Blood and Snow (2023) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(ominous music intensifying)
(mechanical creaking)
(computer beeping)
(researcher speaking foreign language)
(steam hissing)
(alarm beeping)
(Geiger counter clicking)
(alarm beeping)
(ominous tempo music)
(Marcus screaming)
(creature growling)
(eerie music intensifying)
(creature huffing)
(blood squelching)
(intense music)
(suspenseful music)
(researcher screaming)
(foreboding tempo music)
(lively tempo music)
(ominous music)
(tank rumbling)
(people laughing)
[Driver] Okay, okay, so she calls me,
she's lost, right, so what do I do?
[Man] You listen.
No, I mean, that's a lot of work.
I'm trying to figure out where she is.
I'm go, "Sweetheart",
"can you see a landmark
or a road sign, anything?"
I say you misunderstood the problem.
The problem was that she was lost.
[Driver] And I was trying to get her
to where she was going.
[Driver] What do you mean, no?
What she needed was for you to listen.
No, what she needed
was to fix her problem.
She didn't need the problem fixed,
she needed to talk about it.
Wouldn't it be quicker and easier
if I just fixed the problem?
You gotta be patient.
I am fucking patient!
I love you, mate, but you're
not exactly patient, okay?
All right, I'm not patient,
but it's fucking annoying!
Listening to women?
[Driver] No, women, full stop.
So, this is what caused it?
Caused what?
About three hours ago, I
asked you why you got divorced.
You started telling me
his story about driving,
and that was it?
No, no, no.
I'll tell you what it was,
it's bad habits, mate.
Bad habits manifest themselves
in your brain and get-
- Bad habits?
- Yeah.
Oh, don't start about this.
You've got my point.
No, this isn't illegal.
Drinking and driving?
We're overdue international water.
It doesn't mean you won't kill us both.
Oh, that's suicide, man.
If you want a cheeky swig,
all you have to say is, "Luke",
"I will respect your words of wisdom."
"I'd like to subscribe to you on YouTube."
I'm not saying that.
(Luke laughing)
You know what the trouble with her is,
she doesn't know what she wanted.
Ah, she said I was drinking too much.
Glad you tackled that one, mate.
[Luke] Oh, I wasn't drinking
and driving back home.
[Sebastian] No?
No, I was actually pretty considerate.
[Sebastian] Are you sure, were you?
She was driving me to the pub.
She poured a drink?
No, she couldn't at the
time, she was pregnant.
Wait, so she drove you to the pub
and watched you drink when she couldn't.
So that I wouldn't drink and drive.
Oh, such a lucky lady.
I can't believe she walked
away from all you had to offer.
Hey, mate, let me tell
you what I have to offer,
As constant as the northern star.
I'm the same guy she
met the day she married
to the day she divorced me.
I don't doubt that.
Look, mate, you know what
the trouble with them is?
They don't know what they want.
That's all women in general.
No, I see you've got it all figured out.
Hey, I know what I want.
I might never get it,
but everything I love
is expensive, illegal,
or it doesn't text back.
Oh man, you should do
a TED Talk on this stuff.
I'm telling you, be
wary of pretty women.
Yeah, another pearl of wisdom.
I'm telling you, it doesn't
matter how hot she is,
10 out of 10, somebody,
somewhere is sick of her shit.
A fact.
Paul says you stole her dog.
I did not steal that dog.
That dog was my own dog.
That puppy's been mine since
the day she was a little puppy.
Hey, hey, hold up, hold up, hold up.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
(ominous music)
What's she doing?
[Sebastian] I don't
know, she looks lost.
For fuck sake, don't
try and fix the problem.
[Sebastian] Shut up.
Come on, then.
(foreboding music)
[Luke] What happened?
[Sebastian] Marie?
Are you okay?
(ominous music)
[Luke] What's happening?
She's covered in blood, mate.
Come on, you're coming with me, come on.
Hey, what about Marcus?
Ou est Marcus?
(ominous music)
You're gonna have to go, mate.
Got the radio?
Yeah, I've got it.
Where's Marcus?
Is he hurt?
[Sebastian] Mate, just go.
- We've gotta get her in.
- Come on,
can you tell me something?
(wind whooshing)
(metal creaking)
Can you hear me?
(foreboding music)
(flare sizzling)
(ominous music)
(wolf howling)
(eerie music)
Jesus Christ.
- (radio beeping)
- [Sebastian] Luke.
Luke, come in.
(unsettling music)
Luke, what's going on?
Did you find him?
(ominous music intensifying)
(wind howling)
Here, drink this.
Drink it, it'll keep you worm.
(Sebastian speaking French)
(Sebastian sighing)
Fuck, my French is shit.
No wonder you don't wanna talk to me.
Stupid thing is,
I'm learning because of you.
(door clanking)
Hey, Frenchy!
Is the radio working?
What the fuck happened to Marcus?
[Sebastian] He's not there?
Not all of him, no!
A bear?
What I saw, no animal did, okay?
Frenchy, here, knows something about it
and she's not telling us.
Hey, look at me!
She's obviously still in shock.
Give her a break.
I'm in fucking shock,
she needs to start talking!
(Marie speaking French)
What does that mean?
What transformed?
(Sebastian speaking French)
The only thing that's transformed there
is Marcus from alive to dead!
Frenchy, here, needs to
start telling us what to do!
(Marie speaking French)
(ominous music)
What, what does that mean?
She said, "We must go."
Leave, why do we gotta leave?
Don't ask why, just fucking go!
(ominous music intensifying)
Oh, shit.
(engine rumbling)
(tank rumbling)
Echo Five base, this is Pathfinder Three.
We are Blue Light Protocol.
One survivor, one fatality.
ETA, seven zero minutes.
(radio beeping)
Roger that.
Oh, goddamn heating system's down again.
You okay?
I need Paul.
- Why?
- Blue Protocol,
inform base commander.
Where the hell is Paul?
Canteen, if you ask me.
(video game gunshots popping)
[William] Hey, have you seen Paul?
Ginger Paul?
Yes, Robert, we only
have one Paul working here.
Shit, I know, I'm just checking.
So where is he?
[Robert] Here, man.
At that table, man,
he always sitting there.
He's one of those, you
know, same seat guys.
Robert, there is no one here, man.
I didn't say now.
You asked if I've seen him, bitch.
Motherfucking goddamn.
I'm so reporting you for this!
Oh, if you get HR on the phone,
I'm gonna start singing.
(video game gunshot booming)
(video game man screaming)
Soon as my black ass has
got something to say.
(machinery humming)
(ambient humming)
[Tiffany] Okay, tell me again.
[Paul] Tell you what again?
[Tiffany] Don't play with me.
[Paul] No, never.
Here's the rules.
I'm gonna need constant
attention and I'll-
Sir, thank God.
Sir, sir, I-
- You can call me Paul,
you know that, right?
Yes, sir.
I mean, Paul, I was
looking for you because-
How are you looking for me?
Well, I was in the canteen
and then I went to the
machine room and then I came-
That sounds urgent.
Well, it is, yeah.
Pathfinder, they just called in.
William, use the alarm.
The alarm?
But the base protocol for
the alarm is to only use it-
Oh my God, look, I know,
we've all passed the
orientation exam, okay?
Yeah, no, I know, I know I have.
I just...
I wasn't saying you didn't.
What I'm saying is that
theory and practicality
are two very different
things at times, okay?
I just don't want to break any rules
- and end up getting in trouble.
- Just use the alarm.
For three seconds.
I'll here it and then I'll
come up to the command room.
I promise.
Sir, the protocols for the base alarm-
Are whatever I say they are.
Yes, sir.
I mean, Paul.
Ring the alarm, I'll
hear it, I'll come up.
We have a problem.
Go on.
Pathfinder Three just called
in a Blue Light Protocol.
Jesus Christ, why
don't you say something?
Well, I was just
listening, you were talking-
How many were out there?
Who was out there?
I don't know, they just
said there was one injury
and one fatality.
How far out were they?
70 Minutes.
Okay, let the professor know.
Have him warm up the
medical bay, all right?
Got it.
Hey, where are you going?
[Paul] Get the blood.
(ominous tempo music)
(tank rumbling)
[William] How bad is that?
That's gonna knock out the
satellite link for a bit.
See if you can raise the pathfinder.
Yes, sir.
(radio buzzing)
Pathfinder Three, this is
Echo Five, do you read me?
(radio buzzing)
Keep trying.
Pathfinder Three, I
repeat, this is Echo Five.
Do you read me?
(alarm buzzing)
(dog whimpering)
(alarm beeping)
Think you can get satellite
link for Echo Nine up?
Not a live feed, but if you
wanna record and transmit,
I might be able to boost the signal
through the interference.
Start recording.
Echo Nine.
Hey, Bob, this is Paul.
Listen, we've got a pathfinder
with incoming Blue Light Protocol
indicating one injury, one fatality.
I am light on a medic
and I'm hoping that you
can dispatch yours before the
storm hits, Echo Five out.
(computer beeping)
Use that GPS.
Tell me where that pathfinder
is and how far out.
[William] Five minutes.
Keep an eye on that storm.
[William] Yes, sir.
I'll be in the med bay.
(ominous tempo music)
(wind howling)
All right, Professor.
Lovely blood for you, sir.
You know this is my forte, right?
I have no degree in trauma.
Well, you are the best we've got.
(wind howling)
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
(Marie whimpering)
Mate, wait up!
Is she seizing?
[Luke] What do we do, what do we do?
Just go get some help!
Marie, stay with me!
(intense music)
Open the fucking door!
Hurry up!
For fuck sake, Will, we called it in!
[Seb] Marie, stay with me.
We said Blue Line Protocol,
you know what that means?
You fucking prick, it
means open the fucking door
because we have a medical emergency!
Come on!
You fucking avoid me
when I get in there, Will.
I mean stay out of my fucking way!
Come on.
Got you.
(lively tempo music)
A little help here!
[Professor] How long
has this been going on?
Just a minute.
And she was fine, not fine, but in shock.
Then she collapsed in the tunnel.
What happened to her?
They may have been attacked.
What by, what, what?
An animal or something.
No fucking animal did this.
What else would it be?
I don't know what else it was, Seb!
All I can tell you is something
took Frenchy's boss'
head fucking clean off.
Wait, what?
You heard me, her boss is decapitated
lying in the fucking snow.
I don't know what type
of animal does that.
And you left him there?
You know, if you would've
brought him back us,
it could've fucking helped us
figure out what's going on!
I'm so sorry, Professor,
there didn't seem to be
a whole lot I could fucking do!
If you don't have anything else useful,
just let the professor work.
- Shut up.
- Marie?
Is that good?
Shouldn't we get her awake, Professor?
You know, if the body or
the head needs to go to sleep,
sometimes that's the best thing to do.
You know, self-induced comas
are not always a bad thing.
All right, why don't you
two go get warmed up, yeah?
Get out of the professor's hair.
Go get a bite to eat or something.
Fuck food.
I need a fucking drink.
That figures.
I'd like to help.
Seb, you're a biologist, right?
Yes, that's right.
[Professor] Paul, can you get Sebastian
the medical file on her?
- Yeah, you bet.
- It will help me a lot.
Of course.
Give me a hand to get
this coat off, huh, Seb?
(ominous music)
(atmosphere whooshing)
[William] Dr. Sadler,
welcome to Echo Seven,
it's a pleasure to have you.
Are you the base
commander, Paul Roberts?
No, I'm William, I'm the comms officer.
Where is your base commander?
He's just fixing a faulty heating system
but he told me to say, "mi casa su casa."
I'll need five minutes with him.
Of course, he'll be joining us inside.
You know, I have to say,
I was a little surprised
to get a call from your office.
Urgent excavation orders
aren't very common out here.
Gentlemen, I do understand.
But oil waits for no one.
And we have, as you say, a hot lead.
I believe the company has told
you to grant us full access,
so we need to get out there.
Did you get the drop-off coordinates?
Oh yes,
and every preparation is being made
to get you folks out there ASAP.
This is Sebastian Weaver,
our geologist and biologist on site.
He's the one who's gonna
be taking you out there.
That won't be necessary.
We'll go alone.
Then who's gonna verify the sample?
We'll ship them back to the lab.
I can do it on site,
it'll be a lot quicker.
Just trying to help, Doctor.
You will need a spotter, though.
Thank you, but we don't need-
Sir, I'm afraid this is a safety issue
and one that's not up for debate.
There are wolves and bears out there
and every two man
requires an armed spotter.
That's the protocol.
This guy loved protocol,
and especially rules,
so I wouldn't get in the way of that.
Then, of course.
Let's get you guys
debriefed and warmed up.
This way, please.
Can I take this for you?
She doesn't speak any English.
Okay, I'm just taking her-
She doesn't need any help.
(Marie speaking French)
(somber music)
Sebastian, can you undo her coat please?
Sebastian, whoa.
Take off the coat.
- Yeah, of course, sorry.
- Good boy.
Come on, little girl, stay with us.
Come on, you'll be fine.
Who's a good boy, huh?
Did you miss me?
Did you miss dad?
(dog whimpering)
(dog whimpering)
I hear you.
Did you miss me?
Or did you miss this?
You're supposed to sign out.
(dog growling)
Would you please go fuck yourself.
And you didn't get debriefed.
And now you're drinking too.
Okay, I need to report this.
Hey, dickless,
you know what?
Whilst you're here,
the next time I call in
a Blue Light Protocol,
you open the fucking blast door.
The blast door protocol has always-
- I don't give a rat's ass
what the protocol is or was,
or whatever's written down
in your fucking books!
If Frenchy dies
because she didn't get
to the professor in time,
that's on you.
Get out.
One less, right?
Why can't everybody be as nice as you?
Aw, who's a good boy?
(wind howling)
[Robert] How's my favorite couple?
We're peachy, mate, how are you?
Yeah, yeah, what's
the weather like, man?
Oh, it's sunny and 90.
You should check it out.
Who's a good girl?
Bobby, it's a boy.
Come on, we've been through this.
You got issues, bro.
I got issues?
And I got some weed.
Oh, you do?
Then we can be friends.
(Luke laughing)
Gill, what's happening?
Yeah, Marcus Sadler is dead.
The french guy.
That's right.
What about the girl?
We don't know yet, she's in the med bay.
What killed them?
We don't know, trying to find out.
We gotta tell the family something.
[Luke] We'll tell them he's dead.
Well, that's very helpful, Luke.
Well, he is.
Honestly, that's probably
the main piece of information
they're gonna absorb right now.
I didn't actually see the
body but, like Luke says,
he says it's decapitated.
Wait, you didn't see
the body, only he did?
Well, yeah, but I mean,
I believe him, obviously.
Well, are you sure that's what you saw?
I mean, how would you
even know if he was dead?
He barely knows his ass
from his right foot.
Say that again,
- you little fucking prick.
- Will you two
- know it off?
- Save it for your dog.
Before I even saw the
body, I could smell it.
Not that you'd know what that's like.
But what I did see, believe me,
I will never forget what I saw.
His head was clean off.
And by the way, that head
was nowhere to be found.
Oh, geez, what kind of animal-
There's no animal that does that.
We still shouldn't rule
it out as a possible-
No animal decapitates.
It just doesn't do it.
There's too much bones in your skull.
If it wants to kill you,
if it wants to feed on you,
it goes in through your stomach.
Fishes out all the easy meat there.
Well, perhaps the drill malfunctioned.
Look, why don't we just
wait for Frenchy to wake up
and then she can answer all the questions?
She probably did it.
What is she, 110, soaking wet, huh?
5'5 " or maybe 5'6", maybe?
Yeah, not likely she took out a guy
that's twice her size.
Hey, I'm just spit-balling,
but there are plenty of
tools at the drill site.
Maybe she snuck up behind him and...
Why would she do that?
I don't know, Paul.
The cold does things to
people, you know that.
It does, don't be looking
at me like I'm crazy.
It's happened before.
[William] Okay.
So what do we do?
Report the death as an accident for now.
We gotta get the body for more details.
If the professor can
give us a cause of death,
it'll help us with Marie.
Why don't we just
wait till she wakes up?
I'll go.
Shouldn't you keep
helping the professor?
No, there's nothing of
any relevance in this file.
She's completely healthy.
Whatever is wrong is because
of what happened out there.
Okay, but there's a storm coming.
We're gonna lock it all down
tonight until it passes over.
Can't risk losing anybody out there.
Risk losing anybody out there?
We're stuck in here with her.
You know what, Luke,
either belly up to the
bar, quit cold turkey,
I really don't give a
shit, but whatever it is,
choose the option that shuts your mouth.
If it's all the same, I'd rather go now.
The time is of the essence
and it will help Marie.
Loosing you won't help anybody.
Look, whatever you guys are gonna do,
you better do it quick.
That storm's gonna be
here in less than an hour.
You heard him.
Lock it all down.
(foreboding music)
I'm gonna supervise things from here.
(heart monitor beeping)
(Marie faintly speaking French)
(eerie music)
All right, what's the word?
Oh, oh, sorry.
She's only half conscious
and running a fever.
Well, that would account
for the loss of memory
and being unconscious, but it
doesn't account for the fever.
What would cause that?
Well, usually you'll get a fever
because the body's fighting
some kind of infection.
I've taken some blood samples,
but it's gonna take quite a while
to run them through the tests.
When she wakes up, we
gotta find some answers.
Yeah, agreed.
we got a response from Echo Nine.
Good news, I hope.
[Bob] Paul, good to hear from you.
Hoping this gets to you, but bad news.
Our medic sustained an injury,
she's not going anywhere.
She can work, she just broke her leg,
so she just can't travel.
If you can get to me, she
can treat whoever needs it.
Sorry, man, wish I had better news.
Echo Seven out.
Look, it's okay, all right?
Don't worry about it.
I can read up on this as
her symptoms progress.
The storm is making the network
connection a little patchy.
Yeah, okay,
look, somebody better stay with her.
I'll stay.
I'm sure Sebastian wouldn't
mind taking a few hours.
Oh no, no, no, they've
had a rough day already.
I'll be fine.
[Professor] When she wakes
up, call me immediately.
She'll be dehydrated and she'll
have very low blood sugar.
All right?
Copy you.
(heart monitor beeping)
(gentle piano music)
(pleasant piano music)
(Sebastian inhaling)
(eerie music)
Fuck it.
(dramatic music intensifying)
(heart monitor beeping)
Any changes?
You think you could
watch her for a minute?
I might get some food.
Hey, what do you think
happened out there?
I know one thing for sure.
She didn't kill anyone.
Luke's an asshole, I'll grant you that,
but he might be right.
If all that blood on her wasn't hers,
she was at least close
enough to the action
to see what happened even
if she didn't cause it.
Obviously Luke is gonna
think that she did it, right?
You know what he thinks about women.
Fair enough.
The guy won't even call Alaska a girl.
Yeah, exactly.
Be back in a few.
What happened out there?
(atmosphere whooshing)
(faint video game gunshots popping)
(Marie speaking French)
Yeah, you want a game?
Sure, sure.
Set you up there.
I bet you've been very busy lately, eh?
Thanks for playing.
I have...
A piano?
Travel with a piano?
(pleasant ambient music)
Yeah, that was a bit
quick, really, wasn't it?
You wanna play another game?
Let's do another game.
Oh yeah, okay, you gotta work.
Yeah, okay.
Fuck sakes.
(faint video game gunshots popping)
All right.
Gotta love a bit of breakfast for dinner.
(heart monitor beeping)
You okay?
You sure?
She looked so scared when we found her.
Just shock.
No, it was more like she saw something.
At the very least, she
saw Marcus get killed.
And when we see somebody
we know die, it's not easy.
You okay, mate?
Go get some rest.
(gentle ambient music)
(silly television music playing)
Can't help stupid people.
Right, boy?
Are you watching this?
Not much point in me leaving it on
if you're not gonna watch it.
You want this?
Come and get 'em, come and get 'em.
Get 'em.
That's it, watch the movie.
(foreboding music)
Watch the movie.
(ominous music)
There's gotta be something
good on here, huh?
(creature snarling on camcorder)
We've got an hour.
I saw the temperature is
supposed to drop to minus 30.
You think I'm worried about the cold?
[Marcus] No one likes minus 30.
It's been worse.
It's still not fun to sleep out there.
Was there something
I could help you with?
You're a smart guy.
That's the first time
I've been accused of that.
(Luke laughing)
Well, my work is of a sensitive nature.
I don't give a fuck about
what you're doing out there.
I just have to watch your
ass whilst you're doing it.
That's very honorable.
I'd prefer to work alone.
Well, just with my assistant.
I wouldn't leave her here.
She'll get knocked up.
I wonder if you had
some mechanical problems
with your transport,
if you'd have to return
to base to deal with them.
Collect us later, once we're done.
Are you trying to get rid of me?
Not at all.
Just figured you had better things to do.
Yeah, well, if something happens to you,
it's my ass on the line, so.
Not if you're not there.
And what the hell am I
supposed to do with that?
Whatever you wish.
It's not like I can go to the mall, is it?
Figured I'd make both our lives easier.
Say that I did have some
sort of mechanical troubles,
and I had to come back
and leave you out there.
Would there be another envelope like this?
There could be,
once I returned...
I'm not a smart man,
but let me tell you something I do know.
Whatever you're doing out there,
you ain't looking for oil.
(ominous music)
(heart monitor beeping)
(video of Tiffany faintly speaking)
(somber music)
(ominous music intensifying)
(computer beeping)
Need something?
Yeah, just the liquor cabinet key.
[William] Well, it's in there.
I can't see it, mate.
Well, I put it in there myself.
It has to stay locked up.
No, it has to be in there.
I mean, I put it in there myself.
Right, right, okay.
Was Luke in here?
Jesus Christ, okay,
I'm gonna have to...
Can you just make sure no
one touches my setup, please?
(ominous tempo music)
Come on.
Come on.
(ominous tempo music)
(engine rumbling)
(dog growling)
Fucking lunatic.
(eerie music)
(ominous tempo music)
(heart monitor beeping)
(eerie music)
(foreboding music)
(eerie music)
(video game shotgun booming)
(ominous music)
(video game shotgun booming)
(eerie music)
(Luke snoring)
(foreboding music)
(electrical fizzling)
(ominous tempo music)
(tank rumbling)
(wind whooshing)
(wind howling)
(Gill laughing)
Yeah, I had to laugh.
Remember that time Martin
was trying on the suits,
and Bobby, he was drinking,
and he puts on his own jacket and he says,
"Oh, I'll take this one."
(Gill laughing)
He's so drunk, he doesn't even know that
he's trying to buy his
own jacket from Martin.
And Martin, he's so pissed off,
he almost sells him his jacket anyway.
Wonder whatever happened to Martin.
Yeah, you never know,
people like that in your life come and go.
Jesus, you scared the bejesus out of me.
Are you okay?
You know, you're gonna catch a cold.
A cold?
You can't walk around here in bare feet.
You're gonna get sick.
Yeah, you know, like
a virus or something.
that's what we are.
(foreboding music)
What's wrong with your eyes?
Has the professor seen how you're...
(intense music)
Oh, shit, ow!
(bones crunching)
Ow, what're you doing?
(bones crunching)
(bones snapping)
Like this?
(punch thudding)
(menacing music intensifying)
(metal clanking)
(wind howling)
(gloomy music)
(wind howling)
(tank rumbling)
(electrical fizzling)
(computer beeping)
(alarm buzzing)
That was a really low trick, Sebastian.
I had to, sorry.
[William] I am gonna have
to report you for this.
So open the fucking door.
(alarm buzzing)
(mechanical door buzzing)
[Computer] The lymphatic
vessels are arranged
in a minute plexiform network
in the superficial layers of the corium,
where they become interwoven
with the capillary
and nervous plexuses.
They are especially
abundant in the scrotum
and around the nipple.
(computer indistinctly speaking)
Of the deep layers of the corium
to the more superficial layers,
where they form a minute plexiform mesh.
From this plexus, the primitive nerve...
(computer indistinctly speaking)
The nerves are most
numerous in those parts
which are provided with
the greatest sensibility.
The arteries which supply the skin divide
into numerous branches
in the cutaneous tissue.
You're up.
(Sebastian speaking French)
Fever, a...
I'm fine now.
(eerie music)
you've learned English.
Are you,
are you not cold?
It's freezing in here.
I'm learning, and no,
but I do need to sleep.
Of course, yeah, you've
been through a lot and I...
(somber music)
Good to see you too.
(Luke snoring)
(creature screeching)
Who's that?
Where you been?
[Sebastian] Got the body, didn't I?
Oh, fuck.
Oh shit, mate, I gotta show you something.
- Mate, mate, no, no.
- No, no, wait!
[Sebastian] I gotta crash.
Believe me, you wanna see this.
Not now, mate, I'm shattered.
Mate, hold on.
You are gonna wanna see
what your girlfriend left
at the scene of the crime.
What do you mean, crime?
[Luke] Crime, mate, because
that's exactly what it is.
Look what I got.
What is that?
It's a camera, it's their video camera.
What, and you haven't
shown it to anyone?
I'm sorry, mate, I must've
been fucking distracted
by the headless corpse or something.
- All right.
- Just look.
You're not gonna like this, by the way.
I mean, tell me I'm right.
Mate, what am I looking at?
Oh, fuck off.
(static fizzling)
It was here, it was right...
It was Marie attacking fucking Marcus.
Like an animal, she was on top of him
like with a crazed fucking
blood lust look in her eye.
You would've seen it.
It's fucking on here, hold on.
- Hold on, I'll find it.
- Mate, mate, mate.
- I'll find it, I'll find it.
- Mate, mate, mate.
I'm gonna find it!
Mate, you been drinking?
Oh, fuck.
- Mate, mate.
- I know what I saw!
I'm just asking, but
have you been drinking?
- I had a drink, Seb.
- All right.
- Yeah, okay.
- But I still saw what I saw!
You gonna take her side over mine?
Your fucking girlfriend's?
She's not my fucking
girlfriend, all right?
She's not your girlfriend?
Is that right?
- Not your fucking girlfriend.
- Get fucking off.
No, no, where is it, where is it?
Here it is, oh, there it is.
Huh, what's that then, huh?
[Luke] Fuck you, Seb.
(ominous music)
(wind howling)
(heart monitor beeping)
(footsteps thumping)
Freeze ass morning, boss.
Yeah, the heating system
must be on the brink again.
That something you can check for me?
Check on, yeah, fix, no.
That's Gill's department.
But I can go find him.
(heart monitor beeping)
(video game gunshots booming)
This is steak dinner.
Lucky you, bro.
That's a hard one to find.
What about breakfast?
Man, I don't make the meals, damn.
Yes, I know that, Robert,
they're freeze-dried,
but you are in charge
of dispensing the meals.
It's your whole job.
Yeah, well it's first come,
first serve, you know that.
There's like no one else here.
How could I possibly have missed
all the other breakfast options?
Well, you know Paul,
he wanted breakfast for dinner last night.
Well, couldn't you just say no?
You obviously have dinner rations.
Why couldn't you just tell
him to wait till breakfast?
Well, no.
Why not?
Because it's first-come, first-serve,
and he came here first.
Are you high?
Man, it's five o'clock.
No, actually it's not.
I mean, it probably is somewhere.
I give up.
Starting pretty early today, hey, Luke?
I saw you last night, by the way.
What'd you say?
You know, passed out
drunk in your room, again?
You were in my room last night?
No, I was-
You said you were in my room,
and I woke up this morning actually,
and a bunch of my shit was fucked up.
My files got deleted.
That has nothing to do with me.
You probably fucked it up yourself.
Look, I was just looking
for the liquor locker key,
which has mysteriously vanished.
You wouldn't happen to know
anything about that, would you?
I've never seen it in my life.
(dog growling)
You heard him, fuck off.
And stay out of my fucking room!
Little bitch with a clipboard.
That is a bit strong, actually.
Good morning, sir.
Didn't we discuss this?
Sorry, Paul.
There's a couple of things I
wanted to discuss with you.
Sebastian took Pathfinder Three last night
to retrieve the body of Dr. Sadler,
and I'm pretty sure Luke
stole the locker cabinet key.
Did he?
Well, yeah, I mean,
he was passed out drunk
- in his room when I found him.
- Not Luke.
Did Seb get the body?
Yeah, he came back an hour ago.
Let the professor know.
Okay, and what about Luke?
Do me a favor, it's freezing in here.
Help me find Gill, okay?
Sure, what do I do about Luke?
Give him a brochure to AA.
Hey, Gill, where are you, old man?
(ominous music)
(Sebastian retching)
(toilet flushing)
(water faucet spraying)
(foreboding music)
Sebastian's not feeling well.
There's no easy way to say this.
Gill Holland died last night.
Wait, what?
But how?
Not sure.
Heart attack, probably.
- Wait.
- The heating system was-
How do we know it was a heart attack?
We don't.
All right, but we all know
that he wasn't in shape,
and he's down there and it's dangerous.
Are you gonna make me ask the question?
Where is she?
Hey, where is she right fucking now?
Asleep in the med lab.
You sure about that?
She's been there all night,
of course, I'm sure of it.
Paul was watching her.
You watched her?
The whole night.
You didn't fall asleep. you
didn't go to the bathroom?
- Nothing?
- You interrogating me now?
I'm asking you a question, Paul.
- I'm allowed to.
- What is a 110-pound girl
gonna do to a guy like Gill?
That feels like a second time
we've had to ask that
question around that girl.
- You're out of line.
- No I'm fucking not.
- Yeah, you are.
- I know what
I'm talking about!
You don't have a fucking proof
- what you're talking about.
- Yes I do, actually!
I've got a video clip of that girl,
- like a blood-crazed animal-
- You got a video?
Attacking Marcus.
You're holding out a video?
I had found a camcorder on the scene,
I forgot about it, but when I reviewed
- what was on it-
- Well, then let's see it,
- Luke.
- Where is it?
Someone must've...
Someone must've like snuck
into my room last night
because the footage
was wiped this morning.
I saw it last night though.
That's very convenient, yeah.
What the fuck does that mean?
Look, he's probably still drunk, okay?
Hey, listen,
- you fucking pencil-pusher!
- Enough!
Whoa, you're scaring the dog.
Sit down.
(ominous music)
You need to see what's going on here.
We are mixed up in something
we do not understand
and that girl knows something about it
and she's not telling us.
That girl is a scientist, not a killer.
They were looking for oil.
No, they weren't.
How the hell do you know that?
Because Marcus paid me to stay away!
Marcus paid me to stay
away from their site.
So whatever they're looking
for, I know it wasn't oil.
And whatever they found
is now back here with us.
You need to relax.
She didn't move a muscle.
She did.
When I came back with
the body, Marie was awake.
(Luke snapping)
You see?
You fucking see?
Wait, wait, wait, what's going on?
Gill died.
Probably a heart attack.
It wasn't a fucking hear attack.
- Jesus Christ.
- Your fucking girlfriend
- murdered Gill last night-
- Shut your mouth!
When she was up, walking around!
Damn it, Luke!
(William and Luke indistinctly shouting)
Calm the fuck down!
Why would she kill Gill?
What, are you fucking stupid?
What does it matter?
Don't call me fucking stupid, mate.
Oh, you're so fucking
blind right now, Seb,
you can't see all the
little fucking red flags.
- I'm blind?
- Yeah,
- for your fucking girlfriend!
- What about you?
You're acting like you're the
head of a fucking lynch mob!
Stand down.
I'm not standing anywhere!
I'm gonna lock that fucking bitch up!
(foreboding music)
(Professor groaning)
Gill was really dead?
Marcus Sadler's body.
What about it?
Tell us what happened out there.
It would also tell us
what happened to her.
Paul, he's right.
knowledge is power here.
Oh, crap.
(ominous tempo music)
(lively tempo music)
(punch thudding)
(eerie music)
[William] Luke?
(William knocking)
According to Section 4-3, Subparagraph A
of the Base Safety Protocol,
you're being detained
until a full investigation
- can be completed.
- Are you serious?
[William] On your recent behavior.
Are you serious?
Are you gonna calm down?
I'm not gonna fucking calm down!
Did you hit me?
I'm gonna, you know what,
as soon as I get out of here,
I'm gonna do exactly
what needs to be done.
No, you can just stay in there.
This is a violation of my human rights.
Look that up in your book.
You know, aren't we technically
over international waters?
You know what?
Fuck you both.
I'm safer in here anyway.
So are we.
That's right.
Okay, come on now.
Come on, man, at least
let me have a drink.
Ah, fuck.
(ominous tempo music)
We need to secure her.
No, mate.
Just until we get
some answers, all right?
If she was up wondering around last night,
then I gotta make sure
there was no foul play.
If you treat her like a guilty party,
she's just gonna close
up, she's still in shock.
Did you talk to her?
a little.
[Paul] What was she doing?
Not much.
Not much?
Yeah, just on the computer.
Doing what?
Nothing, really.
Doing what?
Learning English.
- English?
- Yeah.
Since when does she speak English?
- She doesn't speak English?
- No, she does.
She's actually really good
now, she's been learning.
She couldn't have
learned that overnight.
No, she must have known English all along.
No, mate, she-
Just keeping a low profile,
which actually fits into what we know
or don't know about what they
were actually doing out there.
No, no, it doesn't,
because she definitely
didn't speak English before at all.
You're way too close to this.
Maybe you didn't know her as
well as you thought you did.
No, no, no, I know
her better than anyone
- in this fucking place.
- Really?
- Really?
- Yeah, I do.
Then why in that conversation
did she not mention Marcus?
Did you know that he was her father?
I gotta think about everyone, Seb.
Just don't go full lynch mob of her.
Not until we have more information.
Then get me information and
I'll make a better decision.
All right, what do you need?
We need to examine the body.
We need to find out what killed Marcus,
and then we'll find out what she knows.
Okay, well, I can do that,
but let me be the one
who talks to her, okay?
Absolutely not.
We need somebody with
no personal conflict,
and, buddy, you are conflicted as hell.
(gentle piano music)
[Computer] You have one new message.
Mom doesn't know I'm sending you this.
She said you ran away with Linda.
I know that's not true,
but I don't know why you're ignoring us...
or me.
It's my birthday next week.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Just anything.
I don't know what we did-
To make you hate us.
I don't hate you,
baby, I love you so much.
[Daughter] Why do you push us away?
[Professor] No.
Whatever you did,
Dad, it's okay.
Please, just...
(Professor crying)
Would called me?
I miss you.
Miss you, babe.
Miss you.
(heart monitor beeping)
(eerie music)
(chains rattling)
Hey, sleepyhead, you're awake.
You're safe now.
You're in the med bay at Echo Six.
My name's David.
I've been looking after
you for the last few days.
Is there anything that you remember?
Anything that you can tell me?
Oh, sorry.
I need to feed.
Good, you're hungry.
Well, so you should be, you
should be a little hungry.
We'll get you some food.
(eerie music)
Hey, hey, whoa.
Release me.
You're gonna have to be
a little more calm there.
I am calm.
(ominous music intensifying)
(chains clanking)
She's awake, come on.
(video game shotguns popping)
(foreboding music)
Die, bitch.
Oh hey, yo, mama.
(Robert laughing)
I'm hungry.
Yeah, yeah, totally, I got you.
Go ahead and sit.
(dog whimpering)
She's hungry too.
She's always hungry, damn.
No, no!
You didn't let her out, right?
What, no!
Goddamn it.
(ominous music intensifying)
(Paul banging)
Look, I was wrong about Frenchy.
I'm ready to apologize to her!
I need to pee!
(Marie crunching)
(Robert laughing)
I ain't never seen someone so damn small
eat so damn much.
(Marie gulping)
Hey, Robert?
[Robert] Yeah?
Why don't you got
take some food to Luke?
William will let you in.
I'm just gonna go make sure
I have some in the back
in the first place.
(Robert laughing)
(eerie music)
Hey, Marie.
Remember me?
We met when you first
came through with Marcus.
Marie remembers.
Who let you out of the medical bay?
I did.
Do you remember how you got here?
Or what happened to Marcus?
The first male.
You know,
I understand that there's
a language barrier
but who was Marcus to you?
A teacher?
A boyfriend?
He was Marie's father.
Look, I have some bad news.
Marcus is dead and we don't
really know what happened.
Can you remember anything?
(eerie music)
She's not herself.
Look at that, look at her.
Her posture's different,
she's talking completely differently.
Her confidence.
Nothing like the girl
that was here before.
Yeah, this is a classic
disassociate trauma.
When she answers questions
she's answering like Marie
is just a different person.
This is textbook
disassociation from the brain,
it's disassociated from
something that's traumatic.
We have to be very, very
careful how we tread on this one
because we may not be able to
get anything out of that mind.
I was speaking softly.
I know, I know, I'm not...
What I figure is maybe
I should give it a shot.
But I don't want her left alone.
Yeah, I could stay too.
No, no, you and I have
to go get some answers.
We gotta find out what they
were really doing out there.
I've got their laptop as well.
Great, we'll start there.
Professor, get all the
information out of her
that you can, okay?
Yeah, I'll do my best with her.
Is that it?
[Sebastian] Yep, but it's dead.
William, let's see if you're as smart
as you pretend to be.
Well, it's not just extracting the data.
It's bound to be encrypted somehow.
Yeah, which is why I
need you to be smart.
Where's the body?
Find out what they were doing out there.
Let's go.
[William] Do my best.
(foreboding music)
What is that?
It's definitely not human.
Maybe it came from
something after he died.
No, mate, that would've
pulled at the body more.
This is definitely from
whatever it was that killed him.
Well it wasn't hers.
(eerie music)
What is that?
It's a Geiger counter.
(Geiger counter clicking)
Jesus Christ, get back.
He's been exposed a lot.
You think that's what killed him?
No, mate, that was just
straight trauma but...
But what?
Whatever they were
looking for out there,
it definitely wasn't oil.
Or whatever it was
exposed them to radiation.
We need to move the body.
No, mate, don't touch it
any more than we already have.
Let me just see something.
(ominous music)
(Geiger counter clicking)
Seb, I have a whole team to think about.
The fridge is lead-lined.
It'll provide some shielding
from whatever radiation he's giving off.
You gonna be okay?
No, mate, I'm gonna need some medication
from the mainland as quickly as possible.
To be honest, it's likely
everyone's been exposed.
Yes, that's the reason.
You think that's how Gill died?
No, radiation, even these levels,
wouldn't have been that quick.
So Marcus is definitely not the source.
So, what?
whatever it was he was
exposed to is somewhere else.
Something radioactive that moves?
What the hell is that?
Something very dangerous.
Tell me,
do you know where you are?
64.2823 degrees north,
135.76 degrees west.
Do you know what the date is?
"point six, one."
Do you know who you are?
The first.
The first of what?
(foreboding music)
Can you tell me where you came from?
Two, zero, one, six,
B-L-G, one, nine, two, eight, L-B.
Could you excuse me for just one moment?
can you sit with her for
a little while, please?
[Robert] Sure thing, Professor.
[Professor] Thank you.
Shit, aight.
(eerie music)
Oh God, 13.61.
Oh, shit!
(ominous music)
(lively tempo music)
[William] Hey, you
guys need to see this.
They weren't looking for oil.
Yeah, I know, and they didn't find any
but they did find what
they were looking for
and it wasn't oil.
What the hell do you
mean by that, Professor?
Well, when I asked
her where she came from,
she told me this.
What is it?
It's coordinates for a rogue planet
which is drifting through our galaxy.
Oh, so she's an alien now.
No, no, Paul, she's not an alien.
She is a human and she's
been infected by something.
That would explain the radiation.
What radiation, how much?
It's high, it's just too high.
All right, you guys have got to get
some potassium iodide now!
No, you're gonna need it too.
It's likely Marie was exposed.
Look, don't worry
about me, I'll be fine.
So what is it?
Like a virus or something?
It's a parasite
and it's controlling her.
Jesus Christ.
So where's E.T. now?
E.T., as you fondly refer to her,
is where we left her, eating.
This is gonna be a big problem.
Yeah, no kidding.
We're living in a world where Luke
might have actually been
right about something.
Hey, baby cakes.
Look, I'm gonna have to cut
you off after this, all right?
We just don't got that
much more supply run left.
When is that?
Next supply drop?
I don't know, like every two weeks.
They come here?
Well, no, it's like an air drop.
The ground drop only comes once a month
after every crew switchover.
Always like this?
Oh shit, unless it's an emergency.
Like one of you dying?
No, dead bodies don't get any deader.
Look, they don't come around for that.
We've had bad people drop dead before.
I'm telling you.
(intense music)
What makes it an emergency then?
Someone hurt, man, like injured.
(Robert screaming)
- What the hell was that?
- Hey.
Close these doors when we leave here.
What should I do?
You let Luke out and give him a gun.
(ominous tempo music)
What're we gonna do?
I think first we should contain her
but then learn everything we can from her
before we do anything else.
All right?
Look, I'm gonna stay here with the kid.
Go, go on, go.
Close these doors.
(ominous tempo music)
(Robert groaning)
She stabbed my hand!
She stabbed my fucking hand!
This constitutes an emergency.
[Robert] Fuck.
We should call for help.
No one's coming.
Why are you doing this, Marie?
What do you want?
(menacing music)
To spread.
(ominous music)
What're you gonna do?
What do you mean, what am I gonna do?
I'll take her to a movie, buy her dinner.
Nasty weekend away and maybe marry her.
Apparently that's the nastiest
thing I can do to a woman.
Who the hell told you that?
My ex-wife.
(eerie music)
I'm gonna need you to put that down.
(blood squelching)
Let the professor check you out, okay?
I must spread.
To where?
You should let me go.
I'm not letting you go anywhere.
(knife slicing)
(menacing music)
(electrical fizzling)
What do I fucking do?
Stay with me.
I'm sorry, Bobby.
I don't know what to fucking...
Bobby, stay with me.
(intense music)
Bobby, no, come on!
(lively tempo music)
(alarm beeping)
[Paul] We need to seal the blast door.
(ominous tempo music)
[Luke] Those two are bad, huh?
(mechanical door buzzing)
(gunshot booming)
(Luke groaning)
(gun crunching)
[Computer] Blast door secured.
Inner door secured.
It's 300K to the nearest station.
Maybe we should just let her go.
She's not gonna make it.
I got news for you,
I think she will.
It's minus 40 outside.
It's not her.
It's not Marie.
He's right.
Originally I thought that
she had some kind of virus.
Then I realized that she had
something controlling her,
some kind of parasite.
I mean, haven't any of you
noticed that she's stronger,
that she's faster,
that she learns everything
like just so quick?
All our languages, everything.
Nobody's picked up on that?
We have to restrain her.
Restrain her?
You saw what she did to Bobby.
Marie is still in there
and we can save her.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, okay.
We have to start thinking about
saving ourselves, guys okay?
Look, if we seal her in here,
we can be at Echo Nine
in a matter of hours.
We can take the
pathfinders and just leave!
Save your fucking self
and seal me in with her.
You seal me in with her if you do that.
What, why?
(Marie banging)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Paul, tell me that that
door is going to hold her.
The door is 10 inches thick.
The glass is bulletproof.
God bless the military.
Why don't we just let
her freeze up there, okay?
No, it is not negotiable.
She cannot make a 300-K journey on foot.
It's just not possible.
No, she can.
Whatever it is that's inside her
must believe that it can survive the cold.
It wouldn't be trying to escape otherwise.
No, she didn't need that.
She can take the extra
fuel and the pathfinder.
Well, she doesn't have keys, does she?
Well, I, for one, am not
gonna give her the chance
to figure that one out.
We need to container.
You mean keep her trapped in here?
With all of us?
We have to get her down
and into the vault.
Once we have her in the
vault, we can lock her in,
she'll be secure.
She will be safe, so will we.
I don't know how you're
gonna bait her down there.
If we can get enough time,
then we can separate
the parasite from Marie.
Are you guys fucking high?
You've seen that thing!
There's only one thing we gotta do here,
is fucking kill it!
Marie is still in there, mate.
Marie is collateral damage.
I'm sorry, Seb,
I know that she's your fucking
girlfriend or something,
but at this point, we're just dying here!
She's picking us off one-by-one!
Maybe we're jut not
communicating with her affectively.
Maybe we sound hostile to her.
We sound hostile?
There's fucking three
dead people here, Seb!
She has to sleep.
She has to sleep,
and if she doesn't, we can make her sleep.
Nerve gas.
Yes, down in the medical
lab we have enough gas
to fill that whole area where
we have her in the porch.
Now all we have to do is pump it in
and bob your uncle.
How do we know that would work?
Look, whatever that
parasite is doing to her,
the modification, she is still human.
She has to eat and she has to sleep.
Now we need to knock her out.
Once we have her unconscious,
we can separate her from
the parasite, right?
Don't tell me you're
thinking about this.
Marie is still in there
and we need to give
her a chance to escape.
Oh, for Christ sake.
Really, Paul?
Jesus Christ, I know none
of you are hunters, okay?
But trust me, just because
that thing's trapped
doesn't mean it's not
incredibly dangerous!
We have an opportunity here to end this
and we need to take it!
Kill her, you mean kill her, right?
Yes, Seb, I mean kill her!
Because when you're
hunting with one bullet,
you gotta wait for a clean shot!
[Sebastian] Look.
I'll open the door and I'll
take good care of it for us.
Fucking murder Marie at the same time?
We cannot separate the two!
We can.
Well, how are we gonna do that, Seb?
Okay, parasites have common
behavioral patterns, right?
- Come on.
- No, no, seriously.
If we can make the host body inhospitable
then the parasite may leave.
Whoa, what do you mean, inhospitable?
Like tolerances to hot and cold.
She can't stand the heat.
Right, that's probably why she
disabled the heating system.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What about if we deprive her of oxygen?
Then the host body is not gonna function.
Then we can separate them, revive her...
and we've got ourselves
the parasite to study.
I can't believe I'm saying this
but we have to listen to Luke.
(Luke snapping)
This thing will kill
every single one of us,
if gets out, without a second thought.
We have to consider ourselves first, Paul.
You can call me sir.
And we do what the professor says.
[Luke] Are you serious?
And if,
if she shows signs of getting out,
then you can kill her.
You satisfied with that?
It's gonna take a few
minutes to hook up the gas.
William, you're with me.
Well, I'm gonna keep an eye on her
in case she gets any ideas.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
give us a chance.
Save your breathe, mate.
He's just a fucking redneck
that wants to kill everything
that he doesn't understand.
I don't understand it.
Why you don't have just the
tiniest bit of curiously
to find out what the fuck
this thing is that we've got?
Let me tell you something, Professor,
I don't know how the heating system works
or doesn't work in here,
but I know it keeps us warm.
I don't understand how the
pathfinder engine works
but I know how to drive it.
I know I haven't a clue
what that thing is in the porch there,
but I know if we let it out
there's nothing more than
five more dead men in here.
And I know that maybe when I run my mouth
I get into a few fights.
It's people like you
who invented the bomb.
So, no, I'm not curious.
Oh well, fuck you too.
[William] Is this it?
Yeah, that's it.
Check that cabinet.
Look for a hose, maybe some tape.
- Give me the hose.
- Will this work?
Yeah, that works fine.
Oh God, I am so
unqualified for this, man.
Well, the last 48 hours was
in nobody's job description.
I didn't even pass the orientation.
What'd you say?
I faked the certificate
so you would give me the job.
But I failed the exam.
I just figured that I was desperate
and if I followed all the rules
and obeyed all the protocols
then no one would double check.
But now there's this real emergency
and I have no idea what to do.
No one does.
It's not in anybody's job description.
Look, you're not listening, all right?
I'm not like you guys.
I'm not resourceful or brave
or any of those fucking things.
I don't belong out here.
Nobody does.
But you're here now.
And you've gotta understand
that the challenge is
knowing there's no escape
and nobody's coming to
save us anytime soon.
We gotta fix this ourselves.
I can't believe I'm saying this.
You know Luke is right.
If we have a chance to kill
that thing, we have to take it.
Do you got a girl?
A girl.
Back home, you got somebody to go home to?
Well, my parents.
No, not a girl, not the same.
Then no.
You got someone?
I did.
But not anymore.
She died.
The doctor...
We had a bunch of them,
but they all gave her six months or less.
And she fought hard.
She turned that six
months into three years.
Best three years of my life.
I'm sorry, Paul.
But I just don't see how this makes-
Because, if there's a chance,
even if it's the smallest chance
that Marie is alive somewhere
in there, we've gotta try.
Because nothing and no
one is a lost cause.
Not even you.
(gentle piano music)
I didn't pass either.
But you practically wrote-
Hey, keep it a secret.
Besides, HR is already gonna have
a heyday with all this shit.
Come on, let's go.
(ominous tempo music)
(alarm buzzing)
(creature growling)
What do you really want?
To spread.
With whom?
And what of men?
You've had your time.
(eerie music)
(siren buzzing)
if there's any part of you still in there,
we're gonna try and get you out.
Try to remember, remember
the game we played.
(eerie music)
This is a very different game.
One you cannot win.
We're here to help you, Marie.
Release me.
Forgive me.
This may hurt.
(gas hissing)
(creature screaming)
(creature growling)
(gas hissing)
(Marie speaking French)
(Marie speaking French)
Fucking let her out.
What do you mean?
That is not her!
She's Marie.
That's not here, mate,
it's that fucking thing!
(intense music)
(creature screaming)
No way she gets through that glass.
Are you sure about that?
(creature screaming)
(electrical fizzling)
(punches thudding)
(gun cranking)
(glass shattering)
(Professor screaming)
[Computer] Inner door compromised.
Get it back online.
[William] I can't,
it's completely fried.
Keep this door locked
and make sure the blast door's sealed.
You got it.
(Luke gasping)
Wait, wait, wait, wait, where is she?
[Luke] She took the professor.
Wait a minute,
she's gonna try and bait
us away from the door.
How the fuck do you know that?
Because I'm better at chess than she is.
All right, then we be unpredictable.
I'll go.
No, no, no, that's what she wants.
No, no, you go and disable the pathfinder
so she's got no way out of here.
All right, but what about you, mate?
I'm gonna go make sure this
door stays shut behind you.
All right.
do me a favor.
Make it quick.
All right.
(dramatic music)
(siren buzzing)
(Professor gasping)
(creature growling)
I thought you meant me no harm.
We don't.
(ominous tempo music)
They're just afraid.
Are you not afraid?
(Professor laughing)
There's nothing you can do to me.
Not really.
I know.
I can smell it.
You're already dying.
(eerie music)
You wanna help me?
Of course I do.
Then scream.
(Professor screaming)
(siren buzzing)
(door banging)
Who's there?
Open the fucking door!
Paul said to keep the door closed.
Open the door, William,
otherwise killer bitch from outer space
is gonna be the least of your worries.
Paul said to keep it closed.
We can seal it back up
once Seb gets through.
[William] What, he's running away?
He's disabling the pathfinders.
But that's our only way out of here.
And it's her only way out too.
What are you doing?
She's downstairs.
I don't even know
anymore, I've lost all my-
She's downstairs,
but she's not gonna stay there.
She's gonna work her way back up here
and find this room and open the door
and we can't allow it.
We trap her downstairs.
You're not-
Of we collapse the lower levels,
she's trapped and it's game over.
Yeah, for us too.
William, we're dead or dying
and that only stops when she stops.
Got it.
Open the blast door.
Whatever happens, the blast
door's gotta remain shut.
You keep this key.
She doesn't get out, I mean
it, this is bigger than us.
So whatever happens, she
doesn't get that key.
Treat it like one of your
protocols or something.
You know, I've been thinking about that.
Maybe protocols aren't everything,
all things considered.
Don't make me start liking you now.
Seal this door behind me.
(foreboding music)
Good luck.
(ominous tempo music)
(gentle music)
(Professor groaning)
Oh, don't.
Where is she?
Run, please, run.
Please, run.
(creature growling)
Oh no!
(intense music)
(faint siren alarming)
(timer beeping)
(menacing music)
(Luke groaning)
(bones crunching)
(eerie music intensifying)
No, no, no!
(Luke groaning)
(blood squelching)
I cut an artery.
Yeah, I didn't notice.
Without first aid,
you'll be dead in minutes.
You should call for help.
Fuck you.
(Luke groaning)
(blood squelching)
[Marie] Call them.
(ominous music)
(door thudding)
I'm warning you.
You're not brave enough to shoot me.
I don't need to be.
I'm just following protocol.
(gun clicking)
No, no, no, no!
(punch thudding)
(William groaning)
(radio beeping)
Call them.
Fuck you.
Call them.
This is William Price.
Echo Five comms officer.
[Dispatch] Roger that, Echo Five,
can you give us more details?
What's the nature of the emergency?
Don't come anywhere near the base.
We're all dead already.
(ominous music)
I'm gonna need that key.
(William gulping)
And now there's only one way to get it.
(blood squelching)
(William groaning)
(William screaming)
(flesh squelching)
(William gasping)
(unsettling music)
[Dispatch] Hello?
Hello, William, are you there?
Are you declaring an emergency?
(timer beeping)
(ominous tempo music)
(menacing music)
It's me.
Oh thank God, it's me.
It went out of me, it's in Luke now.
Help me.
It's me, it's Marie.
(gentle music)
I wish it was you.
But Marie doesn't speak any English.
Too smart for your own good.
(Sebastian groaning)
(ominous tempo music)
If it helps,
she really did love you.
(Sebastian groaning)
(bite crunching)
(tongue squelching)
(Sebastian groaning)
(Sebastian gasping)
(Marie speaking French)
(Sebastian groaning)
(Sebastian gurgling)
(gunshot popping)
(eerie music)
(ominous tempo music)
Hello, sweetheart.
I thought you'd already be dead.
(Luke chuckling)
Man, if I had a dollar for
every woman that wished that.
I already sent the distress signal.
They're coming.
I could pretend that
they could save you too
but you're bleeding out.
You too.
(Marie laughing)
Oh, poor Luke, thinking
he got the better of me.
They're coming...
and I will spread.
(Luke laughing)
You know,
for the ultimate species,
you sure don't know a fucking lot.
Take a look around, sweetheart.
Ain't nobody coming for a full 24 hours.
And by then,
you and I are gonna be long dead.
You know what your biggest problem is?
I probably have to say, bitches.
The fact that you can't multitask.
But, yes...
(Marie laughing)
One bitch is gonna be your undoing.
This isn't my only way out of here.
(gunshot booming)
Shut up.
(wind howling)
Hello, mate.
Well this has been a shitty day.
Come on, mate.
Up you get.
(Luke groaning)
Oh, come on.
Oh, fuck.
(Luke groaning)
This is gonna leave a scar.
She's gone,
and whatever evil was
inside her is gone too.
Look, mate, I know we
disagreed on a few things,
and I know you think I
don't understand them,
but seriously,
I really honestly believe,
I think she liked you.
(Luke and Sebastian laughing)
(eerie music)
(dramatic ambient music)
[Soldier 1] Hey.
Can you hear me?
[Soldier 2] Hey, he wants us to go in.
[Soldier 1] Yeah, what?
You'll be all right, you'll be all right.
(alarm buzzing)
(ominous music)
(alarm buzzing)
You'll be all right, you'll be all right.
I'm here now.
Hey, you all right?
Can you tell me your name?
All right, all right.
[Sebastian] No.
- (Sebastian groaning)
- Hey.
Relax, relax.
I'm gonna give you something
for the pain, all right?
(ominous music)
[Professor] Why are
you doing this, Marie?
What do you want?
[Marie] To spread.
(ominous tempo music)
(Marie laughing)
This isn't my only way out of here.
(ominous tempo music)
(eerie music)
(ominous tempo music)
(ominous tempo music)
(haunting ambient music)
(eerie music)