Blind Malice (2014) Movie Script

[Bird caws]
[Chattering on radio]
[Radio announcer] A nutrition
doctor, Michael Haskin
who was falsely accused
of sex abuse
involving five
local Sausalito children
is back in the headlines.
Initial allegations eight
years ago accuse Haskin
of engaging
inappropriate touch
involving preteen
medical exams
with illicit purpose.
New allegations...
[Birds cawing]
- [Beeping]
- [Voice on phone] Battery 38%.
You have no messages.
Signal strength,
zero bars.
[Beeps] Signal
strength, zero bars.
Signal strength,
zero bars.
[Beeps] Signal
strength, one bar.
We're in the middle
of dumb fuck nowhere.
Please, I know
you love your solitude.
This is heaven.
And I might just get
to see a few stars tonight.
It's freezing.
You've been
in worse than this.
[Roxy whimpers]
You could've just said no.
[Woman] Your father works hard
to keep these rentals up.
Let's just get
through this, okay?
Shall we?
Hmm. We'll have
to come back up
after the trial
and do the big stuff.
You know, I think
half these keys
are from rentals
he doesn't even own anymore.
This should do it.
Smells like old people.
Anybody here?
Thank you.
Team work, okay?
Come on, down here.
Let's go.
we do each of these things
in this order,
we'll be out of here
in two days
and on our way home.
He's got you wrapped
around his little finger.
[Clears throat]
If you worked
as hard as he did...
Healing the world,
one child at a time.
- Karen...
- I'm just saying.
You know, your father,
he's going through
some unusual time.
- Yes.
- It's a pattern.
That was
eight years ago.
He's just smarter
about things.
People are desperate.
Doctors are targets.
He's under
a lot of stress.
We just need to relax.
Just to unwind.
breathe a little.
This... This will be good.
Some peace and quiet
away from the madness.
You're right.
I'm sure everything
will just be fine.
I... I have faith.
He'll just have to...
sell off
some more rental property.
Settle out of court.
Like he always does.
- [Smacks]
- [Kettle whistles]
Front railing... yeah.
Your father's
gonna have to come up
in the spring
and fix that.
Where was I?
And two bulbs
in the den.
One in the hall...
One in the first bedroom.
We need cleanser.
- [Karen] Bottled water.
- Bottled water.
Hmm. Cigarettes.
More disgusting cigarettes.
Ah, we'll start
packing personal things
in the morning.
[Music plays]
[Raising voice] We start
packing personal things
in the morning.
[Music continues]
- [Karen sighs]
- Grab your coat.
I'll just
slow you down.
I'm gonna stay.
Enjoy the solitude.
Did you already take
your sleeping meds?
No, I'm actually
tired on my own.
Thank you, very much.
Oh, well,
don't wander off.
I'm not a child.
Okay, well...
I'll be back in an hour.
- [Sighs]
- At most.
[Car engine rumbles]
[Lights buzzing]
[Electronic music plays]
[Roxy barking]
- [Music continues]
- [Barking continues]
[Whimpering continues]
Roxy, come here.
[Bird caws]
Okay, let me
get your leash.
Roxy, stay right there.
[Roxy barks]
Roxy, come here.
[Barking continues]
Roxy. Roxy.
[Barking in distance]
[Voice echoes]
Roxy, come here.
- [Rustles]
- Roxy?
Roxy. Roxy.
Who's there?
So sorry, we're leaving.
I'm just getting my dog.
- [Shotgun clicks]
- [Man] Turn around and get off my property.
I'm just cleaning a house
at the end of the road.
Which house?
We're just here
for the day.
at old man Murray's house?
He used to offer up food
and a hot shower
once in a while.
He passed away.
- Oh, shit.
- [Roxy growls]
Well, we'll be going.
So sorry to intrude.
Got it.
[Object rustles]
[Chattering on TV]
[Man on TV] Mother Nature
has taught me a great deal
as to what I can expect.
[Woman murmurs]
What the?
What the hell?
God damn it.
I forgot
my goddamn cigarettes.
[Man on TV] Pediatrician, Dr.
Michael Haskin.
It has been a very intense
last few days.
Let me catch you up
on what's been going on.
Eight years ago,
pediatrician, Dr. Haskin
settled out of court
for an undisclosed
amount of money.
Now, he was being accused
of inappropriately touching
his patients
routine examinations.
His patients are nine,
and ten-year-old girls.
No charges were filed.
He walked. He's innocent.
Fast forward to today.
Seems like
it's happened again.
We're now in round three
of closed door meetings.
This time
he's being charged
of inappropriately touching
a six-year-old girl.
Here's what attorneys
had to say.
[Attorney] Obviously we're
concerned about the family
and we've reached out
to them to see
if there's been
a possible misunderstanding.
Coming clean?
Well, it's clear
that our position is
that there's
insufficient evidence
to actually formally
press charges.
[Reporter] Did your
client molest boys, too?
Look, unless
they can prove evidence
to support their claim,
I wanna remind the public
that it's simply
their word against ours.
And our client is innocent
until proven otherwise.
And I believe
they have no evidence
that Dr. Haskin
ever molested
any little girl.
So, it is what it is.
[Faucet splashing]
[Roxy barking faintly]
[Walking stick snaps]
- [Thuds]
- Ow!
- [Beeps]
- [Voice on phone] Signal strength zero...
[Beeps] Signal
strength zero bars.
Signal strength...
Signal strength, one bar.
[Bird crows]
[Water bottle crunches]
Who is it?
I'm gonna give you
one more chance
and then I'm gonna
call the police.
Who's there?
It's Ted.
Get off our property.
Go away.
Listen, I thought I heard
someone screaming.
Off our property now.
Before I call the police,
off the fucking porch now.
Off the porch!
I'm off, I'm off.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
to have scared you.
[Footsteps tapping]
Hey, I'm off. Look.
Is everything okay?
We're fine.
Now go away.
Honestly, I didn't know
anyone was here.
Do you mind
if I use your...
All right, I'm leaving,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I scared you.
[Footsteps fading]
Listen, I didn't mean
to scare you.
Well, you did.
Since I'm here, do you mind
if I use your garden hose?
Are you homeless?
Off the grid.
Listen, I'll be gone
in no time.
You said you were
cleaning the place.
You didn't say you were
actually staying here.
'Cause I got a cabin
in the woods, but...
no water or electricity.
Old man Murray used to let me
take a hot shower
and use his phone
once in a while...
So you said.
Hold on.
Stay right there,
don't come any closer.
That's close enough.
Hey, can we start over?
I'm Ted.
On your way, Ted.
All right. Again, I'm terribly
sorry to scare you like that.
And I'm glad
you didn't get hurt
out there earlier today.
Yeah, well...
Okay, thanks, right?
Listen, I'll be,
I'll be on my way.
Your towel?
Leave it there.
Got it.
We have warm water
in the guest bath.
It's okay, really.
It's okay.
Just leave your gun
and your bags where they are,
I mean it.
Really appreciate it.
Listen, thank you.
I really appreciate it.
My grandma
will be back any time.
Got it.
[Karen] It's down the
hall and to the right.
I know the house.
[Faucet splashing]
Fuck. Shit.
[Shower running]
Oh! Easy.
I'm sorry.
Jesus, you scared me.
I'm sorry,
I hope you don't mind
I took a shower.
My jeans in the sink
They should be dry,
I'll go get them.
I just spot wash them.
My grandma is gonna
be back any time.
You need to go soon.
Sure, five minutes.
Hey, got anything to drink?
Uh... Sure.
- Tea.
- Thanks.
Hey, I didn't get
your name.
It's Karen.
It's nice
to meet you, Karen.
So, the old man
is really gone, huh?
You knew him well?
Met him a few times.
He didn't come out much.
Have you eaten?
Are you hungry?
I really should go.
No, it's okay.
It's not a problem.
We just finished eating.
Fried chicken?
I'm starving.
Thank you.
- Need help?
- I'm fine.
Here, here, here.
You cook a lot?
All the time.
You always handwash
your clothes?
Only the delicates.
- Ouch.
- What?
A bruise.
[Dr. Haskin]
A bruise.
I've been known
to bump into stuff
once in a while.
You know,
you could've fooled me.
Out there in the woods.
How blind are you?
I can see more
than you think.
Can you now?
And I will add
that I have
superpower hearing.
Why do you ask?
Well 'cause I'm not
the most attractive man
on the planet
and you're being
very nice to me.
Maybe I pity you.
Off the grid and all.
Do you?
You're not attractive,
Not in the least bit.
it's my grandma
you gotta worry about.
She won't
find me attractive either.
And she won't
be so kind to you.
So... Karen.
Do you have a boyfriend?
None of your business.
Do you?
I prefer girls.
I see.
Only child?
Where are you from?
How long have you
been out here?
Too long.
A few years now.
I mean, why up here?
You say
you're off the grid and all
but what does
that even mean?
Let's just say
for all intents and purposes,
I'm not really here.
Serial killer?
Do I look like
a serial killer to you?
Drug smuggler.
You're gonna
turn me in now?
Not if you're nice.
Besides, I can't run
to the police.
Why's that?
House arrest.
Try prison.
For what?
- Selling grass.
- Pot?
That's lame.
Tell me about it.
Now I just gotta
stay outta trouble,
stay low,
and mind my own business.
Sounds fair enough.
Long story.
Short version?
Mom's an angel now,
in Heaven.
He's the Devil.
A master of disguises.
- Not dead.
- Working on it.
Sounds like
you need someone
to bail you out
of this.
I don't know
what smells better,
this chicken or you.
That's a bit forward.
This is also
a bit forward.
You need to go.
The chicken
smells ready.
I'll go get it.
You really need to go.
You can read that?
Try again.
I hear a car.
I hear a car.
No, you don't.
[Panting continues]
I'm gonna go see who it is.
You sit and eat.
I'm not hungry anymore.
No, please don't.
Please don't.
please don't.
Please don't.
Please stop.
Oh, God.
Please stop.
Ahh. Fuck.
[Roxy barking]
Don't go anywhere.
I'll be right back.
[Barking continues]
Off the porch.
- [Pounding]
- Karen.
How funny Karen.
[Whimpering continues]
Go away.
[Walking stick clicking]
[Pounding continues]
[Light bulb pops]
[Popping continues]
[Light bulb crashes]
[Door pounding]
[Door creaks]
[Creaking continues]
[Roxy barking]
[Roxy squeals]
- [Glass shatters]
- [Karen screams]
- [Yells]
- [Screams]
[Crying continues]
Ah, fuck.
[Karen panting]
[Echoing thud]
[Door rattles]
[Door creaks]
[Glass shatters]
God damn it.
Smart girl.
I'm warning you.
Stay away from me.
[Ted] Don't worry, I'm
not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm warning you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Where's my shotgun slugs?
Where's my grandmother?
We're out in the middle
of dumb fuck nowhere,
A person can be missing here
and never be found.
- Go to hell.
- Oh, you think
you're pretty clever
don't you?
You need to realize Karen,
no one's coming
to rescue you.
You got two options.
Either behave
and shut the fuck up.
Or two,
I'll make you behave.
And I'll shut you up.
Hey, you wanna try
this again?
Where's my slugs?
Where's my slugs?
I don't... Okay, okay.
They're on the...
- They're on top of the refrigerator.
- Where?
They're over there.
- [Sizzles]
- [Ted screams]
[Screaming continues]
[Karen moaning]
[Crying continues]
[Phone dials]
[Voice on phone]
Battery 38%.
Signal strength,
zero bars.
Come on.
[Phone on voice]
Signal strength, one bar.
Signal strength.
Come on.
[Voice on phone]
[Rustling continues]
Call failed.
[Dial tone]
Come on.
[Groaning continues]
[Dial tone continues]
[Door opens]
Oh, there you are.
[Karen shuffling]
Ready or not,
here I come.
[Screaming continues]
[Muffled cries]
[Muffled whimpering]
[Muffled whimpering]
[Muffled screams]
[Muffled crying]
[Lamp shatters]
[Muffled screaming
Oh, fuck.
[Door rustling]
[Floor boards creak]
[Light bulb buzzing]
[Footsteps tapping]
[Faucet running]
[Karen panting]
[Screaming continues]
- [Nanna] Karen?
- You fucking pig!
- You fucking pig!
- Oh, my God.
- You fucking pig.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, Jesus.
[Karen] Don't you
ever touch me again.
You tell anyone
about this
and you know
who will get hurt.
[Echoes] About this and you
know who will get hurt.
[Floor board thuds]
Oh, my God.
Oh, Jesus.
[Karen cries]
Oh, no.
Is he dead?
My God.
Oh, my God.
I didn't mean to.
Fuck. Fuck.
It was an accident.
- It was an accident.
- Quiet.
- It was an accident.
- Quiet, let me think.
Fuck. Fuck.
I was confused,
I didn't know.
I thought he was...
It's okay.
I'm gonna fix this.
I'm gonna fix it.
I'm gonna fix everything.
I'm gonna fix it.
[Faucet running]
Damn it.
- Karen.
- [Gasps]
[Dr. Haskin]
A bruise.
[Door creaks]
There you are.
Okay. Okay.
[Karen gasps]
It's okay.
Hold on for a moment,
would you?
I don't know, duck,
a deer, dachshunds.
I don't know.
As long as he doesn't
shoot himself in the foot,
that's all I care about.
You know men
and their toys.
No, he...
he says he's...
he's in some...
he's all by himself
this weekend.
He's in some undisclosed
hunting spot.
I don't know.
I don't ask questions.
Oh, us girls?
we're just staying in.
Boring, right?
Oh. No.
No, really.
No visitors.
I insist.
Karen has
a pretty high fever.
So we're just bunkered in
for the weekend.
Yeah, okay.
You too.
Have a lovely weekend.
[Car door clicks]
[Car tones]
Is there anyone behind us?
Is your roaming
turned off?
It was.
It still is.
We're covered.
[Dr. Haskins]
Mom. Karen.
[Roxy growls]
- This came for you.
- Oh.
It's one thing
to be falsely accused
of this nonsense
but the audacity
of demanding
this amount of money
to settle out of court.
it's mind-boggling.
it is what it is.
I got that Mom.
[Mellow music plays]
Rising sun
shines on you
Summer winds
are playing
In your hair
And I think
I must be dreaming
Silver stars
on stormy sea
So beautiful
It makes us weep
And I think
I must be dreaming
Now that all the lights
are gone
And fear has
seized the night
Left are puddles
from the storm
I see waves of gold
Slowly rolling
in towards me
And within
I see light
There's a fire
so bright
It's blinding me
It's to remind me
That not everything
Is what
they seem to be