Blood Feud (1978) Movie Script

Angeluzzo Paterno, get out of bed
My God
Who's there?
Vito Acicatena, for you
Angeluzzo Paterno, murdered by persons
That's what the judges said
Angelo Paterno was killed by persons unknown
...they said
And yet everyone here knew that is was
Vito Acicatena,
Vito Acicatena
Vito Acicatena, he killed him in front of my very
Anyone of you could have testified
But you all kept quiet
And you're not silence to Kill him
Cowards, all of you! You hear me?
You forgot about the baron's abuses, eh?
My poor Angelo...
His death is on your conscience
My poor child who was born dead
Better to die
...than to set his eyes upon such snakes
... in this stinking town
That's enough, signora Paterno
That's enough now, understand?
You're all guilty
All right, stop that
Stop this nonsense, you're disturbing the peace
I am disturbing the peace!
That doesn't disturb the peace? Huh?
Be silent
Don't you touch me, understand?
Move, go
Move, move before I put you inside
You rotten people
Out, Out! Go on
You make me sick
You were born slaves and you will die slaves
... but I won't, no sir
Ah, beautiful, beautiful
No wonder the greed invaders fell in love
with Sicily
And made it their most flourishing colony
Beautiful and yet desperate
Look...look there
Child labor...a curse in this country
...One of the many curses
You'll never know
The injustices suffered by this dear land of mine
...And my dear Sicilians
reared on pain and endless privations
But yet unpredictable, an extravagant race
Is that a woman in a coal cart?
A woman who carts coal, who is she?
Slow down
That's the widow Paterno, the Neapolitan
don't you remember?
Gimme, gimme my camera. Hurry up
Here, here
Heh, heh, heh, she looks like a bandit, huh?
Over here?
Yet, yet, stop
Look at the way she drives a mule.. . like a man
Oh, this is Sicily
You didn't know
cause it's the years that you've been far away
What do you mean?
She's the widow of Angeluzzo Paterno
She didn't think the judges
made a fair decision at the trial
What trail?
What trail?
You mean to say that you don't know
how Angeluzzo Paterno was killed?
Signora Paterno
Look out
My God! Mannaggia!
Oh, excuse me
Wait a moment...
Uh, Signora Paterno
What the hell does he want?
You need any help?
No! What do you want?
I'd like to speak to you about your husband
Hmm, my husband... my husband is right there,
you see, go talk
I understand your misgivings, you are right,
after what happened, ah
I am Rosario Maria Spallone
Perhaps you've heard of me,
although I've been away a long time
I am a socialist and a lawyer
Huh, better a plague
You are are right
but this is a special case,
one that should be brought to justice
Justice.. . big word
Your husband believed in justice
Yes, he did
Angelo Paterno was murdered
because he took part in the fisherman's strike
He refused to raise prices, he defied the baron
and the baron wanted him to starve
But I heard the witnesses at the trial
were usual
And uh...excuse me, I, I also know
you lost your baby that same night
I'm terribly sorry
Yet, I must ask you about the facts
You hear him, Angelu? He wants the fact
Go ask those lying bastards in town
they'll give you the facts
But, Signora, no, you don't seem to understand
I want a new trail
Yeah, and we want to sell charcoal
But I am an enemy of your own enemies
so what better friend could you have than I?
This trial, Signora Paterno is important
Excuse me...I'm
I don't know if you understood what ...
In other words, I was saying that after being
involved with the party,
and in politics ...after so many years
... feel the need to be involved with
more closely with the reality of this town of mine
I took this photograph of you the same day I
You seemed so, so beautiful, so proud
midst the olive trees
Please, accept it
Signora Paterno, it could be a great trial
Go away, Mr. Socialist
When you were needed, you,
you were playing politics in Rome,
wearing a red tie
But, signora, I
...joking in cafes
Now it's over;
I'm through with lawyers
Get out of here
Really now
Get out of here right now
Good God
Get out
What a temper
Out of my house
I understand
No, I don't understand
Signora Paterno
Signora Paterno, you owe me an explanation
Ah, there you are, signora
You were very rude to threw me out
May I know why?
Because you disgust me
You and your big words
You're a faker
I will not take that, signora, from anyone
Then take this
I'm disgusting?
A faker?
How dare you say that, huh?
If you please, I will hot permit such language
Out of here
You're witch
I'm sorry, a lady shouldn't
talk that way to anybody
Were my actions to be interpreted?
As unethical?
I'm attracted, certainly I'm attracted
but only for political and social reasons
And that's all
Hah, it's the trail that attracts me
my dear widow Paterno
I'm a faker, huh...disgusting...hah
It's unheard of
A faker, huh? Of all that...
You're mad, my dear woman, mad
Rosine, where are you?
Oh, Rosina...Rosina, where you gone?
Concetta Paterno
It seems that two years now...
...that you've been going around town saying
you've going to kill me
Am I supposed to believe that, signora, huh?
Where you running?
Over here, Concetta Paterno
Think, I didn't notice
what a nice woman you are, signora
Angeluzzo Paterno wasn't good enough for you
Hah, go on shoot
And when you run out, I'll let you feel
what it's like to have a real lover
The shots are over and we have some fun
Come here
You'll love it, uh
You shake
Come here
Snake, huh?
Keep still
What're you gonna do with that, huh?
I'll give it to you good
I'll give it...what are you doing?
It's gonna hurt
And you're gonna cry like a cat
Yeah, shout, go on
Love is better when it hurts
Stop it
Let go of me
You miserable wretch
Let go of me
Is that what you want, huh?
Is that what you want, eh?
You bitch
Here, shoot at him
The slut
Oh, my God
How do you feel?
Forget it
Why did you?
I have to know
You remember Caterina
Oh, ah, which Caterina
You don't even remember her
She worked in your house many years ago
But you don't remember
Caterina? Who is this Caterina?
She gave you a son
A son
Yeah, a son, a son
The little creature was sent to an orphanage
And that poor girl got thrown out and spat upon
and treated like a whore
Because of that, you make me sick
No...I didn't know anything
Sure, you had to leave, you had to go to
Politics, socialism, eh
You couldn't waste your time
with a little peasant girl you just fooled around
But she needed a job
what could she do?
You were the young master of the house and
she didn't dare say no
You are disgusting
Come on, a man is a man it can happen
Ah, even happened to Karl Marx
the founder of socialism
Ah, socialism
Even he, there was some incident...
with his maid...and he too had a son
Did he recognize him?
No.. he couldn't
Then he's a shit
How do you know all about that?
Uh, Caterina, I mean
It all happened thirty years ago
It was a poor woman who told me
I helped her have an abortion
Yeah, abortion, abortion
A good deed I call it
There are three kinds of men: men, half men
and bastards
And one should make children only with a man
Otherwise it's far better to spare those poor
creatures the sight of this rotten world
But you couldn't
And I would go: I don't give a damn about
the law
You are so pure and...pure and clean
Like a flame
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
Don't scare me
What is it?
I'm cold...I'm so cold
If things turn out badly put me on a coat
...and take me up on a mountain
and leave me there
I've caused enough trouble
Oh, no, no, what are you saying?
Didn't you save me
from something worse than death?
I'll never leave you, never
Spallone! Gesu Mannaggia
What is it, oh, my god?
A little kiss
A kiss? You want a kiss?
From me?
I can't
You're choking me...Spallone
I thought you said you were dying
Ah, you brought me back to life
Be good, be good
Oh, what sweet passion, madness, ecstasy
You inflamed my blood
Let me go
O, chaste goddess
Ah, delight...amore
Infinite ecstasy
You mean it? Amore
Ah, honey lips...honey lips
Oh, my god... Spallone
Let me look at you, caress you, ohhh
Let me kiss you
O, sweet wonder of creation...of the sun
Of the planets, Divine spheres
Hecate...God, sweet Jezebel...
Aphroditeo, vestal divinity
Spallone, be quiet
Font of pleasure
Let's do it.. but in silence
Spallone, Spallone, wake up
You brought life back to me...Venus...
Fleur de lys in my embrace
You're talking silly
Now you gotta go, it's getting late
Amour, amour, amour, amour
Spallo, there's a thing I got to ask you
Less political ideals which I hold as sacred
all else my existence, as,
my estate I do place at you feet
Oh, these beautiful fee, like petals
rose petals
It's very easy
I want you to forget what we've done
You must do it
Forget? No, let's remember instead
Till we're dead, forever
What are you doing, making poetry?
Hmmm, don't call me Spallone
I feel as if I'm in the army again
But your name is Rosario Maria
Don't worry, no names no more, all right
I'm just a widow
What I did, I did show you my gratitude
I belong to Angeluzzo and that's the way
it's gonna be
Have you gone mad?
Don't you understand that I love you?
Concetta Faterno
And our witness is your husband up there
He can your virtue
He'd say.. titian, you fell in love?
And then
I'd have to
Oh, it's not possible.. . before when I held you
I could tell you reacted and loved me
Ah, yeah, I was weak, weak, all right?
Weakness without love thought is...Spallone
What happened, never happened, understand?
What if I should go and hang myself?
It means that you're a son of bitch and that you
don't love me
What's your pay?
Hm, yeah, the old story
The years pass, but in this country,
still the same old shit
Who are you, what do you want?
On their knees all day long down in that pit
like mice
And five tarts a day is all they get when I worked here, yeah...
Right in this here mine,
when I was a kid and that was long
Hey, what is all this?
Who gave you the permission to come here?
Who are you?
Ah.. . it's not the bookkeeper's fault,
he's a good guy, kids...
And to prove it he wants everybody...
to get double pay this week
Anita that right?
You're a real person., real good guy
What good guy?
What will I tell the Baron?
Frankly, I don't know. Maybe you can say that...
it was a miracle by the Madonna
Or if you can say there was a guy...
who was puttin' the pressure on you...
The name is Nick Sanmichele
Not bad, huh, Spaventa?
Nice shot
Over here.. Here we are
That's the one
Oh! What are you doing?
The bird's mine. I shot it
There, you see? From my gun
Learn how to shoot before you hunt
Here, take this. I'll...see you later
Signora Paterno, wait
Wait, wait, please, I have to talk to you
Just for a moment, I beg you
We must talk; I can't go on like this
Ma che cazzo
No. .. wait
Wait for me. Wait
I tried to respect your wishes
Can I help it if I'm in love? Concetta
I told you to forget it, stop it
I beg you, you must listen
We must forget
I can't forget
I can't make believe I don't love you
Go, go, jammo ni
Who put that frame around you, Angeluzzo?
Nick Sanmichele, the son of Cucuzzedu, ahhh
Yeah, back from America
Let's drink...everybody
I used to dream of this moment.. feel like crying
Oh, padre...Priest comes into frame;
they kiss
So you're back
Yeah, from New York
And looks what I brought you, the Blessed Virgin,
isn't she beautiful?
Cheers. Drink up
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Wait a moment... That's a jelly-rong song
Genuine American music
It's wonderful
I'm taking a bath
What do you want? Get out of here
Only you...only you don't know who I am, huh
Everybody likes me And yet you, no!
I don't know who you are and I don't give a damn
I'm Nick sanmichele,
Angeluzzo's second cousin
Don't you remember?
Nicuzzo...Madonna, you were just a little kid
Okay...anyway, I uh
I came here to say hello to you before leaving
because I'm returning to New York
and there is this big present for you,
this gramophone, hm
But I see that uh...maybe I disturb you here
yeah, I know
Okay, don't worry
I'll go to your home and wait for you there, hm?
Wait.. wait a moment
couldn't you wait?
Nicuzzo, it's really you? You came back
Oh, my god, you look like a millionaire
Did you like the flowers and the silver frame
I bring you?
Oh, it was you...they were beautiful
God knows how much you spent
And the frame, too, that you dedicated to
the first nice thing anyone has over done for him
Isn't that so, Angeluzzo?
You see, your little cousin came
That's right, Angeluzzo, I've come back here to
say hello to you
Because now I am an American...
I made a lot of money there
I got a bar in New York...
yeah, and now I speak American
Just think, if you had left in my place...
who know...ah, Christ?
Don't say that, don't wish that
Why not...if it's the truth?
Why can't I?
I loved him, too
You know what happened...
about the trial everything?
You know that the bastard
who killed him right under my eyes is still alive
and free?
Yeah, yeah
His name is Vito Acicatena
Uh, yeah, we know the facts
He's back and he's a fascist
and I got no peace
I got no peace
Aw, don't worry about it now
I just got here...
it's a special day today and for you and I
I brought flowers and for Angeluzzo
Did you read on the frame, huh?
The dedication we wrote?
We'll never forget you
So, don't worry about it
there's uh this nice present for you from
Uncle John from New York
this gramophone
You remember Uncle John, Zio Giovanni?
Wanna give me a little smile now? Hm?
For many years I wanted to cry...
now he comes along and I'm supposed to smile
Take this phone-o-phone back to America
I couldn't care less, understand?
Okay, so, I'm leaving tomorrow
but before I go you gotta make me some
with those little meatballs inside
huh, like you used to
You remember, don't you, baked lasagna
Where you put in a little basis and garlic...okay
I'll see you tomorrow
But who invited you?
You...because I read it in your eyes
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, at twelve o'clock
The music...what am I gonna do with that damn
Nicuzzo, come back here. Wait
Nicuzzo, will you wait a minute
What's the matter with you?
Don't forget, lasagna with meatballs
Come back here
It's time to eat
Good for nothing, never here when it's time to eat
It's time to eat
Ah, you're finally here
Maria, his highness has arrived
Oh, what are you doing with that newspaper?
Not to read
Did you hear me, it's time to eat?
Are you coming or not?
Cover your mouth when you yawn, ill-mannered
What did I ever do to deserve a son like that?
Acute work
Cross yourself
Put the napkin in front of you...
around your neck
Or you'll get the sauce all over your shirt
You got to explain what you are doing with
this book
Ha, the land to whom earns it
You're supposed to be a landowner,
a proprietor and you read a thing that says
Land to the Peasants
You you you you're an imbecile
You're totally mad
Mad, totally mad
Maria! Maria
Watch out, Mamma, 'cause I'm going to leave
Oh, you're gonna go away again, eh?
So what else is new?
Thank you
You should eat more, you look sick
You're so run-down, eat eat
you're all full of wrinkles...dried up, skinny,
You make me feel ashamed
And don't drink
Don't drink...stop it I said
I said don't smidge
You're gonna smudge yourself
Listen to your mother
My mother?
But the truth is that I want to have sauce
all over me...all right?
Oh, look at the poor thing;
he thinks he's being cute, imbecile
I'm warning you
I'm going to have you committed if you
continue like this
In an asylum
Believe me, I'll consider it a vacation
but you better do it right away
because I'm about to sell the Saing Agatha
You out of your mind?
I mean you're joking
No, no
Oh, my God, you want me to have a stroke
this instant?
Possibly...but nothing can kill you
Then it's true
You're going to sell
Yes, it's true, I made the deal
I need the money
because I'm going to present myself
to the electorate as a socialist deputy
But Rosario
A deputy who says the Land to the Peasants
Oh, fine
Now try to have a nice stroke
May I come in?
Is anybody here?
There's nobody here
Excuse me, sir
Are non-members allowed?
Certainly, certainly, why don't you take a seat?
Thank you,
I ask because on the door outside it says
For Members Only
so I didn't know
I mean, I said to myself, what should I do
I should enter, I should not enter, I don't wanna
disturb nobody,
you know what I mean?
Come in but be quiet, silence, please
Oh, yeah, sorry
Thank you, sir...with your permission
I'm in
Ten liras
No, I pass
are you bluffing or are you out to ruin me tonight?
I keep losing here
Betm Lucio, go ahead, go ahead
yeah, go ahead, he keeps betting like a nut
Let me think a're really a big pain in
the ass tonight, you know
Would you like to sell?
Ah, is it okay if I take over his game?
What do you mean?
Well, we do this a lot in America
Do what?
I take over your game and consequently I pay
your losses...
you know what I mean?
I'm buying the right, the right to play in your place
if you want to
The only trouble is you should be informed
I'm losing over a hundred and twenty liras
For me it's all right
it's up to you, Rosario
He's taking all the losses
that difference does it make, don't you think,
Uh, won't you sit down?
Thank you, thank you...okay
Well...hey, kid, come over here
How about a little drink, huh?
No, no thanks
Let me offer you a drink
How about you?
No, I don't drink, thanks
All right, a cognac for me, kid
huh, hurry up
Oh, well, then
Let's see the way things stand
Pair of sevens, pair of eights and my
possible straight
Want to do something more exciting tonight,
You better liras...
what do you say we raise it, a hundred?
No, I'm out
You staying in, pair of sevens?
It's too heavy, not for me, thanks
Jack, ace, king bets a hundred
quite a sum
You're accustomed to betting on a higher lever
in America
But not to make you feel
you're among a bunch of provincial Italians
not only I'll see you for a hundred,
but I'll raise you five hundred
Five hundred?
Five hundred, five hundred, you heard me
We'll never remember all this
I'd better write it down
Deal'em out
Queen with a pair of eights...and a pair of aces
Bet.. .aces bet
Yes sir
Do you establish a limit here to the betting?
No, none
Ah, okay wonderful... all right
What do you bet?
Whatever you got in front of you plus...
one thousand?
One thousand it is, then
The Saint Agatha fields and the orchard,
how much are they worth?
He's gone out of his mind
Including livestock and all?
You gone mad?
Don't be a ball-breaker.. how much is it all worth?
I don't know, at least...thirty thousand
Naturally, thirty thousand liras is an
approximate evaluation
if you are willing to accept it
Of course, aren't we all gentlemen here?
I don't know if the bet is a little...over your head
I am at your service
Well, all right
Even the whole thirty thousand is okey with me
All right, thirty thousand is the bet,
if you want to stay in
Hmm, okay
I see you for thirty thousand
Three eights
Hmm, I'm sorry
Minchia, he's got three aces
Well, that's the breaks
He's ruined you, my God
What's the matter with you, you drunk,
you gone mad?
What the hell were you doing?
Having some fun
Isn't a gentlemen entitled to a little fun?
I'm really sorry if this is a big problem for you
don't worry, let's forget about it, huh?
How about uh if we cancel the bet?
I don't want to cause you any trouble
Me, trouble?
You don't seem to understand, Mr. America
I can double the stakes
You see the palazzo out in the square?
I can throw that into boot, if you still want to play
Rosario, please
That's enough now
You're being ridiculous, Rosario...
Excuse me, but let the lawyer make up his
own mind
He's a lawyer, he don't need a wet nurse
Do you want to play, huh?
Yes, I want to play, come on
Wonderful, generous, noble and out of your mind,
But you're missing a fundamental quality to
be a real card player,
Mr. Lawyer, and you know what?
I took your nose... just like
I took the third ace out of my sleeve
I cheated
You are a cheat
Yes, sir...but I don't do it for a living
It's just to have some fun
But it's no fun with you
And you know why?
Because you're too much of a kid're really dumb
You bastard
No, you can't say that
If I was a bastard
if I was a bastard
I'd have made you
lose your shirt and your dirty underwear too
Mr. Lawyer Spallone
You scum
Keep your eyes open next time...heh...gentlemen
Why you little
No, Rosario
control yourself, for God's sake
Yeah, listen, sonny
Instead of being insulting you ought to say
thanks to me
That's what you want to say
Let him go, let him go, Rosario
Au revoir, Rosario Maria
Ah, no, put me down, bad boy, no
Put her down
Are you crazy? Put her down
Stop it
Put me down
You gonna put her down or not?
Over there
Manna, mamma mia
Yeah, okay, tootsie, okay, nice and easy
Ah a lawyer again
Looks like you're having a feast
Am I right or wrong?
Am I right or wrong, heh?
What the hell do you care?
No, it's just that uh, I didn't know
Then what did you come for anyway?
I smelled something wonderful
No, it's lasagna with meatballs
A fantastic perfume
Perhaps I am being indiscreet seeing as you
are having a family reunion
but Donna Titina
Would you not honor me by requesting that
I join you? Hm?
Come, sit...sit down
My sincerest thanks
Here's to us!
Hey, our lawyer's a real nice guy, isn't he?
Are you sure you are the son of
Don Alfio Spallone?
Hm mm
That's strange because your father
instead he used to push everybody around,
especially his peasants
like my father
Oh, you didn't know about that
Yeah, but one day
my father got pissed off at your father
and faced him with a knife in his hand
And you know what your father
said then to my father?
Bad times, he said,
when an honest man can't even
kick his own peasants around anymore.
Really? He said that to him?
Yeah, that's what he said
He did well
Your father did very well to rebel like that
A man full of dignity
Yeah, a dead man full of dignity
Because after that your father told him
where her could go
And so my father had to work in the sulphur mine
Ah, I wish that knife had been in my hand
If you know how I hated my father
poor old guy, afraid, destroyed...
because he didn't knife your father when
he should have
Then he got sick, he caught the miner's disease
and died within a year
That's frightening, it's a tragedy...
I, I feel guilty for my father
It wasn't your fault
At sixteen I left home...
and became an anarchist!
What the hell for?
Just to go against my father
You hated your father, he hated his father
and I hated my mother
That's good
We all grew up hating
Hate is a good teacher
it's a wonderful test
Look at us, for instance
With hate in your belly you grow strong
it's all force
It's me, open up
No nobody saw me, don't worry
Shhh, quiet, quiet
They mustn't hear us
What are you doing there?
Oh, nothing special...
I just wanted to know how much you charge
I can pay you good...
I can even pay you with dollars if you want
What a pity
And to think no one suspected anything either
Concetta paterno
Even in New York they know about her
The widow with the rifle
The faithful and revengeful lady
who swore that she'd get her husband's killer?
But instead
You are the town's secret whore
Come here, let's have a drink
With a rifle
Get dressed and get out of here
Come on
What's the matter, did I make the lady feel bad?
How's it possible...for a woman who gets around,
like you do?
Forget it, nothing has happened
I don't want to see you anymore
And why is it good for the others and not for me?
A relative, if anything
has more right, no?
You think that your dear departed up there
will suffer to see you, huh?
Mmm, don't worry about it
I bet he'd be happy to see
with his own eyes
what a whore, his wife has turned into
I offer two hundred dollars
I'm ready, come and get it
On, you filthy pig
Out of my house, out
What do you think you're doing?
Don't touch me! You animal
I'll show you
Get down, dammed it
Get out
Get away from me
I'll show you
Get out
Let me go
No, no, no, no more
Come here
What are you doing?
Ah, you don't know what I'm doing, huh?
Take your hands off me
Take your hands off me
Keep still, mannaggia
God dam
Ti odio
Cosa fai?
Che cosa fai?
Keep still
Hey, what's this?
No, no, no, ah, no
And to think I had so much respect for you
as if you were the Blessed Virgin Mary
You don't even know, but you got into my blood
a long time ago, when I was a little kid
But Angeluzzo was like a brother to me
and I felt like Cain
because I wanted you
Tell me, who was in that house?
You went there like a bitch in heat
Tell me, who was in there
Open your eyes, look at me
Who was in there?!
I am with a poor woman;
she needed an abortion
What the hell are you saying?
What the hell am I saying? What I'm saying?
Take a look, she's still sitting there
An abortion
You've got to forgive me
I beg you, you've got to forgive me
You've got to forgive me
You've got to
Because I've always been
Because I've always been in love with you
From the very first day I respected you
and you know I loved you
I thought I was going out of my mind
But, you too,
you're crazy going around giving abortions
But now that I felt you so strong inside
You're a part of me forever
This is not for us; it's not for me
I don't belong to anyone
It's over, my life is over
No, no
Your life is in America
and you're still so young
So young
Young... In America, I killed twenty-five people
Oh, God
Why, why?
Why...because I had to do it
It was when they killed Uncle Nicola
A guy likes Aciatena
sold him down the drain
And I had to show them we had the guts to
hit back
It was the only way to get
those bastards to show us respect
My poor Nick, my poor baby
you lost, too, amore mio
If you leave me then I'll be lost
I'll be lost for real
There is this nut who invented prohibition...
and that prevents drinking
No wine, nothing
Prohibition for every kind of alcohol
Well, now, wouldn't have you tried to help
the people
...and let them have a little drink?
There's no selling over the counter
And so, we sell the stuff under
But that's like smuggling
Yes, sir, But it's humanitarian
Humanitarian smugglers
Besides, when there is a million dollars involved
and when
...ever nice ladies
let you pinch their ass
...bootlegging becomes respectable and it's
called business
Import and export
And since there is a ship that we've loaded
with boozes that's going to Genoa.
And Naples
and since now the fascists are playing around
I have to go and check on the organization
And so I'm leaving
You don't trust me, huh?
I'll be back in about a month
and I'll take you with me to America
My God. What a mess
It's better you don't return
You're a real nut, widow Paterno
I'm going to have to be real patient with you
Eh, to me, sounds like they want a revolution
No, listen, there's no need for it anymore by now,
it's clear
What is?
It's that the king is in agreement with Mussolini
They must be in agreement
otherwise with all his troops in Rome
there would've been a civil war
Ah, as usual
things will end with feasting and drinking wine
Thank God, what would you have wanted
another French revolution with guillotines and
heads rolling?
We're better off this way
Yeah, feasting and drinking wine
Mussolini as head of state...
I can't imagine it
What a clown
Spallo, King Victor Emmanuel
Garibaldi, Mussolini
the names change, but here
it's always the same, always the same
But don't you realize
we could end up with an Acicatena as mayor
of this town
At least I'll know where to find him and shoot him
Can't you understand, only those kinds of
people win, hm?
What a shambles
My God
Wait here
Spallone, where are you going?
Wait for me
Tutino told me, he said you were in here
What's the matter?
You're just in time
For what, what's
A showdown with the Baron
the peasants let's get moving
A revolt?
Spallone, where you going
Oh, there's little time, everybody's there already
I have to go
I, I'm sorry
Who organized this revolt?
Where is everybody?
Hmm, they turned chicken, Christ, I knew it
Thank God instead that they didn't show up
Yeah, you let them occupy the land and then?
They'll be found guilty and no one will defend
not even in parliament
They'll go to jail
Shut up, spallone, it was a golden opportunity
Yeah, golden opportunity look out
God dam, you idiot
Golden opportunity of my ass
By losing your heads, you're not going to gain
The only way to take this land
is through legal procedure
The law decides; only the law can help you by
the legal vote
But not now that the Fascists and Military are
in cahoots together
You're talking like a fascist
Me a fascist
No, no, no, don't
Get out, get out of here
A fascist, huh? I'll strangle you
I'll kill you
Calling me a fascist, me
a fascist
Let me, let me go
I'll murder you
The Fascists, oh, my God
Peppino, come here
Run, spallone
Run, run
Who is the troublemaker?
This socialist idiot here
Where you going?
Out, out
Everybody out
Why, you bastards
The son of a bitch
Hit him
We'll show you what the law is
Get him up, get him up
Let everybody see what a beautiful sight
Our great and noble socialist
our great lawyer
Defender of lonely widows
And generous, too
Can you imagine, we got a landowner here who
squats on other peoples land
Son of a bitch, thinks you can spill on us, uh?
Who do you think you are?
He hates my guts, look at his eyes
Sounds like he wants to throw up
Yeah, well
we got something to pump the hate out of him,
isn't that right?
Castor oil, a funnel
and we pour it down his gullet
till he drowns in his own shit
Drink up, lawyer
I don't want that slut coming in my house
I don't want her, understand?
Keep her out, keep her out
You can't go in, you can't go in
No, no, no, signora
Didn't I tell you, eh?
It's embarrassing for him, every ten minutes
he has to
He should be through by now, wait a minute
Yeah, Maria, Maria
take that chamber pot, go on
Come, signora, you can go in how, go in
No, please
Go away
No, leave me alone
Who did it?
It's humiliating
It was Acicatena, oh?
That worm
They all ganged up, huh?
Spallo, look at me
And it was all my fault because of me
What humiliation, what a failure
Won't you even look at me?
You once said there are men, half men and
I, where do I fit in with you
Shhh, stop it, don't talk like that
Ah, useless, full of dreams and vain ideals
I don't know how to live,
how to sustain a struggle
Nothing, I'm just a nothing
And that son of mine
I was thinking of him last night coming back
from Rome
He would be thirty years old
Who knows what's become of him?
I make myself sick, I'm a failure
What are you saying?
What failure, useless
You know you are, you are for me
No, no, no, you're being sweet...
only because you pity me
No, no
No, I love you
Because you're clean and generous and strong
like a real man
And you respect all God's creatures
How did it happen?
Mannaggia, Angelu, what do I know?
Oh, I know how it happens, eh?
I know you think that
In other words you are saying that I was always
a whore
Just a striking whore
But we didn't notice it, that' all
Now you sit there and smile
Smile, smile, your wife is a... Ah
Angeluzzo, Angeluzzo, I'm so better than
my mama
I thought I was a good woman but no, no
just dirt
Because I followed my heart
Is it my fault? If I love them both?
Now if that means I'm a stinking whore well
what can I tell you?
It's God's truth and amen
Hold it
Oh, my love
You've come back, finally
Crazy woman
You're back
You were crazy when I left
and now you're still crazy
What's the matter with you?
Wanna shoot me?
Who did you think I was?
Tell the truth
This morning he almost killed spallone
He found out he was back from Rome
If I had known
I would have gone and I would have shot that
Ah, come on
Oh, it's terrible
Now stop talking about it
I'm back now... everything is okay, don't worry
Two months away from this crazy woman
Amore mio
Oh, my God, Nicuzzo
Amore mio
Amore, no
Oh, you turn me to butter when I should be strong
Don't make me act this way
Oh, you make me lose myself respect
Ah, you're really crazy
Wherever I went this month to Genoa, Naples
I kept you here
Look, your papers, see, your passport
A passport?
Yeah, you're coming with me to America
Huh, you will?
You'll come with me
I think I'm going to have a baby
A baby?
My .. baby
And I think it's Spallone's baby
Let go of me
You're crazy
Oh, my God
You could have at least told me
But you said nothing
If you had told me I would have understood
...And forgiven you
forgive what, Spallone?
What do you know about him?
Did you know that Acicatena was raping me
and he risked his life to save me?
Did you know that?
What are you talking about? Huh?
It was to thank him
What the hell has thanking got to do with
your honor?
Honor? What honor?
And killing twenty-five people, what's that?
Honor or dishonor?
Only on time?
I gotta know
Answer me
Then why is it his?
Tell me the it mine?
Because if it's my son
and you don't tell me
that means you really take me for a ho good
I'm the mother, only I know
It's his baby
And I don't even know if I want to go through
with it
Does he know?
Listen, you hear them?
Listen to the way they carry on, those idiots
Excuse me a minute
Who knows what they're up to
Ah, there they are, and there's nobody to
stop them
Not a policeman is sight
Look at that
Heh, and look at Acicatena leading the way
And you know where they're heading?
For the old amphitheater
Rosario, what are you doing?
You gone mad?
Don't worry if we eat a little cheese, sheepherder
My respects, it's an honor to serve you
Eat as much as you like
Good man, the Baron will be very happy
that you offered us some of his cheese
The Baron know me well
Vito Acicatena has always looked out for
the Baron
I used to defend his property with a rifle
Now I use my Fascist
We black-shirted guards
brought law and order here
And we'll keep the order like good boys... bad boys...Or very bad boys
all right?
Bravo! Wonderful
Who is that?
I don't know
What's he want?
My compliments
Will you allow an expaesano of yours to pay
his respects?
You come right to the point, short and sweet
I don't think a socialist
is gonna show his face around here
You make them all fly away... Bravo
You got brains, you got bullets and you got balls!
Excuse me, but with whom do I have the
Allow me to introduce myself
I'm Nick Sanmichele from New York
I'm an American
and in America we love Mussolini
Yeah, we love him a lot
It's fantastic the way you teach respect, great
I gotta tell the peasants back in New York
about this
Ah, I'm on to you how
Am I right, you said Nick Sanmichele?
From New York
So where've you been
we thought you were gone after you caused
all that trouble at the sulphur mine
They passed your name on to us
you went around putting strange ideas in the
heads of those kids
Nick Sanmichele, yeah, yeah
What do you take me for a socialist?
I am an American
Well, since you're not a socialist
why don't you go mind your won lousy business?
You can talk like that in America
Here we don't like troublemakers
Me, a troublemaker?
Just because I passed out a few presents
to those little kids in the sulphur mine?
No, I'm even glad
You go to do that sort of thing there in America,
but not over here
Why not?
Because no
I like it
You got real class
You don't give a shit
I think you and me ought to have a little
talk together
You and me... What for?
Hmm, who knows, we might hit it off nice
You feel like going for a little ride with me,
signora Acicatena?
We go in my automobile
If you don't mind, I don't particularly like rides
For no it's better to go walking, that is,
if you don't mind
And if you should mind, if you should mind,
that's all right, too
Eh, what can I say, these Black Shirts
they go right to the point
Wanna go for the ride?
Or are you afraid?
No, afraid?
Hey, did you hear what this guy asked me
if I'm afraid?
Vito Acicatena here is not afraid of you,
or anybody else
Did you hear that, is Vito Acicatena afraid?
The eventuality is that you are probably afraid
of me
Maybe we ought to tell him, huh?
You fool around with Acicatena
you'll hang by your balls
understand, Americano?
Okay, so he's not afraid
Then let's go, you ready?
I'm ready, I'm ready
That's the spirit, here we go
It's up there
Wait for me here, boys
Vito Acicatena
Look out, Vito
Jesus Christ, what the fuck
Hurry up, let's get up there
Get him before he gets away
Up there, up there, there he is
Let him go, let him go, get up there
Get the hell back
Shoot, shoot
I got him, I got him!
What the fucking minchia you doing?
Get back up there, huh!
Get down, get down!
Stop, I have to vomit
You can vomit later, there is no time now,
dumb son of a bitch
Hurry up, come on!
That dumb son of a bitch ruined everything!
We gotta get out!
Move, move, come on!
What's the matter?
Eh, what's the matter, he shot Acicatena,
that's what's the matter
Yeah, in front of everybody
Move, get what you need, and make it quick
Hurry up!
We've gotta go away
Go away for what?
To live, god dam it, the show is over,
What are you saying, Nicuzzo?
We're playing for keeps, no more fooling
around you
I understand, I understand, but what am I
supposed to do?
What's the matter with you, hurry up
But what should I get hurry up, hurry up,
but for what?
Shut up, Mannaggia la put tan a
Just hurry up and get what you need
But tell me what happened at least
Here, a fucking mess, that's what
Who did the shooting, what happened?
Spallone comes out waving a gun like an idiot!
What's the matter with you?
Madonna, he's hurt, Nicuzzo
Too bad he isn't dead
Sit down.. What did you do?
You were supposed to stay in the car
You are wounded
What do you make him kiss your hands?
What did he
This stupid bastard here, I had to kill three
just because of him
And everybody saw it
Disgraziato, figghiu di put tan a, vaffancuio a tia!
Stop insulting me
Insulting you?
Why not even a fucking Turk could insult you
Dumb son of a bitch you think killing a man
is easy?
No, no, stop
Well, it's not
Be good
Where did you think you were
playing cards in your lousy club for members
Or else playing politician?
I've never killed before
We could see that!
You gotta stop
Because Killing, that's for guys with guts
Don't be like that
And you have no guts, Mr. Spallone
You're a ho thing man!
You're out of your mind, what's the matter
with you?
Get out, you, wait outside
Wait a minute
Why you miserable...I'll murder you
I'll murder him, I'll kill him
You crazy son of a bitch!
Get, get out of the way
But what are you doing?
For God's sake, stop!
This guy's crazy... Get him off me, maniac
I'm nothing man, huh?
No, that's enough, that's enough
Leave me...Out, out I said
Idiot, you got me from the back, huh?
What are you doing?
Dirty, sneak up from the back
Shut up and look what you did
What the fuck, you don't push a woman in
that state
In that state? In what state?
In her condition, can't you see?
No, you don't say nothing
Quiet ...not a word
I want to tell him
Tell, tell me what?
What do you have to tell me?
I'm going to have a baby
A baby
Hey, don't get carried away
She says it's your baby
...but she loves me!
You understand?
She's more than a wife for me
And if anyone lays a finger on her,
he will got skinned, you got that?
Disgusting! What are you, a faggot?
Christ sake!
She loves me, understand?
She's practically my wife
Jesus Christ, can you imagine,
I have a child
What are you doing? Vaffancuio
Somebody's coming
Hurry up, get your stuff
Yeah, yeah
Move, move
Thank you, my love
you don't know what this means to me
Here, hurry up
Yes, yes
Oh, my love.... A baby, my own child
Listen, you better know right now
That baby's his, not yours truly,
it belongs to him
But I don't want him to know, understand?
To him?
What's he got to do with the...
What are you doing there, get in the car,
they're coming
hurry up
Let's go
I don't believe it
Then don't believe it
Shhh, he's coming down
Get in, get in
I got the new passports;
I had to buy them from three emigrants
Our names are on the blacklist now
Well, then, those poor wretches
they won't be able to leave without their
I got wise to it all when I made my first trip...look
at them
Poor, miserable people
All their lives they pay for everything with their
...Food, clothes, a place to sleep
and don't think it gets any better over there,
in America
over there, if you're not on top
you haven't got a chance
and only if you're on top
may be you can give some poor bastard a hand
but remember, that hand has got to hold
a gun in it,
if not, it's useless
in a socialist world it wouldn't be that way
Jesus, okay
then you go live in your socialist world
cause we're going to America
anyway, I gotta hurry up
I gotta get the passports stamped
don't move, wait here, I'll be right back
Wait, I don't want
Spallone, it's true, those three people
they won't leave, but you risk being shot
But I can't, I don't accept it
I don't want to buy my liberty
betraying poor emigrants
There must be another way
I'm going to stop him
Spallo, wait a minute
Signora, you feel sick?
No, no, I feel better now
I feel better
Ah, that's good
Ah, it's no fun traveling like this
Me, too, look three months
I saw you before talking to your husband
Excuse me, signora, but which one is he
the guy that's got the passport, or the guy that's
got no passport?
Here, this was my husband
He died three years ago
Eh, what are you gonna do?
Listen, signora, are you worried because
of the baby?
Maybe I can help you
There's this Calabrian woman,
she's a midwife
She can help you get rid of the baby
No, it's not the baby I must free myself from
I must go now
Oh, God
Run, run
There are anarchists in here
And they're carrying bombs
There he is
They're carrying bombs, look out
Two men and a woman
Help me, I gotta get
There are anarchists
with bombs among you
They're hiding bombs
Hey, hey look
Two men and a woman carrying bombs
There, look, there he is with the bandage
he's got a bomb
It's not true, no, no,
listen, it's not true
That's him, that's him
Stop him, he's got a bomb
Look out, run
No, it's not true, I have no bomb
I am a socialist
A free man
I am not a criminal
He's got a bomb
I gotta kill him
You are the ass as sing here
Get down
Get down
Can't bear the sight of a free man, huh?
Go on then
Shoot on a defenseless man. Go ahead
Go on
I'm not afraid
Give me
Look out, look out
Go ahead, you cowards
The child is yours
The child is yours
The child is yours
I love you, believe me
I loved you always