nothing bad going on here.
We are taking|very good care of Cody.
Eric gives her|everything she needs.
- He married you to get to her.|- You are jealous.
You are jealous because I finally|have a family and you don't!
Maggie, this is exactly why|I didn't want you here.
Dahnia,|take Cody upstairs!
I've never fired|a gun before,
but I'll bet|at this range I'm dead on.
Are you really gonna|shoot me, Maggie?
[ Chuckles ]|Right here, in front of Cody?
Close your eyes, sweetheart.
Go ahead|and fire, Maggie.
[ Whispering ]|Feel that hate.
Feel it?|Feels good, doesn't it?
Something that feels|that good...
can't be wrong.
[ Hammer Clicking ]
[ Panicked Breathing ]|Oh, my God.
Thou... shalt...|not... kill.
- Especially without bullets.|- [Bullets Clattering]
I know. You're confused,|aren't you?
- [ Whimpers ]|- Concussions are tricky, huh?
They can mess|with your perceptions.
Police start saying|you're seeing things.
Maybe you are.
- Oh.|- Here.
- Oh.|- Here.
I wouldn't want|you to hurt yourself.
You know what?
On second thought,
I think I will take|your silence after all.
[ Muffled Cries ]
-[ Gasps ]|-[ Horns Blaring, Tires Screeching ]
- [ Tires Screeching ]|- [ Pedal Thumping ]
[ Hissing ]
[Metal Groaning, Breaking]
[Metal Creaking]
- [ Horns Honking ]|- [ Onlookers Clamoring ]
You've got to get out.|Take my hand.
[ Metal Scraping ]
[Metal Groaning]
[Sirens Wailing]
[People Chattering]
[ Ringing ]
- Agent Travis.|- It's Maggie.
What the hell happened to you?|We thought you were dead.
We've got witnesses that saw|your car go into the river.
-Someone helped me. No one saw that?|-I guess not.
And lucky for you.|If the cops found you at the scene,
you'd be in a cell right now.
There'd be a warrant|out for hit-and-run...
- if they knew you were alive.|- It was Stark and his people.
- I went there to get Cody.|- You what?
- How did you manage--|- They drugged me.
I don't know how, but I woke up|right before the crash.
You do believe me,|don't you?
Maggie, I want you|to turn yourself in to me.
At least you'll be safe until|we can build a case against Stark.
You gotta trust me right now.|Trust me.
- You want me to be safe?|- Yes, I do.
Then don't tell|anybody I'm alive.
- Maggie, don't-don't--|- [ Dial Tone ]
Come on.
You're not like|ordinary children, Cody.
Do you know that?
On the night|you were born...
a star appeared|in the sky...
pointed right|down at you.
A star that hadn't|been seen in 2,000 years.
Like baby Jesus?
You're such a smart girl.
- Do you love God, Cody?|- Yes.
Well, maybe that's just 'cause|you think you're supposed to.
I'm gonna teach you|something tonight.
Something I think|you're smart enough to understand.
[Muttering]|No. no. No, no. Shoo. Uh-uh. Sh--
- Look at this man.|- [Muttering Continues]
- He should be in an institution.|- No, no. No, no.
Shoo.|Uh-uh. Go away!
But God abandoned him,|didn't He?
Left him here to suffer.
- Death... would be a kinder fate.|- Shoo-shoo!
- Even a cruel death.|- [ Muttering ]
Through the power|of the one I serve,
I can give him the strength|to end his pain.
[ Speaking Foreign Language ]
- [Continues]|- [Stick Scraping]
[ Continuing ]
If God loves his children so much,|maybe he'll stop this.
Redeem him...|somehow.
Or maybe...
Or maybe...
the release|I've offered him...
is his only|true salvation.
[ Whispering ]|He has forgotten you.
Th--|Thank you.
[ Chuckles ]
She will be ours.
Dear God,
if You really are there,|please help me.
Please|help me and Cody.
I know what's|happening to you.
There's a man|who can help us.
Please,|we don't have much time.
[Laughter Continues]
- Unhh!|- [ Laughing ]
- [ Both Grunting ]|- [ Giggling ]
-[ Sobbing ]|-Mommy's busy right now, sweetheart.
Why don't we go have a...|little talk.
Just you and me.
Think it's time|for another lesson.
I assure you, Father Grissom|understands what you're up against.
He was a Jesuit priest, a scholar|who was censured by the Vatican.
The Devil's greatest|achievement...
is that people don't|believe he exists.
Nowadays the concept of evil|is politically incorrect.
Then how could someone actually|recruit people to worship the Devil?
Only a secret inner circle|practice traditional Satanism.
But Eric Stark|and other groups like his...
are spreading|a powerful message--
God does not|really exist.
Therefore, we can all|make up our own rules.
Come with me.|I've got something to show you.
These visions|that you've seen...
have all been seen by others|throughout the centuries.
Accounts of demonic attack|are common...
in all cultures and religions.
There, you see?
There's a spiritual battle|going on in this world.
We're all part of it|every day of our lives.
- [ Sighs ]|- From what Sister Rosa has told me,
I believe that Cody will be|an important part of this battle.
I have seen the glory of God in|her, Maggie. I know you have too.
What will|Eric do with her?
''All these things|will I give thee,
if thou wilt fall down|and worship me.''
Satan's|temptation of Christ.
He'll try to turn her|to his side, Maggie.
- If he can't, he'll destroy her.|- What do I do?
Get her back|whatever way you can.
- I-I can't go back to Eric's place.|- Does she never leave?
They're taking her|to the dentist tomorrow.
Then, that's our chance!|John will go with you.
I've helped families get their kids|out of New Dawn before.
We won't make a move unless|we're sure she won't be hurt.
These are directions|to our convent in Vermont.
I'll be waiting|for you.
- I don't know if I can do this.|- Yes, you can, Maggie.
There is hope.|You must believe that.
Not just for Cody.
All of us are chosen|by God,
and all of us can stand against|the darkness in His light.
I never brought any of the other|children up here, Cody.
Just you.
- You know why?|- No.
'Cause I'm your father|now, Cody.
You never had|a father before, did you?
Pretty, isn't it?
All this,
as far|as the eye can see,
is just a small part|of what can be yours, Cody,
if you're|a good daughter...
and you do|what I say.
and you do|what I say.
But you have|to choose...
This only works if it comes|from your heart.
What does God offer|that compares?
Does He even exist?
Maybe God's|just a nice idea--
like the Easter bunny.
He's not real...
is He?
I know how|you can tell.
[ Gasps ]
In the Bible,|my lord says,
''If thou be the child of God,|cast thee down from hence.
''For He shall give His angels|charge over thee to keep thee...
and in their hands|they shall bear thee up.''
Jump, Cody.
If you believe|in God, jump.
If not,|you come to me.
What do you believe in, Cody?|My hand?
Huh? It's here.|You can see it.
Satan rules it,|and it will protect you always.
Or His hand?|Is it there?
Huh?|Or isn't it?
Will He catch|you or not?
- If you believe, Cody,|- [Panting]
-Jump!|- [ Gasps ]
After you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.|I'm sorry, darling.
Come on.
Let's get you|back inside.
Bugatti, homicide.
- Agent Travis.|- Travis-- I heard of you.
None of your voodoo stuff here.|Just some bum got torched.
Hey, Frank.|How are you doing?
[Chattering, Indistinct]
It's a Druid rune spell.
Straight out of the 16th century.
Think we know|how it started.
How long will it take your forensics|lab to get prints off of that?
Mm, call in a favor,|a couple of hours, maybe.
We're out of time on this, Frank.|It's Easter eve.
We have Stark's prints on file from|a drug bust ing82. If they match--
If they match,|I'll get you a warrant...
on this Devil-loving bastard|before lunch.
Hold it. There they are.
[Woman]|No, it's fine. Sure.
Yeah, tomorrow|at 5:00, okay?
Yeah. No, I'm sure|we can fit you in.
Okay? Have a good afternoon.|Bye.
- Yes?|- Thank you.
[Drill Whirring]
[Child Whimpering]
- Mim!|- [Dentist] We're just about done.
Tell Eric I'll have the new|dental records ready by tonight.
Thank you, Doctor.|That's a relief.
Wait a minute!
- [Door Opening]|- Maggie, I was getting worried.
[ Groans ]
[ Tires Screeching,|Horns Blaring ]
- Stop that woman!|- [ Horn Honking ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
- Oh.|- [ Screams ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
Run, Cody! Run!
After you.
Thank you.
- [ Grunts ]|- [ Gasps ]
[ Shrieking, Growling ]
Eric Stark,|this is the police!
We have a warrant|to search the premises!
[ Beeping ]
Where we going, Mim?
Vermont, to see Sister Rosa.|She has some friends there.
- Kids? Like at school?|- We'll see.
Looks like he blew town.
We've gotta strip this place|down to the floorboards...
until we find a lead on him.
The little girl's|only got a few hours left.
- You got anything?|- Not yet.
We have access,|but his files are encrypted.
We need anything on property that|he owns, places he might be staying.
Just a whole lot|of nothing.
[ Scoffs ]|Not even dust.
Paint's fresh.
Does your forensics team|have an A.L.S.?
- Yeah, they got all those toys.|- We're gonna need it.
[Coins Dropping]
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
- Oh, thank you.|- Buenos dias.
- Hi.|- You're sick.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Out of the mouths|of babes, huh?
- [Tires Screeching]|- Go!
- [ Horn Honking ]|- [ Brakes Squealing ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
- [ Horn Honking ]|- [ Tires Screeching ]
[Honking Horn]
- [ Tires Screeching ]|- [ Siren Wailing ]
- What the hell are you doing?|- Officer, you don't understand.
- Give me your keys, now!|- They're trying to kill us.
- License and registration.|- [ Vehicle Approaching]
[ Tires Screeching ]
We've got|to get out of here!
Run!|Run, baby, run!
Go! Go!
[ Screams ]
Looks like your boy's got serious|money stashed in the Caymans.
The I.R.S. might be able|to make a case.
What about property?
He owns some kind of country estate|north of the city.
- I need an address on that.|- Working on it.
- Okay.|- We're all set.
Lights, please.
Try over here.
Oh, my God.
Think your guys can pull|DNA off of that?
[Technician]|Yes, sir.
Need to run a match|against the kids.
Yeah. Yeah.|Lights, please.
- [Cell Phone Ringing]|- How long is it gonna take you...
- to get those crates analyzed?|- Hello.
Agent Travis, it's Maggie.|They've got Cody.
- Where are you?|- I'm at a diner on Route 17...
- about 30 miles south of Albany|- Do not move.
Don't talk to anyone. I'll be there|as soon as I can, okay?
- Okay. [ Hangs Up ]|- Agent Travis?
Got a location on that estate.|It's just off 87--
Let me guess.|Just outside of Albany.
It'll take a couple of hours to get|there. I'll call the State Troopers.
I'll catch a lift from Air Support,|and I'll meet you there.
- I'm gonna need local backup.|- You got it.
[ Siren Blares ]
- Maggie! Are you all right?|- Yes.
Stark's on the move.
Our best guess|is that he took Cody...
to an old estate he owns|just north of here.
We're gonna get her back,|though. I promise you that.
- You Travis?|- Yeah, that's right.
The place is about a half|an hour away from here.
Local police have already|done some reconnaissance.
- How's it look?|- The entrance is guarded.
Oh, that's no good.
The element of surprise is the key|thing. They might hurt the girl.
Well, there used to be a dirt road|about two miles up the interstate.
It's probably overgrown.|Could get us on the grounds.
All right, we'll rendezvous there.|No flashers. No sirens.
No one goes in that property|until my command!
Ah! The prodigal daughter|returns!
Just in time|for her last supper.
It's Easter eve,|sweetheart.
You only have|a few hours left.
Tonight you can be|reborn through my lord,
or die for yours.
You're alone, Cody.
And through me...
Now, this is the last time|I'm going to ask you.
Join us, Cody.
Join us...
if you want to live.
Cody, do what he says.
Is that it?
Is that all you can do?
Dahnia, I don't think|Cody's hungry.
Why don't you prepare the Light|of the World for her big night.
- Has she called?|- Still nothing.
Mother Superior is ready|to lock up for the night.
They should've|been here hours ago.
What do you want me to do?
Tell everyone to meet me|in the chapel.
These people are|under attack, Sister.
They need our prayers.
[Travis]|That must be it.
I want you to stay|in the car.
I need to be there|for Cody.
I'm serious, Maggie.
Where's that backup?
They were|right behind us.
They've got to be|right back there somewhere.
You wait for them at the turn off.|We'll stay here.
You look so beautiful,|little one.
[ Snaps Fingers ]
Tonight is a very|special night.
you must make your mommy|and new daddy...
[ Grunts ]
[ Whispering ]|Thanks for waiting.
Lights are on|upstairs.
Let me check.
- Maggie!|- [ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Yelling, Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
- [ Groaning ]|- Come on! She's getting away!
[ Panting ]
You bastard!
It's customary|for guests to kneel.
[Men Chanting]
- Cody!|- [ Chanting Continues ]
[ Snarling ]
For the girl Cody,|the innocent,
that she may one day|stand against the dragon,
-we pray to the Lord.|-[ Together ] Lord, hear our prayer.
For Maggie O'Connor, that she|will have faith in you, Lord,
-grant her strength.|-[ Together ] Lord, hear our prayer.
Send your angels|to protect them, Father.
[Bell Tolling]
Send your angels to stand against|the forces of darkness...
that would do them harm.
- We pray to the Lord.|- Lord, hear our prayer.
This is it, Cody.
I know you like angels,|don't you?
Well, Satan was an angel too--
the most beautiful angel|of them all.
So beautiful...
that God gave him|dominion over the earth.
No!|[ Gasps ]
All you have to do...
is cry out to him.
Ask him for mercy.
Call his name.
Say his name!
[ Exhales Sharply ]
- [ Cocks Gun ]|- Choose, Cody.
Choose Satan as your god,|or your beloved Mim dies.
- No!|- Don't, Cody. Don't.
Close your eyes.|We're faraway from here.
We're together.
- We'll always be together.|- What's your choice?
What's|your choice, Cody?
Say it!
- Police! Open up!|- [ Crowd Clamoring ]
[Glass Breaking]
Kill the girl!|Shoot her!
[ Groans ]
- [ Grunts ]|- Mim!
[ Gunshot ]
- [ Crying ]|- [ Grunting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Exhales Slowly ]
[ Gasps ]
I deliver you|unto... him.
- Maggie!|- [Creaking, Rumbling]
- Maggie!|- [Creaking Continues]
[ Yelling ]
[ Yells ]
Are you hurt?
Keep your head down!
Come on, Maggie!
Was anybody else|in there?
[ Sobs ]
So, are you going back|to work at the hospital?
- If they'll have me.|- How's Jenna doing in rehab?
Fine, so far.
She asked me|to adopt Cody.
No one will ever take|her away from me again.
Come on. We're gonna be|late for the church bells.
We're|right on time.
You ready?|Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
[ Bells Chiming ]
[Knife Clatters]
Are you all right?
It's all right now.
[ Children Shouting,|Laughing ]