Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971) Movie Script

The nightmare again?
Do not worry,
do not worry.
Do not worry.
This vai putting out.
Vai leave?
In a little.
Tod has not yet come.
Do not go yet.
Happy Birthday, daughter.
But it is tomorrow.
And then?
Only I could not find
a beautiful role.
Dad ...
is beautiful!
It is the most precious thing
I can give you.
I will save it with esteem.
Do not store with esteem.
It was done to be used.
Must have cost a fortune.
What if I lose it?
You do not vai.
Always use.
Put it now.
Happy Birthday, daughter.
Thank you.
Hello I am happy
it has achieved.
Cale that mouth!
Sometimes I wonder why
I am in this job.
We know the reason, no?
Put it in there.
How about a little
of entertainment?
Let's see the old
It was in that shirt
all night.
He is quiet,
is not shaken.
Perhaps it is later,
when they get there.
Hi, cat.
When I leave vai
talk with him?
- Who?
- His father.
- Not now.
- Not now? How so?
You are not
feeding it right.
It should be
Gordinho and beautiful.
Honey, could you
I help in the search.
Sometimes I think I want
for only two things.
- You are right.
- I have?
Yes The whole reason.
- You drank too much.
- My ours!
- I thought it would not see it.
- Where achieved?
- Present the anniversary.
- From his father.
The vai you give me?
I have never seen anything so beautiful.
Must be achieved
In a dispatch.
- What do you know about it?
- I do not know anything.
- Do not want to know?
- Perguntarei to it later.
For the first time was nothing
talked about the shipment.
Nothing same.
Without reports, without newspapers,
without findings, nothing ...
absolute secrecy.
Perhaps there was nothing.
He never gave you something
look? Other gifts?
All these years,
and now this ring.
There is similar
with anything I have seen.
I know. We will find out more
with my friend, okay?
Be careful.
It can be dangerous.
I will close by.
Thank you, Doctor.
We will Berigan, knows what
I want to. Is there not?
Get your hands on me,
its crazy!
It is better to leave, sir.
Now, please.
Show me the sarcophagus.
Stop with that.
See her father.
That is all I need.
Maybe later.
Promises, promises ...
- Hello.
- Hi, Tod.
- Geoffrey is?
- Once there.
Tod! Not the expected.
Not planning ahead, but I have
I want to show you something.
What this tells me?
My God!
Where it succeeded?
Who is?
It is mine.
It is not beautiful?
Death ... is far.
Not yet vai reach.
There needs and fights ...
but will be away for joy
the voices of children.
They are Terry and Trishy,
my twins.
They are coming back home?
You are hot.
I need to take this.
What, Mrs. Dickerson?
I can not continue.
The vibrations are wrong.
You have to leave, Mrs. Caporal.
We in another week.
It is something bad and is
with fear, I expect.
Exit. Take your jacket.
It is so beautiful ...
is fantastic
under the light.
Can I have it back?
It should call for Geoffrey
to learn how it is.
He will be well.
The doctor said he would.
That is what the alarmed?
I thought I had been.
Perhaps it is remembered
from someone.
lsso is not a compliment.
He is late.
He has come vai. You can go.
Already it was enough.
I can not leave him.
And if he comes?
He will.
He heard what the doctor said?
''Should expect these things
when you have your age''.
You can go, do not worry.
Okay. Take care.
Good night.
I am happy it has been.
I am happy that you have
I tried.
What happened?
- It was her.
Much like life.
Parada well there.
And the ring.
She, who has no name.
How could this happen?
We do not know!
He should have seen Fuchs
it does not believe in things.
But was it!
Believed in me?
Ready for this?
It is Margareth Fuchs.
The daughter of it.
It is impossible!
And within a few hours
Her birthday will be.
I, Tera,
Queen of darkness ...
the former Egypt ...
previously lived ...
my mind never rested
through those centuries.
My soul is vagando
between the stars ...
while my mortal body
It's arrival
the time predestined.
I guiei these people
until my grave.
- Became the guardians of
relics my secret ...
to protect with their lives
until they are claimed.
lsso will be soon.
Soon ...
soon ...
You can read this,
Professor Fuchs?
''She, who was
buried here ...
without hand by failing to name ...
insists there
in the minds of men ...
as insists
exist in the life''.
We have a name.
Mrs. Fuchs!
She is dead.
Doctor, quick!
My God! Look!
What was? A nightmare?
I need to go home!
But they are-3h in the morning!
- I do not mind, must go!
- But now?
- Yes, now!
Okay. I take you.
- What kind of danger?
- I do not know! I felt something wrong.
You felt that?
Yes ..
something seems ...
Exit the way.
I will arrombar.
But I never down by then.
No one was never even there.
Then be the first!
How did that happen?
There is nobody else here.
Neither alternative.
Dr. Putnum,
as my instructions.
Call it.
He left instructions.
I expected this to happen.
- It was with this dream that?
- Call Putnum.
Thank you, Doctor.
Putnum is already on the way.
We must tir it from there?
Yes I will take you
until the fourth him.
Do not worry.
He will be well.
Whether the police involved?
We have to tell. We need
find out what there was.
As happened.
What were your instructions?
Without police involved ...
and I and you tomssemos
decisions on their behalf.
I understand. So he knew
that something like this happen.
You have to ask him
when agreed.
He vai to tell you everything.
For him and his well.
Why do you
I can not count?
Actually, I
of power, but I ...
never heard of anything
about as well as foreign ...
clues and suggestions.
But in their tracks and suggestions
there is something surprising.
Finally he could
show the world sacred ...
as he knows.
Voltarei tomorrow, Margaret.
He should be well
for a few days.
If there are any changes,
call me.
He is my priority.
- Goodbye, Margaret.
- Goodbye.
Geoffrey ...
You can hear me?
You can hear something?
Dad, what should I do?
What should I do?
Do not be scared.
It reminded me of?
It was a long time ago.
His father and I were friends
and I came to help her.
He said never to
entering this house.
my help now ...
More than anything
in this world.
- You've seen.
- Yes.
Not using ring.
You know what means the ruby?
The symbol of the god who will come.
How do you know?
He left it in ignorance
about all this?
It is a strange case
and fantastic ...
but it is not scary
if the know, if ...
try to understand.
The idea that
Queen of darkness ...
is an obsession of his father
since he was young ...
and he topou with a reference
on such a creature ...
as having been enfeitiada.
But she was buried
as a legend.
And she did not name.
And his father was determined
find the truth ...
and leave your mark on the world
of Egyptian mythology.
He felt great things.
But I did not know how
were large.
And you formed part
of your team?
Yes And start
our search.
We feel his tomb
in the Valley of Feiticeira ...
that hid a secret,
because it was so feared ...
that the priests
of his time to kill.
His father must have been
guided by some ...
hidden knowledge that he
himself did not know exists.
It was their destination.
- So what?
- Then ...
horror ... amazement ...
there was an attack on our
camp, and at that time ...
so ugly ...
fresh blood was released
by their veins.
How could this happen?
How could it be
perfectly preserved?
And you ...
was born at the precise moment
where his father looked at it.
Born with the image of it.
Born when we talk
her name ...
that the priests had not
deleted entirely.
I thought I had called.
Yes, I called.
We have a visit.
Corbeck. Friend of the family.
Julian called me
and asked me to come.
Tod Browning.
- You heard everything?
- Yes, I heard.
Must be as soado
maluquice for you.
I studied parapsychology ...
Yes, parapsychology.
The plan paranormal.
Telecinese is
the modern approach.
She has some kind
of power, this is obvious.
Great. I'm glad
not having to convince you.
I would like to see it.
His power is latent,
but can be deflagrado ...
in a way that neither I
Julian nor understand.
But we must understand.
Or is it vai turn against us
as if turned against Julian.
And that leads us
an important task.
And what is it?
Margaret, must contact all
the old members of the team.
Who his father and I
not liked.
Geoffrey Dandridge
was a member, is not it?
He is my friend,
but never spoke about it.
Geoffrey always preferred
forget as much as possible ...
on the case, it is
a superstitious man.
It is also a scientist.
As they say, things
not start with superstition?
We can start with him.
As you like.
As these people
could help us?
Not to us. The Tera.
To help assemble it
with itself.
- Hello?
- It is Tod. As vai?
I am fine,
but very busy.
It is about Julian Fuchs.
And his daughter Margaret.
I have nothing
to do with it.
I know you are scared ...
Jesus! He is afraid.
Then we will begin
by Berigan.
We thought that the family
Mr. Berigan was dead.
And now is the second visit
in a few days.
Another visitor?
Who was it, doctor?
It was not the family.
I wanted something that
this man has.
As he passes the time?
Where is agreed ...
is steeped
in their books.
Ordering more.
When writing.
As if time
if you were exhausting.
I think your world
of fantasy is dominated by ...
be some demonic.
He fight against time ...
to bring some ...
order to the world
who created for himself.
I understand.
There is no way to ...
enter the world of him.
We can not help you.
Now ...
I hope that this
not to disturb.
Thank you, Doctor.
The blood under the nail ...
everywhere ...
I could not use my hands
for four weeks.
But that is ...
I have yet ready.
There is more to do!
Please do not be alarmed.
Try to listen and understand.
If they think I am
It would then ...
You know who I am?
And afraid, is not it?
You are here to kill me!
I was waiting all
these years, torturing me ...
and now that I am close
the answer, I came to pick up!
I do not want to kill anyone.
Only want what is mine,
of my family.
The snake!
Yes, it can not be without it.
I am not with her.
No, no, no!
Not so.
We will talk to the doctor.
We will not force him.
Is there another way.
Me leave in peace!
Hello, Margaret.
- How is it?
- Okay.
The neck is
is recovering well.
The danger now,
the pressure is normal.
But there is a paralysis ...
on the left,
to be chacada.
You and Mr. Browning
discovered something?
No, everything depends
of my father.
Yes, of course. He knows,
but he was very scared.
I never knew what kind of box
pandora, there was below.
I keep it outside this
thinking that would be saved.
It seems that I was involved
my whole life, is not it?
Perhaps even more than that.
Good night, Doctor.
- The diary of his father.
- What you say?
His mother died
the day they were born.
I know. She died
when was born.
Not exactly.
What then?
His father and the other found
the tomb, were it ...
at the precise moment of his
Birth in London.
These events were
more than a coincidence.
They were united.
He says it
created this unit.
He says here ...
She managed to dominate''
I was asleep, the will.
She could be dead
in its sarcophagus ...
but in your body
had life.
As it prepared for a
abstract metaphysical state.
His body astral
with a mind of their own ...
an intelligent consciousness''.
We can keep people
People with cancer,
waiting for the cure.
Their bodies inactive,
as a machine.
Neither dead nor alive,
Without apparent life.
But waiting.
I have a feeling
of great loneliness.
It, dreaming alone.
Dreaming of things well
different from that surrounding.
A very earth
and distant old ...
very close to the heart of it.
Without priests
malignant and cunning.
Without repressive laws,
or rituals of death.
A country where love is
the divine possession of the soul.
- I want to know the place.
- Do not laugh, Tod.
I can feel it
in my heart.
Look through my
eyes dormant.
Maybe the dream that she
they take place.
Yes, you may be right.
Come on.
Then the snake is your
estimation of worm?
lsso is interesting.
A snake found
in Egypt, is not it?
lmagino that she
does feel better.
The snake knows.
He is not saying,
is not it?
Must be a reason.
He is crazy, this is the reason!
Now, no screams,
Because nobody
vai want to know that.
Very well, we will.
It must assert a fortune.
Come on.
So much for that crazy!
My ours!
The choir began outcast.
Well, now it's your turn
to make me laugh.
Let me out!
You are coming!
The snake!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Margaret ...
Daddy, is that right?
What time is it?
No. Try hanging.
My ... my whole hand ...
Dr. Putnum said that
could happen.
What happened to me?
You suffered
a terrible shock.
Try to remember.
I was with Tod ...
and when we return
found in the basement.
You are safe.
I even
that was.
That is why I gave
the ring? To protect me?
Tell me!
He belongs to Tera, is not it?
You know!
All you have
belongs to her.
But ...
as that
could protect me?
The priests
Her time of ...
cut her hand on.
Not only that ...
symbolised what they
believed to be their evil ...
they also believed ...
that with your body incomplete
its power would be destroyed ...
But it was not so simple.
So this ring
was in her hand.
A talism for you.
I gave him very little.
To protect me?
You gave me the power of it.
You must tell everything.
Berigan is dead.
In some ways the snake
came here.
How could this happen?
So fast!
- Listen, Corbeck told me ...
- Corbeck?
You called!
I have to tell you that.
He could not
have come here!
He could not
Tuesday is involved!
Not now!
Believe in me!
Wait until the right moment!
It has nothing
Corbeck to do with!
This ring! If we,
where is the hand?
Promise me ...
Berigan is dead!
But you knew that!
And we have the snake.
But did you know
it also!
But I found you!
I did not know who would do this.
I am grateful.
My father is recovering.
He can already speak.
He said to you?
- Yes!
-- All?
-- Yes!
And do not tell me
he lied.
Hallucinations, hysteria ...
he does not know the truth.
But what you Term
the truth is a lie!
-- For your well!
-- It was what he said.
Both are
I am trying to use ...
but no matter
What can I happen.
What You Say
is nothing but lies!
Well, not for long.
I am important in this case.
I was born with the image of it ...
I do not know how or why,
but they need me!
I am sure!
That force can surround us.
But fascinates me.
It is part of me.
His father believes that Tera
is a malignant force.
He spent the years
trying to find out ...
the root of this force, trying to
Keep the evil trapped.
And you want to liberate it?
Why not accept
that this is a concept?
So what you agree?
That is above the law Tera
and dogmas of his time.
-- And of our time.
-- In addition to good and evil?
Love, hate ...
It is a law ...
beyond good and evil and we can
discover how well.
How can we learn?
So why must
of relics?
I think you know why.
You .. feel that.
- Resurrection?
- Yes.
A rebirth for Tera.
To his knowledge,
its ideas ...
And for us?
Control complete ...
about life, about death.
Secrets hidden,
obscured by eras.
With our hands to
use them as we wish.
And my father?
We can not
support the weak.
What do you mean?
He has no courage,
has no force ...
only an intellect
Cheaper and presumptuous.
But all his years
Study ...
He was afraid.
So did nothing me,
and ...
Berigan and the other,
all who fear God!
Well, the submissive
shall not inherit the earth.
Do not know what to do
with it.
We can allow
they take part?
Leaving them in control it?
If you leave,
they will use it.
- No.
- Fine.
Together share
what we get.
Say, what to do
have it all?
Then we will do everything together.
Not yet.
There are still some purchases
to be made.
Not now, Tod,
I am busy.
As well, busy?
amos see Geoffrey, is not it?
I do not think a good idea. See
what happened the last time.
If I come back,
may die.
Yes Well, and his father?
My father needs to recover.
You can talk to him tomorrow.
But I do not incomode now!
- How so?
- I am not in danger!
Leave me in peace!
My time to surprise you!
This is your home.
I think it would be more
interesting to you ...
I was considering ...
that could change your mind
depending on ...
I need to ask for leave?
What we are doing
with Margaret?
Why? What it
're doing with you?
Just tell me where it is.
They are almost 18h, Mr. Dandridge.
Mr. Dandridge?
So it is better to go.
Or the shops close.
Do not be vai
until very late.
Vai is delayed.
Okay, then.
Be careful.
Hold on! Forgot
to show you that.
You do not know, is not it?
One of his colleagues died.
Mr. Berigan.
I thought knew.
Good night.
My God!
Tod, are you?
Who are you?
You are feeling
better now?
You have a relic
the tomb.
The skeleton
Chacal the sacred.
We want!
You killed Berigan!
You and your father!
He was afraid of dying
if desistisse.
That's what you think?
Suppose dies
whether to stay with it.
Have you ever thought about it?
We want,
Mr. Dandridge!
What we're doing here?
I changed my mind.
It seemed determined
to see Geoffrey.
Gorbeck said it was
He said?
What was doing there?
Where is Geoffrey?
Not here.
Come on, Tod.
No. I want to take a look.
If you think you should ...
but is losing time.
I know.
Margaret, where are you?
It is better not know
Devils are doing that!
Margaret, I hope,
by God, you do not know!
But all of us
we should leave it!
lsso is something precious
and fantastic!
Two people died by
concerned than they are doing.
- lsso can kill them!
- No!
What about you?
I am not talking
or driving cars.
You're crazy!
And you're getting. We will ...
Leave me in peace!
We shall, before it is
too late!
- Where is going?
- Search for help.
- No one can help you!
- Help you!
Tod, no! Or die!
He would die
in any way.
But I wanted
he died!
Do not fight it.
Let flow into you.
Leave her be.
Get your ring!
When I saw that using learned
the time was coming ...
or it would not be
given to you.
The stars are taking
the positions in the sky.
They are great distances,
but they are showing.
They are measured by centuries,
not for years.
But not meet their
positions in the constellation ...
And when
she was alive.
They were in position in
that will be tonight!
- She chose this.
- You can not weaken.
You were born for this!
You are reaching the age!
- What did you do it?
- It is well.
She needs help.
She or at least exists.
It is a part,
an instrument.
- No!
- Meet this.
At the end of the night, it will
Tera dead and live.
It is tonight, is not it?
No. .. I can not go ahead
with that. Not now.
All we did was if lock
here and fazerjogos.
What I am smart!
How is this possible?
It would be ... fun ...
if everything were true?
And it is true. lnegavelmente.
And you ...
you're scared.
You are always scared.
And she did see,
did not you?
Enxergar their presumption,
their games ...
Tera gave him a birth.
I do not disappoint.
Do not try to leave it ...
or die.
You know you have to do.
And know that there is
help her.
I will bring some things ...
and I think we
prepared. Wait.
The last relic.
The third face of his soul.
Without it we can hold
this nightmare!
Unless you are
too late!
Use it as an experiment!
Give him.
She can not agree!
It may not be aware!
The time ...
is only a moment in space.
The memory of the dead ...
And when the memory dies ...
There are things sacred ...
but life is more sacred.
Life is so ...
Life itself is ...
Go back to bed, Margaret.
I will give you something to
to sleep for a while.
But you're not well,
needs rest.
We have slept for a long time.
You are in fear?
I am only trying to help her.
Why be in fear?
Because I want to see him dead!
What do vai
with the body, Julian?
It is better to burn it.
Delay, but is more secure.
So no one asked
that the killed.
Now ... Let me help you.
But you've already made enough
to ruin everything!
His outcast,
knew everything ...
and did nothing!
But I tried,
traveled the world ...
I came to the extreme
I recuperei
the parchment of life.
Soon the time will come
and Tera renascer.
But you do not understand!
I understand everything!
And you need me and
we need Margaret ...
and both we control it.
No more. It is
out of my reach.
Tera is in control.
We control Tera.
We gave it life.
Without it we would be ashes.
And now ...
where is Margaret?
She killed Putnum and fled!
God knows where it is!
We know where.
We do not know?
Help me!
I am Margaret Fuchs ...
You want to?
It must be the daughter of it!
No! It's happening!
Need help me.
You know its power.
I have more control.
I will face it!
Not fugirei!
She may live or die,
I will be safe.
You will be safe
was delivered to me.
Yes, I ... I give you.
But do not kill me!
Yes, this is it.
Give it to me.
No! No!
Come ...
We must go.
The parchment of life!
No! Do not read the parchment.
Destroy it!
It can only bring
evil and destruction.
The worst is in you.
The worst is in us all!
It is only what we see
in our business.
But this is not
Tera that either.
You can use the power that
she gave thanks him.
Do as I say.
Wait and see with
patience and confidence.
that it is ready.
She is ready now.
We only have the lights.
No. Not this way.
You can not have just
good things, beautiful and divine.
They are useless
without their opposites.
- Take the lights.
- No!
The lights!
Osris Celestial ...
sis and Horus ...
This ahead of us
is the daughter of the gods.
One is majestic
and powerful.
His spirit old walked
by cold and dark places ...
trying to gather himself
with your body.
So it should arise ...
as the privileged
fate of the gods.
So it must go
Again this earth.
Give life flow
again in this body ...
let the soul
to meet with him ...
let the spirit astral
incorporate themselves.
Osiris, lsis, Horus ...
What is the purpose of this?
lnstrumentos of his will,
she used to us all.
You will not find.
She found and took him
until his tomb.
It devoted to her.
And the other kept
the relics with life.
More chances
to revive it!
When she recovered
its place among priests ...
all are dead.
Those hundreds of years!
But Margaret, you died
when his mother died ...
and suddenly I was alive!
It is you!
He must not end
to read the parchment!
I ordeno the gods ...
The parchment!
Help me!
Help me!
Some information?
Nothing. It is as
when he arrived here.
Nua and more dead
of living.
- Any relative or visits?
- No.
They said that other
were unrecognisable.
She is the only one that can
tell us who it is.