Blood in the Water (2022) Movie Script

What is this?
You want me to tell
you about a case.
Which case?
I can help.
Talk to me, dammit!
You want names?
I can give you names.
You're gonna drown
me, that's it, right?
This isn't about you, Henry.
Then what?
I'm here, you've got me
chained up for Christ sake.
You've been told,
this isn't about you.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know the contacts I have?
Why you are here is
not the question.
You are merely one
player in a larger game.
A prelude.
The shape of things to come.
Come on.
If you need something from me,
let's talk.
I told you.
Absolutely nothing.
You're working to stay out
of the deep end, Henry.
Shame you didn't have that
attitude before today.
This is what we mean
when we talk about
choppy waters, Henry.
The idea of sinking or swimming.
You tried the chain
already, remember?
This is where you
have been for a while,
but not up to your neck in it.
It's time to meet your namesake.
It was my decision, okay?
And I thought it would
help us, you know that.
Shit, they're doing
inspections early.
Look, I gotta go,
I don't know when I'll be
able to drop you a line again.
Hold on for me, Zara.
I love you.
Hey, it's me again.
I don't know how long
I'll get to keep the phone
before they're gonna
take it off me,
so I thought I'd just send it
and if anything happened,
you could listen to
it back or something.
It's important that you know,
you can't blame yourself
for what happened.
I chose to.
Look, it was my decision, okay?
And I thought it would
help us, you know that.
Shit, they're doing
inspections early.
Look, I gotta go,
I don't know when I'll be
able to drop you a line again.
Hold on for me, Zara.
I love you.
You've reached the
phone of Henry Sadler.
I'm unable to take
your call right now
but please feel free
to leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Thank you.
Henry, it's Zara Grey.
I've been thinking about Rich.
I think I can
help, I just, shit.
There's more to it.
He wasn't the only one involved.
Call me back.
Emergency services, how
can I direct your call?
There's someone in my apartment.
Can you confirm
your address please?
93, Garwood Avenue.
Can you confirm
your name for me?
Zara Gray.
And the flat number?
Miss, the flat number?
Unit B!
Thank you, someone
is on their way.
Miss, can you hear me?
Miss do stay on the line.
Stay on the line!
What... what, what is this?
Where am I?
Is anybody there?
Stop fucking touching things!
Stop fucking touching stuff.
Where are we?
I wish I could answer that.
You remember how you got here?
Someone broke in I.
Pepper spray, huh?
Yeah, it still.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that, don't do that.
It'll ease up soon.
Where am I?
I wanna leave.
I've done nothing wrong.
Hey, hey, what's your name?
Hey, what's your name?
What's you name?
Pauline, I'm Cody, okay?
We're gonna get out of here.
Hey, what about you?
What's your name?
Fuck you.
Real nice.
And you?
What's your name?
Come on, look, we
gotta work together
if we're gonna get
out of this place.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Let us the fuck out of here.
- What the fuck is this?
- Hey!
- Who are you?
Let us the fuck out of here.
Let me out!
Please, this is a mistake,
I've done nothing wrong.
- Please - Let me out!
You're fucking dead.
Hey, let us the
fuck out of here.
Please, please.
You're fucking dead!
Hey, are you okay?
She's out of it.
Hey, what's that?
That in the water?
Can you reach it?
Check the pockets.
Check the pockets.
There might be something
useful in there.
How'd you know
that was in there?
What's on this?
I have no idea.
You asked me to
check the pockets,
I pull out a fucking
tape recorder?
You expect me to, to believe
that that was a coincidence.
Please, I have no idea.
I, I was just thinking that
there might be a pen knife
or, or a key or, or something.
You can trust me.
I can help.
I don't think you can.
I don't think anyone can.
I think life is organized
to put us in boxes
and that there's only one
way in and one way out.
And you don't believe in boxes?
What are you doing?
Hello, friends of Henry.
If you are here in this room,
it means that you are
well acquainted with him
and, alas, he needs
no introduction.
It may even mean that you
had a conversation similar
to the one heard here.
What that also means, however,
is that you have
not yet found a way
to reveal the truth
that has burdened you.
Unfortunately, that
truth is the only way
that you will leave
this room alive.
You have three minutes until
things get problematic.
Three minutes to
understand what it means
to be in this room with Henry.
Good Luck.
That voice, on the tape.
It sounded like my lawyer.
Your lawyer.
His name was Henry.
Yeah, he was my lawyer too.
And me.
This is bullshit.
You all know this guy?
- Cody.
- What?
Yeah, yeah, I see it.
And what does it mean?
He said we have three minutes
until we understand
our situation.
Yeah, I don't think I
wanna wait that long.
Hey, you, you sure you
can't get to the door.
I can't.
Oh, come on!
Fuck you, I'm not
getting zapped again.
All right, all right,
all right, look,
he said we have three
minutes to figure out
why we're in this
room with Henry.
No, he said that we've
got three minutes
until we're fucking
dead like Henry.
What, do you think the
rest of him's down there?
I'm pretty sure that's
where we'll all end up
if we don't figure this out.
Okay, okay, okay,
so, so he's my lawyer
and, and he's your
lawyer too right?
Yeah, he helped me.
So, what, what, what, he
helped you what, get off?
From what?
What does it matter?
Well, it sounds like
he's been secretly recording
his client meetings.
And how about you?
What did you do?
And you?
He help you get off too?
I now fuck all about this, lady.
All right, look, let's
just keep it relaxed, okay?
You're okay.
Relax, okay.
Hey, hoy, wake up.
Hey, hey, hey, the
door, the door,
he's been using that door, okay?
So maybe it's not wired, yeah?
Let's see if it's unlocked.
Hey, hey you.
Put me down.
Come on guy!
Guy, yeah, try the door.
- What is this?
- Behind you.
Try the door.
Fuck, I'm fucking serious.
Try the door behind you.
I thought you were a cop.
You okay?
Look I, I never
did get your name.
You saw what just
happened to him, right?
And you're asking my name?
It's Zara.
You knew him, didn't you?
Or at least, he recognized you?
I saw that.
You didn't try to save him.
And he knew you was
a copper as well.
How the fuck did you see
anything from over there?
And I couldn't reach.
How did you know him, Cody?
Why don't you tell
them, Officer?
Don't be shy Cody.
Why don't you offer
them a clue or two?
You knew him.
I think their disdain
is clear cut, Officer.
How do you know the young man?
Do you know his next of kin?
I'm afraid I have some
bad news for them.
He's sick.
I think it's a valid question.
Oh, yeah?
What about you?
What about me?
You said Henry got you off.
I never said that.
She said that.
So, so did he?
Well, yeah.
He helped me get clear of a
few charges, what about it?
Yeah, sounds ominous.
Fuck you.
Hey, we're not
talking about him.
How did you know him?
The guy who just.
He was eaten by a fucking shark.
All right.
I was investigating him, okay?
His name was Kris,
he was a dealer.
A couple of young girls, okay?
They OD'd on his product.
His lawyer.
Well, he got him off.
Said my evidence was tainted.
And that's it.
How was it tainted?
Couldn't prove conclusively
that the drugs were his.
So, you planted them,
that's what you're saying?
So, Henry worked his case?
Yeah, I guess.
So, so you were
investigating him?
Recon you could have been
investigating the rest of us?
No, I'd recognize you.
Yeah, but if
there's a link here.
Then it's with Henry!
Not with me, okay?
So, Henry worked his case.
Henry got a guilty
man free, right?
Seems like his specialized
subject, wouldn't you say.
Or am I just clutching
at straws here?
I think the good officer
has figured you all out,
ladies and gentlemen.
Everyone here is an opportunist.
The only way free of your
shackles, and of your fate,
is to free yourself
of the burden that
comes with deception.
Freedom comes from within.
This is, this is
a fucking wind-up.
What did you do?
He said that we need to confess.
Confess what?
Well, you said that
Henry defended you.
Maybe it's tied to that.
Look, I was found not guilty,
there's a not in front of
guilty for a fucking reason.
You, you put this
together, didn't you?
What, me?
Yes, fucking you.
Who else would have the ability
to lock us in a pool house.
Scare us half to death
with a rubber sharks
and bloody tomato
ketchup in the pool.
We all saw that poor man die.
Oh, fuck off, it's
one of his cop pals.
And no one's died.
How could he have faked that?
Like really?
Oh, really, cops have been
pulling scams for years.
Infiltrating groups,
setting elaborate traps.
Cops have formed an entire mob.
Hiring someone
they're investigating,
pay them in fucking
cash to do petty crimes.
Letting them rise through the
ranks and then goading them
into confessing their
sins along the way.
Does that sound familiar?
I don't know.
You seem to know a lot about
this for an innocent man.
In situations like this
you have to think, right?
Who is to benefit?
Yeah but, who is to benefit?
This is absurd.
What death by shark is
fucking normal, is it?
He's right.
Of course, I am.
Maybe this is a police trap.
Believe what you want.
This can only be a police trap
if everyone here is
guilty of something.
I know just as much
about this as you do.
You're lying at the very least.
Well, this is
either some big scam
'cause you're trying to get
something out of us, or.
Or you're stuck here for a
reason, like the rest of us.
I'm pretty sure it's not
for being a good cop
investigating a drug dealer.
Looks like we're
about to find out.
I, I...
I, I...
Do you wanna get locked up?
Keep your fucking mouth shut.
Henry valued the truth, okay?
He knew that.
What I did, I...
I only ever wanted to help.
If he valued the truth,
then why was he recording
his client meetings?
Was he blackmailing you?
Henry was a good man.
What, I.
What I did I, I only ever
wanted to help, not hurt.
What did you do?
See, he's gagging for it.
I was a carer.
I spent 15 years looking
after a retiree with dementia.
His name was David.
At the time, I was having
some difficulty with my back.
I had slipped a disc,
and the doctor
prescribed me Oxycontin.
I was in pain.
I was tired.
I left the pills out.
I didn't mean to.
But David.
He found them.
And he OD'd?
Oh, my god, this
is what he wants.
You'll see.
This is what happens
when you spend your life lying.
You become so good at
it, you actually forget
when you are attempting
to tell the truth.
It was an accident, I swear.
Just put her out of her
misery for fucks sake!
I'm not fucking doing this!
David, the dementia patient
who was lucid enough
to change his will.
To make you its
sole beneficiary.
The man whose condition led him
to be physically violent
with you on a regular basis.
Year in, year out.
Was it the money?
Or was it you couldn't
stand him anymore?
The truth could set you free,
if only you could let go.
Please, please, God, no.
Please, God, no.
None of that, none
of it is true.
You have to understand.
This is where your lies
have brought you...
the edge.
Help me!
Help me!
Fuck me!
So, you believe me now?
This is fucking weird man!
Who thinks of this?
Sharks, sharks, who
fucking, who thinks of that?
Not a normal-minded
person, that's for sure.
Fucking sadist psycho.
Who are you, who
are you to judge me?
I'm innocent!
Oh, yeah?
Or are you just, you
just hiding something?
Like she was.
I've done fuck all, okay!
This is so weird.
So theatrical, I don't get it.
Murderers, psychopaths.
Their minds don't work
like yours and mines, Zara.
I've met enough of
them in my time.
They're warped.
Let me assure you officer,
there's nothing wrong
with my brain chemistry.
I'm not the only predator here.
You're a bloody sadist!
I am the solution.
To what?
To what?
I told you, a fucking sadist.
What do you want from me?
Look, whatever it is
we can work this out,
just stop the clock
and, and we can talk.
You clearly want
information from us
so we can work this out.
I'm prepared to talk.
You won't be able
to reason with him.
It's about time we realize we're
all gonna fucking die here.
Don't say that.
Why, does it hurt your feelings?
Well, it hurts mine too.
We've been put on trial here.
Not to make a plea bargain,
but to be fuckin' executed.
It's just not funny anymore.
When was it funny?
When you thought that the,
the police were trying
to trap you.
For what?
Robbing old ladies?
Don't be so fucking facetious.
We've got two minutes
until the next one goes.
Didn't you see what
happened to Pauline, Ian?
She was in denial too.
Now she's in several pieces.
Do you wanna know who I am?
I'm fucking no one.
And I've done sweet fuck all!
There are three
of you remaining.
What do you want from us?
I was a used car salesman.
I got stock in.
I knew it was dodgy.
I was just trying to
make a living, okay?
There was a young couple.
They were really nice.
I fucking crippled him, okay.
And what about the girl?
She didn't make it.
And who killed her?
Oh, come on.
I killed her, okay.
I fucking killed her.
The guy who I sold the car to.
It's you, I'm sorry, okay.
I'm sorry!
Thank you, Ian.
I confessed, okay.
I confessed.
Let me go.
I'm not going out like this.
I need something, to
jam the mechanism.
Anything, find something.
There isn't anything.
There isn't anything.
No, that won't do it.
I'll have a look down here.
Cody get out of the water!
Cody, swim!
Cody get out!
Get out of the water.
you've bought
yourselves some time.
You've managed to keep
your heads above the water.
But for how long?
There is still only
one way out of here.
In scenarios like this,
it's not unusual for us
to think about the choices
we've made, our regrets.
Is that what you're
doing now, Zara?
Are you thinking about Rich?
What he sacrificed for you?
I can tell him you were thinking
about him in your final moments.
Maybe that will bring
him some pathos, closure.
I wonder if that's
enough to warm his cell
on those cold winter nights.
Drink this.
You need to hydrate.
I've been around the block
a few times, you know.
And each time a victim
wants the same thing.
Do they know what
that looks like?
Heck no.
When a man loses his wife.
It's a big deal.
What about a child?
I need you to be
present for me, Zara.
This is important.
I'm fine, just lightheaded, I.
I need you to get
your head in the game.
I need a complete
poker face from you.
When they call you to the stand,
we can't show any
signs of weakness.
The jury will read it
as a sign of guilt.
Richard acted alone, Zara.
I can't let Richard
take the fall for this.
The three of us discussed this.
They left their front door open,
the two of you were going
through some tough times.
Richard wasn't working,
you were unable to work.
He made a choice,
a bad one.
And that's why we're here.
Let me tell you something.
This expression, your aura.
It's not something
I've not seen before.
But, if the jury pick up on it,
you're gonna have a much
harder time in there.
There's something I
think you should do.
I'm going to leave the room.
And when I'm gone, I want
you to hit the record button
and spill your guts.
Whatever it is you're compelled
to say, then get it out.
Get it out, now.
Are you okay?
You said Henry took
your case, right?
Did he ever ask you to
make any recordings?
He said he made all
his clients do it
before they take the stand.
To purge any feelings of guilt.
You know exactly what
I'm talking about.
And did you leave it with him?
Fuck no, what was I gonna say?
The truth?
What's your truth?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
And what about you?
This whole things about
confessing, we did me.
What do you need to
get off your chest?
You need to put your
fucking eyes away, son.
This is a fucking joke.
What's the shark
meant to do now?
Grow legs and bite
my fucking head off.
Not fucking likely.
I think you're letting
the stress get to you.
Don't make out like
I'm the crazy one here.
All right.
He asked me to make a tape.
But I didn't press record
'cause I'm not a fucking idiot.
Me neither.
You are if you didn't realized
Henry was bugging his office.
Come on the guy
was clearly bent.
Wouldn't be the
first defense lawyer
to extort his clients
once he got them off.
I suppose you were too smart
to leave him a friendly
fucking postcard where you?
I never met the guy.
Oh, no, course.
'Cause you were just
innocently investigating
teenage drug dealers.
We're all here for a
fucking reason, mate.
I'm just smart enough to know
what the common denominator is.
Oh, yeah?
And before you vomit
out another excuse.
I know who's doing this, okay?
It's the guy I sold the car to.
Why would he bring us into this?
This is a vigilante
thing, right?
If he found me through Henry,
then he obviously found
all you scumbags as well.
Rounded up all the guilty cunts
that got away with murder.
I don't know who you
think you're dealing with,
but I'd back off if I were you.
Oh, if you were me, ay?
There's a secret inside you.
Inside both of you.
How many cars was it?
We've done me, remember?
Yeah, and the guy upstairs,
he wasn't too happy
with your answer.
And I almost died in that
fucking pool because of it.
And what about your chain, hm?
How do you explain how
slack that was down there?
I was down there while
you were up here,
high and dry on the sidelines.
Fuck you.
No, no, no, no, you don't
get to run this show.
Tell us the truth and maybe
we'll all get out of this.
How many death traps did you
sell before you got caught?
You know,
I'm starting to think
he knows a lot more
about this than he's letting on.
What's your game, Ian?
Don't play me like that,
like a fucking mug.
Why did you bring us here?
Hey, stop it.
Stop it!
Stop it.
This is what he wants.
He wants us to kill each other.
He doesn't want us
to kill each other.
He wants the shark to kill us.
How could you do that?
He came for me.
You saw that.
You killed him.
The shark killed him!
Whatever sick game that
prick was dreaming up,
it's over now.
He's dead.
I did what I had to do.
But if you're in here that
means you're no angel either.
Whatever you did,
tell me, don't tell me.
It doesn't matter anymore.
What are you doing
here, what did you do?
I'm here because
assholes like that,
can't admit to
what they've done.
Guys like me have to
clear up their mess.
Oh, come on!
Give us a fucking break!
Well, it looks like you're up.
So, whatever it is
you can't get over,
you're gonna have
to do that now.
Come on, you can't hide from it.
Hide from what?
What you did!
Whatever it is you've been
struggling to keep the fuck in,
ever since that voice
mentioned the name Rich.
Come on.
No, you come on.
Maybe I am hiding something.
But you, you haven't
shown me a single ounce
of who you really are.
Of course, he has.
He's officer Cody!
The man with a plan.
You're dangerous.
I'm just doing what's
been asked of me.
Four people have died.
This isn't a game.
I don't know how you keep
pretending like it is.
Of course, it's a game.
Life's a game, Zara.
And if you don't play
then you lose your turn.
Come on, aren't
you fed up of this?
Just tell him what
he wants to know.
You're sick.
We're just pawns
in the same game.
And who's game is it?
That doesn't matter now.
All that matters is the
two remaining players.
What did you do to your husband?
What do you owe him?
I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean to.
Didn't mean to what?
Keeping it inside is
not gonna help you.
Not in here.
I had a child.
We were meant to have a child.
Wasn't meant to be.
Rich he, he tried to comfort me,
he tried to make me understand
that everything
happens for a reason.
Our neighbors had
just had a baby and.
I was still mourning.
I wasn't thinking straight, I.
I failed them.
Rich, he.
He still took the fall.
My husband loves me.
For all the good that'll do.
Okay, that's it.
You got what you wanted.
Come on, let's go.
I did what you
asked, she confessed.
Now let me out of here!
This isn't what, Jesus,
maybe he can't hear me.
You're stuck here too, Cody.
Just like me.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
I know more than you think.
Me, I've said my
piece, just like Ian.
Now, now it's your turn.
I fucking saved Ian!
You killed him.
This timer, it isn't
for me, not anymore.
It's time for you to
tell the truth, Cody.
You don't know me, you
don't know anything.
What did you do?
It can't get me here.
Not up here.
Times running out, Cody.
Come on, I did what you asked!
I think you need to go back
to the beginning, officer.
Come on.
What have you got to lose?
My dignity.
Is that worth more
than your life?
Fuck you.
Okay, okay.
You don't know what
it's like being a cop.
The uncertainty.
The exposure.
I put my life on the
line every night.
Do you know what constant
pressure feels like?
It's like a migraine.
Pounding away in your
head, constantly.
Right there.
Pounding away.
You happy now?
Feels good, doesn't it?
To finally speak the truth.
Fuck you.
I've been waiting a long
time for that, Cody.
Yes, but it's not just me.
It's all of us, the ones
who had a bomb dropped on us
because of you.
The disenfranchised nurse who
killed a defenseless old man
and stole the money that
should have gone to his family.
The corrupt car salesman who
left his customers crippled,
And the witness,
who could have put
a guilty man away,
but chose to stay silent.
This is it.
Final round.
Sink or swim.
The witness?
You set this up.
What did you do Cody?
Tell me the fucking truth!
You wanna know to truth?
He saw what I did.
He was there, he saw everything.
He went to Henry.
Henry found me.
They threatened to bury me
unless I kept paying them off.
Extorting me.
Those tapes that he tried to
get you and Ian to record?
He would have done
that same to you guys.
And that's when I met him.
Ian was right.
The guy whose wife
died in the car crash?
Oh, he knew Ian was guilty.
And he knew Henry had
paid off a witness.
They blamed it on
him, the driver.
And then what happened?
We made a deal, didn't we Cody?
You offered your
services readily.
Keen to keep your
nose clean of anything
that would link you to
Henry's disappearance.
I take care of the
witness and you.
I didn't want to Zara.
I swear
What did you do?
What was your end of
the bargain, Cody?
Ah, Christ.
He said...
He said that he would take
care of Kris and Henry.
But only if I drugged,
you and brought you here.
But I didn't know
about the others.
I swear.
And I certainly didn't expect
to wake up here
myself, hours later.
You sick, twisted, idiot!
Don't you get it,
neither of us are getting
out of here alive.
Unfortunately, Zara,
that's only half true.
You see,
you wanted to know my story.
Well, now you know it.
But I can't let it
out of this place.
No more lose ends.
Not after Kris.
We all know what happens next.
They're playing you, Cody.
You're not getting out of here.
You'll, you're gonna rot here,
chained to this pool.
They won't let you go.
A deal's a deal.
I held my end of the bargain.
Now there's only one
last thing to do.
It's the end of the line, Zara.
Cody please.
Cody please, Cody.
Cody, Cody please,
Cody please, Cody.
My leg!
Oh, god!
Did you know that sharks
predate the dinosaurs?
They've been on this planet
since before the
very first tree.
And in all that time
they never evolved.
They're exactly the same right
now as they were back then.
Know why they never changed?
They didn't need to.
They're the ultimate predator.
A killing machine
unrivaled in its efficiency
that's sat at the
top of the food chain
for 500 million years.
Oh, and this little thing,
sends out an
electromagnetic pulse.
That tells the shark that
there is something down there
in the water with it that's
even bigger and even more scary.
The one true predator:
You took something from me.
I'd been tracking
Kris for months.
The sole witness to
my husband's murder.
And the one person that
I thought would speak up
and make it right.
Of course, I was wrong.
He was a shark.
Just like all of you.
He'd rather line his own pockets
than see my husband's
killer brought to justice.
So, imagine my surprise.
I'd almost given up
on the whole thing.
And then Kris, led
me to Henry Sadler.
You can trust me, I can help.
I don't think you can.
I don't think anyone can.
I think life is organized
to put us in boxes,
and there's only one
way in, and one way out.
So, you don't believe in boxes?
There's only one
thing I believe in.
What are you doing?
And you.
The man behind the gun.
I heard you. Had to
endure you going on
about how you've been
taken for a ride,
and how you've been
taken advantage of.
You never even took a
moment to look around
and see who was
in here with you.
Let me out.
You looked me right in the eyes.
And I realized you never
even cared to look me up.
I mean, why would you?
There was never a trial
or even an investigation.
Must have been
much easier for you
to just put the murder
aside and move on.
Does it hurt?
Bleeding to death?
I wouldn't know.
My husband was already
dead when I found him.
Knowing everything
that he went through,
for you?
I really hope it does.
Hey, don't leave me here.
Oh, sweetie your fate
doesn't belong to me.
You got your own
things to pay for.
Even now, I was...
I am devastated.
To have a child, a person,
grow inside of you.
I felt it.
I fed it, it was a part of me.
When we went to the first scan,
they told me he had
a heart problem.
They didn't think he would
survive the full pregnancy.
And even if he did, he would
have complications for life.
They told me to terminate
him while it was still safe.
My boy!
I still had hope.
So, I refused.
But in the coming months,
it was clear that this wasn't
gonna be a happy ending.
This place.
This horror I've been
through today, is nothing.
Nothing compared to
having to give birth
to your lifeless child.
To go through 23 hours of labor,
for him to be ripped away.
But for me, and my child,
no one was to blame.
No one was responsible
for what happened.
My body failed me.
Failed us.
It was nobody's fault.
But for you.
For Angelina.
I'm the one who's to blame.
I took her life and
left her in there.
Tore your life apart.
My actions caused her death.
I'm the one who's
solely responsible.
I can't tell you
how sorry I am to have
put you through that.
But believe me when I say
that I know what it feels like
to lose someone who you love.
I don't know if
you can forgive me,
but I'm truly, truly sorry.
Thank you, Zara.