Blippi's Big Dino Adventure (2023) Movie Script

- Hey! It's me, Blippi!
- And me, Meekah!
And today, we're gonna have
a lot of fun together because...
you're at the movies!
[both cheer]
And we get to go on a fun adventure,
where we see some...
Dinosaurs! Rawr!
- Oh!
- [both imitating dinosaur roar]
But, Meekah,
we're not gonna just see toy dinosaurs.
- We're gonna see...
- [both] Real dinosaurs!
[both roar]
- Hey! I have an idea!
- What's that?
Before we start the movie,
would you like to wiggle
and shake with us?
That's a great idea, Meekah.
I love getting my wiggles out. Whoo!
Come on, everyone.
Time for a break to wiggle and shake.
Mm-hmm. Everyone, stand up.
Out of your seats.
Whoo! Three, two, one,
let's have some fun!
[both roar]
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
You can sing, dance, twist and shout
Do whatever you want
to get those wiggles out
Shake it up
Shake it down
Shake those wiggles out of town
Wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wiggle, wiggle
Wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Jump up to the sky
We're gonna shake our hands
Left and right
Down to the floor
And up to the ceiling
I just can't stop this feeling
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
- Wiggle, wiggle
- One, two, three!
You can sing, dance, twist and shout
Do whatever you want
to get those wiggles out
Shake it up, shake it down
Shake those wiggles out of town
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Come on and sing it loud
We're gonna dance and twist
And shout it out
Running around, we waggle and giggle
I just want to get these wiggles
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
- Wiggle, wiggle
- One, two, three!
You can sing, dance, twist and shout
Do whatever you want
to get those wiggles out
Shake it up, shake it down
Shake those wiggles out of town
You can sing, dance, twist and shout
Do whatever you want
to get those wiggles out
Shake it up, shake it down
Shake those wiggles out of town
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
- Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
- Shake those wiggles out of town
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
- Shake those wiggles out of town
- Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah
Wow! Great job getting your wiggles out.
Yeah. That was awesome!
Now you can sit and watch
the dino adventure!
[both roar]
- [both] Here we go!
- Whoo-hoo!
[both cheering]
Enjoy the movie! Whoo-hoo!
Hey! It's me, Blippi,
and you're probably wondering why Meekah
and I are being chased by a T-Rex.
Well, let's start at the very beginning.
[Meekah] Earlier that day...
Hey, hey, hey! It's me, Blippi.
And me, Meekah.
And today we're here at T-Rex Ranch,
a really cool place
with tons of real dinosaurs!
- [both roar]
- [chuckles] Yeah!
Park Ranger Asher told us to get here
as quickly as we could,
because there's been a big dinosaur
emergency that he needs our help with.
Well, what do you think it is, Meekah?
Hmm. It definitely has something
to do with dinosaurs.
Oh, maybe he needs us to track
something down for the dinos.
- Oh yeah. Hmm.
- [dinosaur growling]
Whoa! Meekah, look!
A dinosaur. And it's huge!
I can't believe it!
No! A real spinosaurus!
It was the largest carnivore
to walk or crawl on earth.
Oh, it was about 50 feet long.
Whoa, that's really, really, really,
really, really, really long.
Do you think this is what
we're supposed to help with?
It doesn't look like it needs our help.
- Just enjoying the nice walk in the sun.
- [chuckles] Aw.
Bye-bye, spinosaurus.
Yeah. Enjoy your day, friend.
- [both chuckling]
- [Blippi] Aw.
Oh, hey, Blippi and Meekah.
Am I glad you're here.
[both] Hi, Park Ranger Asher.
You haven't seen a T-Rex go by, have you?
I wish. Only a Spinosaurus.
Does the T-Rex need our help?
Was that the big emergency?
- We came as soon as we got your message.
- [dinosaur growling]
Did I say it was a big emergency?
Ha. I meant small. Like, dino-egg small.
[whispers] Okay.
Here's what really happened.
I took the dinosaurs and eggs
off the ranch
for a little fun adventure,
and I didn't mean to,
but I kinda lost some of the dino eggs
along the way.
- [both] Oh no!
- Lost eggs?
Yeah. Not my finest work.
But then I thought,
maybe my friends Blippi and Meekah
can help me find the missing eggs.
Did you retrace your steps?
That's something we do
when we lose something.
- Great idea.
- [chuckles]
[dinosaur growls]
Uh-oh. I'd better hurry.
I don't want mama T-Rex
noticing they're gone.
She's very protective of all the dino eggs
at T-Rex Ranch.
Okay. Blippi and I will retrace
those dino stomps.
Where exactly did you take them?
Here's a map of everywhere we went
and each egg that went missing
at each location.
Oh, I see.
So we just need to read the map
and retrace your stomps,
and we'll find all the eggs missing
in each place.
Our first stop was this playground.
[Blippi] Oh yeah. Well, there are a lot of
fun slides for a little egg to roll down.
Yeah. So make sure to check all of them.
- Oh, check all the slides. If you insist.
- [chuckles]
- Yeah. Slide as fast as you can.
- Mm-hmm.
Now I've got to go feed our T-Rex.
Call me on your talky talkers
if you need anything.
I've got one too.
[clears throat]
Testing, testing. Meekah, do you come in?
Uh, copy that.
Testing mine now, do you hear my song?
Is this talky talker on?
Yeah. Oh, maybe I should sing too.
- La...
- Oh, and one more thing.
See, the missing eggs are
almost ready to hatch.
Like, in an hour.
- [Blippi] Ready to hatch?
- [Meekah] Less than an hour?
Can you find them that fast?
Mmm, I think we can try.
What do you think, Meekah?
Right! Teamwork! We've got this.
[dinosaur growls]
Uh-oh. I'd better go feed her.
It's past her lunchtime.
Thanks for your help. Good luck.
Okay. See you soon. [laughs]
- Oh, Meekah, we'd better hurry.
- Mm-hmm.
This is going to be the biggest, speediest
dino egg adventure we've ever had!
- [both cheer]
- And hopefully the most fun.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Come on.
Will you come on the adventure with us?
Cool. Let's go! Whoo-hoo!
[both whooping, cheering]
This is gonna be so much fun!
All we need to do is follow the map
and retrace their steps exactly!
You're right! Also, I packed my binoculars
in my jam pack.
That way, we can take a closer look
at the location to find those eggs.
Good idea, Meekah.
Well, we'd better hop in. Come on!
- Whoo!
- [chuckles] Whoa. Here I go.
Ooh, watch your step.
Whoa! Whoa! [laughs]
And don't forget to buckle up.
- Yep. First things first. Safety first.
- Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
Blippi and Meekah, do you copy?
Yeah, Park Ranger Asher, we copy.
[dinosaur roaring]
Please hurry. This mama T-Rex
does not look happy.
She's looking for those eggs.
We need them back ASAP, before they hatch.
Park Ranger Asher, over and out.
I almost forgot!
- We have less than an hour!
- Yeah, that's not a lot of time, but...
[gasps] Oh, I have an idea.
I'll set a timer on my compass watch.
- That way, it'll keep us on track.
- Okay. The countdown starts in...
[both] Three, two, one!
Here we go! Whoo-hoo!
[chuckles] Well, here we are.
I can't wait to go in.
- Let's take off our shoes.
- Oh yeah.
First things first.
We want to play in our socks.
One shoe, two shoes!
And, Meekah,
we should probably take off our vests.
We've already lost an egg.
We don't want to lose our tools.
Yeah. Great thinking, Blippi.
[chuckles] Whoa, Meekah,
look at these colorful horses!
Yeah. This is so fun!
I wonder if the dinos have fun
spinning around too.
Wait. Meekah! The dino eggs!
I was having so much fun,
I completely forgot about the search.
Oh, you're right, Blippi.
We have to find that egg.
The clock is ticking.
Okay. We need to find
this egg right here.
It has yellow shapes on it.
Ooh! Will you help us find
the first yellow egg?
Ah, cool! Hurry, Meekah. We've gotta go!
[both exclaiming]
Egg number one, here we come!
Let's go! Whoo!
- Oh, Meekah! Look at what it is!
- Wow! A fire truck!
Whoa. Yeah. This fire truck looks
really, really fast!
Yes. I like the bright-red color.
Just like an apple.
Yeah. And look.
This truck is the number 65.
- Oh, cool!
- Whoa, yeah.
That's so that they know
which fire truck is which.
Hey, you want to get inside
and go find those eggs?
- Yeah, that's a great idea, Meekah.
- I'll drive.
- Okay. Here we go.
- Whoo!
Oh, and, Meekah,
don't forget to buckle up.
Oh yeah. First things first. Safety first.
Yeah. And you want to wear a helmet too.
All right. Let's go!
[imitating siren wailing]
- Firefighter Blippi!
- Whoa, this is so cool!
Yeah. Whoa, I love being a firefighter.
Do you like being a firefighter too?
Yeah. Firefighters are so brave.
- They are brave. And strong!
- Mm-hmm!
Hey, friends, check out that tree.
Oh, a tree? Ooh, maybe the egg's there.
Ooh, maybe in a nest.
Yeah. I see a bird, but no eggs.
No eggs. Okay, I'm turning right.
My compass watch says to go south.
[Blippi exclaiming]
You like to drive this fire truck
really fast, Meekah.
- I gotta go fast! It's a rescue mission!
- We're going so fast.
Whoa. We'd better turn on the sirens.
- [imitating siren wailing]
- Lost egg! Lost egg!
[imitating siren wailing]
Lost egg! Lost egg!
Lost egg! [chuckles] Hmm.
Wait. I see some stores.
Maybe they're in there.
Oh yeah. I bet if we check inside,
we might find it.
- Yes. Let's park this rescue vehicle.
- Mm-hmm.
Click, click!
Okay. Here we go.
- Whee!
- Whoo!
[chuckles] Come on!
Whoa! Meekah, maybe they went in here.
Ooh, a supermarket.
- Maybe there are superheroes inside.
- Yeah!
- Super Blippi!
- And Super Meekah!
[whoops, chuckles] Super fast!
- Super strong!
- And super smart.
Yeah. Super duper!
Our superhero here is silly.
But there are groceries.
[gasps] Maybe the dinos stopped here
for a snack.
Oh, maybe they did.
Well, I definitely need a snack
- after all that firefighting.
- [laughing]
- We should probably go inside.
- Let's go.
[Blippi chuckles] Whoa!
Whoa, check it out!
- Mmm!
- So many healthy foods!
- Mmm! Look at that.
- Mmm.
- Whoa. [giggles]
- Let's see. We have bell peppers
- and...
- [gasps]
- Yummy.
- And...
- A pretzel? That's not a vegetable.
- A pretzel.
No. And a pumpkin.
Ooh. Pumpkins are spooky.
[gasps] Ooh, you know who would love
these healthy fruits and vegetables?
- Mmm?
- An herbivore.
Oh yeah.
Herbivores love their leafy greens.
- Mm-hmm.
- [both imitating chomping]
And carnivores eat meat.
Whoa, yeah. Hmm. It looks like
these are just fruits and vegetables.
Hey! They're my two favorite colors!
[gasps] Yellow and purple!
- Oh yeah, look. There's some corn...
- And an eggplant.
Oh, don't cry, Blippi. It's just an onion.
It's just an onion? I'm so happy.
- That's silly.
- Some grapes.
a banana.
You don't want to leave a peel around.
You might slip.
Ooh not safe.
- Hey, you want me to check you out?
- Yeah, that'd be great.
I think with all these fruits
and vegetables,
we can make a tasty dinner.
Okay, here.
We'll put all the vegetables down,
- and then we'll keep adding them.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
Meekah, they're going the wrong way!
- Oh, wow!
- [exclaiming]
There's so many! Whoa.
Well, maybe we'll go grocery shopping
another time.
- Do you have everything you need?
- Mmm, I think so.
- [Meekah] "Dino food."
- [both] "Please take one."
[Blippi] Okay.
Oh. Well, one for you.
Thank you.
And one for me.
Carnivores would really love this
because they eat meat.
Well, how about I put these
in my backpack for later?
Maybe we can feed a dino.
Maybe a T-Rex.
- Okay. I'll put these in my backpack.
- Perfect.
Hmm. Well, I think I have
just about everything.
Yes. You sure you need some eggs?
[both] Eggs?
- [gasps]
- [both] Dino eggs!
- We should continue our search.
- I completely forgot.
Well, I don't see any dino eggs here,
so I think we need to keep moving on.
- Let's go.
- Whoo-hoo! Whoo!
Wait. Meekah, I wonder
where we should look next.
Oh, how about this doctor's office?
Oh yeah. Look. It says "Mini Clinic."
Oh, and look! There's a mini triceratops.
Aw, it's so cute!
Oh, that makes sense.
A mini dino for a mini clinic.
I'd like to be a vet
and give him a checkup.
Yeah. We'd better go inside and make sure
it's okay. Come on. [giggles]
Aw! Look at him!
This is one really cute triceratops.
- Yeah, he looks nervous.
- Oh yeah.
Look, he's kind of shaking.
But when you go to the doctor or the vet,
you don't need to be nervous,
because they're gonna take care of you.
- Yeah, make sure you're nice and healthy.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, we probably should take
this little triceratops to a doctor.
Why not...
Dr. Meekah?
Yeah. Dr. Meekah here for your checkup.
Yeah, and I'm just pet-owner Blippi
bringing in my pet triceratops
to make sure he's feeling great.
Yes. Hold the triceratops's hand, okay?
Okay. I'll hold its hand
so it's not too scared.
Yes. Let's check your horns first
and count them.
Okay. Here we go!
- [Blippi] One.
- [Meekah] Two.
[Blippi] Three.
- Wait a minute, Meekah.
- Mm-hmm.
Do you see what colors this dinosaur is?
- Yeah.
- [both] Blue and yellow!
And yellow's one of my favorite colors.
And blue is one of my two favorite colors.
This is a pretty cool Meekah-Blippi dino!
Aw. Well, we'd better keep
checking him out.
Yes. I have my stethoscope,
and I'm going to check your heart.
Okay, pal. Deep breaths.
[both inhale, exhale]
[both chortle]
- Healthy and strong.
- Mm-hmm.
He'd like me to check your heart too,
Oh yeah. We want a healthy dinosaur,
but we also want a healthy Blippi.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Here we go.
- [Meekah] Deep breaths.
- [heart beating]
[Blippi inhaling, exhaling]
Whoa! Healthy and strong, friends.
Yeah. It's really important
you do lots of exercise
and eat lots of green and healthy food
so you have a nice, strong heart.
This little herbivore must've eaten
all your fruits and vegetables.
[imitating dinosaur roaring]
That means, "Yes, Dr. Meekah, I have."
- It's so cute.
- Blippi! The talky talker!
It's Park Ranger Asher!
Blippi, Meekah, do you copy?
The clock is ticking!
Did you find a dino egg yet?
Not yet. We haven't found any.
- Oh, but we have some friends helping us.
- Mm-hmm.
And I'm sure we'll find them soon,
especially with all of your help.
Copy that. Thanks for searching.
And please hurry.
Over and out.
Okay. See you soon.
Okay, little triceratops,
your checkup is over.
- You look strong and healthy.
- Yeah.
- We need to keep looking for those eggs!
- Let's go!
All right, Blippi,
you heard Park Ranger Asher.
I sure did. We're running out of time!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- [both] Speed search!
- Yeah! Whoo!
[person whistling tune]
[sighs] That was a lot of searching.
Definitely calls for a water break.
- Yeah.
- For you and me.
Thank you, friend.
[both] Ah!
Well, we searched and we searched,
but we still didn't find the egg.
- What if we never do?
- Oh, don't worry, friend.
We'll find it.
When in doubt, dance it out.
And slide!
- Blippi, it's slide time.
- Okay. Here we go!
Wait, Blippi.
Let's go down the twisty slide.
Good idea. Let's go. Come on. [chuckles]
- I'm right behind you, Meekah!
- Whoo-hoo!
Here we go! Watch out below!
[both laughing]
Whoa! Whoa!
[both exclaiming]
This is so fun!
You might say we're having... a ball.
What was that?
You see something behind us?
- [Meekah] It's the yellow egg!
- [Blippi] The yellow egg!
[both] We did it!
We definitely want to tell
Park Ranger Asher.
Come in. Park Ranger Asher,
we have great news.
- We found the first egg!
- [giggling]
Awesome work, team!
One down and two to go.
Let's get this egg back to its home.
"Egg-cellent" plan.
- [both chuckle]
- Let's go.
Park Ranger Asher, we're back
at the ranch with the egg.
Do you copy?
Copy. The nest is ready.
Bring it to the south side of the ranch
as soon as possible.
- Copy that.
- Uh, Meekah, I don't know where that is.
Oh not to worry, friend.
I can check my compass watch.
Hmm. North is that way,
east is that way,
west is this way, so south is this way.
- Oh. [chuckles]
- [dinosaur growls]
- Uh, Meekah?
- Yes, Blippi?
I think we need to go
a different direction.
Hey there, friends.
I think it's time for us to, uh...
[screaming continues]
Ah! They're following us!
Park Ranger Asher,
we're being chased by raptors!
Any tips on losing them?
Oh no!
Raptors are hard to get away from.
They travel in packs.
we're definitely outnumbered three to two!
Your best bet is to distract them.
Do you have anything that looks like food?
Raptors are carnivores,
which means they like to eat meat.
- [screams]
- What about those steak toys?
Oh yeah. Good idea, Meekah.
Quick, let's hide behind that boulder
and throw the steak toys to them.
[shouts, giggles]
Here they are!
Oh. Park Ranger Asher,
we're about to throw the toy steaks.
That's perfect. They'll think
it's real food and follow it.
[both] Three, two, one!
Whoo! Whoo!
Whew! That was a close one.
Now, let's get out of here
before they come back!
Mm-hmm. Shh.
[Blippi, Meekah imitating dinosaur roars]
Park Ranger Asher! [roars]
- [chuckles]
- Welcome back.
I'm glad to see the two of you
and not those three raptors.
Mmm. Well, it was thanks to your tip that
we were able to throw them off our trail.
Yeah. They won't be sniffing around here
anytime soon.
Well, some tyrannodons have been
flying around, looking extra curious.
So you might want to go on
the egg search soon.
They might think you took him.
And stay away from water.
Tyrannodons eat fish,
which means
it's their favorite hangout spot.
Oh, and I almost forgot.
We found the first egg. [chuckles]
- Here you go, Park Ranger Asher.
- Mm-hmm.
Be very careful.
Nice work.
It'll be safe and snug
nestled right here.
Okay. Any idea where
you might have left the other eggs?
right here.
We went to this museum,
so maybe you can stop by and ask if
there's a dino egg in the lost-and-found.
Oh, cool. A museum. I love those.
Me too. Three, two, one,
let's have some fun.
Ooh! Ooh! Yeah!
Right, but not too much fun.
I had too much fun,
and I lost all the eggs.
Right. Mission: Egg search.
[gasps] On a time crunch!
- Ready, Blippi?
- Ready!
Hurry back!
So, Meekah, you know how to get there?
I know "egg-xactly" how to get there.
Good one.
This looks like a place where
we can use the tools in our vest.
Yeah. And I have the Blippi mobile
parked away.
- That means we can search and play!
- [both whooping]
[gasps] Hey, let's see which egg
we're looking for.
Mm-hmm. Yeah. The egg
might not be in the lost-and-found,
but will you help us look around?
- Great!
- Oh, great!
What color is this egg?
[Meekah] Right here.
[Blippi] Oh, it has stripes on it,
and it's the color green.
Okay, green egg,
we're coming to take you back home.
Maybe the egg is playing hide-and-seek.
Oh! Ready or not, here we come!
Keep looking for that egg. Hmm.
There we go.
I don't see it anywhere yet.
Do you?
[gasps] But you know what I do see?
Check it out!
[both] A dinosaur!
You know, I love dinosaurs, but do you
know what I love more than dinosaurs?
- What?
- Pretending to be dinosaurs!
[both imitating dinosaurs growling]
- I'm a T-Rex!
- Whoa!
[screams, laughs]
- [growling]
- So silly.
- Oh, I have a great idea.
- Oh, what's that?
- Let's play a game of charades.
- Whoa, I love charades.
Yeah. That's where one person
acts something out,
and the other person guesses.
Okay. How about I pretend to be
a dinosaur, and you guess what kind it is.
All right.
- I have three horns on my head.
- Uh-huh.
- [roars]
- Can I have another hint?
I love vegetables! [roars]
I know!
Do you know what kind of dinosaur
Blippi's pretending to be?
[Blippi growling]
- A triceratops!
- Yeah!
[both growling]
Hey, Meekah, look at what it is!
- [gasps]
- A triceratops!
[both exclaiming]
Check out these horns.
- Whoa.
- Ooh.
These are so cool and pointy.
Oh, and, Meekah,
did you know that a triceratops has horns
that are made of keratin?
Yeah. It has a keratin part
that is made of the same thing
as our nails.
[gasps] So if it breaks off,
would it grow back, just like our nails?
Yeah, the keratin part will. [chuckles]
Whoa, you are one nice dinosaur.
Okay, now it's your turn to pretend.
- Okay! I'll give you some hints.
- Okay.
- I have a crest on my head...
- Hmm.
- ...and I love to eat vegetables.
- Oh.
- I'm an herbivore. Honk, honk!
- Oh. [laughs]
- A honking sound? I know!
- Honk, honk, honk!
I bet you're a parasaurolophus.
Oh, that's right, Blippi! Great job.
Yeah. Oh, good job pretending.
- Uh-huh.
- And speaking of parasaurolophus...
- Meekah!
- Oh!
Check it out! A parasaurolophus!
[Blippi] Oh yeah. This is a nice dino.
And do you see the head crest?
Yeah. Some paleontologists say
that they use their crests
to communicate to each other.
Oh, Meekah, I think you're right.
Honk, honk.
- Honk, honk, honk. I'm hungry.
- Honk, honk. Me too.
Oh, honk, honk.
Here's some veggies for food.
- Oh, yum!
- [both chewing noisily]
- Honk, honk, honk, honk!
- Nom, nom, nom.
- That's one funny dinosaur.
- Yeah.
- Okay. My turn to pretend some more.
- Okay.
Okay. Ooh! I know.
This dinosaur has big plates
on its back for protection.
- Here we go. [exclaims]
- Here we go.
And I have a really long tail
with a hammer on the end.
- Whoa!
- Meekah, can you guess what dinosaur I am?
[gasps] Oh, I know! An ankylosaurus?
Yeah, that's right!
Yeah. An ankylosaurus has
a tail like a hammer
and bony plates for protection all over.
Whoa, check it out!
An ankylosaurus!
Yeah, a baby ankylosaurus.
They're really, really tough.
It even has it on its eyelids.
- Oh, to protect its eyes?
- Yeah.
And on its head, and on its neck,
and on its back...
- Oh, everywhere! On its tail too.
- It's so bumpy!
Oh. But, Meekah, we need to
keep looking for the dino egg.
[gasps] I see some eggs over there!
- Maybe that's the dino egg.
- Let's check it out.
Meekah, look. Dinosaur eggs.
But wait a minute.
The egg we were looking for
is the color green.
These eggs are not the color green.
Meekah, maybe you can find the egg
by using your binoculars.
- Yeah. Maybe I can find them that way.
- Okay.
Keep your eyes open.
- No eggs.
- Mmm, no eggs here.
Ooh, maybe we need to check inside.
Yeah. Let me check my map and make sure.
- [Blippi] Hmm.
- Oh! We're looking for a fossil dig.
A fossil dig? Oh yeah!
Maybe we'll find the egg
in the dirt in the fossil dig.
All right.
Let's go take a closer look inside.
Mm-hmm. And we can pretend
to be flying dinosaurs.
- Tyrannodon!
- [both squawking]
That was fun being dinosaurs.
I was the mighty tyrannodon,
flying through the sky.
[squawks, chuckles]
And I was the mighty chicken! [clucking]
Meekah, why were you a chicken?
Because chickens are the closest
living relatives to dinosaurs.
Oh, I didn't know that.
That's pretty neat.
Whoa! But look at this dino!
It's an allosaurus!
- Hello, allosaurus.
- Aw. Yeah, he's so nice.
- So colorful.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, look. The color yellow.
- Oh, one of my favorites.
- [gasps] Oh, and orange!
- One of my two favorites.
And of course, the color green.
And red too.
Wow. You are so colorful.
Well, Meekah and I were looking for
the fossil dig to find a missing egg.
Have you seen any fossils around here,
Mr. Dino?
- [dinosaur roars]
- What's that?
[both] Uh-huh.
- Nope.
- No fossils.
Well, thanks anyway. [chuckles]
- Check out these little dinosaurs.
- "Little dinosaurs"?
Whoa! It's the ones we saw outside. Look!
- Whoa!
- [both roaring]
Oh, but, Meekah,
we saw these outside,
but we didn't hear them.
Okay. Let's take a listen.
Can you guess what dinosaur this is?
Are you ready?
[dinosaur roaring]
I know by the honking horn sound
that it's a parasaurolophus.
Oh, good guess.
Okay, let's try another one.
- [dinosaur roaring]
- [gasps]
Whoa! I know that one! It's a T-Rex!
- [shrieks, laughs]
- Oh, right.
We were supposed to be looking for
mama T-Rex's egg.
Hmm. We need to find
that fossil dig somewhere.
Oh, look.
I see a place for digging over there.
I bet we'll find the egg. Come on!
[gasps] Wow!
- Meekah, it's the...
- [both] Fossil dig!
- I bet we'll find the egg here.
- Oh yes.
Okay. Let's get all ready.
What kind of tools do we have?
Well, I brought some gloves for you.
- Oh, thanks, friend.
- Yeah, some purple ones for you.
- And some orange for me.
- Oh, nice.
Oh yeah. This is gonna get a little messy,
- so we want to keep our hands clean.
- [giggling]
And, Meekah, look what else I have.
- What?
- Some...
Ooh! [gasps]
- What's in there?
- Shovels!
- Oh, some shovels.
- Oh.
Oh, but I have an idea.
- Let's use our brushes instead.
- Oh yeah.
When you're looking for fossils,
fossils can be delicate,
so you don't want to damage them
with hard metal shovels.
And we are just pretending,
but we use brushes for fun too.
- Let's be extra careful.
- Okay. Here we go.
Time to get out
our paleontologist brushes.
- Oh yeah.
- Let's see what fossils we'll find.
- Come on.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Happy digging.
Happy digging.
Look at all these layers of sediment.
Oh yeah. We're digging in the dirt,
but this is actually very,
very deep in the ground.
See? Some topsoil
and all the different layers.
And look. The fossils!
- [Meekah] Whoa.
- Oh.
- [Meekah gasps] I found one!
- Whoa, me too!
[both chuckle]
- Whoa. These are heavy.
- Oh, very heavy.
Yeah. Whoa, I found a tooth.
And I found a... What is it?
A tooth? A fang?
- Ooh, looks like a claw.
- Oh, a claw.
[squawks] Maybe to a raptor.
Ooh. Or a tyrannodon.
Oh, that would be so cool!
Mmm, let's see what else we can find.
[Blippi] Whoa. I found one!
[Meekah] Oh, me too!
[Blippi] Wait a minute.
Meekah, look at this.
[gasps] That's a...
- Leaf?
- Leaf!
I didn't know plants could be fossils.
Oh yeah. Fossils can be plants
or bones or skulls.
- Or bugs.
- [laughing]
Well, let's see what else.
- [Blippi] Did you find one?
- Look what I found.
Whoa! What's that?
It's an ammonite shell.
Oh. An ammonite shell.
Ammonites are cool.
Kinda looks like a snail, but not a snail.
Really spirally.
And this one's heavy.
- [Blippi] Hmm.
- Anything else?
Whoa, Meekah, look!
I found another fossil.
- Whoa.
- It's a seashell.
Hey, and this fossil's pretty light.
[gasps] I have an idea! Let's play...
[both] Sink or Float!
Yeah. And we can see
how dense all the fossils are
and if they sink or if they float.
Oh. Let's go see if we can find
any water nearby.
Yeah. And then we can tell the museum
which fossils sink or float,
and we'll make sure to return them
after we play with them.
Uh-huh. I'll put them in my jam pack.
Okay. I'll put these in my backpack,
and I think we are good to go.
- Ready?
- Come on!
Whoa! This tank of water
will be perfect for a game of...
[both] Sink or Float!
We'll test the item's density.
That's how closely packed
the particles are inside the item.
Mm-hmm, yeah. We can use
all the things in my backpack and...
- My jam pack.
- Yeah.
Ooh, let's start with these fossils.
Oh yeah. Here, do you mind if I try some?
- Of course, friend.
- Okay.
Whoa! Yeah, we found all of these fossils,
so let's see how dense they are.
If they're really dense,
that means they'll sink.
But if they're not so dense, yeah,
they'll float to the top.
- Whoa.
- Okay. Here we go.
On the count of three.
[both] One, two, three.
- Whoa!
- Oh!
- Check it out!
- They sank!
Whoa! Hello, fossils.
- Whoo!
- Fossils are really heavy.
- Yeah, and really dense.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, must be from all that dirt
packing in and preserving those fossils
- after a really, really, really long time.
- Yep, must be.
- Oh, hey. Let's try some other things.
- Okay.
Whoa. What about this water bottle?
- All right.
- Hey, look what's on it.
- Oh, dinosaurs!
- And me.
- That's silly. Oh yeah.
- My best friend, Blippi.
Okay, do you think this water bottle
will sink or float?
Let's see!
Here we go! Whoo!
- Whoa! It floats! Hmm.
- Oh!
I wonder if we open it up a little bit,
if it will still float?
Here we go.
[Meekah gasps]
- Well...
- Well... Oh!
Oh, check it out!
When we opened it up,
the water bottle sank to the bottom.
But when the lid was on,
it floated.
Mm-hmm. That's because it's full of water.
Whoa. That is really cool.
- Let's try something else. Okay.
- Okay. Whatcha got?
[chuckles] There are
so many things in here. Whoa, okay.
- Here. One for you...
- Oh, thank you.
- ...and one for me.
- Ooh, a sponge.
And a ball pit ball.
- Wait a minute. Meekah...
- Yes?
...look at what colors these are.
- [gasps] Your two favorite colors!
- Blue and orange!
Yeah. We have an orange ball pit ball,
a blue sponge...
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's see if they sink or float.
- Okay, pal.
- Here we go!
- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo!
- Whoa, look!
- Wow!
They float. Whoa. Whoa.
[chuckles] Whoa.
Okay. Let's try another one.
Okay. What else is in there?
[both roaring]
Whoa! Dinosaurs! Yeah.
Let's see if these toy dinosaurs
sink or float.
Okay. Here we go.
They want to go swimming.
[both roaring]
Whoa. They love swimming at the top.
- Yeah, they float.
- Yep.
[roaring softly] Whoa, yeah.
Those dinosaurs are toys,
so they're not very dense,
but if they were real dinosaurs,
hmm, maybe they would sink.
Oh, definitely.
Oh. Hey, Meekah. Here you go.
What's in there? Oh, a race car!
[imitating motor revving]
What do you think?
Will this race car sink or float?
- Let's give it a try!
- Okay, ready?
Whoa! Whoa!
- Oh no!
- Oh, look. It floats.
Look. Even when I push it down, like this...
- It still wants to float.
- Yeah. Comes back to the top.
Well, that was cool. Oh. Mmm.
- Anything else? Oh!
- What else we got?
Here you go.
Ooh, a carrot. Perfect.
And a little shovel. [gasps]
- Crunchy.
- [laughing]
Okay, let's try the carrot
and the little shovel.
Okay. On the count of three.
One, two, three.
Whoa! No way! They sank to the bottom!
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Whoa!
That's pretty cold. Whoa!
Yeah. They were really dense,
so they sank.
Hey, let's try an excavator.
No way! A toy excavator!
[imitating hydraulics whooshing]
Whoa. That is one cool toy
you've got there, Meekah.
All right.
Sink or float?
Sink or float! Whoo!
- Whoa. That excavator...
- It floats. not scooping up any dirt.
- No.
- It is certainly digging up some water.
I'm surprised. I thought it would sink.
Yeah, me too.
Excavators are normally heavy,
but this one seems to be pretty...
- pretty light and not very dense at all.
- Yeah.
- [both] Mm-mmm.
- [rustling]
Whoa! Do you hear that sound?
Yeah, it's sounding like
it was coming over... from over there.
Yeah, some rustling in the bushes.
Let's go check it out.
It could be the egg!
[Blippi exclaims]
Whoa! Meekah, look!
We found the dinosaur egg! Yeah!
- Yay! We found the second egg!
- Yeah, and it has the green stripes on it.
Oh, this calls for
a ten-second dance party.
We did it, we did it
We never, ever quit it
- We did it!
- Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
[talky talker beeps]
Blippi and Meekah, do you copy?
We copy, Park Ranger Asher.
And we found the second egg!
That's great news,
but the clock is still ticking.
[dinosaur growls]
Let's get you back here
as soon as you can.
We're on it, but we kind of got distracted
by a fun game of Sink or Float.
I love that game!
Wait. What am I talking about?
There's no time for games.
Quick, hurry back
so you can get that third egg.
Park Ranger Asher over and out.
- Copy that!
- [exclaiming]
[both gasp]
Oh, it's just you, Meekah.
No raptors this time.
Yeah, nothing around for miles
to chase after us.
Yeah, that's good. My legs could use
a break from all this running.
[creature screeches]
- [creature screeches]
- [both gasp]
- Uh, Blippi?
- Yeah?
- I hope your legs aren't too tired.
- Why?
We checked the ground for dinos,
but we forgot to check the sky!
[creature screeches]
Oh yeah. [screams]
Meekah, do we have to run?
Pteranodons don't have teeth.
Yeah, but they have sharp beaks.
Ah. Ooh. [chuckles]
Wait a minute, Meekah.
I think it sees our egg.
Oh no. It thinks we're trying to steal it.
Wait! We're not trying to steal the egg!
- No.
- We're taking it back to its nest.
- [screeches]
- [both scream]
- Too bad we don't speak pteranodon.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, wait, Meekah. I have an idea.
I love to play this really fun game,
fetch, with my dog,
I throw a ball,
and he loves bringing it back.
- Oh yeah. Let's use the ball we have.
- Okay. I have it here.
Okay, here we go.
Whoa! Whoa!
Whoo! Whoo! Yeah!
- [screeches]
- Nice throw, Blippi!
Thanks. From all that practice with
Now let's get that egg back to the nest
before that pteranodon
comes back with the ball.
Okay. [gasps, screams]
- [karate yell]
- Whoo! [chuckles]
Whoa. We're not T-Rexes.
Don't worry, Park Ranger Asher.
Yeah. We didn't mean to startle you.
But look! We got the second egg.
Awesome. Thanks, Meekah.
You two are doing so great.
Oh, thanks for asking us to help.
We're having a lot of fun.
Oh yeah.
We love helping these little dinos.
Happy to hear it. But now there's...
[gasps] ...barely enough time
to find the last egg!
- [both] Oh no!
- Come on, Blippi! Let's go!
No egg left behind!
Good luck!
Here we are at Dig It,
and we're ready to find that egg.
Whoa, Meekah, look what I found.
It's a front loader.
Let's pretend to be construction workers.
Oh, that's a good idea.
You'd better hop on in. [chuckles]
Get ready to start the engine.
- Whoo!
- Here we go!
- [both whooping]
- [engine starts]
Great job, Construction Worker Meekah.
And we need to make sure we're in drive.
[Meekah] Drive.
- [both exclaiming]
- [Blippi] Here we go!
Great job, Construction Worker Blippi.
And my favorite part?
- The horn.
- Here we go!
[horn honking]
- Honk. Honk, honk, honk.
- Honk, honk.
[horn honks]
Oh, hey, I see a spot
where we can look for the egg.
- Great. Well, better hurry.
- Whoo!
Here we are. Let's check in here.
It's kind of shaped like an egg.
Yeah. Hmm. This is a pretty fun tunnel.
- Whoa! Whoa! Do you feel that, Meekah?
- Whoo!
- The tunnel's moving!
- Yeah!
[both exclaiming, whooping]
Whoa, Meekah,
the egg is not in this tunnel.
- Whoa, I'm dizzy.
- [laughing]
But it certainly is a... a dizzy tunnel.
Well, we had a lot of fun searching
for the egg with the front loader.
Maybe we can find another construction
vehicle to help us with our search.
Like a forklift!
[both imitating forklift sounds]
Or a cement mixer.
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Spin, spin, spin...
Or maybe, Meekah, it's on a really,
really high platform or area,
and we need a tall crane to pick it up.
Oh, pick me up.
[imitating cement mixer whirring]
Whoa. That's silly.
[gasps] Or maybe it's in one of
your favorite construction vehicles.
Oh. Do you know what one of
my favorite construction vehicles is?
- Yeah, that's right.
- [both] It's an excavator!
[imitating excavator]
Hey, dirt, see you later!
Whoa! And there's one right there.
Come on!
Come on!
Wow! This is so cool!
- A bright-yellow excavator.
- One of your two favorite colors.
- You know it.
- Meekah, and look what it's digging in.
[both] A ball pit!
Whoa. Okay.
Let's see if we can find the egg.
Well, we gotta see what kind of egg it is.
Okay. It's a spotted blue egg
with purple zigzags.
- Oh. It's a spotted blue egg.
- Uh-huh.
And the ball pit has
some blue ball pit balls.
- Yeah.
- Maybe we can find it in here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'll dig it.
And I'll watch.
Here comes Construction Worker Meekah
looking for that egg.
- [Blippi] Here we go.
- Let's drop 'em off over here.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah, we did it!
I'll try again.
Whoa. You are a really good
excavator operator.
Thank you, friend.
Whoa. Look at how Meekah is moving
the arm, the boom and the bucket
to pick up all the ball pit balls.
Yeah, and she's dropping them
in the crates.
Oh, this is so fun. Would you like to try?
Okay, yeah. We haven't found the egg yet,
but I'm sure we can find it.
- There you go, friend.
- Okay. Here we go.
- Time to operate the excavator.
- I'll look for the egg with my binoculars.
[both exclaiming]
Driving an excavator can be
a little tricky sometimes.
- Yes, it is. But you've got it.
- Okay.
Here we go. [screeching]
Scoop 'em up!
- Great job, Blippi!
- Yeah!
[both exclaim]
- Is there an egg in there, Meekah?
- Um, no.
- No egg.
- Mmm, yeah.
Still doesn't look like
there's an egg in here.
Well, time is ticking,
so we should keep looking.
Mm-hmm. Let's keep on looking,
and the best way to keep looking
is to pretend to be an excavator.
Oh, great idea!
Hey, will you pretend with us?
[laughs] Awesome. Okay.
All you need to do is bring up your arm
to be the arm, the boom and the bucket
and start to scoop.
[imitating excavator]
- Hey, dirt...
- See you later.
- Come on!
- Scoop, scoop!
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Scoop, scoop.
[Blippi] Whoa!
- [Blippi] Excavators.
- [imitating excavator]
Whoa, Meekah! Look at what it is!
[both] A conveyor belt!
Whoa. Yeah.
Conveyor belts are really useful machines
that get really heavy things
from the ground
up to a very, very tall place.
Hmm. And maybe this conveyor belt can
move some of these heavy bricks.
Oh, how about you go to the top,
and I'll load the bricks
on to the conveyor belt,
and you can receive them?
- That's a good plan. See you at the top.
- See you, friend.
Whoo! [chuckles]
Oh, I almost forgot.
I want to take off my shoes.
and two.
[chuckles] See you at the top.
Turning my wheel so the bricks go
all the way up to Blippi.
Do you know what this shape is?
That's right. It's a rectangle.
Oh, with another shape too.
A circle.
Let's count the circles.
One circle,
two circles,
three circles!
Okay, Blippi, here they come.
Okay, Meekah. I'm at the top.
Whoa! Check it out.
There are so many bricks up here.
Meekah, what do you think
we should build with all these bricks?
Ooh, how about a post office?
Yeah. Or maybe a little house.
- Or maybe a library.
- Ooh, that's a good idea.
Meekah, do you see any eggs down there?
No eggs here. Just lots of bricks.
Well, there are no eggs up here either.
Ooh, but I do see some blocks
in the corner there.
Maybe we should check underneath those
blue blocks to see if there's an egg.
Oh, great idea. I'll race you there.
Race you there.
Oh! Blippi, you forgot your shoes!
- That was fun.
- You win!
- I win? Yeah!
- Uh-huh. And you get a prize.
- A prize for me?
- Uh-huh.
Your shoes!
Oh. Okay. Thanks, Meekah.
[both] Whoa!
Look at all these blocks.
So many different shapes,
and they're all the color blue.
Look at this square!
- Whoa!
- With a circle!
Look at this circle... with two circles.
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Whoo!
- Whee!
- Whoa. And there's all kinds of shapes.
- Whoa, like a trapezoid.
Whoa. Yeah.
Look. I have a trapezoid too.
They make very nice hats.
Oh, what else do we have?
Ooh, a parallelogram.
Whoa. That's a pretty big name
for a shape. Whoo!
Oh, and a cylinder.
Ooh, and this is a tiny noodle.
A really long and small cylinder.
This shape is a hexagon.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, and this is
one cool-looking hexagon.
Look how many sides it has.
[both] One, two...
[both] Four, five, six.
- Six sides!
- That's a lot of sides for a shape.
Whoo! [laughs]
Oh, and look at this shape.
Do you know what this is?
- It's a triangle!
- Yes, just like a roof on a house.
- Whoo!
- Hey, I have an idea.
You should look for the eggs
in this big sack of blue blocks.
Okay. Time to climb on in.
- Okay.
- Here I go.
- [roars]
- [screams] A dinosaur! Run!
Yeah, I just found me being a T-Rex.
Yeah, well, I don't see any eggs here.
- Nope.
- Just more blue blocks.
Blue blocks.
- Whoo! [chuckles]
- Oh, Blippi.
I see something really fun over there!
- Maybe that's where the egg is.
- Maybe!
Okay, let's go. Whoo-hoo!
[Blippi imitating dinosaur roaring]
Well, I still don't see the egg anywhere,
but, Meekah, I do see tractors!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- [both] Tractor race!
- Let's go!
Drivers, start your pedals!
[laughing, cheering]
[both] Whoa!
- Meekah, you win the race!
- Yay! I won!
- And you win a prize.
- Oh, what is it?
- The Best Friend award.
- Awesome!
- And two high-fives.
- All right!
Wait. Blippi, we're supposed to be
looking for the blue-and-purple egg.
That's right.
We don't have much time left.
Where have we not checked? Hmm.
[both muttering]
Oh, wait! Meekah, look!
A place we haven't checked yet.
- Come on!
- Come on!
[both laughing]
- Wow!
- Whoa!
What's this?
It looks like... building supplies?
Yeah. I love to tinker and build.
- Can I help you out?
- Yes, please.
Okay. Well, what do we have here?
We have some wheels...
- Ooh, and some screws.
- Yeah.
- A rope.
- What if we make a cart?
[gasps] Great idea.
And then we can roll around in it.
Yeah. First we need to attach
these L thingies to some wheels.
And now we should take these wheels
and put them on a platform.
- Okay.
- Here. How about I hold it up,
and you can screw them together?
And tighten the bolt so the wheels don't
fall off when you're dragging it around.
- Nice and tight.
- Oh, cool. We have one of the wheels done.
- Okay, let's do another wheel.
- Second wheel. Here we go.
- We need two more wheels.
- Okay.
Here, let's put
this red piece on top, and...
Here's a wheel for you.
- And here is a wheel for you.
- I'll hold the back.
- Thank you.
- Okay. You can hold up the wagon,
and I'll start screwing in
some more of these wheels.
Nice and tight,
and we're ready for a ride.
- Okay. Here we go.
- Whoo!
Okay. Are you ready, Meekah?
I'm ready!
Okay. Hold on!
[both] Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
[both laughing]
Whoa! Meekah, look! Race cars!
- Ooh!
- Whoa!
- Race cars we can build!
- [imitates engine revving]
- Oh. Looks like some trucks.
- Uh-huh.
- Look at this.
- [gasps]
Is that an excavator track?
Yeah, it's an excavator track,
and it looks like there are blocks
we can use to build our very own vehicle.
- Awesome.
- Race?
Whoa. Okay. Hmm.
- Let's get to building.
- Oh. A bucket.
- Get some blocks.
- Mm-hmm.
Start building it up nice and tall.
And then we get to put it
down the racetrack!
Think I'm gonna build mine really tall!
That's a great idea, Blippi.
Okay. Ooh.
Mine is ready to go.
Okay. I'm almost done.
I just want to put on a bucket.
Wow! That's so cool!
Whoa! A super tall
construction vehicle thingy?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I have my vehicle.
And do you have your car?
I sure do. [imitating vehicle revving]
Okay. It's time to race!
Drivers, start your engines.
[both] Set, go!
[both exclaiming]
Mine broke! [laughs]
That's pretty fun.
Well, maybe we should race again.
No, Blippi! We have to get that egg!
I completely forgot that
we were looking for dino eggs.
Right! We're on a mission!
We gotta go!
Whoa! Meekah, look at this!
Oh, I know what this is.
It's a pulley system.
- Oh, cool.
- Mm-hmm.
A pulley is basically
a rope tied to a wheel,
and it changes the lifting force,
so you can easily lift heavy things.
Oh yeah. And basically,
you can put things in this bag.
- Yup.
- And it will do the heavy lifting for you.
Oh, should we try it
with this stuff in this crate?
Yeah. What's in there?
We have a yellow
construction worker helmet.
Okay. [making construction noises]
- A yellow truck.
- Okay, we'll put this in there.
[imitating engine revving]
Whoa! Meekah, you have a lot
of yellow objects you're giving me.
- Because it's my favorite color.
- [imitates engine revving]
- And we have some wheels.
- Oh, okay.
- One...
- Okay.
...two, three, four!
Whoa! Meekah, these are some heavy wheels.
Sure are. That's why we need the pulley.
- Okay.
- Ready to pulley?
- Everything's in the basket.
- Set...
- Go!
- [both] Whoo!
We found it! It's the egg!
The egg! Yeah!
- Oh, wait a minute.
- [talky talker beeps]
Come in, Blippi and Meekah.
What's your status?
We don't have much time left.
I repeat:
The eggs can hatch any minute now!
Go for Blippi. We found the egg!
- [both] Yeah!
- We'll be back right away.
[gasps] You found it?
That's great news!
See you soon at the ranch. Over and out.
Great. See you soon. [chuckles]
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
Come on, little egg.
Whoo-hoo! We're almost home.
- Yeah!
- Yeah! We did it, Meekah.
We got all the eggs back where
they belong.
We did it, we did it
We never, ever quit it
- We did it!
- Yeah!
- [dinosaur growling]
- [heavy footfalls]
- Oh, we almost did it.
- T-Rex!
- [both screaming]
- [roaring]
- [shouting]
- Let's run!
Run, Meekah! Run!
[Blippi] Okay. Now we're caught up.
So this is why we were running
from the mama T-Rex.
She thought we were taking the egg,
but we were really
bringing it back to its home.
Uh-oh! She sounds not happy!
Uh, what do we do?
Quick! Find somewhere to hide!
T-Rexes can see really well.
They have great vision.
Okay. So we're hidden behind a tree.
What now?
You're gonna have to play
a really good game of hide-and-seek.
Ooh, I love that game. [chuckles]
Yeah, and so does mama T-Rex.
And she's pretty good at it.
- [both gasp]
- [dinosaur growling]
Huh. Why is it so quiet?
Yeah. A little...
too quiet.
- [both gasp]
- You found us.
Okay, mama T-Rex, it's your turn to hide.
Yeah. Let's count to ten.
Will you count with us?
Okay. Here we go. Ready?
[both] One, two, three,
four, five,
six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
Ready or not, here we come!
[talky talker beeps]
Park Ranger Asher,
mama T-Rex went to go hide.
But can you come to the nest now?
The eggs are about to hatch.
Yes. We'll be on our way.
Blippi, where's the egg?
Sorry, legs. Here we go. Whoo-hoo!
[Meekah] Oh!
There we go, little buddy. Safe and sound.
We did it! Way to go, Meekah.
And now we can finally rest our legs.
[talky talker beeps]
Where are you two?
- Oh no, we can't! We gotta go!
- Are you close?
- We're on our way. Come on!
- [both exclaim]
- Here's the last egg!
- Oh, Meekah, hurry!
Be careful. Set it down gently.
- Oh!
- Aw!
[squeaking growls]
[Blippi] Oh! Hey, little dinos.
Oh, they're so cute!
Hey, friends. Happy birthday.
Oh yeah. Happy birthday, little dinos.
Great work, you two.
These baby dinos would be lost
if it weren't for you.
Oh, we're always happy to help.
Yeah. It was good
that we found them all in time.
Mm-hmm. And hopefully,
mama T-Rex is happy now.
- Mm-hmm.
- [heavy footfalls]
Oh-ho! We found you!
Good game, mama T-Rex.
is that a happy roar?
It is.
And I think she's...
Yeah, I definitely know dancing
when I see it.
She's celebrating
that the baby dinos are home!
This definitely calls for
a special dance party.
- To the...
- [both] Dino Dance song!
Whoo-hoo! [chuckles]
[funky music playing]
[both] Roar!
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
[Blippi] Wiggle your tail
and clap your hands
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
[both] Now, stop. Roar!
Can you name that dinosaur?
One, two, three horns at the top
It must be a triceratops
Yeah! Do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Wiggle your tail and clap your hands
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Wait a minute!
[both] Roar!
Can you name that dinosaur?
Flying her way up towards the sun
[Blippi] It must be a pteranodon
Yeah! Do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Wiggle your tail and clap your hands
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
[both] Now, shh!
Can you hear that dinosaur?
You can hear his big, loud steps
It must be a... T-Rex!
Do the T-Rex shuffle
So cool!
[both] Let's go!
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Wiggle your tail and clap your hands
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Now, stomp, stomp, stomp
Do the Dino Dance
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
Wiggle your tail and clap your hands
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the Dino Dance
[both] Now, stop.
This was such a fun day! Whoo-hoo!
I agree.
You two are welcome back here anytime.
I'm proud to present you with
a very special Learned It badge.
You guys definitely deserve it.
Wow! These badges are so cool!
- Yeah.
- We did learn a lot today.
Bye, baby dinos.
[squeaking roars]
Bye, Park Ranger Asher.
Bye, dinos. Bye, Park Ranger Asher.
Bye, Meekah. Bye, Blippi. See you soon.
- Today was so cool!
- Yeah, it was!
We had so much fun
learning new things today.
What did we learn today?
- One, two, three...
- [both] You tell me!
I learned all about density
with the Sink or Float game.
- That sponge was not dense.
- Mm-mmm.
And I had fun learning that
raptors travel in packs.
[both roaring]
And I learned
tyrannodons don't have teeth.
And that parasaurolophus use
their head crests like horns.
So silly.
Well, that's the end of this adventure,
but if you'd like to learn more with us,
all you have to do is
search for our names.
Ooh. Can you spell my name with us?
Okay. Here we go! Ready?
[both] B-L-I-P-P-I.
- Blippi. Good job.
- Can you spell my name with us?
[both] M-E-E-K-A-H.
Meekah. Nice work.
Yeah. Well, Meekah,
where are we off to next?
Ooh. Off to our next adventure.
Yeah! Whoo! Okay.
Here we go!
See you later!
Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
[both roaring]
["Do the Dino Dance" playing]