Blood Craft (2019) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
[inspiring orchestral music]
[uplifting organ music]
Or do you not know
that the unrighteous
shall not inherit
the Kingdom of God?
Do not be deceived.
Do not be deceived.
Neither fornicator, nor
adulterer, nor thief,
nor effeminate, nor
homosexual, nor drunkard.
Swindlers, swindlers!
No one shall inherit
the kingdom of the God
without going through
our lord, Jesus Christ,
and the salvation and the grace,
which he put himself
on the cross,
in pain, in blood, for us,
for our flesh, for our sins!
We are who he died for!
Donate your conscience,
cleanse your soul.
Thank you, Father,
God bless you.
Bless you, Meredith.
Father, you're an inspiration.
MINISTER HALL: I know, son.
Donate your conscience,
bless your soul.
Donate your conscience,
cleanse your soul.
[ominous music]
He's gone.
He's dead.
[melancholy music]
[foreboding music]
You'll be in room number
three tonight, love.
[door buzzes]
Did your daddy ever tell
you you're a fucking whore?
Let me see your ass.
Spread your cheeks.
Yeah, spread that shit open.
What do you wanna
see her do, man?
She'll do anything.
Touch your pussy, baby.
Come on.
Oh fuck.
My friend's getting
married next week.
50 bucks, you let him
fuck you in your ass.
Okay, take your shoe off,
stick the heel in your ass.
Let me put this
out on your back.
I want you to take the belt
and choke yourself with it.
Just take it and do it already!
[door buzzes]
[melancholy music]
Spare some change?
Hello, Charles.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
You're an angel.
TYLER: Dear Grace, I
am writing to inform you
of the passing of your
father, Matthew Hall.
This is an official
notification of death
from the County Clerk's Office.
Should you wish to give
our receptionist a call
and schedule and appointment,
our hours run from 9 a.m.
to 5 P.M., Monday
through Friday.
I apologize for contacting
you under these circumstances.
Please reach out to us at
your earliest convenience.
Best, Tyler Waters,
County Clerk's Office.
Doesn't it smell pretty?
Mom, she broke my flower.
Which flower do you like best?
Which speaks to you the most?
That one.
Pick it.
Now you pull off the stem.
Why'd you have me do that?
It broke.
Flowers break
when they're apart.
But together, they are strong.
And you must remember that,
both of you together,
you are strong.
Yes, Mother.
Yes, Mother.
[shutter clicks]
[dark orchestral music]
You're here.
[melancholy music]
Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
What do you mean?
Where did you go?
You just ran away without
even saying a word to me.
You didn't even try
to take me with you.
He told me you were gone.
I looked everywhere for you.
You just vanished.
He lied.
He lied to both of us.
He told you I ran away
so you would leave.
I stayed as long as I could.
I'm so sorry.
Where have you been?
I've been okay.
You get it.
No one knows I'm here, and
I don't wanna face anyone.
Can I help you?
Grace, wow.
I saw a car out front,
I figured I'd take
a chance to stop in.
I've been trying
to track you down.
You're the next of kin
and, well, there's no will.
Tyler, from the
County Clerk's Office.
Of course, sorry.
Come in, please.
Thank you.
Yeah, I personally
wanted to let you know
about the passing
of your father.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
Have a seat, please.
Thank you.
Can I offer you some
tea or some water?
Thank you, darling, a
glass of water would be fine.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So look, the place needs
some pretty extensive work,
obviously, and being by the
highway doesn't exactly help,
but given the amount of land,
I'm sure we could work
out something reasonable,
and I'd be happy to take
it off your hands for you.
It's hard times for
everybody right now.
Your letter made it seem
like you were writing
me out of compassion.
Whoa, hold up, hold on.
Yes, I wanted to let
you know, of course.
And I figured you'd
want the estate settled,
and I'm offering to
help you with that.
This isn't the time for me
to be thinking about this.
I'm just trying to come to terms
with everything that's happened.
Look, let's just not be
too hasty here, okay?
[ominous music]
Maybe we just need to get
reacquainted a bit better,
that's all.
I want you to leave now.
Oh, Grace.
You don't really
remember me, do you?
I remember.
Yes, thank you.
Come then, you shall
see the apartment
I told you you could occupy.
It'll suit you to a marvel.
Out of the way...
What do you think you're doing?
What do you
mean, what's wrong?
Knock it off, Tyler.
Tyler, please, just go.
Just leave.
Now look.
I have been trying to
track you down for weeks.
I wanted to bury your
piece of shit father
in an unmarked grave, but
I am trying to help you.
So you can move
on with your life.
Lord knows you've been running
from him forever, Grace,
this is not somewhere
you're gonna wanna be.
You don't wanna remember.
Please, just go now, please.
For when you
reconsider things.
[door slams]
Why didn't you help me?
Nevermind, he's gone.
Do you think we
should sell the house?
Listen, you just got home,
so let's not think
about it right now.
Maybe it'd be better
if we got a fresh start.
This is our fresh start.
We don't have to be afraid
anymore of drunken tirades
or the sound of
his leather belt.
SERENA: It got so much
worse after Mom died.
Stop, stop.
The welts and the bruises.
No, please, stop, stop.
Everything he did to us,
it would hurt so badly.
Grace, do you want me to show
you the welts and bruises?
Then you'll cry for mercy, too.
What happened?
[suspenseful music]
You're all grown up
now, aren't you, Grace?
I missed you.
You're awake, sleeping beauty.
What happened?
How long have I been out?
A couple hours.
[melancholy music]
Is that Mom's
witchcraft stuff?
Where did you find
her spell book?
In the secret hiding spot.
Remember Mom teaching
us out in the garden?
It's not moving.
Hold your sister's hand.
I'm scared.
My sweet, nothing
will happen to you
as long as I'm around.
Yes, I promise.
What if you aren't here?
Then your sister will be.
Mom, is it dead?
Nothing is ever gone for good.
[speaks foreign language]
Nothing is ever gone for good.
Hilde, we're here, honey.
We're here, Hilde.
Take care of the girls.
Don't leave me, Hilde.
You can't leave me alone.
You're stronger together.
Come on, Hilde.
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no.
[cries] Please, no.
Don't do this.
[ominous music]
Go to your room now.
Are you fucking deaf?
Get out!
Get out, get out,
get out of my sight!
Get out of my sight,
get out of my sight.
Father told you I ran
away so you would leave.
So you wouldn't find out.
So no one would find out.
That I had missed three periods.
How did you keep
that a secret from me?
I didn't even know
you had a boyfriend.
I hid it well.
Father got what he deserved.
Dying slowly, wasting away,
the alcohol rotting him
from the inside out.
What happened to the baby?
He's in a better place now,
far away from here.
What happened?
I'll tell you about
it another time.
He just didn't know how
to deal with losing Mom.
I tried to be there for you
and be like she was for you,
but he couldn't cope.
The only way he knew
how was the drinking.
Grace, he punched me in the
face when I was six years old.
You had to hold a bag of
frozen peas over my eyes
because they were
bruised all over.
You remember that one
time he dragged me
up the stairs by my arm?
I remember.
I need your help
to torture his soul.
Serena, he left this
life as a tortured soul.
Grace, I need you to
think long and hard.
We used to lay in bed at night,
grasping each other's hands.
We'd chant in our heads.
And we would fly up,
up above our bodies,
into the sky.
We'd hold each other's hands
and fly over the trees,
and to the moon.
And you would just lay there.
[thunder crashes]
[ominous music]
I don't wanna remember!
Nothing happened, it didn't
happen, it didn't happen.
Even if you can't remember,
or don't wanna believe
that it happened to you,
just know that he
hurt me very badly.
It was just touching,
it was just touching,
or he would just touch himself.
What he did to
us was not okay.
He's buried right out back.
You can say your peace to
him without being afraid.
You can yell at him,
you can tell him
how you really feel.
I wish I'd come back
when he was still alive,
so I could make him feel
all the pain that
he made you feel.
We can bring him back.
We can make him pay.
Bring him back?
When night falls dark
and all goes black,
we chant our spell,
and bring what's gone back.
Bring what's gone back.
A soul so vile,
wretched and wrong,
we curse it back
through this song.
Never to rest,
longing for sleep,
from the depths of the
earth, clinging to grief.
[dark orchestral music]
Where is he?
Right there.
It's okay.
Now what?
Well, now we need to
intone a resurrection spell,
bring his soul
back into his body,
and make him pay.
Can we really, can
we really do this?
This isn't exactly
a cute little mouse
we're dealing with here.
We're dealing with pure evil.
We're gonna need a spell
book, more candles,
a chalice, and an athame.
But first things first,
we need some incense,
'cause the smell is awful.
Yeah, I think there's
some in this drawer.
I'll go get
everything we need.
[suspenseful music]
And a razor!
Don't forget a razor.
Here you go.
All these candles remind me
of when Father didn't
pay the power bill.
I remember that time.
They got in a huge argument.
When he hadn't paid the bill.
He punched her in the face
and gave her a black eye.
Do you remember, we were
all just huddled with Mom
in the bathroom?
She was just holding
us in the bathtub.
[suspenseful music]
He was banging down the door.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hilde, open the door now!
Open the fucking
god damn door now!
Open the door, open the door!
Come on, it was an accident.
That was an accident.
That's just one more reason
we're gonna make him pay
for what he did to us.
I wish we could
bring her back,
erase all the suffering
she went through.
She'll be vindicated
when we make him suffer.
We need to draw a pentacle
and place him in
the center of it.
Yes, but it has to be drawn
with a mixture of
blood and tears.
The ritual is most
effective using the fluids
of the firstborn sister.
Well that would be me.
Goddesses of the dark arts,
we implore you to bless
this cathartic enterprise,
so that we may have peace
and be freed from the pain
that would otherwise lead
to our own souls' demise.
With firstborn's red blood
and tears fresh from eyes,
we beseech thee to empower
this potion derived.
Blood gathered at
new cycle start,
shedding anew and
tears crystal clear
as morning's fresh dew.
[suspenseful orchestral music]
We call forth
the power of air.
We call forth the
power of earth.
We call forth the
power of water.
We call forth the power of fire.
We beseech thee, oh mystical
elements, on this night,
and harness your power,
your darkness, your light.
Now night's fallen dark
and all has gone black,
we chant our spell and
bring what's gone back.
A soul so vile,
wretched and wrong,
we curse thee back
through this song.
Never to rest,
longing for sleep,
from the depths of the
earth, clinging to grief.
We conjure your soul,
return from the dead,
with the plunge of this knife,
our words in their stead.
Make it stop!
Put it back, put it back!
We can't, we can't,
I can't find any spell
to trap his soul
back into his body.
There has to be something.
We can try forcing his
soul back into his body,
but we risk losing him forever.
GRACE: We don't
have any choice!
No, I'm not losing
my only chance
of making him pay for
what he did to us.
You have to put him
back, put him back!
Okay, there's a binding spell.
We could trap his spirit
into another vessel.
Other body, Serena,
we don't have that!
No, just any kind of object.
I don't know, just a
doll, go get a doll!
Please do it, do it now!
We send you back, not
from whence you came,
to be trapped inanimate.
Soul so dark, without
beating heart.
Your powers dwindling, until
our magic tears you apart.
We curse you now to
be trapped within,
unable to escape,
wreak havoc, your sin.
We curse you now to
be trapped within,
unable to escape,
wreak havoc, your sin!
Now what?
I don't know.
We figure out a way
to put his soul back
into another person's body.
Oh great, I'll just
go round up another body
and we'll be good to go.
Yeah, that didn't
exactly go as planned.
Maybe we could do a
variation of the spell
and make it work.
The book specifically said
that the spell could only be
used once with the same body.
I'm exhausted.
Let's try to figure
this out in the morning,
there's nothing else we
can possibly do tonight.
[melancholy music]
[ominous music]
Serena, lift up
your sister's dress.
Are you dumb, girl?
When I tell you to do
something, you do it.
Lift up your sister's dress.
Don't leave me, Hilde.
HILDE: You're stronger together.
I never come in here.
I don't know why
you would want to.
I don't know.
I guess I just wanted to see
if everything was the same,
and it is.
Everything is exactly
the way I remembered it.
That was Mother's
favorite dress.
She was only 18
when she married Dad.
[whimsical music]
SERENA: She was
always so beautiful.
She was.
You look a lot like her.
I do, don't I?
Serena, I'm sorry.
For the touching,
for the things that
Father made me do to you.
We both had to do
things to each other.
It was a matter of survival.
He made me do things
to you, too, remember?
I don't really wanna remember.
I keep getting flashes
of memories, but...
I remember it quite well.
Every little detail.
I think it's better to just
keep it locked in the past.
I'm glad I remember it.
It wasn't all so bad.
Even bad times
ended up being okay.
Ended up being okay?
Sometimes you would
touch me, and it felt good.
I think you liked it, too.
I mean, not the
way Father did it.
But the way we did
things to each other.
And you really liked it when
I would kiss you softly,
like this.
And I really liked it
when you would do this to me.
lift up your sister's dress.
[ominous music]
[sliding door opens]
Drunk before
dinner again, huh?
No, no, sir.
Why don't you
just cut the shit?
This is why you
still live at home.
You're an embarrassment!
You've been around the
Hall house, haven't you?
Haven't you?
I'm sorry, sir, I
just wanted to see her.
Oh yeah?
And how'd that work out for you?
You told her about
the money, didn't you?
No, sir.
I told you not to
fucking go over there!
I had to for my job.
No, you disobeyed
a direct order!
Dad, please.
No, please nothing.
What did I tell you
about respect, boy?
Respect is received
when it's earned.
You not listening to me
when I tell you something
isn't respecting me, is it?
What was that?
No, sir.
You stay away from that house.
I don't wanna tell
you that ever again.
[door closes]
[melancholy music]
What are you drawing?
Have you eaten any
of those mushrooms?
No, not yet, why?
Because I think
they're the magical kind.
Thanks for the warning.
You're welcome.
There's a whole other
bowl of those downstairs.
Act natural.
Pretend I'm not here.
You know, I have
stacks of pictures
that I've drawn of
you over the years.
You do?
Can I see them?
You can see them
when I'm done.
Stop moving.
It feels like we've
never been apart.
It does.
All I've ever wanted
was for us to be together.
We're together now.
[door opens]
What was that?
Maybe the spell
worked, and it's Father.
I think somebody's downstairs.
[suspenseful music]
Don't move from this spot.
Where is it?
[shouts in pain]
Holy shit.
Well, looks like
we found our body.
No, we can't use him.
Of course we can, and we will.
I thought we needed a corpse.
No, he'll do.
Serena, we can't.
Don't you wanna get
back at this asshole?
I do, I do, but...
Remember all that anger
you had the other night?
Remember that?
What happened?
Look at it.
Look at it!
You know, they're
all the fucking same,
just taking advantage
of all the women.
All of them, just
all the fucking same.
You don't know that.
Why the fuck do
you think he's here?
Really, why the fuck
do you think he's here?
So what am I supposed
to do with him?
I don't know,
teach him a lesson.
And then we can put
Father's soul into his body.
SERENA: Give him some
of those mushrooms,
it'll be easy for
you to manage him.
What the fuck?
Did you really think
that you could just
break into my house?
What the fuck is that?
What is that, blood?
Oh god, okay.
I don't know what the hell
this is, but my father,
my father's gonna
be looking for me.
And he knows I've been
hanging around here,
so you just tell me where
the money is, and I'll leave.
Your father knows that
you broke into my home?
What are you talking about,
there's no money here.
Don't play stupid, Grace.
The money, the money your
father stole from the parish.
There's a lot of it,
and I'm gonna find it.
If my father had
stashed any money here,
why would I let
you just take it?
I'm gonna get my hands on
that money, one way or another.
No, no, please, please,
you can't do this.
Sure I can't.
You broke into my home.
I wasn't gonna
do anything, okay?
I just wanted to scare you
a little and get the money,
because I have to
get away from him.
I have to get, I have to get...
[dark orchestral music]
I'm inside life!
[laughs] Pink type.
GRACE: Did you find the spell?
It looks like our spell boy
has turned into sleeping beauty.
Out like a light, huh?
Do you think it's true, what
he said about the money?
I don't know.
I remember kids talking about
it, but I never believed them.
Now for the hard part.
Are you ready for this?
Are you prepared to do
what needs to be done?
I know we won't have any
peace until we do this.
Do you think it'll hurt him?
Once Father is inside of
him, Tyler won't feel a thing.
He won't have any
recollection of it, either.
And then we can ask
Father where the money is.
But before we put his
spirit into this body,
will he be aware of
what's happening?
I'm sure there'll be some
pain, but we have to do it.
Are you prepared
to restrain him?
I can see that it's necessary.
Once you have him
secure, we'll start.
You don't think
there's a chance
it could kill him, do you?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
But does it matter?
We have to do this.
Is this really the only way?
Grace, Father made
us eat our own vomit.
Do you understand, we
would lay in bed at night
with so much anxiety
for what he did to us?
Help me.
Are you really gonna make
me do all this by myself?
Don't you wanna help me?
You're the
firstborn, remember?
And besides, I'll need to translate
the spell and guide you.
I wanna make up for the
times I didn't protect you.
It's not your fault.
You need to do this.
We need to do this.
I really hope this works.
Me too.
Then we'll finally be
free from this misery.
Okay, get the feet.
Let's begin.
I'm sorry, son.
[dark orchestral music]
We need to
incorporate the powers
of air, earth, water, and fire,
along with blood and semen.
My monthly blood and his
seed are in the chalice.
With firstborn's red blood
and tears fresh from eyes,
we beseech thee to empower
this potion derived.
Blood gathered at cycle
start, shedding anew.
This is actually gonna
work this time, isn't it?
Yes, we're putting an
old soul into a new body.
We call forth the power of air.
We call forth
the power of air.
We call forth the
power of blood and life.
We call forth the
power of blood and life.
We call forth
the power of earth.
We call forth
the power of earth.
We call forth
the power of water.
We call forth
the power of water.
We call forth
the power of fire.
We call forth
the power of fire.
We cleanse this living soul
to lie dormant and restrained,
as we replace it with another's.
A soul now lying in wait.
You are purified of remnants
of earthly consciousness.
For the remainder of
the penance we inflict
on your body's new tenant,
we relegate your soul
to the dark recesses in
between both light and dark,
to keep it safe
until it can be seen.
We call forth the
goddesses of the dark arts,
with all of the longing
deep in our hearts.
Release you from binding,
to live in new skin.
Release you from binding,
to live in new skin.
Release you from binding,
to live in new skin.
Release you from binding,
to live in new skin.
Release you from binding,
to live in new skin.
Well hello, girls.
It's been a very long time.
Not nearly long enough.
What's the matter?
Were you afraid to come back?
That's not very nice, Grace!
Is that any way to
treat your father?
You were a poor
excuse for a father.
Didn't I provide for you?
Clothe you, feed you, I
put a roof over your head.
You hurt us!
You hurt us all!
You abused us!
How does that feel, hm?
How does it feel to
be completely helpless
and subjected to pain?
God, you were
always so ungrateful!
I gave you discipline.
I took care of you
after your mother died.
I wouldn't call what
you did taking care of us.
God damn it!
GRACE: He's healing?
He can feel it, but it's
not showing any marks.
There she is, my sweet,
perfect little girl.
Don't you dare talk to her
as if you were some loving,
virtuous parental figure!
That's it, Grace,
make him understand.
I did the best I
could with you girls.
I raised you with a firm hand,
the way my father did with me.
Shut up!
I don't understand
how there's no mark.
There's nothing.
He can feel it,
but it's showing up
on the corpse, not Tyler.
Oh my god.
There is no god.
I spent my whole
life serving God,
just to find out
he doesn't exist.
Of course he doesn't.
Because no god would
have ever allowed you
to do the things that you
did to our mother and us.
If there was a god, he
would cast you into Hell
for desecrating my corpse!
The only person that
deserves to rot in hell is you.
Good thing you don't
believe in God anymore,
because I sure as hell don't!
Grace, please.
Let's just say that if the god
that I raised you to
believe in did exist,
he would tell you to turn
the other cheek, right?
Wouldn't he?
What was it you always
liked to say to us?
Spare the rod, spoil the child?
Because you're a
miserable piece of shit.
Please, please.
You have a chance
to show me mercy.
Like I never showed you.
Like my father never showed me.
Do you really think because
your father abused you,
that gives you any excuse
for what you did to us?
You never showed us any mercy.
You never heard
our cries to stop!
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
What the fuck did you just say?
That was for what
you did to our mother.
Please, I was a sick man.
I have a disease.
It was the alcohol.
The alcohol.
Yeah, I remember.
The alcohol.
I remember the smell of
alcohol on your breath
as you hovered over us.
Hovering over you and what?
Don't you dare laugh!
Show him the scars.
The scars on your stomach
from cutting yourself.
How do you know about that?
I just know, Grace.
Show him.
It was the only way that
I could deal with the pain,
and feel like I was still alive.
I raised you with
discipline so you'd grow up
to be strong, it's not
my fault you're weak.
It's not your
fault she's weak?
You used your daughters
for your own sick pleasure,
you sick son of a bitch.
Do you even care?
About how hard my life has
been after I left here?
Do you wanna hear
about a hard life?
How about your wife
dying, leaving you alone
with an unbearable loneliness.
She was our mother.
She left us all alone.
And we had to stay here
alone with you, you monster.
I had to cater to the
sexual whims of men,
just to survive,
because it was the only way
that I could make enough money
to pay for the psychiatrists
and the hospitalizations.
I have needed a lot of help
to deal with everything
that you put me through.
You see?
Nothing has been as
satisfying as this.
Tell him about
the medical bills.
From your problem.
I don't wanna talk about that.
You could really use the
stash of money he stole.
Is it true?
About the money?
You wanna know
about the money?
About the money, where I hid it?
It's with your mother.
In a small wooden box,
buried in her grave.
Yeah, I took it.
I took it.
To help her, so I could get
her out of that toxic factory.
But she got sick anyway,
so I took more and more,
to pay for her treatments,
but nothing worked.
And you wanna know how much
is left, after all that?
One dollar.
One measly little
dollar, buried with her.
So you can go ahead and
take that worthless,
pathetic little dollar, you
ungrateful little whore!
He raped you.
You need to face the facts.
No, he didn't.
It never went that far, it was,
it was just touching.
It was...
Then why can't
you have children?
It's just a
medical condition that I have!
Snap out of it, Grace!
It's just a medical
condition that I have.
You going to tell her
about the baby, or should I?
Hey, Serena!
I did you a favor.
I saved you from having
to raise a little brat
at such a young age.
This is madness, I can't
believe what I'm hearing.
He raped me, it was his baby!
I'm so sorry.
He got rid of the problem.
He killed the baby.
[melancholy music]
Just a minute!
Good morning there, Miss.
I'm Sheriff Waters,
you mind if I come in?
It's kind of a mess in here.
I just need to ask you a
couple questions, that's all.
How can I help you, Sheriff?
My condolences, Grace.
I was aware of your
father's passing,
and I sent the coroner out here.
My son, he helped
arranged to bury him here,
next to your mom.
Thank you, Sheriff Waters.
Well, like I
said, it was my son.
I believe he wrote you about
taking care of your estate.
I told him that I haven't
made any decision yet.
When was that?
A few days ago.
A little off-topic here,
you didn't happen to
see a small wooden box
around here, did you?
I looked around here
after your father passed,
and I didn't see it at all.
It's official police business.
I'm sorry, I haven't
seen any kind of a box
like that around here.
If you'll excuse me, I
really need to get back
to sorting through...
Alright, alright.
Thank you for your time.
But if you happen
to see that box,
you will let me know, right?
Will do.
Good to see you, Grace.
You too.
He's going to come back.
What do we do?
We need to finish
what we started now.
Yes, let's finish
it and move on.
Are you not happy yet?
I don't think I can ever
make you suffer enough
for what you've done.
Just send me back already.
I can't.
Not until you grasp the
gravity of what you've done.
You don't seem to grasp
the level of pain I was in,
and what was done to me.
There is so much you don't know.
You know, you never
met your grandfather,
because he shot himself in
the head before you were born.
But if you had, you'd know,
however bad you think I
was, he was far worse.
He was a cocksucker.
Are you gonna try to
justify what you did
with your sob story?
After hearing what you did
to Serena and an innocent baby,
do you really think there's
anything you can say to me
to make me have an ounce
of sympathy for you?
[foreboding music]
Am I going to tell her
what happened, or are you?
No, don't, Serena.
Why tell her, just let her
believe the way things are.
Are you growing
soft on me now?
Or are you just too
chickenshit to tell her?
Tell me what?
Serena, don't!
Shut up!
Shut up!
It's time.
Please, just release
my soul, please.
I can't be here for this.
I can't.
No, you coward.
You're gonna face the
consequences of your biggest sin.
GRACE: Your baby, your secret!
I had two secrets.
I only told you one.
Tell me.
There's nothing more
you can do to me, please.
Please just release me.
Tell her!
She already knows.
She's always known.
She just hasn't
been able to face it.
But you're here with me.
[melancholy music]
I've always been with you.
I never left your side.
How could that be?
Are you real?
I'm real to you in your heart.
You carry me with you.
I don't understand.
He told me you were gone.
I looked everywhere for you.
You just vanished.
When drawn is the
magical circle.
[speaks foreign language]
By sword or athame or power.
[speaks foreign language]
His compass between
the two worlds lies.
[speaks foreign language]
Serena, I'm sorry for the things
that Father made me do to you.
I don't even know what's real.
What are you?
I'm whatever
you want me to be.
You won't leave me, will you?
We can be together forever.
SERENA: If you eat
all the mushrooms.
Don't leave me!
[dark orchestral music]
You killed her!
You raped her and
you killed her baby!
You killed her!
You killed her!
I cast out your
soul for evermore.
Not to calm and peace.
I cast it into the shadows,
you shall never know peace.
You shall grow low in the
shadows, knowing only dark.
Hate and sadness for evermore
will permeate your heart.
Hate and sadness for evermore
will permeate your heart.
Hate and sadness for evermore
will permeate your heart.
What happened?
I'll get you some water.
Where are my clothes?
[suspenseful music]
[shovel strikes coffin]
Whoa, what the...
Damn it, not again.
Is this where my mommy is?
I miss my mommy.
Hey, hey, hush now, okay?
Don't worry, I'll
take care of you.
I wanna go home.
You said you were gonna
take me to my mom.
Why don't you just
stay in the car?
I'm sure I can fix this.
[melancholy music]
We're not gonna let him get
away with that, now are we?
No, we most certainly are not.
Now look, you've been a
very good little boy so far.
Now, if you keep being
a very good little boy,
maybe you'll get a treat.
Ice cream?
We can get some ice cream,
or maybe a sucker.
A sucker?
But it's very important that
you do everything I say.
Everything, and then
you'll get your treat.
I can get a treat?
Oh, you'll get
a treat, alright.
Oh yeah.
[suspenseful music]
[dark orchestral music]
[uplifting music]