Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys (2014) Movie Script

Yeah well this is what the
problem is right here.
What are you doing here?
Hey girl.
No I'm supposed to be on my way back.
I told you I had something else to do.
Yeah I'm out here dealing with
this pipe.
You're going to deal with the pipe.
Why don't you cook a little
something up and, uh, you know...
I'll bring some champagne.
See you when I see ya.
Yeah you're luck
she's in a good mood.
Good morning all you lovely Michiganders!
It's a great day to be Up North.
Highs in the upper 70s/low 80s today and
all week, and not a drop of rain in sight.
I can't think of a better way to
kick off the summer,
and celebrate all of that ice
finally melting in Lake Michigan,
than to grab your bathing suit and
your suntan lotion and hit the beach.
You know, they say in Michigan you're
never more than six miles from a lake,
so no excuses on not getting out
Winter is finally over, school's out, and
the trees have all of their leaves again.
It's time to frolic the sun
while we still have it!
So break out the barbecue, air out
the cabin, and enjoy all that summer in
Michigan has to offer, because in six months
will all be up to our necks again in snow.
But for now, life is good in the
Great Lakes State!
Hey, where's everyone?
The gas isn't working yet.
I've been trying to make you
eggs for the last 10 minutes.
Should be working. I had hot
I'll call John from the rental office. In
the mean time, this is all you get. Sorry.
I'll take it.
So where are the kids?
Hold that thought.
This is Michael.
What's that?
No no no, I can't hear you at
- Nicole?
- Say it again?
- Yeah?
- Can you come here, please?
Are you going somewhere?
I'm going to the beach with
No no, slow down. I got all that. What I
didn't get was the part about the turbines?
What's happening?
What? Nicole wait!
What's going on with
Is the water at the beach ok?
Hold on a second Will...
It's fine. Lampreys don't attack
Unless you act like a fish.
I'm kidding.
Alright, cool story dad. Can I
go now?
Yes. Just uh, keep your phone on ok?
'Cause Kyle may be meeting with you later.
- Alright bye!
- Alright.
Yeah that's fine. Get your
office together. Meet me
by the turbines and we'll see
what's jamming it up.
10 minutes is perfect. Ok.
Turbines are down at the Dam.
So what does that have to do
with you?
Don't know yet.
Who's Alex?
Some boy that she met.
We're here a day, and she's
already met a boy?
That's what happens when you take
a teenager away from her friends.
So I've heard.
What ever happened to Joe?
She broke up with Joel 2 months
Dad! Dad! Look what I caught!
That's great buddy.
Look, it's a big ole trout!
And check it out!
It's got a Lamprey!
Son of a gun. Look at that.
See, look all those other
Lamprey marks.
Just like you said Dad. Isn't it
Yeah cool. Can you just
take it outside, please?
Just not our lucky day.
I know you're hungry boy.
I'm hungry too.
There ain't no fish in this
Right now. You see how hard they
are to come off?
That's why you always want to
handle them, right back here.
Behind the head.
Just to be safe.
Dad, Can I come to work with
I'll tell you what, how about
Alright, cool.
- Cool.
- Look at that, huh?
You want to keep'em?
Alright, look, We gotta get him
in a tank.
There's one in the back of my
Keep the lid on it at all times. Otherwise
it will climb up the side and get out.
Nice pet Michael. It looks like
an anus with teeth.
Come on.
Hey hey hey!
Hi. Oh my god.
Those eels?
Oh actually they're not eels.
These are Lampreys. They're uh-
Oh what are you? Are you a Fish and
Wildlife service? Oh my, look at you.
So you know all about that
Little bit, yeah.
- Totally do.
- Yeah.
I'm Ellen, I live just like
right there.
- Hi. Hi I'm Cate.
- Hi.
Thanks and this is my
husband, Michael.
- I just though I would just say hi and-
- That's nice of you.
You know, welcome you guys to
the neighborhood.
- That's very sweet of you. Thank you.
- So sweet.
So I also wanted to just tell
you to be very careful.
Because Ted Jorgensen went
missing last week.
And like no one can find him,
and everyone thinks is like a,
like a wolf, like attacked
him or something.
We will probably be fine, right
Well, I mean you can never be
too careful.
Sure. That's right.
True. Yeah.
You know we are totally good.
We're just here for the summer.
You guys are welcome to enjoy my
Anytime, just feel free
to help yourself.
Oh my god yes! I have new
Yes, it is exciting. Thank you.
Enjoy the cookies.
Have a good day. Thanks for
stopping by. That was sweet of you.
Can you believe that?
Yeah well I told you I was a, catch.
Uh ok yes. So, you're probably gonna have to
bring home dinner, cause the gas isn't working.
Will sushi do?
- I'll see you later.
- Alright. Bye.
There, here, and over here. The whole
structure is breaking down and, and it leaks.
Now the dam is good for 10
years. 20 maybe.
You know, the biggest issue is
with these turbines.
Not the Lamprey population. Once we
get these cleared out and moving again,
the Lampreys won't be able to slip through.
And then, I'm sorry to say Mr. Parker,
you'll have made this trip for
Let's hope so.
The turbines aren't the issue,
The Lamprey population in this
river is way above normal.
That's why I invited Mr. Parker
here, because he's an expert.
Well, I think you're making a big
deal about nothing. They're just fish.
Damn those things are ugly.
Yeah, you're right Rich. They do
kinda look like YOU!
No no no no.
Don't do that.
I need to examine them first.
A dead Lamprey is a good
Lamprey. Where is he?
Please. Just low a little respect
for Mr. Parker. He is the expert, huh.
Look, there shouldn't be this
many getting through.
Are there barriers set up?
Yeah, the velocity barriers,
just like you guys told us.
And they're still getting in,
Yeah. Well, I guess so.
Well, that's an issue that we're
gonna have to address.
Excuse me, Mr. expert, dude
that knows more then us...
We're done for today, right?
I'm sorry, Mitch, is it?
- No it's rich.
- It's Rich.
Rich. Well if it's ok with you,
I'd still like to take a count,
And please, don't throw anymore
dead ones in the water, ok?
I say, dumb the whole TFM on
them, and be done with them.
Nuke the lake.
I like the smell of lampricide
in the morning.
I'm sorry.
This guy for real?
The lampricide was good
enough when I used it last summer.
Rich. I'm sure you're joking and
all that, but just so you know
the lampricide doesn't work on
the adults.
Only on the eggs.
No no, it's worked. Its-Its
always worked.
Well, she's as clear as she's
gonna get.
Get out of the water. Throw the
See if it works.
Good Job.
There doesn't appear to be too
many so far.
But it doesn't hurt to be safe
just in case the lake gets infested.
Especially if the turbine
problems continue.
Do you think it'll work?
What the hell is that?
A stunboat.
Used in a large direct-current barrier to keep
the population under control and reduce it.
Zap'em. Like'em.
Rich. Out.
We use the stunboat for the
initial culling, alright?
And then we'll keep future
generations away from the dam
by building a barrier
directly in the stream bed.
You'll only need it during mating season,
and it'll be low enough that it won't
affect the other species. But we can't
have anymore Lamprey's entering the dam.
Ok I'm not sure if a stunboat,
even a powerful one, is going to
be able to take out the entire
adult Lamprey populations.
- I hear yeah.
- We need to look for a wider reaching solution.
Sounds like job security.
And that sounds like job
Morning, people!
Nothing better in the world then
sunrise on Lake Charlevoix.
It's like an angel kissed this
little drip of water.
Good morning, Mayor.
You must be the guy they sent
from Fish and Wildlife.
I'm Michael Parker, sir.
- Ah, Bruce Akerman-
- Nice to met you.
...but just call me, Mayor.
- I only have 3 years more to hear that title.
- Ok.
So, get me up to speed.
The turbines are working.
That's great Rich, but it doesn't
help with the fish problem.
Actually it does, Mayor.
Um, we need the turbines working to keep the
population of Lamprey's under control here,
and to the connecting waterways
to Lake Michigan.
That ain't gonna happen.
This is the best fishing in the
world. Right here on Lake Charlevoix.
Ain't that right, Will?
Yes, sir. The best.
Happen you hear anything about Ted?
No... No.
So, what do you think?
Two days at the most?
Well, It's-It's hard to say
at this point...
Look. I know this is a big
government job...
But I have a town to run...
that loves its summers.
I can't afford any tourists.
This is a small town.
We need all the revenue we can
I understand that Mayor.
All I am saying is that, 2 days -
- might not be enough time to
cull the entire population.
I'll tell you what...
You get this done, in 2 days...
Scratch that...
One day, and I'll treat you and your
family to a fabulous steak dinner at Cobbs.
You'll love it!
Thick, Juicy...
You're not a vegetarian, are
I don't want to offend your...
Western sensibilities...
No I'm not a vegetarian, But the
important issue here...
- I have a town to run!
- OK... great chatting with you.
Do you really think the lampreys
can get into Lake Michigan?
It's possible if we don't get
this population under control.
But that's 20,000 square miles!
That-That's insane, Will.
Yeah. Look, let's get back to base.
We'll talk about this after lunch.
Let's go.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
You're holding it wrong.
I'm like the queen of selfies.
Here you're majesty. Let me do
That's cold. That's cold.
- You're such a jerk!
- Hey hey! That's freezing.
Oh good. It turn out cute
Hey Nicole!
Hey Nicole!
Are you lost, boy?
Or just hungry?
What's your name, boy?
Look at you, scootin' your butt.
I'm gonna call you, Scooter.
Come on boy!
Hey Scooter!
Is that your little brother?
Oh yeah.
He looks happy.
He's kind of a weird kid.
- Really?
- Not like in a bad way or anything, but...
He's just always by himself.
He really looks up to my dad and stuff,
but my dad's like always gone. So...
Doesn't he have any friends?
- No?
- No.
We just moved here.
I'll be his friend.
Heck yeah.
I need a new fishing buddy.
That's really sweet of you.
Scooter! Come here boy!
Kyle, you're ok?
I can't find my stupid glasses.
Hey don't worry little dude.
I'll find them.
The dog I was playing with,
Scooter. I can't find him. He's hurt.
Come on. We'll find him.
You're hurt.
Oh my god!
You're all bloody!
That is not my blood.
Oh my god!
It's fish guts.
Get out of the water!
- You found my glasses!
- Yeah!
What about Scooter?
No luck. Are you ok?
Yeah. Yeah it's just fish guts.
Barf. Barf. Ok Come on. Come on.
Well,... gut is that without any
natural enemies,
the Lampreys can get out of control.
But, there is a dam that separates Lake
Charlevoix from the rivers. I think
we can contain them pretty easily.
Well, that's a bit of good news.
But Lamprey's jump.
Yeah, but not that high.
How high is the wall?
You know, it's different in
different places.
Well, make sure that the water
levels are down by about 10 feet.
Lampreys can't jump that high.
Really? I have a hickey on the
back of my neck that says otherwise.
They attack people?
Certain species can be very aggressive.
If they run out of food in their area,
they're going to look for blood
anyway they can.
It's interesting. Ok?
Sure. Just don't let them get
any further.
Yeah will do. I'll talk to you
Hi Nicki!
Dad! The craziest thing
just happened at the beach!
There was fish blood all over my
legs, Dad!
What's that?
It was so gross.
There were dead fish and
those Lamprey things in the water.
Alright, how many of them were
I don't know. Like-like a lot.
Sweetie I'm sorry
you had to go through that.
Alright, we'll check
it out for you.
Dad, can you come home?
Awe, sweetheart I can't right
Look I know it was scary for
you, but they only go after fish, ok?
They won't attack people unless
they're starving.
But, Dad...
Sweetie... I-I-I gotta go right
now. I'll be home later tonight.
No-no. You're gonna be fine.
Trust me, ok? Bye.
Thank you, sir.
That was Mayor Akerman.
He said that people have been
reporting a school of fish-
Washed up a shore dead. Yeah, my
daughter just told me.
Covered in bloody lesions.
That's... gotta be the Lamprey's, right?
Well, I would assume so. But how
many Lampreys can be in the Lake?
I don't know. I figured it was
just a handful.
I thought our problem was with
the river infestation.
Well either way, we're gonna have
to check out how they're slipping
through the barriers
and the turbines.
Rich will take care of it.
- Rich!
- On it!
Hey baby.
Wanna go for a ride?
I should probably go with him.
I want to see if the Lamprey
numbers are increasing.
Don't worry about it. He'll
report back.
Alright, he'll handle that. You and I have
to see how they're slipping through. Come on.
Do you need me to go with
you? I mean, go with you guys?
No we're good. Thank you, Marcy.
Mr. Expert, telling me what
to do. Making me sit on a boat.
Yep. They're getting through
Operation rescue. Completed.
Operation cold one, is a go.
Where all the fish?
The Lampreys must have gotten
them all.
Oh my god.
I've never seen that before.
There's nothing left for them to
They destroyed the entire eco
Or scared it away.
They're coming right through.
I don't get it.
They're using their mouths like
suction cups to move the rocks.
I've only ever seen them do that
when they build nests.
That is desperate for food.
A desperate Lamprey is a
dangerous Lamprey.
I think they are doing the
exact same thing over there.
At this rate, they are going to
tear a hole in the dam.
We're going to have to rethink
our plan.
That's Rich's boat.
Yeah, Where's Rich?
Hey... Hello? Hello? Got you.
Leave a message, this is Rich...
Call's not going through.
My sister dates a guy that works at
sanitation. That disappeared about a week ago.
Yeah I heard about this, uh...
Ted... something, right?
Jorgenson. Yeah. At first everybody thought
he went to town to blow off some steam,
but my sister insisted something
bad happened to him.
Like what?
I don't know.
...but they found his truck.
And they didn't find him.
Alright, let get Rich's
Is that blood?
Quick, grab the corner.
Don't grab it! Don't grab it!
Don't pull! Don't pull!
Damn this thing is strong!
Hold on!
Hold still. Hold still.
Son of a bitch!
This is Will?
They found Rich.
They found his body.
Oh Rich.
What did they do to your face?
Yeah hi, is this the Coroner's
Yes, this is Jim.
Hi, this is Michael Parker from Fish and
Wildlife. You guys got a body in there earlier with
marks all over it. I need you no to
do anything with it until we get there.
Yes, I have an emergency down at
the Coroner's office.
Rich, what a way to
Poor guy.
Right this way, Mayor.
Michael's waiting inside with the body.
What the heck?
Oh my god, Jim.
What the hell is all over him?
From what?
That's impossible.
There's too many of them.
They're all over his body.
How did they get in here?
Rich was dead when he came in.
So they were just feeding off of
him from the inside?
Mayor, we have to close the
Lake, Now!
And that's just the start. We have
a much bigger issue at hand here.
I think the Lamprey that killed
him and the Coroner...
crawled off and into the drain.
Into the pipes!
Yeah. You need to shut the water
system down, Now!
Shut down the...
No. Even the
residents will leave.
Look, I know I'm asking a lot
Mayor but-
You want to shut down the water
because of a bunch of baby eels,
that will be dead in 2 hours?
Lampreys live for over 14 years. They lay
approximately 100,000 eggs at a time. Each.
You do not want these creatures in
your pipes! Not even one of them!
Let's go to my office, where we
can discuss our options... friendlier confines.
How did so many get out
I though you said you could
contain this in just a day?
No no, YOU said a day. I said I
needed more time.
Now I need to do an accurate count of
the Lamprey. Otherwise we won't be able
to contain the problem. It's gonna
take a few days. May be a week.
I can't do a week.
I need the time to do a survey
of the Lake.
Look, Mr. Parker, I assure you that
safety is my number one priority.
But I can't afford to lose more tourist
revenue. You're just not working fast enough!
Those bites are just hickies.
Does that look like a hickie to
you, Sir?
Alright. Alright.
Just listen to me just for a
second, Mayor, ok?
These Lampreys are stronger and more
aggressive then any other that I've ever seen.
The rate at which they can drain
blood is staggering!
What? What is so funny?
Have you ever eaten, Lampreys?
They're not so bad.
Chewy, like scallops.
They love'em in Europe.
Maybe that's a direction to explore.
Turn a negative into a positive.
These Lampreys attached us-
Nah nah nah nah. That's not
Let's talk... solutions.
This is us, in
Charlevoix County, ok?
Right? This is the dam on the
Jordan River.
Now, they must be getting into the
pipes at the reservoir by the dam.
If the continue to breach the dam,
they're gonna end up in Lake Charlevoix,
From there they will be able to easily jump
over the barriers at Round Lake and Pine River...
And then they are gonna end up
in Lake Michigan,
Which it's gonna be next to
impossible to contain them.
And they're gonna head over into
the canals, and onto the Mississippi.
And we can't allow it to get to
that point.
We have to close the river, the
Lake, and all public access to
water until we can eradicate
this problem for good.
We'll close the beaches for the weekend and
maybe the water pipes for an hour or two.
Work overtime to fix the dam and
gather up the last Lampreys from
the Lakes and the water pipes.
Are you insane?
Rich and the Coroner are dead! And you're
gonna tell people to stay away from the waves
for the weekend? And close the
pipes for an hour or two?
These Lamprey are fast, they're
strong, and they're out for human blood!
Now you need to call a press conference
and tell people to stay away from the water!
Why haven't you tried poison?
We did! It didn't work!
Michael, I'm practically doing
your job for you.
Poison only works on the
Well use more!
Leave now.
I'm going to work on
my... Lamprey recipes.
Go go go.
The Mayor's a jackass. We'll go
to press ourselves.
I'm not endangering more lives.
Fine. But um...
I'm gonna be heading over to
Rich's house.
So I can offer his family my
You outta call your own family.
Let them know you love them.
Yeah, you're probably right.
I'll see you later.
Yeah hi, um...
I need the number
- actually actually could you just connect me to channel 6, please.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Lamprey infestation has
escalated beyond our
initial projections. We need to evacuate
the greater Lake Charlevoix area.
The Lampreys we're dealing with are bigger,
stronger, and more deadly the Lampreys we've
known in the past. We advised you to stay away
from all fresh water sources. They can maneuver
through shallow depths of water,
and on land with minimal moister.
Even you home tap. They've
contaminated water lines-
Hey Michael, I'm returning your
call and listening to you on TV.
...and you're here.
What happened?
Long story. Where's Kyle's
I don't know.
We have to find it. Kyle! Can
you get in here please!
What's going on?
And the Department of Fish and
Wildlife will be working around
the clock to rid the waterways of
this threat. Um, in the meantime,
Please be advice that you should avoid all
fresh water sources. Including your home tap.
Look, these-these Lampreys are
hungry, and they're dangerous.
And if that means that you need to-to vacation
somewhere else for the summer, and so be it.
Good Afternoon. You've reached
the department of Fish and Wildlife.
Yes, I'd like to speak to Josh
Hello Mayor. I'm afraid
he's not in the office right now.
Have him call me once he gets
in, Thank you.
That's-That's all I have.
And that man Rich, he's still
No, he's dead.
Mom! Dad! Where's my
Hey buddy.
Listen, you understand the second that
we find it, we have to kill it, right?
Dad, No! I like it!
I know you do, son... but we
don't have any other choice.
Go look for it, ok?
This is getting way to
I want you all out of here tonight.
I booked you tickets already.
Wait a second, we haven't even
talked about this.
I know Cate, I'm getting a bad f
- Found it!
Where's the Lamprey?
I killed it in the garbage disposal.
Good. Good Job.
Isn't leaving a little extreme?
Cate, I've never seen anything
like this before.
Good job buddy.
Nicole, pack your stu-
What's going on here?
Hello Mr. parker... I'm
Well Alex, what the hell are you
doing in my daughter's bedroom?
Dad, stop it.
I told her that he can come over but she
wasn't supposed to have the door closed.
We're not even doing anything.
Not yet, you don't know how guys
- You! out! Now!
- Yes, sir.
Alex wait.
No no no, there's no waiting.
There's just going.
You took away all my friends for
the entire summer.
Excuse me for wanting a social
Just pack your stuff. You're
That's not fair!
Nicole, you wanted to be back with
your friends... you got your wish, ok?
Well Alex and I-
Just met!
Now I don't have time to get into this
with you, just do as I say. Please!
- You're the worst Dad!
- Yeah yeah yeah I know.
I freakin' hate you!
It would have been nice if you PRETENDED
to want my input on any of this.
Cate, you don't understand-
It's Will, I have to take it.
Of course you do.
Cate, come...
Come here.
Will, talk to me.
There's too many.
They're coming through the
turbines, right over the barriers.
Straight into Lake Charlevoix.
Alright, uh...
I'll be right over.
Please hurry.
There you are! Now keep
quiet and don't move.
My parent's think I put you in
the garbage disposal.
I know. I know. I'm sorry baby.
I'm sorry. It's gonna be ok.
Look, I gotta go.
...I'll fill you in the details
You need food.
I can't believe my stupid dad.
He's always just trying
to control my life.
Yeah your dad is totally
just bugging out.
I mean, it's just a few
He is totally geeking out.
I know...
I can't believe he's making you
You know, I'm not going!
This is my life, not his.
He can't tell me what to do!
Oh hey hold on Nicole I gotta take this,
but I promise I'll call you right back.
Mr. Pools Pool cleaning?
Hi Alex it's Ellen, how are you?
Hey Ms. Ellen what's up?
So there is a problem in my
pool. It's kind of an emergency
and I was hoping that you
could come over and fix it.
Sure, I'm on my way.
Ok great! Also, I'm actually not gonna
be here but I might be back later.
Yeah, that sounds great.
Ok. Alright. Great.
I'll talk to you soon.
Hey Nicole.
Hey listen. Why don't I come
pick you up?
Ms. Ellen, this lady, I clean her pool,
she's gonna be stepping out for a bit...
So we can have the whole place
all to ourselves for a swim.
That sounds great. I'll
meet you there.
I hope you like Cabernet, Alex.
What the heck?
Ok, the flight is for this
evening. So we have to hurry.
Can I stay with Dad?
Absolutely not.
But Dad promised me I could stay
with him.
Kyle, please stop.
I made friends with a dog
at the Lake today.
Can I go to the beach?
What? No! The water is filled
with Lampreys.
But Dad says they're harmless.
Yeah, well now Dad says
Are you calling Dad a liar?
Please, mom? The dog is my
only friend and he needs me.
Nobody likes me.
I'm just a kid that nobody
Get use to it.
Oh baby.
Everybody likes you.
I really like you.
I love you.
I love you too.
I don't think I can hear
I love you.
I love you.
One more time.
I love you too.
I love you.
You're so amazing.
Yeah she's cool with it.
I come over here all the time.
You know, we could have just
gone to the beach.
No way. I'm not swimming in fish
Come on you woos.
She's not here. Trust me.
She's just... old.
She's literally like 30.
Ms. Ellen?
- Nobody's here. - Ok.
- Just to ourselves.
Ha! Who's a sissy now?
It's on.
Nicole, are you packed yet?
Nicole, are you packed?
Kyle, have you seen your sister?
Oh my god.
Hey, it's Nicole. Don't leave a
message, just text me.
Hey Nicole, it's me. Where are
Get out of there!
Call the police! Call the
Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!
9-1-1, what's the emergency?
- They're all running away.
- Yeah.
The theory is that, the smell of their own
dead repels them. Signals something's wrong.
Now, let's get out of here.
Now, you two work on repairing
the holes.
I'll wrangle the Lampreys to a designated
area and we can shock them there.
Oh! Is that the Mayor?
You! Michael!
Out! Now!
Excuse me?
You heard me!
Your press conference scared off
the whole town!
Your plans are slow, and they
don't work!
Well I'm sorry but you can't fire
me. I report to US Fish and Wildlife.
To Josh Friedman? Ha! He agrees
with me. You're out!
Mayor, you're making a big mistake here.
You don't understand what's at stake.
If you don't leave now, you'll be in
breach of several trespassing laws.
All which carry hefty fines and
jail time.
Sir, seriously-
No no no. It's ok.
That's fine then.
Suit yourself.
Good luck Mayor. You're gonna
need it.
Michael... wait!
Sir, Seriously-
Will, I trust everything will be
under control soon?
- Yes, but we have so much-
- Mayor! - Sounds good!
- What are we gonna do?
- I don't know.
Call Cate.
Hey, you've reached Cate Parker.
I can't get to the phone
right now. So leave a message.
You're not gonna believe this.
That son of a bitch Mayor fired
I'm taking the next flight out.
I hope you all are on the flight
already. Um...
Look, um um sorry about before.
Call me when you land.
I love you...
Michael, it's Will.
The Lampreys have completely
broken through the dam.
I need your help. Please.
Can you-
Will, you heard the Mayor. I
can't do anything.
Michael, if Lake Charlevoix gets
infested, I'll pass over to Lake Michigan.
Then it's gonna go through every
waterway in America.
This is a problem we have to
stop, now!
Awe, screw it.
Alright, I'm on my way.
- Call channel 6 News...
- Channel 6 Station News?
Hello, this is Michael parker.
I want to call another press
Sick! Sick!
Someone help!
Where you going?
Hello, Michael Parker
from Fish and Wildlife here again.
The Lamprey infestation has escalated
beyond our initial projections.
We need to evacuate the greater
Lake Charlevoix area.
The Lampreys were dealing with
are bigger, stronger, and more
deadly than the Lampreys we've
known in the past.
We advise you to stay away from
all fresh water sources.
They can maneuver through shallow depths of
water and even on land with minimal moisture.
Even your home tap.
They have contaminated
water lines throughout
the county and a deadly threat
to all life.
These Lampreys... they're hungry,
determined, and dangerous.
We gotta get out of here, now.
We'll figure out a new game plan
when we get to somewhere safer.
There's just too many of them.
Marcy, go check the school
playing fields and see what
the damage is.
Will do.
Call Cate.
Hey, you've reached Cate Parker.
I can't get to the phone right
now, so leave a message.
Call Nicole.
Hey it's Nicole. Don't leave a
message, just text me.
Hey Nicole it's Dad, are you
guys on the plane?
Call me when you land.
Everything ok?
Yeah yeah. It should be fine. I just got a
funny feeling. It's the second time I call.
Masses of Lampreys have been
sighted heading north to the
lake Charlevoix school playing
fields. All units please be aware.
Call Marcy, make sure
she's hearing this.
Are you ok?
No I'm fine, but...
Can you see the Lampreys?
Yeah, and there are
hundreds of them.
Marcy, you need to get out of
Marcy! Hang in there.
Get out!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Marcy! get out of the car!
- Will!
Get out of the car now!
Get out!
Get out of the car!
You would have been
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Look, we need to get back into
town, get a map of the water system
and see where these things are
fanning out to so we can stop'em.
You'll be ok?
I'm sorry..
We're arriving at the
house now.
Where's the body?
Right there. There's Lampreys in
the pool.
What is going on?
They're leaving. Everybody's getting out
of here! Kyle's all by himself! Come on!
- Kyle!
- Nicole wait.
You go. I have to make sure my
family's ok.
Be safe.
Kyle? I can hear you!
- Mom!
- Are you in the bathroom?
I'm up here! I'm in the attic!
I'm up here!
Kyle, where are you?
I'm in the bathroom,
Nicole. Stay where you are!
Where's Kyle? Is he ok?
Go! Get out of here! Go
find your brother! Please.
Oh god no!
Get out of here!
Nicole! Go!
- No way! - Go
Nicole! - No!
Nicole just go!
- There's too many of them!
- Listen to me, I need you to go find your brother! Please!
Nicole! Go!
- No way!
Come on!
What about Kyle?
He wasn't in there! Where is he?
- Nicole! Are you alright?
- I'm ok! I'm ok!
Mom! Help! Help! Help!
Earlier he said that he
wanted to go to the beach.
Scooter. Scooter! It's this dumb dog
he met down there. Let's go there!
No! You're not going alright?
You cannot go. It's too dangerous.
There's Lampreys everywhere.
You'll be safe here. There's no
sewer or water pipes.
Be careful.
I love you.
I love you.
I can't loose you.
It looks like a ghost town.
Yeah. I guess the press
conferences worked.
So what are we doing here?
We need to get the Lampreys all in one place.
So we can generate a powerful enough current.
But I need the city plans to find out
where. I'm assuming Akerman has them.
I'm sure he split town by now.
- Alright, well let's just go.
- No no no no.
I always keep something
on me for the occasions.
- Viola.
- Really?
What the hell's going on?
There's blood all over the place.
- Grab the map.
- Right.
It should be in his desk.
- It's coming from the bathroom.
- I've got it!
- I've got the map.
- Akerman? Akerman?
Oh my god! Close the door!
What's the noise?
They're breaking
through the pipes.
Will! Will! Will!
Come on! Let's get out of here!
Get it off!
- You ok?
- Yeah yeah. I'm good. Thanks!
Let's get out of here.
What's... What's the plan with
maps that we almost died
getting? What are we...
We got to get to public works. Shut the water
system down. Limit their access to the town.
It's worth a shot.
This is the middle of dry land,
the center of the town. It's insane.
Come on!
What is it?
I'm just...
I just hope my family's ok.
Help! Mom! Help!
Help! Mom!
Nicole, sweetie are you ok?
I'm home alone in the yard. I
don't know where mom or Kyle are.
Alright, I'm coming home to get
you. Can you hold off till I get there?
Yep! Dad! Please please hurry!
Dad's on his way.
I don't know where he is.
Burn them all mom. Burn them
It's working mom. They're
- I'm so glad you're ok!
- You came.
Where's Kyle?
I don't know. I found his
bloody jacket at the beach.
No! No! Oh my god! No!
I should've listened to you.
It's Kyle!
I can hear you! Hurry!
- Kyle! Wait a second Cate!
- Kyle!
Cate! No no no you can't go in!
Cate! Wait wait!
Listen! Listen!
- Don't worry we'll get to him.
- Kyle!
- If he's in the attic he's in
the safest place. He can be, ok?
We'll get to him. We'll get to
Kyle! We're coming!
Kyle, can you hear us?
I can hear you! Hurry!
- Is there a ladder in your truck?
- No.
What about the truck itself?
It won't be tall enough.
Nicole, did you see a ladder in
the tool shed?
Alex! He'll be here any second.
He's got a ladder in the back of his truck.
I can't turn off the water.
The valve is stuck.
Your family?
They left town already.
Why didn't you go with them?
Thanks for coming Allen, you
have a ladder in your car?
- Yeah, it's in the back of the truck actually.
- Ok. Good.
Dad, it's Alex.
- Alec, Alex! Go help him shut off the water. We'll get Kyle.
Hey hey Will! You need a hand
with that?
Yeah Alex, do you have any
Pliers! pliers! I got some
actually. One sec.
Let's see man.
- Right here.
- Wait wait wait.
Alright. Let's go.
No, I'm going. I already lost him
once. I need you to watch Nicole.
- Here.
- Alright.
Be careful, Cate.
Kyle, I'm coming!
Michael. Nicole. Behind you.
- Mom! Mom Help!
- Hang on Kyle!
- Wait wait wait.
- Come on!
Pull it back! Come on!
It's stuck!
I'm going to break the window.
Mom! Mom!
Kyle baby! Take my hands.
You did it!
Yeah. You did it!
Oh god.
No! No! Don't pull. Dad showed
me how.
Is he ok?
Yeah, he's ok!
Alright You have to go down the
ladder. You ready? Ok.
You're so brave.
- Kyle!
- No Dad!
Carefully. Careful.
Kyle! I'm so glad you're ok.
You scared us.
Cate! Cate!
It's my ribs.
I'll be fine.
Good job buddy.
We gotta go.
Let's go.
Ok so we get to the public works. We
turn off the water and then-and then what?
Are we heading back to the dam?
I thought that at first. Now I'm thinking
we can use the water to our advantage.
Cause we gotta get them all in
one place.
Somewhere with a reservoir.
Are we going with you?
I need to see you all safe
before Will and I leave,
Dad! No!
Son it's ok. We're going to take
you somewhere where you'll be safe.
We'll be safe here.
There are no water pipes around
and it's a high vantage point,
water runs downhill so you'll see
the Lampreys before they see you.
- Are you ok, sweetie?
- Yeah I'll be fine.
Watch out!
Stay back! It's live!
We gotta get to the power
station. I've got an idea.
In here.
So it's like your stunboat, only
on a massive scale.
But how are we going to attract
all the Lampreys to one location?
Bio salts.
Bio salts?
They're secreted by the liver.
To tract a mate.
That could work.
Alright everyone, look...
We're going to get the livers
from the dead Lampreys.
Will and I are going to use them to draw
the live Lampreys, through the reservoir...
into the power station, where
we're going to electrocute them.
Alright. We're not separating
I want to help.
Us, too.
Of course, I couldn't do it
without you.
Now let's get to work.
Here's what they look like
Keep these on you. They'll keep the live ones
away. For a little while. Come on. Let's go.
Everyone get in the truck.
The smell is attracting them.
It's working.
Something's got me!
Get them off! Get them off!
Don't move!
Get them off! Get them off!
Oh my god! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
No! Stay here!
- Oh my god. I'm sorry!
- It's ok. I'm ok.
Are you ok?
We need to go. Just go!
Let's go! Come on!
Let's go!
Here's the power plant.
This is the main reservoir
beneath the power station.
This is right where we want the
You guys go off there.
Come with me.
You guys go find the switch. We'll
use the livers to attract the Lampreys.
It's so dark. How do we
know they're down there?
One second. Listen.
They're down there. Dump'em in.
Back up, back up, back up!
Are you guys ok?
Yeah, there's just some
Alex, get the weed
Throw them in.
You guys finish this. I got that.
- Ok.
Alright, stay back.
- Alex!
- Back up! Back up!
It's not gonna be enough.
We need more Lampreys.
Look, I can go down the ladder, kill some
Lampreys, harvest some livers and come out quick.
- It'll work. - No no. It's too risky.
We gotta find another way.
- We don't have enough time.
- It's too risky. Now come on!
I'm gonna stay here. Stay and
- Go! Be with you family!
- Alright alright! I'll be back! I'm coming!
Nicole! Nicole!
Alright look, gut'em. We need
more livers.
Where's Will?
Take the kids and find the main
Will, I'm on my way!
You don't have to do
this! Come on!
Get out of here Michael!
Go on to the power station!
I'm not leaving without
I'm not young like them. I don't
have a family like you!
I don't have anything!
Let me have this!
I'm not leaving without you.
Michael! Go!
- Stubborn fool!
- Takes one to know one.
What you said about not having
anyone, it's not true! You have me!
Help me!
Come on! Come on!
- Go Michael! Go!
- No! No!
I'll be right behind you!
- I'll be right behind you!
- Alright.
Just hold them off for a second.
Give me your hand. Give me your
I can't.
I can't get good
footing. I'm slipping.
Don't worry, I got you.
Kyle! No! Go away!
Stay away! Stay away
Which one leads to the
Kyle, check your map.
Flip the switch now!
- I think this is it!
- Just try it!
Do it!
Good job!... Alex.
The Lamprey infestation has been
eradicated at Lake Charlevoix.
County officials have advise
that it is now safe for
residents to return to their homes.
The clean up process is under way.
But may take some time before
everything is back to normal.
Hey! Did you say goodbye to Alex
Everything ok?
Everything is great. The city has my
recommendations. Now it's up to them.
- Can we get out of here?
- Yes we can. The sooner the better.
Ok. Let's go!
- Come on!
- Let's go guys!
Are we leaving it? Yeah somebody
else get's to do it for us. Let's go.
Get out of here.
Come idiot, get out of here!
Get out of here!
Get out of here, you stupid
Stop the car! Stop the car!
It's Scooter!
Come on buddy! Come on in!
Watch his tail. Watch his tail.
Watch his tail.