Blood Mania (1970) Movie Script

Good morning, Daddy.
What took you so long, Victoria?
You heard my buzzer.
Unless, you're deaf.
Now, Daddy, relax.
You mustn't get
yourself excited.
You know what Dr. Cooper said.
Dr. Cooper.
Thinks he's the world's
greatest doctor.
If he treats all his
patients like this,
my clinic's finished.
He'll be here in about an hour.
Now, quit your grumbling.
You're not fooling anyone.
You know perfectly well Dr.
Cooper's an excellent doctor.
I should think
you'd be grateful.
He saved your life.
Saved my life?
Any two-year med student could
have diagnosed my condition.
Will you stop your
fussing and eat?
You probably poisoned it.
Don't Daddy me.
I could choke to
death on my coffee,
and you wouldn't shed a tear.
Now, Daddy, you must relax.
We don't wanna make
Dr. Cooper unhappy.
You've been after
Craig Cooper for years
and he won't give you a tumble.
One of the few pleasure
I have left in life
is watching you trying to
sink your hooks into him.
Papa, dear, eat your
breakfast before it gets cold.
She can't ruin applesauce.
I'm up, I'm up.
Craig, come on,
wake up, darling.
I'll be there in five minutes.
I've got something for you.
I'll be there in four minutes.
Sweetheart, are you up?
Come on, Craig.
Come on, sweetheart,
rise and shine.
Every time I look at
you, I rise and shine.
Mm, sweet.
You know what?
I've got a proposition for you.
I'm always ready.
If you'll scrub my
back, I'll scrub yours.
Yeah, that sounds
pretty interesting.
As a matter of fact,
I'm tingling with
great expectations.
Wait a minute,
I'll be right back.
Don't move, I'll be right back.
Yeah, I'm up, I'm up.
Now, where were we?
I don't know.
Where were you?
I think I was about right here.
Can I be serious with
you for a moment?
Oh, come off it, honey.
It's 7:30 in the morning.
Here, your turn.
I'm gonna welsh on
my end of the deal
unless you listen
to me for a moment.
Ah, saved by the bell.
Wait a minute.
What's the idea of
calling me here?
Look, I thought we agreed not
to contact each other again.
I don't care if you
do need the money.
Listen, don't threaten me.
Alright, I'll do What I can.
Maybe a couple of hundred.
Hello, Dr. Cooper here.
Right, I'll be at the
clinic from 8:30 until 9:30,
at 10 o'clock at Dr. Waterman's.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, hi.
I was just getting my keys
out of the pool, they fell in.
Oh, wow.
I've heard of people like you.
Oh, wow.
Oh, no.
My mother wants me home by, mm.
I didn't see Miss Turner's
car in the driveway.
She's not here.
Victoria, I thought I told
you that I wanted a nurse
with your father
around the clock.
I'm here, what's the fuss?
I wish to hell
you'd listen to me
once in a while, Victoria.
I don't have to tell you.
Breathe deep and exhale.
I've been waiting for two weeks.
Hell, I own that clinic.
And when I ask for the
results of my own cardiogram,
I expect,
Ridgeley, you're the patient.
I'm the doctor, remember?
Now, the clinic is
following my orders.
For how long?
That's what I'm
here to find out.
Well, since you're
being so agreeable,
but thank you,
Vicky, that's fine.
I like caring for you, Daddy.
I'm not completely helpless.
I think Victoria
wants to become a nurse.
She'd make a lousy nurse.
As good as Nurse Turner.
Well, I keep her
around for laughs.
I want that comedian by
your side at all times.
Have Miss Turner
call me tomorrow.
What the hell am I
supposed to do all day?
Stare into space?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, Doc, I know.
Take care.
You do have a way with him.
He was almost apologetic.
Your father and
I are very close.
He's been very good to me.
I know.
You had a hard time in
med school, didn't you?
I managed.
Care for a drink?
I can't.
Why can't you?
It's very early and I have
a very busy day ahead of me.
What makes you so hard to get?
Are you trying to
get me, Victoria?
You're home early.
Yeah, I got finished
sooner than I expected.
I had feeling you'd be here.
I let myself in.
I hope you don't mind.
When did I ever mind?
I've got steaks on the broiler,
a salad on the table.
Do you mind if I
take your tie off?
Mmm mm..
You look so tired.
That's better.
Mm, this is nice, huh?
Very nice.
Come here, a little closer.
I can't get any closer.
Mhm, yes you can.
Somebody up there is pushing
all the wrong damn buttons.
Well, hello old buddy.
Well, how are you?
What are you doing here?
I just stopped by to have
a little chat with you.
Say, now this is some pad.
I dig it.
Well, aren't you gonna
introduce us, Doc?
Cheryl, this is Mr. Mills.
You wanna excuse, honey?
We have some
business to discuss.
Of course, I'll go change.
It's a nice girl
you got there, Doc.
And she cares.
But, I wonder if
she cares enough
to come visit you in prison
for the next 10 years, hm?
Larry, just exactly
what is it that you want?
Well, the same
things you do, Doc.
Respectability and freedom.
Now, that is the big one, Doc.
Well, you're
free to go out and find it.
No, no, no,
your freedom, not mine.
Larry, I thought
I told you I was through
doing business with you.
Hey, easy, old buddy.
I just stopped by to
tell you that I expect
$50,000 in two weeks.
What the hell for?
For the privilege
of not doing business
with me anymore.
You're crazy.
No, I am not crazy, thank you.
And you better
think about it, Doc.
What do you think a judge
would say to Mrs. Bartlett's
little tale of woo, hm?
Or the Joy Hunter thing?
You seem to be forgetting
one little thing.
You're just as deeply
involved in this as I am.
I'm clean, Doc.
I only introduce
you to the people
that you do your thing to.
You know, introductions
are my specialty.
So are photographs.
I mean, I really appreciate
and understand their full value.
Hey, tell me something, Doc.
What do you think that the
District Attorney would give me
to wangle an
introduction to you, hm?
What's that two
dollar word, immunity?
I don't have that kind of money.
Well, I didn't expect you
to have it in your pocket.
But you got some big-time
connections these days, Doc.
I mean, you're no longer
that middle class punk
trying to brain your way out
of the lower middle class.
You've made it, Doc.
You ain't got any style, though.
But you made it.
Good night, Doc.
See you in two weeks.
What kind of trouble
costs $50,000?
You were listening?
I didn't know you did abortions.
I don't.
Not now.
How did you get involved?
Med school.
I needed the money.
You can get in a lot
of trouble doing that.
I know.
It can cost me my license,
and my career.
Don't let him scare you.
Maybe he's bluffing.
Uh uh, he's not bluffing.
He'd chop me in a minute.
I'd lose everything.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
I gotta get that money, though.
Someway, somehow.
The roses are beautiful
this morning, aren't they?
Yes, they're lovely.
But I don't think Daddy
would appreciate them.
Well, of course he does.
He misses his rose bushes.
Does he?
Yes, he does.
You're very, very sweet
to my daddy, aren't you?
Well, I try.
I see you trying,
Miss Innocence.
Miss Innocence?
Didn't you know?
I'm listed in the Yellow
Pages under 'Sex.'
Your hair is really very pretty.
Why don't you do
something special with it?
My hair's alright.
I don't get paid because
I look like Raquel Welch.
Would you be a good girl
and clean it up for me?
I'll take this up to Daddy.
Lunch, Daddy.
See, I picked you some roses.
Where's Miss Turner?
She's coming.
I need her.
You haven't been following
my orders, have you, Doctor?
Been at the brandy?
What's an aging shut-in to do?
Good morning, Dr. Cooper.
Dr. Waterman is to
receive absolutely
no stimulants whatsoever.
I want him to receive at least
8 hours of good, sound sleep.
Well, that kills
our Late Late Show.
I want you to go over to
the hospital and pick this up.
It's not in general
distribution yet.
I'll guard it with
my life, Doctor.
Try not to miss me too
terribly while I'm gone.
Damn fool.
Be good, now, Doctor.
What's my alternative?
Craig, don't leave.
I want to talk to you.
Buzz me if you need me, Daddy?
Like it?
It's overpowering.
I didn't know you
could be overpowered.
You know, you've
become quite an artist.
Painted up a storm.
Therapy, Doctor, therapy.
Are you really having
trouble with your income tax?
You owe them a lot?
I'm not too sure, yet.
Look, if you need some
money, I've got some.
Well, that's very nice of you,
but I can manage.
I'd love to help
you in some way.
Victoria, thank you
for showing me your work,
but I've got to go.
You didn't know how
talented I was, did you?
Victoria, I've got to go.
we're very young souls.
Very young and evil.
Yes, very evil.
We've got a lot
to get out of this lifetime.
We may not get another chance.
You'll probably live to be 110.
Why's that?
Only the good die young.
Yeah, well, if
you keep sniffing that stuff,
you're not gonna live
very long, either.
But what a way to go.
Except for the headaches after.
No, seriously.
Amyl nitrite, that's
pretty potent stuff.
As a matter of fact,
if you have a heart
condition, it can kill you.
Kill you?
That's one of the reasons
they put it on prescription.
What's bothering you?
Moment of truth?
I need 50,000.
Oh, let's call it a tax problem.
I don't have that kind of money.
But, I know how to get it.
Never mind.
I'll get it.
I fixed you a drink.
I hope you like bourbon.
Please, sit down.
I guess you're wondering why
I asked you to come over.
Oh, I hope I didn't
sound too mysterious.
I want to talk to
you about Craig.
Alright, what about him?
You don't know how hard he's
worked to get where he has,
and what you're
doing can ruin him.
That's right, I could ruin him.
But, why?
What has he done to you?
Oh, I got 50,000 Why'S.
He can get it.
No, he can't.
Yeah, he can.
People can and will do a lot
of things when they have to.
There's nothing that
will change your mind?
Alright, you wanna help him?
If I can.
Stand up.
Will you leave him alone?
Are you gonna stand up?
Will you leave Craig alone?
You have my word.
Please, please!
Well, thanks for the turn, baby.
But, no deposits.
You're good, but not that good.
The look on his face.
He didn't wanna live.
Not that way.
Well, at least he
died with dignity.
Where's Victoria?
Downstairs, Doctor.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
You saw him?
Did he have much pain?
A certain amount is usual
in this kind of death.
I didn't want him
to have any pain.
I knew there'd be no headache.
I didn't want him to suffer.
He just, sort of, stiffened.
I did it for you, Craig.
For me?
He was going to die, anyway.
Victoria, that was your father.
Don't look at me like that?
How in the hell do you
want me to look at you?
What are you doing?
Calling the police.
Go ahead.
And what are you going to
do about your tax problem?
Sell shoes?
Dr. Cooper,
Mr. Remington of the coroner's
office is on the telephone.
Hello, Mr. Remington.
No, I didn't expect it.
I'll be down tomorrow
to sign the papers.
Cause of death?
It's a simple matter, Victoria.
Your father left everything
in order for me.
Mr. Jacobson, what
has to be done now?
First of all,
we have to set a date for
the reading of the will.
Is that necessary?
Your father stipulated
that there'd be.
I see.
How's the 26th?
That's two weeks from tomorrow.
Does it have to take that long?
I just wanna get it over with.
My firm needs the time,
and your father left
instructions to the effect
that I notify your
younger sister
before the reading of the will.
She hasn't been
home in over seven years.
I don't even know
where she's living.
Well, don't worry, we'll
handle the notification.
We have her address in New York
and we can get it out tonight.
Victoria, let us say two
weeks from tomorrow, 10 am.
Is that alright?
Okay, I think that's
enough business for today.
I'll let myself out,
and good day, Victoria.
Welcome home, Gail.
Oh, and you must be Kate.
It's been a long time.
Yes, a long time.
How was the plane ride?
Oh, bumpy.
See, Gail?
Everything's just as it was.
It's beautiful.
Gail, I'd like you
to meet Dr. Cooper,
our family physician.
Hello, Gail.
Miss Kate Lucas.
How do you do?
Would someone care
for some coffee?
I'd love some.
Excuse me.
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
Welcome home.
Thank you.
Dr. Waterman
spoke often of you.
He missed you.
Well, he'd been
failing for some time.
I didn't know.
He died in his sleep.
He had very little pain.
Coffee will be ready
in about five minutes.
Oh, I've gotta get back
to the clinic right away.
Well, you'll be joining us
for dinner later on, then,
won't you?
Of course.
I'll see you out.
If you'll excuse me.
It was nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you, too, Doctor.
And, don't make any
plans for after dinner.
You were pretty
tough on Gail tonight.
As a matter of fact,
I think you handled the
whole matter very badly.
I thought it was a
rather pleasant dinner.
I wasn't talking about
dinner and you know it.
I know.
$50,000, my sweet.
As soon as the will is probated,
and Daddy's business affairs
are in perfect order.
10 days to two weeks.
I'll get the money
back to you, I swear it.
Don't swear.
Please don't swear.
I don't want the money.
I have you.
And make no mistake about it,
I do have you.
You are a bitch.
Come here, bitch.
"Second, I direct my
executor to pay my just debts"
"and expenses of last
illness, funeral and burial,"
"as soon after my
death, as is convenient."
"It is my intention
to hereby dispose"
"of all real and
personal property,"
"which I have the right
to dispose of by will,"
"including any and all
property as to which I may have"
"the power of
appointment by will."
Miss Turner.
"To my nurse, Emily Turner."
"I bequeath the sum of
$1,500 for service rendered,"
"and for giving me
those needed laughs."
"To Dr. Craig Cooper, I have
established a trust fund."
"The proceeds, which are
not to exceed $10,000 per annum,"
"and which must be spent
on medical research."
"I wish to make public this
acknowledgement of your skills"
"as a man of medicine."
"Now, then,"
"I give, devise and bequeath
the remainder of my estate,"
"real, personal or mixed,"
"of every kind kind and nature,"
"and wheresoever situated,"
"of which I may die,
ceased or possessed,"
"or to which I may be entitled
at the time of my death,"
"to my daughter,"
"Gail Waterman."
There is a codicil to the will
which states the following:
"I hereby declare that my other
daughter, Victoria Waterman,"
"is to receive exclusive
privileges to this house,"
"sufficient funds
for its maintenance,"
"plus an additional personal
allowance of $250 a week,"
"for as long as she may live."
"The home will continue
to be owned by the estate,"
"but it cannot be
liquidated during the course"
"of my daughter
Victoria's lifetime."
No, no.
He can't do this to me.
I was the one who took care
of him when he was sick.
I took care of him.
I lived with him
all these years,
not her.
I took all the insults.
You don't know what
I went through.
It's rightfully mine!
you're getting hysterical.
Shut up!
Leave me alone!
It's always been you!
You didn't care for him,
not the way I did!
Why did you have to come back?
I hate you!
I hate you!
It's mine, it's so unfair!
No, I don't,
Why, Craig?
It's alright.
Glad I did it.
Be quiet.
I'm glad I killed him.
Shut up!
Somebody might walk in.
But I'd do it again,
only this time,
I wouldn't make it
so easy for him.
It looks like you're
back on salary again.
Yes, Doctor.
I understand.
Continue the sedation.
Call me if you need me.
I don't care what time it is.
If you leave this
room for any reason,
lock the door after you.
Will do, Doctor.
Oh, Doctor!
May I speak to you for a moment?
Of course.
I'm concerned about Gail.
I mean, that little scene
Victoria put on for us today.
I'm sure that
won't happen again.
And, why is Victoria
confined to her room?
She's sedated.
I didn't want her
wandering about.
I was afraid of the stairs.
I don't buy it, Doctor.
I wasn't aware that I was
selling anything, Miss Lucas.
Look, Doctor,
Victoria's a little sicker
than anyone cares to admit,
isn't she?
I appreciate your concern,
but I have a busy day,
so, if you'll excuse me.
The hell with your
busy day, Doctor.
I'm concerned about
Gail's safety.
Our relationship goes
back a long time.
Your relationship?
I've been around.
Around long enough to know
that there's something going on
between you and Victoria.
You've got a vivid
imagination, Miss Lucas.
Why don't you try
your hand at writing?
Maybe I will.
Maybe I'll write a book about
a young, ambitious doctor
who makes a big play
for a young heiress,
even though she's
a little nutty,
and then he finds out
that she's not going
to inherit the money, but
that her younger sister is,
so he starts to make a play
for her younger sister.
Stay away from Gail.
She listens to me, Doctor.
Only me, remember that.
It won't do you a
damn bit of good
using your bedside
manner on her.
We'll see.
What are we gonna do
with all that money?
Well, you don't
have your own yacht.
There's lots of
things you can buy.
Good morning!
Good morning, Miss Turner.
Isn't it funny what
a new day will bring?
Yesterday, I was broke, today,
I'm an heiress.
Anyone for a hot
game of Scrabble?
Are you alright, Gail?
Sure, I'm fine.
You know, I'm gonna
blow my inheritance.
I'm gonna buy me a
whole new wardrobe,
all kinds of bright
colors, anything but white.
If you knew how I
hate white, ugh.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, Doctor.
Good morning.
How's the Dragon
Lady this morning?
Victoria's fine.
She's asleep right now.
We'll continue like this
for the next day
or so, Miss Turner.
I'm sure she'll be alright.
But she's not eating, Doctor.
Oh, I think she'll come around.
If she doesn't, we'll just have
to take the necessary steps.
Like what, Doctor?
She might have
to go to a hospital
where she'd receive
complete care.
Complete care?
Why does Victoria have to
go to the hospital, Doctor?
All I meant was that
she needs absolute quiet.
Like a hospital.
Isn't that what you
said, Miss Turner?
Well, yes, but I'm sure
she's going to be alright.
Well, this heiress has to
get back to her chores.
I'd almost forgotten
how beautiful it is here.
Yes, it is,
and you should be
enjoying the place more.
You know, it would do
you good to get out.
Smog or no smog, we have
some of the most beautiful
beaches in the world here.
That might be a good idea.
Listen, I've got an idea.
I've got two more house
calls to make in the Canyon.
Why don't you come with me?
Well, I,
Oh, come on, it'll do you good.
Well, alright.
Kate, why don't you join us?
No, I'll stay here.
Okay, let me get a sweater.
What are you doing?
I've decided to leave.
But, why?
It's for the best.
But I don't understand.
Let me spell it out for you.
The kind of woman I am
is a very lonely woman,
and the only world I'm
really comfortable in
is with other women
who are the same way.
That's not for you.
Sometimes, in my
lonliest moments,
But you never did anything.
Of course not.
I can't.
And the way things are now.
Are you leaving tonight?
Yes, I've already called a cab.
Well, I think you'll live.
How you feeling?
I was hoping
you'd come visit me.
Not that I had any
right to expect it.
May we be alone?
Oh, sure, Gail.
I wish a man would ask me that.
I guess tonight
just isn't my night.
Kate's leaving tonight.
How come?
She's going back
to New York, I guess.
I have to talk to
you about something.
It's about the will,
I thought about it.
I thought about nothing
else for the last two days.
I'm sorry about what I did.
The will is not your fault.
You didn't write it, he did.
And he's dead.
Really dead.
He had quite a hold
on us, didn't he?
But, that's all over now.
We'll work everything
out ourselves.
We'll work it out so that
you get half of everything.
I thought you'd make that offer.
But, I don't want it.
You don't want it?
I don't want anything from him.
But it won't be from
him, it'll be from me.
No, it wouldn't.
It really wouldn't.
Oh, Victoria,
don't be so stubborn.
Oh, I just can't seem
to give my money away.
Second time today.
Second time?
Let's see.
Would it be Dr. Cooper
and his trouble with, uh,
Internal Revenue Service?
And, he wouldn't
take it from you?
Sounds like he really likes you.
Why do you say that?
Well, that's not important.
What is important is that
we're together again.
Victoria, will you let
me do something for you?
Will you let me take care
of you until you get better?
But I am better, much better.
Well, you're almost better.
I'll let Miss Turner go.
Can I bring you anything
from the kitchen?
I'm a little tired, I
think I'll take a nap.
There you go.
Sweet dreams.
Don't lock the
door, it's alright.
Here are Victoria's keys.
You're welcome to stay
the night if you'd like.
Oh, no, thank you.
I haven't been in my
apartment in days.
The spiders must be
having a ball.
Good night, Gail.
Good night, Miss Turner.
Thank you.
Hello, who is this, Gail?
Hello, Craig.
Victoria, what are you doing up?
Let me speak to Gail.
She's not here.
She went back to New York.
That's impossible.
Listen, what's
going on over there?
Where's Gail?
She's gone.
I don't believe you.
Look for yourself.
Do you know what I have to do?
Don't answer the door.
Don't pick up the phone.
I'll be back as soon as I can.