Bliss (2019) Movie Script

by The Nymphs playing]

He said he killed
that boy
And now his eyes are wet
So you take another life
Snuff it out
like a cigarette
That's shit
makes me sick
I wanna jump right outta
the line and revolt
That's shit
makes me sick
I wanna jump right outta
the line and revolt
Jump right out of the line
and revolt
She'd have the baby but'cha
know she's just 14
Don'tcha kill your baby girl,
that baby belongs to thee
Well that shit
makes me sick
I wanna jump right outta
the line and revolt
That shit
makes me sick
I wanna jump right outta
the line and revolt
Jump right out of the line
and revolt
All the time
All of the time
All the time
Just standing in
a fuckin' line
[ethereal music]

- Hey!
How long you been at it?
- An hour?
- Did you
get anything done?
- Does it look like it?
- Well...
I mean...
I don't know.
There could have been,
incremental progress
or something?
- Shit...
I gotta be out of here
in 20 minutes.
- Oh, hey,
are you still going to,
you still want to still
give me a ride?
- Not really.
- C'mon,
are you serious?
You said you were
going to give me a ride.
It's, like,
right on the way.
Don't make me
take the bus.
- Fine.
15 fucking minutes then.
- I'll be ready in 10.
- You're a real piece of shit,
you know that?
God, I told you
15 fucking minutes.
You've totally fucked me!
- I said I was sorry, Dez.
Jesus Christ.
- Sorry's not going to
get me there on time.
You know what would?
Making your freeloading'
ass take a cab.
But I'm not going
to do that.
You want to know why?
- Why?
- 'Cause I'm not a fucking
asshole like you.
- Yeah? Well, you're
starting to sound like one.
- Dezzy!
You trying to dodge me?
It's been two weeks
and I need that
fucking rent money.
I'm not running your
goddamned shelter,
I'm running a business,
and there are people
over me
who are telling me that
I have to have the money
in for everyone
in the building.
- Lance,
Lance, listen to me.
Dude, I'm on my way to
my fuckin' agent right now
to pick up my
commission check.
It's two weeks late
getting to me, alright?
So they're fucking me,
by default I'm fucking you,
and we're all
fucking fucked.
I'm fuckin' sorry, dude.
I know it's shitty
but just come by later tonight
and we'll settle up.
Is that cool?
- I'm asleep late tonight.
- Alright, well,
then tomorrow morning.
- I'm going upstate
for my sister's birthday.
- Alright, then
fucking Monday then, man!
Work with me!
- That's a three day
extension, Dezzy.
You better have a check
in my hand by Monday,
you understand me?
- Yes.
Like goddamn,
you know that my anxiety
is through the fuckin' roof
right now
and it's just, ya know...
- [laughing]
- Listen.
I try to be patient,
and to be kind to people,
but really and truly
sometimes it's just, like...
What the fuck?!
- You know what, darlin'?
I think you just need to
chill out a little bit,
you know?
Everything is going
to be just fine.
- Yeah, "Chill the fuck out,
this bitch
is gonna be fine."
You've been saying that
for three fuckin' months
and that pot-bellied
motherfucker back there
is about 3 days from
tossing me out on my ass.
- Yeah, well,
guess what?
If he throws you out,
no big deal,
you can finally
come stay with me.
You love it.
You're gonna love it.
I mean, my fucking apartment
is the size of the canvas
you're working on
right now.
- Get out of my car.
- Do you want to hit this?
- I'm takin' this!
- Thanks for the ride,
- I'll call you later.
- You better
call me later.
- Yeah, yeah,
that's what you said about Maui,
too, you son of a bitch!
Alright, look,
I have a client here
so I'll just see you
tomorrow night, alright?
Alright, bye-bye.
Sorry about that.
- Look, have you talked
to Nikki St Jean lately?
- Yeah, yeah,
about that--
- I need a two week
- That's what you told me
three weeks ago.
- I mean, c'mon,
you know how it is.
But it's moving right along,
you know,
it's coming out great.
- Nikki is pushing me
to drop your pieces.
- Drop my pieces?
She hasn't even gotten
the new one yet!
- Well, she hasn't moved a
piece of yours in three months
and that's when she was
expecting the new one.
- David,
I'm going broke.
I can't live
off of nothing.
- And I can't live off of
ten percent of nothing.
The piece is going
to get finished.
- Can I see your progress?
- You know I can't
do that.
- Then how am I supposed
to convince St Jean?
- You're my agent,
that's your job!
- Not anymore.
- You fuckin' droppin' me?
- Well, you're not
giving me a choice.
[ringtone sounding]
- Hey, what's up?
Fooled ya!
It's Hadrian,
leave a message.
[ringtone sounding]
- Nikki St Jean!
Dezzy Donahue!
You know, David and I
aren't working together anymore,
so I don't know what the
fuck he's been telling you
but the piece
is gonna be ready,
despite what you
may have heard.
Alright, call me back.
[ringtone sounding]
- Dez!
- Hey.
- Shit, you're alive?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm alive
and fucking well.
You holding?
- It's been three months
since I hear from you
and this is the
hello I get?
Hey, so are you holding
or what?
- Of course.
- Alright,
I'll be there in a minute.
[car door slams]
[pounding on door]
[door creaks open]
- Well,
that was fucking quick.
So you famous yet
or what?
- Yeah, I should probably
sign your dick.
[both laughing]
- Is that you, Dez?
- 'Sup, Pops?
- You still making
them pictures?
- Yeah,
I'm still painting,
you senile old fuck.
- Pictures, paintings,
same damn thing.
- Forgive the old man.
He's about 6 months away
from being sent
to the old folks home
for good.
- The second you try that
I'm gonna put a bullet
in my head
and take you with me.
- Is this all you idiots do
all goddamn day,
every day?
- Hey, don't give me
any shit.
I didn't even say anything.
- Yeah, keep it that way,
will ya?
All you do is
yap, yap, yap.
- You keep running
your mouth,
you're going to be
running for your life.
- Your threats are almost
adorable, you know that?
- Blah, blah, blah.
- Can we get that stuff?
- Yeah.
- I have better things
to do today
than listen to these assholes
about their disability checks.
- I work!
- Me, too!
- Don't get ahead
of yourselves.
- You know, I've really
picked up my game
since the last time
I saw you.
I've got some
bomb-ass options.
- "Bomb-ass!"
- Hey, it sells
with the kids!
- Alright.
- Alright, so...
We've got Tennessee Black.
This stuff is
a little bit hazy,
it's a little bit smokey,
it's light on the visuals.
- Pass.
- Black Dynamite.
This stuff is real strong,
but it's the perfect combo
of supercharge
and visual accentuation.
The grooviest of nights
will follow.
- You rehearse this shit?
- Yeah, I do.
Fuck yourself.
- What's up with that?
- Even I don't touch
this shit.
Well, every once in awhile
but I don't mainline it.
The shit's intense.
It's the closest thing
they've got to a pure,
uncut mix of cocaine
and DMT.
It's unreal.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll take that.
- You want to try
a bump first?
- I mean,
I was going to buy it,
but I'll take a sample.
- Yeah, of course you will.
Now, with this,
you've got to start slow.
You do too much of this shit
and you're done for.
Biggest thing with this batch
is you've got to find the exact
right amount
for your needs.
So start small.
not that small.
Surprised to hear from you.
You haven't been
gettin' your shit
from anybody else, right?
- Nah,
I've been clean.
I haven't finished a painting
in three months.
- Well, look, you might
want to stick around
for a minute
after you try that.
Shit could be bonkers.
[door closes]
[distorted music]
[slow blues music]

[fan whirring]
- Oh, shit!
Sorry, I thought this was
the bathroom.
[muted rock music]

[crowd clamoring]
- Dezzy!
- Courtney!
Jesus Christ!
You scared the shit
out of me.
- How the fuck are you?
- I'm fine.
You don't answer
your phone anymore?
I've been calling you
for weeks.
- I've been busy.
You know how it goes.
- Uh-huh.
- Ronnie
was just right here.
- Hey, I've got to go.
I've got some shit
to take care of.
- What?
It's barely 11!
- Fuck me,
are you still here?
You didn't fucking
listen to me!
- I think we just have
different definitions
of the word "small."
- Yeah, it's good
though, right?
- I can't lie.
- Uh-huh.
- What? What are you
babbling about?
- I got the best fucking
Bliss in town.
Knocked Dezzy here
flat on her ass.
- And you
didn't even offer?
- I've gotta go home.
- I saw your new magazine
cover the other day,
the blood punk thing.
- They hire me to do
three fuckin' covers, right?
So I do them,
and hand them all in
at the same time.
This fucking bastard has
the audacity to tell me
that "nudity is prohibited,"
and he's not going to
give me my payments
unless I change
the last two covers.
Fuck you, dude!
- You should have told him
to screw months ago.
- And I told that
little weasel one better.
I told him to get fucked.
Six goddamn weeks later,
walkin' by the newsstand,
what the fuck do I see?
My goddamn issue
with a fuckin' tacky-ass
plastic slip cover
covering up the tits
and cock.
- Clyde, are you still
letting that one drag out?
- It's "Clive,"
and go screw.
- I knew it.
- And I called that
and I was trying to get
a meeting with him
but he wouldn't fuckin'
take my call.
Fuckin' weasley-ass
piece of shit.
When I see him
and his spray-tanned mug,
it's going to be
a bit of a situation.
- Seriously, when are you
going to cut him loose?
- I don't know.
When something better
comes along.
- Brutal.
- You can't leave yet!
C'mon, one fucking shot!
[crowd clamoring]
- Look who I found.
- Dezzy!
- What about you
and fuckin' Ronnie?
You all broke up,
like, twice.
- You know how I am,
you know how he is.
The motherfucker would
take a bullet for me.
Plus, he's got
a horsecock.
- Is that all
you care about?
- I never saw you
- So...
- You going to his show
tomorrow night?
- Fuck no.
- You know Dante,
Ronnie's manager, exec,
whatever the fuck
I keep telling you about?
- No.
- Well, he's going to be there.
He owns two labels.
I bet he could get you
some commission work.
He's a big fan.
- I need to finish
this piece!
- You need to get paid.
- Well, well, well.
A tale as old
as time itself.
How long have you guys
been in here?
- Too long.
- Not long enough.
Dezzy decided to stay
and hang out
a little while longer.
- Oh, yeah?
- If we can
give her a reason to.
["Barbarian by
Electric Wizard playing]

Cut a bloody swathe
across this battlefield
Red mist rising,
break your human shield
Slashed to pieces
is to be your fate
Unleashed berserker rage
none shall escape

[light rock guitar music]

[moans echoing]
[ethereal electronic music]

["The Chase"
by Doomriders playing]

The chase in on
through rains and snow
Through forest
dense and black
Speeding through lands
as yet unknown
Our steeds
break their backs
The birdies bleed
and the saddles burn
But so goes the game
Our skin cracked
from the bitter cold
We ride just the same
Time is the only
pain we know
And we know it well
Possessed to ride
forever more
Across this barren hell
The chase is on
[slow pulsing electronic music]

[ringtone sounding]
- Hello?
- What are you doing?
- Well, I was falling asleep
on the couch, Dez.
Why, what's up?
What's going on?
- I started painting again.
- Well, shit, Dez,
that's great.
- Something happened
to me last night.
- What do you mean
something happened?
What happened?
- I mean, it's like...
I don't know.
Something came over me
and it all just started
pouring out of me.
I don't even remember
doing it.
- Like you blacked out?
- It's like I was possessed.
- Well, that's good,
- Yeah, it's great.
It's going to be
my masterpiece.
- Well, what did you paint?
[mysterious music intensifies]

[water running]
- Fuck!
I'm out of shape!
- Yeah, sure,
help yourself.
- Thank you.
[lighter clicks]
I saw your, uh...
I saw your painting in there.
I saw your inspiration
all over the counter, too.
- What the fuck
is your problem?!
- Hey, look, I'm just
making an observation.
- No, you're just
talking shit.
- I'm just having
a conversation--
- Thanks for stopping by.
- What?
Wait, are you kicking
me out already?
Alright, you know what?
Fine. Fine.
You've got work to do,
that's fine.
But how about one drink,
Loosen you up
a little bit.
[banging on door]
- C'mon, there's
a fucking line out here!
[banging on door]
You cunt!
- Open your mouth again,
Open your mouth,
I want to see it.
Open your mouth.
- Break it up!
Break it up!
- Tell this fuckin'
little groupie-ass bitch
to keep her fucking
mouth shut.
I know it's really hard
with all of the dicks
strutting around here
but try to do your
fucking best.
Get your hands off of me!
- Fuck off!
[door slams]
- Hipster bitches.
- Hey, are you about
ready to go?
- No,
I'm fuckin' pissed!
Fuckin' melon-headed
ass skank
was fuckin' pounding
on the door
and givin' me attitude.
Thank you.
- Well, you were in there for,
like, 15 minutes.
- I don't give a shit.
I'm just fuckin'
still fuckin' boiling
from that cocksucker David.
I've been with that
motherfucker 2 years
and ever since my fucking career
has been in a shithole.
- I'm so sorry to bother you
but you're Dezzy Donahue,
aren't you?
- No, man, sorry.
- Look, I have
a custom print
of your original
Splatter Punk #1 issue
and it's one of my
most valued posses--
- Hey, can you
just fuck off?
I'm sorry,
I'm not in the mood.
- Fuck you!
- Goddamn!
That kid loved you.
Why lie to him?
- I just don't want to deal
with it tonight.
I think I'm going to have
one more drink.
- Oh, God.
Look who's here.
- Second night in a row.
- Lucky you.
- What did you guys
get into last night?
What'd you do?
- Each other.
- Wait, really?
- And she's got on this
tiny little black dress,
and this thing is hot,
she rocks it real well.
And she is all over me,
won't let it go,
and Ronnie is into it, too.
- Well,
she was good-looking.
- And this leads to that,
and before you know it,
the three of us are in
the back of a cab,
all over each other.
Ronnie's getting a little
frisky with his hands...
He starts rubbing
it up her leg,
going for the pie.
- But instead I find
a tree trunk.
- Wait. What,
she had a cock?
- Like my forearm.
- So what did you do?
- He stuck his dick
between those Double Ds
so fuckin' fast my goddamn
head was spinning!
- They looked good!
They looked fucking real!
- Hey, her dick
felt good, too!
- Wow!
You guys are ridiculous.
- Dez, you alive in there?
- Fuckin' barely.
- Liven up,
the night is still young.
- Nah,
I gotta go home.
I've been dickin'
around all night.
I need to go paint.
- Nonsense.
You're going to come
to The Fuzzy with us,
have a handful of drinks,
maybe snort
a couple of lines,
see a good band...
And at least just
say hi to Dante,
enough to set up
a meeting with him.
- Yeah.
He's a good guy.
Big fan.
- Dante?
- The record exec
I keep telling you about.
- Courtney, my darlin'.
You love to fuckin' talk,
but you don't
fuckin' listen.
I don't want to meet
a goddamn fuckin' suit
named fuckin'
"Douchebag Dante."
Fuckin' suck my dick
and disappoint me.
- I am just trying
to get you paid.
- Pass.
- You guys really
aren't going to come?
- Fuck, no way.
I'm crashin' but Dez
you should really go.
Sounds fun.
You know, meet Dante.
- These fuckin' dickholes
better not suck, dude.
- That is not the point!
My girl Lexi
is working tonight.
She'll hook us up.
Have you met her?
- I don't know.
[rock music blaring]

- Hey!
A couple of shots
and a beer for Ronnie.
- How've you been?
I heard you had
a gallery opening!
- Yeah, tryin' to!
- Classic Donahue.
Jesus Christ, Dezzy,
you're a fucking lush!
- What,
I fucking hate small talk!
- Let's go find Ronnie,
[rock music playing]

[Courtney screams]
- Baby!
- Oh, that was fast!
How you feeling?
- I'm fuckin' great!
Hey, do I look like
an artist?
- Yeah. You look like
a fucking moron.
- Oh my God,
are you in a band?
Oh my God.
- Hey, do you want to meet
Dante or not?
- Yeah, fuck it, sure.
- Alright, fuck you,
give me a second.
- What? What? Shit.
- C'mon, give me a bump,
I'm fuckin' losing my shit.
- Here?
Alright, fine,
just keep it fuckin' low.
I don't want any
of these fucking scabs
trying to pry a bump
off me all night.
- No one fucking
gives a shit.
It'll probably get
you closer to Dante.
The guy is the definition
of a vacuum.
Here, want some?
- Yeah.
- Well, well, well,
Dezzy Donahue.
If it ain't about
damn time.
Ever since I heard
about how well
you guys were acquainted,
I couldn't wait
to get introduced.
- Well, I don't know
why it took so goddamn long.
- You said that you
wouldn't be caught dead
painting a cassette cover
for a room full of suits,
- Kind of a bitch,
isn't she?
- Want a sniff?
- Is it strong?
Are you alright?
- No.
[eerie music droning]

[door creaks open]
[Dezzy panting]
I feel like
I'm fuckin' dying.
- You're not going to die.
Trust me.
- [coughing]
- You feel better now?
- [panting]
[door creaking open]
- Can I help you?
["Yellow Sky" by Deth Cruz

[ominous music]

[pounding on door]
- I'm coming!
[pounding continues]
Jesus fucking Christ!
- Holy hell!
You look like 10 pounds
of shit in a 5 pound bag.
- What the fuck
do you want?
- Oh, well,
I just came here
to talk to you about
the 22 pieces you have
clogging up my gallery
and the $10,000 advance
I paid you
on a piece
I'm never getting.
- You're getting your piece.
- That's not what
your agent told me.
- That's why he's not
my agent.
- Don't fuck with me,
Let me in.
[door slams shut]
Is this the painting?
- Yep.
That goddamn weasel
of an agent
told me that you didn't
have anything done.
- It'll be ready by launch.
- Wait, no, you think
you can finish this
in three days?
- That was the plan.
Look, Nikki, I can write you
a check for your advance
that's going to bounce,
or you can trust me
to give you what I said
I was going to give you.
- [scoffs]
You have three days.
Don't fuck me, Donahue.
You know what happens
when you fuck me?
- Nobody comes?
- [scoffs]
Just finish the painting.
[ominous music]

[water trickling]
[continuous snorting]
[incoherent mumbling]
- Hey, Courtney,
you need to call me back
and tell me what the fuck
happened last night.
I mean, I fuckin' wake up
covered in fuckin' blood,
like, and I don't know
what the fuck happened.
You were just tearing into
some scabnose
in the bathroom, and then
all of a sudden, like...
I feel like I'm
walking on water.
I mean, this shit
ain't that good, is it?
Okay, because, like, I can't
get this shit out of my head,
and I'm just feeling, like,
really strung out right now...
Like, I've got
the fucking chills,
and, like, then I'm just,
like, fucking sweating
through my fucking shirt...
I can't even
sit fucking still.
I'm feeling like a fucking
dope fiend, Courtney,
and I don't
fucking like it.
So why don't you call me
the fuck back
and tell me what
the fuck is going on?
Okay, just,
whatever you fucking gave me
just let me know
so I can kick it
with something else.
Because I'm fucking, like,
losing it right now,
Courtney, like...
I am not well.
Fuck you, bitch!
[paint supplies tumbling]
Clive, hey baby, umm...
I know that you're
busy today,
but if you could call me back,
I just, uhh...
I really need to talk
to somebody.
I really just want
to talk to you.
Uhh... So...
Call me back, okay?
[indistinct whispers]
[ringtone sounding]
[pounding on door]
[ringtone continues]
[pounding continues]
I need to feel
what I felt last night...
I need it.
I need it.
I need it.
I need it.
[metal banging]
I need it.
I need it.
I need it.
[glass breaking]
I need it.
[pounding on door]
I need it.
[ominous music]

[screaming continues]
[intense whirring]
- Dez, wake up!
Wake up, Dezzy,
wake up.
Look at me!
Hey, come on!
So you don't remember
doing any of this shit?
What about calling me?
Do you remember calling me?
Okay, after that.
Anything after that?
Are you serious?
Jesus Christ, Dez,
that was, like,
24 fucking hours.
You don't remember anything?
It's this fucking shit!
This stuff.
You gotta cut it out
with this shit,
and whatever the fuck
else you're doing.
I'm serious--
- Who the fuck are you?
You don't fucking
do anything.
You sling drinks
behind a fucking bar
to fucking losers.
You didn't even
look at it.
- It's fucking great, Dez.
It's really fucking great--
- No! No!
You don't even look at it.
You see it,
but you don't fucking see!
- That's great!
But it's not worth
fucking dying over.
- You will never know
what it is like
to create something.
And I'd rather
fucking die doing it
than doing nothing
and drinking my life
away next to you.
- Wow.
Yeah, I'm late,
I gotta go.
Paint your fucking
[ominous music swells]

[door slams shut]
[ringtone sounding]
- Who's this?
- Hey, it's Dezzy.
- Oh, shit.
I didn't recognize
the number.
- Yeah, I'm on
a fucking payphone.
- You okay?
- I keep fucking
blacking out.
And I wake up.
And there's all kind
of painting
that I don't remember.
And now I'm seein' shit,
and I'm fucking hearing shit.
- Jesus Christ, Dez, Okay.
Okay. Chill.
- And there's voices
all around.
- Hey!
- I can't get ahold
of fuckin' anybody.
Everything's just blending
- Dez, calm the fuck down, man.
Just come over
to my place, okay?
Come over right now.
- Have you seen Courtney?
- No, I haven't heard
from fucking Courtney.
I haven't heard
from anybody.
- She gave me
something tonight
and I need to fucking
talk to her.
- Look, chill the fuck out.
Get over here,
drive safe, okay?
You need me to pick you up
or something?
- Are you holding?
- Am I holding?
No, Jesus...
You don't need that shit--
- Be there in fifteen
fucking minutes.
Court, what the fuck
is your problem, dude?
Girl, talk to me!
Did you fucking attack
somebody last night?
- Who the fuck is Courtney?!
Go fuck yourself!
- Wait, wait wait.
- Blood!
I'm fucking craving it,
like I fucking need a fix.
It's driving me
absolutely insane.
- What're you,
the fuckin' Lost Boys?
I think you've been hitting
that powder a little too hard.
- Fuck you,
I'm being serious!
- Well, how much
have you gone through?
- All of it.
- Holy hell, Dez,
what the fuck is wrong with you?
- It's not
the fucking Bliss.
The Bliss is actually
what's, like,
helping me curb it,
and not, like,
think about it
for a second.
- It is the Bliss.
Christ, maybe I can
ween you off of it
with something
a little lighter.
- I think Courtney fucking
killed somebody last night.
- This is ridiculous.
- I woke up with my face
covered in blood, Hadrian.
How the fuck
do you explain that?
How the fuck
do you explain that?!
- In all this painting
you've been doing,
have you used
the fucking color red?
While you've been
out of your mind on,
like, four different
fucking things!?
Christ, Dez.
You sound insane!
You want more
of that shit?
- I'm almost finished, okay?
So whatever I'm
doing is working.
- I'm not so sure that
I'd agree with that assessment.
- Just be my fucking friend
and let me get
what I came here for!
- I am your friend,
and as your friend I shouldn't
even fucking sell you
anything the way you are.
I know you'd just get it
somewhere else,
and it'd be garbage.
So let me--
- I just need to finish it.
- Let me get you
something a little lighter
that's not gonna
wipe you out so much.
Just hold on.
[Dezzy crying]
[ominous music]

[Dezzy grunting]
Hey, look, if you've
gotta go to the hospital,
I'll take you.
But you didn't get shit
from me, alright?
- Fuck off!
- Oh, fuck...
- Can I get some privacy?
- Alright. Alright.
[ominous music intensifies]

- You want to know how
I know that you aren't
gonna do anything about it?
- How's that, pal?
- Because you don't have
the fucking balls,
and I'm giving you
the chance.
- Oh, really?
Get that thing
away from me.
Come here.
- You cheap piece of shit,
that's the third hand
in a row, goddamn it...
- Dez.
Whoa, you don't
look too good.
- You got that Diablo?
- Are you fucking
kidding me right now?
You need some water
or something.
You want to go hop
in the shower?
- ...We used our fists,
like real men!
- Would you two
shut the fuck up?!
You're like a couple
of children over here.
- He pulled
a fucking gun on me!
He said he was gonna
blow my brains out,
I gave him the chance.
- I'm gonna hold onto this
until you two
calm the fuck down.
- Don't. Touch.
My gun!
- Oh, put that damn thing
away, would ya?
- Oh, what, you afraid,
old man?
- Don't fucking point
that gun at--
- Oh, shit.
- Dude!
Oh my God.
- You fucking
piece of shit!
- Oh my God, dude,
I was just fucking around!
- You fucking broke my nose!
Don't fucking touch it!
Go outside!
Go outside,
cool the fuck off.
Fucking prick.
- Keep walking, bitch!
- Can you believe this shit?
Goddamn it, he broke
my fucking nose.
What the hell is the
son-of-a-bitch doing
bringing a gun in my
house anyway?
[Dezzy breathing heavily]
- Dez?
Fuck, are you okay?
[Dezzy screaming]
[Hadrian screaming]
- Jesus!
[screaming in pain]
- What the fuck?!
Fuck! Fuck!
Oh, shit!
[blood spraying]
[bottle breaking]
[Dezzy screams]
[bottles crashing]
[faint heart beating]
[heartbeat stops]
- What in the fuck?!
[screaming in pain]
[ominous rock music]

[distorted guitar feedback]
C'mon you fuckers
You want to live forever
[loud rock music]

[pounding on door]
- Goddamn it, Dezzy!
Turn that fucking
music down!
[distant door opening]
- Hello?
- Hello!
Sorry, hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
Nikki told me this was ready
for exhibition.
I just had to see it--
- How the hell did you
get in my apartment?!
- Relax,
the door was open,
you weren't answering
your phone.
The way Nikki described you,
I thought something
might've happened.
I was worried.
- I'm fine.
- Okay, look.
Maybe I was a little
rash the other day,
but, y'know, I just wanted
to light a fire
under your ass,
and hello!
Looks like it worked.
- David,
go fuck yourself.
- Really,
that's the thanks I get?
- Yeah, thanks for fuckin'
dropping me a week ago,
you sycophantic
piece of shit.
Now that it's
almost finished,
now you want to
fucking leech off a piece?
Fuck you, David.
- I get it,
you're mad.
But you know what
I can do?
I can convince Nikki
to keep the exhibition on.
- She's already convinced.
- [scoffs]
Okay, fine!
I will cut my
commission down.
- From what?
I need to get back to work.
- Yes.
- I need to shower,
I need to eat.
You're wasting
my fucking time.
- Good. Good.
You're so angsty,
I love this.
I'll see you
at the exhibition and,
uhh, we'll talk then!
[door slams shut]
[screams echo]
- Hey, Lance?
Hey, Lance,
you in there?
[rapid knocking]
Hey, Hadrian, open up,
it's Dez!
[rapid knocking]
[ringtone sounding]
- Hey, what's up?
Fooled ya!
It's Hadrian,
leave a message.
- Hadrian, it's Dez.
I don't know what
happened last night.
I can't remember.
I tried coming by and I
got no answer, and...
Yeah, I'm scared.
Hey, Court.
Hey, it's Dez, I've been trying
to get ahold of you.
Where are you?
[crowd clamoring]
[faint rock music playing]

Is there a fucking reason you
haven't called me back yet?
- I haven't gotten
around to it.
- Don't do that.
Don't give me that
fucking cute little bitch
routine right now.
What the fuck
did you do to me?!
- [chuckles]
- Ever since
that fucking bathroom,
half of my existence
is a fucking blackout,
and the rest is just withdrawal
like a motherfucker.
So tell me what the fuck
is going on!
- You know what's wrong.
And it looks like you've
already fixed the problem.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm gonna go get myself
another drink.
[glass breaks]
- Tell me
how to make it stop!
- You just have to
embrace it, hon.
You'll come around.
- I refuse.
- This isn't dope.
This isn't booze.
This isn't Bliss.
You don't give it up.
You can't.
- Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
- [laughs]
- Fuck you!
[indistinct whispers]
- Forever...
[laughs echoing]
- Dez!
What the fuck?
Hey! I called you like,
a hundred times--
- You can't be here.
- Can't be here?
Look, I'm not going
Will you look at me?
- Get the fuck
out of my face, Clive!
I don't want you here!
- You look like shit
in a box, Dez.
I knew something was up.
Courtney said
this was fucking bad,
but I didn't know how bad.
I mean, what the fuck
is going on?
- What the fuck
did she say about me?
- She's just worried,
is all--
- You tell that
absent-minded bitch
that the next time
she wants to flutter
my fucking name through
her gap-toothed grin
that she can say it
to my fucking face.
[Dezzy coughing]
- Jesus Christ.
- Clive, you need to leave.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Please leave.
Leave. Leave.
- What'd you do?
What'd you do?
You're fucking burning up!
You're on fuckin' fire,
you're going to fuckin' die.
- Leave!
- Just stay there!
Hey, hey.
Dezzy, Jesus Christ.
- You can't be here!
- I'm not going anywhere!
Let me take care of you.
What was it,
what'd you do?!
It's that fucking
Bliss shit, isn't it?
Hey, hey, hey.
- Leave, leave.
- Fine, I'm gonna call
a fuckin' ambulance.
Because I'm not
going to sit here
and watch you fuckin' die.
You better hope
there's not a bunch
of fucking drugs
in this apartment, either.
You're gonna be in
a world of shit.
They'll take all that shit,
and all your
fucking paintings...
[Dezzy breathing heavily]
[screaming in pain]
Oh, fuck!
Oh my God, Dezzy!
Dezzy, no, wait,
wait, wait!
What the fuck?!
[door creaking open]
[distant woman laughing]
[ominous digital music]

[distant laughing continues]
[woman laughing continues]
[door creaking open]
[Dezzy screaming]
- Come here,
you fucking bitch!
[screaming continues]
[Dezzy crying]
[knocking on door]
- You fucking bitch,
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
You open this fucking door.
Open this fucking door,
Open the door, Dezzy.
Open the fucking door.
I'm gonna get in there
and I'm gonna fucking kill you,
you stupid fucking bitch!
Look what you did to me!
Look what you did to me!
Do it.
Do it,
you fucking pussy!
You fucking pussy,
you bitch.
You murderer.
[banging on door]
You murderer!
You murderer!
Oh, I'm going
to fucking kill you.
[gun clicks]
[gun shot]
[liquid sloshing]
[distant woman laughing]
[Dezzy gasping]
- It's almost finished.
It's impressive.
Tell me, Dez.
Do you think it was the Bliss?
Or the blood?
My money's on the blood.
- It's me.
- You remember earlier?
When you were
fucking killing me?!
At first I was so scared.
Then I was really fucking
pissed off at you.
But now I get it.
You wanted a partner.
You chose me.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Get the fuck out of here!
- Now we can create
- Unless you ruin
the heart.
[liquid sloshing]
Have you been snorting
this shit all night?
With all those bodies
you drained?
Look at this shit.
You dumb, untalented,
shit-stain on society.
You think this fucking
town is a buffet?
It's not.
There's fucking rules!
But you, with your
supercharged blood
pumping through your veins.
Blood from our kind,
and the other kind,
and half a kilo of Bliss.
I want it.
I need it.
Feel it pumping
through my blood
as I drain you dry.
- Don't fucking
do that again!
- Or what?
I want to see
how you taste.
Don't worry.
You'll be fine tomorrow.
Just a little hungover.
[both grunting]
We've fucking been
here before.
I'm gonna fucking
eat your face off, bitch.
[Dezzy panting]
[Dezzy screams]
- Fuck!
[Dezzy screams]
[liquid sloshing]
[rock music blares]

- Leave!
[ethereal music]

[liquid splattering down]
[somber music]

["Black Abominable Lust"
by Deth Crux]