Blood and Ties (2013) Movie Script

Da-eun, take a step
That's yucky
Please get up
Here's a butterfly
That's my beautiful baby girl
Do you love daddy?
My heart
Da-eun, Da-eun
I'm sorry
Have you seen Da-eun?
I'm sorry
I'm so late
Daddy's really sorry
I can't breathe
Let go
Why are you wet?
I was looking for you
You know how anxious
I get when I can't find you
I'm not a baby
By the way,
where did you get this umbrella?
This man and woman
gave it to me
I told you never to take
things from a stranger
It's a crazy world out there
Don't worry
I'm never going anywhere
You can't live without me
I really can't
- What did daddy say that you're to daddy?
- I forgot
I'm daddy's heart
Daddy's heart
Sweetie, are you sure
you're ready?
Give me a tough one today
One with tough spelling
and spacing
All right
You must get it right
Next to the Ahyeon-dong overpass,
in front of bakery,
a trashcan
Miss Jung Da-eun, is once again
being careless
You see? You're so smart,
but you get clumsy and give up too early
Say this to yourself in your head
It ain't over
'til it's over
It ain't over 'til it's over
It ain't over 'til it's over
It ain't over 'til it's over
Daddy, I love you the best in the world
I'm gonna marry you
Blood and Ties
June 2013, Seoul
D-15 before statute
of limitations expires
Until the murderer is caught,
the story isn't over
The Devil's Whisper
The true story of the Han Chae-jin abduction
I'll be there in an hour
Yes, sir
Thank you and have a good day
Be real
This is a big social issue
You know about the
Han Chae-jin abduction case?
The statute of limitations on that case
is quickly running out
What do you think about the statute of
limitations in criminal law?
For felonies including
murder and kidnapping committed
against women and children
the statute of limitations
should be abolished
I'd like to quote Numbers 32:23
from the Old Testament
"You may be sure that
your sin will find you out"
A child abductor and murderer
must receive the maximum penalty
The statute of limitations
must be abolished so that those
criminals can be punished
That's quite extreme
Does that mean they should
receive the death penalty?
Currently, the death penalty is being
abolished in most international jurisdictions
Korea has not carried out
a single execution since 1997
In reality,
it's no longer practiced
Yes. I still think they should
get the death penalty
This is just a hunch,
but I think you'll pass this time
I have to
I must
Even if you pass
the interview round
You'll still need to know someone
who can help you
By any chance, does your dad
have any friends there?
Hey, Da-eun
Daddy, did you not see me?
I'm surprised to see you here
I think our eyes met earlier
Daddy, I told you not to do that
No, I really didn't see you
It's hot outside
Have a cold drink before you go
I'm all right
Hello, sir
Hello, sir
Bo-ra, you've gotten prettier
This is my RoboCop,
Kim Jane-kyung
Oh, your friend who's studying for
the police entrance exam
It's an honor to meet you, sir
Da-eun talked so much about you
How you're so young,
handsome and cool
From here on,
I'll protect Da-eun
No thanks
I'll protect Da-eun
I'm joking
Move the boxes over there, please
Yes, ma'am
It was nice seeing you
Please take good care
of my Da-eun
Yes, sir
Were you surprised?
That's very clean
Da-eun, it's time
Give them a call
Please enter
your applicant ID number
I'm sorry
You did not pass this time
Please try again next time
What did they say?
Hello. This is applicant ID 144,
Jung Da-eun
I'd like to find out the reasons
for failing the interview
I didn't make any mistakes
during the final interview
Shouldn't the company
be clear and open
about the evaluation process?
Da-eun, stop
Give it back
Just stop
It's not your fault
If you pass the interview round,
they look at your personal information
I don't have a decent job
What about your job?
It's not because of that
I didn't like this company anyway
I got one more to go
You know?
Mr. Soon-man
How about we compete
for one week's dish-washing?
You always lose
but still dare to challenge me
It'll be different this time
Spicy hot seafood noodles
that will fire you up
I quit
How would you have lived
without your daughter?
I couldn't have
She's my whole heart
You see, my Da-eun has
a TOEIC score of 930
- and level 1 grade for Korean Language Test
- With a pretty face and a great body
She's a good daughter and has graduated
with honors from her grad school
I can memorize them all now
My Da-eun is going to
be a reporter
Killed by a neighbor
Do you know what you have clone?
Grotesque serial killing
Millionaire killed by his wife
The Devil's Whisper
The true story of the Han Chae-jin abduction
Fish stew?
I'll eat tomorrow
Yes. Interviewers always
ask this type of stuff
This movie is a big issue
because of the statute of limitations
How did it go?
Our baby, Min-sew
He's not coming back
Don't you do this to me
- I can't live on like this
- Honey
- Min-sew won't come back
- I can'! live
Let's all die together
Honey, please
This is the actual voice of
Han Chae-jin's abductor from 1998
This is the actual voice of
Han Chae-jin's abductor from 1998
The kid has a stomachache
He's asking for his mom
Are you getting mad at me?
Shut up
What are you doing?
Don't you care
what happens to your son?
You want Chae-jin to die?
Shut up
You're hurting my ears
From now on,
until I get the money
The boy will starve
Have you given up already?
What did I tell you?
It ain't over 'til it's over
It ain't over 'til it's over
Hurry and come
if you want to save your son
The movie is over
but I still feel terrible
The kidnapper is
the devil himself
His voice is really creepy
Why can't the police
just catch him?
I know
If he thought about his own family,
he couldn't have done it
I'm getting goose bumps
Bo-ra, I was thinking
The kidnapper's voice is public
yet he's still on the loose
He must've skipped the country
or gotten vocal cord surgery
The kidnapper's family would
certainly recognize his voice
What do you all think?
Do you think he's still alive?
I don't know
But that voice is so familiar
- I just can't remember whose it is
- Who is it?
Think very hard
- Do you know how much the reward is?
- Wait a second
Holy cow
Da-eun, I'm sorry
- Doesn't Da-eun's dad sound like the killer?
- What are you saying?
You're insane
Bo-ra, that's absurd
Don't get so mad
- I didn't say that your dad did it
- Stop it
Great job
Han Chae-jin abduction
The Devil's Whisper
Can you hear me?
The kid has a stomachache
He's asking for his mom
- I must be insane
- Are you getting mad at me?
- What was I thinking?
- Shut up
What are you doing?
What are you doing up?
I was surfing the net
Why are you lying?
What do you mean?
You want Chae-jin to die?
Hurry and move
What's wrong?
Is it no good?
I stayed up all night
and don't have any appetite
I'm going back to bed
What did I tell you?
It ain't over 'til it's over
It ain't over 'til it's over
15 years ago, the tragic death of a boy
saddened the entire nation
15 years ago, the tragic death of a boy
saddened the entire nation
After the release
of The Devil's Whisper,
the kidnapper's voice went public
and many reports have been made
The police have set up
a special (ask force
trying to close in
on the kidnapper's whereabouts
We're trying to focus
on finding the culprit
However, after the film's release,
many people called in with false reports,
which are actually causing
confusion for the investigation
We please ask that everyone
think carefully before making a call
I was thinking last night
And I think
I was crazy yesterday
You know when I get like
that sometimes
I should rip my mouth off
I'm sorry
It's okay
I was overly sensitive too
I'm sorry that I got angry
This isn't the time to
fool around
You've got dark circles down
to your chin
Eat up
This looks delicious
The truth is there's no
better father than your dad
He's so sweet to you
We were so crazy
But I understand
Remember my dad's affair?
The moment I started doubting
that my dad was unfaithful,
I went insane
So what happened?
I looked through
his cell phone first
My Heart
He had so many business cards
of bar hostesses
He even had loyalty cards
for motels
He's over 50 and he has Facebook
He was so busy meeting those
young girls from Facebook
My precious
It's okay
I understand
I didn't do it
Are you sure
you didn't download it?
Maybe it was already on the computer
when we bought it
Are you serious?
It's true
Your dad is a man
He's still young at heart
I know he has his male needs
Have you followed him before?
You said he goes fishing on weekends
and come home empty-handed
Girls, get in
Please wait
I think you've had a lot to drink
Do you have a designated driver?
No thanks
I can drive myself
No, it's dangerous
You should call someone
What do you care?
I have a daughter your age
and I'm worried
Worry about your own daughter
Give me my car keys
Give them to me
Give them to me
Why are you
fucking pissing me off?
Who are you?
That's my father
So you two work in pairs
Apologize to him right now
Bitch, are you crazy?
Da-eun, don't do this
Daddy is fine
- Stop this
- Da-eun, what are you doing?
Don't drink and drive next time
And you, don't get hot-headed
I never curse, but she suddenly
took my keys and hit me
I can file a motion
for summary judgment
You wanna go to jail?
Can't you just punish her
and send me home?
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
This is all my fault
My daughter is innocent
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Lean on me
Does this feel good?
When did you get
so much gray hair?
I guess you don't see
yourself in the mirror often
Why should I?
Don't just rely on
your good looks
I want to be
a 16 year old boy again
And do what?
You want to get remarried?
What free time do I have?
You alone take up most of my time
If it's hard,
then don't do it
No way
You're my reason for living
Daddy, your lies sound so genuine
I'm not lying
Da-eun, let's practice
your interview
No thanks
It's embarrassing
Ms. Jung, why do you want to
become a reporter?
Jung Soon-man's
Daughter, Da-eun
26 years old
Finished grad school
Who are you?
Who should I say that I am?
I'm just a person
who knows a bit about things
I'm not a scary person
The real scary person is
somewhere else
Who are you?
I'm Shim
Please give this to your dad
It's Shim
As in the Chinese character for heart
I'm not sure
Can you text me the number?
Don't worry
Long time no see
Why did you come back?
I moved back to Korea for good
My sister is dying
She's got pancreatic cancer
But I don't have any money
to pay for the hospital bill
You promised never to
show up again
I've given you enough
I don't remember
Anyway, your daughter
has grown up beautifully
How shocked would she be
to hear about her dead mother?
If you come near Da-eun again
Are you getting mad at me?
Are you fucking crazy?
You know I've got temper
If you don't send the money by tomorrow,
it's over
We need wine
Dad, I'll be upstairs
3 clays have passed. Aren't you afraid?
- Shim Joan-young
Just wait
Let's start
Should we light the candles
starting this year?
You always ask the same thing
I feel sorry to mom
I don't want to
I don't deserve it
You're so stubborn
Just do as we've always done it
I'm gonna blow them out
Jung Soon-man
Jung Soon-man
Come out here right now
Before I set the house on fire
I know you're in there
Come crawling out
You think I'm joking?
Is that little money worth
losing your daughter over?
It's him, Shim
Isn't it?
- Should I reveal who you really are?
- What's wrong with him?
Does he have something on you?
- Let's all go down together
- He's got nothing on me
Go to your room
Jung Soon-man, open up
What are you doing?
Excuse me
Are you gonna be stubborn like that?
I'll do as you wish
Hey sweetie,
I'll tell you a funny story
about the real Jung Soon-man
Do you know what your dad did
to your mom?
Your dad's nickname is fucking
Mr. Three-star Man
Mr. Three-star General
Let's talk outside
Fucking let go
What are all these?
Is this a memorial service
for your wife?
Get inside
Your dad must have
a guilty fucking conscience
Stop right now
Let go of me
Is this fun?
Is this fun living like this?
I'll fucking make
your life a living hell
For money or not,
I'll tell all
If you come around here again,
you could die
The pretty daughter
seems shocked
Be good to me
You know it ain't over
'til it's over
Maternity Notes
Dr. Han Sang-soc Ob/Gyn Clinic
Maternity Record
Father: Jung Soon-man, Mother: Shim Mi-ok
What's this?
Is this allowance money?
Take it back and buy cookies
for Da-eun
This is all I have
Take it or leave it
That's fucking brave
Wait a second
If Da-eun finds out
about her mom,
do you think she'll be happy
for the rest of her life?
You know what I have
in my possession
Girlfriend, don't you want to
wipe my forehead?
- In movies, girls usually have a handkerchief...
- I have a favor to ask
Can you find criminal records for this man
and a death certificate for this woman?
How do I do that?
I'm sure there's someone from your
study group who became a police officer
I can't do it right now
but I'll give you the money somehow
So wait
Hey, Kwang-min
Did you check all the tips?
There's no one with a criminal record,
and all the information is just useless
We only have a week left
Maybe the bastard fixed his whole face
and skipped the country
or died
I know, sir
All eyes are on this case by now
Han Abduction Report
Anything from
National Forensic Service?
There's no voice match
in the criminal database
You want Chae-jin to die?
Shut up
You're hurting my ears
The kid has a stomachache
His asking for his mom
From now on,
until I get the money
The boy will starve
Are you getting mad at me?
It ain't over til' it's over
- Jane-kyung, I'm sorry
- Hi, Kwang-min
- I'm so busy, wrapped up in this case
- It's okay
Were you talking about the Han Chae-jin
abduction case just now?
It's hard
How can we find
a kidnapper from 15 years ago?
Many people called in after they
saw the film, but they're no good
I think the kidnapper's family
is hiding him
How did it go?
It was really difficult to
find out
- But you have a great boyfriend
- Tell me
First, Jung Soon-man
He's got a long rap sheet
Various types of crimes too
Larceny, assault, fraud
He's a three-star
We usually call this type of criminal,
a common criminal
Is there anything else?
Seeing that he doesn't have
anything after 1985,
I'm sure he's doing what he does best
somewhere else
These criminals don't change
They continue to live this way
until they die
They can never be rehabilitated
From my police instinct,
the moment you asked me to do this,
I had this gut feeling
Are you leaving already?
Don't you want to hear
about Shim Mi-ok?
She's not dead
She's still alive
This is her address
Are you sure that she's not
someone with the same name?
Dearest Daddy
12 Missed Calls
June 15th, 1985
I got the whole world in my hands
I think someone's here
What's wrong?
Do you know him?
Do you wanna go in?
He came out
Be careful
Hurry and follow him
Where did he go?
Hey, brother
Your pretty daughter
came to see my sister
But she's really angry right now
I'm scared of her
Please come and take her
Of course I didn't
fucking tell her
We're on the same side now
Get over here right now
My mom's still alive,
isn't she?
You found out?
Fuck, how am I gonna
make money now?
And you know why
my dad hid it from me
I don't know
Maybe he's got a guilty conscience
Let me see my mom
Just keep on believing that she's dead
and go on with your life
I want to see her
Shim Mi-ok
What are you doing?
Come inside
I thought you wanted to see her
Don't you have to go home?
Is there something else?
The kid has a stomachache
- He's asking for his mom
- What's this?
Are you getting mad at me?
You know who this is
Shut up
What are you doing?
Is that Soon-man?
Don't you care
what happens to your son?
You want Chae-jin to die?
Shut up
- You're hurting my ears
- Wait a second
Maybe it's not him
Let's go
Let's go
Listen to me
Let go of me
She abandoned her own child
She doesn't deserve to be a mom
Is that why you've killed
this living person from my memory?
Those terrifying eyes
It must've been hard to hide them
all these years
I thought you'd be happier
if you didn't know
I wanted to show you
only the beautiful things
I did it all for you
I know
But I'm scared
What are you doing?
Don't you care
what happens to your son?
Hurry and come
if you want to save your son
His laugh is exactly like yours
Is it?
You know the phrase
you always tell me
It ain't over
'til it's over
It ain't over 'til it's over
You don't think...
IS it 'you?
Yogi Berra said that
You know that
I'm sorry for doubting you
But I want to hear from you
And don't lie to me this time
How could you do this to me?
Even if you say you did it,
I can't report you
So relax and
tell me the truth
IS it 'you?
No, it's not
Why are you doing this to me?
Are you telling the truth?
You really didn't do it?
I don't think you are either
I hope you're not
Who got this call
about Jung Soon-man?
I did
Who called him in?
He's got three convictions
and he's got medical records
at Dr. Han's clinic
His wife miscarried
at the clinic
Who called him in?
What about his voice?
There's no more
Don't do this to me
Show me your talent
like in the past
You brought me $100,000
really fast before
If you can't,
then fucking sell your house
Hey, you haven't seen
this in a while
You bastard
Why did I turn out this way?
Why is my sister dying in pain?
All right
Move her to
a new hospital first
I've always hated losing,
ever since I was a kid
But there was one thing
that I had no control over
The kids always made fun of me
But that day, I couldn't
hold back any longer
So I beat them, badly
But my dad believed me
and said my daughter would
never do such thing
He told those kids who hit me
to come out
I was so embarrassed
So when I came home,
I cried, yelling at him
I told him never to come
to my school
Then my dad said he was sorry
He said he was sorry
That's the kind of person
my dad is
4 clays remain before the
statute of limitations expires
on the Han abduction case
We met the father at
his child's murder scene
He put my baby Chae-jin in this bag
and tossed it in the river
Han Sang-sew
Han Chae-jin's father
This was where
my baby was found
I can spot right away
when I hear someone's voice
If I recognize the voice,
he's the killer
There's no doubt
Maternity Notes
Dr. Han Sang-soc Ob/Gyn Clinic
Can you hear me?
Are you getting mad at me?
Dr. Han Sang-sew Ob/Gyn Clinic
You said you were Jung Da-eun
a reporter from the Goryeo Daily News?
By any chance
Do you remember
Mr. Jung Soon-man?
He's my father
and he talked a lot about you
I was also born in this clinic
That's interesting
that we've already met
But I can't recall a patient
by just a name
I remember now
But you weren't born here
The mother had pre-eclampsia
and miscarried
It's great that
they succeeded in the end
He earnestly wished
for a child
He must be happy now
Because he has a beautiful
daughter like you
Who's Jung Soon-man? The real killer is?
Han abduction case
Who is Jung Soon-man?
Who is he to you?
I don't know him
How about his voice?
Is it similar?
I really don't know
I was doing someone else a favor
So who is the person
who asked for a favor?
You'd better tell me straight
Harboring a criminal
is a crime
I thought you wanted to be
a police officer not a criminal
Oh man
Do you have anything else
other than the voice?
I do have something else
He sent me a note with instructions
But he didn't write it
Then who wrote it?
I had the handwriting
analyzed at the time,
and it was
a primary school student's
It could've been his own child
or a neighborhood kid
He made someone else do it
He made an innocent child
his accomplice
He's the devil himself
Please take this note
and put it on your paper
It was a
primary school student's
His own child
or a neighborhood kid
He made someone else do it
"Next to the Ahyeon-dong overpass"
Let's practice spelling at home
Sweetie, are you sure
you're ready?
Give me a tough one today
One with tough spelling and spacing
Next to the Ahyeon-dong overpass
in from of bakery
a trashcan
Da-eun, what's wrong?
Da-eun, what's wrong?
How could you make
your own daughter do this?
Do you call yourself a human?
What's wrong with you?
Look at this
They're exactly the same
Are you still going to
play innocent?
This is my handwriting
What is? What's wrong with you?
What's this?
You don't know?
You always tested me
on spelling
I was so clueless
and I wrote down what you called out
I never knew you would use it
for your filthy doing
Why didn't you do it alone?
Why did you make me your accomplice?
What are you talking about?
This was just spelling practice
Look at it closely
Many children have
similar handwriting
Calm down
And look at it closely
This is not your handwriting
Let's be cool
Stay cool
I'm going to take
this note to the police
and report you
It's too bad
You only had a few more days left
Let's go to the hospital first
Your hand is bleeding badly
It's you, isn't it?
0-3 (Night)
Where's everyone?
We have a prime suspect
I think the name was
Jung Soon-man
Jung Soon-man?
Who is it?
What can I help you with?
We're the police
What can I do to help?
You know me
You know me, don't you?
Dr. Han Sang-soc Ob/Gyn Clinic
Don't you remember me?
Answer me
You're the killer, aren't you?
What are you doing?
Mr. Han, please don't
- Please come out
- You can't do this
Hold him back
He's the guy
I've heard his voice
hundreds of times a day
I can tell just
by listening to him breathing
You know everything
That's why you came to see me
- Get him out of here
- You're not a reporter
She wrote the note
I'm certain of it
Hurry and investigate
Hurry up
Don't let him lose consciousness
His brain and nervous system are okay
He'll survive
When do you think he'll wake up?
It differs from
patient to patient
He'll be unconscious for
at least a day up to a few days
I'm counting on you
How did they know?
Oh that?
When we looked up your
father's criminal records,
apparently, it was reported to
the task force team
I was questioned
by the police today
Bo-ra will soon be
questioned too
I'm sorry that
you guys have to do this
It's okay
That's not what's important right now
Is there something else?
I'm certain that he's the guy
For the past 15 years,
I've heard his voice
every day and every night,
even in my dreams
There's something called
the presumption of innocence
Even if we get lucky
and test his voice
It's been 15 years so it might be hard
to get a 100% match
What do you mean?
My ear is more accurate
than a machine. It's him
I feel the same way, which is why
we needed to test his voice first
This is a fight against time
If you only would've held back
Let's go
We'll go search for the girl's
handwriting from the past
Please don't go in
Please don't take photos
Stand back
Hey, take that computer
Yes, sir
Don't you have any notes
or letters from primary school?
Please cooperate with us
Ms. Jung,
this must be hard on you
We don't believe
your dad is the killer
We're just trying to find
Chae-jin's killer
Please help us
Guys, look everywhere
very thoroughly
Who's Jung Soon-man?
The real killer is?
I don't know
Han Chae-jin abduction case
Did you get anything?
I think she's suspected
something for a while
But seeing that she hasn't
reported anything yet,
she might've decided to
keep quiet
This is too clean
She doesn't even have an old diary
- Detective Son
- Yes, sir
We don't know where she might go
You stay here and watch her
Yes, sir
Daddy, I love you the best in the world
I'm gonna marry you
Last night, police have arrested
the prime suspect of the Han abduction
Last night, police have arrested
the prime suspect of the Han abduction
With only 2 clays left,
the suspect remains unconscious
Police wait restlessly
to analyze the suspect's voice
The suspect's daughter
was suspicious of he! father
Did you see the news? They got
the suspect of "The Devil's Whisper"
Is he really the kidnapper?
I don't know
But he should be hanged
It's a scary world for parents
We didn't do anything wrong
By the way
What did the police say?
I don't know
This is so annoying
They're treating me
like a criminal
They said if I don't tell the truth,
withholding information is also a crime
This really sucks
So what did you tell them?
I told them that
I got the goose bumps, watching the film
because the voice was so similar
but because it was a friend's dad,
it was difficult to say anything
You didn't have
to tell them everything
What if...
I'm sorry about
everything you guys
I'm a bit confused right now
We shouldn't see each other
for a while
I'll go get my things tonight
It's okay
I left them at the professor's office
The professor is also worried
about the recommendation letter
that he wrote for you
He didn't do it
No, he didn't
You see a recommendation letter
is like a letter of guarantee
I have my reputation
on the line
Luckily, Goryeo Daily News
isn't aware of your situation
So don't be distracted
Do your best at the interview
Yes, sir
And your dad stopped by my office
a few days ago while I was out
I don't think
I should receive this
I shouldn't take dietary supplements
like red ginseng anyway
Just tell him
I said thank you
If the police ask,
let's just say that your father
never came here
It's true that
I didn't actually see him
I don't think it'll be good
for you either
I trust you, Da-eun
Dear Professor Kim
This is Da-eun's father
Da-eun is having a hard time
with reporter interviews
Professor Kim Jung-yup office
Da-eun is having a hard time
with reporter interviews
I don't have
anything to give her!
But I heard that
you help her very much
I should thank you in person
but I'm sorry that! have to leave a letter
Thank you so much for everything
Don't wake up
It's better this way
Don't wake up
I don't care why you did it
I don't want or care to know
I'll believe what you said
that you didn't do it
So just
Don't wake up
Don't wake up
How will I go on from here?
You are all I've had
I'm so scared
What am I supposed to do now?
Han abduction reports
June 24th
Han Chae-jin statute of limitations expires
You probably wrote this
after watching the movie
This is probably from
when you asked for
Jung's police records
from Jane-kyung
You've suspected it for a while,
haven't you?
He got busted because
Jane-kyung asked one of my men
for Jung's police records
That's just unfortunate
Then you ran away from home
By this time, you became certain
that your father was the kidnapper, correct?
I didn't run away from home
I just spent the night at a friend's house
When Dr. Han handed you the old note,
you remembered what happened, correct?
I heard that
you recalled some things
How did they know?
When we looked up your father's
criminal records,
apparently it was reported to
the task force team
I was questioned
by the police today
Bo-ra will soon be questioned too
I'm sorry that
you guys have to do this
Is there something else?
There is something,
isn't there?
Is your father
really the kidnapper?
And you didn't deny it
I didn't confirm it either
His voice is similar
That's all
You've already made up your mind
to protect your dad, haven't you?
Am I right?
I'm telling you the truth
Do you know where this is?
The kidnapper shoved
Chae-jin into this bag alive
and threw it in the river
You take a good look at this
He strangled this little boy
for over a minute
but when the little boy
didn't die,
this tiny boy who was
struggling for his life,
he shoved him into a bag
and tossed it in the river
Poor boy must've been
so scared inside the bag
Doesn't the thought of it
just make you cringe?
How could a human do this?
Could you forgive him?
Let's catch this guy
Your father is the killer,
isn't he?
Detective Jang Jung woke up
The bastard got up?
You smell like alcohol
Chae-jin's helping the case
Now it's just a matter of time
What about her?
She denies till the end
If my Chae-jin was alive,
he would've been your age
Don't you pity my baby?
I'm alive but not living
I'm broken into a million pieces
My poor baby Chae-jin
I feel so sorry
That bastard is no human
Wake up
If you have a soul
If you pity Chae-jin,
you can't do this
Your dad is the kidnapper,
isn't he?
You remember it all,
don't you?
You wrote that note
When we test his voice,
it'll be all over
Just tell the truth
My dad didn't do it
My dad didn't
He doesn't deserve to be a father
You two deserve each other
You can't do this
Please step out
Let me go
- Tell them
- Let's go and catch that kidnapper
Da-eun, please listen to me
Police Hospital
You can't go in
The investigation is in progress
Isn't this going too far?
You can question him
after he's discharged
We don't have much time
You know the statute of limitations
expires at midnight tomorrow
It's a very tight schedule
to test his voice and get the results
You want Chae-jin to die?
Are you getting mad at me?
Please speak louder
Are you getting mad at me?
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
Don't you care
what happens to your son?
Don't you care
what happens to your son?
Hey, it's the kidnapper's daughter
So you've made up your mind?
To conceal the guilt
and live as an accomplice
for the rest of your life?
That's fucking beautiful
You'll hold his hand
and live happily together?
Stop it
Are you gonna be okay?
It's fucking hell
like what my sister went through
I'm a scumbag myself
but you're pretty tough
Stop it
Just stop
Everybody, just stop
Your mom has maybe
a day or two left to live
Come to the hospital
She says she wants to
tell you something
Come prepared
He strangled this little boy
for over a minute
but when the little boy
didn't die,
this tiny boy
who was struggling for his life,
he shoved him into a bag
and tossed it in the river
Poor boy must've been
so scared inside the bag
15 hours till
I'm applicant ID 15,
Jung Da-eun
I'm applicant ID 15, Jung Da-eun
Ms. Jung, why do you want to
become a reporter?
Miss Jung?
Momentarily, National Forensic Service
will announce the result of voice analysis
- 4 hours till
- Suspect Jung
denies the accusation
How do you feel right now?
What will you do
if your father is the kidnapper?
Sweetie, don't worry
Daddy didn't do it
Can't he go home now?
Yes, after the results come out,
we'll decide whether he goes home
or to the police station
My mom is very ill
She might not live to see tomorrow
Please let him go
The result will be out any minute
Please wait
55 minutes till
Are you getting mad at me?
What are you doing?
Don't you care
what happens to your son?
It's ain't over til' it's over
You may go home
Do you have anything to say
to the victim's family?
Please give us something
Excuse me
Please make way
How do you feel right now?
Excuse me
Please make way
Please make way
Officer Lee, make way
- 30 minutes till
- Give me the key
I'll drive
Where are you going?
I don't trust you
I'm sorry
Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?
What's wrong with you?
- The truth is out
- Why did you kidnap him?
I remember every little thing
The words you called out to me
Next to the Ahyeon-dong overpass,
in front of the bakery
I remember your voice that day
Even how you braided my hair
I remember everything
Da-eun, I didn't do it
You saw that I was found innocent
I really didn't do it
I want you to be
honest with me
You know where we are?
Answer me
Where are we?
Don't do this to me
I don't care
what kind of person you are
So be honest with me
Tell me the truth
It's all over anyway
I told you
It ain't over
'til it's over
It was you
My baby
My baby
Da-eun, it's been tough on you
It's all over
From now on, I'll be better
We'll have a great life
Just trust daddy
How could you?
Ask for forgiveness
Hey! If you're a human,
ask for forgiveness
Ask forgiveness for your sins
Come out and ask forgiveness
You put him in a bag
and strangled him
You tossed him in the river here
Ask that little boy for forgiveness
Or let's all die here together
I don't want to go on
with my life anymore
So let's all die here together
Da-eun... Da-eun... Da-eun
Who cares about the dead boy?
I did it all for you
I did it to protect you
Because of Joon-young
I did it all for you
- I did it all for you
- For me?
To protect me?
You and I will burn in hell
Heaven is on our side
It's all over
It's all over
Let's end this
From now on
I don't know you
I'm not Jung Soon-man's
daughter anymore
What's wrong with you?
Don't you know
how much I love you?
Let's go home
Da-eun, it's all over
Now, it's over
Midnight last night,
a truck and a sedan crashed
and fell into the river
At 12 A.M., when the statute of limitations
on the Han abduction expired,
one of the drivers, is the father of
kidnapped Han Chae-jin,
has suspected Jung of being
his child's abductor
What about intentionality?
There's no evidence
indicating the car crash
to be accidental nor intentional
out of revenge
Is it possible that
the dead driver Jung
could be Han Chae-jin's abductor?
Are you going to continue
the investigation?
We failed to
find the kidnapper
and the statute of
limitations has run out
But I believe God
will punish him somehow
When will she wake up?
They don't say
Even if she wakes up, she's likely
to be physically disabled for life
Seeing her like this
I feel sorry for her
She's paying the price
for forgiving and hiding
a criminal like her father
Am I right?
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
May the Lord
be in your heart
and help you to confess
your sins with true sorrow
I've been silent
about a horrendous secret
for a very long time
The man I once loved
has kidnapped a child
Soon Mi-sun
and he has raised that child
as his own
I'd like to report the kidnapping
of Soon Mi-sun 26 years ago
Mi-sun is still alive
Jung Da-eun
Soon Mi-sun
My baby girl
Do you know what I've sacrificed
to have you?
You're mine
Daddy's gonna live
the rest of his life only for you
She looks just like me
Just like me
Hey, you know that I have
Mi-sun's hospital ID wristband
Should I fucking report you
and all go down together?
You and Mi-sun
I meant Da-eun should be happy
I only want $100,000
You kidnapped a child
for your own good
You've got talent
for you know what
Can't you just do it again?
I'll help you