Blind Date Book Club (2024) Movie Script

[upbeat music]

Sunset, sunrise,
I dont mind at all,
theyre both just
as beautiful.

Ive gone too long
wondering how to love
but you make me feel
I know,
feel I know.

Make me feel I know.

Its all I wanted,
Its all I need,
a pretty face,
a pretty heart to share
this world with me.
Its all I wanted
Its all I need,
open space and open hands
to make our memories.
Im in paradise,
I never thought I'd say this...
But shrimp is better
than lobster?
Definitely not.
Pulp fiction is taste,
not a measure of talent.
Closer, Alice,
but not that either.
The phrase "lets table this
for later" is the worst.
Really? Why?
Can I get back to you
after my aunt gets here?
You still dont know why
shes coming?
All she said is
its been too long
and we need to talk
about the shop.
I dont know, Alice.
My Aunt Renee hasnt been here
in three years.
What if she doesnt like
the changes?
What? [scoffs]
Fresh paint, Apple Pay,
a new filing system?
Or your Blind Date Book Club?
I think you mean Blind Date
with a Book Club.
Thats not as catchy.
But either way, theyre all
the reasons why youre thriving.
You mean surviving.
And why National Public Radios
Raina Breem
wants to interview you.
[Meg] I guess.
[Alice] It is free publicity
on National Public Radio!
You made reading social, fun,
and mysterious enough to bring
in a whole new crowd.
So Id take it if I were you.
We really need to get
a doorbell.
We really do.
Go ahead.
Raina, hi!
Im Meg Tompkins.
Youre early.
Or right on time.
Or right on time.
Great, so lets get started.
I think we should set up
right over here.
[cheerful music]
So, Im guessing he read it?
He didnt say either way
but I dont think hed call me
if he hadnt, right?
Good talk.
Graham Sterling!
Oh, hey Terrence.
Hey! There he is!
Hey, come on in.
I cant remember the last time
we met here
instead of your racquet club.
Oooh, my game is on the rise, G.
Not sure you can
keep up anymore.
I got a spicy backhand.
Ive been keeping up
since college.
Remember that one time
when you even let me win?
Thats cause your mom paid me.
Anyway lets talk.
You read it?
I liked it.
But uh, I didnt love it.
Well, I bet you didnt love the
Great Bixby at the time either,
but its sales sure paid
for your boat.
True story.
But youve written a romance.
I mean, your audience
is not women.
Thats not a romance.
That is a historical epic
that happens to centre
around a love story.
Its a modern day
Gone with the Wind.
This is uh, less traditional.
I consider that a selling point.
Except we dont know where
to put it.
Its all about shelf-ability.
Look, G, youre a terrific
writer, you always have been.
Youve spent enough weeks
on the best seller list
to know that.
But for these, right?
Seminal coming-of-age books.
I mean, you dont wanna
turn off your fan base
with something more mature.
Exploring Huxley Allens
embarrassing world of firsts
is where you excel.
Why dont we see what Miranda
says first?
She liked it.
But shes not gonna publish it.
For the exact same reason.
You know Ive always
fought for you, G.
But this is--
You know what?
Actually, Terrence, its fine.
Ah, see?
I knew youd get it.
Yeah. Maybe Ill just
publish it myself.
Oh, what?
Wha- under a pseudonym?
Ill uh, Ill call myself
Dylan Turner.
Wasnt he the captain
of our football team?
Was he?
OK, but then what? Right?
Where do you think this is going
with no name recognition?
We let the readers decide.
Publishing houses
are still downsizing.
Publishers dont want
one book anymore.
They want 20 in a series.
Yeah, because its a
fear-based operation.
But you remember the whole
Dickens story, right?
With A Christmas Carol?
Ah yes, the gothic
holiday novella
that no one wanted to touch.
Until it was a hit.
I think this is a little
How so?
You want me to say it?
Listen, Graham.
Youve carved out a killer niche
for yourself.
You have two more books
to fulfill this series.
Do you know how many writers
would give their left for that?
Heck, their right foot?
Id give both feet.
Yeah. I do.
And Terrance, Im grateful.
But I wanna do something else.
I wanna do something great.
The teenagers
think youre great.
Although, I think they call it
"lit" these days.
And anyway, theyre hungry.
You gotta keep them well fed
or you might have a revolt.
I think you mean keep everyone
well fed.
Its just food for thought.
See you on the court.
Yeah, you will.
Bring your A game.
[cheerful music]
Bye, have fun.
Thank you very much.
I hope you dont mind, I just
need to switch this on.
As far as I know Im only
camera shy so go right ahead.
Mmhmm, okay.
Mimis Book Corner,
in the cozy seaside town
of Nantucket, Massachusetts.
Thats our coffee stop
for today.
Im sitting here with bookshop
owner, Meg Tompkins.
Hi, Meg.
Naturally, I have to ask you
about the name.
Mimi, is that your nickname?
No, Mimi was my moms name.
She opened this store
before I was born.
So its a family business?
It is.
[whispers] You dont have
to lean forward.
[whispers] Oh, Im sorry.
Did you always know
youd take over?
No, I started in real estate
in Boston and I really loved it,
but life happens
and things change
so now Im in a new chapter.
A very colorful one.
So lets talk about
the book club.
Or better yet,
all the fun events that have
made the book club
into a dating craze.
No, no. Its not a dating craze,
its about the books.
At least, thats
what I focus on.
Mmhmm. Okay.
Thats not even a word.
And even if it was, you cant
stop a great novel
from being read.
[Lizzy] Why is your pizza
in your hair?!
Lizzy, you still with me?
Lets get your pajamas on.
[Graham] Earth to sister...
Is this a bad time?
Sounds like a bad time.
Nope, its just dinner time.
Im sorry, do you want me
to call back?
[Lizzy] No, its always crazy
in Connecticut.
Like, I get youre frustrated,
G, but youre a great writer.
Youre a best seller.
Doesnt make me a real writer.
I just wanna put something
out there that matters.
Well, they matter to me.
Ive read every single one
so far.
It matters to everyone,
not just my sweet
and very biased family.
Something that people would call
a great piece of literature,
you know?
Like Gone with the Wind
or Pride and Prejudice.
Pretty sure those have
all been written, Graham.
Yeah, they have.
And they matter.
I just feel like I should write
something more
than a young adult cash cow.
Then you just have
to get it out there.
Like you said, they cant stop
the great American novel
from being read even if you have
to publish it yourself.
I'm not sure I said it quite
like that, but...
You got this, G.
You always have.
Same, Lizzy. Same.
Alright, much love to you
and the family.
[hangs up]
[Meg] ...Whether we're
local authors or obscure
or relatively unknown books,
it's about what's on the page.
[Raina] So two books get
wrapped up each week?
Thats right.
And people have no idea
what book theyre buying.
And you use broad,
tempting descriptors like
"you wont expect
these chalk lines".
Or "will send you
to far flung places".
Or, I just spotted,
"Passion, adventure,
youll be swept away".
Although, you have to admit,
this does kinda sound like
a dating profile.
No, its just the format.
I dont think anyone is coming
here to find love.
But it doesnt hurt if they do.
So then you meet the following
Tuesdays and Thursdays
to discuss?
Thats right.
And youve made crepes from
Paris, pottery from Zimbabwe,
and origami from Japan.
These sound like some
really great parties
youve been throwing!
Oh, I wouldnt
call them parties.
Its not like the cops
are shutting us down.
No, I think its more
about commonality.
Meaning people wanna connect
with the material,
but they also wanna connect
with people who are having
a shared experience deep
within those pages.
[Raina] Material that
makes people feel.
Thats the art of a good book.
And it seems that everyone wants
to read what youre wrapping up,
which is why were gonna feature
your book club books
on our website.
Oh my goodness,
thank you so much.
Thats very kind of you.
Honestly, its just about
falling in love with a book.
Not caring if its meant for
a particular age or gender
or what shelf its supposed
to be on.
At the end of the day all
that is just...
[Meg and Graham] Marketing!
[Meg] Reading is so much deeper
than that.
-[Raina] Okay then.
On that poetic note,
from Mimi's Book Corner
in Nantucket,
we hope to see you
all soon, if love...
Of reading.
Is what youre after.
Thank you so much, Meg.
[Meg] Thank you, bye.
Mimis Book Corner, Nantucket.
Mimis Book Corner, Nantucket.
[cheerful music]
Pick up point?
Aunt Renee, hi, how are you?
Okay, you take your time.
Ill be waiting right out front.
I am out front,
theres no sign.
[speaking French]
Oh, photo.
You want me to take a photo.
Of course.
Let me get the sign in there.
I don't know, just zero--
Excuse me.
Im just trying to frame them up
with the sign.
Oh! Oh, sorry. Yeah.
Thats okay.
OK, say fromage!
Maybe dont cut the feet off?
[speaking French]
Oh, we're not...
[speaking French]
[speaking French]
-This is...
-Yeah, uh...
[speaking French]
Smile for the camera.
Im trying to figure out
a way to say no.
[laughs nervously]
[speaking French]
Shes really serious about this.
Very. Alright.
[snapping photos]
Okay, you know what?
I think we got it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
That was something.
Wow, yeah. [laughs]
Uh, have a great trip.
Yeah, you too.
Thanks. I- I live here.
Oh. Well, then have
a great day.
You too.
Aunt Renee!
Its so nice to see you,
Its so good to see you.
Let me help you with that.
Oh, you be careful what you
offer, Im not a light packer.
Oh my.
[light uplifting music]
Im Dylan Turner.
[deep voice]
Im Dylan Turner.
[deeper voice]
Im Dylan Turner.
Oh, this is cute.
You didnt need to carry that.
You dont need to stay at a B&B.
[dings bell]
You could have stayed with me.
Oh, Im too old to put anyone
out anymore.
And I love a good robe
and slippers moment
anytime I can get it.
That I understand.
Uh, there was
just that one thing
you wanted to talk
with me about?
Oh, well, we can table
that for tomorrow, too.
Say, noon-ish?
I never do anything
too early anymore.
Of course.
Im never gonna finish
writing this book,
let alone before
the baby comes.
You are already halfway there,
thats huge.
But what if I never finish?
Then you and I will grow old
together, here.
-At the bookshop?
Is this one of your
motivational tactics?
-Is it working?
-Then yes, I guess it is.
-Im so sorry!
-Im so sorry!
The guy from the pier.
Girl from the picture.
Psst! Ahem!
Do you know him?
Hes cute.
Is this your place?
It is, yeah.
Oh, it's great.
Thank you.
Can I help you find something?
Yes. I am intrigued
by these mystery books
everyones talking about.
Oh, have you been listening
to the radio?
I have.
Was that you in the interview?
It was.
Well, I admire that
you wanna promote
unknown and under
appreciated books.
Also, local authors,
when available.
The wrapped books
are right over there.
Oh, okay. Lead the way.
I just wrapped these up today.
Oh, you do them yourself?
Yep. Ta-dah.
Ah. A "fellowship discovered
in darkness".
Sounds very Tolkien.
Youre good.
Thats TBD.
Well, let me know if you need
help with anything else.
Will do.
I will take these two.
Just curious.
Do you consider self-published
books for your book club?
Of course. You have a book.
I do.
And youre local?
Mm. Sort of.
Well, yeah, I just- I relocated
here for a few weeks or so.
You said you were on vacation.
More of a working vacation,
but yeah.
Thats still visiting.
Well, its to see, you know,
if I like it here.
Then I might be a true local.
You can tap.
Look, I think I would bring
something refreshing
to your book club.
So you wanna be wrapped?
I do.
Well, you are the third writer
to say that to me
since my interview.
And unfortunately, Ive already
chosen all of the books
for the next few months, so
if you happen to be here then
you can pop by and well see.
You never know.
Did you ever struggle to find
out what you're good at?
My guess is no.
Um, I did.
I wasn't good at much.
Definitely not sports. No.
But writing... writing was
always something I loved.
Still do, obviously.
I just wanna put something
out that matters.
If you love something
you shouldnt give up on it.
Even if youre just aspiring.
Well, I am sure that
youre very busy,
but if you have time
or you find the time,
Id really love to hear
your thoughts.
Id also love to be a part of
your book club.
Thank you.
Why dont you leave me
your number
and, if I have the time,
I will read your book.
Thank you. Really.
Its nice to meet you, Dylan.
Im Meg.
Nice to meet you, Meg.
See ya.
[upbeat music]
[door bell dings]
Oh my goodness,
come in, come in.
Oh my.
Oh, you have made some changes.
Good changes, I hope.
Uh, Aunt Renee, you remember
Alice, dont you?
Yes, of course.
You got me hooked on Faulkner.
I didnt think I could do it.
I did? Well, youre welcome.
Well, well. My oh my.
A lot of changes that have gone
on here, my goodness.
Ah, these are the books
you were interviewed about?
Feel free to pick one out,
be surprised.
I miss the days when the writing
did all the work.
Me too, but were making
it work.
Yeah, about that.
Mind if we find somewhere
more private to talk?
[pleasant music]
I wish Id come visit
more often.
Its tough to beat.
And you know,
I love the shop
and everything
youve done for it.
I didnt do that much.
Well, you took it from
almost closing to this.
With your help.
And it was only struggling
because of moms health.
I know.
Which is why Im glad I was
a part of it from day one.
At least financially.
Im not getting any younger.
You want out, dont you?
To travel.
While I still can, yes.
Ideally, I would love
to do both,
but you cant have it all.
I know. And mom knew
that, too.
This is her passion project.
She never wanted you to feel
tied down to it.
That goes for you, too, my dear.
So what now?
I would like to liquidate
my investment in a month.
Maybe two.
I hope that gives you
enough time to decide
if this is what you really want.
To keep this going long term.
You mean double down
on the shop?
Well, I know that going solo
is a big financial commitment,
especially when youre single,
so if not, maybe get back
to your original plan.
You mean real estate?
You always wanted that license
before your drivers.
I may have an interested buyer
if thats something
you want to consider.
You dont have to decide
right now.
In fact, if I were you I would
sit with it for a minute.
I know that this decision
impacts more people
than just you.
The shop is a local treasure.
So are you.
Come on.
[cheerful music]
[message alert]
"As long as were not tabling it
for tomorrow".
Very funny.
Well, I guess Im up.
Whats my ETA on no. 8?
Id say soon-ish.
For someone whos obsessed
with details
soon-ish feels real vague.
Okay then, soon.
Hows that?
Im just a little stuck,
thats all.
I knew it. Writers block.
You could have told me.
Im more than just your agent.
Im your friend sometimes.
And hey, theyve got therapists
for writers
for that type of thing.
Want me to call my guy?
No. Just relax, okay?
I just gotta, you know,
tie it all together.
You sure? Just a phone call.
Maybe a Zoom.
Yeah, totally. I got it.
100 percent.
Good. Cause contractually you
have three weeks to turn it in.
I thought it was more like five.
Yeah, see, I think youve
lost track of time
with your creative distraction.
Is that what were calling
it now?
You know what I mean, G.
Look, this is an output deal,
I assured them that you keep
turning books out.
Otherwise theyll stop
asking for more.
Look, I just dont want you
wasting any more time,
for both of our sakes.
Not what Im doing here.
[fog horn blows]
Where are you?
Nantucket? Thats where
youre hard at work?
Just needed a writers retreat.
Ah, to make up for lost time.
Something like that.
Look, just get it done.
Pretty please,
with sprinkles on top.
I will.
Hey. Thought you might
call in sick.
A little payback after I left
you hanging last night.
You did kinda leave me hanging.
Dylan. Hi.
Uh, did you finish
your purchases already?
No, I just wanted
to come back
and offer you a
little incentive.
To read your book?
I would like to pay you
for your time.
No, that wont be necessary
because I already read it.
-You did?
And it was good.
Overall... not for us?
Youre speaking for
the whole book club?
Well, I kinda curate it,
so yeah I guess I am.
Can I ask why?
It- its just not my kind
of romance.
Well, thats cause its not
a romance.
Its historical literature
that happens to be set
around a love story.
Why does no one get that?
Okay, well could you be
a little more specific?
You really wanna hear?
The love story.
So pretty much the whole thing.
There just wasnt enough depth
in the relationship
to warrant them falling in love.
That is broad and devastatingly
more specific.
Im sorry. You asked.
I did. [chuckles]
-Ill just put my things away.
Keep at it.
Its a process.
[laughs] Yeah, Im uh-
Im aware of the process.
I have been on the best seller
list for years.
Dylan Turner? Im not sure Im
familiar with your other work.
Its actually Graham Sterling.
[whispers] Graham Sterling?
Im sorry, what?
[bell dings]
Oh, hi guys.
I will be right with you.
[laughing nervously]
Hi. Just right this way.
So you lied.
I- I used a pseudonym.
You introduced yourself
as Dylan Turner.
I did, but it was pretty...
pretty harmless.
Okay, so you write YA fiction
and not historical romance.
Historical romance literature.
So you do know me?
Of course, I do.
Its my job to know
what Im selling.
Parachutes for Beginners
volumes 1 through 7,
with volume 8 on the way
if I remember my publishing
news correctly.
Yes, you are.
Listen, if I may,
in my humble opinion
I think you might be wrong
turning me down.
Im not turning you down.
I am turning Dylan down.
And besides, you dont need us
or this when youre you.
You would be surprised
how hard it is to genre hop
when youre me.
-Alice. Big fan.
Can I just borrow Meg
for a second?
-Yeah, sure.
-Thank you so much.
[whispers] Meg, come here?
What are you doing?
Youd be helping
a writer struggling
against being typecast.
Youre just star struck.
[scoffs] I am not.
Okay, maybe I am,
but I am married.
Oh, please? Please? Please?
Okay, but Im doing this
for the baby.
Okay. Thanks.
Fine? Whats fine?
Fine, we will wrap your book.
Hey, you will?
But no more lies.
No more lies.
Then well let the book club
decide how they feel
about Dylan Turners
debut novel.
We shall.
[pleasant music]
Okay, so hows this gonna go?
Youve never been a part of
a book club?
Or like a writers support
group before?
I was too shy when I should
have been in one.
Now that I have an agent
and a publisher
I get critique up
the wazoo, so...
So thats a no?
So thats a no.
Are there rules,
or instructions?
This feels a bit more involved
than your average club.
No, not really.
People just choose a book
blindly based on my clues
and if they like it enough
to discuss they come back
the following week.
If youre that curious
our next one is tomorrow
and lucky for you
its historical romance.
Can we just call it literature?
You can call it
whatever you want.
Just make sure you reach
the reader
who will appreciate your work.
Like you did in the Parachute
Hmm. Thank you.
You have a lot of fans
on this island.
Including you?
Teen fans.
And Ms. Alice Waters,
aspiring writer.
You should probably consider
her fandom double points.
Oh, well seeing as how
youre a fellow writer,
and all the books you
have access to, I'd agree.
Thank you.
Okay, Graham. If youre in,
tomorrow is a potluck picnic
in honor of the garden
atmosphere in the book
and afterwards well be
arranging flowers.
Oh, sounds very civilized.
But maybe dont mention
your last name
or what you do for a living.
It could hinder the convo,
cause youre famous.
Eh, more like well-known
in some circles.
"Heartfelt, engaging,
unexpectedly satisfying".
Sounds like a dating profile.
Am I right?
No. It sounds good.
I should warn you though,
the group can be pretty fierce.
Lets hope youre a fast reader.
Oh, fun fact about me:
Im actually a speed reader.
Held the record in college.
The nerd thing was real,
even though the name wasnt.
Well, that was fun.
Can I take you to lunch?
Lets go.
Wait, wait, wait.
So "lets table this for later"
was code for I want out?
Im so sorry.
Why are you telling me sorry?
I was really hoping to stock
your book
in the best sellers section.
Wait, does this mean
youre gonna sell?
I- I dont know.
It means that Im in the middle
of an early mid-life crisis.
Sharing the mortgage and the
overhead and the good months
and the bad months,
that was one thing.
But taking it all on myself?
I mean, what if we have
a bad month?
I dont know if I want
that kind of responsibility.
It just feels... massive.
Too massive?
Permanent. Definitive.
And the complete opposite
from helping people find
their forever homes,
which is also massive.
Okay. So what now?
I dont know.
Follow up with the bank,
touch base with Talia,
see what my options are.
If I want to return.
Is she still with Downtown
Boston Real Estate?
No, she and a couple others
started their own agency.
I just dont want
to let anyone down.
I think you should just focus
on you, girl.
Do that for a minute and then
worry about everyone else.
Youre probably right.
Now, I think I need some
of those fries.
You are really gonna come
between a pregnant lady
and her fries?
Just kidding. Here.
And Im gonna grab us
some shakes.
This is the new cover art
for book number 8?
Thats what they gave me.
Its vague but itll have to do.
Now I just need my book.
Dont smile at me like that,
this is not funny.
[Stacey] Im so excited to try
flower arranging.
[Alice] I know. Me too.
[gasps] Stacey, you dream, I was
so hoping youd bring those.
-Theyre my favorite.
Hey, Jackson.
Hey, sorry Im late.
Youre right on time.
Are those wedding tea cakes?
Yes, they are my moms recipe.
So youre a baker?
Yeah, I mean, I try...
Wow, Jackson.
-Woah, you seeing this?
-Im impressed.
Care to share the recipe?
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
Do you have four hours?
[Stacey and Jackson laugh]
Im serious.
Did you see the look
between those two?
No, I didnt.
I think thats what you call
shared commonality.
Stop it.
Im just saying.
And National Public Radio
just started listing your books.
They called it Blind Date
Book Club on the website.
Can we please just get
this started?
Not without your new friend.
-You made it.
My first ever book club.
These are for you.
I was worried you might
not have enough treats.
Thank you very much.
I hope youre ready for this.
Oh yeah. Its gonna be
a fun night.
[cheerful music]
Now, I know not everyone
appreciates a happy ending
but I found this one to be
particularly satisfying
and earned.
But I'm wondering...
am I alone here?
Honestly, it left me
a little cold.
A non-decision.
I get that was supposed
to feel powerful,
not being on anyones timeline,
payroll, what have you,
but I think its always
important to know
where you stand.
Thats exactly what I thought...
And what about the pacing
of the book?
It was kinda slow.
Im curious how many of you
agree with Stacey and Jackson?
So our protagonist seems
to be obsessed with flowers.
Would anyone like to speak
on that theme?
Thanks so much for coming.
Dont forget to put those
in water.
Not my best work, but...
For me?
Yeah. For introducing me to the
beguiling world of book clubs.
Oh, well thank you.
They are beautiful.
But you hated tonight.
Why do you say that?
Because you barely said
two words.
Cause I loved it.
Mmm, like a root canal.
No, no, Im being serious.
I hadnt heard people talk
that candidly about a book
in way too long.
You said you hear critique
all the time.
Sure, that I should keep doing
what Ive always done
cause they know it works.
Seven times.
Yeah, but for my latest project
I just got a real polite
and vague "pass".
I think the most honest critique
Ive gotten in years
was from you.
Well, that was
after a quick read.
Yeah, but it was honest,
which I appreciate.
You give really good feedback.
Its a heck of a lot better than
just "you dont do romance".
Even though you disagreed?
Yeah, both can be true.
Its an art form, not a science.
Which is why I would love
to pay you
for a little more real critique.
If you have the time.
Stop offering to pay me!
Im not taking your money.
Why not?
Because I am not an editor
or a charity,
and you are not that nerdy
kid anymore.
Youd be surprised.
Why dont we just wait and see
what the feedback is
from the book club?
Because I wanna hear more
of what you think.
Since you only
moderate discussions
I thought outside of
the club would be best.
Okay, look. If youre not gonna
accept my money, fine.
But how about I do a book
signing before I leave town?
For all the Nantucket fans.
Minus you, of course.
Okay. Im out of town tomorrow
but when I get back
we can find a time to meet.
[cheerful music]
I wish we would have had one of
these espresso machines
when we first started, right?
We would have doubled
our productivity.
I feel like we did
pretty great without it,
but it wouldnt hurt.
Thank you.
And thanks for seeing me
on such short notice.
Of course.
Im just glad to see
you back in the office.
Although this office is a little
fancier than our last one.
Its been a solid few years.
So Im hoping this place
makes it even more enticing
for you to come back to.
If thats what you want.
I dont know what I want.
It would be really nice
to work together again,
but it might take me a minute to
get back in the swing of things.
The landscape is a little
different now.
Different how?
More competition
in the central area
so weve had to cast
a wider net.
More travel, much longer hours,
but the payoff reflects that,
dont worry.
I bet. Businesses are
changing everywhere.
Im sure youve seen
that first hand.
But I have also seen you set
an impossibly ambitious goal
for sales in a six month period
and meet it at, what, 25?
I will never forget that.
I was young and hungry.
A super hard worker.
I would be happy to put you up
for a job.
I just need your resume
within the week.
A week? Wow, that's fast.
Um... thank you.
That really means a lot.
Okay then.
Grab your coffee.
Im gonna give you
the grand tour.
Oh, thank you.
Not the most ergonomic set-up.
Oh, really?
Because I thought the lumbar
supports not bad.
Yeah, its cause youre 20--
Oh, well geez,
in that case.
You writing?
Can you even call it that
when youre not getting paid?
Yeah, even more so.
Youre fueled by your own
critique, which can be intense.
Yeah, and then what?
Get motivated by critics,
Fear, that you uh, only had that
one thing in you and then what?
Well, I- you keep going?
Like youre going?
Its been a decade or--
We dont need to drill down
like that, do we?
Listen, my unsolicited advice?
Just keep writing what you love.
Hey. You too.
[upbeat music]

Oh, I wrote a riddle
it was hard to figure out
I couldn't find the answer
my mouth full of reasons
my head full of doubt
I'd say it's easy to tell

My way is always hard.

My way is always hard.

My way is always hard.
[whispers] C'mon, c'mon,
Looks like somebody didnt
see the "no loitering" sign.
Im just glad a few books
have gone already.
Yeah, itll be fun to see
who shows.
Yeah, itll be super fun.
You know you dont actually
have to attend?
The other authors havent.
Oh, but Im not the author,
Ah, right.
Then Ill leave it to you.
Personally, I wouldnt go.
You know, Im pretty sure you
called this a working vacation
but Im not seeing
much working happening.
Well, that, Meg, is
because Im doing
the second most important thing
I could do as a writer.
Oh? Whats that?
On number 8.
You havent finished it yet?
Its already been announced!
But you might wanna hold off
on that pre-order.
Not that I told you.
Isnt it easy at this point?
Like a formula?
Oh, what, just bang em out?
Everyone thinks that.
I even tell myself that
at the start of each one
but its not quite like that.
And this one has proven to be
particularly challenging.
Well, maybe that's be...
Oh, no.
Dont hold back on me now.
Maybe youve just lost sight
of what inspired you.
What connected you
to the readers.
The Graham that started it all.
Maybe. Or maybe Im just stuck.
Either way, I should go.
Unless you wanna keep lurking
in the shadows of a book shop
to kill time.
Alright, I said I was going.
Hey, hey.
Um, why dont we get together
to discuss Dylans novel?
Tuesday at 10:00?
The shop will be closed
and quiet.
Yeah, that sounds perfect for
an overly candid conversation.
Sounds good.
What you do, its real
to your fans.
You know that, right?
Which has nothing to do
with what genre it is.
It matters to them.
So maybe pin that reminder
to your forehead if it helps.
Yeah, as long as I can still see
the screen.
-Otherwise... Ehhh.
You should write a comedy next.
Why does it sound so quiet
over there?
Youre kinda freaking me out.
Cause it is.
Its glorious.
Oh. Where is everyone?
Darren took the girls
to dinner and a movie.
Oh. Wait, so youre home alone?
Oh, well I should let you go.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.
It's okay, just... whisper.
[whispers] Okay.
Its a little weird, but okay.
You good?
Minus being seriously
behind on book 8, yeah.
Why do you sound way
too relaxed about that?
Just feeling hopeful today,
thats all.
Hey, have you really read
every book?
Im starting to think youre
like a modern-day Judy Bloom.
That feels generous.
Honestly, if what you share
helps my girls face
their difficult teenage years
with the same resilient humor
that Huxley Allan has then
I will be forever grateful.
And Im sure Im not the only
mom who thinks that.
Now get to it!
Ive got a frozen pizza
to take out of the oven.
Frozen pizza?
Thats what youre having
for dinner?
Yeah. Fast and easy.
Now go.
I love you.
-Love you. Bye.
[pleasant music]
[out of breath] Alright.
Pancakes for you,
gluten-free waffles for you.
[doorbell rings]
Who could that be?
Dont you dare move.
Dont you move.
Mom, I need you!
[upbeat music]
Im not late, am I?
Thank you.
And no, I just wanted
to be outside.
So, where to?
Youll see.
Equally vague.
Its not fancy, but its my
favorite place on the island.
So let me guess.
Water baby.
I actually didnt learn to swim
until I was 14.
But Ive always loved being
close to the water, like my mom.
In fact, I think my general love
of the ocean helped me sell
a few waterfront properties
back in the day.
Pretty sure youre too young
to use that phrase.
Hows that?
Yeah, better.
So howd you make the leap from
realtor to book club expert?
Im not an expert.
My mom was the expert.
I just took over when
she got sick.
Did you ever want to go back?
-To Boston?
I did. I thought I would,
but, you know,
the thought of giving up
the shop...
there's so much of my mom here.
And probably out there, too.
Pretty sure everywhere
and anywhere you are.
So, are you ready to hear
all of my thoughts
on Dylans debut novel?
So obviously Ive read
your books before
but I went back and brushed up
on a few.
And Huxley is amazing.
He reads like a real person.
Like his stories have actually
happened to him, and...
I think that's part of
why people
have fallen in love
with your books.
Because they feel lived.
So I would ask you,
does your new book feel like
it's coming from
that same place?
I think you already know
the answer to that.
Sorry if I overstepped.
Not at all.
I think I needed someone
to ask me that question.
Alright, Freud, lets hear
the rest of these notes.
Lets just start with
the forward, shall we?
Oh, wow, that early?
Well, it's poetic but...
not very engaging.
[Graham] The forward!
I got three pages of notes here.
You have given me a lot
to think about.
I kinda had to.
To warrant the book signing
youll be doing for us
when this is all over.
Oh right, that.
Yeah, that.
This for tonights book club?
I hope its a hit.
Youre not coming?
I didnt get an invite.
Well, you dont need
an invitation,
you just need to have read
the book.
Which you bought.
But havent read.
Yet. But will, now.
Yeah, yeah. I mean,
if you want me there.
Oh, um... I mean... sure.
Well, I have a book to read.
-Ill see you tonight.
-See you tonight.
[inspirational music]
This is fine.
Its not like its a... date.
I can do better.
Too much.
Hello, welcome to my garden.
I look like a grape.
Well, this is better.
[uplifting music]
[bell dings]
Is it just me or are there more
people here than usual?
Well, maybe if the flight of
Italy's finest regions.
It was almost a murder
mystery game.
You made a wise choice.
And I think that is for you.
Stop it.
Oh, you know, you didnt have
to bring anything.
Oh, my mother taught me
never to arrive empty-handed,
so um, feel free
to open it tonight
or save it for a
special occasion.
Well, I would count
your second book club
as a special occasion,
wouldnt you?
I would.
Im a little hooked.
The formal tasting is later
but you can start with this.
Thank you for coming.
-Thank you for inviting me.
Now what?
Sip on that and grab an arancini
for starters.
Oh, theres food.
You sound disappointed
about that.
I was just hoping it was wine
only so Id have an excuse.
To get a little tipsy?
To ask you to dinner.
Oh. Um... dinner?
Well, you know, seeing
as how youre pretty much
my only friend on
the island and all.
So were friends now?
I hope so.
Um... yeah.
Dinner would be nice.
Wow. Check out the snow.
Yeah, but it rarely lasts
this time of year.
Look, I know youre new here
and I really appreciate
the thought
but this restaurant is new
and its very popular
and small and impossible
to get in.
I know. Thats why were sitting
at the bar.
Even less possible.
It has the best view
of the water.
I know that, too.
Quite the line up.
Yeah. Excuse us.
Um, Graham, you cant just--
Im so sorry.
You cant just cut
all those people.
It's okay.
And here we are.
For us.
Youre joking.
Im just glad you said yes.
It was a bit of a gamble.
You seem to take a lot of those.
Yeah, when its something
important to me.
May I?
This was amazing.
I cant believe you got us
in here.
I just wanted you to be able
to sit down,
kick your feet up,
enjoy the view...
I get the impression
you don't do that often.
I do. Sometimes.
When was the last time?
Do you count reading?
I do not.
That sounds about right.
Whered you go to school?
Is that where you did
real estate as well?
Yeah, and the only time
Ive ever been away from here.
Thank you.
So were your parents locals?
My mom was, I never
knew my dad.
Was it just the two of you?
Yeah, and I was lucky enough
to have this amazing village
of people.
I cant imagine growing up
anywhere else.
Thats a lot about me,
so tell me about your village.
What was your village like.
Uh... small, I never married
or had kids.
My sister did early on,
she has two amazing girls.
Who I dont see nearly
as much as Id like,
and yeah thats
pretty much that.
That doesnt sound small.
It sounds really nice.
Thank you.
Rate it.
Scale of one to ten.
-The lobster ice cream?
Negative three.
Then why are you still
eating it?
Because I dont want to hurt
anyones feelings.
So am I the only one
youre brutally honest with?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just...
maybe I'm just comfortable
with you.
With me?
Thats the best kind
of compliment.
Thank you.
So, how are you feeling
about Thursday?
Yeah, Im actually excited
for it.
-You are?
Youre not nervous?
Oh, no, no, no, I am
very nervous. Yeah.
And you still think
youre gonna attend?
For sure.
What? I think my skin is getting
tougher, dont you?
Yeah, but youve seen
the club in action.
I have. I can handle it.
Its not like theyll know
its me, anyway.
Right, right. But comments
are gonna fly.
I just dont think
I could do it.
I think you could do anything
you want.
Can I walk you home?
You can.
Great. Lead the way.
-Wow. This is your place?
Its beautiful.
So thanks for a great night,
and for the lovely things
you said earlier.
Just telling the truth.
Thats kind of our theme,
isnt it?
The foundation of every
great relationship.
So they say.
Is that what were calling this?
Thanks for saying yes.
I had a great time tonight.
Can we do it again?
I would like to.
But how about next time
no book talk.
Whatever will we talk about?
I think we could figure it out.
[romantic music]
See you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
[uplifting music]
[message alert]
[message alert]
Oh, you mean the one of me
looking super awkward?
[sighs] Here. But dont say
I didnt warn you.
[message alert]
Meg, hi, its Raina
from the radio show.
Im on the island
for another story
and would love to sit in
on tomorrows book club.
See you then.
[upbeat cheerful music]
I dont know, Graham.
Im having second thoughts.
About this?
No, about this.
The book club.
Youre not worried?
What, about National Public
Radio coming?
Theyre covering your night.
No, why would I?
They dont even know
who Dylan Turner is.
But what if they do?
What if they recognize you?
Never gonna happen.
But what if it goes bad?
What would that do
to your reputation?
You sound exactly like my agent.
I have to lie on national radio.
Youre not lying.
And youre making Alice
my accomplice.
Okay, listen, I admire
your honesty
but this is nothing more than
a harmless experiment.
Mmm. Harmless?
Yeah. Okay, come here.
Authors use pseudonyms
all the time.
I am unknown in this genre,
and you cover unknown authors
all the time.
None of that is untrue.
Tonight is gonna be good.
It might even be fun.
Fun, huh?
Yeah, fun.
-Aunt Renee!
What are you doing here?
Oh, DocuSign and e-mail seemed
an odd way
to say goodbye to this place.
I will give you two a minute.
Hes cute.
He is.
So, have you decided on selling?
Lets just table this for later.
Excuse me, Ms. Alice Waters.
You dropped something.
Whats this?
Ah, just a little inspiration,
"Starting is the hardest part,
but your journey has already
begun. Keep going."
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Hey, can I ask you
a quick question?
Whats with the apples?
All of your lead characters
have some sort of obsession
with apples.
Do they?
Yeah, cider, orchard symmetry,
the seed,
or just eating the entire apple.
Well, eating the whole apple
is a thing from camp
when I was 10.
And the rest?
I dont know.
I gotta give that some thought.
Great observation.
Thank you.
Well, everyone should be
arriving shortly.
I have to finish setting up.
You should.
Can I give you a hand?
Oh, please. Thank you.
Chair duty?
Please, yes.
[cheerful music]
Limoncello spritzers,
any takers?
Great. Love it.
Limoncello spritzer.
This is gonna be so bad.
No, I researched how
to make these last night,
they should be pretty good.
Not that, this.
Graham being here.
You worry too much.
He is a best-selling author
and this is not his finest work.
The book club is a full house
tonight and Rainas back.
Live from Nantucket.
Oh, I feel nauseous.
Lets recap.
Reinas back, we have a best
selling author in the midst
and its a full house.
I just said that.
Not with the right attitude.
Please, try to relax.
I will try, hows that?
Thank you.
Thats pretty good.
Yeah? Oh, great.
Ladies, so good to see you.
[phone ringing]
Hey. You calling for a rematch?
Im calling for pages.
Times up, G man.
Very soon.
Dont make me have that call
with the publisher.
Okay, Terrance, I hear you.
But um, I gotta call you back,
I am just about to walk
into a book club.
Woah, woah. Since when
do you attend book clubs?
Well, since they agreed
to read my novel.
Your what?
Romance novel?
You didnt use your name,
did you?
No. Un-huh.
Good. Lets keep it that way.
Cause its not just your
reputation on the line here,
its mine, too.
Yeah, I know.
As far as anyone knows,
you are and have been 100
percent focused on output.
Thats the deal we made,
so book number 8, please.
Mmhmm. Mmhmm.
Look, the publishers
lawyer is serious.
Pages next week or they want
their advance back.
And they wont want any more.
Good talk.
Thanks so much for coming.
Yes. See you in a bit.
Have you seen Graham anywhere?
I think hes outside.
[message alert]
Hi everyone.
Uh, just a couple
quick announcements
before we get started.
Tonights discussion
will be moderated by Alice,
and then a little later well be
going outside for some painting
in honor of the antagonist
of tonights book.
Also, we have a very special
guest here tonight
from National Public Radio,
Raina Breem.
Thank you.
Shes here following up
on her story
from a couple of weeks ago.
This book club struck quite
a chord with my listeners.
If its alright with you Ill be
recording tonights session.
Of course. Yep.
So take your time
getting seated,
we will get started shortly.
Good book?
Yeah, yeah.
I think so.
Do you know anything
about the author?
Uh, no. No.
Someone said he was crazy
handsome or something.
Why do you look familiar to me?
Common face, maybe?
High school, perhaps?
Mmm, not unless you went
to Oakmont in Connecticut.
Not even close.
Familiar face.
Familiar face, then.
Were really glad youre here.
Did they meet here?
Could be.
Seems like theyre taking
the date part of the book
club seriously.
Does this happen often
at the club?
Like I said before, its just
always about the books.
Ill report what I see,
hows that?
Shall we get started?
Yeah, it's a great idea.
In the end, it is the love
of the unknown
that brings Devon back
to the very place he hated.
To reclaim lost innocence.
So, with that being said,
anyone want to start us off?
Any takers?
Well, I thought the theme
was very refreshing
and to be honest it was one
that we havent seen before.
Except we have.
In Juliet, Titans,
Florentine's Myth ...
sure, it had a slightly
different slant,
but I'm not exactly sure
I'd call it refreshing.
No disrespect.
Oh, none taken.
See, I didnt have an issue
with the theme,
I just didnt feel any
connection to his journey.
Or hers.
Cause they werent
vulnerable enough.
I mean, its good writing
and I get where the author
was trying to go but
he didnt get there.
Dont you agree?
I do, totally.
From what I skimmed,
Id say the prose is poetic
but the insight
is just skin deep.
An American classic,
this is not.
I feel like the pacing
was way off.
Sounds like a bore.
She didnt even read the book.
I thought it was kind of fun.
I dont know what
its trying to say.
The motivation was flat.
Is it warm in here?
A little stuffy?
Anyone else warm?
Feels okay to me.
Oh, well Im just gonna
open the doors
to let some air flow in here
and then we can resume.
So, everyone take five
and grab a cookie.
Are you okay?
How quickly can we wrap this up?
We just started.
I think you should milk it
as much as possible.
Any exposure is good exposure.
Im not sure I agree with that.
So, fun might have been
an overstatement.
Its not that bad, we only
heard from a few people.
Pardon my forwardness.
Did you guys meet here?
Wed seen each other
around town, but-
We never actually talked.
Until the book club?
I guess thats correct.
One couple confirmed.
This is certainly different
from any other book club
Ive been to.
It sure is, isnt it?
Wait, is this you?
Please say this is you!
I love your novels!
Thats it!
The Parachute series.
I knew I knew you.
Youre Graham Sterling,
best selling author.
You are?
Why didnt you say anything?
Because hes famous!
And why are you here?
No offense.
Its fine.
Because I wanted to be part
of this book club.
Because of the whole discovering
new writers thing.
Or were you looking for a date?
Nope, that's- that's not why
I was here.
At least, not initially.
Romance was the last thing
on my mind,
which is kind of ironic
considering I just wrote...
Wait, did you write this book?
It says Dylan Turner.
But it's self-published, so...
You know what?
I think its time that we
all head outside
and do some painting.
You did. You knew it was him,
didnt you?
Knew what?
That hes famous.
Is that why you promoted
his book? This book?
Then why did everyone read it?
I thought you hand-picked them.
I- I do.
So you liked this?
No, but... I'm sorry.
Its okay.
Why are we reading it then?
Thats a very good question.
You know what?
I think we all should
just be excited
that a famous author
is among us.
Could you sign this for me?
It could be worth something
one day.
When is your next book
coming out?
Im a huge fan.
Not of this, though.
You might be better sticking
to what you know.
Yeah, that seems to be a bit
of a recurring theme.
So tell us, Graham Sterling,
when will we get the next book
in your series?
Or have you abandoned
it for this?
Nope, number 8 is still
very much on the way.
Well, Meg, I hope you werent
promoting this
to help out a friend.
I promise I never meant
to deceive anyone.
This is starting to feel like
a circus.
Yes, it is, and thats not
at all what my mom started
or what Ive tried to create,
so thats- thats why
Ive decided to sell.
[crowd gasps]
You have?
This wasnt the story I was
expecting tonight.
Youre going to sell
the book shop?
I think its time.
So no more book club?
I dont know, thatll be
up to the next owner.
But I promise, we will leave
you all in very good hands.
And on that note, I think-
I think that thats all
for tonight
so everyone
can just head home.
Yeah, everyone, lets just grab
our things and wrap up.
Uh, so to round back to you two,
Was there a particular genre
of novel that you bonded over?
I am so sorry.
Dont be, I brought you in.
No, but you were right.
I should have listened to you.
Listen, I have a lot to clean up
so I just need everyone
to- to leave.
Yeah, okay.
Ill give you a hand.
No, no.
I need everyone to leave.
[sentimental music]
So, this is it?
Yep, this is it.
So what now?
Well, I have a second meeting
lined up
with a broker friend
to talk territories.
Oh. That sounds promising.
It is.
You know, I know the other
day was atypical,
but I love what you did
with the place
and I feel like everyone
loved it, too.
It was fun.
It was something.
You know, the store is not
what your mom started
but times change and you made it
into something unique.
Your own.
Never feel guilty
about that.
Her dream was bringing people
together, like you did,
getting them excited
about reading again.
She would be so proud of you.
I know I am.
Thank you.
Send postcards, okay?
You know I will.
I thought you might like this.
Thank you.
See you soon.
Hey, Meg.
I cant believe you have
never been here.
I think theyd love it here.
Is there a treadmill to tame
their endless energy?
Theres a long stretch of beach,
tall rocks, rough waters.
-Go give it to Daddy.
-[children laughing]
Itll toughen them up.
Theyre pretty tough already.
Those girls are awesome.
They take after me.
Yeah, they do.
So how are you?
Ah... stellar.
Okay, you are never that one note.
Im good.
At least Im almost done.
You are? And- and how
do you feel?
Im serious.
I am, too.
I realized I had kinda forgot
what I loved about writing
to begin with, but I think
Ive found that passion again.
Hey, I like this new you.
So you think you guys
will visit?
We might take a break
from endless laundry
and youll make us dinner?
Frozen pizza? Done.
Hey, theres something else
I want to talk to you about.
Or rather, someone.
Mommy, mommy!
Okay, girls, Uncle Graham is gonna
tell us about a girl.
-[children laughing]

Something still
inside of me,
...with cooling breeze,
darling you put
my mind at ease,
gentle as a southern mother,
you calm my stirring waters,
now and forever in a dream.
Oh, mom...
'Cause you'll be on my mind
when the stars...
on my mind in the...
you'll be on my mind,

take a trip around
the sun,
life has just begun,
bloom in the flowers
of our love,
time has stood still,
no more need to chase
what's real,
no more cries sorry...
'cause you'll be on my mind
when the stars...
on my mind...
you'll be on my mind,
ooooh, ooooh,
ooooh, ooooh
ooooh, ooooh
ooooh, ooooh

on my mind...
you'll be on my mind,
on my mind...
on my mind...
Read your pages, Graham.
Just when I thought I had
you all figured out
you go and make me cry.
You havent cried since
that exchange student
broke up with you
in seventh grade.
Ah, Valentina.
Okay, but it wasnt-
I was-
Okay, you know-
this is incredible.
Wait, you already read it?
Well, the ending?
With the apple?
I mean, it was such
a small gesture,
but sharing an apple
with a friend.
And friendship will follow.
I cant take all the credit,
I had a little inspiration
on that one.
From an aspiring writer that
I may end up sending your way.
Well, Im here for it.
And hey, Graham, this isnt
just your best one yet.
Its the best one Ive ever read
in the genre.
And Im not just saying that
as your friend, but as an agent.
Now, the publisher wont take
long to approve this
and Ill be pushing you going
into the next one right away.
Yeah, uh, about that.
Oh, no, no, no.
Please dont tell me
youre ditching this
for your new genre.
Relax, you don't have
to sell your boat.
I'm gonna put the other book
on the back burner for a bit,
but for uh... for Huxley
I say we push
for a guaranteed 12.
I mean, listen. I know
I've got more stories in me
if there's the appetite.
Heck, lets go for 20.
Hows that?
Id expect nothing less.
Thanks, G.
And hey, once number 8
settles down,
lets circle back on that
historical fiction novel, too.
I wouldnt be much of an agent
if I told all my clients
to stay in their lane
their whole career.
Now, it needs work, but uh,
lets try and find
a shelf for it.
Yeah, dont worry,
Im gonna write it.
Just gotta live it first.
Alright pal, see you
on the court.
I gotta say, we had a good run.
Dare I say, a great one.
But it just doesnt feel
right anymore.
You deserve someone
whos all in, all the time.
In Boston I would just be
looking back here.
This is what I want.
Thanks, Talia.
I will give you two a moment.
So is loitering your
new favorite pastime?
You made that?
Im multi-talented.
And incredibly humble.
So whats with the sign?
Well, apparently
youre the GOAT.
Mmhmm. Greatest Of All Time.
Thats what my nieces said
when I told them about you.
-You did?
What um, what exactly
did you tell them?
Broad strokes,
you know, that uh,
youre an amazing human
and youre super fun,
really funny, wildly honest.
Well, where would we be without
honesty and human connection?
Without our people?
Probably eating take-out alone
in a fancy apartment.
Pretty sure thats where
Id be in Boston.
If I went back.
Oh, youre thinking of keeping
this place?
I always knew I wanted to do
something that mattered,
I just didnt realize I was
already doing it.
This place is pretty special.
And not just
because I grew up here.
It makes me really happy.
You do, too.
I do?
Good. 'Cause you...
you are the most real,
refreshing thing I have felt
in years.
You sure this isnt just
the writer in you in overdrive,
needing to neatly wrap things up
in the end?
No. Just saying exactly
how I feel.
Any thoughts, feelings,
Id say the start
of this chapter
is feeling pretty promising.
Oh. And?
And maybe theres something
to this blind date book club
after all.
[romantic music]