Blood Honey (2017) Movie Script

My baby.
You wanna fly for a bit.
JENIBEL: Not really.
I wasn't even sure
I'd recognize you.
But you did.
THERAPIST: Are you there?
Is your father there?
THERAPIST: Your sure it's really him
a real man not just
an idea of him?
It's him.
THERAPIST: Tell him.
Tell him
why you came back.
I forgive you.
BRUCE: I gotta do another quick hop
before the weather changes.
JENIBEL: Will I see you?
Yeah, you'll see me tonight.
I live in that boat now.
Hey, pops.
Tell Jen's dad she's here.
Hey, you need a hand?
No, I'm good.
Hey, Jewel.
Come on puppy it's me.
Linda, do you remember me?
I'm your sister Jenibel.
I'm sorry I've
been gone so long.
You look different.
Well, I missed you.
Well, it's not like
we've been hiding.
How are you, Neil?
Pretty much run things
around here now.
It's good to see you.
I was starting to think you
were never gonna come back.
So is dad in a lot of pain?
Well, I don't think
he feels anything
except maybe thirsty.
He's always been thirsty.
For Christ's sake.
Pilot boy just dumps them here.
There's a storm coming and
he just leaves them outside.
Hey, Andre
supplies front dock.
Place would fall
apart without me here.
Fall apart.
I can help with those.
Ah, don't be stupid.
You got your own
bag to carry sister.
JENIBEL: You coming.
She'll follow.
LINDA: Come on Jewel.
Feels different.
You find your own way up.
Same room.
I wanna see him.
Do you wanna come?
You don't have to do that.
The prodigal daughter
returned at long last.
Bruce pick you up on time?
He did.
How long you gonna be here for?
For what the doctor's say.
Bert's the only doctor up here.
One's plenty.
You're right about that one son.
Neil, I need to
talk to your sister.
Why don't you
check on our guest.
Christ you grew right
into your mother.
You should be happy.
You didn't grew into me.
I am.
Are you disappointed I'm not
lying in bed rolling
around in pain?
Is that why you're here
to see the death rattle?
I'm here because you
told me you were dying.
I do appreciate that.
It's a big ticket.
Dad, there's something I've
been wanting to say to you.
No, I need to.
It's not necessary
I forgive you.
You're here now
that's all that matters.
I need a nap.
Are you serious?
You know how many
years it's been.
Yes, okay, okay.
We can talk about it later.
But I need some sleep.
Hello, Andre.
How are you doing?
You should be aware
that dinner for guests
is promptly at seven o'clock.
Well, I'd like to that
I'm more than just a guest.
ANDRE: No, you're not just a guest.
Louisa alright?
Is that mom's record player.
Looks the same.
I like it the same.
Thank you for
bringing my bag up.
You aren't gonna stay home now.
I can't live here anymore.
You happy here?
It's boring.
Well, at least I like to swim.
Because I remember somebody
was a very good swimmer.
The water's too cold now.
I guess summer is over, huh?
Gold rush.
They still do that.
Well, all grown up now.
I didn't know the ladies
ventured this far north.
A little lost from
the flock, Randy.
Be good boys.
Hey, welcome home.
JENIBEL: Thank you.
Now you probably
don't remember us.
Joe Bananali.
This is Randal Peters.
I think I do remember.
It's nice to see you both again.
Hey, Louisa.
You know you used to
be the one who would
serve the drinks up
on nights like these.
Do you remember that?
She's, uh.
I gathered.
Still looks beautiful though.
Jenibel Elizabeth Heath
as the holy Jesus
Christ is my witness
I never thought we'd see
you in these parts again.
Dr. Morrison
it's good to see you.
Bert, you can call me Bert now.
Doctor are you
drinking this evening?
Given the circumstances
I think I will.
To the hive.
To family.
GROUP: Family.
(COUGHING) It's a bit rocky.
It just needs more
honey that's all.
Thank you.
You know what we're missing.
What was that song
your mother taught you?
That lovely song you
always used to play.
A Gold Rush Serenade.
Yeah, I hated that song.
Play it.
I just said I hated it.
It was a gift mother gave you.
A gift to be shared.
Come on.
Hold the applause I am
probably gonna mess this up.
She's got it.
There we go.
Gold rush commands
you far and wide
Well, go on keep playing.
To me you're as good as gold
Beyond our wild wishes
Are the words
that we were told
But I just wish
to have you home
To me you're as good as gold
As gold
Andre, where's my drink?
How was your nap?
Natalie, they told
me you were dead.
Ma, that's not Natalie.
You still play so beautifully.
Thank you but I'm Jenibel.
Natalie was my mom remember.
They told me you
killed yourself.
But I'm Jenibel.
But if you're dead how
can you have a little girl?
Is Linda your little girl?
Do something for Christ sake.
Bruce, help your mother.
Ma, why don't you sit down okay.
Have a seat.
Jesus, Jenny
you sure know how
to stir things up.
Andre, can I have
something else to drink?
No, you most certainly cannot.
This is what we
serve at the hive.
This is it nothing else.
why don't you just sit.
Cowardly but caring son.
A vengeful daughter.
Even a wonderful little angel.
You know Marv there's a
time for being an asshole
and there's a time for
drinking your drink
You're old enough to know
the difference come on.
Oh, Bert.
I only have so
much asshole left.
It's a precious commodity.
You see gentleman
my wife
she abandoned me in this life
and what'd she leave me
besides this beautiful island?
The honey, our family honey
sweetness from a
million tiny flowers
a thousand busy workers
down our thirsty throats
and into our blood.
We are not just tying one on.
We are metabolizing our home.
Don't you think you've
metabolized enough
for one day, dad?
I never raised her to be rude
so there must be
something to this
environmental influence
we hear so much about.
You didn't raise me at all.
You shipped me off to England.
I say what I mean.
I only say what's true.
Alright, well then why
don't you tell everyone
why mom killed herself say
what's true about that.
I need you to get
up and come out front.
Where are you going?
Well, be back soon.
Go back to sleep, honey.
I love you.
Put the suit on.
No way.
Put it on I don't
want you getting stung.
No, I'm not going
near those things.
I'm asking you as
nicely as I am capable of.
Please put on the damn suit.
Honey is the only
part of the business
that still makes a profit.
Oh, no that bad, huh.
Seems like hunting for one's
food has gone out of style.
grab the veil.
Those are
what we affectionately
call our ruby red.
I made a bad batch
fermental last year.
I mean it really went sideways.
It's poisonous as hell.
A spoon full will make you
sick fever, hallucinations.
Half a cup probably kill ya.
Why keep it?
Are you kidding?
You know what it takes
to make a batch of honey.
It's a whole lifetime for a bee.
You don't just take it away
from him and destroy it.
I use it
to kill squirrels and
raccoons and such.
All the creatures they
want my wonderful honey.
What are we doing, dad?
We received a generous offer
to buy the hive
the entire parcel.
You've received offers before.
You're never gonna
sell this place.
You think you know
everything always have.
Time to breach the
fiery gates of hell.
Time to set everyone free.
I don't think Neil really
wants to be set free.
Neil isn't fully formed.
The boy needs rescuing
and I'm gonna do just that.
Put on the mask.
What about you?
I am gonna be just fine.
I know you hate me, Jenny.
What are you doing?
I need you to
promise me something.
Stop it, dad.
Open the gate.
I need you to accept the
offer and sell this place.
Promise me, Jenny.
You sell it if you want to.
Promise me.
Get out of there.
I'm sorry, Jenny.
Hey, you're acting insane.
I can stop it.
I promise.
MARVIN: Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Dad, give me your key please.
Linda get back.
Linda, go get help.
Dad, give me the key.
Why are you doing this to me?
Well, bastard finally imploded.
Did you see him, Bert?
Yeah, yeah.
Just don't understand.
Well, dad was never
gonna die in bed.
He always said he'd
kill himself first.
I'm gonna need
some help with body.
Should I ask Andre?
No, I'll do it.
What are you gonna do with him?
We'll put him in
the gun shed for now.
It's where we keep dead animals.
Can you sit down for me?
Linda, what you saw
daddy died today.
Daddy was mad.
Always mad.
I know.
Not anymore.
Linda, things are
gonna be different now
and that means that some
things might have to change.
Can you be a brave girl?
Can you let things change?
Good girl.
But the darkness is real.
My baby.
NATALIE: You shouldn't play
near the hives' honey.
I didn't mean to mommy.
I'm sorry.
NATALIE: Sorry changes nothing.
Why did you do it, mom?
I'm sorry please don't leave me.
BRUCE: Jenny.
Why did you leave us?
Did you get her down okay?
Yeah, yeah she's fine.
Are you?
I really don't know.
I came as soon as I could.
I am so sorry, Jenny.
Did you see fireworks tonight?
Yeah, yeah those idiots.
I dropped them off yesterday
up river for a photo safari.
I guess nature wasn't
photogenic enough.
Hey, have a seat.
I thought...
I thought Louisa was my mother.
My aunt made me see a
therapist for a little while.
I was having what she
called waking dreams.
Is that what you had tonight?
Well, you've always been the
well adjusted one
in your family.
I never got the
chance to forgive him.
I should get some
sleep at least try to.
Thank you for listening.
I'm fine.
NATALIE: Jenibel.
My baby.
My girl where are you?
Please we wrestle with the flesh
with the darkness
in the darkness,
the darkness that is real.
That is for you (MUMBLING).
I miss you not in the flesh
but the darkness that is real.
Here start with this.
That smells delicious.
So I was thinking we could
spend the day together.
You know maybe once
the weather clears
take a flight up river.
Bruce, I have to
deal with things here
and I need to go back home.
Yeah, all right.
We can check the weather
after breakfast, okay.
Thank you.
Well, I am not an estate lawyer.
But your father changed his
will couple of weeks ago
and timing makes sense now.
He asked me to execute
and so now that Jenna's here
it seems like as good a time
as any so I will execute.
Now I'm not gonna read
this legal mumbo jumbo.
The gist of it is that the
two of you split everything,
the business, the land, the
assets and also the debts.
What debts?
I don't know Neil but I
understand there are some debts.
Well, I know you don't have
any interest in this place.
I'll find a way to
buy you out okay.
Neil, the terms of
the split are 51/49.
Yeah, 51 to Jenibel.
So what that means is the
two of you own everything
but Jenibel has a
controlling interest.
Any major decisions are
ultimately hers to make.
Your father wanted
you to be in charge
so that you could fulfill
verbal promises says here.
Don't know what that means.
Wait a goddamn minute.
Yeah, well
I'm sorry Neil but that's...
I'm the one that's been
here this whole time.
I'm the one that's
run this place.
We know that son.
But unfortunately your
father's wishes are very clear.
He wants Jenibel in
charge legally at least.
And I'm afraid that's
really all there is to say
lest you have any questions.
Yeah, I have a question.
Yeah, I thought you might.
I mean since I'm
an orphan and all.
Please may I have some more?
Please, sir may
I have some more?
Please, sir may I have
some goddamn more?
This is so unfair.
He should've just
sold the place.
Well, he couldn't.
When your mother died she gave
the place to him in trust only.
Her will stipulated he
was not allowed to sell it
only to pass it on
to the children.
Now he's dead so
it can be sold by me.
Well, Jenibel your mother...
I should make sure Neil's okay.
Thank you for handling this.
Right, right.
How did you stand right here?
Don't leave me alone.
Whoa, what the
Christ happened to you?
I just got a bit lost
in the woods I'm fine.
Here put this on
you must be freezing.
I said thank you.
It's just terrible.
We don't understand
how could anybody...
I mean this probably
isn't a good time.
But we do need to talk to you
about some business that
we had with your dad.
You are the buyers.
We have a deal that's
pretty much closed, yes.
Do you wanna learn?
Yes, please.
Alright so your
part is pretty easy
so give me this hand
and we go one and
then two three.
Just like that keep doing that.
One, two, three.
My part.
Is this what
grieving sounds like?
We'll, practice more later okay?
I heard you got scraped up.
Are you okay?
I guess you think it's
kind of childish of me
taking off like that.
Be nice if you'd remember
that I haven't done
anything wrong.
Peter and Bananali they wanna
buy this place don't they?
They made dad an offer.
Well, they're snakes.
Why don't we talk
to them together.
There's nothing to talk about.
Before he died
dad made me promise
him something.
He made me swear I
would sell the lot.
This could be a new
beginning for everyone.
It's what he wanted.
We'll, figure it out.
Well, let's talk about what
you guys want with this place.
I mean do you guys even know
how to run an
operation like this?
No, of course you don't.
We're not gonna be running it.
Neil, the one thing that we
really admired about your dad
was that he spoke plain right.
I mean you didn't always
have to like what he said.
But you know he meant
it when he said it.
I know what kind
of man my father was.
Okay, we have been
very up front about
what our intentions are
right from the get go.
We don't want the hive.
We don't wanna be in the
hunting and fishing business.
This is beautiful territory.
But most of it's protected land.
Now you guys have 35 acres.
Okay, we wanna develop it.
High end cottage
properties we wanna do 10.
What we're buying
and selling is acreage
on the kind of remote
water side spread
that's kind of rare these days.
We wanna build homes where
we can put families in
for the whole summer.
You guys will be making a
lot of people very happy.
So what you're just
gonna tear this place down?
Your dad knew our plans.
I don't believe it.
Not one word of it.
This is not our dad.
This is not our dad.
Here Jenny.
This is all of
the correspondence.
Contract drafts, sales
offers, counter offers
everything is right there.
You dad even did his own
mark up in ball point pen.
He was pretty shrewd
I ought to say.
He went head to head
with our lawyers
and pissed them off plenty.
It's a generous offer.
Neil, calm down.
Screw you and screw you.
This is my land our land
and I'm not selling.
I'm not selling.
I'm gonna need sometime
to look this over.
Thank you, Jenibel.
Oh, I've been looking for you.
Well, you found me.
Neil told me about those
fellas and their offer.
Neil is upset.
Yeah, well you wouldn't
actually do that to us.
It's what my dad wanted.
He made me promise
that I would sell this place.
Let me tell you
something this land
has remained pristine since
our families had stayed.
Your family and mine have
been here a long, long time.
Don't you understand.
The man killed himself
so everyone here
could finally move
on with their lives.
He was a sick man.
Yeah, what about
your mother's wishes.
She was never happy here.
She never trusted him.
You were young.
You didn't understand
what he went through.
Your mother was not well
for a long, long time.
But she did love this place.
She loved it deeply.
I've been up all night long
reviewing everything
I could find.
And what we've inherited
is a lot of debt.
This is a good offer.
Yeah, well Neil has some ideas.
Come on.
BERT: At least hear him out.
We can't afford Neil's ideas.
I have intention
of going anywhere.
Jenibel I'm not
gonna let you do this
not to your family
and not to me.
I'm sorry.
Think I don't know
what you're doing.
Now you see me.
First you're one thing
then you're another.
First from behind me then
you're in front of me.
I don't understand.
You do.
You do because you made it all.
You made it all
because it fits you.
But it doesn't fit me.
It digs in
and it cuts
and it digs deeper.
what's going on?
You're not making any sense.
You're not making sense.
You're not making any sense.
You should die.
I'll make sure you
stay right here
in hell.
Yes, I will.
Where is the love?
Where is the love
in any of this?
They're gone.
Sorry your business associates.
JENIBEL: Well, maybe they're coming back.
What are you doing with that?
Nobody takes everything they got
if they're planning
on coming back.
How you holding up?
Can't face them any of them.
So when did your mom
start to get sick?
About four years ago.
I'm sorry.
It's hard to see her like that.
Sometimes she's with us
back to herself not often.
No matter how far she goes
There's one thing
she wants you to know
She's happy
Can I ask you something?
As long as it's
emotionally disturbing.
I wouldn't wanna change
gears too quickly.
I'm just curious.
How come you never called
or wrote all those years?
You just kind of
disappeared you know.
Because you were here.
Because talking to you
would bring me back here
and I wasn't ready for that.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
No, I understand.
I was just curious is all.
Waiting for the train
Sorry not the best time
to bring it up I guess.
It's not you.
Something is happening to me.
You're falling for me again.
I don't know what.
Jesus Christ.
Jenny, you've been through hell.
I think they might
be poisoning me.
I know it sounds crazy.
Can you take me away
from here in the morning?
I need to get out of here.
No, I can't.
Why not?
There is a hell of
a storm coming in.
You can't fly in it.
I could take you when it's safe.
I promise I'm here.
No matter how far she goes
It's me.
There's one thing
she wants you to know
I'm here for you okay.
She's happy
She's happy
I was wondering where
you disappeared to.
So this is it the big typhoon?
So I heard about the will
and the offer.
I was gonna tell you.
It's not my business.
Well, it does affect
you and your parents.
That's okay?
Want some coffee?
Jenibel, do you want
some coffee or not?
Yes, please.
Thank you.
You good.
Actually I think I left
my coat back at your place
and I'm freezing.
Can you get it for me?
Please, I'm cold.
What about breakfast?
I'll finish it for you.
Bruce, please it's
the only one I have.
All right.
Alright just don't let it burn.
Linda, here come.
No, we have to stay.
Linda, you're coming with me.
I don't want to.
This is where I live.
This is our home we stay.
Okay, okay, Linda.
Listen to me okay
they want to hurt us.
We can't go.
Linda, if you don't
come with me right now
you're never gonna
see me again ever.
Do you understand that?
Stop it you need
to be a big girl now.
NEIL: Where are you going?
We just need to
leave for a few days.
Are you gonna bring her back?
I have to go, Neil.
You know you're acting
awfully strange, Jenibel.
I just need to get
out of here for a while.
You know you're just like dad.
You're a liar.
You always think I'm
so goddamn stupid.
Look what you did?
Don't you understand, Jenibel.
I can't just let you leave.
It's okay, honey.
Just come with me.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're not leaving.
Stop acting so crazy.
Come on sit down.
Just sit down here.
There you go.
Stop struggling.
Stop struggling.
Okay you guys seat belts on.
LINDA: I'm scared.
Everything is going to be fine.
It'll will be fun.
LINDA: Please stop.
Hey stop.
LINDA: Why are you doing this?
NEIL: Hey.
LINDA: Stop I don't wanna leave.
You're not visiting.
LINDA: Go back.
Where's Linda?
It's alright Jenibel.
You're gonna be okay.
Where is she?
Just calm down.
Tell me what happened to her.
BERT: It's gonna be fine just relax.
Linda's not with us.
No, no I don't believe you.
Jenny, she's gone.
You're lying.
Jenna stop.
What are you doing?
What are you doing to me?
Hold her for Christ's sake.
There you go.
Just breathe.
Breathe deeply
you're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be all right.
You'll be surprised what
a little rest can do.
It's gonna be okay.
So sorry, Jenny.
Jenibel, can you hear me?
You're unsound.
Well, that's what they said.
But I think you sound just fine.
We're going to take
care of things here now.
You don't have to do
anything ever again.
Just get well.
I told you she was crazy.
She killed the dog.
We don't have a choice.
Yeah, but I can't just.
NEIL: You already did, okay.
Be a man.
Oh, my god.
I knew it.
I knew it wasn't true.
I'm really sorry.
I know you are.
You were just scared.
Linda, what are we gonna do?
Yeah, you're right.
You made the right
decision Jenibel.
This is your home our home.
Nobody should ever
take that away.
I just needed to think
things through I guess.
here we are.
Well, look at you.
See what a little
rest can do for you.
It's hard to believe
what was happening to me.
Well, what I thought
was happening to me.
Well, you aren't living in
your mother's time Jenibel.
These things can be controlled
with medication and
proper diet and rest.
It's a quiet life up here, but
that may be exactly
what you need.
You know when I woke
up I actually believed
you were telling me
that Linda was dead.
Jenibel you gotta listen to me.
Linda died when you
were 13 years old.
She was stung by a bee
when you two were
playing by the hive
and she had an
allergic reaction.
This was before your
mother did what she did?
You remember?
Hey, Jewel.
Things are gonna
be different now.
What are you doing with that?
Okay, do you have
your seat belt on?
Stop acting so crazy.
I forgive them.
I'm afraid I'm still
not quite myself.
I am getting better though.
I can tell.
That's okay, Bert.
You'll be surprised what
a little rest can do.
Can I show you something?
I'm glad you came back.
It was time.
I couldn't have
done it without you.