Blood Lake (1987) Movie Script

(ominous synthesizer music)
(somber piano music)
(ominous music)
- Hey, what's going on?
- [Man] I can't take it no more.
- Well, I didn't have anything to do with it.
Listen, I just work here.
- [Man] That's good enough for me!
(eerie synthesizer music)
("Thru-Out the Night" by Voyager)
Well, hey there everybody
There's something I will say
It's that rock 'n roll music
Helps me everyday
Sources of power and energy
Created in the mind
Listen anytime you need
She's heaven throughout the night
Throughout the night
Throughout the night
Throughout the night
Well I never heard of nobody
From Miami to LA
Who ever listened to it
Live by night or by in day
You can't steal the power and energy
Stimulates my mind
The night, she's up to earning that body
Throughout the night
All night
All right
All night
(exciting rock music)
Say, is there anybody
Who calls the night their days
Just a little rock 'n roll music
To go on awake
There's a feeling of power and energy
That fascinates the mind
Listen anytime you need
She's heaven
Throughout the night
All night
All right
All night
(exciting rock music)
Say, is there anybody
That calls the night their days
Just a little rock n' roll music
To go on our way
There's a feeling of power and energy
That fascinates the mind
And listen anytime you need
She's heaven
Throughout the night
All night
All night
All night
Throughout the night
(engine rumbling)
- Oh, my butt hurts.
- So this is your dad's lake house
I been hearing so much about.
- Yeah, this is it, what do you think?
- Not bad.
Should've started dating you a long time ago.
- Ha.
Very funny.
- This is close to the water. - This is cool.
- Is that your dock?
- Yeah, that yellow one right down there.
- That'll work. - That's cool.
- Let's go on in and get the air conditioning turned on.
- [Young Man] No kidding, let's go.
- [Bryan] Move it, move it, move it.
- All right, bro.
- [Young Man] Where's the beer?
- So what do y'all think?
- [Young Woman] This is cool.
- Thanks. - Hey, it'll work.
- [Girlfriend] The kitchen's in here,
there's a living room in there
and the bedrooms are upstairs.
- Where's the bathroom?
I kinda need it.
- In there and to the right.
- Hey, Tony, be sure you wipe the seat off
before you sit down and take that piss.
- [Tony] You sit to piss, not me.
- Oh, I doubt it, Kim will vouch for me, right?
- You wish, little Bryan.
- Well, when you boys grow up to be men like I am,
you don't worry about it.
You just do the pretzel and your problem's over.
- The what do you do?
- Nevermind.
- Oh.
- I just know this is going to be a very long three days.
Why don't you guys go make yourself useful
and unpack the car?
- Anything you say, coach.
Bryan, come on.
Tony, give that thing a quick shake.
- Man, is this a party house or what?
- It's gonna be killer.
- Hey, Mike, you gonna be a butthole this weekend
or are you gonna let me drink?
- A butthole?
I don't care if you drink.
Just don't go crazy on us.
Don't tell Mom and Dad I let you.
- No problem, I can handle that.
- Famous last words.
You been hanging around this pervert too long.
- Nah, he's still pretty good now.
But I'll get insane. - Yeah.
(somber music)
Here you go, throw this in the fridge.
- Sure thing, coach.
What is all this stuff?
This isn't ours.
We didn't leave it in here, it would be spoiled.
- [Mike] That's pretty weird.
It's still good.
- I know, that's what I mean.
We haven't been out here since Memorial Weekend.
If we would've left it here, it would've gone bad.
I don't understand.
- Just throw it all in the trash.
Let's go for a walk.
- I don't know.
I just don't understand how it could've gotten here.
- Hmmmm.
Sure no one's been down?
- I'm positive.
- Okay, I'll go throw it out.
(ominous music)
(flies buzzing)
(eerie music)
- Mike!
What're you doing?
- I'm just checking this out.
- [Becky] Oh, we don't have a key to that.
- Oh, okay.
(somber music)
(door creaking)
- Hey, Becky, can we go out on the dock?
- Oh, sure, why don't I go with you?
- I'm gonna go in. - Okay.
(pleasant piano music)
- Paddle boat!
- Oh look, ducks!
(sinister music)
- Oh my God.
(sinister music)
- [Girl] Oh my God, don't touch it, Tony!
- No, Tony, don't!
(splashing) (screaming)
You're such an asshole!
You nearly scared us half to death.
- That was great.
- That was great, man.
- I can't believe you fell for that.
(laughing) Goddamn it!
I'm gonna kill you!
Get over here!
Let me tell you something.
I owe you one and you better shut up or I'll owe you one.
- That was great, coach.
(laughing) - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna get you!
I'm gonna get you first!
(giggling) You second.
You third and you fourth.
- Now that you assholes are in the water,
why don't you go and unload the boat?
- [Mike] Yeah.
Might as well.
- Okay, here it comes.
(motor boat buzzing)
- [Mike] All right.
Bryan, you drive this on over to the dock.
- [Bryan] All right.
- [Mike] You wreck her old man's boat, you're dead.
- Hey, relax, I got everything under control.
- I am relaxed.
You wreck, you die. Tony, keep an eye on him.
He's pretty much out of it.
- Yeah, I know.
- Hey, screw both of you.
- We'd be the best you've ever had, dickhead!
- Yeah right, little man.
- Listen to the mouth on this kid.
Bryan, you gotta quit teaching him this shit.
Even though he is right.
- [Bryan] Whatever.
- Yeah.
(motor buzzing)
(pleasant piano music)
How's it hanging today, man?
- [Bryan] What is he, def?
- Let's tie this up, man.
- [Bryan] Get me a beer.
- All right.
Hey, here you go.
- [Bryan] Bud, all right.
- [Mike] Woo, shit!
- Well, I guess.
Pretend it's your mama's tit and nurse it, boy.
- I'll pretend it's your girlfriend.
- Yeah, you wish.
- I'll give her what you can't, guaranteed man.
- Oh, Jesus, listen to him, man.
What a mouth on this guy.
- Oh shit, I should stop teaching him.
- [Mike] He hazes you, man, you ought to.
Check this out.
- Beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Bryan, speaking of beautiful,
I can't wait till tonight.
- What's tonight?
- I get to sleep with Susan.
- [Mike] Oh, excuse me.
- [Bryan] Yeah, we're all gonna have fun tonight.
- I'll tell you guys something, I'm gonna tear old Becca up.
I guarantee it.
- Aw, you wish.
- She'll probably tear you up.
- [Mike] How would you know, little man?
Yeah, I'll find out tonight.
I don't think so, little bro.
- I can relate to that.
- [Mike] I don't know.
What do you mean?
Susan's not gonna let you sleep with her.
I'm your big brother,
I'm supposed to watch out for you, remember?
Check this dude out over here, man.
- [Bryan] I know, what's his deal?
- He's ugly.
- [Mike] Yo!
- [Bryan] Hey, man!
- [Mike] Check him out, man.
What's his deal?
- [Bryan] I don't know.
Must not be able to talk or something.
Hey, man! (laughing)
How's the fishing, man?!
- [Mike] You got any fish?!
(laughing) Okay, let's go back to the house
and see what the wives are doing, huh?
- [Bryan] Yeah, okay.
- Wives, my ass.
(ominous music)
- So, how's your summer been?
- Not bad.
- Where have you been doing?
Are y'all working?
- Yeah, working.
- A little bit, hanging out.
- How long have y'all been down here?
- About two days. - A couple days.
- Have y'all seen the gardener around?
- Not today. - Not today.
- [Young Man] Saw him around yesterday.
- [Becky] Well, if you see him,
tell him my dad needs to talk to him
and have him call my dad.
- Sure. - How's it going?
- Pretty good.
- What's up?
- This is Dennis and Chuck and they're staying
at Dennis' parent's house across the hill.
I was wondering if they had seen the gardener.
I haven't seen him.
He's supposed to be around.
- So what do you do for fun around here, Dennis?
- Not much.
Skiing, boating, fishing, partying.
- Partying.
- That's cool, we're gonna be skiing all day tomorrow
if you guys wanna come with us.
- [Becky] Yeah, why don't you come by about
11 o'clock in the morning.
- Yeah, that sounds good.
- [Becky] I'll talk to y'all later, I gotta get the phone.
- Okay, bye. - You guys take it easy.
It was nice meeting you guys.
- Bye-bye. - Bye.
- So, did you get the boat unloaded?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Where's my beer?
- But why?
Okay, yeah.
All right, well talk to you later.
Okay, bye.
(somber piano music)
- What's going on?
- That was my dad.
He wants us to change the lock on the front door.
- That's kinda weird, the lock?
Don't worry about it, I can handle it.
I'm an expert with locks.
- Okay, thanks.
Mike, something's going on down here
and it's really bothering me.
- Everything's okay, don't worry about it.
I've been looking forward to this for a long time.
- So have I, I'm just glad you came down.
- Glad you invited me.
Let me throw this on real quick.
- [Becky] Okay, I'm gonna go outside.
- [Mike] Okay.
(ominous music)
(door creaking)
(eerie music)
(pleasant piano music)
- I bet you guys didn't think we could cook.
- Hell no.
- I guess we gotta break down compliments, y'all.
Got the job done, I guess.
- Oh, is that a compliment?
- Yeah, you don't know a compliment when you hear one?
Girl's brains are fried, man.
- [Becky] Oh, whatever.
- Now for the best part of dinner, the beer.
Can't ruin it.
- That's your last one for the night, little man.
Mom and Dad would kick my ass if they saw this.
- Okay, that's cool. - Get that bag, Bryan.
- I don't know if I should drink this,
I've never had it before.
- Think if you passed out I'd take advantage of you?
- Yeah, he probably would.
You have to watch out for the little pervert.
- Yeah, I do.
I heard a lot of bad things about you at school.
- Them things are probably true.
That's why you came down, isn't it?
- [Becky] He sounds terrible just like you.
- Terrible just like me? - Yes.
- I don't know where he gets his shit.
- [Becky] Oh yeah, I bet you don't.
You're so innocent.
- That's right.
(somber piano music)
- I've been meaning to ask you, what is this?
- Oh. (chuckling)
That's something my dad got a long time ago.
- What does it do?
- [Bryan] Oh God, I can't believe it.
- Always fall for that.
- What an idiot.
I can't believe you.
- Want a hit, man?
- Not me.
You don't even think about it or I'll kill you.
- I won't.
I got me a beer, my sex partner, I'm fine.
- I used to smoke that shit all the time
but I just can't handle it anymore.
It's way too bad.
- Not me, man.
It's perfect.
- Not me.
All right, man, I had this chick,
we were both just wasted.
- Yeah?
- I was just getting ready to slam her, man,
but she had to smoke a joint, right?
So we did.
I passed out right in the middle
of this hour long foreplay session, my eyes crossed.
I just couldn't maintain, man, I was out.
It sucked, man.
- Can't imagine.
- Man, I see her around, I try to set it up again.
Shit, she won't even talk to me.
Won't even look at me.
- You blew it.
- Gotta grab it while you can.
- Listen, to him, man, the sex expert.
- No, shit.
- God.
- Hey.
- Can I sit here?
- Yeah.
- We aren't disturbing you guys, are we?
- Oh no, we're just going over
a few old battle stories, that's all.
- Battles surrendered to, right?
- Yeah, something like that.
- You guys are so weird.
- Yeah.
- So, Kim, Susan, do y'all ski?
- [Kim] Yeah, pretty good.
It's fun.
- Well, I haven't but I'd like to try.
It looks really fun.
- We'll teach you tomorrow.
- All right, thanks.
- Looks like there's a lot of things
she's gonna learn this weekend.
- You wish, I'm not gonna do anything with you.
- That's what they all say at first.
- That's right, Tony, there's only two kinds of girls,
those that do and those that will.
What was that?
- You all are terrible!
- Well.
- We know.
- Don't look at me, really, it's this guy over here
and all the other perverts--
- Right, it's probably you who got him started.
- Well,
someone had to do it, it might as well been me.
- You are so gross.
- Thanks for the compliment.
- Oh, anytime.
I can't believe you.
(ominous music)
(sinister music)
- What's going on?
- Nothing much.
- Let's go to bed.
Want to?
Come on. - Yeah.
- One at a time.
Okay, let's go.
(ominous music)
Think I'm gonna get ready for bed
as long as you promise not to attack me.
- I promise but you promise.
- I'll promise you anything you want.
- I bet you will.
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know.
Why don't you check it out now?
You see anything?
- [Mike] I don't see anything over here.
Oh shit, I don't see anything over here.
- [Becky] I wonder what it was.
- Well, don't worry about it.
It's probably just the wind.
It's okay, don't worry about it.
(somber piano music)
- Shit.
- Son of a bitch!
(banging) (ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
Get back inside!
(ominous music)
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
What was it?
- I don't see anything.
- You don't know what's going on?
- Man, I just heard some noises,
sounded like someone outside.
Fuck it, man, just blow it off.
- [Bryan] Yeah, screw it, let's go to bed.
- [Becky] You didn't see anything out there?
- [Mike] I didn't see anything.
I don't know what the hell it is.
(pleasant music)
(crickets chirping)
("Feelin' Free" by Voyager)
We went cruising on a Saturday night
Living it up and feelin' free
Checking all the places in town
Only one place we wanted to be
Is right, is right
Where we wanna be
Feelin' right
We're feelin' free
Yeah, I'm feelin' free
Feelin' free
Feelin' free
Feelin' free
When the moon takes control from the sun in the sky
You know something comes over me
I couldn't even think about settling down
Being free is a must for me
It's right, it's right
Where we wanna be
In the night, in the night
We're feelin' free
Yeah, feelin' free
Feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
It's right, it's right
Where we wanna be
To the night, to the night
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
(exciting rock muci)
Just right, just right
Where we wanna be
Living on, living on
Feelin' free
We're just right, just right
Where you oughta be
You really like
Feelin' free, yeah
(motor buzzing)
- All right, bro!
Nice one!
- That's great!
Way to go, Bryan.
- I guess I was fallin' on my face.
- Shit, I'm about done.
- Yeah, me too.
I can't handle any more of this.
For now.
- You fags giving up already?
- For this round, little man.
- I can't wait to see him making an asshole of himself.
- Hey, man, don't worry about me.
- I won't.
- [Becky] So how was it, did you have fun?
- Oh yeah, definitely.
- Well, I guess you didn't look too bad
for a couple of lugs.
- "Lugs," I've got your...
Nevermind, I'm gonna try and act civilized today.
- That was a pretty good idea.
Being wise. - Yes.
- Why don't we pull the ropes in
and let's go give Dennis and Chuck?
- Okay.
- Susan, let me know when you're ready to try skiing, okay?
- Okay, thanks.
- Yeah, just let me know when you're ready to try.
I'll teach you.
- Oh, shut up, you sick-o.
- Ready?
(motor buzzing)
(pleasant music)
- [Mike] Dennis!
- [Dennis] How's it going?
- [Mike] You ready?
Ready to ski?
- [Dennis] Yeah, we're ready to go!
- [Becky] It's great out, the water's great!
- It looks like it. - It's just like glass.
- [Kim] Yes it is.
- [Mike] How's it going, guys?
- Doing good.
How's the skiing?
- It's really nice.
- [Dennis] Looks like it would be.
- Super goddamn tired.
- Really?
Oh man.
- [Bryan] I think we're just gonna hang out
and catch some rays.
- Okay, we'll go out in a little bit.
- [Bryan] We'll see ya.
See y'all later, good luck!
- All right, man.
- Don't get into any trouble, bro!
- [Bryan] No, we won't!
- Yeah!
- Okay guys, good luck!
- [Becky] See you later, guys!
(motor rumbling)
(pleasant piano music)
(motor buzzing)
("Feelin' Free" by Voyager)
You're feelin' right
You're feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
Feelin' free, yeah
Feelin' free
Feelin' free
- Man, I'm dead.
- Goddang, I haven't been up that long ever.
- It was pretty good.
- Yeah, it was fun, who's going next?
- Susan, I'm telling you, you're ready to learn now.
- Yeah, try, Susan.
- Okay, I'll try.
- You gonna tell her how to go?
- Yeah.
Okay, we'll give you your skis after you get in.
All you have to do is keep your feet straight,
your knees bent
and let the boat pull you up.
Don't try to stand up too soon, okay?
- Okay, is that all?
- Yeah, your balance will take care of itself
once you get up.
- Good luck, baby.
- Tear 'em up, Susan.
- Well jump in, you can ski better in the water.
- [Susan] Woo!
- Put the skis on.
You feet aren't big enough to barefoot it.
- [Susan] What?
- Nothing, just put the skis on.
(motor puttering)
- [Mike] Get the rope.
- [Becky] Grab the rope and let it slide through your hands
until we get up to speed, okay?
- [Susan] Woo!
- [Mike] You got the rope?
- [Susan] Yeah.
- [Mike] Okay, put those skis on,
we're gonna take the slack out.
Just keep your feet straight.
- [Becky] Yeah, and remember to keep your knees bent
and let the boat pull you up.
- [Mike] It's easy, you'll get it.
- I'm ready!
- [Mike] You ready?!
(motor buzzing)
- That's okay, grab the rope and we'll try again.
- Looked pretty good but try to ski on your feet this time.
- Oh shut up, little Tony!
- Yeah, they must've did it last night.
She definitely knows Tony.
Susan, just holler when you're ready!
- [Susan] Okay, I'm ready!
- [Mike] Take the slack out.
We're taking the slack out!
(motor puttering)
(screaming) (ominous music)
What's wrong?!
What's wrong?! (Susan yelping)
- A snake!
- [Becky] Where?
- [Mike] Swim up!
- Let me in!
(motor buzzing)
- [Mike] Come on!
- [Dennis] She's way out!
- [Mike] Where at?
Where is it?
(Susan yelping)
- You okay?
- [Becky] You okay?
- [Mike] You all right?
- [Becky] Where was it?
- A snake, it was swimming right in front of me.
- It's okay, Susan.
It's all right, don't worry about it.
You didn't get bit or anything, did you?
- I don't know, I don't think so.
- It's all right, Susan, it's all right.
- This sucks, man.
- No shit, I can't handle snakes at all.
- Yeah, you and Harrison Ford.
- That's right.
- You okay, Susan?
- Yeah, I'm fine. - [Mike] I'm proud of you.
- [Becky] Why don't we go on back and take a break?
- Let's do it.
(motor buzzing)
(ominous music)
(motor puttering)
(water sloshing)
- [Bryan] How was it?
- Great.
- [Becky] It was pretty good.
Susan saw a snake though.
- [Kim] You did?
I would've freaked out.
Hey, are y'all hungry?
You want something to eat?
- Yeah, let's go get some sandwiches.
- Thanks a lot.
- Why don't y'all stay and have some lunch?
I'm gonna go get us some lunch.
You're welcome to stay.
- Sure.
- Susan, you wanna help me?
- Sure. - Okay.
(pleasant piano music)
- You ready to go skiing some more?
- Yeah, hell yeah, I'm ready to go.
- How about you?
- Oh yeah, I'm a pro.
Pros are always ready.
- I know how you pros are.
Watch it around my little brother, huh?
- Yeah, like I'm gonna damage his virgin ears.
- You're goddamn right.
- You ready to go?
- Yeah, we're gonna take off.
- Bye, have a good time.
Take it easy this afternoon.
- [Mike] Come on by for a beer later on.
- All right, thank, appreciate it.
- Yeah, thanks a lot!
- [Becky] See you later, bye.
Let's pick up this trash first.
The ducks will eat it all.
(somber piano music)
- [Chuck] So good to get out here
and away from work.
(motor buzzing)
- Who's that? - I don't know.
- No, look.
Who the hell is that?
(ominous music)
Get away from that house!
- [Chuck] Hey, asshole, what're you doing?
- We're gonna kick your ass.
Better get away from!
- You looking to get your ass kicked, buddy?!
Come on back!
Hey, that's not your house!
What do you think you're doing?!
Son of a bitch! - Stay away, man!
- [Chuck] You better not let us see you around again, buddy!
- [Dennis] Yeah, you better stay away, man!
We'll kick your ass!
- [Chuck] Who the hell does he think he is?
Dumb son of a bitch!
- [Dennis] We'll kick his ass!
- [Chuck] He's a big son of a bitch. We'll kick his ass?
Ugly too.
(ominous music)
(flies buzzing)
- [Bryan] Wanna smoke?
- [Becky] No.
- Why do y'all smoke that stuff?
- [Becky] Really.
Don't you know that's bad for you?
- Glad you don't.
I can't handle that stuff, man.
- That stuff's bad.
- Yeah, it's bad.
Pass it around!
- I mean, look at y'all.
- So what we gonna do now, guys?
- I don't know, you tell us.
- [Chuck] Hey, I'm up for anything.
- Hand me that glass.
- What's up, what're you gonna do?
- What's up with you?
- I'm about to play some quarters.
- Yeah!
- I can't play quarters.
I never do make it.
- Well, that's good.
Let's do it. - I'm not playing.
- All right. - I can't do that.
- I don't want any of that. - Hey man, pass it on down.
- Keep that away from me.
(coin clinking)
- You play often, man?
- Screw you, man.
- I'll blow your mind.
- Oh God.
What're you, a faggot or what?
- You are just sick.
- You wanna watch? - You are gross!
- You wanna watch?
- Oh man, y'all are terrible.
- You guys ain't better.
- That was good, that was good.
- I'm not playing this.
I'll lose if I do.
- Get that thing back around here, I'll show--
- Who am I gonna pick on tonight?
It's gotta be you, Becks.
I hope you're thirsty because I'm gonna get you blown.
- I'm thirsty anyways. - Have it, right there.
It's all yours.
- Not all of this.
- Well, get half of it at least.
- No!
- What do you guys think?
(group shouting)
That's all right, there's gonna be plenty more of those.
- Yeah!
- Oh, that wasn't half-- - That's gross!
- Ah.
(group shouting)
Okay, this time I'll let you get out of it.
(group shouting)
- No!
Oh, that's disgusting. - Wait till tonight.
(coin clinking)
(group cheering)
- [Dennis] He got lucky.
- That was pretty luck.
- How about you, Becky?
- No! - Yes!
- Y'all, why are you picking on me?
- Because you have to catch up with us, man.
- You gotta catch up with us.
- I can't drink this much!
- Finish it.
- What if I don't?
- Oh, what if she doesn't?
- No way, man, I get to do it again!
- It's what if you do.
- Oh, really?
- Let me get it, I'll get it.
- [Chuck] Give it a good try, Dennis.
- Oh, that was close.
- You get to do it again though.
- Here goes a real throw. - Take it, Chuck.
- This is what a crazy buddy ran up for.
- Ah!
(coin clinking)
- Oh, dang!
- It's all yours, hun.
- Why're you doing this to me?
I cannot even drink this. - You know why.
But I can't say.
- Come on, man, just drink. (laughing)
- Drink it up.
- Relax. - All the way!
- Yeah!
- Oh.
- Oh, yuck!
No more.
- Now give her--
- Take it easy on her, Mike.
- All right, I'll make it easy on you, here.
There it is.
Just easy.
Later on, it gets harder.
I'm gonna pass.
(group chattering)
- Oh, you gonna chance it?
- Yeah.
- You gonna gonna chance it, bro?
- There you go.
- Well I think his time beat me but
oh God, that's just gross.
- All right, Kim.
- It's so close.
- Wish someone would make me drink, I'm thirsty.
- [Dennis] You're thirsty?
- Yes, I'm thirsty. - Just wait.
- All right!
- Oh, man.
(somber music)
- Oh, Becky.
We forgot to tell you about today when you let us off.
Man, why didn't you remind me?
- Oh, I'm sorry man, I forgot.
- Anyways, after lunch and you let us off,
we were heading home and we saw this guy
looking in windows and doors like he's trying to break in.
We chased him off.
- Well, what happened?
- I don't know, we just saw him when we walked up
and we just saw him looking in this window right out here,
so we ran up and he took off.
- Well, what did he look like?
- I don't know, what did he look like?
- I don't know, he was older.
He must've been 40 years old.
About 280 pounds, six foot tall.
Uglier than hell.
- Yeah.
No shit, he was a real pizza face.
- Pepperoni or combo deluxe?
- Which way did he go?
- He went around this corner and back off into the woods.
- Shit, I wish I could catch this son of a bitch.
I'd like to make him a little uglier.
- Well, we tried.
- No big deal, don't worry about it, man.
He won't be back.
- That's what I feel like doing now, just let it go.
- Yeah, really.
- Don't worry, everything's okay.
- I'm tired, can we go to bed?
- Yeah, let's go.
Night. - Good night.
- See y'all in the morning. - See y'all tomorrow.
- Sure wish I could find this asshole.
He's starting to piss me off.
- I just don't understand it.
- Chicken shit.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Dennis, you ready to take off?
- Yeah, I'm about ready to go.
I guess those catfish are heading for my lines.
- You guys going fishing?
- Yeah, wanna come?
- Tomorrow, you guys gonna go tomorrow?
- Yeah, we'll probably go tomorrow.
- [Mike] All right, I'll go with you.
- All right, plan on it.
- [Mike] Okay.
- Hey, thanks a lot for tonight, it was fun.
- Thanks a lot.
- [Becky] Thanks for coming by.
Y'all be careful. - Okay, bye bye.
- Take it easy, man, we'll see y'all in the morning.
- Be careful. - All right, thanks a lot.
- Bye bye, see you later.
(somber piano music)
I just don't understand it.
- [Mike] So what do you think, bro?
- I don't know.
Kinda weird.
- [Mike] Oh, it's not big deal.
Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, I know.
- So, Susan, were you safe last night?
Was Tony a good boy?
- Oh yeah, Tony's harmless.
He's all words and no action.
- Shit, you wanna see action, you ready to go to bed yet?
- Yeah but I kinda got a headache.
Becky, do you have any asprin?
- Yeah, they're in the kitchen next to the sink.
- I'm just kidding.
- Goodnight, Susan.
- [Susan] Goodnight.
- Be careful.
See you later, Tony.
- See ya. - Night, y'all.
- Poor Susan.
- Oh, I know it.
- Tell you what, do you wanna go outside and have a beer?
- Sounds good, if you promise to keep the bugs off of me.
- Promise.
- Promise? - Okay?
- Let's go.
(ominous music)
It's beautiful out here.
- [Mike] Really, this is great.
- [Becky] Look at all the stars, they're so clear.
- [Mike] In the city, you can't see half as many as this.
- [Becky] I know, it's so junky in the city.
- [Mike] Pfft, really.
- [Becky] Look at the full moon.
It's almost a full moon too.
- [Mike] It's so quiet.
- [Becky] Mm-hmm.
- [Mike] I wonder if Dennis and Chuck are catching anything.
- [Becky] I don't know, usually fishing out here
is real good at night.
- [Mike] Those two guys probably won't have any luck.
- [Dennis] Man, did you hit on Becky or what?
- [Chuck] Oh, no shit, she is hot.
- [Dennis] No doubt.
And the other two aren't bad looking either.
- [Chuck] I can deal with it.
- [Dennis] Really.
(crickets chirping)
- [Mike] You about ready to go to bed, gorgeous?
- [Becky] I thought you'd never ask.
- [Mike] Takes me awhile.
I'm a shy kinda guy.
- [Becky] Yeah, I bet you are.
- Yeah, I am, trust me.
- [Becky] Mm-hmm.
(crickets chirping)
- [Chuck] Man, next time we come down here
we need to bring some chicks with us.
- [Dennis] Yeah, that'd be great.
Sure as hell wouldn't be out here fishing.
- [Chuck] No shit, we'd be diving.
Muff diving!
Really, man.
- [Dennis] Yeah, I can't wait to get back in town.
I'm gonna nail the shit out of Cathy.
Can't stand all this choice ass running around.
- I hear you.
(ominous music) (clattering)
Hey man, what's your deal, you son of a bitch?
- Hey, man, we haven't got a problem with you.
- What's your deal, man?
- Say something!
(sinister music)
Come on, Chuck.
(water splashing)
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps clumping)
(water sloshing)
(groaning) (splashing)
- Help!
(water splashing)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(muffled speaking)
(groaning) (sinister music)
(somber music)
- [Mike] I'll get it.
- [Becky] Thanks.
- Yeah.
(knocking) I'm coming.
Can I help you?
- [Man] Yes, I'm with the lake patrol.
I need to ask you a couple questions.
- Oh, okay.
Becky, hang on a minute.
What's going on?
- Well apparently two young fellows were murdered.
One of them was down here by the dock.
I thought you might know him.
- I hope not, let me go check.
(somber piano music)
- I really appreciate your help.
- Oh man, no problem.
(sinister music)
- Oh, I don't understand this kind of shit.
- [Patrol Man] Just happens sometimes.
- Well that was Chuck.
He was staying with Dennis.
Where's Dennis?!
- Is that him over there?
(eerie music)
- Oh no.
That's Dennis.
Him and Chuck were staying together.
Becky probably has their last names up at the house.
I don't know what it is.
What happened?!
- I don't know, I've never seen anything like this before.
I mean, I just called the Sheriff on the two-way
and he'll be here any minute.
He'll probably wanna ask you some questions about it.
- Just let me know,
I'll be up at the house if you need anything.
- Okay, thanks.
(dramatic piano music)
(crying) - [Becky] Why?
- [Mike] It's okay.
- What's going on?
- Oh, Tony.
(dramatic piano music)
So what do you think?
- I wanna go home.
- Well, the officers want us to stay at least through
tomorrow in case they had any more questions.
- Mike, I'm scared.
- I know.
I'll make a deal with you.
- [Becky] What?
- I'll be your personal body guard
and I won't let anybody get you.
- [Becky] I guess.
- [Mike] I wonder what they did last night.
They apparently didn't sleep.
- [Becky] Doesn't look like it.
- Well, let's leave them alone, come on in here.
(pleasant piano music)
Ain't you gonna go?
- No, I was just gonna hang out.
- What do you want for dinner?
- I don't matter, hot dogs, burgers, whatever.
- Okay, we'll see you later tonight.
- All right.
(pleasant piano music)
- So how was it last night?
- Yeah, tell us.
- [Mike] We saw you sleeping.
- Listen to your voice.
You sound warn out.
- Suppose they stayed up and talked all night.
- I wonder where Bryan and Kim are.
- I don't know, Bryan?
I'm gonna go upstairs and check real quick.
(somber piano music)
Kim, are you guys up here?
(foreboding music)
Oh God.
Everything's cool,
they're coming up to the front of the house.
Son of a bitch.
- Hey, what's going on, you guys?
- Not much.
Where have y'all been?
You scared us half to death.
- Just laying out.
- It's no big deal.
- Did you all have fun in town?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it was real exciting.
- Hand me the joint, man.
(somber music)
(ominous music)
- Don't you just love being a slave?
Isn't it fun?
- Yeah, it's real fun.
Kinda like Tony.
- Mike?
- Oh nothing, don't worry about it.
(ominous music)
(muffled shattering)
- Sounds good.
- Let's go.
I'm gonna go burn off some of these calories, man.
- Where are you going?
- Huh?
Oh nothing, just for a walk, no big deal.
(ominous music)
- Bryan, hang on just a minute, all right.
With all this weird shit going on
I don't think you guys oughta be leaving, okay now?
All right, okay, it's just dumb!
- It's no big deal, man.
- What're you talking about it's no big deal?
Would you hang on?!
Two people were killed earlier!
Would you shut up!
(ominous music)
Just go then, man, all right.
That is so stupid.
(door thudding)
Oh, he's so stupid.
- It just pissed me off.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- Well, I don't know what to do about it, I really don't.
- Just ignore it.
(somber piano music)
- I still can't believe that they left.
- What the hell were we supposed to do, you know?
- We can't do anything about it
but it's just so stupid for them to leave
after everything that's been happening.
- Bryan does that shit every once in awhile.
He does these weird things like that.
I just don't understand him sometimes.
(sinister music)
(faint chatter)
(faint chattering)
- Jesus Christ, you can't get any privacy around here.
- Looks like we're not gonna get to do anything tonight.
- Bullshit.
- What do you have in mind?
- [Bryan] Come on. - [Kim] Where you gonna go?
- [Bryan] Out here, come on.
(sinister music)
- [Kim] What're we doing?
(duck quacking)
And do what?
- Get in. - We don't have the key.
- [Bryan] I have the key.
- [Kim] Well why didn't you tell me you had the key?
Come on.
("Was It Real" by Voyager)
I thought I'd write you a letter
I know I said I would never
Find myself writing the same old lines
Remembering when you were what's mine
Remembering we were together
We thought it would go on forever
I would dream of a special kind
A love that lasts in our mind
In our mind
Our love, was it real
Because I find
Your love
Was a steal
(pleasant saxophone music)
I guess I should've known better
To even think I could ever
Ever get you out of my mind
It's the oddest thing I've ever tried
I've always been a second guesser
Sometimes more dumb than clever
This time I'm guess you'll find
That it was in our mind I preside
In our minds
Our love, was it real
Now I find
That our love
Was a steal
Our love
Was ideal
Will we find
Our love
Yeah, we deal
(pleasant rock music)
Happy days are gone forever
We try to whenever
(pleasant piano music)
(eerie music)
(water sloshing)
(Bryan gagging)
(sinister music) (screaming)
- God, Mike, they've been gone such a long time.
- Yeah, I know it.
I think maybe somebody should go look for them?
- I better go look.
- Do you want me to go with you?
- No, bro, you just stay here, I'll be right back.
- [Becky] You be careful.
- All right, lock up after me.
(somber piano music)
(crickets chirping)
You asshole.
(sinister music)
Hey, excuse me.
Have y'all seen a guy and a girl hanging out
around here a little while ago?
- Yeah, they been making all sorts of noise.
Boy, you can't get no fishing done around here.
- They've been loud.
- Where they at?
- They took that boat around the point.
- The boat?!
Oh shit!
(suspenseful music)
- What was that?
(ominous music)
Mike, is that you?
(suspenseful music)
- Bryan?
Oh God!
(water splashing)
- Mike?
Is that you?
(ominous music)
Oh my God!
(sinister music)
- What is it?!
- There's somebody outside!
(suspenseful music)
- [Mike] Shit.
Oh my God!
(Mike groaning)
(door thudding)
(crickets chirping)
(witch cackling)
- [Becky] Hurry!
(suspenseful music)
Wait a minute!
Where's the door?
Oh my God.
Let me get a light.
(sinister music)
Oh no!
No, please don't hurt us!
- [Mike] Oh God!
(suspenseful music)
- No!
Please, don't!
(man yelling)
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps thumping)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music) (water sloshing)
(suspenseful music)
(Mike groaning)
(water splashing)
(eerie music)
- Quit!
(suspenseful music)
Mike, hurry.
(eerie music)
- Mike!
The man, he broke in!
He's inside, he's gonna kill them all!
- Okay, go up there and call the lake patrol!
(suspenseful music)
- Please.
Why are you doing this to me?
- [Man] Because of your daddy!
(Becky crying)
- God, help me.
(suspenseful music)
Please just don't hurt him.
Just stop!
(sinister music) (screaming)
- [Mike] You son of a bitch!
- Kill him!
Get him!
(suspenseful music)
- [Man] Enough!
- Get him, Mike!
- Tony!
- Mike!
(suspenseful music)
Get him!
- You okay, Tony?
- Yeah.
- Oh Tony, I'm gonna get you down.
- Way to go.
- Shit, you okay?
- Yeah.
- Let me get her.
Come on, Becky?
God, shit.
Here, let's lay her down.
Got her?
Oh God damn. (thudding)
Jesus Christ.
- What the hell happened?!
- I don't know, that guy over there freaked out,
started trying to kill everybody.
I know, man.
Is the ambulance on its way?
- Yeah, she all right?
- Oh man, I don't know.
We just gotta get her to the hospital quick!
What is going on?
Who is that guy?
- [Patrol Man] That's Jed.
- Jed?
Who the hell's Jed?
- [Patrol Man] Well, Jed, here, used to live here
and her father had bought the place from him
and never paid him for it.
That's what this is about.
- What, so he's gonna kill everybody?
- Yeah, I guess.
Oh my God.
He killed Tom too. - Becky?
Goddamn, we need to get her to a hospital.
Who was that?
- [Patrol Man] Oh,
the ambulance is here.
Let's move out and give them some room.
- [Mike] Oh God.
(somber piano music)
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
Oh God, are you okay?
- [Susan] No, I really don't feel good.
- [Mike] Okay.
Go sit up in the front of the ambulance.
I'm glad she's okay.
Is she gonna be okay?
- [Woman] Sir, we'll do everything we can for her.
(somber piano music)
- [Patrol Man] Oh God, no!
(sinister music)
(suspenseful music)
(witch cackling)
("Blood Lake" by Voyager)
Something woke me in the middle of the night
A mysterious, errie sound
Kinda like a squeaky door
So I got up to check it out
Got my gun, turned on the light
Slipped into my shoes
I opened the door to look outside
And he was looking in too
He looked at me, there was blood in his eyes
Had a yellow-handle knife in his hand
I slammed the door, turned out the light
And out the back I ran
Before I knew it he was right behind me
He was pulling me by the hair
The only thing I remember I'd seen
Was the yellow-handle knife in the air
I lie
Oh I did
I died
At Blood Lake
(exciting rock music)
I woke up in the middle of the night
I was dripping and soaking wet
I guess it all was just a dream
But I couldn't believe it yet
There was one reason and I'm not sure yet
Listen and I'll tell you
If this was just a dream
Where'd all my hair go to
He looked at me, there was blood in his eyes
And a yellow-handle knife in his hand
I slammed the door, turned out the light
And out the back I ran
Before I knew it he was right behind me
Pulling me by the hair
The last thing that I see
Is the yellow-handle knife in the air
I lie
Oh I did
I died at Blood Lake
(exciting rock music)
(ominous synthesizer music)
(ominous synthesizer music)
(ominous synthesizer music)
(ominous synthesizer music)