Blood-C: The Last Dark (2012) Movie Script

"People got eaten alive!"
"Urban legends."
The train to New lkebukuro
is arriving on platform 1.
Please watch your
step when boarding.
Thank you for riding the
Tokyo Metro New Marunouchi line.
This train is bound for
New lkebukuro.
We inform our passengers
that Tokyo Metro is cooperating
with the 9 pm curfew required
by the Tokyo Government's
Youth Protection Act.
The 9 pm curfew applies to
all under-20 citizens.
Minors may circulate only
with a permit or adult supervision.
If you are without permit,
please proceed to the nearest
staff member for assistance.
Do you wish me to eat you?
The train to New lkebukuro
is arriving on platform 1.
Please wait behind the white line.
They sure aren't trying to cover their tracks.
Want to get going"9?
Just a second.
He's not there? He ran?!
Another group reports
sighting him elsewhere.
---are you?
Destruction of target confirmed.
Two witnesses. Recovery team, go.
It's d-dead! Dead!
Who the hell are you?
Hiiragi? You okay?
Is this... an Elder Bairn?
An Elder Bairn.
What are you doing here?
Fuji! We're leaving!
--Come on.
Not good. Hurry!
--Hey, look...
They'll catch us.
Damn it!
Witnesses are fleeing by car.
Now in pursuit.
Ground squads, get there now.
They're following us!
Tell me where to go!
Sirrut, this is Fujimura!
A Tower's copter is chasing us!
Do something, Yanagi!
Calm down, Fujimura.
I'll have your route within one minute.
Transfer the information
you've gathered before then.
Tsuki, get into the
transportation system networks.
Yes, ma'am.
And also into the
Department of Motor Vehicles.
Is this acceptable, Mr. Mogari?
Of course.
There! Turn right!
Idiot! That's a one-way street.
They have our route.
Let's see... We should turn...
Right at the light!
--This isn't the way!
--Shut up!
We're off-route...
I didn't have a choice!
--I'll get us back on.
They're behind us!
So this is it?
Keep going.
Go faster. Hurry!
Don't blame me when we crash!
And done.
Let's keep running.
All that blood...
I'm fine.
Did that man die?
We're safe now...
My poor car, all banged up...
A noble sacrifice.
My name is Mana Hiiragi...
And you?
Huh? Isn't she
a friend of yours?
No. She saved me.
From... that scary thing.
She saved you?
From the Tower's Elder Bairn?
Why do you know
about the Elder Bairns?
What are you doing?
What is the Tower? Where is it?
That's what we want to know...
We're trying to reveal
the Tower's true nature.
Do you bear them some grudge too?
What happened back there?
How did that thing die?
Because I killed it.
Who the hell are you?
HQ calling.
Is it Yanagi?
Hello, Saya Kisaragi.
Would you like
to kill Fumito Nanahara?
I'll be happy to meet you,
so we can talk about it.
A reward for the victor.
And a punishment for the loser.
Mr. Fumito.
The Governor of Tokyo is
requesting a meeting to discuss
the measures against last month's
Youth Protection Act violators.
Once you're governor,
I won't have to waste my
time on these silly meetings.
Right, Yuka?
Indeed, sir.
How old are you now?
Amazing. Until six months ago,
you were a high school girl.
But I guess you'd like to forget
those unpleasant memories.
I'm glad you understand.
Next is the meeting with
the US Ambassador.
They'd like to move it up.
These days, all of my appointments
and reports are like that...
Given the influence of our
corporation, Seventh Heaven,
and the secret that you
and your clan have kept...
If you ask me, we deserve more.
You're so ambitious...
Mr. Fumito.
What is it, Kuto?
The one that escaped
from the lab has been destroyed.
The subway cleanup is complete,
but there were two witnesses.
The)' escaped?
I've dealt with the
men who let them escape.
Next time, I will go myself.
I'm not sure you
two will be up to it.
Saya is here.
Shall we go?
What's wrong?
Come on, hurry.
Come in.
I understand the situation, Hiiragi.
Thank you, sir.
Welcome, Saya Kisaragi.
My name is Kuroto Mogari.
How do you know my name?
An experiment was performed there.
And everybody was killed.
In such a way...
...that could only
be called a massacre.
However, one person
survived the experiment.
You, Saya Kisaragi.
Why do you have this?
Itsuki sent it to me.
You knew him by the
name of ltsuki Tomofusa, yes?
He hacked the Tower's cameras,
and managed to send a few images.
Was he also...?
He never worked with us directly.
But he was a member of Sirrut.
--What happened to him?
--He died.
He participated in the Ukishima
experiment to expose the Tower.
The Tower?
The name of the true organization
led by Fumito Nanahara.
On the surface, he's CEO of a
company called Seventh Heaven.
It's a huge corporation,
and I mean on world scale.
He has many
political connections, as well.
Supposedly, he was involved
with the new Youth Protection Act.
But his only real interest is
his other organization.
And that is the Tower?
Fumito is using
Seventh Heaven and the Tower
to achieve a specific objective.
And what is it?
we don't know exactly.
But for sure many people
are being killed to fulfill it.
And we also know...
...that the beings called
Elder Bairns are involved.
How do you know all this?
I did some research.
Using all my time, money and power.
Because Fumito Nanahara
is the man who stole my freedom.
ltsuki sent us images very sporadically.
So I only saw a fraction
of what occurred at Ukishima.
Apparently you seemed to
be a completely different person.
And Fumito was deceiving you.
You came to Tokyo to
find him, correct?
Over these past six months,
you've gotten closer and closer,
causing trouble
wherever you've gone.
That never hit the news, though.
--If it didn't, then...
--It's not that difficult.
Internet restrictions might
be severe, especially in Tokyo,
but we have two talented hackers.
She is one of them.
Meet Hiro Tsukiyama.
And I am the other!
Maybe. Maybe not. But either
way, this is Shun Fujimura.
And the larger one is Lori Matsuo.
I suppose Mana
already introduced herself?
I'm Haruno Yanagi,
Mr. Mogari's assistant.
These are all the members
of Sirrut at this mansion.
But there are many others
who help us over the internet.
All determined to overturn
the Youth Protection Act,
the web restrictions, and all
those other strange new laws!
Where is Fumito?
These days he rarely
makes any public appearances,
and his location is kept
secret for security reasons.
So you don't know?
I have a way to find him.
These people, and the other
Sirrut members out there,
will provide you information on Fumito.
So we'd like you to
help us, Saya Kisaragi.
Fumito Nanahara is my prey.
Do not forget that.
Are we sure
about that girl joining us?
Thank you.
--Here you go, Tsuki.
Any problem?
Well, give me a good reason
why we should trust her.
And she doesn't talk,
and acts all high and mighty.
But isn't she pretty?
So is that all that matters to you?
Even though she grabbed your face?
Uncle! Uncle!
It was Mr. Mogari's decision.
I know. But I don't like it,
and I can't help it.
Tsuki agrees, rig ht?
What Tsuki doesn't like
is that Mana is finally back,
but she's too busy with
"someone" to play with her.
You're so not gonna see the
cat video I've just downloaded.
--Sh-Show it to me!
--Don't listen to the bad man.
Wait! That's not fair!
Amazing place, isn't it?
You know, Mr. Mogari
is also the president of Cisnet,
a company most
young graduates dream to join.
Your name, Saya...
is really nice.
And Kisaragai is a
pretty cool last name, too.
It is not my name.
Wait! Your room is right there.
The bath is there.
And for a change of clothes...
This will do.
You need to wash off the...
And I'll have Yanagi
find you a change of clothes.
Everyone is kind of going back
and forth between here and home.
But Mr. Mogari
lets me live here.
So my room is next door.
So, well...
Well, if there's some
problem or anything you need,
just let me know...
There's nothing I need.
But there's a place I want to go.
"Youth Protection Act Enforced"
Why are you following me?
Why are you coming with me?
It's dangerous alone...
Well, maybe it isn't.
But you don't-- You don't
have a phone, right?
You can't be contacted by Sirrut.
So, I thought, you know...
You want to go through that again?
But I want to be with you...
--I don't know.
I never knew a mansion
like this was out here.
You can see it?
See what?
ls there something else?
It isn't a mansion. It's a shop.
It's been a long time, Saya.
It's only been six months.
It's been a long time
since I saw the real Saya.
Th-Thank you.
I don't need any.
--It's delicious.
--I'm glad.
What does this shop deal in?
It's a shop that grants wishes.
An odd-jobs shop, you could say.
Do you-- Do you come here often?
Only once in a while.
They happen to have what I want.
Well, I was surprised to
see you with someone else.
--Actually I just followed her.
--Only because she let you.
I was with you in Ukishima,
through this little one.
But I was unable to help much.
You recovered your true
self on your own.
Even still... The words
you spoke were the key.
What about today?
I need another sword.
A very strong one.
Wow. So much weird stuff...
I thought you might pick that one.
How much?
We can discuss
it when you return.
Very well.
Hey, wait!
Would you stay
by her side for me?
But she thinks I'm a bother...
You were able to enter my shop.
That is more than enough.
How-- How are you two related?
A shop owner and a customer.
But when both live for so long,
you start to get attached.
The threads of fate
already connect you.
Wait, Saya!
A message from
the Tokyo Government.
It is now past 8 pm.
Under the Youth Protection Act,
minors can circulate after 9 pm
only with a guardian or a permit.
Minors without permission
are to return home immediately.
A message from
the Tokyo Government.
It is now past 8 pm.
Under the Youth Protection Act...
Sorry, I'll be done in a sec.
Just wanted to contact everyone.
To tell them what?
About that.
Where the watchers are.
You heard that announcement, right?
As minors, we can't
be out without permission.
Time to go home.
That's why rumors about
you quickly spread on the internet.
The mysterious girl walking
alone at night despite the Act.
You shouldn't ignore rumors.
Some of them hide real information,
about Seventh Heaven or the Tower.
I wonder if the Act is
devised to keep us from that.
The Internet's a lot
faster than TV or the papers.
You can't hide the truth or fake it.
And those who spend
the most time on the net...
Are the younger ones.
So maybe it's to
keep the next generation
from questioning
the Tower or the government.
Or that's what Mr. Mogari says.
But what could be
worth so much effort?
This Fumito Nanahara guy...
Oh, s-sorry!
I'm doing all the talking.
Wait, you two.
What is it? It's only just past 8.
This isn't about the time.
You, there. Would you
mind showing me some ID?
I need to check something.
Hey! Wait!
Wait, you...
Stupid girl!
Number 3125. Please check in.
3125. Please check in.
She's... awesome.
What are you doing?
We're leaving.
I told you...
It's dangerous!
I'm sorry!
Could they have found out about us?
I don't think so.
They only talked to Saya.
Only to Saya?
But she beat up
those watchers in no time.
So I didn't get hurt.
I'm so glad...
Thank you, Tsuki.
If it happens again, just run.
And leave Miss Gloom on her own.
Still, she's so pretty.
Not my 'type-
Sure. Your type is Yanagi.
I-It is not! You idiot!
You really should have just left her.
I realize I'm slowing her down,
but... You understand?
You can't ignore her?
Yes... Kind of.
Mana, I'm sorry I couldn't
find more info on your father.
It's already been four months, huh?
--I don't think we can--
--It's okay!
I'll work harder to cover for you!
So, please...
Oh, sweetie.
That's right! We're a team!
We fight against evil.
We are Sirrut!
--Nothing can stop us!
--Thank you, everyone.
A sword. I see. And that is... kill Fumito?
Mr. Mogari, carrying a weapon
inside this building may not...
It's fine.
I'll prepare a covering,
so no one gets suspicious.
May I call you Saya?
Do as you like.
The Tower is searching for you, Saya.
According to information
Tsukiyama found,
the Tower has contacted the
city government via Seventh Heaven.
They increased the number
of watchers in town, to find you.
I'd like you to refrain from
such actions in the future.
I have no intention
of obeying your orders.
I realize that.
But if you want your revenge,
you must await your moment.
I will ensure that it comes.
No matter what I must do.
What happened between you two?
Fumito and I...
...are cousins.
Come with me.
You've heard of
the Shrovetide, right?
A pact was stipulated with
the things called Elder Bairns.
A permit to eat humans,
but only an agreed upon number.
The Shrovetide Covenant.
Fumito and I are
members of the clans
that have hidden and perpetuated
the Shrovetide for generations.
We descend from those who forged
the Covenant with the Elder Bairns.
The Mogaris took a more open role,
working with political leaders
to conceal the Covenant's existence.
The Nanaharas secretly protected
the Mogaris with their magic crafts.
Together, they
were known as the Tower.
Until Fumito broke the rules.
You are the first person
I have ever brought here.
Six years ago, Fumito
arrived with a squad of armed men.
He wanted to take
control of the Covenant.
He killed my father, the Mogari
clan head, and my mother, too.
Right before me...
He took everything from me.
Kill Fumito for me.
I'm after Fumito
for my own reasons.
I understand that.
But you hate him, too.
Do you not?
Welcome home.
Or I guess not...
I-I wanted...
I wanted to thank you.
For what?
--For saving me from those watchers.
--They were after me, not you.
But you took me
and ran. So, thank--
G-Good night.
Tomorrow, I'll try
to talk with her for longer.
At least one more minute...
You were so lovely at Ukishima,
all your memories wiped out.
But what I was
really drawn to...
Everything is ready.
All right.
Just a little more, and
we'll see each other again, Saya.
Look at those cute little paws!
Ever considered taking
lessons from Tsuki or Fuji?
I don't know a thing about the
internet or computers.
Text messaging is
as much as I can do.
Well, my actual job is
as Mr. Mogari's secretary.
But I'm helping you guys anyway-
I'm just not
super-awesome like you.
You're such a brat.
I'm fine with being a brat!
My job is doing the driving
and dealing with problems!
ls something wrong, Mana?
I didn't reach
my one-minute mark.
I'm so jealous...
You and Matsuo get along so well.
Wh-What are you talking about?
Does it bother you?
Th-That's not what I mean.
I did it!
I found part of Fumito's schedule!
Just a part, but I found it!
A high school?
Seventh Heaven donates
money to it and stuff.
But there are lots like that.
Not just schools.
They give money to hospitals,
orphanages... Lots of places.
So Tsuki and I split them up,
and checked them all.
And then... Bingo!
Tsuki found it.
A private school
named Tsuji Academy.
Fumito will be there tomorrow,
to give a guest lecture.
I'm impressed you
found that information.
Well, you know...
We found lots of gaps in the security...
Tsuki did.
You're sure that's accurate?
Hacking skills are important,
but so is verifying the information.
Or so I was taught.
What will you do, Saya?
I'll go.
Hey, hey. They're gonna have
security all over the place.
If you just go, you'll never get
past the school gates.
That's all cleared!
I took care of it.
I have the locations of the guards.
Not bad, Fujimura.
What about the uniforms, genius?
If we're to sneak in disguised
as students, where do we get them?
Unless we tailor a few by
tomorrow, of course.
Well, I-- I think I can
do something about that.
Nice weather...
Wait, Saya!
Sound's working fine.
And the GPS is, too.
But I had no idea Mana
was a Tsuji Academy student...
Can't believe that crazy girl
begged Mogari to let her go.
Let me go with Saya.
Do as you like.
--So we can't slack off.
So if things get nasty,
be sure you get in there at once.
I know you're worried.
But we'll help them
from here, too. Okay?
You don't seem like you're
walking here for the first time.
You stand out
more if you're cautious.
That's true...
--Did you know?
That this school
was connected to them?
Yes. There's a marker
thanking them for their donations.
And the teachers
mention it all the time.
I really wanted to quit, but...
You're here.
I thought you'd skip.
It's the middle of winter break.
Must be hard living alone.
Are you doing okay?
I know what happened
to your father, but...
I'm glad you're doing well.
Oh, it's almost time.
Let's go.
Whew... They aren't
dividing us by classes.
That's how it's usually done.
--What were they talking about?
About your father...
No, never mind.
Everyone, please be quiet.
We will now
begin our special lecture.
Please welcome
Mr. Fumito Nanahara.
From Seventh Heaven?
So that's why they wouldn't
let us bring our phones in.
Remain calm.
Obey the staff's instructions,
and evacuate the hall.
We have to get out! Saya!
What's going on?
I don't know! I heard
screams after the bell...
But her position hasn't moved at all!
It's been a while, Saya,
My dear Saya. You came
all this way, so I must apologize.
You're so strong now,
and I had to take my precautions.
But I wonder... would
you play with me a little?
What am I...
Hang on!
Blood... The blood...
Let's go, Mana!
I will go. You hurry and recover it.
Saya, move. I'll open it.
So You're Saya?
What's wrong?
Does it hurt?
You're a freak, just like that one.
Shut up!
Forget about me!
It's over.
You can't kill humans, correct?
Therefore, you
cannot protect anyone.
Get in!
Get in now!
She needs first aid!
She fled.
Too bad.
We recovered the blood as planned.
I'll take it to the lab now.
Good work.
You mean, we were tricked?
I'm sorry.
Tsuki, don't...
It's not your fault!
I confirmed the information
and approved the plan.
It's my responsibility.
Mr. Mogari.
I'm just glad you two came back.
But my car's wrecked again...
It was for a good cause.
Well, considering someone
else ended up really hurt,
it doesn't bother me so much.
I thought you didn't like Saya...
She got hurt protecting Hiiragi, right?
If she'd just wanted to run, she could have.
If that's the real her,
I don't mind changing my opinion.
Where is Saya?
She said no doctors, so Hiiragi
got mad, and chased after her.
That high-end electronic lock.
It was Mana who opened it, right?
Looks like it.
You mean...
Mana hacked something?
It just ended up that way.
In such a short time, too...
Our other genius hacker
is proving rather impressive.
No! Mana's the amazing one.
I just learned from her.
I'm not nearly as good...
I wonder if this will help
Mana to regain confidence.
I said no!
You can't be okay
after getting hurt so badly...
It's nothing serious.
I'm really sorry...
You needn't apologize.
But I-- I don't want
this to happen again...
...because of me.
I really am all right.
The wounds are healing...
Whatever the reason, I'm fine.
Why did you say "again"?
Did something like it happen before?
My mom died when I was little,
so it's just me and my dad.
He was a disaster
at cooking and stuff.
But he studied hard
to make food for me,
and always did his best despite
that he was so busy with his job.
My dad was a newspaper reporter.
He liked the old-fashioned
newspapers, printed and all.
When he was drunk,
he'd sometimes say,
"What a reporter needs
is curiosity and inquisitiveness.
Take an interest in everything.
Never let others decide what you think,
but always do your own research."
He told me all the time,
"When you decide to do something,
follow it through to the end."
A year ago, he decided
to focus on Seventh Heaven
for his next article.
Then pressure came from higher up,
and the project was canceled.
But my dad wouldn't quit.
He said he was writing
the article, no matter what.
I wanted to help him,
so I conducted my own research.
I was pretty confident
in my internet and PC skills.
I hacked into
Seventh Heaven's systems,
and discovered that
they were hiring many people,
who later ended up disappearing.
And that something
called the Tower was involved.
Dad took my proof, and said
he'd meet with Fumito Nanahara.
He said thank you, and went out.
And then...
...he never came back...
If I hadn't done it...
My dad... My dad...
He hasn't ever returned...
And it's all my fault.
I came here to search for my dad.
But I was afraid of what I could find,
so I just stopped hacking.
What if he is-- dead?
What about your father?
I don't have one.
But I had someone
who was like a father to me.
He was very kind...
How can you be so strong?
The same reason your
father could.
Whatever I decide to start,
I see through to the end.
That was my choice.
So that I could be me...
Now I understand why
I couldn't leave you alone.
We're a lot alike...
We're lonely.
Guess what? Nothing about
what happened at Tsuji Academy.
Mana and Saya haven't shown up.
She was hurt pretty bad.
Maybe Mana
is taking care of her.
Really, she should go to a hospital...
Good morning.
--Hey, what the--
--Sorry guys.
We stayed up late last night.
Good morning, Tsuki.
I'm sorry the information
I gave you was wrong.
It wasn't on purpose, was it?
I would never do that! Never...
All right, then.
If it wasn't a lie,
then that's fine.
Does it hurt?
I hope you get better soon.
Um, well...
I think I got the wrong
impression of you, just a little.
How can you be so arrogant
while you're apologizing?
Shut up!
thank you for saving Hiiragi!
--She's ignoring me?!
--There, there...
Everyone. I have something
to discuss with you.
You're sure about this, Mana?
I am. I will accomplish
nothing by just running away.
No matter what
the result may be.
Very well, Hiiragi.
After the events
at Tsuji Academy,
the Tower... I mean,
Fumito, will be coming for us.
So we need to find the Tower's
base before they neutralize us.
Everyone, bear that in mind.
I'm told you make a prisoner
of everyone you meet.
I don't do anything.
Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will
be opened to you.
Humans must find
the answers for themselves.
Have you found yours, Saya?
"I washed it"
You made this for me?
I just poured you some of
what was over there.
Thank you.
Want some, too?
Mr. Mogari made this.
"To thank you guys
for your hard work," he said.
He said he'd like
you to have some, too.
You aren't going to rest?
I think I'm nearly there,
so I can't sleep yet. And...
You know, this is like
your power. This is my weapon.
I understand.
What's going on?!
I found it.
The Tower's headquarters.
The Tokyo Bay Breakwater?
It really was amazing!
The way she dodged walls
and pursuit was just godly...
Why didn't you wake me for the fun?!
But nothing is out there.
Not from an address search.
But you can see
it from an aerial view.
Uh? I see nothing there.
They put false data
in the satellite image.
Remove it, and...
You've done very well.
Fumito is here.
Hiding something this big...
Those Tower guys are awesome.
And we found it. Guess it
makes us pretty awesome, too.
I really can't come with you?
They will be armed.
You wouldn't stand a chance.
But you...
You saw it, right?
Most injuries won't stop me.
And don't you still have things
to do with your weapon?
That's right.
I have to find my dad.
All we can do is support,
but you can count on us.
Right, ladies?
Ready, standing by.
If something happens, let us know.
We'll hold out as long as we can.
If it gets bad, run.
Thank you.
Okay. We're changing positions, too.
Where's the target?
It's started!
Fuji, make sure
the sound doesn't cut out.
Tsuki, can you see
what's happening inside?
I have the frequency
they're using.
--Can you tell how many?
Saya, we have
their numbers and positions.
The farther you ascend,
the more they carry radios.
Fumito must be on the top floor.
Fumito knows of
things stronger than humans.
Things that do not use radios.
The Elder Bairns.
Which way has less people?
The basement!
--Where's the entrance?
--Just a sec.
Nice trick.
Keep going.
You will never reach Mr. Fumito!
You're so pathetic,
Saya Kisaragi.
Don't you call me that name!
I have the route to the basement.
From the elevator hall.
The door on the right, far in the back.
That's enough, Kuto.
Yes, Mr. Fumito.
Behold. This is the power
of the one who will rule the world.
Mr. Fumito...!
--What is that sound?
--What's going on?
Saya, run straight forward. Hurry!
Saya... Next, go left.
You can reach the
lowest level from there.
I'm fine. Don't worry.
Good evening, Saya.
This is...
What is...
What is this?
Stop it.
Stop it...
Saya! Saya! What's wrong? Saya!
It's no use!
The connection's down!
I don't want interruptions,
now that we're finally together.
So I've shut down your radios.
I hope you will understand.
I'm glad you came to see me.
But I wish you hadn't
broken so many things.
It's finally taken effect, Kuroto.
I brought the
amount you requested.
All that running, and it
only works now. What a freak.
That coffee...
Why did I have to put that
stuff in the coffee personally?
Your young assistants
are such well-behaved kids.
They'd never slip bad
things into someone's drink.
It doesn't work on people.
It's just for you, Saya.
Worried about your Sirrut friends?
You're opening up, at last.
You're here thanks to them.
And while you were
too wary to eat anything,
you did drink that coffee.
They ended up
being useful for something.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I never lied to them.
I simply... used them.
Sirrut originated as
a small internet group.
Full of all those ideals
for more freedom in Tokyo.
Sure, I could
have merely ignored them.
But you can't ever predict
what someone on the net will do.
So I offered financial support,
and became their patron.
The kids believed any information
I leaked, making things easy.
Eventually, they found leads about you,
resulting in your arrival to my mansion.
I admit I never expected
Hiiragi would find this place.
But I contacted Fumito
directly afterwards.
So, what's next, Fumito?
I still don't get why you
spend so much effort on this girl.
Because Saya is special.
Enough to dedicate all of Seventh
Heaven's and the Tower's resources?
You said that we would
kill each other's families,
take over the Tower,
and use its power to seize
control of the world, correct?
Yes, I said that.
We could have yet more money,
influence, and glory...
I don't want that.
I said I desired the world.
Yes, something bigger...
It's small...
The world really is quite small.
Right, Saya?
Then this girl is it?
You lowered your guard, Fumito.
You and this freak can die here.
I'll make it appear she killed you.
Then everything will be mine.
You're such a rude cousin...
You've always been like that.
The way you look
down on me... I hate that!
I shall take back what I loaned to you...
Y-Y-Yo u ...
Saya's blood.
He is the Covenant.
The power you desired, Kuroto...
Now you can feel it.
For generations, the heads of
the Mogari clan have kept
the key to controlling the
Elder Bairns within their own bodies.
Your blood is the sole thing
that can destroy the connection
between humans and Elder Bairns.
See, Saya? It's like I thought.
Humans don't become it.
They're born to it.
You can't kill humans.
You're not human.
And the only things
that can satiate your hunger
are the Elder Bairns, your own kin.
Did you know? The number
of humans is always increasing.
But the number of Elder Bairns
is dropping dramatically.
There's hardly even a need for
the Shrovetide any more.
Saya, how old are you now?
How many years...
or centuries more will you live?
The Elder Bairns may
become extinct in that time.
How will you live then?
I tried to create Elder Bairns,
using your blood
and the Tower's magic.
But it didn't work.
They die soon after.
And I really tried, you know.
Experimenting on all sorts of people.
Mana, was it?
I saw the footage
from the Mogari mansion.
Her father was a reporter, right?
He lasted longer than most...
But he ran away.
And died just a while ago.
You killed him as
soon as you reached Tokyo.
What's going on?
The true Saya...
In all your beauty.
A reward for the victor.
This is the strongest
power that I can summon.
Back then, all I could do was run.
But now... See?
Elder Bairn...
Those eyes...
They're exactly as they
were when I shot you in the head.
So beautiful.
I want you, Saya.
Why did you do this?
Here, Saya.
I told you. It's difficult...
I tried it on me first,
before anybody else.
To see if I could be like you.
Finally, I can hold you...
I'm sorry, Saya.
If I were still human, that would
mean your curse would be lifted...
A reward for the victor, for you.
And a punishment for me, the loser.
You have to dodge it, Saya...
Otherwise, it's a reward...
In the end...
...I am...
...all alone...
It's no good.
Cops are everywhere.
Only emergency vehicles can get through.
Same here. We can't
reach Mr. Mogari at all.
E-Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Yes. What the youth really
need for growth is freedom.
Unnecessarily tying them
down will only invite rebellion.
And I think it's important
that adults don't lie to their chil--
Your class... Was it good?
Yeah. I stayed the whole time.
Why not join a club?
It's boring.
It's more fun
to play with everyone.
Things are more relaxed
with the new governor.
They lifted the internet restrictions.
The Youth Protection Act
is gone, too.
Compared to back then, it's heaven.
But we've never seen Mr. Mogari again.
Cisnet was absorbed by another company.
And Seventh Heaven's
executives have all been replaced.
Fumito Nanahara's
vanished from public life.
And from the
internet rumor mill, too.
Oh, sorry.
It's kind of a dark subject.
It's okay. Thinking about it,
it's been a year and a half, hasn't it?
Since that day...
But, well...
That's your fault, Matsuo.
Not my fault!
Such a brat.
I'm not a brat.
They're at it again...
And they're getting
married next month, too.
Those two really never change.
You, there... Stop fighting!
You're pretty cute, though.
What are you saying?
You're such an idiot.
But you know, I really believe
we'll see her again.
"Looking for this girl."
"Long, black hair. Big eyes. Pretty."
"May carry a long,
thin object. Name is Saya."
Who is it that calls to me?
Here in this cavorting,
delirious world?
They wear lies
like jewels, beckoning me,
their sweet, salacious gaze entangling me
I can't resist
Instincts tingling as
fragments of fate join together
A crimson lunar
halo illuminates the truth
plunging fragile, crumbling
false awakening into darkness
Tell me, if there is
anything beyond eternity,
then I need nothing
You are my only signpost
Who is it that calls to you?
Somebody wandering,
seized with formless guilt
Bewildered, you could almost drown
in love so effusive,
you can't even blink
I am right here
It's a whisper-filled cloister
that thaws our frozen time
Flowers of silver fluttering down,
humorously, beautifully
A stifled, silent voice rends the heart
Answer me, if there
are any inviolable truths,
I will soar through
the night to come see you
Yes, I always lock
my brilliant wishes inside
marring their ungratified
voids as I fill them
I was scorched by light unbounded
Anxiety keeps forestalling
me in its quest for peace of mind
The moon, steeped in crimson,
slices through sorrow,
and fragile, crumbling
illusion turns to resolve
Tell me, if there is
anything beyond eternity,
then I need nothing
You are my only signpost, aah!