Blinder (2013) Movie Script

Right now it's show time!
Come on
Hey. Hey. Hey, hey.
Come on
Come on
Don't your number
go like this
I hope that you like it
It looks good. It works.
It... Well, let's not
go too far.
Hey, dudes. You in?
Nah, man.
Come on, loser.
Dawson, since when
do I ever touch that stuff?
Oh, no, Sammy!
Sammy, less clicking.
You gotta do more krumping.
Weird party.
Tommy Dunn, you big stud!
Yeah, you all right, mate?
- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah, sorry.
Sorry. You all right?
- Get outta the way!
- Somebody stop him!
Slow down, mate.
Thank you so much.
Nice hit, buddy.
Roll over. Come on.
- Other hand behind your back.
- I didn't do anything.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go, guys.
Come on, Charlie!
Give it to him! Hit it!
Just watch that drop.
Keep the ball straight and in,
pointed in.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
All right, all right.
That's what I'm talking about.
Nice, bud.
I wouldn't take
any of it back
Never wanna
feel this way again
And a long way down
Tommy, it's Nick.
Nick Reagan calling.
Long time, bud.
Listen. I'm not calling
with great news.
It's about Chang.
I know you won't
come home, mate,
But I thought you'd
at least want to know.
The funeral's on Monday.
And a long way down
It's a long way out
And a long
Way down
We need to get this done.
Just one moment, all right?
Ah, here he is.
Yeah, he made it right on time.
Sorry, mates.
I didn't have any lunch.
Okay, let's get this over with.
Done deal.
Fifteen minutes stretching.
Then I want to see
some real intensity out there.
Flat-out tonight, boys.
Short and sharp.
Grand Final selection tonight,
So it's not too late
to make changes.
Stretch it out!
It's more attitude
I'm concerned of.
What's he doing?
When you were a young fella,
I seem to remember you
being rather inspired...
By a certain AFL player's
words of wisdom.
Gospel from
the famous old Chang.
Time to pass the baton,
isn't it?
Attitude and giving
your absolute best.
You might wanna talk to them...
About that.
You too!
Let's see some football.
Slow down.
Hi, Sammy!
Come on, boys!
Hey, don't!
Don't! Come on!
Stop stuffin' around, Tommy.
Oh, Jesus.
- That was a good catch.
- Mark.
He seems... good.
Morts will probably take
the BNF this year.
Best and fairest.
What about him?
Is he a good player?
You don't normally watch.
You hate footy.
I don't hate it.
- Hey, Tommy.
- Hey. Hi.
- Where will you be playing?
- In the middle. Where else?
- Cool.
- Are you coming to the beach?
- You heading down?
- Yeah. Bring the girls.
- I will.
- All right. See you there.
See you there. Bye, Tommy.
- Is that his girlfriend?
- Doubt it.
Anyway, he's gotta concentrate
on his training.
Oh, I'm sure he can multitask.
Julie doesn't
even understand the game.
Come on, Chicken Licken.
Dad'll be waiting.
Dad'll be drunk.
Please refrain from addressing
me as "Chicken Licken."
I just don't get
why it's so hard.
Well, have you
ever tried it, Irish?
What's to try? You just bounce
the ball straight up in the air.
- Let's see you do it then.
- All right.
Oh! Fuck!
- My fuckin' nose!
- Irish, you idiot.
Dangerous, Australia.
Hey, I got Dad
to give me the day off.
Might go to the Grand Final.
Can you get me into
the social club after?
- What do you think?
- I'm almost 15.
Did you put a glass bottle
of Coke in the freezer?
Did you?
Run to the gift store
and see if Janet needs a hand.
It was me, Dad.
I'll clean it up.
Fuckin' nose.
Okay, boys,
selection's in half an hour.
So hurry it up, eh?
That means you, Franky.
No worries, mate.
What do you think?
AFL scouts will be
down there on Saturday.
Franky, you're 25.
Yeah. Mature age.
Happens all the time.
Yeah, to dudes with talent.
Well, who's the leading
goal scorer
In the Bellarine League
this year?
Uh, Davies at Ocean Grove.
All right.
Well, after him?
Selwood at Anglesea.
And next?
That'd be you, Frank.
Top three. Point taken.
- I think you mean "point made"
- Exactly.
Can't we just worry
about winning this Saturday?
Yeah, well, the Final...
Aah! My balls are on fire!
That's a good thing, boy.
Hey, Dawson, where you goin'?
Right, a big thanks
to the entire squad
For all your hard work.
Now, you all have a valid place,
But this is the Grand Final.
It's our first in seven years.
- Whoo!
- Yeah!
Come on, boys.
I believe
that we've picked a team
That can really do the job.
Backs: Ranking,
Egan, Kirwan,
Knights, Irish and Gale.
Milkey, Franky...
Young, Morts...
I'll take it.
I'll take it.
Big Gerry Walsh and Touty.
Nicky Reagan,
Interchange: Tully...
Bennett, Gillespie,
The team meeting's at noon.
Now you all know
what's at stake.
Come and talk to me or to Joe...
If the game plan's not crystal.
That's it.
Two hearts burning
on a hillside
Turning round
the blazing sun
Fever burning
in her head that's turning
Round the things she's done
Free your heart
That is the hardest part
He says
your heart won't lie
Tommy! Tommy!
- Morts, where you going?
- Tommy!
Heed that feeling
in your bones
For your heart knows
you'll never win
Till you're free from him
Hey! Hey!
- Come on, Tommy!
- They stole our balls!
Come here, you little shits!
Don't look back
There is no use in wonderin'
Just how or why
If you leave now,
you might just make it home
Before the morning light
Tired and poor
You kneel at history's door
Oh, my soul!
So how you holding up?
We hadn't spoken in years.
It's okay, Mum.
You know, he was crushed
about what happened.
With you boys.
Will you catch up
with any of them?
- Yeah, I want to.
- Mm-hmm.
I think I might, uh,
might see Rose.
That's good, my love.
Those thieving birds
Hang strung
from an empty nest
This swan-plagued pond
Forsaken and underwhelmed
Those leaving words
Hang strong
from an emptiness
Hang strung
from an empty nest
Those thieving birds
All right, listen up!
It's gonna come down to will.
The will to win
and how hard you want it.
Gonna hit their boys hard
and hit those packs even harder.
Have you got it in you?
- How tough are we gonna be?
- Cowboy tough!
Let's get it now!
Go, Tigers!
Good afternoon and welcome
to the Torquay Oval
For the all-important
Grand Final clash.
The respective sides
taking up their positions.
You can almost just sense
the atmosphere is palpable.
It is electric.
The ferals on that
other side of the ground
And the more demure
and more mature
Torquay Tiger audience,
Who really don't know
what is in store for them.
And here we go.
Ball's in the air.
Anglesea with the tap, but
straight down to Nicky Reagan.
- Reagan boots it long.
- Way down! Way down!
And look,
there's Mortimer on a lead.
He takes a very strong mark.
Strong grab, directly in front
from 35 to 40 meters out.
Hits truly. And the first point
to the Tigers!
Perhaps the only
surprise selection today
Is the omission of Tommy Dunn.
Dunn had played
every game this year,
But Coach Chang in his wisdom
had left him out.
We'll see what consequences
that has on the game.
Dawson, with great dexterity,
Breaks one tackle,
runs down the wing.
Ford up, great tackle.
Didn't feel the hit coming.
Should have got rid of it.
He's holding the ball.
Come on, come on,
get in, get in!
Robbo with the tap, but it's
straight down to Harkins.
He dispatches one opponent,
kicks long.
Dial goes up.
What a screener for Anglesea!
He juggled it beautifully
as he came down.
Dial slots the goal from 30.
And Anglesea are looking
very, very good.
Rawlings with the tap,
down to Reagan.
Reagan with great
evasive skills.
One, two, three!
Got rid of the entire pack.
Now onto his right foot.
Kicks long into
the forward line,
And Mortimer,
Mortimer has taken a mark.
Mortimer from 45.
The distance will test him.
It's good!
This kid's going to be
a champion.
Robbo bolts down the wing,
kicks long to the forward line.
Tanner out in front
takes a strong chest mark.
Reagan runs out.
Oh! What a hit!
That shoulder laid down on him.
They come from all angles,
pushing and jostling.
That's what Grand Final
footy's all about.
It's all on the line.
- Enough!
- And that's 3/4 time.
Torquay 10-7-67.
It's a nail-biter.
Where did we say they'd play?
Scoreboard wing.
- And are they?
- Yes.
What are we gonna do about it?
- Go to the corridor.
- Attack the guts!
This is what we've been
working for all year.
Can you execute the plan?
- Yes!
- Then do it!
Here comes the young man
they call "Irish,"
Who resembles a human tank.
He takes one bounce.
In looking to take another one,
evades a tackle,
And now onto
his trusty right foot.
Kicks long
into the forward line,
And here comes Mortimer,
Public enemy number one
for the opposition.
Number 23
proving a real headache.
Directly in front,
Mortimer goals!
Reagan props, steadies,
balances, kicks.
It's a goal!
Great kick from Reagan.
Twenty-five possessions
so far today.
They're sure not missing Dunn
out in the center today.
They want it bad, these Tigers.
Franky Tanner
with great strength
Gets in front of his fullback,
takes a strong mark.
He's just too strong
for young Edwards.
And it goals!
And in typical Franky fashion,
here he celebrates.
I'm not sure Coach Chang would
subscribe to the theatrics.
"But who gives a stuff,"
says Franky,
"If you get the job done?"
You could only get this
at grassroots footy.
Handball to young Irish,
spots something.
It's Nicky Reagan
on a strong move.
Tell you what,
the Tigers are gonna win it.
The siren blows!
The Tigers, winners in 2002!
We never weaken
till the final siren sounds
Like the Tigers of old
We're strong and we're bold
Oh, we're from Tiger
Yellow and black
Oh, we're from Tigerland
Been looking everywhere for you.
Hey, right.
- Missed you out there.
- You guys killed it.
You know, Geelong and Carlton
had recruiters out there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's get a beer.
Where are the champions?
Come on. I want to see all of
the players up on stage now!
- Let's do this.
- You go. I'll get the drinks.
See you up there.
Anyone tells you
local footy is dead...
- Hey.
- You here by yourself?
No. But my friend Dee, she's...
She's in the back room.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Can we get two here?
You heading up?
I think I'll give it a miss.
Do you wanna get some air?
A fighting fury
We're from Tigerland
In any weather
you will see us with a grin
Risking head and skin
If we're behind,
we'll never mind
We'll fight and fight
and win
We're from Tigerland
I'm gonna totally
get a Kahlua and milk.
Please do not order
a Kahlua and milk.
Well, why not?
So you work at
that zip line place.
Yeah, I love those things.
It's boring
after a thousand runs.
I like it out there, though.
Yeah, peaceful's good.
Peaceful's good.
This would not get boring.
I mean, what else
would you wanna do?
Travel. Study.
I'm gonna hang around,
wait for Sammy.
You heard from your mum?
She went back to New Zealand.
What about you?
You gonna stay in Torquay?
Oh, I thought I might have
a chance to get drafted.
So you're gonna stay
for football?
Mrs. Campbell.
Hey. Geelong High.
Tom. Hi.
What happened here?
Do you know?
Actually, Tom,
you're what happened.
Sorry. Excuse me?
You know the girls
don't even talk anymore?
Mrs. Campbell, look.
Those photos... I mean, I...
They weren't... Look, Sammy was...
Sammy was my friend.
Sammy was 15 years old.
We're done.
- There she is.
- You're welcome.
It's been 10 years.
Who cares?
Ten years people
have had the wrong idea.
Don't even know what you did.
I mean, you know what happened.
And you're still using Morts
as an excuse.
I needed you.
You needed me 'cause
you didn't get drafted.
I was so in love with you.
You were gonna play AFL.
I was already old news.
Don't you ever think about us?
And in other news,
the victorious Torquay Tigers
Will be honored with a parade
on Sunday and rewarded with...
Rosie! Rosie Posie!
Rosie Posie.
Sammy the water girl.
Where's your sister?
I'm not just a water girl.
Beg your pardon, miss. Um...
Sammy the, uh, Tiger.
Rose isn't here.
Are you drunk?
Wouldn't you like to know?
No, actually, I wouldn't.
Sammy, who is it?
No one.
I said who is it?
Not a very good water girl,
are you?
You should watch yourself.
I might be
a boundary rider one day.
Who knows what I'll say
about you.
You know that you
could win Brownlows
If you weren't such a punk.
Oh, so now I'm a punk.
Well, yeah, you bludge,
you're late,
You're always stuffing around.
It's obvious
why Chang dumped you.
You never give 100%.
I heard him, and he said
that he can't trust you.
That lets the whole team down.
I mean, he reckons that
if you don't learn your lesson,
You're never gonna get anywhere.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
Take a look in the mirror
and stop blaming everyone else.
Bloody Chang. He thinks
there's a lesson to be learned
In everything.
Who's at the door, Sammy?
Maybe there is.
Yeah. Right.
Hey, Tommy.
What you up to?
Nothing. You?
Look, I-I know this-this
must seem a-a bit...
I don't...
- Good.
- Oh. No. Good.
Oh. Yeah, good.
- It's good.
- Then I'll see ya.
See ya at, um...
See ya at training, eh?
- Yeah.
- See ya.
There was a day
There lived a dream
in my heart
Far away always seemed
From afar
And how I know
it can be cruel
To never see it
all come through
Can you drop me
15 K's from your place?
You're nuts.
I'll time your run, Tommy.
Was it always as it's written
from the heart
'Cause now's
the time to rise
Now's the time to shine
Got a long way to go.
Now's the time to rise
Ooh, reaching for the sky
Go for it, boys.
Suck it up!
'Cause now's the time
to rise
Now I see what I've missed
For so long
Franky, come on!
Move it!
- Franky, come on!
- Don't stand there!
'Cause now's the time
to rise
- Now's the time to shine
- I'm back in the soft sand!
Now's the time to rise
- Ooh, reaching for the sky
- Come on, Tommy D!
Reaching, you and I
'Cause now's the time
to rise
Great time.
Aah! No!
- Now this time's mine
- Tommy!
Now's the time to rise
Aah! No!
Reaching for the sky
Reaching, you and I
'Cause now's the time
to rise
But anyway...
Hey, is that Sammy?
What is she doing?
Dedicated to the job.
You should be impressed.
She knows how to kick?
She knows how to play
the game, all right.
Hey, she's too young to be
hanging around those guys.
Hey, they know how old she is.
Nice shorts.
Franky, you big douche bag.
Welcome home.
You know the new millennium
kicked in 13 years ago.
Oh, ah, ah, aah, aah, aah!
You still play?
Ah, hung up the boots last year.
Still led the goals, though.
But Chang wanted some new blood.
How's Dee?
And the kids?
They play soccer.
So was Chang sick?
Right, this is
the second semifinal.
Carry and spread.
Don't think that luck
will get you through today.
There's no such thing as luck.
Luck is what's left when you've
given everything you've got.
So I want you to do it for...
- Oh!
- Dad?
Do it for each other.
So get ahold...
Hey, Dad? Dad!
Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!
- Chang? Chang?
- Dad, get up.
- Back up.
- Roll him over. Roll him over!
He wanted it so bad, mate.
It was our first Grand Final
since you left.
So you gonna come for a roll?
You're lookin' at
the new bronze-medal,
Fourth-division champion.
So if you only got bronze,
how are you the champion?
Count back.
Look at that concentration.
Nice, Franky.
It's good
to have you back, fella,
Despite the circumstances,
you know?
Yeah, mate. I'm sorry I've been
so hopeless staying in touch.
Ah, you're all right.
You're all right.
Tommy? Tommy.
- Hey.
- Tommy!
- How are ya?
- Good, man.
- Good to see ya.
- Good to see you.
- Hey, money bags.
- Dude.
This guy's a property
developer now. Ka-ching.
Land down here,
who would've thought it?
Just lucky, mate. Some guys
at the Cats were putting in.
Right place, right time.
Play five games,
hit the jackpot.
Remember when Chang caught us
having bongs in juniors?
Yeah, he smacked me.
So scared of him back then.
- He can't do that anymore.
- Bongs?
- Hitting kids.
- Didn't do it again, though.
- Bongs?
- Yes!
- Good one, Tommy.
- Oh!
Ah, one down, Tommy.
Franky's holding shot.
All right.
Who wants another?
Shouldn't have asked, should I?
Glad he's driving.
Ah. Yeah, Chang once told me
That he'd never seen
a better kicker inside 30.
Said I could've played AFL.
In a different era.
It's tough to get noticed
out here on the coast.
Everyone's good inside 30,
Franky, you dipstick.
Jackie? He still nails 'em
from 30, and he's 82.
Well, I've seen him miss.
And Chang, he was real good to
me when I got delisted.
Came and saw me
in the hospital heaps, too.
Yeah, he was proud of you.
Yeah, real champion.
Doped up on antidepressants.
Mate, you played five more games
Than the rest of us
put together.
You know, you did it. You did
it. You played AFL.
I'll bring him over.
I'll catch you later.
Tom. Tom, wait up.
Tom, we gotta let it go.
Instead of just... Instead of
fighting to clear your name,
You just walked out
looking guilty.
Is that right, is it?
I'm sorry it happened.
Are you sorry,
or are you sorry it happened?
You know, Sammy's age might have
had everyone in a stir,
But she wasn't a baby.
I lost 13 years
Because of some stupid photos
in the newspaper.
Yeah, don't forget the draft.
The Cats would've come around.
Yeah, okay, they got cold feet.
But face it, you gave up.
If that helps you
sleep at night, mate,
I never gave up.
You forget that I lost
everything that night too.
I don't forget, okay?
I think about what you did
all the time.
Thank you, everybody,
for coming today...
To celebrate an amazing life.
Thanks for coming, everybody.
So you think you might
stay for a while?
I don't know, Mum.
- Mrs. Dunn...
- Nick!
You planning on stepping up
from assistant coach
To lead the boys
in the Grand Final?
I didn't know you're
assistant coach.
Tommy Dunn!
Right now we're just here
to pay our respects.
Tommy, do you want to say
a few words about Chang?
- No, thanks.
- We haven't heard from you...
Sorry, guys.
This is the wrong place!
Okay. Take it easy.
Barwon Heads, what a setting.
The Tigers versus the Seagulls.
First game back for the Tigers
Since their big Grand Final
victory in 2002.
Looking back at the Tigers'
bench, there's Wilson, Knights,
And Tommy Dunn,
selected for round one
After his omission
from the Grand Final.
The ball's up.
Nicky Reagan at ground level
slickly picks it up,
Dodges one, dodges two,
onto his right foot.
A long kick into
the forward line. Mortimer!
Did you see that? They've really
gotta run it through Morts more.
Morts, Morts, Morts!
Getting a little obsessive,
Mortimer again,
this time at ground level.
Picks it up, steps.
It's good! A goal!
He's ripping this game apart.
Let's give it to 'em, boys!
A strong lead. It's Dunston
with outstretched hands.
Takes a strong mark.
35 meters out,
directly in front.
The conversion
is absolutely perfect.
Barwon Heads
right back in the game.
Nicky Reagan to Jack Didier.
He kicks long.
Franky caught behind.
He's not chasing.
What the hell was that?
He really doesn't look like
he's got his heart in it today.
He's gotta give chase
or he's off!
As expected, he incurred
the total wrath of Coach Chang.
Clearly not a happy chappy.
Franky, if you're not
gonna chase him,
Get off the bloody green.
- I don't need to kick goals?
- Just chase, mate.
Try runnin' off
with one nut, mate.
Reagan up to Irish.
Irish kicks long, finds Tanner.
Tanner out in front this time!
Takes a good mark.
He bananas a goal.
It's looking good!
It's through the big uprights.
He looks to Chang
on the bench as if to say,
"Stick that up your jumper!"
Reagan handballs
over to Franky Tanner.
On his right foot, steps,
a goal!
Oh, in just a few minutes
The big man has brought
his presence into the game.
Talk about swift redemption.
And doesn't he love it!
And don't the Barwon Heads fans
just hate him!
Dawson dodges one.
Oh, he's gonna get run down.
Hogue is gonna get him
from behind!
Hogue with a big tackle.
Selfish play from Dawson.
Pull him off.
Looks like Dawson's
getting dragged.
No room in Chang's manual
for that lazy selfish pride.
Could Tommy Dunn
get his first opportunity?
Yep. Up steps Tommy Dunn.
His first game since his
omission in the Grand Final.
Dunn's straight back
into the thick of it.
Strong tackle.
Dunn again.
Another strong tackle.
Earns the free kick.
That's all on the ball.
The one-percenters
from Tommy Dunn today
Have been huge.
Reagan on a long run.
Dodges one or two,
takes a bounce.
Off the ball, Tommy Dunn!
A huge shirtfront!
And now a long kick to
the forward line. Mortimer!
A huge grab!
Tommy Dunn at the pegs
snaps a goal!
Welcome back, Tommy Dunn!
Dunn running back
with the flight of the ball.
Oh, what a courageous mark
from Tommy Dunn.
Backing into a pack,
The toughest thing
you can do in football.
But I think he's injured
himself fairly badly.
It could be his ribs.
Good courage, Tommy!
The runners
are heading out to him.
I think they're calling
for a stretcher.
Hey. You okay?
Please don't tell
the boys I spewed.
So I'm weaving left,
I'm weaving right.
Our mate kicks it long,
but Tanner's leaping...
And he took a screamer,
Which ultimately tubed
the game for everybody.
Well, if you were out there.
- We won, didn't we?
- My hero.
I only played for 10 minutes.
What no, hang on, Tommy.
There was a fair bit
of Cowboy tough.
You won us the match.
Well, debatable.
Who kicked the winning goal?
Nicky Reagan.
Who gave it to Nicky Reagan?
- Oh, oh.
- Irish.
Sorry, Tommy.
Sorry, buddy.
I hate you hanging out
with those skanky girls.
I'm... totally numb
on painkillers.
We'll see about that.
- Yeah, you know.
- It's a weird one.
What are you doing here?
Uh, I was invited.
- You're coming with me.
- No, I'm not.
Yeah, but you're not into her,
are you?
Dude, she's 15.
Believe me, mate, I know.
I'm copping hell.
You wouldn't go there, right?
Mate, she just likes
hanging out.
It's harmless.
Okay. Come on, mate.
Give me five more.
Tommy, Chang's boys,
Scott and Glenn. All grown up.
- How are you?
- Hello.
- How you doin', mate?
- Hey.
I remember you.
You played for Dad.
1998 to 2003, yeah?
Dad loved you.
Yeah, he'll be...
He'll be missed.
Especially on Saturday.
Well, at least
you've got Nick here.
Oh, I'm an assistant,
not the coach.
You're kidding, right?
You gotta step up.
I'll step up if you and Morts
are my assistants.
I am sorry.
Really, I am sorry.
Yeah, I know, mate.
No, you don't.
I apologized.
We shook hands.
Said we'd be mates.
Haven't spoken since.
- What?
- No.
Chicks are right, you know?
Guys are bloody hopeless.
Hey, you wanna have a kick?
You remember
where the lights are?
I reckon we can find 'em.
Evening, ladies!
Oh, Franky!
Somebody order a cocktail?
Tom's still got it!
I'm not getting that!
Franky, it's your turn, buddy.
Normally I would, but...
I think I pulled a hammy
delivering that bullet pass.
I'll get it.
Oh, I gotta stop having
Midori and milk.
Welcome to Ron Evans Oval
down here in Portarlington,
A club steeped in rich history.
The only team playing better
than the Tigers this year
Is the Demons.
The winner will go straight
through to the Grand Final
And, of course,
get the all-important week off.
Peters with the quick tap,
but the Tigers move it forward.
Dawson out with a strong mark.
Plays it off to Dunn.
Dunn with a kick inside 50.
A bouncing ball to Tanner.
Franky runs around,
this-a-away, that-a-away,
And all of a sudden he's caught.
He took far too long.
Brown's got him.
Anderson runs off.
He's quick too.
One bounce and kicks it
out of defense.
The ball spills out of the back.
The extra man, Harvey,
picks it up, steps.
It's a goal!
It's a cheapie,
but doesn't he love it.
He loves to chat as well.
See you, Dunny!
Jack Didier
handball to Tommy Dunn.
Dunn with the quick reply.
And what a great comeback year
Dunn is having.
He's probably leading
the Tigers' best and fairest.
At 3/4 time, Portarlington
have a strong lead.
Tigers will need to lift.
I want next Saturday off!
Straight through
to the Grand Final.
Switch to man-on-man.
Pile on the forward pressure.
I want three tackles
out of each of you.
- Right?
- Yes!
Let's do this!
Go on!
Tag 17.
He's killing us.
Get physical with him.
Go on.
Dunn given the huge assignment
To quell the influence of the
Demons' best footer, Harvey,
If the Tigers are to have
any chance of victory
And the coveted week off.
Robbo with the tap.
Didier sharks it,
handballs it to Dunn.
A pack forms. Players rummaging
at ground level.
The boundary throw-in.
Robbo down to Dunn.
A fierce tackle from Farrell.
Demons on the rebound.
Ball bouncing down
to the pocket.
Great shepherd from Irish!
Allows Tanner to wheel around
on his right foot,
Slots it through.
First we've seen
of Tanner today.
He's been very quiet,
the big fella.
Robbo off
the Nicky Reagan fumble.
Recovers well.
Kicks long to the forward line.
And out comes Mortimer!
A strong mark.
From 40 meters out,
lines it up purposely
And slots it through.
Another nice goal from Mortimer.
The Tigers are back in this.
Tanner picks up the crumb,
Tries to crash his way
through the pack.
Can't do it.
Mugsy Ryan pulls him down.
- Ugly by name, ugly by nature.
- Bloody hell.
Harvey and Dunn jostle for
position in the goal square,
Both using their bodies.
Oh, it's over the back.
Harvey, strong goal.
By my calculations,
that's number seven.
And Harvey, there's a crush.
Pushes Tommy Dunn in the back.
Seven big ones. He's killed
Dunn in the last quarter.
He has pulled his proverbial
stripes down.
The Demons are running away
with this one.
The Tigers are gonna have
to play a lot better next week
To earn a spot in their
second consecutive Grand Final.
Oh, here he is.
Hey, great tag today, mate.
You really shut me down
out there.
No, I really hope
you ladies win next week.
I'd love to see you
in the granny.
Oh, that's if you get picked
for the team, that is.
You don't want to get pumped
twice in one day, do you?
Yellow and black
Yes, we're from Tigerland
You'll get him next time.
Won't be a next time
if I don't get picked.
What happened?
Played like shite.
Oh, well.
The world still turns.
It was a semifinal.
to the Preliminary Final.
We're playing here at Anglesea,
home to the Anglesea Kangaroos.
The winner of this game is
bound for the Grand Final.
Instant elimination
for the loser.
Here we go.
And the ball's up in the air.
Engel sends the tap to Stevens.
Dunn takes him down.
To Mills. Hesitates.
Irish and Dawson bring him down.
A great gang tackle.
Evans tries to clear.
Great smother, Tommy Dunn.
Reagan, a quick handball
to Dunn.
Dunn wheels around
on his right foot.
And Franky Tanner
takes a great mark.
Dj vu for Edwards.
He had a nightmare
in last year's Grand Final,
And Franky's
doing it to him again.
You like that?
Sammy, come here.
Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea,
wait up, wait up.
As long as you're
writing down numbers.
I don't know.
- Call me anytime, yeah.
- Really?
Really, yeah
You're the only goal
I haven't scored.
Irish slides on the ground.
Tap to Dunn.
Dunn to Reagan.
Nicky Reagan.
And Tanner again with
superb body movement
Has taken a strong mark.
Lines up from an angle
and slots it through.
There's no stopping the
Vaudeville act
here this afternoon.
Morts comes in off the boundary.
Edwards taken down.
Dawson swoops. Goal!
Great tackle for Morts.
Allowed Dawson to swoop
and convert it.
Torquay has full control
of this game.
Tommy Dunn running down the
wing, looks up.
Kicks. Out on the full.
A shocking kick.
Half the thought of missing out
on Grand Final selection again
Could be weighing heavily
upon him.
He's had a great year, but not
a great Finals campaign.
Center bounce.
Robbo with the tap.
Stevens the other way.
The old one-two with Mills.
Mills, the handball
back to Stevens.
Stevens kick... Coppola!
Unselfishly handballs
into an open goal by Anglesea.
A great team goal.
Boundary throw-in.
Pats it down.
Great snap.
Another one for Francis Ford.
Dunn attacks the ball.
Oh, Fitz is down!
They come from everywhere.
I'm sure he was going the ball,
but it didn't look great.
A 50-meter penalty.
Chang's not gonna be happy
with that.
Another goal to Anglesea.
A great effort to get up and
take that hit by Fitzgerald.
The ball's up...
Siren time. That's it.
The Tigers have done it.
They were hungry for this one.
We're going to the big dance,
All right. Forwards:
Knights, Mortimer,
Young, Barry.
Followers: Robbo...
Reagan, Pitcher,
And Dunn.
Yeah, you said it.
Hey, Tommy.
I'll see you at Franky's.
Thanks, Chang.
I didn't do you any favors, son.
You proved yourself.
You better stop that prick
next week, though.
All right.
No pressure.
Hey, another big one
this weekend, Nick?
You gotta coach 'em, Nicky.
Yeah, I said I would...
If Tommy and Morts
were assistants.
What about me, you dog?
I need an extra hand
running water, too?
Yeah, I'm up.
Yeah, all right, me too.
You dogs.
Training tomorrow at eight.
Hey, does anyone know
where Rose lives?
- Why do you ask?
- Is that a no?
- No, don't go there, mate.
- After you, Coach.
I believe you.
Uh, hi.
I was looking for Rose.
She moved out years ago.
She's on Vine, number 14.
Okay. All right.
Hey, uh...
I saw you at the ceremony.
It's good you came back for it.
Tom, would you come in
for a minute?
- I have to get going.
- Just for a minute?
Dad's asleep.
Don't have to worry.
Why would I be worried?
No, I mean...
You still live here?
Just moved back from Melbourne.
I finished Uni,
and Dad's been sick.
Look, it's...
It's nice to see you,
but I should really get going.
Maybe another time then.
Not here, but we could...
Listen, you seem to be
doing great, but, um...
I have to go.
How'd you get this address?
I went to your old house.
Sammy gave it to me.
You saw Sammy?
What are you doing here, Tom?
I was just hanging out
with the boys.
- Are you drunk?
- No. What?
You know, you and I...
We would never have...
We were kids.
Look, I never left.
I haven't gotten anywhere.
- What? That's fine.
- I'm not doing what I planned.
But you know what?
I'm happy.
You're happy.
I've moved on.
You know, I ran into
Cowboy's mom last week.
She told me that for so long...
She didn't understand football.
When Cowboy was a kid, he was
out every night, every weekend,
Out in the field
kicking around a ball.
"My son could be doing more
with his life."
That's what she thought.
It wasn't until
she lost Cowboy...
In the accident.
And an abundance of players...
Good, caring, driven blokes...
There were lots of you,
she said,
Came out of the woodwork,
Gave her a hand,
Fixing up the car,
bringing in the shopping,
Sharing a yarn about her son.
It wasn't until then
That she appreciated
what football's about.
When his teammates started
to behave like a family,
She realized that her son...
Was part of something more.
He was part of a team.
Cowboy was tough.
There were none tougher.
He concentrated...
For four quarters every game.
He was at the bottom of the pack
every time there was a contest.
He tackled with intent
every time.
And if there was a blue,
he was always at your back.
You could count on it.
And most of the time
he was doing that
With a dislocated shoulder
or a couple of broken fingers.
He typified courage.
He was tough.
He was Cowboy tough.
And that's what I want
from you today.
I want every one of you
to be bloody Cowboy tough.
They all know the game plan.
I've talked to you individually.
We man up tight
when they've got the pill.
You break off fast
and make a play
As soon as there's a turnover,
And we force those turnovers
with ferocious bloody tackling.
Right, I want you all
to take a seat. Come on.
Boys, bring it in
nice and tight.
Watertight, watertight.
Pull up a bit of floor.
Keep it quiet.
I want you to close your eyes.
Go on, close your eyes.
I want you to imagine something.
Picture this:
A mother.
Your mother.
Could be your sister.
Anyone who's brought a child
into the world.
Picture that child.
Little face.
A smile.
The happiness.
Now picture some vicious bastard
Who wants to take
that child off her.
He's pushed her,
He's backhanded her in the face,
And he is trying
to take that child.
Can you picture that?
There is no way
That she's going to let him
take that child.
She will find an inner strength,
A mental strength
she never knew she had.
She's going to fight
tooth and nail.
She will die rather than let
that bastard take that child,
And she will not lose.
You've seen it
in the animal world,
And it's in our world too.
A superhuman strength.
I want you to take that strength
And get out there
and rip this game apart!
Have you got it in you?
- Yes, sir!
- Get out there!
Welcome to Spring Creek Reserve
in Torquay,
The scene for today's
2003 Grand Final
Between archenemies
the Torquay Tigers
And the Portarlington Demons.
The Torquay fans will be eager
to see their side
Win their first-ever
back-to-back premiership.
But I gotta tell you what.
From my observation,
These Demons have looked
harder and faster
And the better side all year.
Well, certainly these young
Tigers have earned it, Sam.
Tommy Dunn runs to Harvey.
A bit of a surprise move,
Considering the toweling that
Harvey gave Dunn two weeks ago,
But Chang's backed his man.
The bounce. Robbo with the tap,
but only as far as Riggs.
Harvey gets the handball.
Dunn with a great tackle!
What an important start
for Tommy Dunn.
The ball up in the air.
Irish runs onto it,
runs for the middle.
Puts boot to ball.
A long kick.
And Tanner with great poise
and positioning takes the mark.
Lines it up directly in front,
and he goals.
First point for the Tigers.
What a ripping start.
And don't they just
love him here?
He has folk hero status.
The bouncing ball in the square.
Dawson with a scissor kick.
Back in the center,
Farrell down to Riggs,
Back to Farrell,
quickly to Turner.
Quick kick into
the forward line. Anderson!
The ball up, 15 meters out.
Campbell reaching up the pack,
A goal!
The Demons are fighting back.
The ball loose in the pocket.
Handball comes out to Harding.
Dunn manhandles him
out of the way.
Handballs to Tanner.
Franky steps another goal.
The Tigers celebrate.
Harvey battles for position,
handballs to Campbell.
Campbell bursts through
the center, takes one bounce.
Oh, Anderson at the back, steps.
Goal. Demons take the front.
Running hard,
Dawson finds Reagan.
Blind turns,
presses through a pack.
Reagan gets the handball
up to Irish.
Irish kicks long.
Mortimer! What a courageous
mark by Mortimer.
Lines it up and goal.
The ball up on the square.
Robbo taps it down.
Gibbs pounces on the ball,
falls to Didier,
Over to Bishop, finds Irish,
back inside to Dunn.
He's run strongly.
Inside 50.
Franky Tanner presents himself
and takes a strong mark.
Great play by the Tigers.
Tanner's having
a field day today.
That's the aggression he needs
to bring for the Tigers
To be able to win the big one.
The bounce down.
Farrell down to Gibbs,
to Foley, back to Gibbs.
1-2 to Frawley.
Frawley kicks long.
Harvey lurking at the back.
Harvey on a chest,
takes a mark and goals.
Harvey hasn't made
a strong today,
But the Demons
are leading the way.
They celebrate, the Demons,
a two-goal lead nevertheless.
Reagan shepherds Harvey out.
Dunn bolts from the back line.
Another strong shepherd
from the Tigers.
Dunn kicks. Finds Dawson.
Dawson runs in.
Tommy's run on.
Dunn slots another goal.
This is the best we've seen
for years.
Gut-busting run from Tommy Dunn.
But the Demons
hold a three-goal lead
Going into the 3/4 time.
Do you want to remember
this moment?
Do you want to be able
to tell your kids
What you did out there today?
Unselfish acts.
That's what I want.
What price are you
prepared to pay
To win back-to-back flags?
Write yourself into the history
of this great club.
Can you do it?
Give me everything!
We believe in you!
They have not stepped up
to our level!
And you know why?
Because we have got it!
We have got what it takes
to be the premiership team.
Look at all these people
behind us.
They are here to see us do it.
Come on!
Let's get out there, boys!
Come on, boys!
Nicky Reagan
running at the ball,
Sits aloft the pack
to take a huge mark.
The Tigers fans are going nuts.
Reagan kicks from 40.
It's good!
The Tigers are only
one goal down.
The boundary tap,
the ball straight to Harvey.
Fends off, handballs to Coen,
Feigns a handle,
dodges a tackle.
Left foot goal!
Ball bounces in.
Frawley hesitates. Ooh!
Tanner's got him from behind!
Great rundown.
Great desperation from Tanner.
Tanner directly in front,
kicks, converts.
Another goal for Franky.
The Tigers have drawn level.
Inside five minutes to play.
The crowd on their feet.
The ball up in the air.
Farrell gets a tap
only as far as Reagan.
Farrell spoils, picks it up,
dishes to Gibbs.
Gibbs kicks long.
Defensive ball hits the ground.
Anderson swoops, kicks.
Another goal to Anderson!
That's the Demons back on top
by five points, Sam.
Harvey picks up the loose ball.
Great tackle!
Dunn's clearly had the better
of Harvey today.
It feels really like
next goal will win.
Tigers need a goal.
Farrell taps the ball down
to Harvey, and he's away.
- What's wrong with Tommy?
- I don't know.
Harvey gets on his bike.
He bolts down the wing.
He's looking for a teammate,
beckons Riggs to come forward.
Riggs obliges.
He handballs to Riggs.
Returns back to Harvey.
Dunn's sprinting
down the ground,
But he's miles behind him.
No one's coming at him.
Harvey realizes he's got
space galore in front of him.
Cuts inside 50.
He's still going,
he's lining it up,
Gonna try for goal.
Dunn from nowhere!
The perfect smother!
A premiership defining moment.
Reagan pounces
on the loose ball.
Reagan on the rebound.
They're coming in
from everywhere.
20 seconds left.
Go, go!
He takes another bounce.
He feigns a handball.
He raises his eyes,
looks for a leader forward.
Mortimer's the obvious target.
He puts foot to ball.
And Mortimer's got it!
He's got it!
- Mortimer has got the ball.
- Yes!
10 seconds left.
He'll need this goal
for the win.
It's come down to this.
One last kick.
What courage from Dunn.
What pressure on the young man.
Mortimer, the weight
of the entire club
On his broad shoulders.
He comes in, a tight angle.
It's a goal! A goal!
The Tigers win
back-to-back flags.
The crowd goes nuts!
The Tigers all run at Mortimer.
They've done it.
That smother by Tommy Dunn
will go down in history.
The kids storm the ground,
And it's pandemonium down here
at Spring Creek, Sam.
What a comeback from Dunn.
That smother will go down
in footballing folklore.
What a famous victory.
Chang's brought them a second
premiership in as many years.
They lift Mortimer high,
AFL bound.
He won't be the only one.
You'd think Nicky Reagan,
Tommy Dunn, and Mortimer
Are headed for
professional football.
Fantastic game!
Oh, mate, you played a blinder!
We're from Tigerland
A fighting fury
We're from Tigerland
In any weather
you will see us with a grin
Risking head and skin
If we're behind,
we'll never mind
We'll fight and fight
and win
Oh, we're from Tigerland
We never weaken
till the final siren sounds
Like the Tigers of old
We're strong and we're bold
Oh, we're from Tiger
Yellow and black
Oh, we're from Tigerland
I'm sorry.
Look, I appreciate it,
- but I don't know what...
- No, okay?
You guys need to find a way
to forgive and to let go.
I've never been
with a guy before,
And this footy player
who I idolized starts...
He's into me,
and I was too young.
I was too messed up
to process it.
I'm not the person
they made me out to be.
Why did you go to the paper?
You know, those photos...
And the town turned on us
so hard.
Crap was graffitied
all over our house.
Yeah, but you were the one that
gave the photos to the paper.
Don't have to take any more,
though, do you?
No, they're good.
Yeah, I do 'em all the time.
You're quality, Sam.
I've always said that.
Hey, we won the Grand Final.
What are you doing?
I think I'm done for the night.
You up, Tommy D?
Man, I told you
I'm not interested.
Soft, Tommy D, soft.
I do think
they're pretty harmless.
Come for a dance, Tommy.
Thank you.
What's that?
- Just having fun.
- Daws...
I can give you
what you want
I can make
your heart beat short
I can make you ice cream
We could be your sweet team
Melting in
your vice dreams, sport
I can be the sauce
you crave
I can spell
what you can't say
love theme
Treat the treats
you so mean
Covering your nights
and days
Isn't this fun?
What you want
you know me too much
Illusionary self
had not been touched
Until you
Humming hallelujah
in the dark
Whispered poems
leave you to be
Humming hallelujah
in the night
- How could you?
- I'm fucking sorry!
The sun might rise
as sometimes does it fall
The Torquay Tigers are being
investigated by local police
Following their
Grand Final victory.
It's been alleged star forward
James Mortimer
Was sexually involved
with the team water girl,
Sammy Walton, a minor,
During post game celebrations.
you've followed me so far
Until the roads converged
as did the stars
What are you doing here?
I've been trying to call you.
Why don't you pick up the phone?
Why would I pick up the phone?
Sammy's not even talking.
- I don't remember.
- You don't remember?
All those photos?
There's photos everywhere!
- What happened?
- I don't know what happened.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
I ask you to look after Sammy.
She's 15!
- I was looking after Sammy.
- It's over!
Just leave.
- Rose, please listen! Rose!
- Stay away from me!
Humming hallelujah
in the night
The sun might rise
as sometimes does it fall
Mort, look at me!
What time is it?
It's time to get up.
All right.
Don't want any injuries today.
Give those hammys
a good stretch, all right?
Just a good session.
It's the last one before
the big game, all right?
So we gotta focus.
Come on, boys, get it going.
Good work, Scotty.
Nice work, guys.
Soft hands, guys, soft hands.
Come on, boys.
- Looking up, heads up.
- Good work.
Hit targets, keep possession,
and keep running, you got it?
Go, go, go, go!
Fast, fast, fast, fast!
Hit him with the pass!
Hit him!
Good work, boys!
Jeez, look at them, Nicko, eh?
Five games of AFL.
- They look sharp.
- Yeah.
It's a good spot.
Good spot if you
don't wanna be seen.
It's not like that.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, it is.
Least I got to choose somewhere
expensive because you're paying.
- A manure test?
- Yeah.
They lined them up, and we had
to pick which one was which,
And there was horse and cow
and pig and camel.
- Camel?
- Yeah.
Had to get right in there.
Get in there?
You're full of shit.
- Ah.
- Ah!
You always had a good high-five.
Yeah. Gotta connect the palms
just right.
Get that crisp slap.
- Where are we even going?
- I told you, the servo.
Jason, do you want a donut
or a Slurpee?
Don't worry.
Mom will get it.
Look at us, hey.
Hey, let's get up, princess.
I thought he said we're...
Oh, shit.
Mort, hang on.
What, Tom, what?
Listen, mate, I caught up
with her the other night, okay?
She's a different person.
You piece of shit. You put me
through hell for being with her.
She was 15.
So it's all good for you now?
Come on, mate,
it was 10 years ago, okay?
I didn't plan this,
And I'm not gonna let it
ruin our friendship.
How could it not ruin
our friendship, Tom?
That girl fucked up
our whole lives.
Come on, mate, when are you
gonna take responsibility?
You think that this was
all her fault. She was hurt.
You shouldn't have gone there.
I should've stopped do you
before you...
I cannot believe
that you're not angry at her.
I am, mate! I was, okay?
But I've let it go.
Just like I forgiven you for
letting Dawson spike my drink.
- Fuck you.
- What I really wanna know is...
When are you gonna
take responsibility
For sleeping with
a 15-year-old schoolgirl?
Go, Tigers!
This is Morts.
Leave a message.
Morts, it's me again.
Uh, we're getting close.
All right, fellas, listen up!
Take a seat.
You know what's required.
Run hard, maintain pressure.
You gotta dig deep, boys.
We owe it to Chang.
We owe it to our club
he gave so much for.
And we owe it to ourselves.
- Now, can we win it for him?
- Yes!
- Can we win it for Chang?
- Yes!
All right, let's do it!
Come on, boys!
Come on!
Come on, fellas, get in there!
- What are you doing here?
- Saw your car.
Shouldn't you be at the game?
What do you care?
We need to talk.
For the first time in 10 years,
We're back at
Spring Creek Reserve
To see the Torquay Tigers
in a Grand Final.
And it's a somber occasion
as coach Charlie Chang Hyde
Passed away last week.
Ex-Tigers captain
and club legend Nicky Reagan
Has stepped up to coach.
Alongside him,
Tommy Dunn as his assistant.
The 2003 champions
are in the coaches' box today.
Dunn, of course, hasn't been
back here since that scandal
That ruined, well,
a lot of people's lives.
Today the Tigers
take on Ocean Grove,
And the Swans
are the hot favorites.
Four more wins than the Tigers
this season.
But Torquay are playing
for Chang today,
And the whole town
is behind them.
And we're away.
Sully with a strong tap,
intercepted by Bennett.
And Decker with a hard hit
on Bennett!
What a rib-tickler.
The ball rebounds to Decker.
Kicks forward. Riddle!
A strong mark to Nick Riddle.
Riddle lines it up, converts.
Ocean Grove on top.
Hyde running hard,
takes possession.
Oh, he's taken down hard
by Lowell.
Where's the toll?
Scotty Hyde on a strong lead.
Marks. Goal!
He's playing
for his father today.
Gives the Tigers a chance.
And their fans have
really become animated.
Hit towards goal.
Off hands, Durkin squibs,
Durkin goals!
Ocean Grove's strength
Is just becoming
slightly more pronounced now.
Keep going.
Alright plenty of time left,
mate. We need you to lift.
Keep going, lads, keep going.
Yeah, Harding, keep it up.
Just gotta keep presenting,
and we'll get it to work.
I wanted to come this morning
and say stuff to you.
I think I've just always
been so embarrassed
That I couldn't...
So I'm at the pub, right?
And Rose pops up.
And what she said should've
made me really angry,
But it didn't.
And that feels good.
What? What did she say?
Sammy didn't give the photos
to the paper.
Rose did.
It wasn't you.
The photos in the paper.
Why did you apologize
the other night?
Please don't be angry.
No, I just don't get it,
I just don't get it.
Everybody thought
it was me anyway,
So why put Rose
in the firing line?
I guess she was trying to teach
us a lesson, and it backfired.
Sorry. I'm in idiot.
Hey, you're not...
Not an idiot.
Gotta go.
The Tigers are three goals down,
But you get the feeling
it's not beyond them.
That said, Ocean Grove are
looking quicker and stronger,
And they're going to be
very, very hard to beat.
Here's the bounce.
It's Sully with the tap,
down to Shore, to Cook.
Cook to Smith.
Nice hit by Banner!
What a bone cruncher!
Thames with a handball to Hyde,
then Hyde bursting through,
Kicks long to his brother
Scotty Hyde!
What a great combination.
Hyde kicks, crowd waits.
A great goal!
First point for the Tigers
in the second half.
Ocean Grove seem to have
all the answers, Sam,
But the Tigers
are hitting it hard.
Handball back to Brian Shore,
wrapped up in two tackles.
Great work from the Tigers.
They're ferocious at the ball.
Decker kicks.
Riddle on a strong lead.
Nick Riddle
slots through another.
They think that they've got us,
But we are younger
and fitter than them.
So we're gonna
play the ball wide.
Don't center up until you
hit the half-forward flank,
And then send it through
to Scotty Hyde all day long.
Those bastards
haven't got the legs.
- Are you up for it?
- Yes!
Grab a jumper!
- Come on, get in.
- Listen up, boys.
I know some of you are hurting,
But when you walk off the Grand
in 30 minutes time
Holding a Premiership cup,
You'll remember this day
for the rest of your lives.
Success today is about
giving your best.
Commit to that,
and you'll walk tall
No matter where you are, okay?
Now, today is about
bleeding for your teammates
For 30 more minutes.
It's about hurting like
you've never hurt before
And finding more in you.
Now, when the final whistle goes
and we've won,
You can look at your teammates
in the eye,
Knowing that you went
that extra yard.
Now don't let yourselves down!
Don't let Chang down!
Get out there!
Get out there!
The boundary throw-in.
Wallace with the tap-down.
Gibson over the top.
Scotty Hyde
bangs through another!
That's four goals to Hyde.
All the Tigers need now
is a spark.
They're right back in this.
Sully wins the tap,
down to Shore,
Then Baker in turn,
who kicks long.
With this one score here, it
could well and truly be over.
A great intercepted pass
by Fields, however.
He passes on to Barber,
chips it over to Glenn Hyde,
Who picks it up, and he's off.
He handballs over the top
to Cordy.
Cordy in turn
gives it back to him.
Go long!
Scotty Hyde's on a lead.
The big question is
will he spot him.
Use your fucking brother!
Glenn kicks.
He's got it!
What a play
by the Hyde brothers.
Those boys have played
tremendously well today.
Scotty, listen up.
This could turn the game.
If you kick it through
the middle, we'll get a goal.
All the pressure in the world
on this young man's shoulders.
He governs the entire destiny
of the side.
Very purposely walks in
And very deliberately
kicks the goal!
A goal! A goal!
They've done it!
Nice one, Scotty!
That's my boy!
Come on, boys, get it done!
We did it!
We're from Tigerland
A fighting fury
We're from Tigerland
In any weather
you will see us with a grin
Risking head and skin
If we're behind,
we'll never mind
We'll fight and fight
and win
Oh, we're from Tigerland
We never weaken
till the final siren sounds
Like the Tigers of old
We're strong and we're bold
Oh, we're from Tiger
Yellow and black
Oh, we're from Tigerland
:: Re-synchronisation ferneiva::