Blind Waters (2023) Movie Script

Woo! Yeah!
- Hola!
- Hola.
- Hi.
- Uh... dos... fun drinks.
- Fun drinks?
- Yeah.
- Ah!
- Hey!
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
What happened? Are you okay?
That guy just tried to steal my purse.
I scratched the shit out of his arm.
Still have my purse though.
I guess he messed with the wrong turista.
I guess so.
Do you want me to go for security
or do you want me to go after him?
No, no.
Let's just enjoy the rest
of this beautiful night, huh?
- Sure you're okay?
- Yes.
You don't even send your
food back at a restaurant.
You're really going to
go chase this guy down?
I don't know.
For you I would.
You want to know what I don't know?
I don't know if those
are drinks or dessert.
All the above.
And an appetizer too.
You're spilling.
To us.
And the future.
It looks a lot better than it tastes.
That's not good.
Oh, will you hold this?
Work again?
It's going to start soon.
It's my favorite part of the night.
Thought this part was.
Last night was fun.
I know.
This place, it's amazing.
I'm never going to want to go back to work.
I think I might like that.
It's paradise, you know?
Uh... we're late.
I forgot to set the alarm on the phone!
Weston, come on.
Excuse me. Are you chartering a boat?
This would mean so much to my family.
My daughter, she's
never gone fishing before.
And this is our last day on the island.
And I haven't been able to get a boat
the entire time we've been here.
Right. Sorry. I mean, I'm
waiting for somebody else.
And it's important to them too, so...
I understand. I have cash.
I can pay whatever they were paying.
You know what? I'll even double it.
Do you have a boating license?
Because I'm not chartering.
I don't have a boating
license, but I can pay cash.
Not chartering, man.
Hey! Amigo.
What's up?
Okay, so...
You offer me what you were offering him,
and you got a deal.
- Done?
- Yes.
- All right.
- Si, si, si.
All right, all right.
Two rules. My boat, I drive.
- And have your charter.
- You're a life saver!
Thank you, thank you.
Hey girls, girls, girls, come on.
- Hi.
- He's gonna help us.
- Bienvenidos.
- Gracias.
De nada. Vamos, por favor.
Come aboard, guys.
I'm so happy you're here.
We're gonna have a good time.
It's gonna be a great day.
Ah, el barco chiquito. Poquito barco.
This is an amazing boat.
Oh, shit.
Ready, guys?
Hey friends, make sure you and your family
are back by late afternoon.
There's a storm coming in.
Tell Captain Kane I said hi.
Safe trip.
Captain Gabe is in the house!
Don't worry, we'll make
it, it's just down the road.
I already called the car.
Okay, well let's get a move on, slowpoke.
Oh, what is happening?
Seven new text messages from Rick.
Oh, not again.
But I am choosing to enjoy
this moment with you instead.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, let's go, we're already late.
Hey, handsome.
Last time I went fishing,
it was right before,
and I mean right before, I had Eliza.
You, my dear, were convinced
that you were going to
catch the biggest fish.
Yeah, then you caught that ten pound cod.
And then I went into labor.
Yes, you did. That was a memorable day.
So, what are we playing for today?
Biggest fish
gets the window seat
on the plane ride home.
Okay, okay.
Your mom and I are having
a little competition over here,
I think you should join in.
I don't think so.
Oh, come on.
What's the prize again?
Window seat.
I thought I already had that.
No, you don't already have it.
Now you have to fight for it.
Not fair.
Come on, get off the
phone for five minutes.
You can do it.
Oh, come on, look, I
think we got something.
That was fast.
Do you want me to help you?
Help me out. Help me out.
We definitely have something.
Go help your dad!
Oh, my gosh.
Just hold it, just hold it.
Reel that in.
- Woo!
- Now, turn it.
- Will it turn?
- Get it!
Bring it in! Bring it in!
What did we get?
Honey, please don't
stand so close to the edge.
What is that?
Dad, put it back.
I think it's a bull shark.
I think a bigger fish got the other half.
No, put it back.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
Dad! Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Get back in the boat.
- You scared me.
Take my hand, right now.
Mom, he's fine.
Oh my God!
Grab my hand?
What are you doing?
Get out here and help us!
I'm sorry. No.
Oh, baby!
Swim, swim!
Help me!
Sorry we're late.
I almost gave your boat to a family
that was willing to pay me double.
I really appreciate you waiting. Thank you.
Patiently waiting.
But I like you two, so I'm
going to cut you a break.
I need to see your scuba certs
- and your boating license.
- Yeah.
All set.
The scuba gear is already on board.
- There's a checklist, all right?
- Okay.
Make sure everything's
put back when you return it.
And I mean everything, Weston, all right?
Engine's a bit fussy, but
she'll get the job done.
I captain one just like this back home.
I know how to stem the water very well.
Storm's coming in, so you better get back
before the afternoon, all right?
If you run into any trouble,
there's a number on
the cabin wall. Call it.
- I got you.
- All right.
Thank you.
What did you forget?
My old camera.
I think I left it back at the hotel. Shoot.
Hold on.
You remembered.
Of course.
What would I do without you?
You know, my dad gave me
this camera when I was eight.
He knew how much I loved the sea.
He promised me that we
would go diving together
when I was older
so I could use it to take photos.
Instead, I ended up taking photos
of the aquarium in my room.
The fish hid all the time.
They were not my friends.
Your dad never took you scuba diving?
Sometimes those little life adventures
never quite end up
happening like they should.
Well, we're going to change that today.
Oh, shit.
Is everything okay?
Uh... The engine just died
and I think maybe a throttle cable
came loose or there's some loose wires.
Should we call for help?
Uh, no, no, not yet. I think I got this.
You know I used to work on boats.
Yeah, you might have
mentioned that like once or twice.
- Three times, four...
- I'm gonna check this out
- so we can go scuba diving.
- Five... six.
The storm's coming
in faster than I thought.
I got a call from Captain Kane's wife.
Hasn't heard from him all morning.
We saw his boat leave
with a family on board.
Everything seemed okay.
I'm thinking of going
out, doing the rounds.
Don't worry about it. I'll go.
You hold down the fort.
You sure you don't want to
call that emergency number?
I think I found the problem.
Nothing some electrical
tape can't fix, right?
It was just the ignition
wires. They came loose.
So I'm going to put
electrical tape around it
and hold the wires real close.
And we're going to try and start it, okay?
Alright, try.
Um, okay.
Try again.
It worked!
Yes! Thank you. Thank you so much.
All right.
Should be lots of fish near this island.
This is the perfect spot.
Let's dive.
I just got to check one more thing.
I'll meet you in the water, slowpoke.
Where'd you go?
How'd you get there so fast?
You know I'm fast.
Time to catch up. Come on, slowpoke.
- What the hell?
- What happened?
There's a shark.
Don't move! Stay still!
I'm going to make some noise!
All right!
When I start making noise,
swim as fast as you can!
Start swimming!
Hey, hey, hey, are you okay?
I feel like my heart is going
to burst out of my chest.
Just relax...
I also feel really disoriented.
I didn't decompress
properly when I came up.
Just relax. It's okay.
What about you?
I'm okay.
Just as long as you're safe.
Where did it go?
Over there.
Start the engine and let's get out of here
before it comes back.
No. The sound of the
engine will draw its attention.
We need to wait for it to go away.
What happened down there?
When the shark appeared, I looked up
and you were already
racing to the surface, Weston.
That's not what happened.
No, I saw you. You left me down there.
You didn't even try to help.
What kind of man would I be
if I let the woman that I love
fend off a shark by herself?
Then what happened?
It was supposed to be a surprise.
I was planning to do it all weekend.
I was just waiting for the right time.
Last night, the fireworks,
I was going to do it then.
I was going to propose.
You were?
I was just waiting for the perfect moment.
I know we've been putting
off talking about marriage.
I love you.
And then we got here...
I knew I had to do it.
So I brought the ring with me
and I put it in this
little waterproof pouch.
When I was down there,
I went to grab it and I lost grip
and it floated up to the surface.
And that's where I went.
I was going to go right back down.
Where's the ring now?
It's out there in the water.
It was such a beautiful ring.
It had these tiny diamonds surrounding
this beautiful royal blue
sapphire jewel in the center.
It just reminded me of how
much you love the ocean.
You know what?
I can always buy another ring.
I can't miss another moment like this.
No, I think it's this one.
I think it's this hand.
Okay, okay. Okay.
Valentina Armas.
Will you marry me?
I don't see it.
Neither do I.
We need to go. Now!
Okay, I'll get the anchor!
Hey, did you see the shark?
Okay, I'm going to start the engine.
Uh, hello.
We're on a vessel right now
we just rented from Mr. Ramirez.
We're out in the water.
Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?
No, no, no, no, please.
It's okay. Hey, hey. It's okay.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, hey! Hey!
I'm not losing you!
Valentina, can you hear me?
Come on, come on.
What happened?
The shark rammed into the boat
and capsized it.
What's wrong?
I can't see anything.
You hit your head.
You hit your head really hard.
You almost drowned.
Weston, I'm really scared
right now. I can't see you.
Why can't I see anything?
I need to call for help.
I need to get you a doctor.
Do you have your phone on you?
It's... It's in my backpack.
What about yours?
I left it back at the hotel.
Where did you leave the backpack?
It's... uh, it's in the cabin.
It's in the cabin underwater.
What about the shark?
I need to know exactly what you can see.
Can you see shapes?
I can see you.
Look out into the distance.
What do you see?
It's a blur.
Look harder.
I saw something move in the water.
That's the shark.
It's just been circling back and forth.
Now I'm going to get into that water
and I'm going to bring us back
that backpack and that phone.
I need you to keep a
close eye out on that shark.
No, I barely saw it.
It's enough.
If you see that shark disappear,
or it starts getting closer to this boat,
I need you to tap lightly three
times on the back of the boat,
and I'll shoot right
back up to the surface.
No, what if the noise draws its attention?
Tap lightly.
This is our only option.
We don't know how badly you're injured.
And I don't know if we
can make it to that island
without alerting the shark.
Let me know when you see it.
I see it now.
All right.
If it comes back and attacks
use this.
What if I miss?
You just need to make contact.
Just enough to scare it away for a moment.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Got it!
Let go!
Oh, my God!
It's gonna be okay.
Weston? Weston!
Stay awake, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
Okay. Okay.
I just... I have to stop
the bleeding, okay?
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Is that okay?
Okay. All right. Tighter. Tighter.
Come on, pull it tighter.
Okay. All right.
We have to get your wetsuit
off to help with circulation.
Now that we have the
backpack and the phone,
we can call for help.
It's on!
Do you remember the
number, the emergency number?
Yeah, I think so.
Emergency services.
This is Weston Dern.
My girlfriend and I just
rented a boat at Pier 75.
We were scuba diving and
a shark capsized the boat.
Are you okay?
The shark just bit my leg
and my girlfriend hit her head really hard.
She can't see clearly.
Listen, Weston, I have someone out there
looking for another missing boat right now.
Who did you rent the boat from?
Mr. Ramirez, I think.
Where are you now? Can
you ping me your location?
I can try.
It's not working!
Keep trying. The signal is weak out there.
In the meantime, what
do you see around you?
It's wide open, but there's a
rocky looking island nearby.
Could be Devil's Reef, maybe Fell's Point.
My rescue team is out right now.
I'll have them check both areas.
How safe is the boat, Weston?
It's not good.
The boat is completely capsized.
And the shark already came back once.
Do you think you can get to the island?
We can try.
What about the shark?
What do we do about the shark?
Find a safe place.
Stay put. We'll find you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Nico here. Do you copy, Margo?
Copy. Go for Margo.
Where are you now?
We're about 10 miles out of Fell's Point.
Still no sign of Kane's boat.
When was the last time
we had a shark in our bay?
15 years ago, maybe?
There's no food for him here.
Besides that, the dolphins keep them out.
Well, we just had a call about a couple
who were involved in a shark attack.
Their boat overturned.
Any sign of them out there?
No, but I can keep looking.
Well, if you find anyone
out there, you tell me.
And if not, you head out to Devil's Reef.
Copy that.
Are they sure it was a shark?
We have to be prepared for anything.
We're sitting ducks on this boat.
What choice do we have?
That shark knows we're here.
I'd rather die knowing
we tried doing something
rather than do nothing at all.
What are you thinking?
How far away is the island?
500 feet. Maybe less.
What about the current?
Is it pushing the boat toward it?
Not really.
If we weren't in such bad
shape, we could swim to it.
What if I try?
Valentina, you cannot go out
in the water in your condition.
And I can't swim with
this leg and all this blood.
I'd just be bait.
There's still a rope
around the boat, right?
Can you reach it without
getting in the water?
Yeah, I can.
I can cut through it.
Let's get all the rope.
We'll tie one end to
the railing of the boat
and tie the other end around my waist.
You point me in the direction
and I'll keep swimming.
The current will eventually
push the boat closer.
We can get you off safely, okay?
If you make too much noise,
that shark will come after you.
And what if you veer off course?
You can't see.
You'll be on the other end of the rope.
If I get off course, just tug really hard.
That island is bigger than
the bottom of this boat, right?
Of course.
It is safer.
Maybe the rain can mask
the sound of the water.
Less chance the shark will
be drawn to my swimming.
I don't feel comfortable with this.
I don't either, Weston, but...
You can't do it with your
leg bleeding like that.
I have to do this.
For us.
I'm going to show you
how to do a clove hitch.
It'll be secure, and you'll
be able to untie it quickly
if you're in danger.
You'll make the same hitch to any rock
you find over there.
Now, you feel this rope?
You feel it?
Cross the line over itself
and wrap it around again.
Now you try.
Cross the line over itself
and wrap it around again.
Now, slip the free end under the last wrap
and pull the knot tight,
pulling the free standing end of the line.
Okay, you're secure.
Take this. It's my phone.
Okay, I don't see the shark.
Help me in.
Now what direction?
Move to your right.
Stay close to the boat.
Can you see it in front of you?
Now, swim.
Swim as fast as you can! Swim!
Swim as fast as you can!
Shark! Stop swimming!
I'll be the bait.
Now swim! Swim as fast as you can!
You made it!
Ready to pull?
I'm ready!
Keep pulling!
It's not working, Weston!
Wait! Wait!
The shark!
It's circling the boat!
We need to wait for it to
back off before you pull me in.
At least you're safe now.
We're at Fell's Point. Circling around now.
The water is really rough.
I'll reach out and see where they are.
Nico, with emergency services.
Hi. Hi, this is Valentina.
You talked to Weston earlier.
Are you both okay?
Yeah, I'm on the island,
but he's still on the boat, on the water.
We have a rescue vehicle in the area.
It's important you make
sure our boat can see you.
Okay, I'm near the rocks on the edge.
Okay, stand by.
Don't hang up.
Margo, I can't hear you.
There's a boat nearby, Weston!
Are you doing okay?
Yes! I'm okay!
Margo, can you hear me now?
Yes, I can hear you.
We have one person who
should be visible on the rocks.
The other one is nearby on a wrecked boat.
Okay, checking now.
Do you see anything?
I'm not seeing anything yet!
I think I found the missing boat.
Anyone on board?
Emergency services! Is anyone on board?
No survivors.
Definitely Captain Kane's boat, though.
It's been ripped apart,
I guess, by that shark.
I did find a body, though,
and it's... it's the Captain.
That shark didn't kill him.
Someone slit his throat.
They must be at Devil's Reef.
Copy that.
The tide is coming in.
Devil's Reef will be underwater
before we can reach them.
Head in. We're taking the plane.
The tide is coming in.
It'll take too long to reach you by boat.
We're going to get you by plane.
Okay, thank you.
I don't hear anything either!
I'm going to try it again, Weston!
All right, here we go!
Keep pulling!
We just gotta go! Pull! Pull!
Pull, come on! Come on!
The rope, I can't find it!
Valentina, hurry!
This shark won't let up!
Get away from me!
Who are you?
Okay, so you speak English?
Okay, I got trapped in
this island just like you are,
had an accident, okay?
Hey, let me help you!
Hey, hey, hey!
I just want to help!
Really, I just want to help!
Would you let me help?
Hold my hand.
Oh, oh my God!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Yeah? I just want to
help. I just want to help.
Okay? Okay.
Okay, let's go!
Everything okay?
Ready? Okay, and pull!
It's working, keep going!
Come on, don't stop!
How close is he?
What do you mean?
The boat! I can't see!
We're just like 50 feet away.
So pull! Yeah!
Is he okay?
More! Pull!
Yeah, yeah!
Don't worry, everything's going to be fine.
I'm here to help, okay?
We're almost there! We're almost there!
Almost here!
And... Yeah!
Yeah, we made it!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Are you okay?
Thank you!
We're so lucky you're out here!
Yeah, I wouldn't call
my day lucky, but... sure.
Name's Weston!
Thank you! Thank you.
Some kind of proposal.
It's gonna be one hell
of a story for our kids.
Uh, guys...
I got a fire going on deeper inside.
Let's get the two of you warm.
Okay, all right. Okay.
Thank you.
So, um, how long have you been blind?
It was an accident on the boat.
She hit her head really hard.
I can see shapes, not much else.
It's a nerve on the eyes. It's damaged.
Happened to a friend of mine, I mean...
It was a long time ago, I don't know.
Could it eventually get better?
So Gabe, how did you, uh
how did you end up on the island?
Me and my family went out fishing.
My father, he was the
best fisherman in the world.
He would never leave the water
unless he brought home the biggest catch.
He got a seven-footer
today, a swordfish, it was...
It was beautiful.
We were trying to teach
my little sister how to fish.
It was her first day in the
ocean today, you know.
Our boat got attacked by a vicious shark.
Probably the same shark
that's lurking around, yeah.
Took my father first, tore him apart,
right in front of her eyes.
And then it took my mother, my dear mom.
And I was...
I... Jesus Christ.
I was holding my little sister in my arms.
And she was looking
at me with her little eyes.
And she was telling me, like,
Gabriel, please don't let me go, you know.
And suddenly that shark just came out of
out of nowhere.
It was so fast.
I couldn't do anything,
I couldn't save her,
I couldn't save anyone, my God.
I just tried to get off on the raft
with as many supplies as possible,
I just tried to get as far
as possible from that
from that beast.
That's how I got here, on Devil's Reef.
Jesus Christ.
Well... We're all going to get out of here.
There's a rescue team
that knows where we are.
Um... really?
How long ago did you talk to them?
Right before you came.
They're going to send a plane to find us.
I mean, we don't have
much time left on these rocks.
What do you mean?
Look around.
The water is rising.
The tidal range is high here.
I give it one, two hours tops
before this part of the island
is completely submerged.
What about the raft?
The raft?
Amigo, that raft is worthless.
It doesn't work.
What about the boat?
I mean, it's still by the
rocks right now, right?
I don't know. I don't know.
Weston, can I talk to you?
His father was a fisherman,
and his sister had never
gone fishing before?
Maybe he's not lying,
but there's just something
about him I don't trust.
We need his help.
Without him, we don't have a chance.
Keep an eye on him.
Okay. Okay, I will.
Uh, so Gabe,
just grab whatever you think you might need
and we'll get out of the island.
All right.
So, uh, is that going to work?
Uh, it's going to get us out of here.
It'll hold up long enough until help comes.
All right, now let's get
this boat off the rocks.
Yeah, sure.
One, two, three. Ready?
Is that motor going to work?
The engine's completely fine, man.
Okay, I just need to check the inside.
Well, okay, so, get to it, amigo.
Look away. Mi padre.
What are you doing?
Oh my God.
Oh my God. My father.
Okay. Okay, we need
to get off of these rocks.
Can you fix the boat?
The engine's perfectly fine.
The propeller fell off.
We can use the one
motor to get out of here.
Let's do that.
Okay, but we need to
push the boat off the rocks.
And him and I are not strong enough.
We need another boat to pull
it off the rocks into the water.
What about the shark?
What if we use it to help us?
We watched that shark knock over our boat.
That shark tore apart his boat.
That shark has the power, Weston.
So why don't we just use it?
What if we get it entangled in the rope
and it could help us pull
the boat from the rocks?
Get bait, hook it with that.
Okay, even if that works
the fish that we catch here are
not going to satisfy that shark.
Well, I mean, fish wouldn't do the trick.
But I mean, we have...
I don't want to even say it,
but we could tie a rope around my father.
Jesus Christ, I don't know, it
would be good bait, you know?
I'm pretty sure the shark
would bite through it.
That's not right.
No. We can't do that. We
can't do that to your father.
When I see him here,
I think he's here for a reason.
And I know, I know my father
would have wanted me to do this.
Because he loved me.
We have to do it.
All right, buddy, it's good to go.
I need you to hold on
to this in case they call.
I need you to be safe.
Come here.
Here. Here, here, over here.
Okay, here. Good. Here.
Yeah, over here. Yeah.
All right.
Hopefully the shark will take the bait.
If it does, Gabe and I
are going to push the boat
off the rocks into the water.
You need to stay by this rock.
Once it's in the water, I'm
coming right back to get you.
What if this is permanent?
What if I never see again?
You will.
You don't know that.
Now it's time to hook us a shark.
You want me to do it?
Hey, Weston...
Throw him far, okay?
It's not biting.
Get ready.
It's coming.
Where is it?
I don't know.
Oh, shit!
It took the bait!
Yeah! Yeah!
- Get the rope!
- Shit!
Valentina! I'm coming for you!
Hurry! The water is rising!
We're on our way to you on a plane.
We're about 45 minutes out.
Are you still safe?
The water is rising on the island.
I'm still on it. We were
able to get the boat upright
and Weston's coming back for me.
We had some help.
From who?
A man.
His boat was attacked earlier.
He said his whole family
was torn apart by the shark.
No, no, no. You need to stay away from him.
The family that went
missing was a family of three.
And that man was not part of the family.
We found a body on that
boat. Someone killed the owner.
He's extremely dangerous.
You shouldn't trust him.
Be careful and watch yourself, okay?
Okay, let's go!
What's happening?
This should just be another minute!
I think I found the problem.
The engine control module.
We need to bypass the wires.
The engines are fine, though.
Is there any sign of the shark?
Not yet.
Is that gonna work?
I don't know.
If it doesn't, one of us is
gonna have to get into the water
and bring her back to the boat.
Yeah. Sure.
Let's try it!
Yeah! Yeah!
Hey, watch out for the rocks!
Damn it.
Where are you?
We're not that far from you!
We're just like 50 feet away!
I can't see anything!
My vision has gotten
worse. It's completely dark.
It's night!
Just listen to my voice!
It's okay!
I'm gonna need you to walk
in the water to get to the boat!
What about the shark?
We haven't seen it.
Maybe we distracted it or it's had enough.
Yeah, or he's full.
The current's going to pull her away!
I'm coming!
I don't have a choice!
She's stuck out there!
Is that a good idea?
I mean, with your leg and everything?
She needs my help.
She can't see.
Unless you want to do it.
Good luck, amigo.
I need you to stay up there to
keep an eye out for that shark.
Got it.
And if you see it, you have to let us know.
Yeah, sure.
Can you hear the sound of my voice?
Okay, I need you to walk in the water
towards the sound of my voice.
You shouldn't be in
the water with your leg.
It's okay.
Go straight!
I'm right here!
How far away are you?
Like 20 feet away!
I'm right here!
Go slow.
Don't make any sudden moves.
How much farther?
I'm almost there!
I'm almost there!
Okay, let's get you back to the boat.
Is there any sign of the shark?
Is it all clear?
Yeah! All clear.
We need to be careful.
The search party said they found a body
on the boat that he claims he was on.
What are you talking about?
Someone killed the
captain, and it wasn't a shark.
Maybe it's a different boat.
That family only had one child.
Let's get back on the boat safely,
and then I'll take care of him.
Help her!
Help her get on the boat!
Come on! Come on!
Get on the boat! Right now!
Get on the boat!
- Get on the boat!
- What are you doing?
Get on the boat!
No! I'm not leaving you. Not again.
Weston! No!
Are you okay?
Get on the boat!
No! No!
No... Come on!
You left us out there!
You let him die!
No, no, no.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I thought you were dead.
You could've helped us on the boat.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Chill, chill, chill, chill, chill. Okay?
The shark came. I had no choice. Okay?
Jesus Christ.
It's you.
From last night, you
tried to steal my purse.
What are you talking about, Valentina?
I've never met you before.
What's wrong?
Come on. Come on.
It's fine.
It's fine.
I wasn't even at the hotel last night.
I never said I was at the hotel.
Son of a bitch!
The search party knows where I am.
They warned me about you.
Come on!
It's night.
They are expecting
us to be near the island.
And as soon as I get that engine started,
they won't be able to find me.
It's so sad you're not gonna be with me.
Because I really fucking liked you!
Let's do it your way.
Fucking stupid.
Hey, Valentina!
You can't see me.
But I can see you!
I am so sorry I hurt you.
I really wanted to help you.
And your fianc.
Things just got so complicated.
So fucking fast!
I'm not a bad man.
You have to believe me.
My God.
You are so beautiful.
So fucking beautiful.
I'm just trying to talk!
Help! Help! Help!
Come on!
You see anything?
I don't see anyone.
All right, I'm gonna go down.
Circle around.
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
I'm looking in the water,
I don't see anybody.
We need to get closer
to the island. Go east.
Copy that.
No! No! No! No!
Wait! Come back! Come back!
Okay, I'm gonna circle around,
but I'm going lower, okay?
- Yeah.
- Keep looking!
Over here! Over here!
Help! Help! Come back!
- Over there!
- I see her, I see her!
Hey! Over here!
Over here!
He saved my life.
We were about to search
the other side of the island
when we found you.
We have an ambulance
waiting on shore for you.
Everything's going to be all right.
I do.