Blood Hook (1986) Movie Script

I'm fishing
I Got my hook and bait
Just fishing
fishing at the lake
For some man who's true
To wash all my blues away
Just fishing
For feeling in my life
Just wishing
To land me something fine
I won't have to say
That he got away
From me
What's that?
Well, son,
that's a tape recorder.
When this goes round like that,
there's music on the tape,
and the music plays and
that's what you hear.
I can make it go really fast.
How do you like that?
Got away
I'm gonna make a brand new start
Here me roar
I'm feeling mean
With hooks to the heart
We'll never part
I, I'm fishing
Jesus, Finner, I can't
hear myself drink.
This is gonna cost us
both another beer.
Sorry, Finner, not to be
negative or anything,
but I really can't deal with
this sexist music.
Anyway, Red Elbows?
You guys, we got, we got
a classic here.
- This is good music.
- Uh-huh.
It's like Beethoven and
Mussolini and,
aw, you guys are so ignorant.
You know, I, okay, go ahead,
tell me who it is?
Red Echozes live, Things
Aren't What They Seem.
Things boring and
never mentioned.
Oh listen to this,
listen to this.
It builds into a great scream.
Right in
- here.
- Yeah, that's great.
Well, well, he
screams in here somewhere.
Just wait, just listen.
Is this like hippie music?
It makes me feel like I'm like
full of chowder, man.
Like, how long do I have
to suffer, huh?
Chill out.
I'm sorry, you have such
great musical taste.
Jeez, you guys are so cruel.
So Peter, what's the deal anyhow?
How come you inherited this place
instead of your dad?
My dad wants even less to do
with this place than I do.
In fact, ah, he's never been
up here.
But when I was a little kid,
you know,
they always used to
send me up alone.
So how come you haven't
been here in 17 years?
My family was so freaked out
about my granddad's disappearance.
It was a closed subject.
But, when I turned 21, the
place became mine.
So the least I can do is
check it out, huh?
Plus it's time for Peter to deal
with his guilt feelings
about the place.
He's always been guilty for his
grandfather's death.
At least since I've known him.
It's typical trauma Pete.
Thank you.
- You've got to deal with it.
- Thank you, Miss
psychology major.
You're welcome.
Oh, gross.
Where the hell is
this supposed to be?
Say, we're looking for
the campground?
Oh, that's around the
lake a piece there.
It's about four miles now, yah.
Well can't you people
put some signs up?
I mean, that's what tax
money is all about.
Why don't you put up some good
signs for crying out loud?
I want a diet soda.
- Ruthie.
- Ah-hah.
Ah, I can draw a map
for you folks.
It's no trouble at all, no.
You nit, it's a cicada,
they're Hemiptaras.
I, ah, do urology
down in North Park.
They can't bite.
All they do is produce
this - Illinois.
Put that down this instant.
Leave it for the loons.
Do you sell bait here?
Yeah, yeah, I sell bait here.
You betcha.
I could use some minnows.
What's this old thing?
Hey, quit messing around Irv,
will ya?
Put it down, c'mon.
Oh, that's my stud finder.
Yeah, say you got a wall there and
you got nails in it,
and you wanna find 'em.
You, ah, just, ah,
well you just put it up there.
See, and then you got your
location of the stud.
Hey, Irv, will you put it down,
How much do they cost?
Ah, take it it.
It's free.
Merry Christmas.
I don't seem to need it anyway.
I always seem to know
where the nails are.
Gee, thanks, Mr. Leudke.
Hey, you got change for a $100?
Ah, here, the minnows are on me.
Welcome to the North Woods.
No charge for you folks.
I wanna soda.
Well, you can't get one here.
You're just gonna have to wait,
young lady.
It's like I always say,
fishing's okay,
but remember, the lake's
not a playground.
We all have to treat the
water with respect.
Oh, gotcha.
Will do.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe that.
Muskie Heaven.
Damn, where's my pole?
Muskie Heaven.
Muskie reggae
Muskie do
Mu, mu, mu, love more muskie
hello there.
Come on up.
You wanna take on the
Muskie Maniac?
That's me, Denny Dobyns.
You've seen a fishing pole before,
I'm sure,
but I bet you've never seen
an expert caster.
Ah, muskie reggae - Like this.
Muskie reggae - Like that.
Ah, it's a biggin.
Ah, muskie reggae - Mm, mm.
You gonna take me on, sunshine?
Muskie reggae
You get those off your tricycle,
Is that where those tassles
came from?
Ah, muskie reggae
Alright, Fin.
- Woo-hoo.
- Hey, you can't
use that pole.
No tassles, uh-uh, sunshine.
Cheatin's one thing I
don't tolerate.
You better remember that.
C'mon big guy.
You're next.
C'mon, c'mon.
- You give it a try.
- No, thanks.
C'mon, Scarlett O'Hara.
Give it a go.
Muskie reggae
Ah, muskie reggae
Good shot.
Ah, muskie reggae
Welcome to the ah, good ole
Muskie Madness Fishing Contest.
On ah, 10 a.m. Saturday...
Congratulations, nice cast.
The contest doesn't start
until tomorrow
but it's not everyday
somebody beats Denny.
You can have this and this.
Thanks, Bev D.
A guy might never take it off.
Muskie reggae
Nice pole.
Ah-Ah-Oh - I like it.
Are these your friends?
Muskie reggae
Yeah, yeah, they are.
Um, they're up from down south
a little ways. Muskie reggae
- Illinois.
- Uh-Huh.
Ah-Ah-Oh - Hi, you guys.
I'm Bev. Muskie reggae
Oh, ah-oh, I'm sorry, I'm
the contest hostess.
$25 bucks for standing in
the sun all day.
Not bad.
Beats working.
I like your hair, it's great.
Uh, I've been in
the car all day.
Hey, man, what do you
think you're doing?
Turn off the goddamn
headache machine.
Nobody around here can stand to
hear that kind of crap.
Hey, man, just don't rip me off,
that's all.
Come on, it's alright.
They're, they're just trying
to have some fun.
Jeez, what a sped.
Hey, have you started
fishing yet?
The Muskie, king
of freshwater fish
is best known for its
audacious eating habits.
Imagine the fisherman's surprise,
when this 43 and half pound
Wisconsin muskie
was found to have in its stomach,
the better part of a muskrat and
an entire Piteville Green.
Finner, what the hell is a
Piteville Green?
It's ah, a duck.
A whole duck in its stomach?
Bullshit, man.
This would make a great
apartment, Fin.
Too many steps.
Heck yeah.
- Wow.
- Wow is right.
And we're going
into the bonus round
and remember players, for
each correct answer,
you get two dollars, ready now?
Name five things that you would
expect to find in the military?
Careful now.
Oh, my.
White linen?
Huh? Troy.
M-16, you morons.
The Thompson 45 Sub-Machine Gun.
Browning 30 Automatic.
All purpose canvass tent.
Mess kit, bazooka.
For God's sake, get on, fuckwads.
Napalm, choppers, Agent Orange.
I can except
the first two, Fred,
but not the last one.
Dolores, can you give me
another thing?
Not bad, little Peter,
If I might say so myself.
You can't stay, though.
Let's have a big round
of applause for Peter's
nice place, huh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
I would like to know
who that Jarhead is in the chair?
Beer, guys.
Oh, great, like I'm really sure
I'm gonna get out and got
shot by some madman.
Ah, he won't hurt us.
This is one hell of a
nice facility
you got here, van Clease.
Hey, check out the bike.
My dad had one of these, bitchin.
Oh, shut up.
Like I'm sure I'm supposed to
walk in these shoes.
God, I knew this place
would make me twitchy.
Too many traumatic memories.
Okay, people.
Oh, Christ, here we go.
Yeah, baby.
Now we're talking.
Things Aren't What They Seem
by The Red Echozes,
19 and 72 Live.
Now we are talking.
Hi, I'm Finner.
Dig it, man.
Evelyn Duerst on this end.
These your friends?
Hey, don't ever
listen to this show
they got outta Superior.
Hell, a baby could go
on and answer
smarter than some of these morons
from Illinois in Winnebagos.
I was in the Army.
They trained me for electronics.
Satellite circuits.
Gave me this big hype job about
making a fortune in civilian life.
Well, try making a living up here
on anything but a TV set.
More guys oughta work around here
than West Virginia.
And most of us vets, crazy,
half-ass war vets with
big problems.
I mean, we're all like time
bombs waiting to go off.
Tell him, Peter.
Ah, this is my house.
You're on van Clease property.
Don't try to push me around or
I'll torch the place.
What's that racket?
Rodney, what are you doing?
You crazy?
Hell yes, he's crazy.
All a ya are crazy.
What are ya doing here?
Guess who, Pop, the
van Clease kid.
Rodney, you can't go around
messing with other people's wood.
They got rules up here.
Peter van Clease.
Good thing your granddad's dead,
Look, I apologize
for my friend...
Granddad would be sick with
anyone that acted like you.
Hey, my granddad wouldn't
exactly be happy
with the way you let things get
outta hand around here.
Can't you get him to do
something about this mess?
He's crazy.
Whole world's gone crazy.
Hey, you're really working
for me, you know?
And I'd appreciate it if...
I ain't working for you no more.
Your real van Clease left
worth working for.
I'm resigning.
Great first impression, guys.
Hey, we gotta set some rules about
what's cool up here, alright?
Friendly neighborhood.
It's nice, I like it here.
Hey, this is great.
I think it's gonna do, you guys.
I like this, I'm staying.
Just a summer home, huh, Peter?
Glen Miller, Fats Waller,
Louis Armstrong.
Peter's granddad had an absolutely
incredible record collection.
Who's this Vicki Lee?
Fishing For Your Love.
I'm fishing
I got my hook and bait
Oh, sick.
They hang dead fish on
the wall here?
It's taxidermy.
Stuffed shit.
Take it easy, Kiersten.
It's just a hobby.
Like your hair.
To wash all my blues away
Just fishing
The worry in my life
Just wishing
You love something fine
I won't have to say
That you got away from me
You'll stay
I'll cast out
My love through the wind
I'm gonna make a brand new start
I'll reel him in
With hook to the heart
We'll never part
I'm fishing
I've got my bait
The dream will come true
Little Loon Lake Landing.
That's a lotta I's.
God, you guys, they think
we're so weird.
That bell's a B-flat.
We're embarrassing, Peter.
He always has to show off
his perfect pitch
when he needs to make
It's not embarrassing, it's
really in a D-Natural.
In fact, I wanna write
a whole piece
of music with nothing
but D-Naturals.
A bunch of guys
blowing their noises?
Wait you guys, I
just had a flash.
Peter is so incredibly foxy.
I really think we
should make a video.
God, we can make a shit...
Ah, that's not
why people make videos, Kiersten.
They do it for the art.
That's not art.
What is art, Finner?
Uh-Um, so Rodney, did you check
the score of the Cubs game?
- No, man, no.
- Well?
I've got an idea.
Why don't you and I make
some art together?
Hey, what do they got
on The Lunar Landing Lake Lodge
jukebox here, anyway?
I am for some corrective
surgery on that bugger.
God, look at that
lady looking at Rodney?
She thinks he's from another
planet or something.
I hate fish.
It smells like somebody's old,
smelly feet.
It smells like you.
I hate it when you eat
with your mouth open.
I hate it when you talk
with your mouth open.
Hey, can it, kids.
Now, eat that fish, Ruthie.
There were so many loons today.
Where do they all come from?
I wish we could see On
Golden Pond again.
I don't know what the world's
going to do without Peter Fonda.
Henry Fonda, Mom.
You got the wrong one.
Well, whatever.
The loon is a wonderful creature.
I've been watching the
loon - Hoo-Hoo.
All day long.
I like your hair.
I like your hair.
Mini-concert, man.
Rod, what is that stuff?
You paid for Elvis Costello?
God, is that old.
My parents look like
Elvis Costello.
It's not Elvis Costello.
It's The Dead Dentist.
My parents listened to Muzak.
Yeah, they have it pumped into
their house, you know?
It's like a musical, 1984, Big
Brother, you know?
Shut up, they do not.
I've been to your house before.
And now for a nature
note on the owl.
The owl, a nocturnal creature,
is best known for his wisdom and
eating up small rodents.
They live by themselves
in the woods.
Hey, Finner, don't hurt anybody.
God, isn't
Finner a little weird.
He needs to learn
to communicate,
or someday he's really
gonna freak out
and do something negative.
D, Don't worry about, Finner.
He just needs a girlfriend.
Huh, bad.
You guys want another beer?
Katherine Hepburn never put up
with what I have to.
Not even with Spencer Tracy.
Peter Fonda wouldn't treat me
the way you do, Roger.
Henry Fonda, Mom.
That white hair says, I'll
be a son of a bitch
while he's having his
heart attack.
Yeah, well, ah, you know what
you can do about it, don't ya?
You can go right on up
to you sister's.
I came up here to catch fish.
To catch fish.
Well, I just will go on
up to Helen's.
I'm going to call a cab right now.
A cab could be a long
distance phone call, Mom.
The nearest taxi's in Green Bay.
Now you did it, Pop.
She's P.O.'d.
Ah, she's just baiting me.
Come on, eat your fish, you two.
Thank you.
Peter, what happened?
I just saw something
really weird.
At the bar?
On the water.
Ah, you better make sure he's
not driving tonight.
Oh, I'm fine, I guess I,
I don't know.
Are you sure you're
not internalizing
someone else's trauma?
The only thing
he's internalizing is beer, baby.
Oh, sweetheart, I
hate to do it ya,
but I just can't help myself.
Come here, ah, let me, let me
feel that beautiful white belly.
You're gonna be my meal
ticket, sweetheart.
Denny's little sweetheart.
Isn't this pretty?
Huh, isn't that pretty?
Guess what?
You weigh three more pounds
than your sisters.
That's why Denny wants you to
wear this for him.
So when the time comes, Denny'll
know where to find ya.
Oh, and tell you apart from the
rest of your sisters.
And nobody'll know a thing.
Nobody'll know you spent your
whole life in a tank.
Growing that beautiful body.
And you won't feel a thing.
Just a little knock on the head.
Then we put ya on a scale
and watch those bastards drool.
Now you stay put.
Goddamn, son of a bitchin,
cheatin' bastard.
We'll see who drools.
Son of a bitch.
No shit, I'm gonna enter
that muskie contest
and walk away with
their $5,000 bucks.
No problem.
Okay, go ahead, Houdini.
Easy, ravioli.
Kind of rank, though.
They'd be ready to
kill me if I won.
Some outsider taking first place.
Hey, Peter, you wanna do a little
nighttime muskie fishing?
It's the best time.
What do you say?
God, am I fired up.
Maybe later.
Hey guys, do me a favor
and don't mess
with my grandfather's
fishing stuff, okay?
It's pretty valuable.
Sure, no problem.
So how about you, Rod?
Wanna go fishing?
We can share my pole.
No way, man.
That's bourgeoisie leisure crap.
That's a waste of people's
resources, man.
That's ah, like alphabet soup.
Shut up, you booger.
You peaked.
Listen, dink.
Muskie fishing is
mean and violent,
and it makes you do
real crazy things.
It gets in your head and you
can't get it out.
C'mon, what do ya say?
Muskies, muskies.
Muskies - Muskies.
- Muskies.
- Muskies.
- Muskies.
- Muskies.
Shut up.
Listen, I gotta go back
to the restaurant
in the morning and look around.
Wanna come with me?
Sure, I'll go.
Look, I do understand what
you're going through,
but the basic problem here is that
you're feeling guilty.
I mean, you wanna do something
for your grandfather
but you can't.
Come on, Ann, it's not
that complicated.
It's just that my
granddad was the kind
of guy that inspired loyalty.
Christ, old man, Duerst.
I told you the story about
him and Duerst.
Duerst loved the guy.
I loved him, too.
I guess that's why I'm
getting so worked up.
Well, that's positive.
It doesn't feel positive.
Well, it's not
positive to obsess
to the point of hallucination.
Peter, I'm trying to
be supportive,
but if you believe you
actually saw something,
I mean, you wouldn't be afraid
to tell somebody.
I did see something.
Then why don't
you tell somebody?
Why don't you tell that sheriff
we met this morning?
What's the point?
Yeah, you're losing it.
The point is you believe
you saw something,
but you won't do
anything about it.
So you might as well not believe
it in the first place.
Just like you believe
you're a musician
but you won't do
anything about it.
You won't make any music.
What I'm saying is that
you're afraid
to make noise, you're...
Goddamn it, Ann.
But I'm basically right,
aren't I?
So, you really wanna
get into music?
Me, too, Peter.
I mean, I really wanna get back
into music myself.
I mean, well, you
know what I mean.
Last beer of the night.
No way, man, it's the
first beer of the day.
Hey, Finner, show me that
alligator again.
Kiss my ass.
Well, since he's dead now,
I guess I can take that tag off
without losing an arm.
Wonder what it's there for?
Hey, get with it, Finner.
This is the 80's man.
Everybody's doing it,
wearing cool shit.
Even fish, man.
God, I just have to
catch one of those
or I'm just gonna die.
Finner, I'm not kidding, man.
This shit gets into your head
and makes you into a maniac, man.
Muskie madness.
Come on, come on.
Feels like sex, all this
waiting around.
Finner, this is so uncool.
This is so like incredibly uncool
that it's like the coolest
thing we could do.
Shit, it's obvious.
Hey, man, cool it.
What's the matter,
you can't swim?
That's right.
No shit.
Man, there's a lot of weird shit
we don't know about you, man.
Really, you can't even swim?
I really can't swim.
Maybe I'll practice while
we're up here.
Hey alright, Rodney,
pull the boat up.
Hey, Bev D?
Are you crazy man,
we can't go chasing
after women now,
this is the best time to fish.
Take a cast, man, hurry up.
Hey, you guys, wow, way to go.
You're Tom Finnigan, right?
What'd you catch her on?
My earring.
Rodney, right?
I like that.
You should be proud of yourself.
Looks like almost, I don't know,
almost 40 pounds.
Probably win the contest.
Yeah, Jesus, that'd be sweet.
Hey, ole fishing buddy,
what are you gonna do with
that five grand, huh?
I don't know, I'll
figure out something.
Well, I know what
I'd do with it.
So, aren't you guys hungry?
Wanna have breakfast at my house?
Um, but better bring that muskie
down to contest headquarters,
Leave it in the boat,
somebody will swipe it.
Muskie madness, right?
What if a guy just
brought it along?
Yeah, we're hungry.
Sure, but I can't slow
down too much.
My coach is waiting for me.
Um, huh.
So it's not like I neglect him.
But, oh, he has a
different opinion.
Don't ya, Dickie?
How is it going? Huh.
So when you leave the little
guy alone out there,
aren't you scared he's gonna
get eaten by a bear or something?
Well, he might.
I make sure he doesn't have
any sweets before.
Bears can pick up the scent.
The thing is, his momma's
gotta be happy, too.
Sometimes it's the only chance
that I get to workout.
Especially since beer
for brains left.
Say, is anyone gonna die
if I like go check out the disc
selection over here?
Of course nobody's gonna die.
I like that.
So how often do you get
a chance to run?
Not enough.
We should go sometime.
Do about a half dozen miles.
Yeah, yeah, that would,
yeah, we should
definitely do that.
Huh, great.
Hey, Fin fuck.
I mean, Finner, you won't
believe this, man.
Red Echozes, Things
Aren't What They Seem
recorded live in Budokan.
Oh, you gotta hear this.
This is my favorite album.
Um, that's my husband's record.
You know, he's hot already.
I'm gonna take him for a swim
to quiet him down.
A-ha, Daddy, a-ha.
Shut the door, okay you guys?
Thanks for coming.
Come on, there's
nothing here, Peter.
- Oh, great.
- What?
They didn't find anything
when my grandfather
disappeared either.
Let's get back.
I've gotta meditate at 10:20.
At 10:20?
Okay, c'mon sexy,
I'll row my arms off.
He's bleeding.
He's bleeding.
There you are.
God, I've been looking
all over for ya.
Hey, I was wondering if I could
borrow some fishing gear?
You know, just some junk for
a couple of days?
Why don't you rip off van
Cleases's gear?
Or Leroy Leudke's?
I wasn't ripping anything off.
Really, Mr. Duerst, there's
nothing that weird about me.
Just think of me as a normal
guy in a costume.
Like a clown.
God, you know what, you
wouldn't have believed it.
This morning me and my buddy,
we caught about a 40 pound muskie.
Yeah, at least 40 pounds.
God, you know, this is
the life up here.
I really feel like I
fit in up here.
You come up from the city.
Like the acid rain.
It's killing our lakes.
It might as well kill us, too.
man, that's crystal cool.
You said, ah, Leroy Leudke?
Yeah, I think I'll go
over to Leudke's.
Wow, Mr. Leudke, you got even
more stuff here than Mr. Duerst,
I bet you guys used to be spuds,
Buddies, you know?
Ah, yeah, we was
friends long time ago.
Somebody got hosed, eh?
You guys have a fight?
You know.
Ah, no, no, it wasn't like that.
Ah, he's a fine fella, that
Wayne Duerst was.
Well, he just don't have
much to say to me
since I caught that big
fish back in 1955.
This bullet's outta a gun,
ain't it?
Shoot the muskie and then yank
her in the boat, huh?
Well, no, don't keep no
guns around here.
No, no
Besides, they ain't
safe in a boat.
Yeah, we had an incident around
here a few years back,
where one fella shoot another, ah,
landing a big muskie, there.
I was alone.
It was Duerst from over there
and van Clease from up
there at the place.
Yeah, them two had a lucky bullet
they used time and time again to
land a big muskie.
Van Clease, he'd dig it right
outta that muskie's head,
put it right back in the pistol.
Yeah, it must have been 30,
they took with that lucky slug.
Little copper slug, it was.
That was a big mistake on
Wayne's part there,
the bullet went right into
his spine, there.
And van Clease, he wouldn't
let 'em operate.
Ah, he forgave Wayne good enough,
but ah, nah, he wouldn't
let 'em operate.
He said they're gonna have
to grind him up
to get that bullet outta him.
Yeah, that bullet then went right
into the spine, there.
Van Clease, he's a tough old bird,
Decent story, man.
You know, you could make an
excellent movie
with a story like that, man.
Yeah, well.
Ah, you don't wanna use
those bullets.
They'd blow you right
outta the boat.
Duerst boy, used one.
He left those up here.
rifle shells.
Oh, he can talk now, that boy.
You know, though, these suckers
would make great earrings,
wouldn't they?
Yeah, well, ah, like I say,
be my guest.
Say, I tell you what you do.
You go down there and you fish
among those stumps down
by the point.
But that's my secret fishing spot,
so don't let Dobyns
catch you there.
Hey, thanks, buddy.
So, what do you think about
when you meditate?
Nothing, everything.
I'm sure I can never think
about just nothing.
I mean, how boring?
Oh, sick.
That weird guy, Evelyn.
He thinks I don't know
he's watching me.
Open your eyes, Ann, so
you can see him.
Uh, God, what a way to get
your rocks off.
It kills me.
There is like nothing
happening on this lake.
So what are you meditating about?
Why Peter's being so antisocial?
I mean, I thought he
hated fishing?
Fishing is rude.
I mean, you have to get
your hands in all that
snotty crap and scales.
Number one, Kiersten,
Peter is troubled
by something, very, very private
and very, very, traumatic.
Number two, he's reacting in a
perfectly normal way
by refusing to be normal
and socialize.
Number three,
is a symbol of Peter's
trying to fathom
the very deep waters
of his trauma.
I thought he was
trying to catch a fish?
Great, great, this is great.
Fine, you promised me you
were gonna go fishing
and then you just slump me off,
I'll go all by myself, I guess.
I guess he ain't a dedicated
fisherman like me, though.
That's some kind of buddy I got.
Fine, I'll go all by myself.
Woo-hoo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo.
Goddam, you punk.
Ah, I lost her.
- No, more, I can't.
- Oh.
My love is calling you.
My aim is to adore you
My mind's confused
You should love me too
Hey, Kiersten?
That siren makes a perfect four.
That's what you call the distance
between those two tones.
Like these two notes,
Here comes the bride
What can I say, a perfect four.
You go a half-step higher,
you've got something they used to
call the Devil's Tritone,
In Bach's time, that was thought
to drive people crazy.
Strange, huh?
God, Peter, you have the
most amazing ears.
I mean, like, maybe I can
do that someday.
I mean, when I get back
into music and all.
Kiersten, when were you
ever in music?
Somebody found her drifting.
My diver's can't locate a body.
It maybe nothing.
A body?
Yeah, what happened?
Where's Rodney?
Isn't he with you guys?
He must have gone back out.
You Peter van Clease?
What time you figure your
buddy went out?
Sometime in the
middle of the morning.
It must have been while
we were running.
There's some kind
of blood in here.
You run on a test on it yet?
You're gonna run a test, right?
Yes, we took a blood sample.
Now stay outta the boat.
Bev, I'm a little
shorthanded right now.
You wanna run this up to dispatch?
Tell Mike to send it
up to the lab.
Hey, what about these?
I asked you not to
go in the boat.
There's blood and bullets,
and my friend has
just been killed,
and you're filling out a form?
I understand why you're worried,
but we don't know that
anyone's been killed.
We need a body.
Okay, what kind of
bullet's are these?
Okay, okay, I know who
killed Rodney.
So, who dunnit?
Evelyn Duerst with his M16.
I doubt it
I can prove it.
Look, I'm a little busy with
your boat right now.
Forget my boat.
I saw Evelyn with his
M16 yesterday,
and he's always talking about
blowing somebody away.
Hey, I think you should do
something about it.
Alright, let's make this quick.
I'll take care of this.
You're under arrest, Evelyn,
and the sheriff's here.
Throw out the M16.
Here's your M16.
Go straight, Dad.
Left, left.
Go right, Dad.
Turn it.
Hey, stop, you crazy bastard.
Ah, stuff it, Mr. Green Genes.
Right, just go straight down 77
about a mile and a half,
take a right on Peninsula Road.
Get you right there.
Okay, thanks a lot.
You're welcome,
have a good time.
Hey, sheriff, I'd
like to apologize,
and I'd also like to talk
about this murder.
Look, Peter, before you start,
let me tell ya where
I'm coming from.
This is the biggest event
in town this year.
I'm not gonna go around
upsetting people
with talk about murder.
But, look, if you listen...
I've got four deputies
to cover a county the
size of Delaware.
There's 30,000 people in town
this weekend for the
Muskie Festival.
The mayor wants foot
patrols in the city.
What I gotta be telling
myself right now
is there hasn't been a murder
up here in 17 years.
Yeah, my grandfather's, dammit.
And nobody raised a finger
about that either,
except to fill out some forms.
No, no, it was a couple of
fishermen from Illinois
that got ripped up
out on the lake.
Your grandfather's case is in the
books as a disappearance.
Peter, another time of year
and I'd make this a full
Yeah, right, but you're too busy
filling out your forms, right?
C'mon, you guys, let's
get outta here.
He's too busy filling
out his forms
to worry about Rodney
getting killed.
It's not helping
to baby a distressed
person during...
I guess I can't take it here,
I guess you want me to go.
Kiersten's always
fishing for your sympathy.
C'mon, Ann, we're
on Main Street.
So, why the hell don't you get
off Main Street, asshole?
43 pound muskie, my ass.
What's a matter with you?
Where'd you get it, anyway?
You really like to watch us
poor bastards drool.
Don't ya, huh?
Up here we do things
fair and square.
You alright?
Old blankety-blank.
Ah, that crazy, old Dobyns.
He gotta pacemaker in.
He turns it up every year
for the contest.
Yeah, it doesn't make him any
easier to deal with.
Yeah, it's the pacemaker.
Jesus, what did I do?
Well, he just doesn't
like outsiders, that's all.
I'm not exactly an outsider.
My grandfather helped
build this place
Hampton van Clease.
- Oh, yeah.
- I'm Peter,
The grandson.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Leroy Leudke.
- Hi.
I got the bait shop
right down the road.
I don't love him.
Yeah, I liked him.
I liked him a lot.
Everyone said this was
gonna be so much fun.
Really would.
I can't believe this is
happening to me.
I mean, it's not fair.
I keep fighting, it's not like
anyone understands me
or gives a shit what I think.
I think of washing clean
Whenever when I dream
My love's all around
To break your doors to see
My hearts been calling
And you may get to love me
Flying all around
Hoh, ah.
(bag rustles.
Finally got that bitch.
Hey, guys?
Hey, Finner, where - Hey,
- you been, man?
- What's up?
We still got no sign of Rodney.
Did you guys hear?
Somebody almost hooked
Bev's little kid on
the lake today.
Ah, wow, that's what that was.
Yeah, Evelyn thinks it was
some guy casting,
but Bev didn't see anybody.
Is that all she said,
what do you mean?
The crazy guy was
accusing me of it.
Peter, try to think about
something else for awhile.
You're obsessed.
If you wanna do something
for your granddad,
have a good time.
That's what he'd want you to do.
It's not an obsession, okay?
Prove it.
So Finner, who's this Bev?
- Yeah.
- Ah, you know.
Tell us, c'mon, tell us.
The girl who gave me
- the cap.
- That Bev?
Uh-Huh, that's great, - Oh,
Outdoors type, huh?
Yeah, well.
Hey, Fin, bring her over.
Oh, I don't know, you guys.
I don't wanna rush into it.
It seems like I'm always
blowing things.
Ah, come on.
Finner, everything is
gonna work out fine.
Well, I gotta stop in at
Muskie Madness HQ
and find out about my muskie.
See if I can quit fishing.
Hey, did you guys get any beer?
No, just a little wine.
Oh, well wine's good, sure.
You won't believe it, huh.
I finally got that hog.
It'd be 46 and a half.
Okay, we have a new leader,
Wayne Duerst.
46 and a half pounds.
well goody.
46 and a half pounds?
I've been after
that hog for years.
Sure beats me.
Sorry, kid.
Hate to compete with a friend of
the van Clease family,
but I've been after that hog
for years.
Where's the coach?
Oh, Eve's got him.
He actually volunteered
to babysit him.
Ah, that's great.
Sit up time.
- Oh.
- Hold my ankles.
- Two.
- Two.
- Three.
- Three.
Ooh, I like that.
I hope you understand.
It's just, I have
some stuff to do.
Yeah, that's alright.
So you gonna be around
later or not?
Why, where are you going?
You gonna go back out fishing?
Muskie madness.
I'm gonna beat old Duerst
if it kills me.
So ah, if you're gonna
be around later,
I can come back.
Muskie reggae
You know, I really
like you Finner.
Maybe about midnight.
God, what happened to Kiersten?
You miss her?
God, the cicada whatever's are
giving me a headache.
I mean, what's weird is how they
stop and then they start,
and then they just shut
and you never know
if they're gonna start up again.
It drives you crazy.
Maybe I better call the sheriff.
Shit, it's not hooked up.
Fuckin' A
the phone's out.
Vibrations, man.
Goddamn military's got the
whole North Woods
strung up like a D battery, man.
Sending out weird vibrations.
Messing with the phones and
people's brains, man.
You ever put a pitchfork in the
ground and wiggle it?
Worms come up.
Vibrations, right?
Look at this gut on me.
We're talking extremely low
frequency radiation,
sucking the Agent Orange
out of the cells.
I'm not square dancing
with you people.
Look at me, we're talking...
Shut up.
None of that's got a thing to do
with why you're a bum.
More than one guy around
here's fought in a war.
He's got something wrong with him
that you didn't even know about.
He just don't complain about it.
Why didn't you tell me about old
man van Clease now?
Go ahead, tell me your tough
guy story again.
You piss me off, you know that?
And don't sneak up on me.
You know, I, uh
gave up a job the other day that
meant an awful lot to me.
Ain't never known a man you
could shoot in the back
and he'd give you a job
for your troubles.
We were fishing, see.
Just like everyday.
And this muskie we got reared up.
Somehow got outta control.
I tried to kill it.
I couldn't hold steady.
Shot your granddad.
He had his back to me, see, and I
got him in the hip.
A little copper slug.
But he wouldn't let
them take it out.
I said I'd pay for the doctors,
instead he,
he gives me a job.
And we yapped about it.
He just gave me a job.
Great story.
That's something he'll
never forget.
Well, it's a hell of a
lot to live up to.
What's he want me to do?
He doesn't know.
I don't either.
Yeah, I floated
over here by myself.
It was really fun.
Yeah, that's a good thing.
How come you don't have
many lights in here?
Oh, I like it pretty quiet.
Lights don't make any noise.
Yeah, they do.
A little.
Yeah, go ahead and look
all you want.
I got that in Korea.
Yeah, Harry Truman sent
me there in 1951.
Huh, you catching
anything in there?
No, no way.
Hey, it's 10 o'clock, ain't it?
Time for a little muskie like
you to be home in bed?
Nah, my dad don't care.
He's out fishing.
Yeah, but like I say,
let me give you
a ride back in the boat.
Yeah, I better.
Lot of things can happen out
there on that lake.
This is great.
Ah, this is just great.
God, duh.
90 horse powers and not one
of them can swim.
A $10,000 dollar weekend.
Don't, God, Eve.
What do you like?
Hmm, I like that laugh.
I like that.
Okay, I've been thinking
about the jealousy stuff.
No, it's fine.
I mean, I think I understand where
I'm coming from better.
Well, how Kiersten acts with you
scares me, is all.
Is all?
No, not really.
I just want us to stay together.
Can't you respond to that?
I am responding.
It's just that sometimes
I feel cornered.
I don't know about music school.
You just assumed I'd be
good at music.
And you will be.
You are already.
I don't know about us, either.
I can't really explain this,
but it's like the
harder you push me,
the less I feel like making a,
huh, I can't even say the word.
And I guess,
I love you.
Shut the fuck up you
stupid bastard,
or I'll shut you up myself.
What am I doing out here?
is great.
I mean, this is just great.
Dad, I don't wanna stay
in that house.
This is just.
Why did I let 'em talk
me into this?
Anybody out here?
I'll be here all night,
for God's sake.
Okay, alright, I'll stay out here.
See if I care.
Mosquito madness, baby.
You need a man around here to
fix those screens.
How come I can't stay?
Evelyn, just go.
What about Finner?
How come everybody's
getting nailed
on the water like my
granddad got nailed?
How could that be when nobody even
knows how it happened?
Like the sheriff says, except me,
And crazy ass, Finner.
Peter, how could Finner have
killed your granddaddy?
He was just a kid.
I'm not saying he
killed anybody.
But don't you tell me all the time
that Finner's manic
depressive or whatever?
I'm just asking, look
at the evidence.
Look, I told ya, I feel like
a total asshole.
I'm sure he's over at Bev's house.
Look, why don't we just pop in
on him like it's no big deal,
Well I'll just call you
I lay down to adore you
My mind's confused
That you don't love me too
60 pounds.
Oh, they're trying to cheat me.
It's bogus, this muskie's bogus.
It has metal inside of it.
It's a bar.
A metal bar?
Hey, they're setting me up.
I'm an honest man.
The juror's stand, look at all
the rest of them.
They're just jealous.
That's all.
They're, they're trying to take my
place away from me.
C'mon Denny.
If there's any metal in there,
Take care of him, would ya?
I don't know about it.
I didn't put it in there.
Okay, that's, that's it
for the excitement.
Alright, just, ah, go on home,
Thank you very much.
Kids, ah, look, we found
your dad's boat,
but we can't find him.
Have you kids seen your dad?
Okay, where's your mom?
Mom's up at Aunt Helen's.
Ruthie's been looking all over
the place for Dad.
He was gonna come home
and have a pizza.
I think something's
gone wrong around here.
I think something's very fishy.
Okay, okay, you kids
take it easy.
This ain't no
square dance, people.
I can guarantee that upfront.
This is a combat zone.
Evelyn, what's this?
Do you recognize this?
I found this in the
bushes back there.
It's Finner's.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
you found what?
I will now proceed to blow the
motherfucker away.
I will blow that mother away.
Peter, you can't leave
me here with him.
You got a problem with me,
You think I'm crazy?
Then shut your face.
Go ahead.
Sheriff, Peter van Clease.
Get that blood test back yet?
Ah, haven't had a
chance to talk to the lab.
Well I've got
something else for you.
Bev's missing.
We're out at her place.
Okay, I'll report it.
Raymond, get those people back.
You could do a lot more
than report it.
I know who the killer is.
Listen, I practically
got a riot downtown.
Dobyns just turned in a
and people are going mad.
Killer of who?
Bev, Kiersten Kanutzen,
my friend Rodney.
It's Tom Finnegan.
Tom Finnegan, Finner, my friend
who came up here with me.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, look, ah, you've given
me Evelyn Duerst,
now you're giving me your friend,
but ah, you haven't even
given me a body.
Okay, I'll report it and
I'll tell dispatch
and report Bev missing,
but for all I know, she's down
here at contest headquarters.
Peter, that's all I can say.
I am sorry.
Who cares?
Who the fuck cares what I do?
The muskie swim
In the bottom of the lake, man
The lake full of muskie
In the water around here, man
They swim up to your boat
And they steal all your beers,
You gotta have a
Muskie or you'll
I will follow around
To send you on the street
Your woman's been drinking.
Pressures getting to her.
I've seen it happen in
the military.
Walking wounded.
Pressures getting to your
buddy Finner, too.
We gotta put a stop to
that dude fast.
Blow that motherfucker right
outta the water.
Walking wounded, man.
Peter, help me.
Please, help me.
I was out swimming and I was
sitting in an inner tube,
and this was big, tall
fisherman saw me
and he was trying to catch me, he
was trying to kill me.
And I just kept swimming.
I didn't know what to do.
I just kept swimming.
Who tried to kill you?
Finner, did you see Finner?
No, and I kept swimming.
And I got to shore
and it got dark,
and I didn't know where I was,
and I found this boat.
It had Finner's stuff in it,
and there's blood everywhere.
And I didn't know what to do.
And then I kept driving
this boat around.
I didn't know where I was.
God, Peter, you have to
call the police.
Listen to me, Kiersten.
Please, please call
- the police.
- Can you make it up
to the house, okay?
I wanna look through
Finner's stuff first.
You poor bastard.
Listen man, I'm for going
after the dude.
Don't matter if he is your buddy.
Man's a mass killer.
You won't have to look far.
Finner didn't kill anybody.
Somebody killed him.
Can't gross me out.
I seen lots worse.
Tore it clean off.
Just fishing
To land me something fine
I won't have to say
That he got away at last
And we say
How can I
My love to the wind
I'm gonna make a brand new start
If he moves
I'll reel him in
With hook to the heart
We'll never part
The cicadas.
Evelyn, the cicadas, I remember
hearing the cicadas.
Just like this.
And then the singer hit
that high B-flat.
Man, what are you
talking about?
This, it's the Devil's Tritone.
The Diablas Musica.
Classical music outlawed
it for centuries
because it made people crazy.
So what did Bev and Kiersten
and Finner and Rodney all
have in common?
Finner's music.
Finner's damned music.
Makes me want to scream
Then you add the
cicadas down here.
Man, that is the stupidest
shit I've ever heard.
This ain't no Japanese
monster movie.
Evelyn, the cicadas are loud,
and they've got an
incredible resonance.
Listen to them make
the air vibrate.
Some combination of frequencies
must set off the killer.
Shit, I could have
told you that.
Some dudes get shortwave on their
braces and hip pins.
Over in Nam, you could hear stuff
in the air that wasn't normal,
Hell, I knew this dude in
Cleveland with a steel pelvis,
got a hard on every time
the train went by.
Evelyn, you know what?
You just maybe right.
Damn right I'm right.
Damn right, college boy.
I think they're in here.
Sheriff told me
you know something
about people disappearing?
That's it, man.
Listen, you little
people wanna know
what happened to your folks?
It's the Devil's Trilogy, man,
messing with some guy's head and
making him freakout.
Devil's Trilogy, man.
Yeah, Evel, they're
messing with who's head?
It doesn't bother me, it
doesn't bother you.
Don't ask me, I
ain't no Houdini.
What about all you theories
with brainwaves and vibrations
and all that stuff?
And vets with weird experimental
stuff in their bodies?
What vets you talking about?
It's Leudke.
Something weird about his head.
It's got metal inside of it.
You know that for sure?
I took a stud finder reading.
Also he's got a war helmet with
the top blown out of it.
What trouble you people
got with Leudke?
Five murders.
Your granddad would slap you
in the snot box talkin' like that.
Including his murder.
Ah, you're flapping
your gills again.
You've got to have evidence
to talk like that.
You're all fishing in waters you
know nothing about.
You're all full of crap.
He's got metal in his head.
That's standard.
They slap a metal plate in
some guy's head
and say, have a nice life, sucker.
I got research on that.
An Ibeam lobotomy, standard
procedure out of the Korean War.
Metal plates, craniectomy.
Some guys pick up vibrations and
it makes 'em freakout.
Call the sheriff.
Forget the sheriff.
He wants bodies.
"There hasn't been a murder up
here in 17 years."
Well that makes sense.
Cicadas appear every 17 years,
And 17 years ago, the cicadas plus
Vicki Lee's high note,
causes Leudke to go
temporarily insane
and nail my grandfather.
Dude came up here in '54 with
an Ibeam lobotomy.
Okay, he comes home
from Korea in 1954.
Runs amok in '68 when the
cicadas come out.
Then lives 17 more years
without any problem,
and now this tape of Finner's,
just the right note cranked up
real load, plus the cicadas,
and he starts up
killing people again.
So Irving, your folks
must have been out
on the water making noise.
Nah, sheriff won't ouch Leudke.
Then we have to.
Lock and load.
Shut up.
I'm fishing
I got my hook and bait
Just fishing
To meet you I can wait
Shit, look at this.
It's Bev's wedding ring.
Oh, God.
There's your friends, man.
The sheriff won't buy it.
No bodies.
I'm gonna make a brand new start
With hook to the heart
We'll never part
God, c'mon.
Hurry, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
Shit, it's Leudke.
You move your ass, man.
With hook to the heart
We'll never part
Slow down, man,
what's happening?
Leudke, the bastards got Ann.
Let me go, I'm going down there
and blowing him away.
Let me go, dammit.
He's got Ann.
Knock it off or
I'll mess you up good.
You're not thinking straight.
You storm Leudke's now and he'll
kill your woman flat out.
Okay, dammit, let me go.
We gotta use proper tactics.
We gotta smoke 'em out.
He's got a hostage.
What's all the racket?
Leroy Leudke ain't killed nobody.
Nothing wrong with Leroy.
Like hell there ain't.
Man goes crazy, kills people
out on the lake.
Grinds 'em up, feeds 'em
to his minnows.
We seen everything.
He's the one who killed your
old buddy van Clease.
He killed my Bev.
The man's picking up
vibrations in his head.
Ah, that's just your
mouth again, Evelyn.
Bullshit old man.
Talk about the walking wounded.
That's all I hear about.
Talk about van Clease
and the lucky goddamn
bullet for 20 years.
Time you did some
talking about Leudke.
What are you trying to hide?
Dude got a plate in
his head or not?
Yes, Leroy's got a plate in
his head from Korea,
but you ain't got any kind of
evidence for nothing.
Bullshit again old man.
Here's the ring you helped
me get for Bev.
Found in the man's bait tank.
Don't prove nothing.
Could have come in off the lake.
I got the lucky bullet.
Where did you get this?
At Leudke's.
And copper, son.
He cut it out of van Clease.
We used to go out for
muskies together.
He's been topping me out with the
big ones for 30 years.
We catch him with bait.
What kind of bait?
You turn yourself into bait and
it's simple to lure 'em out.
Somebody's gotta take a hell of a
chance but it'll work.
All you do is get Eve here
out on the lake.
With your music and wait
for the cicadas.
Then when Leudke comes after him,
you and I go for the girl.
Ah, hell, Pop, that won't work.
You could sit out there all night.
Ah, you know it'll work, Evelyn.
It's a question of guts.
You, you owe anything to
your grandfather?
Your lady friend?
What if the sounds sets off
Leudke inside the bait shop?
He'll kill Ann.
Forget it, it won't work.
You have a better idea or are
you just talkin' too?
I'll go after him myself.
Alright, alright.
You got your bait.
We'll be waiting on the road.
It was an accident,
wasn't it Leroy?
Can I call ya, Leroy?
I mean, it was an accident
killing all those people.
I know you didn't really mean to
do it or anything.
But well, hey,
look, Leroy, accidents are normal.
It's a question of guts.
So I might ask yourself if
you're really in touch
with your feelings about all this.
I, I mean your real feelings
about killing me.
Do you really feel you
have to kill me,
or is just some sort of
a smokescreen
for a bigger emotional problem?
Because Leroy, you may
not want to admit
this to yourself since it
is pretty heavy,
but I don't think you really
want to kill me.
Or we can talk about it
if you'd like.
You don't have to be afraid of
being honest with yourself,
and another thing is, I'd
be more than glad
to give you the space to
work things out.
But okay, well, Leroy.
If you feel comfortable
killing me, that's fine.
I'm an adult.
I can live with it.
What I'm saying is you're
afraid to make noise.
That's it, Pop.
He didn't do it.
Leudke's going out fishing.
The dude's woman is history.
Goddamn disgrace.
I'll go after him myself.
Good morning.
Goddamn it.
You son of a bitch, I'll kill you.
Well, there you
people, what more can I say?
The amazing Leroy Luedke
does it again.
Right in under the time limit
with a 50 pound fish to
take first place.
Leroy, Leroy Leudke, tell
us how you do it?
It's him, it's him,
he's doing it.
Now, Cameron, give me my gun.
Wayne, I'm gonna have to arrest
you if you don't ease up.
You always got next year,
now take it easy.
This is a friendly contest.
Nothing friendly about murder.
Sorry about that little bit
of muskie madness folks.
Let's have a big round of applause
for the new champion,
Leroy Leudke.
Alright, Leroy.
It's Leudke.
He killed van Clease.
And Eve's little Beverly.
Some of those kids, bastard's up
there drawing cheers.
I don't know whether to
believe you Wayne or not.
Really, I don't.
Leudke's a hero around here.
He's a friend of mine, too,
you know, eh?
But he's a rival though, Wayne,
too, now isn't he?
C'mon, nobody's really dead
around here, Wayne.
Are they, c'mon.
Go home and stay there.
I have got to get things
under control.
Do me a favor, Wayne.
I'll be out later.
This night was a
goddamn disgrace.
Want things done right around, you
gotta do them yourself.
Your grandfather did.
Fight for what you love.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
Teach me to cast this thing as
good as my grandfather.
I'm going after Leudke.
There are better ways
to do that, son.
Your granddad was no fool.
He was no big talker, neither.
You just gonna talk or
teach me to cast?
You can't beat Leudke at
his own game, son.
Now you take my piece here
and do what you should have
done last night.
You want things perfect, don't ya?
You want the perfect
revenge on the man.
You wanna take him like
he took the rest.
You wanna take him with a
treble hook at night.
Don't ya?
Don't ya, van Clease?
Not yet.
Don't call me van Clease, yet.
I've gotta fight for it.
Okay, I'll make some noise.
You may used to love me yeah
Edwards Street, we got a
call in on one.
I could use your help, Wayne.
You know these woods
better than anybody.
He can't last long
bleeding like he is.
Not better than he does, I
don't know these woods.
Will ya help me, Wayne?
The best I can.
I'm fishing
I got my hook and bate
Just fishing
I'm patient, I can wait
For some man who's true
To wash all my blues away
Just fishing
A feeling in my life
Just wishing
To land me something fine
I won't have to say
That he got away
From me