Blood Brother (2018) Movie Script

What are friends for?
Here, let me tell you.
Grow up where I did,
friends is your whole world.
Me and Jake, we're two sides
of the same coin.
Joe and Kayvon...
Hey, what the hell
are you doing?
[Sonny] ...they're just along
for the ride.
Shut the fuck up!
Give me the fucking money.
Okay, wait! Hold on, hold on.
[automatic gunfire]
- [tires screeching]
- [car engine revving]
What the fuck!
[Sonny] On these streets,
all you had
was the guy next to you.
And the guy next to you
wants to take you
straight to hell,
you smile and say,
"When do we leave?"
[police siren wailing]
when do we leave?
Yeah, my youngest
Known to get it
On point never catch a hit
Or slippin'
And my pack is on steroids
Popeye with all the spinach
No Mike Jones
I'm still tippin'
No Mike Jones
I'm still tippin'
Fresh paint and you know
She's still drippin'
When I'm hoppin'
Out the villa
Used to ride the
Honda Civic
Oh, man, I'm the man
Never asked another man
For a favor
See a youngin' on the rise
Never wild
But 'bout to mess the game up
Had to grind OT
Just to get it
Ain't no way they can play us
Now my whole team winnin'
And we spinnin'
Ain't no way
That I'm gonna change up
I've been down for a minute
Now's lookin' like a youngin
Got this weight up
Steady grindin'
Chasin' goals
On the road
On my way to get the paper
I might pull up in a Rolls
With my woes
Catch me ballin'
Like a Laker
Ambition's where I'm livin'
Gonna get it
Over whoever tryin'
To play us
'Cause they hit it
On a glow up
Didn't have a penny
So a youngin'
barely showed up
Now the ones who died
Start acting like
they know us
Out the blue
Just like some magic
When the youngins
Start to blow up
Thought I told you
Imma gather the committee
Worked with Biggie
Know the boy
Really put up for the city
Just a couple cornies
With some bread
Call you Jiffy Boys later
Tell 'em I'm gonna pay up
'Bout to get my weight up
Then I'm gone
[tires screeching]
[indistinct chatter]
Give me that, fucker!
[music playing]
[gun cocks]
What's happening, fellas?
[gun cocks]
- Oh, you ain't Lester.
- No. Lester couldn't make it.
- You got my paper?
- I got your paper, player.
[Sonny] What's up, boy?
What is this?
- It's your paper?
- My money better be outside,
- in your trunk
- Or what?
Your ass about to get killed
I'mma die nigga? Police!
Put you motherfuckin' hand up!
Put your hands up!
What's that!
- Oh, shit!
- [grunts]
[glass shatters]
[man] Hold it right there.
[Lorna] Police! Freeze! Drop it.
[policeman over radio]
[Lorna] Sonny!
Call an ambulance.
People look at me
And automatic
They think I'm a threat
But they gonna get upset
'Cause I came
To get my check
And I'm gonna get my respect
And I'm gonna get my respect
And I'm gonna get my respect
And I'm gonna get my respect
People look at me
And automatic
They think I'm a threat
But they gonna get upset
'Cause I came
To get my check
Learn how to run, cop!
[dog barks]
Oh, yes. Learn how to read.
[dog barking and growling]
- What?
- That was a little cowboy
in there.
It was a clean bust, Lorna.
What's going on with you, Sonny?
You're not yourself lately.
If something was going on,
you would know.
Something's going on.
You remember me, Winston?
You should.
It's about the fourth time
I've busted your ass.
You got
about two to four coming.
I got ten coming
for shooting at a cop.
You shot in the air.
How else could you miss
that fucking close?
So, come on.
Look at me.
I've been where you've been.
Anybody could change.
Even you.
You hear me?
- All right.
- [car door opens]
Yeah, we're just waiting.
Yeah. Okay.
- [car engine revs]
- [phone rings]
- Hey, Meg.
- Hey, do I need to remind you
- about tomorrow?
- No, I'm not gonna forget
Darcy's recital again.
I'm getting to this place
where I really feel
like the influence
that you have over her,
would help, a lot.
I'm not gonna let her down.
Just tell her I'll be there.
We good?
Sure, we are.
[engine revving]
- Kelly?
- Hey.
Where is he?
Kelly, where is he?
What a surprise!
- In the mood, Sonny?
- Come on down, Blaine.
Let me talk to you a second.
I know you wanna search
my house,
you won't find nothing.
You never have.
No, Blaine,
I ain't here to search shit.
What you doing here?
You feel good hitting girls,
- That's property.
- Mm.
Sometimes a man gotta make
property behave.
Now you my property.
You like that?
You ain't nothing but a hoe
out here, we know what's up.
- [phone clicks]
- Put that shit aside, cop.
Y'all see this? You see this?
I'm making money as we speak
'cause that's my lawyer.
Let's see who's who
and what's what
like we did back in the day.
Detective, Detective!
Come on, now.
No, stop it!
Come on, no!
[ship horn blares]
[door buzzes]
[indistinct chatter]
[door closes]
[officer] Finally getting out,
huh, Banning?
What you gonna do now?
I'll make a difference.
[gate buzzes]
Hmm, damn, I got choices.
Your boy didn't tell us
he was coming, Jake.
Come on, Andy.
I called him, offered a ride,
told him he could come
with me, all that.
You knew your brothers
were coming?
- Yeah.
- Why didn't you tell me?
I guess I forgot.
Okay, okay.
Okay, hold on, hold on.
Hey, C.O.,
I see your mama tonight.
Give me the keys, man.
Later bro.
My mama's place.
Okay, hold on, honey.
Let me see here.
- [car approaching]
- All right, done.
Hey yo!
Hey, Donna.
[sighs] Babe, take this.
Let me talk to Sonny,
All right, babe?
- Sonny boy. What's up?
- What's up?
He told you he was getting out
today, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Just get Kayvon
- and meet us up there.
- You gotta give it all to him?
Every dime.
[sighs] But only 'cause
you say so.
No other reason.
[engine revving]
- What's up, Andy?
- Welcome back Sonny boy.
I ain't no boy.
I'm gonna call you back.
I told you. When they started
sending 'em across the river,
ruining our schools,
that gonna be your downfall.
Claire, you can't hate me
True, you'll be dead one day.
- [scoffs]
- Good to see you, Claire.
- She loves you, fool.
- I love her too.
[Sonny] Welcome home, Jake!
Hey, you mad my brothers came
and I didn't tell you?
No. I thought,
we passed payback though.
What, are you crazy?
We're just getting started baby.
- [bottles clinking]
- [Jake chuckles]
Hey, you and Megan done?
- Hmm. Separated.
- Separated?
- I screwed that up, big time.
- Megan's little sister Darcy
- part of that mix?
- Darcy's a good kid.
We took her in
after Meg's parents passed.
And it worked, the three of us,
for a minute.
- That's all on me.
- I respect that, man.
I do. I get it.
I'm not judging you.
I... You don't really know
what a relationship is like
until you're in one, am I right?
I had a couple guys
washing my drawers,
- they pulled out.
- [Sonny chuckles]
- You crazy, boy.
- [chuckles]
You tell your mama, boy?
Hey Claire...
Stop playing, man,
you're gonna get us killed.
Where the rest of them boys at?
- Waitin' on their brother, man.
- Okay.
Well, let's giddy up, then.
[music playing over stereo]
- Demons, what up?
- What's up... What's up, Jake?
I see age don't favor everybody.
[chuckles] Fuck you, man.
How's the fresh air?
[sniffs] Changing now I see
y'all two.
Hey, man, you...
- You looking good, you look cut.
- Twenty-three on one, baby.
Counting push-ups.
I ain't counting days.
Was some aerobics type shit.
Nobody do aerobics no more, man.
Yeah, they spin.
Spinnin's in. I spin.
Yeah, you look like it too.
- Spinnin' baby.
- Yeah, great to see you though,
- my nigga.
- Hold up, dawg.
You ain't see me in 15 years,
how am I your nigga, doe?
Seeing you would've been
too painful, dawg.
Sonny saw me.
I didn't even wanna see his ass.
- He's a cop.
- Yeah, but that's not fair.
See, Sonny always doing shit
that don't nobody else do...
- [Jake] Shut the fuck up, okay?
- No, listen. You're right, man.
- We should've came to see you.
- [Sonny] Enough.
That's not why we're here.
Y'all follow me.
Hey man.
It's all there,
not a penny touched.
This motherfucker
made sure of it.
Hmm, don't look like three mil.
My share ain't there, yet.
I couldn't tell you
while you were inside.
- He's smart for a cop, huh?
- Yeah, Officer Genius
right here. Hid it in his house
while he was renovating.
Megan didn't even know
it was in there.
Look Jake,
trust this is hard enough
saving all this shit
for you, bro.
We got kids, bills,
all type of shit.
You want me to get you a tissue?
Listen, Jake did the time.
He get to choose.
Everybody did the job.
Y'all want your piece,
you can take it.
Hold up.
You sure about that?
Yeah, man.
Go ahead.
Hey, my brothers were gonna
skin you alive
for what happened.
I told them not to.
- 'Cause we homies?
- Nah.
It's not 'cause we're homies.
'Cause if they did, I wouldn't
know where you put the money.
I'm just fucking with you, Joe.
[sighs] Yo, man!
- That shit ain't funny.
- Fuckin' man.
- It's been long, man.
- Nah, man!
Just get the fuck outta here.
The fuck outta here.
Hey, y'all,
give us two seconds, bro.
'Sup man?
I want you to keep my share.
Let me get it in 'bout a week
or so when Meg's gone...
Hey, everybody did the job,
everybody gets a cut, man.
- I want you to keep mine, Jake.
- Why? Because you're a cop?
I owe you.
That's why, I owe you.
If that's what you want, man.
That's what I want.
- Y'all finished?
- Yeah, we all done here.
Y'all spend that
like a gentleman now.
- In a gentleman's club?
- Imma holler at y'all.
- Later.
- All right, man.
Man, I ain't had a beer
like this in 15 years.
I missed beer.
But you know what I missed more?
- What's that?
- I miss me
some big ol' fat titties.
- Brown titties, black titties.
- Pink titties, Asian titties.
Any titties, wrinkled titties.
No titties...
With no nipple titties.
You always take it too far, bro.
I also miss that K-Mart.
You miss K-Mart?
K-Mart ain't even there.
- It's been closed for years.
- Where you get the guns at?
- [clicks tongue] Right here.
- Oh, shit.
- I want a firecracker like that!
- Oh, stay strapped.
Hey man, what are you doing
in the morning?
Darcy got a recital.
- A recital.
- Yeah.
I'll come along.
Come along.
See if Darcy takes to a bad boy.
She's 17!
You can take your head off, boy!
You can come though.
She sing, play the piano.
I appreciate everything
you've been doing, man.
You know, making things right.
Go a long way.
No doubt.
You happy to see me
out or what?
Am I happy to see you out?
Shit was eating at me, bro.
Fifteen years.
I'm happy to see you out.
Yeah, man.
I just wanna move on.
Maybe South America.
I was thinking South America.
You wanna to go South America?
That sounds like a good idea.
Yeah, you could use
a change too.
Hey, you and me. All this cash.
Live like kings, bro.
You're getting
into some serious shit.
I'm serious. I got plans,
you're a part of 'em.
I'm good where I am, Jake.
You put a good face
on everything, Sonny.
Joe, Kayvon...
they wouldn't give me this cash
if you ain't tell 'em to.
- I never saw it like that.
- What would you see it like?
I see it like I left
a friend behind.
- You're more than a friend.
- That's right.
All right, man.
I'll catch you tomorrow.
In the morning,
I'll be here early.
Everything was all good
Just a week ago
I think they like me better
When I'm broke
Yeah, what do you live for?
What would you die for?
Who would you ride for?
It's only rich and poor now
What side you on?
Don't take too long
Hurry up and choose
Better win or you can't
'Cause we all gotta lose
Stack your loot
But pay your tides
Don't be no fool
Make your own
Don't follow their rules
Get your dough
Create your crew
Then they follow you
Just to hate what you do...
Everything was all good
Just a week ago
After the recital, we can all go
to dinner together.
You know, like we used to.
I got plans.
Well, your plans just changed.
We're having a family dinner.
We're not a family
and I am not your kid.
[message tone sounds]
My man.
Good morning, Mr. Banning.
- Huh?
- You looking nice. Real spiffy.
- Jacket was my Daddy's.
- Yeah?
You look respectable,
I appreciate.
Fuck. Fifteen years behind
the wall, not a scratch
and I can't even shave my face.
Yeah, I still see you wearing
that band of eternal bondage.
Yeah, a little wishful thinking,
I guess.
Megan don't wear one, right?
Hey, help is on the way, bro.
Doctor Banning got this.
I'm gonna fix that relationship
up between you and Megan.
I can. Deep down I can tell
you really loved the bitch.
- Bitch? Who you calling a bitch?
- Slut? Cunt? Whore?
Fuck you! You can't call
my wife a bitch,
I will whip your ass if you talk
about Megan like that.
I'm sorry, bitch.
I got carried away.
Oh, I'm a bitch?
I'm a bitch?
Okay, bitch.
Shit. There we go.
Yeah, we had that down.
In and out.
- You did the d, e, m.
- You did the o and n.
That's right.
You had a real talent, man.
You could've done something
with that.
You stuck out here,
chasing bad guys around.
Best time of my life.
It ain't saying much, is it?
That can change.
Like you? Police officer.
- I surprised myself, honestly.
- I get it.
I do, I get it.
All that guilt and shit
have you doing shit
you're not supposed to be doing,
being somebody you're not.
- I'm Catholic, I get it.
- No, that's not why I did it.
- Like not at all why I did it.
- Why you did it, man?
It was the right thing to do.
[church bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
You forgot something important.
- Forgot what?
- Flowers.
She's gonna finish playing,
she's gonna go,
- "Sonny, I love you, Sonny."
- [Sonny chuckling]
- She's gonna appreciate it, man.
- She doesn't like flowers.
We're gotta rush though, man.
I can't be here forever.
Hit the gas.
Hey, you remember when we say,
"We go straight to hell"?
You say what?
I say, "When do we leave".
- I went there, Sonny.
- Yeah, you made it out.
Put the past in the past.
[Jake] Woo!
[Sonny grunts]
[Jake] Yeah, get some roses.
Closed buds, Sonny. Closed buds.
Some red ones.
You do it, you do it right.
You know what I mean?
Show her you care.
- I'll get some beer.
- All right.
Six pack. You want condoms?
You want magazines?
They say every good thing
Takes time
No, no condoms.
We're gonna roll, baby.
I tell myself that real love
Is quite hard to find
But when the walls come
Closed buds.
Down around us
They fall harder every time
[footsteps approaching]
When everything they seem
To say, seems to take
Every breath away and all
The beauty seems to fade
World's away when your world
Starts to shake
When it's good, it's great
- Hey! You payin' for that?
- He's paying.
Each time, the sun arises
Each shine is brighter
Than it's ever been
The Lord knows when it rains
It pours
Oh, when it rains
[door knocking]
It pours, yeah
[Sonny grunts]
When the same lighting
Doesn't strike in
The same places twice
Has never had real love
How much longer
Better get that boy a Band-Aid.
Get ready for the storm
Grab your windbreaker
Don't let that storm
Or that wind break you
It's just water
It'll evaporate
[car key beeps]
- [woman coughing]
- It's okay.
It rains
It pours
Stay with me,
look me in my eyes.
You're not gonna die.
Not today.
Hey, it's Sonny. I'm in Algiers,
at the old corner store.
When it rains
- [woman continues coughing]
- Stay, stay, stay, stay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Breathe, breathe.
[congregation applauding]
[congregation cheering]
[cell phone vibrates]
Next up in our program...
I need you to get out of town.
Go someplace.
I don't even need to know.
I will call you.
I... I don't understand.
You're in danger,
Darcy is in danger.
Until I know what's going on
with Jake,
I can't have you at the house.
Megan, go! Now!
- [sirens wailing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[man] Detective Carson
is on the scene.
Are you okay, Sonny? Jesus.
Will you tell me
what happened here, Detective?
Not sure myself, Lieutenant.
But you and the suspect
were here together.
- We got that right?
- That's correct.
- His name is Jake Banning.
- Banning?
Juvie that did time
for that armored car heist.
What the fuck were you doing
with Jake Banning?
I know him from school.
He asked for a ride,
I gave it to him.
Then, he just snapped.
[cell phone chimes]
- [message tone sounds]
- Hey. Darcy, right?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to creep up on you like that.
- You are?
- Jake. Friend of Sonny's.
Oh. That Jake.
Sonny and me, we were gonna
see you play,
but he got caught up
with something.
Oh, really?
Same old story.
He said you grew up
to be a pretty good kid.
He didn't emphasize
the pretty part.
You're such a liar.
Sonny probably said
I was growing up too fast.
He can be such an ass.
Probably why he didn't come.
Nah, trust me.
He got caught up with work.
So, now you're sticking out
for him?
He really wanted to see you
Sonny wanted me
to give you this.
He didn't have time to wrap it.
Look at that.
You know, it looks good on you.
You look like a hot nun.
With that little old dress
cut so spare.
A nun?
- Yeah.
- You don't know me.
That could change. Right?
You've been in prison, right?
Yes, but you know,
I made a little mistake
- when I was about your age.
- What kind of mistake?
I thought I had friends
I could rely on.
You're different from Sonny.
I don't see you two
being friends.
Uh, maybe you don't know him
like I do.
[sirens wailing]
Maybe not.
Hey Kayvon, it's Sonny.
I'm at Joe's house.
Jake maybe coming for you,
call me back.
Hey, yo Joe! Donna!
Darcy! Where the hell
have you been?
- Nowhere.
- Well, we need to go. Come on.
Fuck, Joe.
[Lorna] What the fuck
is going on, Sonny?
Getman is all over my ass.
He wants to know
if there a connection
between you and Banning.
Joe Williams is dead.
I need... Uh, as many units
as I possibly can get
to Kayvon's house.
I need your help, partner.
How much do I wanna know?
It's bad for me, Lorna.
It's way worse
than any of the shit
- we've ever been through before.
- Shit.
- What the fuck do I tell Getman?
- I don't care what you tell him.
- You'll figure it out.
- You owe me.
Add it to my bill.
[Sonny] River Park
is where we used to meet up
and lay low
after shit popped off.
Hardly anybody was ever there.
Jake said he was just getting
started with his payback.
That's all demons do,
destroy everything you love.
I had to finish this.
How's your day going, Officer?
[Jake] Wee!
Hey now, still warm.
Hold on tight.
Sonny, unbelievable.
Look at mama, just textin' away.
Paying no mind to her baby girl.
- [girl laughing]
- What's this world coming to?
Hey, you remember the first time
we met?
About hour off that bus,
you tried to rob my white ass.
We beat each other
for about an hour.
Both got suspended.
- Second grade.
- Second grade,
you remember. That was a start
of something epic.
Something we always had,
- respect.
- Yeah, we had that.
Yeah, well, you hurt
my feelings, bro.
- Becoming a cop.
- I just found Joe.
Yeah, 15 years inside.
It's funny what you're capable
of doing.
You know I always thought
that there was a code, honor,
friendship, something?
But I had what you call...
an epiphany.
- What was that?
- No such thing as code, honor
- or friendship.
- So, this is your plan?
I'm just wingin' it.
After 15 years, of being told
what to do, when to pee,
when to poop. My brother,
it feels invigorating.
Hey, now!
You know what? The cashier
and that lady at the store...
- You didn't have to do that.
- I want you to know
what it feels like to be me.
What it's like
to be fucking helpless.
I've paid the price.
Now you're gonna pay.
You could've killed us
last night.
Yeah, what fun
would that be now, huh?
You know, we're having fun now,
- [chuckles]
- Come on, baby girl.
- Oh, my God!
- [Sonny] Run to your mommy.
- Mommy!
- Come here!
Put that gun down.
[Jake] Okay...
watch me now.
What's that?
- Huh?
- Where the fuck is Darcy, Jake?
- Sonny.
- Where the fuck is Darcy?
I'm gonna call my brothers
on Darcy's phone
tell 'em where I am with
that money and what you owe?
Well, use your imagination now.
Put your gun down.
Whoo! Let's go now.
Clips too, player.
Go ahead. Spin that over.
I said, spin that shit over.
Don't move.
Toss them keys
to that sweet ass ride.
For fuck's sake.
Which gun should I use?
I don't know. So many choices,
so many guns.
- Where you going?
- What do you want?
[mimics gun fire] Bang bang!
I want 15 years.
I can't get you that.
[breathes heavily]
Your life will have to do.
I'm right here.
No. No, no, no, no Sonny,
your death is for later.
I want your life.
Sit down, right there.
Put them handcuffs on. You know
how to use them handcuffs?
Go ahead.
Mm-hmm, there you go.
Imma go see Megan.
See how she's feeling.
- Fuck you, Jake.
- You don't got what it takes
to stop me. Not yet.
- [engine revving]
- [grunts]
[continues grunting]
[indistinct chatter]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [horn blares]
- [tires screech]
- Hands off my freaking car, man!
- Police, out now!
- Let me see some ID.
- Get the fuck out.
[man] Fuck, man.
Where's Darcy?
Check on her, right now.
- Sonny, she's not here.
- You gotta get out of the house.
- No So...
- Listen to me, listen.
Hey, hey.
I'll call you right back.
Tell me what is going on...
Sonny, you should see
this place.
- Jake, where is she?
- Oh, you'd love it.
- The service, impeccable.
- You touch her,
I'll fucking destroy you, Jake.
You know that, right?
You and your inbred
fucking racist brothers,
your mom, your whole family.
If you touch her...
Oh, now I'm starting to hear it.
- Yeah, you're hearing what?
- The real you, Sonny.
Fuck you, Jake.
- Where is she?
- Sonny, you ain't no cop.
You're a fraud.
That's why you're unhappy.
Why you can't even make it stick
with Megan.
Don't you... Don't you say
her fucking name!
That's why
you can't even be yourself.
You touch her,
you're a dead man.
- You know that, right?
- You promise? Do you?
Pinky swear? You don't have
my stuff in an hour,
my brothers gonna do
a little more
- than just touch her.
- I got your money, man.
Just let her go.
Let her go and it's yours.
Sonny, I'm losing you.
I wish we could FaceTime
but believe it or not,
I don't know how to use
these things.
Hey, strawberry.
Would you slide
that pretty little head up
here and start workin'
my inseam, yeah?
[keyboard clacking]
We be hella fly
We got justice
We be hella fly
We got justice
We finna try
We need justice
Take off on you like a jet
Fresh attire on the set
She had me
Like a tie around my neck
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We the justice
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We the jet
What's up?
You ain't made it to my level
Buddy, tough luck
I do not know
What they tell you
I will not lie
Honestly, I really think
That you did not try
If you did
You'd have a lot of things
But not time
And you really find
A lot of that to hate on
Me? I do not see
Where you come from
I do not be on that level
That you stay on
Hold up, buddy, on my level
You should hold on
I really thought you woulda
Had a sense to roll on
We talkin' wheels
We talkin' wings
We talkin' jet fuel
I got a message for you
Take it to the next fool
Hey, Jake.
Where'd you come from?
I asked around. I heard
you roam around these parts.
- Oh, my phone.
- Yeah, you dropped it.
Back at the church
I found it but you were gone.
- Thank you.
- This your dad or what?
I'm a different kind of daddy,
Your sister's been blowing
it up.
Sonny has been calling too.
They're not even together
Ring, ring, ring.
Today, she totally flips out.
Says we have to leave the house.
- Yeah, I know. I ditched her.
- Hm,
you should call her back.
No, let 'em wait.
I should go.
- Stay.
- Are you sure about that?
Well, listen, if we gonna stay,
I guess Imma drink.
Hey, pretty lady. Why don't you
get daddy something to drink?
- You want your change back?
- Nah, you can keep it.
Jesus, stare much? Alejandra go!
You always carry large
like that?
Oh, you know,
I've been incarcerated.
I've been stamping
license plates,
sewing up underwear,
working in the wood shop,
training dogs. I mean,
I'm splurging, girl.
Yeah, I stare much.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
You know, we're going
to another party after...
whatever this is,
if you wanna come.
I'm a little old for that.
But, I see you looking
at that boy over there.
I know you want to show him
you got other plans. I get it.
Come on, let's roll out.
Uh, my friend Alejandra,
with the drinks.
Oh, she'll take the Uber.
Come on.
Um, it's Uber. Like a verb.
Is it, smarty pants?
- Sonny.
- Why are you still here?
I'm not going anywhere
without Darcy.
[Megan] You hid this
when we redid the bedrooms?
Oh, my God.
You know me and Sonny
used to roll, right?
[chuckles] I got some stories.
You won't believe the shit
Sonny used to get up to.
- How bad was he?
- Pretty bad.
You know, his mama was my mama
and my mama was his mama.
We slept
in the same bed together.
Watched the same cartoons.
We robbed
the same jewelry stores.
It wasn't always like that.
We weren't always kicking
people down the stairs,
taking all their welfare checks.
Spending it on weed
and just acting foolish.
He thought he was gonna go
to art school.
Fucking Michelangelo.
Sonny Michelangelo.
He wasn't too bad.
Except that around here,
becoming an artist is like a...
finding a halo in hell.
Good luck, partner.
Even though
he's my brother-in-law, he...
...kinda acts like my father.
I kinda miss it, I guess.
He's not really around anymore.
We gonna bring
Sonny back around.
I'll show you Sonny.
I'll show you Sonny.
I had it since I was 14.
You seemed so distant sometimes.
And, all these years, I thought,
it was because of
somebody else
or something else,
but it was this.
I can make it up, Meg.
I'll tell you what.
you owe me now.
Go find Darcy.
[footsteps approaching]
- This ain't the way.
- Change of plans, baby girl.
[cell phone ringing]
[Sonny] I got your money,
let me talk to Darcy.
- What money, Sonny?
- Darcy, where are you?
Uh, I'm just out
with some friends.
Darcy, the man with you
is very dangerous.
I'm not playing around,
tell me where you are.
- More dangerous than you, demon?
- What?
No wonder you and Megan
didn't work.
She thought you were a good guy.
Listen, I don't know
what the fuck Jake
has told you,
but, I need you to listen
to me.
Just the truth.
You don't have to worry
about pretending
- no more with Megan either.
- Darcy, tell me where you are!
[Jake chuckles]
Hey, Sonny! You need to fix
these brakes, boy. [chuckles]
Hey, you relax, bro.
We're just going to a party.
Have a little fun.
Hey, you remember Emilio,
don't you?
You send him to the hospital
with that traffic cone?
You wanna come?
Let her out of the car
and I'll meet you.
- You got what I asked for?
- I got the money, man.
It's yours. Just let her go.
I'll see you there.
- What was all that about?
- My inner asshole turning out.
They say you are the same age
when you leave prison
as you went in.
I was 14.
- Maybe this is a bad idea.
- Hey, Sonny going to be there.
You don't like the party,
you could leave.
I promise you.
[music playing over stereo]
[indistinct chatter]
Ooh, he likes you.
- How you doing?
- [woman] What's wrong?
My cousin not good enough
for you?
No, it's just Jake and I
was supposed to go to a party.
Oh, but baby...
- [man grunts]
- [woman screams]
Take the seat, Frankie.
Come on, baby.
- [door opens]
- [gun cocks]
- How you doing, brother?
- So, so Sonny.
Today seems
a little complicated, huh?
Yeah, it seem that way.
[Sonny] Fucking with a cop's
family, that's new heights...
- for even you.
- Shit, I know.
But, times is hard, man.
You know the kind of cash
I gotta drop today.
Send my kid off to college,
you know what I mean?
Real criminal shit.
- That sound like your problem.
- The more I make, cop,
the more you motherfuckers take,
Just let her go,
she ain't a part of this.
But you made her
a part of this now, man.
- Call your man, Jake.
- Let her go.
Well, you know whose shop
this is?
[Emilio scoffs]
Rustle this shit up.
What you all waiting for?
Search him.
Jake pay you yet?
I ain't think so.
- I'm the bag man.
- [Jake] Damn, Sonny.
You got some stones, man.
Cop coming in the jungle,
Slapping folks around,
fraternizing with the felons.
- It's okay.
- Sonny boy, do me a favor.
Kick that bread over.
Who tryin' to make 700k?
Any one of y'all put a hole
in his head, it's yours.
Seven hundred k,
put a hole in his fucking head,
you got it.
Y'all niggas don't want
no money? Shoot this nigga!
Nice Sonny, I'm loving it!
Let me see what's in this bag.
Hey, Jake...
think this about 700k.
Emilio? You're a man
of your word.
Little friendship we developed
behind the wall.
It's uh...
Something you and I
supposedly had, Sonny.
- [Sonny grunts]
- [Darcy screams]
- Don't die on me, Sonny.
- [grunts]
Gift in your pocket.
Go ahead, get your breath.
Anything happen to her,
y'all motherfuckers gotta deal
- with me, you understand?
- Only if you believe
in reincarnation.
- [Darcy screams]
- [Jake chuckles]
Hold on, hell no, not in here.
Y'all go ahead and kill his ass.
Use the motherfucking
storage room.
Good day, Sonny.
Fuck you, Emilio.
Fuck off!
Shit man, you can
have the money, man.
Sorry about the mess,
[engine revving]
Where you at, Sonny boy?
Where you at?
Ah! Right on time, Sonny boy!
Here you are!
Come on, Sonny.
- [cars honking]
- [Darcy grunts]
[Jake] Oh!
[Jake grunts]
- Fuck!
- [tires screeching]
[car honks]
You might have to hold
the wheel,
you might have to play along,
baby girl.
Here we go, baby girl.
I see where your daddy's goin'.
- I see you, baby.
- Sonny, watch out!
Oh, shit.
He's not coming back for you.
- You don't know Sonny.
- Say another fucking word
I'll put your fucking brains
on that little window.
[tires screeching]
Where are you taking me?
What are you gonna do?
- Jake. Answer me!
- Hey, don't ask questions
you already know answers to.
Fuckin' bitch.
[Darcy grunts]
[both grunt]
Sonny, Sonny.
Stop! Please, stop!
[Darcy screams]
[Claire screaming]
Go ahead, finish it.
Right here.
- [sirens wailing]
- Do it in front of my mom.
- Be a man like you used to be.
- [Claire] Leave him alone!
Do it for Joe and Kayvon,
people you used
to really care about, Sonny.
Do it 'cause I sent them
to hell today.
- [Lorna] Sonny!
- Uh, so disappointed, bro.
- I thought you were ready.
- I got him, cuff him.
- [sirens wailing]
- [policeman over radio]
[handcuffs clicking]
Keep looking, you might find
something you like.
- Come on.
- You see that?
Sonny keeps it hidden
in his house but it's there.
- Yeah, what's that, Jake?
- Himself. Demon.
Get this guy out of here.
[car door closes]
Can you excuse us a sec,
- [engine revving]
- You okay?
[Sonny kisses]
Three million's missing
from that armored car
Jake Banning went down for.
All right, then 15 years later,
bills happen to show up
and everywhere I look,
there you are.
So listen, I was there.
Fifteen years ago, I was there.
Not like you think,
not like it sounds.
But the whole shit went down,
I was right there.
Sonny... I don't know
if I can help you.
What? I need you to add
this to my bill.
I'm giving you an hour,
and then I gotta go to Getman.
So, what do you expect me to do?
I need you to at least give me
till the morning.
- Let me figure something out.
- Why am I doing this?
All right, I will see you
in the morning.
- Early.
- Thank you, thank you.
[Sonny] I got Jake.
But, Jake got me.
What do I do?
Come clean, end up
in a prison cell.
Find the rest of the cash,
bolt out of town.
I had to find a way out.
A way out that would protect
Megan and Darcy.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Here, get in the house.
You comfortable?
You have everything you need?
I miss this place.
Home sweet home.
You probably think I'm some
irredeemable piece of crap,
don't you?
Without one single drop
of human compassion.
No, I'm wrong.
Sonny must've really loved you.
He sacrificed who he was
as a cop and a man
to try and stop you.
I'd have put a bullet in
your head first chance I got.
You hate him, Jake?
- I love him like a brother.
- So all this just to hurt him?
Self-help, Detective.
I'm trying to get
his balls back.
You're afraid of me,
aren't you, Detective?
I am afraid of getting you
on my shoe.
[Meghan] All right.
Well, I'm gonna finish the rest
up tomorrow
'cause I still got let
some of this dry.
Yeah, I should get going.
It's late.
Stay? Are you sure
you want me to stay?
You remember where the couch is?
Are you a comedian now, huh?
It's good to see you smile.
- Good night, baby.
- Good night.
[Lorna] The armored car.
- Huh?
- Sonny Carson was there
15 years ago, wasn't he?
You keep checking,
you got somewhere to be?
All right.
I'm turning it off.
If you can help me out here,
I can help Sonny.
Clearly, we both care
about the guy in our own...
twisted way.
You and Sonny?
Talk to me.
Question first.
Are you L, G, B, or T?
You've been in prison too long,
See, that shit's
not funny anymore.
[telephone ringing]
I thought Jake
was gonna kill me.
I'm so sorry I got you
into this, Darcy.
Well, what's wrong with him?
Is he crazy?
You and Meg,
you're the best thing
I ever had.
Jake never had that.
He doesn't have much love
in him.
He wasn't always like that
What's gonna happen to you?
I'm gonna be all right.
Don't you worry about me,
Just remember that Megan and I
are always here for you.
[cell phone vibrates]
- Sonny?
- Jake escaped.
Now, come on.
Yeah, yeah.
You know what's ironic, Lorna?
- [Lorna whimpers]
- You are on my shoe.
- Where are you going?
- To find my brother.
One for you...
one for you...
and one for me.
[door banging]
- Fuck!
- Jake. Jake Banning.
- I don't know.
- Where is Jake?
You're a fucking liar.
Give me that.
[Kelly] What are you doing?
- I don't know.
- Jake Banning.
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- High end military shit, Blaine.
- [Kelly yelps]
Assault rifles, grenades.
That's all you, baby.
That's your shit.
You're a dead man.
- Oh, two shots, let's try three.
- [screams]
Stop! You're gonna kill him.
You feel fucking good,
don't you?
What you got here?
You got fucking dick pills.
You can't get your dick up
on these fucking hoes here?
- This will help, open up.
- [grunts]
Your fucking heart's
gonna explode, nigga.
You better give it up.
- Stop!
- [chokes]
Don't die, don't die.
Hold on, hold on.
- [grunts]
- Eat them up, use your words.
- Use your words.
- I don't know. I don't know.
Use your fucking words. Tell me.
- I don't know.
- Where the fuck is Jake?
Where the fuck is Jake?
[Kelly] Just tell him
where Jake is.
- Jake's brothers...
- [Kelly] Just... Just tell him!
They're at...
- [Kelly] Let him go.
- They're at the fucking Rat.
You better not be fucking
with me.
He's gonna need an ambulance.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [music playing]
One time
For the one time
Yeah, yeah
They love us in the hood
Yeah, yeah live the lit life
Hustle all day
And we party all night
Step to a boss and I put that
On the gang sign
[people cheering]
Yeah, yeah, boy
Keep it lit
Yeah, yeah, boy
We keep it lit, keep it lit
Yeah, yeah, boy
We keep it lit
Yeah, yeah, boy
We keep it lit
Keep it lit
We gonna keep it lit
Patron, what do you say
We'll never admit
Baddies in my section
I'll be steady flexin'
Honeys, they're sayin'
I'm lookin' like a blessin'
You ain't for
Style like this
We them love songs
All the girls love us
Flyest in the room
Nobody above us
I make them boss moves
I got puddy cat
Hit the club Turnt up
like it's my birthday
I go zero to 100
Wrack up, make it count
Pick a honey
Every time I come through
It be lit
Scene like a flick
Then I lean with your chick
They love us in the hood
Yeah, yeah live the lit life
Hustle all day
And we party all night
Step to a boss and I put that
On the gang sign
[songs change]
[muffled hip-hop music plays]
Not on the list, right?
- No, 'cause see, I'm...
- [grunts]
[both grunt]
- [pepper spray hissing]
- [screams]
God damn!
- Mm. Nutritious.
- [gun cocks]
Damn, Sonny.
- You in hell yet?
- I'm on my way, bruh.
Come here, girl.
Not what I just heard. [sighs]
No, no, no.
Hey, Sonny. Be honest with me.
Is that not the finest ass
you've ever seen?
I mean, it's better than Megan's
little speed bump, right?
[Jake kisses]
How many years do you think
this is all worth?
Snorting pure Columbian,
all for fun,
till she likes that, huh?
Maybe like two, three years.
Somehow it just doesn't seem
to add up. I don't know why.
Give me a light, baby.
I mean, brother Kayvon, maybe
he's worth two, three years.
Maybe. Joe?
Joe wasn't worth shit from jump,
if you ask me. So, uh,
never mind. I give him a year
because I'm feeling charitable.
But all this shit here?
Maybe five or six years.
- You're losing me, Jake.
- Yeah, me too, Jake.
I'm talking about my life,
you fucking dodo head!
Fifteen fucking years.
You go and try make
them years up. It's not easy.
I've tried it.
I've got my hands full.
I've done fucked and killed
everything I can get my little
itty bitty fucking hands on.
It's just doesn't seem
to add up.
I'm not being given my due.
All this shit here is just...
It's all been done before.
It's really depressing me.
It's been a depressing day.
And then there's you, Sonny.
You remind me...
My brother, you keep me going.
And that pretty little whore
right there,
she told me the greatest story
I've ever heard.
That shit you did to that pimp,
that's the type of shit
that keeps me warm
and fuzzy at night.
You tortured that boy
just to get to me. I love it.
[Jake laughs]
- I love it.
- Hey, Kelly,
- go, get out of here. Kelly, go!
- [Jake] Kelly, stay.
Stick around.
You recognize it, huh?
It belong to uh...
Whoever the fuck...
What was her name? Lori?
Donny? What's her name, Sonny?
- Lorna.
- Lorna.
- Yeah, Jake, her name is Lorna.
- She's right there, say hello.
She on my shoe.
One in the chamber, partner.
Go ahead, finish me.
I know you got an end game.
You ain't come up
in this butcher shop
like a dumb little lamb chop
now, did you?
I'm not gonna shoot you, Jake.
I'm not gonna shoot you,
you know why?
'Cause that's what you want.
And look here, brother.
24/7, life in prison.
Twenty-three and one.
You don't count days,
you count push-ups, right boy?
That's what I call hell.
- [gun cocks]
- Hey!
Ain't nobody shoot homie
but me.
[phone clicks]
What, Sonny? We boring you?
- Nah Jake...
- [keypad clicking]
...I thought you knew me.
You got a plan now, huh?
just winging it.
- [music distorts]
- [alarm blaring]
You kiddin' me?
That supposed to hurt?
What do you know about pain?
Hey, look me in my eyes.
It's like looking in a mirror,
How about one last drink?
One more.
- Ah.
- [Sonny grunts]
Shit. [chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
[Sonny] Demons always use
your secrets against you.
Those dark corners where
you keep all the hurt and pain.
They summon you.
That's why I knew where Jake
wanted me to find him.
The place where his pain
was rooted.
Place he's been stuck
for the last 15 years.
- Yeah, it figures.
- Where else is there?
[Sonny groans]
When I was in prison,
I owned you, Sonny.
When I got out...
guess I don't want to
give you up.
Jake, listen to me
and I really want you to hear
what I'm saying.
Okay, Sonny,
I'm really listening.
I didn't take your life.
You made your own decision,
lost your own 15 years
I don't owe you shit.
Why would I do that to myself?
'Cause you rotten.
Some would say I'm a product
of my environment.
No, I used to say that
to myself too. It's not true.
Something's been fucked up
inside of you for a long time.
You feelin' that?
It's the fucking rush, man.
It's the uncertainty.
It fucking kills me.
That ain't gonna be
what kill you, Jake.
Oh, yeah?
What's gonna fucking kill me?
You should've went
to South America.
Oh, I see it now.
Sonny, I feel it now.
Oh, it's beautiful.
It's fucking poetic, man.
I know now.
I know now, you know,
you got it back.
Do you?
Do you, Sonny?
Come on, look me in my eyes.
I wanna see it.
I know you're dying to pull
that trigger.
Here we go.
Hey, how does it feel to be me?
Huh? Do it.
If you don't do this,
I'll be back. I'll just get out.
I'll find Megan.
I'll find little Darcy.
I'll find everybody
you pretended to love
and care about, I'll take 'em
away from you, boy.
I'll take your life away
from you piece by piece.
Get on your fucking knees.
Get on your fucking knees, Jake.
Here we go.
How did it go, Sonny?
One would say,
"We're going straight to hell."
What the other one say?
How'd it go, Sonny? Tell me.
Sonny, how'd it go?
Sorry, brother.
You can go to hell
all by yourself.
It doesn't end like this.
[Jake] See?
You and me...
like lookin'
in the goddamn mirror.
You're like me, brother.
Welcome back, Demon.
I never left, brother.
[policeman over radio]
Bring Sonny Carson in.
[Sonny] You see, we all have
demons inside of us.
The difference between me
and Jake...
- [engine revving]
- ...he needed to feed his.
I had to kill mine.
But destroying your demons
won't always set you free.
Only the truth can do that.
Did I want to keep the money?
Sure I did.
But I'm on my own road now,
with the people I love.
And I gotta leave
all my demons behind.
I go hard, I don't quit
I just win, I gotta get it
Grindin', I'm shinin'
They hatin'
And now I'm winnin'
Take my word
It gets lonely at the top
I'm gonna make it
Told 'em I would never stop
I go hard, I don't quit
I just win, I'm gonna get it
Grindin', I'm shinin'
They hatin'
We steady winnin'
Take my word
It gets lonely at the top
I'm gonna make it
Told 'em I would never stop
Look, I be the one
That they slept on
Probably say,
It's time to wake 'em up
My time now
How much time now?
Look at all these haters
Mad at us
Made it from nothin'
To somethin'
Told us
That we couldn't do it
The plan was always
To make it
I'm just the one
Stickin' to it
Yeah, I came
Had to get out the mud
Streets show us love
Yeah, they know what's up
Mama had to struggle
I had to hustle
They talk about you
They decide the love you
Come out the mall
In my 23s
Watch me go stunt
On my enemies
Yeah, I run the empire
I set the city on fire
I go hard, I don't quit
I just win, I gotta get it
Grindin', I'm shinin'
They hatin'
And now I'm winnin'
Take my word
It get lonely at the top
I'm gonna make it
Told 'em I would never stop
Get in the game
Doin' my thing
Now these streets
Know my name
They know my name
They know my name
Work so hard
Swear I won't change
All I ever knew was pain
Look, why did we came?
I'm never gonna change
I go hard, I don't quit
I just win, I gotta get it
Grindin', I'm shinin'
They hatin', now I'm winnin'
Take my word
It gets lonely at the top
I'm gonna make it
Told 'em I would never stop
I go hard, I don't quit
I just win, I'm gonna get it
Grindin', I'm shinin'
They hatin',
we steady winnin'
Take my word
It gets lonely at the top
I'm gonna make it
Told 'em I would never stop