Blindsone (2018) Movie Script

Get to work!
Talk to each other!
BLIND SPO Talk to each other
in defense, girls.
Get down on defense!
Foul, Anna!
Good, girls.
- Well played.
- Thanks. You too.
Aren't you going to shower?
Why? Do you want company?
- See you tomorrow.
- 'Bye.
Can anyone give me a lift?
You going home?
Yes. Shall we go together?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- 'Bye.
- 'Bye.
Did you hear
what they said to me?
No, what did she say?
I was putting on my slacks
and they said "Aren't you going to shower?"?
I said "no"
and she just said "Yuk".
Don't worry...
they're just jealous.
Anyway, you're the best
in the team.
Look at this...
What's homework
for tomorrow?
Maths? How much?
Two pages...
131 and 132.
Haven't you done it?
Firstly, maths is so damn tedious.
Secondly, the maths teacher
isn't strict.
You still have to do
your homework.
It'll take two seconds.
There are two problems on each page.
They're on coordinates.
They're easy.
Yes, but I don't understand axes,
or whatever they are.
Just take a look.
They aren't hard.
Have you started
your essay yet?
No, I don't have a subject.
Do you?
- Henrik Ibsen, I think.
- Have you started?
Yes, I've written 200
or 300 words.
- Aren't we supposed to do 500?
- Yeah.
Don't you know
what you'll write about?
We had a test on World War II
last week. Write about that.
Yes, I can write about that.
You probably have
a lot of facts on it.
Yes, I already know a lot.
So I don't have to research much
and read a lot online, and stuff.
But it has to be something historical.
- World War II is historical.
- Of course it is.
It's cold.
I should've worn a scarf.
That new one of yours
is nice.
- Where did you buy it?
- Don't know, Mum gave it to me.
It really is nice.
I like it a lot.
Did you eat before training?
I didn't.
Anna, you have to eat
before training.
I had a crispbread sandwich.
- That's better than nothing.
- yeah.
I'm dying for dinner.
What'll you have?
Dad said burgers,
so that'll be it.
I don't know what we're having.
Your mum always makes
good things to eat.
Yes, she does.
Training went well.
Yes... you scored a goal.
I tried to pass to you, but you were
always being marked by that girl.
She didn't let me get near the ball.
It wasn't that hard.
I thought it would be harder.
It's not just small.
It's shit small!
-They're so nasty and rude.
-And they think they're so cool.
The girls put on makeup
before training.
They stand there for half an hour
putting on makeup.
And they're always late.
They stand on their toes,
putting on makeup.
I can't see the point.
The makeup 'd get sweated away
in training.
They only put makeup on
in case the boys turn up.
What would they be like if they weren't
interested in makeup or guys?
They might've made good friends,
if they'd only been a little bit...
- They're sure not that.
- No.
They go out of their way
to be nasty.
Even if you try to be nice to them,
they're still nasty.
All they worry about is guys.
And makeup and stuff.
I don't have any makeup.
Me neither.
I wouldn't know how to use it.
I'm just not interested.
I've heard makeup can be
very bad for your skin.
And creams and stuff
are so expensive.
I wish they could devote themselves
to the game as much as to makeup.
Or not bother with makeup at all.
They just play to seem sporty.
I don't think they like it.
Or want to play at all.
We're nearly there.
How was Norwegian test,
for you?
I think I went well.
You had to do a page and a half,
and I did more than 2.
So I'm happy.
I wrote exactly a page and a half.
But you write really well.
So you definitely get
a four or five or six.
I don't know.
Do you know what you got?
No, but the teacher had looked at it
before I left and said I did well.
So should be 5 or 6.
And you?
I haven't found out.
He said I'd know tomorrow.
He still hadn't read it.
- I wonder if they've done homework.
- Bet they haven't.
- They're in the D class?
- Yeah.
I heard the D class
have got their grades...
...because they did Norwegian
in the morning.
So I think they get to know
the same afternoon.
I heard someone got 6 for
both Norwegian and Old Norwegian
That's really good.
I'm dreading the maths test next week.
Do your homework
and you'll be better prepared.
Yes, but I just can't bear it.
And I don't understand
anything about "reflexion".
If you need any help,
just give me a ring.
- You can send pics of the answers.
- Yes, I could.
I'll see. Maybe I'll get
to understand after a while.
We'll get good food
at test time.
Yes, I like that about it.
I think I'll have
a lot of candy.
I'll eat more fruit.
You're so sensible.
Yes, you can concentrate
much better...
...eating fruit and vegetables,
instead of candy.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Yeah, 'bye.
I'll try and do
my maths homework.
It won't take long. It's easy.
Are you sure? I'll call you
if I can't manage.
Hi darling!
- How did training go?
- Really well.
- Are you hungry?
- Not particularly.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Have a sandwich at least.
- Will Dad be home?
- Yes, but very late.
- Call him if you like.
- Yeah.
I'll just put Bjorn to bed,
and I'll be with you. OK?
There's juice there.
I'm just having a glass of milk.
You're to go the farthest north point,
and you to the farthest east.
You'll go 64 cubits from the east
and 72 from the north.
A cubit is a length
from fingertip to elbow.
They used that unit of measurement
when the treasure was buried.
OK, now I need to hurry.
When they meet, it's close.
- Do you have homework, Thea?
- Yes, a little bit.
Let me know if
you need any help.
Don't tickle me!
"Now we'll go fast
and have fun, he says."
"Then they go to the hill
where the others are."
I'll be with you soon.
Hello, this is Anders.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hi Daddy, it's me.
I just wanted to say goodnight.
Love you.
Did you have a sandwich, Thea?
Just say if you want me
to make you something.
Do you want a sandwich?
No, no, no, no!
Thea?! Thea?! Darling?!
Darling? Darling? Thea? Thea?
Thea, Can you hear me?
Help. Help!
-Thea, Thea, Thea. Darling.
-What's happened here?
Phone for an ambulance!
Right away!
- What's happened?
- I don't know.
Darling? Mummy's here, my pet.
Now... now...
Can you hear me?
- What happened? Was she run over?
- I don't think so.
Maria...? What has happened?
Did you call for an ambulance?
There's been an accident here.
They have to come now!
She has nothing on.
She'll get cold.
- Bakke Road...
- Number 18!
18 Bakke Road.
My little girl...!
Mummy's here. Mummy's here!
Do you hear me?
Mummy's with you!
No. No contact.
Darling? Thea, Thea?
- Is she breathing?
- Yes.
Yes, she's breathing.
Yes, they think she's breathing.
Are they on their way?
The ambulance will be here soon.
Maria, is Anders at home?
They're not getting
any response from her.
Bjorn is on his own, in bed.
I'll go up and mind Bjorn, okay?
You stay here, and I'll go up.
Do you have your phone with you?
They have to be coming,
for heaven's sake!
The ambulance is on its way.
It's on its way.
It'll be alright.
It'll be aright my pet.
It'll be alright.
I think you have to be careful.
In case she's injured her neck
or her back.
Let her lie still
until the ambulance comes.
My pet, I'm here.
It'll be alright.
It'll be alright, my pet.
It'll be alright, my pet.
It'll be alright, my pet....
Be careful!
Be careful, Maria.
Can you hear Mummy?
She's quite hysterical.
I don't know what to do!
They have to come now!
- They're here now.
- You must come right away!
- I can see the light.
- They're on their way.
Here they come.
What's happened here?
Can anyone tell me?
Did she fall?
Do you know her?
Is she your daughter?
- What's her name?
- Thea.
Hi, Thea. Are you awake?
Can you hear me?
I can't get a response
from her.
Maria, shall we...
- Can you look after her?
- Yes.
We have to get out of the way, Maria,
so they can do what they have to do.
We have to let them
do their job.
Thea? Thea? Thea?
She's getting help now.
No, be careful!
We're putting on a collar
to stabilize your daughter's neck.
We have her under control now.
A doctor's on his way, too.
She's getting help now.
She's getting help, Maria.
Be careful!
They ARE being careful.
Calm down...!
You have to let them do there job.
It'll be alright, my pet.
- Hi. Are you the girl's mum?
- Yes, she is.
- What's her name?
- Maria.
Maria, I think you should
come with us now.
Come along.
Thea, Thea, Thea!
Be careful! be careful!
Be careful with her!
Be fucking careful!
Maria, you have to look at me.
Maria, look at me!
They'll look after your daughter
and I'll look after you. OK?
You come with me now.
Come along.
I'll open the door and you'll get
a blanket around you.
Hold her a moment.
Now we'll get in...
You'll sit in the front.
Then we'll follow the ambulance.
Then you'll be able
to be with your daughter.
Stand there,
and I'll open the door for you.
Maria, I'll be in the back.
Careful getting in the car.
I'll put your seat-belt on.
Your daughter's being put
in the ambulance.
They're going to look after her very well.
We'll go to the hospital with her.
OK? Maria...
Maria... Listen to me...
Now it's important
that you breathe.
Think about your breathing.
Breathe in, Hold your breath...
and then out.
OK? Now we're going to take
really good care of your daughter.
We'll follow her now.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
Drive.. drive... drive...!
I'm here.
I'm coming with you.
My little girl...!
- Was she breathing?
- She was breathing.
She was breathing
when we arrived.
But we didn't get to...
Maria, your daughter was breathing
when we came.
But we couldn't get her to respond,
so we're taking her in.
A lot of people
will be waiting for her.
And they'll continue
to help her.
And it's important
you breathe properly.
Think about your breathing.
Concentrate on your
breathing again, Maria.
Take a deep breath.
I'm so worried about her.
I'm so worried!
I understand, Maria,
but now a lot of people are helping her.
Everyone will do all they can
to help her.
How long will it take?
We'll be there in 2 minutes.
You just remember to breathe.
Breathe calmly and slowly.
Take a deep breath,
hold it, and breathe out.
Would you know if she wasn't breathing?
Would you know then?
They're checking her breathing
the whole time. OK?
She must be breathing.
She was breathing
when we came, Maria. OK?
There's a doctor
in the ambulance...
...and a nurse who checks
that she's breathing all the time.
What do they do?
They take care of her
and examine her.
Then she'll be examined further
at the hospital.
She's in very good hands, Maria.
We're nearly at the hospital.
There'll be a lot of people
around your daughter.
It's important that we don't
get in their way.
So we wait for a bit,
and let them help your daughter.
And there'll be someone to go on
looking after you. Alright?
Then afterwards, you'll get
to see your daughter.
We're almost there.
It's just around the corner, Maria.
Now remember what I said.
We let the ambulance go in first
with your daughter.
We wait for a bit, and then
you get to see her. OK?
And remember to breathe, Maria.
We're parking now.
Stay in the car.
No, no!
Then I'll come and get you. OK?
We'll do this properly. OK?
We'll just stand here
and wait for a bit.
You see she's getting lots of help.
They'll take care of her and they'll
continue to do so in the hospital.
And we'll go a bit later.
Maria, wait... You must trust us
to do our job. OK?
- Hi. You need to wait here.
- This is the mum.
- Are you the mum? Maria?
- I just want to...
- My name's Martin.
- I can't leave my daughter!
Right now Thea's being taken
into the emergency room... get an overview
of what's most acute.
- Maria?
- Maria!
Maria, breathe... breathe.
And breathe.
Are you listening to me, Maria?
Can you open your eyes?
Open your eyes, Maria.
Maria, breathe calmly.
Breathe in calmly, and hold it,
and breathe out. OK?
- I'll get a chair.
- Yes, get a chair.
Maria, we'll get a chair for you
and we'll put you on the chair.
Here's the chair,
so we'll get you up.
Legs first.
We'll lift her on three...
One, two, three!.
The chair's right here...
So now you remember to breathe.
OK. You alright with her now?
Yes... thanks.
Hi, Maria. I'm Martin.
I nurse the relatives.
I'll be with you
the whole time.
We'll find a room a bit further down
the corridor, where we'll be undisturbed.
Alright, Maria?
We'll go where the doctor
can talk to us in peace and quiet.
Sit quietly.
I'll get you something to drink.
There we are...
Now, now, pet...
Would you like something
to drink?
Here, Maria.
Take a sip..
I'm Martin...
I the nurse for the relatives.
They've taken Thea into the emergency room to identify what's most acute.
Is there anyone else
we can phone for you?
Does Thea have a dad?
Yes... she has a dad...
Anders, my husband.
He's at work.
But I don't have my phone with me.
I don't have the phone.
- Are you also a relative?
- Yes, I...
- Yes, I am.
- Do you have Anders' number?
I can ring Anders.
- There's only one Anders.
- So I see.
Have a little drink
and I'll be right back.
- Someone must ring Anders.
- They're doing that now.
Anders has to come.
He's coming.
They're phoning him now.
A bit more?
Drink some thing.
- Better?
- Yes.
- Anders...
- They're ringing. He's coming.
- They have to tell Anders.
- They're telling him now.
I've spoken to Anders.
He's on his way now.
Thea's in the emergency room.
The trauma team is working
to stabilise her.
You need to be patient.
The good thing is that we have
specialist expertise here.
So we don't need
to move her around.
All we can do is wait.
I'll be with you the whole time.
I'll be going sometimes to check
for any new developments.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
I'll be with you
the whole time.
And we'll get you a room
a bit further on.
I think that'd be good.
I'll go find a room.
I'll be right back.
- I should ring Mona.
- Yes.
Hi, it's me.
No, we still know nothing.
They're still examining her.
Bjorn OK?
That's good.
Do that.
I'll call you as soon
as we know anything.
Bobo's asleep.
Mona's staying with him
in case he wake's up.
I found a room for us,
a bit further down the corridor.
So we don't have to
sit out here.
Maybe she needs
to recover a bit, first.
It's all too much...
We can wait a bit.
I don't understand...
I don't know what to say.
I don't understand.
Of course you can
sit here for a bit.
I'll go check if anything
has happened.
I'll stay here.
It'll be alright.
I'll see if anything's happening
and be right back.
So we'll go further... to 'C'.
- How's it going?
- We're on top of 'A' and 'B'.
We'll have a better
overview soon.
Is that the case-sheet?
We have good terminal pulses.
- Are they requisitioned?
- Yes.
Excuse me...
Can I help you with something?
My daughter. Where is she?
I must see my daughter.
She's just come in.
Her name's Thea.
I have to see her.
Anders? Hi.
We spoke on the phone.
- Where is she?
- I'm Martin.
- Where is she?!
- I can explain everything...
- Wait a minute.
- I want to see my child!
- You can't go in there.
- I want to see my child.
I've a fucking right
to see my child!
- Listen to me...
- No. Where is she?
I want to see my child now!
There are many
other patients here.
I want to see my child.
Come and we'll sit down here.
This is sick...!
I just want to see my child!
It's Maria...!
Right now it's very important that
the trauma team get to do their job.
They're doing everything
to help Thea.
I have to see my daughter.
I have to see my daughter now!
It's as I said on the phone, Anders.
Thea had a serious fall.
And now the trauma team need to
be able to calmly go about their job.
I just want to see my girl.
I understand.
They're doing everything
they can. OK?
Please. I must see my girl.
Listen to me, Anders.
You can come in.
But it must be short.
And you must stay calm.
This way.
We'll take it quietly now.
Anders, can you hear me?
- Has he had a heart problem?
- No.
Medication? Allergies?
He synchronises.
- Any response from him?
- No.
- Is he breathing?
- He's breathing.
You fainted.
Are you with us?
I'll get a bed.
We'll get you up.
I'll put your legs here.
So, I'll grab your arm...
Raise him gently.
We'll get you seated first.
On three?
One... two... three.
There we are.
Do you have balance?
You get to lie down on a bed
in the corridor.
I'll go first.
You'll soon feel a bed under you.
I'll take the top half...
you get his legs.
You just lie there.
Take him to room 5.
I have to leave you
for a while.
- It'll be OK.
- Thanks.
- You fainted.
- Yeah.
Shall I raise your back a bit?
There. is that alright?
I'll check your blood pressure.
If you take your arm out...
I can help with that.
That's enough.
Do you have any pain anywhere?
- Do you have any pain?
- No.
That looks good.
When will we know something?
How long will that go on for?
Right now the trauma team
is stabilising what's most acute.
When they've done that,
we'll know more.
I just don't know
what happened.
Maria, what happened?
I don't know.
I was just putting Bjorn
to bed, and...
And Thea came home
from handball.
It was all as usual...
Totally normal.
I said I'd be with her
when I'd put Bjorn to bed.
And then... she wasn't there.
I didn't know where she was.
And I went to her room...
and saw the window open... her room.
Did she jump?
Maria, did she jump?
Why did she do that?
I've no idea.
Anders? Anders?
I can hear you're having trouble breathing.
Breathe with your stomach.
Do you know any more about
what's happening in there?
I'll go take a look and see.
I'll be right back.
You can go in the room now.
It's room 5.
- Do you have a minute?
- Yes. One.
Grandpa just told me
that the girl's mother...
- Yes, I know.
- You do?
I have to go to the trauma leader
and ask him for an overview.
Can you print the case-sheet
out for me?
Then I think we can clarify.
OK. Well done, everyone.
OK. We're on the move.
- What's happening?
- She's having a CT scan now.
Her dad went a bit berserk.
Aggressive behavior
and difficulty breathing.
Can you do a briefing now?
Yeah, I'll come with you.
- OK?
- Yeah...
There are a couple of things
you should know before going in.
It's that Dad and Thea have
had psychiatric help...
...after Thea's biological mother
shot herself.
And it was Thea and her dad
who found her.
I remember it because I was working
when they came in.
Do we have any history on Thea?
I asked Hege to print it out.
Here's the case-sheet
You go on in.
I'll just read this and I'll be in.
I've spoken to the trauma-team leader.
He'll be here shortly...
...and he'll give you
a full briefing.
But do you know
if she'll recover?
I can't answer that.
The trauma leader will be here soon.
Thea's on her way
to have a CT scan now.
What does that mean?
They've completed the stabilization.
The CT scans will give them
a full picture.
When they have it, they'll know more
about which department is needed later.
How's your breathing going, Anders?
There must be something
you can tell us. Anything?
The trauma leader will be here
to give you the full information.
All we can do is wait.
I realise how hard it is.
Hard? Of course it's hard!
What the fuck is wrong with you?!
What are you going on about?
I don't give a shit
about my breathing!
Of course I'm breathing heavily!
Can't you fucking say
if she'll recover!
Tell us anything?!
What happened in there?
What's happening with my daughter?
You must know something!
What does that mean?
Fuck it! Just bullshit!
Please... You must be able
to tell us something.
We have to wait for the doctor.
There's nothing else
we can do.
I'm Johan Sorensen.
I'm the trauma team leader.
Yes, it was a very nasty fall
that Thea suffered.
She's critically injured, but we
stabilized the most acute things.
She's now on her way
to a CT-scanning.
Then we'll have a better idea
of the extent of her injuries.
A lot depends on
the neurosurgeons report.
We'll have a lot better idea
of her condition when we get that.
Do you know if she'll survive?
She is alive.
But more than that I can't tell you
at the moment.
I understood, Maria, that you
were at home with Thea.
You may be able to tell a bit
about how it happened?
I don't know.
I was putting our son to bed.
And Thea came home.
And suddenly she was gone.
I couldn't understand
where she was.
And then...
...the window in her room
was open.
I don't understand what happened.
I just don't understand.
Has Thea harmed herself before?
No, she's never been...
or wanted to harm herself.
- She hasn't, has she?
- No.
We got a bit of help...
...earlier, when she was quite little.
It was a long time ago.
Because Lena...
...that is, Thea's biological mum....
...took her own life.
So we got some help.
Long ago.
Anders and I were living together
when it happened.
We got some help.
A kind of support for...
Support for children
who lose someone.
Anders and I were with her.
She was very young.
There was a time...
...when she said she wanted to
see her mother, that she wanted...
That she wanted
to go to heaven...
...where Mummy was.
But there was never any...
She was not depressed
or anything.
She never talked about not wanting
to live or anything like that.
She was happy.
- Wasn't she?
- Definitely.
And so...
So it finished up with them
thinking Thea was OK.
She was... happy.
We're no experts.
But we've been in contact
with the school...
...and the after-school programs
she joined.
She was a happy kid.
She was a real sunbeam.
We've tried to talk about Lena,
her mum, in a positive way....
That Lena was sick,
and that's why...
Lena bobbed in and out
like a fucking yo-yo.
She was admitted, and she wrote
herself out. Over and over again.
The same thing all the time.
I don't know how often I got to call
welfare, the hospital or the psych ward.
So, it was a nightmare.
She tried to take her life
several times after we divorced.
It was a period when Thea
couldn't be there.
Lena wasn't able take care
of her own child.
And no one did anything.
No bastard did anything.
How is that possible?
How is it allowed for
no one to do anything?
It seems that she had to hurt herself
or others, before any intervention.
How sick is that?
It's completely crazy.
It shouldn't happen.
Because then it's too late.
Then it goes crazy.
You people had every chance
to do something...
But no one does anything.
That's how it is.
Fuck it!
- I understand you're in despair.
- Yes, I am.
It's incredibly difficult.
Can you just tell me why?
Can you tell me anything at all?
No, I can't, Anders.
I understand you had a very bad
experience with Thea's mother.
It's just that we don't like
to keep people against their will.
Using compulsion
can involve violence.
We want to help people to be able
to look after themselves.
To decide about their lives...
...and have control
over situations.
Some may soon end up
in a revolving-door situation.
That's when...
...the patient may not be ready
for a continuous treatment.
And it gets difficult.
That's what you're talking about.
Then there's not a lot
we can do.
But it's quite obvious
that an error's been made.
Someone's been very wrong...
...telling us that everything
was fine with Thea.
It's obvious all isn't well.
Someone's made a big mistake!
There's a child out there
who tried to kill herself!
I understand how unbelievably
difficult it must be.
And how painful it is.
All I can say is we're doing everything
we possibly can, to help Thea.
I'm sorry.
I think I should get back now.
You'll hear from me as soon
as I know anything more.
If there's anything else, tell Martin.
Whatever it may be. OK?
I'm staying with you
the whole time.
Any updates will be sent here
to this room.
Would you like to tell me
anything about Thea?
We've been...
We've been a happy family.
Thea's been happy.
Did she like school?
Did she have friends?
Yes, she had friends.
She was in a handball team.
She had friends at school.
Happy all round.
The usual schoolgirl squabbles,
of course.
But just over little things.
We always sorted it out...
Everyone knew, of course.
Everyone knew.
At school and...
Our closest friends have known.
Not that we talked
about it that much.
Hardly at all in recent years.
And of course,
we didn't want... burden her with it, either.
She's been happy.
She's been someone...
...who's happy to help others.
Other girls came to her
if they had a problem.
Thea is always happy.
She always has been .
Did she talk about
her biological mum?
No, not particularly.
She could say things like
that she missed her.
Longing for her and so on.
Not for a long time, though.
When she was little.
A long time ago.
She could say things like...
...that she hoped her mother
was in heaven, and so on.
Just the stuff that kids say.
So, that's...
Then she used to say...
She used to say...
"Daddy, when I die,
shall I become a beautiful flower?"
"And then you can pick me,
and have me on the windowsill."
But that was
a long time ago.
It was before she had any concept
if anything like that at all.
She had no idea
about what it meant to die.
It can be incredibly difficult
to understand...
...what's going on
in a child's head.
They often want to take responsibility
in difficult situations... spread joy.
However, they can walk around
with thoughts that weigh on them...
...but are hard for them to share.
They don't want to
worry anyone with them.
So it may be impossible
to discover.
Our little girl...!
What are we going
to say to Bjorn?
Who's Bjorn?
Thea's little brother.
- How old is he?
- He's 5.
5 years old?
I'd be honest...
...though at the child's level...
...and say this is
terribly painful.
That he's not alone with it.
Say that bad things
can go away...
...if we tell what we're feeling.
If you talk about it.
So you're not alone with it.
Have you heard from Mona?
No, she'll call if there's a problem.
Will she be OK?
Will she?
I don't know, Maria.
The neurosurgeon
is working on the case.
What they can see is
that the brain has gone into shock.
That means the brain gets too
little oxygen due to high pressure.
Now we're keeping Thea alive,
while we try to reverse the damage.
But we don't know.
We just don't know
if she can make it.
I have to get home to Bjorn.
I have to get home to Bjorn.
Shall I come home with you?
I'll go home to Bjorn, alright?
Do you have someone
waiting for you there?
You can stay here
as long as you want.
No, but I want to go home.
My husband's mother is at home.
Are you sure
you want to go home?
Yes, quite sure.
There's nothing
you could have done.
Ring me.
It's cold outside.
I'll organise transport for you.
Meet me at reception.
You'll her from me as soon
as I have more information.
Call me.
There we are.
I'll give you my direct number.
Ring me at any time.
Anything happens here,
I'll call you straight away.
Thank you.
This is paid for.
18 Bakke Road, is it?
Are you alright?
We're here.
- Hi.
- Mummy?
Can I sleep with you?
Of course you can. Come here.
Of course you can, Darling.
You can always come to me.
You can always come to Mummy.