Blonde. Purple (2021) Movie Script

[blues music]
Ain't gonna raise
no more cotton
I'll tell you the
reason why I said so
To go to jail together!
We didn't land
on Plymouth Rock.
The rock landed on us.
No more cotton
Tell you the reason
why I said so
Drugs are menacing
our society.
Well you don't get
nothin' for ya.
Just say no.
And you'll see
why I'm so low
[George Floyd] I can't breath!
[indistinct talking]
Just like a lucky
man shootin' dice
Well I ain't raisin'
What, what, what,
what, what now?
What, what, what now?
What now, what now,
what now, what now?
What now?
What now?
What now, what now, fuck?
What now, what now,
what now, what now?
[sirens blaring]
[heavy breathing]
What, what, what?
Why, why, why, why
did they do that?
Why, why, why did they?
Why, why, why did they?
Why, why, why did they?
Why did they fuckin' do that?
What, why?
[helicopter whirring]
What now?
What now, why?
[police radio sounding]
What now?
[phone ringing and vibrating]
[Man] Ah shit, he picked up.
Hey, you're still
alive, I guess.
Why did you fucking do it?
- Why?
- All right listen, calm down.
- I wanna tell you something.
- Don't you know anything
about negotiating with a
hostile fuckin' person?
- Shut the fuck up.
- You never tell them
- to fuckin' calm down.
- You done yet?
- You're, you're, you're.
- I'm trying to tell
- you something here.
- You're meant to deescalate
the situation.
Let 'em vent, let
'em get all the rage
- off his fuckin' chest.
- Listen, Jesus!
You fuckin', ain't my fault!
None of this is my fault!
[Man] Are you done?
You still there?
How did you get my number?
Your buddy Quint
gave it to me.
You fuckin' shot him.
You fuckin' killed him.
He didn't do nothing,
you fuckin' killed him.
He was, he just, you
fuckin', you fuckin', fuck.
[Man] Kid went for his
gun, what do you want?
He went for his gun?
- [grunting]
- [Man] Yes, he went for his fuckin' gun.
Liar, fuckin' liar.
[Man] Listen, listen, shut up.
I need you to be
quiet for a second.
- I need you to just listen.
- What?
[Man] Do you hear that?
[Man] You don't hear that?
You don't hear sirens?
- What, I don't.
- Do you hear them or not?
- Fuck this, so what?
- Those sirens are on your 12
and your six and your
three and your nine
- And if you don't what.
- What the fuck are
- you talking about?
- That fuckin' means,
it means you are
surrounded Junior.
So as you can plainly see,
it does not matter if I choose
to deescalate the situation,
or if I choose to
escalate the situation
or if I choose to
fuck your mother
and cum right on her ugly face,
I have the high ground and
that means your ass is mine.
So why don't you walk
on out the front door,
drop your pants
around your ankles,
bend over and then
beg me real nice
to use a little lube?
- I got nothing to lose.
- What?
I said I ain't
got nothing to lose.
[Man] Except for your life.
If that's worth anything.
Listen, go ahead and
tell me your name.
Fuck you.
That's my name.
[Man] Okay, well
listen Mr. Fuck You.
Mr. You, Fuck's
my Christian name.
[Man] Ah, that's
funny as shit.
You're a funny motherfucker.
That's the, ah shit,
you just made my day.
I'm going to tell
you a little secret.
Your friend, the one
that got shot out there,
he was an asshole.
I mean, it doesn't matter
how well-spoken he is.
He bored the living
shit out of all of us
with all of his demands,
this, that and the other.
He came here, you both
came here thinking what?
You were going to find
a yachts, private jets,
stacks of cash, 72 virgins.
What did you think happened
when we got to now?
Have you ever seen any movies?
The good guys, which is me,
we always lie to you and
the bad guys, which is you,
you always end up
caught or dead.
- Fuck you.
- I don't give a fuck which.
Hey Mr. You?
I think this fuckin' kid just
threw me across the room.
Hey, I got something you're
going to want to hear.
Come here, I got a
little secret for you.
Your friend, the asshole,
he's still alive.
That's right.
Well, I mean,
probably only barely,
you get shot that many times
you don't have real good odds,
but for right now he is a
regular Curtis 50 cent jack.
You can meet him in the club.
That's where it's going down.
- Where is he?
- He's in a hospital,
you dumb shit.
They're trying to keep
him alive right now.
And I promise you, if
you come out right now,
I will take you to go see him.
We'll even ride together.
I will sit in the back fuckin'
seat and hold your hand.
And if you talk real nice to me.
[Woman] Your call has been
forwarded to an automatic.
[phone ringing]
[Lisa] Hello?
[Lisa] Yeah?
He's been shot.
- [Lisa] I told you guys not to do it.
- Hold up.
I need you to get
your ass on the phone
and call local hospitals.
Find out if he's, if
he's alive or not.
- You can't do that?
- I called 'em already
but it went straight
to voicemail.
[Lisa] You called him?
Of course it went to
voicemail, he's shot, you saw.
Who you callin' next, God?
Will you do this one small
fuckin' thing for me, please?
He's your fuckin' friend.
[Lisa] Fine.
Hey wait a minute, how is
he shot and you're fine?
That don't.
Are you a cop?
No, I'm not a fuckin' cop.
What the fuck are
you talkin' about?
What, why the fuck would
I fuckin' be calling you?
- All right, all right.
- Talk sense, god damn.
[Lisa] I gotta fuckin'
ask, what the hell?
Did you at least get the money?
Are you kidding me?
You went in there
to get the money,
now did you get
any fuckin' money?
Or has the whole thing been
a waste of everyone's time.
- Make the fuckin' call.
- Fuck you.
Call me back asap,
all right, bye bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, bye.
Why are you still here?
When you ran back in,
you dragged me with you.
- I did?
- Yeah.
You dragged me by the hair.
So what?
It hurt.
You're alive, be grateful.
You don't remember me, do you?
From before all of this?
Anyway, your friend,
he's definitely alive.
Saw his face when
he hit the floor.
He was in pain, but alive.
I felt helpless.
You are helpless.
What are you, 12?
- I'm 16.
- What's a 16 year old doing
in a bank?
You gonna let me go?
I promise I won't tell
the police your real name.
You don't know my name.
Yeah, you're right, I don't.
How do you know my name?
I don't.
Don't lie to me.
I just made that up.
You said you knew
my name, tell me how.
I don't know
anything, I promise.
[phone ringing]
[Lisa] He's alive.
You 100% sure.
[Lisa] Yes, but
it's not looking good.
Listen, I need
a way out of this.
[Lisa] Out of?
The bank.
What else?
[Lisa] Why don't
you call God back?
- What?
- Listen, I can't help you.
I just saw on the news.
You're surrounded,
you're fucked.
You gave me your number.
You said you fixed shit, Lisa.
You said anything
go wrong, call me.
[Lisa] Okay, let me
just come down there
and dig you a tunnel.
Can you at least go
to the fuckin' hospital
to see if he pulls through?
Fuck no, fuck no.
Come on.
You crazy?
- Fuck no.
- Please.
- [Lisa] I want my cut.
- A cut of zero?
- [Lisa] Bye Felicia.
- Hold up!
If I make it out of this, there
may be some loot involved.
That's a big fuckin' if.
I got a hostage.
A girl.
[Lisa] Really?
I want 10 percent.
For going to the hospital?
[Lisa] Damn right.
- Fuck that.
- Okay, bye!
Hold up.
How are you going to
pay her with no money?
I've got money.
No, you left the money outside
when you dragged me in here.
I mean you could always
rob the bank again.
I think I see some money
on the floor inside
that area over there.
But if you leave this
office, they might shoot you.
I think they got
snipers out there too.
You gonna kill me?
That's his blood, not yours.
[heavy breathing]
Oh fuck, fuck,
why'd they fuckin' do that?
[heavy breathing]
[phone ringing]
[Man] Mr. You, hey bud,
listen, I gotta apologise.
I was a little rough
on you earlier.
And I got this toxic
masculine something
that my therapist is on about.
Wife says I'm just too
fuckin' aggressive,
but you wanna know the bullshit?
My daughter, she
fuckin' loves it.
Are you kiddin'?
She goes out to the playground,
she's like, don't mess with me,
my dad will go God mode on you.
The best, you got kids, man?
Or wait no, I guess
you probably don't.
You're too young, right?
What are you, like 25, 26, 28?
Something like that?
I spent all day talking
to your god damn friend.
I don't know you yet.
I mean, that guy was, you know,
I was about to say I liked
him, but I don't know why
I would say that, I
fuckin' hated him.
He was an asshole.
Anybody who kidnaps 12 people
is an asshole, all right?
But I want us to get to
know each other asshole.
I am Aaron.
I am your crisis negotiator.
I'm not like those guys out
there that shot your friend.
They spend all
day holding a gun.
They get all itchy.
They want to shoot
something and then go home
and fuck their wives
missionary style.
I am the talker.
I'm the one who's your
friend here, okay?
I'm not your friend.
Sorry, what was that?
I said I'm not your friend.
All right, fair,
you know what?
That's still progress,
we're communicating now.
All right, so how old are you?
C'mon man, this is
not communicating.
You're not answering me.
You got to give me something.
What's your favourite colour?
What's your favourite
day of the week?
Do you like a reach
around in the shower?
The fuck?
You know, I don't have time for this.
You got 10 minutes.
You got fuckin' 10
minutes before I sick
these god damn wild
animals in there
and they shoot you dead, just
like your fuckin' friend.
- So end this shit.
- If he dies, I'm gonna kill her.
[Aaron] We can go home.
What do you mean her?
What her are you
talkin' about here, bud?
Is there a girl
in there with you?
Nah, that can't be right,
we did a headcount.
Will you answer my
fuckin' question?
How old is your daughter?
[Aaron] She's 14.
Girl in here ain't much older.
If he dies, I'm
going to kill her.
[upbeat music]
[dog barking]
[muffled radio]
Why'd you always leave?
All things come to an end.
You sad?
Don't look at my ass
when I get my clothes.
What's up with the picture?
That is a '70 to '75 BMW CSL.
Launched the M brand, vintage.
Set you back 135K.
I'm saving up, gonna get one.
How's that going for you,
considering you just got fired?
How do you get sacked
from a fuckin' car garage?
I had that job for you.
Asshole called
me stupid, I don't.
Calm down.
I've got a couple G's saved.
Oh, only another
133,000 to go.
You know, you're in violation
of your parole right?
Cause I'm fuckin' you?
Because you have no job.
Can't you just pretend
that I do have a job?
- I know a guy.
- A guy?
A guy, needs a fourth man.
What collection
job needs four men?
Never done a robbery before.
What's the difference?
Petty crime, segway.
May as well elevate yourself.
Niv Clock, him and his crew
have done about 14 stickups,
he's slick.
10 years ago, he
knocks off a jewellers,
takes home 500+, no trace.
Then he got caught on
some small charges,
they made an example out of him.
Gave him four, he's a
little bit jaded now maybe.
Lost his spark a little.
But he's all to the good.
All right.
You, this is, this
is a big jump.
I mean, robbery.
We even get you
enough to score that.
When I get it, maybe we
go someplace, just drive.
Like in the movies?
Like in the movies, yeah.
I'm your fuckin'
parole officer,
we're just fucking.
Take your mum somewhere
nice with the money.
She died when I was three.
That brought the mood down
and for that, I'm very sorry.
Don't be late to the meeting.
He's got a thing
about punctuality.
[muffled music]
That's my name.
So when you kill me,
you killed Madison.
You're gonna kill
me, I can tell.
You want something to
take everything out on
and I'm right in front of you.
So when do I get
Stockholm syndrome?
- You know, Stockholm syndrome, it's where the hostage.
- I know what it is.
Shut up a minute.
I'm trying to think.
[heavy breathing]
He went for his gun.
Liars, they're fuckin' liars.
I got temper problem,
then why the fuck you
in the fuckin' job for?
Wrong profession for a
fuckin' temper problem.
He did.
- What?
- Nothing.
Are you talking about the gun?
He didn't go for
his fuckin' gun.
He reached into his jacket.
So, so what?
You, you don't just kill a guy.
You don't.
That's not how life works.
Yeah, totally.
No, black lives
matter and all that.
I'm hungry.
We could order pizza.
You know, I bet
you're a pineapple
on your pizza kind
of guy, right?
Yes, I'd like to order
a few pizzas please.
Yeah, deliver it to
the hostage situation.
Yes, you know the bank thing.
Yeah, so I'll take
the vegetable delight.
Yeah and my man here,
yeah, he'll take extra
pineapple on his meaty paradise.
Yes, that's right.
Plenty of pineapple.
Yeah, that's the one.
30 minutes or it's free, right?
Who hangs up the phone
like that anymore?
- Are you even old enough to hang up the phone like that?
- Do you ever shut up?
You asked me what
I was doing here
and I don't even know.
I don't even care.
You see, I came here
to, well I'm a singer.
I'm actually kinda famous,
I released a couple
of singles last year.
Nothing since though.
My dad opened up an account
here where he
keeps all my money.
Fact is I don't like him
and he has all my money.
So I wanted to see if I could
get it back and run away.
I don't care, I don't care!
- And all of a sudden.
- I don't care!
Blazing guns.
They wouldn't have
given you the money.
It's your dad's account.
Maybe, guess we'll never know.
What do you?
What he do to you do?
Hm, thought you didn't care.
I'm being polite.
I don't want to talk about it.
- He rape you?
- No.
[phone ringing]
I need to go to the bathroom.
It's just over there.
I can alone, I won't run.
I won't be long, I'm just gonna.
Fine, fine, go!
Hurry up.
Yeah, I will.
[upbeat country music]
Tell me why she left me
I'll tell you why I cry
Tell you why I stayed around
Tell me why she lied
I'll tell my mind
heart's lookin'
Tell me why she said goodbye
Tell me why she left me
I'll tell you why I cried
Got me waiting in
here like a motherfucka.
Sorry man.
Saida told me
you was reliable.
I am reliable.
Then why you late?
It's not my fault.
See, let me ask you something.
- Sure.
- Why you want
- to do this shit?
- What?
- Nigga, you deaf?
- No.
- So you heard me?
- Yeah.
To get rich.
Nigga, is that a question?
I guess I phrased it like one.
Listen, if you don't know
why you doing this shit,
then you need to get
the fuck out the car.
You still here.
I thought I told you to
get the fuck out the car.
You see those tower
blocks over there?
Barely, too comfortable
in this position to look.
Last week a girl about
20 or something got raped
in the elevator.
Police came by, asked
a couple of questions
to a couple people then left.
No follow ups, no
further inquiries.
They knew people
weren't finna talk.
Now other weeks, some cop
didn't stick to the script.
Choked the boy so hard,
his windpipe broke,
died instantly.
Don't get me wrong.
The kid was a street rat,
but he didn't deserve to die.
There were some
protests, some backlash,
but as usual, it don't do shit.
And I'm sitting here staring
at those same tower blocks,
same shit.
And I wanna stay
and help fix it.
Really, I do.
I did.
Man, all I really want is to
buy a '70 to '75 BMW CSL 3.0
and drive the fuck
away from here forever.
Well, god damn, you a deep
talking motherfucker, huh?
Got Malcolm X up in this bitch.
- We good?
- That seemed rehearse.
- You a cop?
- No.
Kind of work you done before?
Call centre, mechanic.
- No nigga, work.
- Not much.
I didn't ask how
much, I asked what kind.
You gon' have to get smart.
I am smart.
Then answer the question.
A bit of fraud,
shoplifting, collection,
nothing heavy, man.
I did a six month
stint, got caught.
Ever killed a man?
- No.
- Ever killed a woman?
- No.
- Nigga, you a cop?
No, I'm not a
fuckin' cop, all right?
That's twice I asked.
[upbeat music]
- Saida your PO?
- Yep.
She was mine previous.
She nice, right?
That was an uncanny yeah.
You fuckin' her?
- No.
- Liar.
You got a girl, kids?
I'm a career car,
career first, you?
No man, I was an orphan,
ain't got no kids of my own.
How was your time inside?
Was it a nice time,
six months, right?
Kept my head down.
Made zero friends,
made zero enemies.
Six months, that's a
kindergarten stick.
You seen that film,
Straight Time?
Dustin Hoffman?
I love that scene when he
hits his parole officer
in the car.
Look at me sucker, you
busted me for nothing!
I love that, man.
That's all I did as a
kid, man, watch movies.
My dad, he made
me watch Robocop.
It'll toughen you up.
Look at me now.
Hate cops.
I watched that
shit about 400 times.
I buy that shit for a dollar.
Classic, man.
Listen here, I'm gon'
have to be your Fagin
since you're a rook.
Four things you need for
the art of the steal.
The set up, where
you gon' hit or what.
Swell mob, two to four, no more.
Guns, loaded or
blanks, doesn't matter.
People see guns, they
automatically think death,
makes 'em placid.
The getaway call, in,
out, no fuckin' around.
You fuck around, you either
going to the big house
or gettin' lit up.
And don't believe them
films you see neither.
All right, it's
not about the job.
It's about the getaway.
Most yardbirds say, 98%
actually robbed the bank itself.
The getaway, though.
You got a gun?
You gon' need a gun.
Where am I going to get a gun?
Why don't you ask that parole
officer you ain't fuckin?
She'll hook us up.
She got a beak in
all the oceans.
I'd normally ask my girl, Lisa.
Her normal connect's doin' time.
Yo girl?
It's an expression,
told you, career first.
What you know about Saida,
like, really though?
Not much, she's
my PO, that's it.
I heard she killed
a young kid, about 11.
In this industry, you gotta
make a name for yourself.
Kid was pedalling
merchandise for her.
She found out he was keep.
Shot him dead.
Got herself a rep, no
one fucks with her.
For real?
Would you kill a kid?
If I got gotta.
Little free advice, this
shit in the bank goes wrong,
you're probably gon' have
to kill somebody to get out.
Security guard, woman,
maybe even a kid.
Don't flinch.
So you're fuckin' her, right?
The midnight special.
This place is open at midnight?
24 hours.
Pancakes and
waffles, sounds good.
Here, them bonafide
thick pancakes too,
not that thin French shit.
Only untoward thing
about this garbage joint
is the service.
Can't never get a waiter.
I normally walk
out without payin'.
Like more than once?
I come back every time
and they don't even realise.
Ever exited a place
without payin' before?
You wanna be a
thief, Oliver Twist?
I'm going.
Oh, come on man.
[upbeat music]
It's called the city funk
[car revving]
[phone ringing]
[Aaron] Hey there, Mr. You,
it is Aaron, your friendly
hostage negotiator.
And I just learned that you do
in fact have a girl in there.
She is a young
singer and as such,
I am authorised to offer you
a cosy two years sentence.
- No, no, no.
- Two year deal if you just
- walk out.
- Fuck that!
Don't try and negotiate
with me now, man.
What happened to bustin' in
here and killin' me, huh?
Curtis Jackson my
way out of here.
Well, I have a temper,
I told you that too.
Well maybe you're in the
wrong fuckin' profession.
Yeah, maybe I am,
but I'm the best option you got
and I'm pretty fuckin' good.
- Pretty good?
- Yes.
You're about to be
responsible for the death
of a teenage girl,
you okay with that?
Hey you listen,
I have been doing
this for 12 years
and I have never lost
a hostage on my watch.
I have a record to protect.
Looks to me like
your record's fucked.
Is that why you
came down here?
- Shut the fuck up!
- Is that why you came down here?
Did you come here
to be a murderer?
I thought you came here
to rob a bank, come on.
Do you really want to
kill a little girl, huh?
Do you want that
on your conscience?
Is that why you came here today?
Jesus Christ, like talkin'
to my fuckin' wife.
- '70 to '75 BMW CSL 3.0.
- What?
That's what I want,
waiting for me outside
and I don't want anyone
within two miles of the bank.
[Aaron] Two miles
isn't possible.
- Two miles!
- Two miles is impossible.
The car waiting for me
there, I'll leave the girl,
get in and drive off and that's
a what do they call that?
Okay, all right.
But I'm going to
need proof of life.
I need to hear her voice.
If you're going to leave the
girl, I need to know she's alive.
Can you do that for me?
Can you?
Yeah, yeah I have?
What the fuck?
Who was that you
were talking to?
- No one.
- Who was that?
I wasn't talking to anyone!
Ah stop, you're hurting me!
Let go of me, let go!
[Aaron] Is that, is that her?
Hey, wait, what's
going on in there?
What's on the other,
can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
God damn it.
[dramatic music]
[upbeat music]
Whoa, whoa, wait
a fuckin' second.
You're gonna tell me
that Nic Cage prime
is better than Johnny
Depp in his prime?
Fuck yeah.
No fuckin' way.
Edward Scissorhands, Fear
and Loathing, Dead Man,
fuckin' Ed Wood, Ed
Wood motherfucker.
How are you gonna tell me
Nicholas Cage beats any
of those fuckin' movies?
Back me up man.
I fuckin' can't.
So wait, you don't fuck
with Leaving Las Vegas?
- No.
- You don't fuck
with Face-Off?
You don't with some
Bad Lieutenant?
What the fuck are
you talking about?
You're talking about two
different fuckin' things here.
How is that even the same thing?
It's chalk and cheese.
- What?
- I come to you with prime,
prime fuckin' rib
and I say to you,
show me what you got
and what do you do?
You bring me fuckin' fast food.
You show me fuckin'
burgers, man.
Fries, fuckin' milkshake.
What the fuck is
he talking about?
Wait, Nath, back me up,
Nath, back me the
fuck up, come on.
- I mean.
- Come on.
I fuck with some Nic Cage.
Dude, thank you.
For sure, he talented.
Get the fuck outta
here, talented?
What the fuck are you?
However, however, I must
contest with you Stally,
and I show you
fair favour for it.
He indeed, humbly
served your platter,
some steak and yo ass,
ungrateful repost delivered
this nigga chicken nuggets
and mozzarella dips
and all kind of shit.
Now, if you going
to go Nick Cage,
and may I add so fuckin' boldly,
go Raisin' Arizona,
go Lord of War.
Shit even go Joe,
you go Leavin' Las Vegas.
Well fuckin' done.
But by the law of Hades,
how the fuck you
gonna go Face Off?
- No, no, no, no.
- Well fuck you sir.
Face Off is a classic film.
You know what,
fuck both of you.
It's not even a film.
Okay, so then what the fuck is it?
A telenovela?
There's a distinct difference
between a movie and a film.
See even the fuckin'
new guy's chimin' in.
Yeah, you ask him.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
Name me the best
films ever, go.
- Shawshank.
- Godfather.
- Scarface.
- Scarface?
New guy's fuckin'
killin' me over here,
I'm agreeing though, Scarface.
I mean, seriously, seriously.
Get the fuck out.
There's the door, go on.
We'll forget that
one, all right?
Yeah, all right.
I mean, Fred here,
seems like things a
little less than perfect.
You know?
I mean his girl.
What you gonna
do about it, Fred?
All right, move the
fuck on, now, quickly.
Finish your fuckin'
film movie nonsense.
Yes, professor.
Why don't you talk?
Hey, he given you one of his
rousing fuckin' speeches yet?
No, you're gonna
fuckin' love this.
Marcus Anthony and Caesar's
funeral every fuckin' time.
Go ahead.
[clearing throat]
Friends, niggas, countrymen.
Lend me your motherfucking ears.
The best films ever,
Shawshank, Godfather, Scarface.
Thank you!
They all have
something in common.
They're all settled in
a measure of realism.
Now, of course, there are some
peculiarities to these rules,
Pulp Fiction borderline
being a movie.
It's very referential.
And the thing, that, seriously,
almost fucking tips it,
Mia Wallace 'don't be a
square' scene, oh my god.
I love that scene.
Near fourth wall-breaking
and spends too much time
tryna' be French New Wave.
Now Star Wars, Harry
fucking Potter, movies.
Back to the Future,
other such relatedness.
Now personally, I prefer film.
If I had to walk around in
a movie world all my life,
well, I'd rather die.
Now my heart is in the
coffin there with truth.
And I must wait until
it returns to me.
So basically,
sci-fi ain't film?
Is that what this nigga
got from what I just said?
Oh my days, for the
welfare of lucidity,
sci-fi can be film.
Perfect example, Twelve Monkeys.
I'm fuckin' confused.
Oh my God.
- No I'm gettin' it.
- It doesn't make no fuckin' sense.
Jaws, Jaws?
- Jurassic park?
- Film.
- Sunset Boulevard.
- All right, film.
Minority Report.
All right, all right,
do you wanna get off
Spielberg's dick
for a minute, Jesus.
Listen Nath.
This plan, robbin' a bank,
you know that's mad, right?
- Nah, it's fuckin'.
- You too?
Come on man, it's a
fuckin' bank, all right?
Think about it.
In four weeks, with
no fuckin' plan,
how the fuck are we
even gonna do it?
There's no money
in banks anymore.
It's all digital.
Not with this bank.
Three to four hundred K.
Yeah, because
it's a police bank.
Pension's, all that.
- I know, I did my research.
- Police bank,
what the fuck is
he talkin' about?
This is suicide.
The rookie as well, like mate.
Hey, I need new
blood, all right.
Pencil is doin' a
stint, Chris is,
I mean, we can't trust Chris.
After that last job.
Something went wrong,
he seemed culpable,
he might be on that bake.
You know, my money's on
Saida for that last job
and it's downfalls anyway.
Listen, here's the
translucent condition,
I'm doin' this job, even
if me and tenderfoot here
have to go in alone.
If you guys want me
to step out, I can.
Shut the fuck up.
The fuck you talkin' about.
Don't speak another fuckin'
word, you hard-rock right now.
It's fuckin'
suicide all right,
it's fuckin' suicide.
Just think about it man,
use your fuckin' head, huh?
You wanna fuckin' die?
Fuck the piglets.
Here we shall take our stand.
We rob their asses.
I want out, being
a whippin' boy.
You know the rules.
What we do is strictly
business, it's never personal.
But this, I can't
commit to this.
Look I'm sorry, mate, all right?
[upbeat music]
I'm in.
Just like that,
the Beatles break up.
Nah, this ain't the end, mate.
It's all right, don't worry,
alone I left the womb, so
same I'll enter the tomb.
[soft music]
[phone ringing]
Hey, it's me.
What do you mean, who me?
Oh, right, yeah,
I'm sure you were.
Oh really?
Yeah, I bet you are.
[dramatic eerie music]
Jane Perkins, right?
Listen, there's
a gun in my drawer.
It's a 357 magnum, five bullets.
You need to take
it and shoot him,
don't even think twice about it.
I can't shoot him.
Why not?
Have you ever
shot anyone before?
Besides, you're a
mortgage broker so,
why do you even have a
gun in the first place?
This is a highly secured bank.
Even the mortgage brokers?
He wants to kill you.
Why would he wanna kill me?
Because he's fuckin'
black, that's why.
He'll die and take
you down with him,
he's crazy, he'll kill you.
And you?
No, cause you're
not gonna tell him
that I'm in the bathroom.
He's coming, just get the
gun and fuckin' kill him.
Mhm, yeah, mhm.
What the fuck?
Who was that you was talkin' to?
- Who is it?
- I wasn't talkin' to anyone.
[dramatic music]
[Aaron] Hey Mr.
You, you do not wanna
do whatever you're about to do.
Okay, listen, listen to me,
please tell me what's going on,
Madison, honey, you're
gonna be all right.
Mr. You, listen, talk to me.
Talk to me, come on.
You are in control
of this situation,
nothing has to happen
that you don't want
to happen right now.
Come on, talk to me.
Talk to me, let me
hear somebody's voice.
You wanted proof
of life, you got it.
Oh, thank god, I didn't,
I didn't need this
fuckin' drama,
I drank too much
coffee, I'm gonna have
a fuckin' heart
attack, Madison, honey,
are you hurt, are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm not hurt, I'm fine.
[Aaron] Good, listen,
I'm doing everything I can
to get you out of here.
Spoiler alert,
you're fuckin' failing.
Madison honey,
I just found out
that my daughter is actually
a fan of yours, all right.
Now do you have a family
member that you want us
to be in touch with like a.
[Aaron] Okay, well
I need to promise.
- Okay.
- No.
- That's enough.
- Mr. You.
Get me my fuckin' car.
Madison Jones.
[Man] Say that again.
Madison Jones.
[Man] Madison Jones.
That's right.
[Man] Sounds
like a famous name.
[Woman] Ready when
you are, Madison Jones.
Are we doing scene two?
[Man] What's it say on
the side, Madison Jones?
Scene two.
[Man] So what
are we doing here?
Top of scene two, let's
go, Madison Jones.
When they asked
me if I saw him,
I told them no, not in awhile.
I said that with such an
assuredness, like it meant nothing.
The night before, he
stumbled back into our house,
same as always,
cocky, complacent,
as if he belonged there.
Still, his breath wreaking
as the same spirit
he was so fond of.
He kept on telling me
how much he loved me
and how he didn't mean
it the last night,
he never means it,
but he does it again,
and again, and again.
When he does, I feel ashamed.
Not because I am a victim
but because I feel intrinsically
obliged to forgive him.
I am ashamed because
I am numb to anger.
I can do it again.
[Man] No thanks, Madison.
Thank you.
I can do it again,
I was a little.
[Woman] We'll be in touch
with your agent, Madison.
I'm available for the
whole thing, by the way,
totally free.
[Man] Thanks, Madison.
[upbeat music]
My gal is red hot
Your gal ain't
- [Woman] What do you mean it was okay?
- It was okay.
Did they say that?
I mean, did they
say you were okay?
Did you they say you
were magnificent,
did they say?
I don't know.
Well, you were there.
No, it was okay.
Oh fuck, suppose you're
gonna want some food now,
all right?
Yes, that's why we're here.
You say it's okay,
that's okay, this is okay.
How was your food?
Okay, I mean, that's
all I ever get from you.
It's okay, okay, okay, okay.
Maybe I'm just okay.
I get you an audition.
Big film, biggest
audition of your life,
why can't you be great
or magnificent even,
where is this waitress?
Okayish, okay.
Yeah, who said that?
The dalai lama.
I don't even know who that is?
Well I've seen all
those buddhism websites
on your laptop.
You've been looking
at my history?
- So?
- Do I not get any privacy?
All I want is for you to say,
mum, I love you, thank
you for the auditions,
the loving, the
food, the hot coffee.
Where is this fucking waitress?
Might be a waiter.
They charge you
service charge,
what service are
they referring to?
I'm not sure I wanna act.
Madison Jean Brown,
repeat yourself,
I didn't quite hear you.
Jean, I don't know what
your middle name is, Brown,
I like singing.
You didn't say that.
Say what you said before.
I said I'm not
sure I wanna act.
Not sure?
What does not sure even mean?
Okay, I do not
want to act, Jean.
Listen, I don't wanna
be that football mum,
you know, mumager,
I'm not trying
to live my life
through you, seriously.
I've done the acting thing,
I was successful.
Oh, was?
I do not, at all,
need to live my life
through you, I really don't.
But you got a talent.
- Yeah, singing.
- Acting.
Well dad thought
it was singing.
Oh I'm sorry, where
is that yank now?
Oh, is that the guy who ran
off with all your money?
We don't know that, okay?
Wake up Madison, you're
16, nearly 17, just wake up.
Some service here.
Wow, noise pollution.
Noise pollution.
You, my dear, are a walking
carbon fuckin' footprint,
every time you open your
mouth, a polar bear dies.
Okay, ridiculous.
Are we staying in
a hotel tonight, or?
No, tonight we are
staying in a lush mansion.
Managed to suck some
rich guy's cock.
He's putting us
up for the night.
At least someone shut
your mouth for a bit.
Some fucking service here.
[dog barking]
You know I want what's
best for you, right?
I know I wasn't around
when you was younger,
I was too busy with my career.
I knew that's why you still
call me Jean, I get it,
but I.
This is never about me.
It's always about you.
I want you to have
a chance at this,
and I'm not talking
about acting,
I'm talking about life.
I want you to have the
best, you're my girl.
If anything were to happen
to you, I don't what I'd do.
Don't ever leave me.
I love you.
I love you too.
[heavy breathing]
Get off the floor.
Hey, get off the floor.
It's dirty.
Don't tell me what to do.
People always tell
me what to do.
Not anymore.
That's life.
Get used to it.
All day long, my
mom, do this, do that.
My dad, god, fuck him.
My dad, he used to
preach to me all the time.
He should've been a preacher.
Is that who you were
talking to on the phone?
- Your mom?
- No.
Right, who then?
- Does it matter?
- It matters to me.
- So.
- So that Stockholm Syndrome
you spoke of.
How 'bout now?
No one ever listens
to a thing I say.
My whole life, they
think I'm some simpleton,
got no voice, that's
what they think.
Maybe they're right.
Now look at this mess,
everything's fucked,
fuckin' chaos theory.
- Not chaos theory.
- No?
Chaos theory is the
exact opposite of chaos,
it's the, doesn't matter.
Something is everything and
nothing at the same time.
Something, not everything,
exactly everything
is everything and
nothing at the same time
so your gun, the floor,
this situation, you, me.
[heavy breathing]
- Sit down.
- This wall.
- Sit down.
- The table.
Sit down!
Do you get it?
- No.
- You can exactly put
all importance, no
importance into something,
it's weight, it's value, it's
what you choose it to be.
- All right.
- You get it.
- Sure.
- Ah, you don't get it.
I do.
It's some spiritual
vegan bullshit.
- God, what is your problem?
- What?
I don't what you believe in,
you have a gun, you
have an attitude,
- but why either?
- Because.
- Yeah, because.
- So you want chaos?
Yeah, I want chaos theory.
Ugh, annoying, god, did
you even go to school?
I did go to school.
Maybe not one as fancy
as yours, but I did.
I'm not stupid.
What about your dad, hm?
What about him?
Is he something and
nothing at the same time?
Why'd you bring
my dad up for, hm?
Trying to wind me up?
Just curious.
My name is Madison
Jones, I'm 16,
17 next week, these
are my profiles
and these are my hands.
I don't get it.
When they asked
me if I saw him,
I told them no, not in awhile.
I said that with such
assuredness like,
like it meant nothing.
The night before, he
stumbled back into our house,
same as always,
cocky, complacent,
as if he belonged.
Still, his breath wreaking
of the same spirit
he was so fond of,
he kept on telling me
how much he loved me.
And how he didn't
mean it that night.
He never means it.
But he does it again,
and again, and again.
When he does, I feel ashamed.
Not because I'm a victim,
but because I feel
intrinsically obliged
to forgive him, I am ashamed
because I am numb to anger.
How was that?
It's from a script from a
film I auditioned for about
a month ago, I
probably didn't get it.
I thought you said
you were a singer.
That was,
good, that was really good.
You got a talent.
I wasn't as good as
that in the audition.
I didn't wanna get it.
I didn't want my
mum to be right.
Didn't want her to win.
You won though.
Got me off the floor.
- Where's this car?
- What car?
I made a demand while
you were in the bathroom
- on your phone.
- At least I wasn't taking
a shit when you burst in, right?
You trust them?
Most likely I
walk out of here,
they shoot or arrest me.
So let me go then.
No, I get it, you
can't let me go.
You need me.
So what's the plan?
I don't know.
I wish they didn't shoot him.
He'd have a plan.
A way out, I was
just working on it.
Working on it, no,
you're sitting here
crying feeling
sorry for yourself,
I mean, come on man, you've
gotta pull yourself together.
Have you even looked
at that fire exit door
since we got back in here?
Hm, what if, what if they
come storming in, hm?
Smash everything
down, take you away,
you're just hiding.
So listen, there's still some
money left over in the bank,
you can grab some.
When the vintage car comes,
walk me out the
front door with you,
use me as a shield, they
are not gonna risk shooting
some teenage white girl who's
got so much to live for.
Okay, then, when
the car comes, yeah,
you're gonna put me in the car,
dump the car anywhere,
dump me anywhere,
get a new ID, get on
a plane and bounce.
- Bounce?
- Bounce.
- New ID?
- Yeah, you're probably
gonna have to get
rid of your phone,
get a burner, I don't know,
plane hop to Cuba or
Brazil, some place hot.
- Done this before?
- I watch movies.
Moves or films?
What's the difference?
Jaws, film,
Minority Report, movie.
I think.
I don't get it.
How much do you
reckon's there?
Oh I saw a bunch of cash
when you dragged me in here.
There could be hundreds,
maybe even thousands,
it's all on the floor.
I mean, you could live off
thousands for awhile, right?
- What do you like?
- Like?
In life, what are your
hobbies, your interests?
- Well I don't know.
- Come on,
there must be something.
I like cars, I
like vintage cars.
You sure?
Sorry, it just seems
like something you'd say
to make it seem to people like
you have an interest in life.
You know, a boy's thing.
Yeah, I'm sure,
I was a mechanic.
Oh my god, well there you go,
eureka, right, this
is what you do, okay?
You are gonna move to Bolivia,
set up a vintage car
store, maybe even a garage
and then, you're
gonna call it, ready,
wait for it, Nath's
Place, you know,
in honour of your friend.
- Maybe.
- I mean what were you gonna do with the money anyway?
Buy a car, get out the hood.
Just drive.
It's a good idea, I mean,
no one wants to live in the hood.
Well why am I the lucky
one that gets to leave?
Who cares?
It's your life, free will.
Yeah, I guess.
How's your upper class mansion?
No, no, I don't
live in a mansion.
Fuckin' suburban
girl if ever saw one.
With your suburban problems,
I can see it in your eyes.
Daddy ran off with my
rich girl money bullshit.
Think what you wanna think.
We all have our problems.
There is money.
Told you.
I'm gonna do it.
[phone ringing]
[Aaron] Mr. You,
how you doin' baby?
I would love to talk to Madison.
Where's my car?
[Aaron] All right,
the car is gonna take.
- You've got one hour.
- I need.
- 90 minutes or she dies.
- I need at least two,
don't be, what do you
mean, she dies, you mother?
When the car comes, we go
straight out the front door,
take as much cash as we can.
[Man] How you been?
You mean since the last time?
[Man] Yeah, exactly right.
Pretty good, miss
this room though.
[Man] Yeah?
It's got a charm, a certain
palatial aesthetic to it.
[Man] Palatial?
Plenty of time to
read in here, huh?
In here you either push
weights or push pages.
[Man] Or push dope.
No sir, not me.
Drugs are the devil's food.
[Man] I got a list of
misdemeanours here that suggest
that you may be consuming
the devil's food.
Is that what you wanna do?
Spend the rest of
your life in jail?
Is that for?
Sure, go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
[Man] Cut the sir, shit.
Where were we?
[Man] I asked you
if you wanna spend
the rest of your life.
The rest of my life in jail?
Yeah, I remember now.
I'd favour not to.
- [Man] Yeah?
- Yeah.
[Man] Then why re offend?
I mean, some of these
are repeat offences.
Can I?
[Man] Go for it.
Most gangster
move ever, Ceaser,
knowing his reign
would one day end,
maybe in betrayal,
writes in his will,
Augustus, a boy, nearly 17,
would acquire all his wealth,
upon his own certain demise.
[Man] Octavian.
I'm sorry, what was
the point of that?
[Man] Wouldn't you be
happier doing a normal thing?
Normal thing?
[Man] Yeah, a J-O-B,
someone to love,
a nice clean bed, garden,
maybe a dog or two.
I'm allergic to dogs.
And is that why you think we
were put here on this earth?
Three percent of animals are
monogamous, home building,
cookie cutter.
[Man] Three to five percent,
and we're not animals.
No we're better than animals.
You know this morning, when
I purchased my daily coffee,
I was served by a
pretty coloured girl
who always serves me.
I think she's
Nigerian or somethin'.
She got them scars, irrelevant.
Point is, I wasn't
served by no penguin
or a parakeet or even a dolphin.
Apparently dolphins are
meant to be pretty smart.
But I never seen a dolphin
trade on the stock exchange.
Animals are pretty useless.
Well, that sir, is
a factual statement.
[Man] Cut the sir shit.
Again, we reached an impasse.
Do you wanna spend the
rest of your life in jail?
All this education
you've taught yourself?
Don't you wanna show the
world how smart you've become?
Kay, let's play this out.
I get outta here, I go
apply for say, 15 jobs.
That's the normal thing, right?
Now I get interviews, cause
I got a degree in here
and one out there, so
they'll see me for sure,
I get there, nice suit, say
I borrow one from a friend.
I start talkin', you
know, turn on the charm,
tell 'em a tale about Moken
sea gipsies of the Andaman Sea
and how they developed the
ability to focus sight underwater
so they could hunt
for they food.
Tell 'em a joke or two,
you know, get 'em on my side.
Now at this stage, they love me.
Then they ask me
that, menial question,
you know, the one they ask
you for mere formality.
Do you have a criminal record?
Expecting a quick, firm no.
I mean, I know my
shit, got a nice suit,
two degrees, dialled back
demeanour, oh he speaks so well,
how could I have a record?
But, in fact, I retort
yes, sheepishly.
Their jaws drop, I don't
get the job, I gotta eat.
Government wages ain't enough.
So if I gotta eat
before somebody else
than that's just the
way it's gotta be.
[Man] There's other
ways, though, isn't there?
There's ways you can
get out of here early
and be good for your community.
My community?
[Man] Your community.
And which one would
that be, master?
Please tell me, sir.
[Man] Didn't I tell
you not to call me sir?
Now are we animals, huh, huh?
I can't hear you.
I can't hear you.
[heavy breathing]
Since we agree, we
are not animals,
since we now have
an understanding,
I think we both also agree,
you should help your community.
Because we all
need to be normal.
Yesterday she told me
For this job, I'm Quint,
you Brody, no more real names.
What's that called?
What you're fixin' to buy?
'70 to '75 BMW CSL 3.0.
You seen batman?
'60s batman, bam, boom, crash!
It's similar to his,
they actually called it the batmobile.
Someday's you just
can't get rid of a bomb.
That's from the show.
Hey man, you trust Saida?
Got no reason not to.
Started to deduce
that she may have been
the reason that that
last job went Hitchcock.
Remember that Lisa
I told you about?
Yeah, she gon' be there later.
She saw some doubt in my mind.
Paranoid, man.
We gettin' the gun off
Saida at nine, right?
What time?
Time to get a watch, nigga.
What's wrong?
You don't like that word.
I see you flinchin'
every time I use it.
Is that why you keep usin' it?
Ain't my favourite word.
It's oppressive.
What, you not a nigga now?
Oh but, cause you
white and black?
No, I'm not naive.
To know that when a
white person sees me,
any person sees
me, they see black.
It's oppressive,
that's all man.
I do love how you use that word.
As if it's academic.
Those academic
books you construe,
they don't tell us
about African monarchs.
Or Mansa Musa of Mali,
the richest man
ever, black African.
Inclination toward deception
through passive education.
You got me all wrong.
I don't read books.
I just don't like the
word, that's all man.
Nah man, you gotta have
reason behind things.
Like, you have a
liability to articulate.
There should be no utterance
lacking delineation.
Okay, well, I
just don't feel like
I, that word, that word
makes me feel enslaved.
Well shit, enslaved, he says.
Nigga, you can't
even say the word.
Course you enslaved,
enslaved by letters
all lined up in a row.
When you learn to declare
it, then you shall be free.
Say it.
Come on, now.
- No.
- Boy,
I am a victim of
disappointment in you.
Yeah, you the most
enslaved free nigga I met.
And look at that milky skin.
And here you are,
fixin' to rob a bank.
What a squander, what
a zealous squander.
Do you know what I would
do with skin like that?
What's in this job for you?
Besides the 200K split.
You can't just be
doing this because
you're angry with the police.
I mean, we are criminals.
- We made that choice.
- I counter.
We didn't choose this life.
It chose us.
We were born to be
in this exact moment.
In this exact space, having
this exact same conversation.
Didn't choose to be
subjected to slavery.
They won't let us erect statues,
so we'll tear theirs down.
They won't salute our heroes,
so we'll make our
heroes martyrs.
They won't acknowledge
our brevity,
so we'll become
disquieted lighthouses.
Puttin' 'em in darkness.
Blindin' 'em with
a light so dense
that they'll be forced to look.
Then, and only then, will
I feel a sense of parity.
this score tomorrow
don't go right,
they gon' tell you a
lot of shit about me,
some of it may be
true, most lies,
but understand one thing,
this is personal.
I don't give a fuck
about the money.
I'm gon' plant a flag.
What time is it?
Time to get a watch, nigga.
Hey, you wanna leave
without payin' again?
Is there any
other way to leave?
But here's what I do
I get a little beat
[upbeat music]
Get a little
guitar, all right
I get a little some
Then the band comes along
Call me Lisa, with an S.
Not Liza, not Eliza, or
even fuckin' Elizabeth.
Lisa with an S.
Lisa with an S.
I'm the morning after pill
of his little operations.
When shit goes wrong, I
fix shit that goes wrong.
And I know you motherfuckers
gon' end up callin' me.
Bank job, bullshit.
Lisa with an S, wanna
keep schtum for a minute?
Like it?
What's up with
the fuckin' stripes?
Long story I don't
favour to share now.
[upbeat music]
- Want her?
- No.
What's wrong with her?
She's high, she's having fun.
- So what's the situation?
- With?
- With?
- Yeah with?
With tomorrow, Saida.
Job is fine as silk.
Oh yeah?
Like the last job?
Silky too?
Cause that shit when haywire.
Somethin' a little
suspect about it.
I was thinkin' the same thing.
He taught you all of his tricks?
Taught him any of yours?
So, we good with the gun?
Now hold on there, Brody.
Me and my old friend
Saida here are prattlin'.
Not often we can just
sit, chew the cud.
We can talk about
all sorts of things.
Religion, politics,
the last job.
The fuck went on
with it, so forth.
Oh come on, everyone
knows you're busted,
everyone knows you're jaded.
- Listen, I ain't busted.
- The love of God,
make this be your last job.
I got plenty left in the tank.
- All right.
- All right.
I'm going for a piss.
Why the fuck didn't
you back me up, huh?
You're the one sewing doubt,
what, abruptly, you're
a fuckin' mute now?
Motherfucker, don't
even go there with me.
I'm not her, you need me.
So don't piss me off.
[soft music]
It's called that
cause years ago,
back in the Persian Gulf,
the guy who concocted it,
used a screwdriver to stir it.
Ever had a screw, driver before?
You wicked, huh?
[soft music]
Hey man, I think we should
get the gun and leave.
The atmosphere don't feel right.
There's nothin'
to worry about.
How's that?
Stiff one.
No, I don't drink and drive.
Wouldn't wanna
kill a young kid.
What's that?
Go ahead, you gonna sit
on your little perch
and chirp all night long?
Why don't you go home
and sleep, old man?
Got a big day tomorrow.
Saida, can you give
us the gun so we can go?
Ah, that's cute.
You think cause we
fuck, you control me?
- I'm just sayin'.
- Do me a favour,
don't say.
And as for your derision's
and accusations, you're done.
You know, there comes
a time when even
the greatest of
athlete's careers wane,
he just can't run no more.
He can't hit a ball as
far, can't swing a punch,
he can't fuck.
He takes his golden
fuckin' handshake
and he goes off into the
history books of discardedment.
Then sometime, 20,
30 down the line,
some guys are sittin'
around a table,
talking about the great
boxers and one of them goes,
remember Joe Lewis?
And the other one goes, ah
him, from the olden days, yeah.
He was good but he
weren't no Mike Tyson.
Fuck you and your fuckin'
set of feminist morals.
- Oh, don't go there.
- Shut the fuck up!
You didn't say shit
before, fuck you too.
It's a gender thing, huh?
You upset because I control
your narrative and I got tits?
I've seen more balls on a unic.
Take your fuckin' rookie,
take your fuckin' gun
and then go fuck off
into the annals of time,
you fucking jaded asshole.
Is that what you
countin' on, huh?
You countin' on these
kids you be groomin'.
How they gon' grow up
and become Mike Tyson.
Pigeons and all that.
When the truth is, you
out here killin' 'em?
Trying to prove your worth,
cause you ain't got none.
Ah, the fuckin' rumours,
I set you straight on those.
Yeah I killed a kid, he stole
from me, I'd do it again.
Damn, that's fucked up.
Where's your fucking
sense of sisterhood?
Oh, oh, I'm just
here for the money.
Y'all motherfuckers got
some Billy Jean King
vs Bobby Riggs shit goin' on.
Y'all need to
simmer the fuck down
before someone get hurt.
So what of it, Saida, huh?
Since you out here confessin'.
I swindled jewellers,
get out clean,
then all a sudden,
these porkchops got they
fingers all over me.
Gettin' me on this
charge and that charge.
Sending me up for the big house.
You gon' tell me you
didn't do that to me?
You didn't do that to me?
And fuck yeah, I'm a veteran.
Long, tall, I'm a vet.
Seasoned but I ain't jaded.
And you, fuckin' audacity,
to call me jaded.
Joe fuckin' Lewis?
Trying to curtain
me as washed up?
You're a fuckin' dilettante.
I'm out here gettin'
my hands dirty.
I'm Mike Tyson, motherfucker.
Yeah, yeah, you sit on
your fuckin' pink throne,
collecting off of my hard work.
You know, when I was a kid,
I used to have this bunny.
My family actually gave
it the name, Bunny,
fuckin' imaginative,
I loved that rabbit.
One day, Bunny was gone.
My mother, she tells me
she gave Bunny to a friend,
but I knew the truth.
My mother was a decent woman,
she knew Bunny was old, in pain.
She put it out of
it's fuckin' misery.
Gotta tell ya, I ain't
too much thought about
that Bunny ever since.
Fuck you.
[upbeat music]
[gun shooting]
We gotta call the cops!
Somebody please call the cops!
You guys, come on, you
gotta call the cops!
Somebody please call the cops!
We gotta call the cops, we
gotta do something, please!
[gun shooting]
[heavy breathing]
Nath, we goin' now?
[gun shooting]
We goin' now.
Nice gun.
Want it?
What you doin'?
Will you stop doing that?
[dramatic music]
So, how much money do I get?
Five percent.
I should really
get 50 percent.
I mean, full disclosure
now, you know,
since we're working together.
Since we're a team.
Oh, not working together.
Since we're besties.
- No, we are not a team.
- Yep.
Mhm, no.
I lied, earlier on.
I didn't come here to get the
money from my dad's account.
I came to get his address.
I wanted to find out
why he didn't want me.
You know what,
I'm a good person,
why wouldn't he want me, why
would he choose money over me?
People are fucked.
Can't be as simple as that.
It is.
People are fucked.
No one cares.
That's not true, my mum cares,
she's just, she
just cares too much.
She cares about herself.
You don't know her.
People are not selfless.
My dad, my dad,
he, he got himself
thrown in jail
and then OD'd there
when I was 12.
I spent most of my life in
and out of foster homes.
Shit foster homes.
People tellin' me they
love me in spite of,
always in spite
of, always tainted.
One of these foster parents used
to hit me so hard,
my skin would bleed.
I'd hide in the
cupboard and say my name
over and over and over again
until the pain was gone.
Block out everything.
The guy, asshole husband,
I forget his name,
he was the worst.
He'd hit me, he'd
call me stupid.
One day I stole a
hammer from the shed,
big one, could barely lift it.
And I smashed his
fuckin' head in.
And then I hit him
a couple more times.
Did he die?
I don't remember.
My dad.
He should've been a preacher.
You said that already and it
doesn't mean everybody else.
Said what already?
You're 16, you've
got plenty of time
to get like this.
Your dad being a preacher
and I'm not like that,
I'm not fucked.
When I see my dad, I'll
move forward, be able
to close that
chapter in my life.
No spite, no anger.
You're defined by your actions.
No, I'm defined by my race.
No one is racist nowadays,
your actions define you.
I'm sorry, I'm confused,
what the fuck are
you talking about?
We're in a new world, okay,
so I think if you feel
oppressed, your mind
is clearly living in
the past, you know?
Self slavery, Gen Z, we're.
Let's, let's, let's move on.
Geez, I'm debating race
with a fuckin' 12 year old.
The fuck I done with my life?
Got anymore of that chocolate?
There's none, Jane
Perkin's must be on a diet.
What time is it?
- Uh, 10 PM.
- Where's this car?
There's no other exits.
Maybe a vent?
- Where?
- I, I, I don't know.
I'm thinkin' out loud.
The front door, it's so risky.
You gonna leave me?
What are you talking about?
After, when we leave the bank,
are you just gonna leave me?
Well, yeah.
You go back to your
mom with your cut,
I drive some place.
Don't know where.
Can I come with you?
Of course not.
You're 16, I'm 28.
You've got your whole
life ahead of ya.
We're from different places.
You've got
opportunities, a future.
There's gotta be other exits.
Nath wanted to die,
become a villain, a martyr.
Maybe I should become a
villain, a super villain.
What'd you say?
- I said maybe I should become a villain.
- No, before that.
Listen, why don't you
just shut your mouth?
You're a kid, you don't know
what you're talking about.
The thing is not
necessarily true
because a man dies
for it, Oscar Wilde.
Who's that, your dad?
I thought you
didn't wanna leave.
I thought you wanted to kill me,
now you wanna leave?
The fuck wrong with you?
Do you even know what
day of the week it is?
I'm warning you.
You're stupid.
You're still that same child
that used to hide
in the basement.
- Yeah, you're weak.
- I'm weak?
- Yeah.
- I'm weak.
- You're so stupid!
- Shut the fuck up!
Go on, call your dad, call 'em.
I don't wanna, I don't wanna!
I'm weak?
Fuck you, I'm weak!
You're a little girl,
a fuckin' child.
You, you ain't been through
what I been through.
You wanna trade places, hm?
- See the kind of life I live?
- Absolutely not!
Then why are you here?
Cause you got me hostage.
Well, we just plans
to fuckin' leave.
Everyone else leaves.
Look, we can start
this journey together.
- Really?
- Yeah, things go, yeah.
Maybe, but you,
how did you know his name?
Oh, yeah, you
mentioned it earlier.
No, I never said it.
- Yeah, see, you said.
- I always called him Quint.
You also said you
knew my name, huh?
How do you know my name, huh?
Have you been working
with him from the start?
Is that why you want the money?
Who do you work for, are
you workin' for Lisa?
Yeah, her two, you know,
she loves him so much.
Stop fuckin' with me.
[phone ringing]
[Aaron] Mr. You.
Who's the next contestant
on the Price is Right, baby?
Would you like a new car,
cause I got a new car
out here for you kids,
how you gettin' along?
I wanna get the fuck outta here.
[Aaron] You sound
agitated, Mr. You.
I'm scared, he's
trying to kill me.
You're against me, all
of you, I know you are.
[Aaron] Why did
I just hear her say
that you're gonna kill her,
did you try to kill her?
You tell me my car's
outside, lure me out, kill me?
She says she knows my
name, you're playin'
like you don't know my name,
you know my fuckin' name.
You must've seen
my records by now,
my fuckin' PO files, huh?
Don't play me like
I'm fuckin' stupid,
I swear to fuckin' god,
I'll fuckin' kill her.
[Aaron] I don't
know what's going on.
I've got my gun
pointed at her right now.
[Aaron] I believe
you, I believe you.
Tell me what the
fuck's going on?
[Aaron] Okay, what
do you wanna know?
I'll shoot her, I
swear to fuckin god.
Start talking.
- [Aaron] What do you want to know?
- All over the fuckin' wall.
[Aaron] Okay, Mr. You!
Don't call me that, I,
you know my fuckin' name!
You know everything,
stop playin' me.
Tell me the truth.
[Aaron] I'm trying
to tell you the.
- Talk!
- Mr. You, if you.
Call me that again and
I'll fuckin' shoot her.
[Aaron] All right,
listen, listen,
there's a lot to
unpack right now
but the only thing
that's important
is that your car is gonna
be here in 10 minutes.
Let's get you out of there,
let's get you on the road,
let's get you driving, okay?
And it is, I gotta tell you,
the car is fuckin' cherry man,
everybody out here is callin'
it the batmobile, you know?
[gun cocking]
Did you hear that?
[Aaron] I heard it.
That's the sound of
my gun being cocked.
[Aaron] Yeah, I
know that sound.
Tell me the truth.
[Aaron] Yeah, fine,
I know some stuff.
I know your fuckin'
name, woopdidoo, okay?
I've seen your jacket,
I also happen to know
all the phone calls
you made to Lisa
and what she's trying
to get you to do.
I also know your PO is dead,
I know that Nath Clark,
your friend that you're
so worked up about,
is beneath you man.
That guy's a CI, he's
a criminal informant,
he's a fuckin'
professional snitch,
I don't know that he sang
about today's job necessarily,
I think he was honestly here
to commit suicide by cop.
- What, he's a snitch?
- But if you are not careful,
he is gonna take you
fuckin' with him,
do you understand me?
- Informant?
- Yes.
[heavy breathing]
Why'd you shoot him?
[Aaron] Well, CI's
only belong to one cop,
that's why they're confidential,
nobody else knows about it.
The guy's out here didn't know,
they just saw bank robbers
so they shot a bank robber.
Cause he's black,
cause he's black.
[Aaron] It has nothing to do.
You see a nigga runnin'
and he must be a criminal.
He was in the middle
of committing a crime.
It's okay to cheer a
nigga when he's runnin'
with a ball in his
hand or in his foot,
or he's a passin' a
baton, but any other time,
he must be trouble, huh?
[Aaron] Come on, Mr.
You, let's talk serious.
I told you not to fuckin' call me
that, now I'm gonna fuckin' kill her.
[Aaron] No, she's not the one.
You're a man of
morals, I like that.
A guy should have morals, right?
Yeah, definitely.
A man of morals would
definitely understand
the basic ethics
of conversation.
One person speaks,
the other one listens.
I thought you had finished.
I had not finished.
It's just, you
asked a question,
- I just assumed you.
- You assumed?
Yeah, I assumed, I
thought you had fin.
Listen, listen, listen,
let's not start gettin' upset
and angry with each other.
I'm not gettin' angry.
- You're gettin' very angry.
- No I'm not.
Calm down.
No, I assure you,
I'm not gettin'.
Look, what are we gonna do
about the monetary situation?
I can probably get
it in a couple of days.
I just need to see
a few people and.
You know what?
- Don't worry about it.
- What?
- Yeah, it's fine.
- Seriously?
Yeah, I'm feelin' generous,
don't worry about it
Well that's uh, should I go?
Yeah, why not Bob?
[gun shooting]
Why not?
Let's get breakfast.
Yeah, pancakes, eggs, bacon,
waffles, toast, whatever.
Yeah, yeah that's great.
But maybe we should clean
this body off the street.
Sure, after breakfast.
But how 'bout now?
I don't really wanna get
pinched for something
as stupid as leaving a
dead body on the street.
Bill, Bill, Billy, Bill.
You watch too much TV,
nobody gets arrested anymore.
Yes, people do.
Bill, I swear to
God, you touch that,
I'll be leaving two bodies
on the street whilst
I eat pancakes.
[soft music]
- What's it like, four?
- Say five.
- Feels like four.
- Four, five.
Oh, what's this?
- Taking the gun.
- Cause?
What's it matter?
It's my gun, all along.
Yeah, the thing is.
- The thing?
- The thing is, I like it.
I like the keep mementos
of the people I waste.
There's plenty down there.
Billy, Billy.
Why don't you stop
fuckin' about?
What do you mean?
Give me the gun.
No can do.
I don't get this gun back,
I'm in with this guy.
That's twice you've
insulted me tonight.
How so?
A. you called
me a crazy person.
And B. you took my gun.
Jesus, it's my fucking gun.
We're still talkin' about this.
I borrowed this
piece off of someone
and believe me, you don't
wanna fuck with that person.
Earlier tonight, you
asked me for a piece,
I gave you a piece, I said,
I said I needed it
back, I said that.
It's like, Jesus, I told you.
It's not like I didn't tell you.
You know, you're
Your partner wants a
tool, and you refuse.
You fuckin' kidding me?
You shoot a guy in
the street and then go
and have fuckin' pancakes
while his dead fuckin' body
bleeds out and I'm
Have you got beef with me?
Yeah, I gotta a
fuckin' beef with you.
You're fuckin' unhinged, man.
And by the fuckin' way, we're
not fuckin' partners, okay?
McGoldrick asked me to
do this job with you
and I fuckin' begged him not to.
I said anyone but fuckin' Ant.
I fuckin' hate
workin' with you, man.
You're fuckin' unreliable,
you're fuckin' insane
and you're fuckin' stupid.
What the fuck?
[upbeat music]
[heavy breathing]
Get all down you fellas
This is the
Chicago breakdown
Back in Roswold
Let's get together and
break 'em all down.
[crows cawing]
You know what, Bill?
You might be right.
I think I am clinically insane.
I mean all this shit
over a fucking gun.
[gun clicking]
[soft music]
You're a special bitch.
Marry me.
[upbeat music]
Peaceful and strong
[gun clicking]
[upbeat music]
[Nath] Hurry up, nigga.
Fuck happened
to my merchandise?
Just told you, ya know.
It's uh, you know.
No, I don't fucking know.
Why don't you tell me again?
It works.
We better put it to the test.
[Madison's Mom]
Some service here!
Wanna get some pancakes?
Is this the getaway car?
It's a little conspicuous.
You seen Wages of Fear?
That's the one about the
trucks or something, ain't it?
I used to be a mechanic.
Yeah, you said previous.
You got a proclivity
for repetition.
You nervous, you tend
to repeat yourself.
A little.
Got your gun?
Not sure if it works.
We won't need to use
it though, right?
Nath, last night, Saida.
What the fuck happened to her?
This fuckin' gun.
Don't call me Nath.
Now at some point in your life,
you gon' have to face up to
your own
responsibilities, nigga.
Now I need to know that
you down with this.
I'm not talkin' no half in,
half out, collation shit.
I'm talkin' true
Stalin dictatorship,
red motherfuckin'
state, communism shit.
You gotta be in this, with
your heart and your head.
Her fuckin' head.
Get over it, bitch
deserved to die.
Who wears sunglasses
indoors, anyway?
Story goes, Julius
Ceaser, before he died,
he left all of his
wealth in the hands
of a 17 year old boy.
Octavian, later
known as Augustus.
Wasn't even related.
By doing so, by
making that choice,
his legacy was more far reachin'
than if he had lived 100 years.
[rain falling]
Let's do the do.
[alarm blaring]
[glass breaking]
[Man] Get out of the way!
[gun shooting]
[sirens blaring]
[Aaron] Listen to me,
listen to me right now Wyatt,
you have control over
what happens next.
Fuck it, fuck!
[Aaron] Wyatt?
[heavy breathing]
I know today hasn't
gone exactly the way
that you wanted it to.
Make that my life.
[Aaron] Right, but your car
is gonna be here any minute,
I swear to god it is,
and I think we both know
that I can't let you leave in it
but that car is yours, man.
You know, give me the
girl, do your time
and the car will be
yours when you get out.
Wyatt, what a name.
What, what, what kind
of a black man names
his own kid Wyatt?
[Aaron] That's.
My dad, he had it in
for me from the beginning.
[Aaron] Come on man, you're
gonna get me in trouble.
If I agree with you on
an open walkie channel,
somebody's gonna call me racist.
- That's an irony.
- Oh shit.
You shot the nigga
that was with you.
That's, that's,
that's poetic justice.
You shot the house nigga.
[Aaron] We don't
have put it that way.
That's poetic
justice, circle of life.
Got shot, he got shot by
the people he was helping.
[Aaron] Well I'm glad you're finding
the whole situation so funny.
- So you comin' out?
- You're right.
He did wanna die,
the fuckin' martyr.
[Aaron] Hey man, at
the end of the day,
none of us is perfect.
I mean, my fuckin'
wife drags me into
this therapist that
I have to pay for.
Fuck your wife.
Okay, if you don't fuckin'
like her, then leave.
Stop bringing her up,
bitchin' about her, moanin',
I'm sick of it, I'm
fuckin' sick of it.
[Aaron] Listen.
Fuck, why is he
a fuckin' snitch?
Oh fuckin' asshole,
fuck, why, why, why?
Why, why, why?
I don't.
Fuckin' suicide
mission motherfucker.
[Aaron] Hey, Wyatt, I
know you don't wanna hear me
mention her name but,
just between us and
whoever the fuck else
is listening, I'm
cheating on my wife, okay?
Honestly, I don't
think she cares because
I'm pretty sure she's
cheating on me too,
I guess what I'm trying to say,
and I hope you're listening,
is that we're all, all of us
are shit morally speaking.
Let the girl go, do your time.
Nobody's been
killed in there yet,
I can still get
you that two years.
I'll let her go,
give me my car.
[Aaron] You got it, I'll
have it here in five minutes.
[heavy breathing]
You said, Nath, I'm scared.
He shouted at you and said
if you use his real name
one more time, he'll
fucking kill you.
Do you remember?
I, I,
I sometimes, I say things and,
I can't remember.
I lied earlier on.
That's your super
villain power.
I did see a clerk.
I made up this whole story.
About how me and my
dad were shopping,
we got separated
and I lost my phone.
The lady gave me his number.
So I called him.
You're a hostage.
You've just been told you're
probably gonna be shot
and you call your dad?
Not your mom, who loves you?
Your words.
I just don't, get it,
I just don't, I
don't understand.
Fuckin' human race,
I, I don't, I just.
I'm tired, man, I just.
Why'd you try and
help me escape?
I wanted you to like me.
I need someone to like me,
I need you to not leave me.
Please don't leave me.
Please, please,
please, please, please.
I need you to like
me, please like me.
I'm not your dad.
Just, I get confused sometimes.
Nothing means anything.
Everything means nothing.
[phone ringing]
Dad, hey it's me.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I think
I got cut off earlier.
Yeah, I'm on the TV?
I'm fine.
I'll be out soon, I promise.
Why don't you want me?
[phone beeping]
Yeah, yeah, okay.
You still don't
remember me, do you?
We've crossed paths before.
You ran past me and my
mom about a month ago.
When you did, I felt something.
[upbeat music]
Angel come closer
[engine revving]
Look at that, a
'70 to '75 BMW CSL.
Launched the M brand.
Thing of beauty.
See that, boy?
Where did you get
that, sweet boy?
Did you steal it from the shop?
Listen to me very
carefully, son.
You listening?
What I always told
you about privilege.
It can be taken.
It is for sale.
Don't give it to you,
you gotta take it.
One dime at a time,
one blow at a time.
And if they resist,
if they stand up tall,
if they refuse to share
with you the spoils,
shoot them down.
No one act is
without consequence.
That is the symmetry of life.
It is comic, that being said,
you steal again, I'm gonna
beat the livin' life outta ya.
Don't let the tear drops
[Saida] All things
come to an end.
[phone ringing]
[Aaron] Wyatt, my
man, your car is here.
Show me a picture,
no, a video.
[Aaron] Yes sir, Master Bruce.
[phone beeping]
There you go, you
see it, we all good?
Okay listen, now things
have changed a little bit
so I, I can't hold the
boys back much longer.
I need you to go ahead
and come on out now.
Like right now.
What's changed?
Come on, man,
just come on out.
Sure, we're comin' out.
[Aaron] Okay that's
great, everybody,
I need you to hold your fire,
he is coming out peacefully
and surrendering,
does everybody hear me?
I got another
call coming through.
[Aaron] Wait no,
Wyatt, is it Lisa?
Do not take that call.
All right, don't take it, just.
- Why?
- Come out and get in your car stay on the phone with me.
- I gotta go.
- Don't take the fuck!
[Lisa] Nath, he, um.
- Right.
- 10 minutes ago, so.
He was a CI, you know that?
[Lisa] Oh damn, I did not.
You got my money?
I thought you were
meant to fix shit.
Lisa, with an S, that's
how you packaged yourself.
[Lisa] Yeah well,
I can't fix a body.
Call me.
I fix shit.
[Lisa] What do you expect
me to bring him back to life?
You ass...
[Aaron] Hey man, I assume
you know about Nath now, right?
Listen, you gotta let her go.
You gotta come out,
just like you promised.
You can still drive
off into the sunset.
I think I've accepted
this is how it ends.
My whole life, people have
told me left is right,
right is left.
I was born for this moment.
[Aaron] Come on man,
the big guy upstairs,
that's not how he works.
When we fuck up, it's on us.
I, I have fucked up a lot
and I chose all of it.
It doesn't matter.
[Aaron] What do you fuckin'
mean it doesn't matter?
It matters a whole hell of a lot to
that girl that's in there with you,
it matters to me.
How can you be like this?
How can you quit on yourself?
Because, it's time
I become a lighthouse.
[Aaron] What the
fuck does that mean?
Just, I don't know
what that means, Wyatt.
Just come out here,
get in this fuckin' car
I got you because
they are gonna storm
this place and I
can't stop them.
They're going to come in, just.
- Come on, just go.
- Ultimately,
everything has the
weight I place on it.
It's time I made a fuckin'
decision and kept to it.
[Aaron] Man,
please, don't do this.
I gotta be a martyr.
Three times I could've
had this gun tonight,
but I didn't because I
thought this was your story.
Fucking die, you
fuckin' black nigger,
black fucker.
[gun clicking]
[gun shooting]
I gotta say it again.
Nice gun.
Madison, the gun doesn't
work properly, okay?
Give me the gun, okay?
Give me the gun.
Madison, listen to me, let
me shoot the gun, okay?
Ultimately, everything has
the weight I place on it.
Madison, let me
shoot the gun, okay?
Let me shoot the gun.
[police screaming]
[gun shooting]
I do not wish to
shed a drop of blood,
but I must fight the course.
Tis all that's left in me.
[upbeat music]
Can I trust you
[upbeat music]
Can I trust you
[upbeat music]
[indistinct talking]
Man, women gossip
all the time
I know man
That's all they know
how to do is gossip
Hold up, hold up, listen,
I wanna tell yall something
First of all, everybody
runnin' around here
What you think you doin'
What do you mean
Look, don't nobody do the
popcorn no more am I right
Well look, the popcorn
is out from now on
From now on we gotta
brand new thing
But the thing is, before
I tell you what it is
Everybody that does it, every
man has got to have a mother
Everybody's got
to have a mother
[indistinct talking]
All right, but
this, it's like this
Here's what I want you to do
First I'm gonna ask you,
do you have a mother
You bought to be one
Do you have a mother
Well all right, lay it on me
[upbeat music]