Blood Money (2012) Movie Script

For 30 years
Colombians controlled the
distribution of cocaine in the world.
Now everyone wants a piece.
Every year since 1989,
Anti-Drug National Agency
Colombian cocaine exports
decreased in North America.
Before, Colombians received
30,000 each.
Now, probably about 8000.
And Mexican cartel is on their trail.
Sami Wong.
He controls the most powerful
drug trafficking in Shanghai.
You take him out,
We own the vendor of China.
There are no cash.
It is noted in the records,
so i did not ask for me.
good cocaine,
prices are good.
Cocaine a people knew
directly linked now.
If that's the lifestyle you want
to you...
Do you recommend
find yourself another game.
You know how it is either
play hard or go home
What market are they?
I do not know anything about
fucking market.
Drug Games are not for me.
I am interested in music.
But you know what they say!?
Did Lipe and if your ear to the ground,
streets talk.
An Asia-Pacific market?
Spread of Australia in the southern,
to China,
to the north?
There is over one hundred million
middle class make cocaines
looking for party.
The street price of cocaine
twice more expensive than in America
the risk is smaller,
competition is less.
All you have to do is push the button.
See this?
This is what we owned in Miami.
This is why we owned America.
Take it.
the best cocaine in Colombia.
The last year, I turn
over 750 million dollars.
You know what they bought?
How would you asking is for me
to risk all of that for a maybe, maybe?
of the fucking Yangtze river?
Now that's a fucking big decision.
Maybe it's too big for you.
This is the best you can do?
I think you just fuck off back
to China Town!
Now I go back to China Town.
The Shipments...
Everything is all arranged.
Enlighten me!
Shipments are guaranteed
to Sydney and Hong Kong.
But that's all covered.
On Deck's your problem.
But I warn you of this.
You want to give us warnings?
I give you whatever I fuck I want to.
One smell of any risk to me,
and I'll down both containers
into the fucking Pacific.
I Don't think that was part of
the business plan.
I'll tell you what's the fucking
business plan is.
I run every containers after Miami.
Anythings goes wrong between here and
delivery, and thats cocaine goes overboard.
And then you go overboard.
That man don't talk.
That is my fucking business plan.
When you arrive in Australia
You got a choice.
Or Do you put your foot in their market,
or take control of them.
But just remember one thing
You owed me.
No, please!
Love is tough, the top lady Danny boy...
Hey wolf... baka!
How's business, Danny?
Same as.
You're not gonna believe this.
I think you're smart guy
But smart guy only stay smart
When I do smart things.
If you got a problem, then
fucker in the ages spell it out!
I got a problem just he speak. You get
a pair fucking bulls on the up your ass!
From what I hear, Danny boy, sales were
up but profit is look more like shit.
So with you have been smoking too much weed,
or someone skimmed of the top.
by the way,
I not see enough funds
on my fuckin credit card.
If you think you gonna walk in here,
and put the gun in my fucking nose
and walk out here with your boy...
Either I get money, times will be out
of here with a bullet in your head.
No hard feelings, Danny boy.
As I said.
You're smart guy..
But next time,
You do direct deposit yeah.
Believe me.
Just standard the time.
I'm Watching you baka!
Tonight, is special
breaking news report.
The scene here resemble a warfare.
Even police is shocked to the magnitude
of attack in the whole Sydney.
Up 10 people believed to
have been killed.
and the front space of the
nightclub over destroyed.
Is excluded I do not be a terrorist attack,
and federal agencies suspect...
supremacy here does not
differ from that in America.
Control the clubs,
we controlled the buyers.
Through pimps, the hookers...
We control politicians and the police.
And the brother..
He controls all the clubs in the city.
We make them an offer.
Hey, Brother?
your question.
Mr Ho.
I am Ho.
What do you want?
Really? Listen.
I do not know who the fuck you are,
but I only talk with women when I want sex.
So.. what about it?
You know what?
I have not had sex for three months.
I'm so horny.
I want have sex as if there no tomorrow.
But not with you.
You have 5 minutes.
As you may know, our time here,
in Australia, is very limited.
Quite simply.
The business circles we run move very fast.
We need to move faster.
So, I need to know that
you commited providing gas
with the speed we need,
every shipment from Colombia.
Do not have the luxury for housing
So, As I said before,
I have need for speed.
You already met my sister.
As you can see.
She has a very hot temper.
Takes after my brother.
She signs of every deal.
on behalf of our family.
So I suggest you talk to her.
Listen fuck, this is the
only deal on the table.
You distribute the shit, only got 20%
That's the deal.
I do not think that was part of the plan.
So, how about you keep your 100% of the shit
and fuck off back to Banana Republic!?
Maybe you missing something here.
Where I come from, no
anything get second chance.
make it deal
You already know why you are here
And who made it happened
What you do not know is,
in this city, my city,
you play by my rules.
The only rules.
Now... which part you
don't understand "brother"?
In our country there is a saying.
You can not bite the dog
Don't show your teeth.
They killed him.
Do not do anything.
Get the girl to a safehouse now.
You know how important
she is for our business.
She is gone
They taken her.
See him?
who likes to kill people.
He'll shot hole in the face.
Just like that
Give me a reason... and I'll kill you.
Just like that
You just made the biggest
mistake of your life.
I do not make mistakes.
I just make money.
I give you 24 hours to let her go.
I'll Kill you.
When I see payment for my shipment
Maybe you see her
10 years ago
All merchants control this town.
My family was treated like dirt.
Therefore workers making rich people richer.
That was never happen to me.
Today, I control of the gold.
The new gold...
I want you to get your team together.
I do not care what you have to do.
Just bring her back...
And kill this motherfucker.
What the fuck?
Shut up and listen!
Your brother...
He got the choice.
But you...
No choice.
We got a shipment sitting
in the city warehouse.
Your control have to moves it
Every sale, every deal,
every dollar...
You report to me.
Hi, babe,
Are you lost?
Stop it!
Stop it I said!
Get fuck out of here!
Fucking Bitch!
You Fucking Gook!
Does it look like I gonna motherfucker like?
Hi, boss!
Device is ready.
The location was activated.
There's a matter of time.
Can I help you?
Can I help you?
How long have you know Steven Ho?
You wanna kill me?
I need weapons.
What the hell are you waiting for?
I'm not pay to watch this video
Just Shoot them!
I take one shot...
And she is dead.
Do your job.
I want to take it out.
If she gets hurts
I'll have be ahead
You know what I did tonight?
I fucked the bich.
But you know what?
I think maybe.. you're
hotter than her.. bitch.
Welcome to the fledge show!
Entering the car!
Made a mistake,
I fucking shoot you right here!
Get out of the car.
Get out of the fucking car!
Look scary, yea?
Loser fucking shit!
This morning, the body
of unidentified man,
was found near area scaped point
on Sydney north shore.
i Police believe a car sign
belongs to the daughter of
leading Sydney businessman,
Eddie Ho, who was gun down
two days ago.
We Cross to Shari Wilkins.
initial sampling resulted in
two different blood groups.
Federal Agencies and worry
for Angie Ho's sake,
manager of a club in
Sydney, China Town.
speculate that it's about
drug distribution,
but investigators believe that's more
than a rivalry between gangs.
Raul made a mistake.
A big mistake.
He pull his bulls before his brain.
See this?
Anyone here
Who let his bulls do the talkie for me,
which endanger my life
or risk my business...
No talk
No discussion.
Do you get the picture?
I have to saying...
No position,
not win.
The hit was mean to kill the Italians.
Too bad your friends were there.
You tell me?
The past is for looser.
What is done, is done.
We have a new beginning.
I want to take care of this market.
Import, storage and distribution.
But I need to know that you
got the bulls for the job.
You need to know something about me.
When I need someone...
They survives.
I have two tons of cocaine
to sitting on his ass. Retail...
maybe 200 million.
You put that shit on the street
I give you 20%.
Your bulls.. how big?
This is bullshit, man!
No fucking way!
Shoot her.
Shoot her!
Drop her.
She Still alive.
Not for long.
Now with the business.
I will supply with the what about you need,
but understand one thing:
fuck with me,
and i'll kill you and and every person
you have ever known in your life.
You let her die, you bastard!
You think you tough?
You just the coward!
It's not about drugs.
It's about power.
Mother, wife...
Every person he care about.
I want names, i want locations.
Where the shipments?
Container one was in Sidney,
industrial zone.
Container two has just in Hong Kong.
Yuri has details for Sidney.
But I lost contact with him.
Just matter of satellite transmission.
Hey Zhou,
Your sister...
You remember?
The sister you couldn't save..
You make a mistake.
You failed to do it for me ever,
and she die in same way.
You're not welcome here.
Why do you bring her to me?
If she is going to die
She dies here.
- the one?
- guns shot.
Give me flame.
Kimo, what happens?
Your friends, I just shoot them in the face
Help! Help!
- Help!
- Shut up!
Help! Help!
C'mon! Let's think you can!
C'mon! fuck her!
What the fuck?
You wanna fuck with me?
Where the hell are you?
There's nowhere to go!
You're fucking jerk!
With emergency! Who you are
and where the location?
There's a big gang murdered.
Can you explain the location?
Kings cross.
Inspection police coming immediately.
How many people have been killed?
Do not...
Let me...
You're fuck!
I'll kill you fuck!
What asshole!
Mother of the beast!
Leave it to me too.
You're fucking dead!
You're fuck!
Get up, bitch!
I thought her...
I supposed to be there.
Your time as Shaolin,
has taught you many things
also nothing.
Bring her to me.
Show me your hand.
We have information.
- What do you know about hitman?
- I lost contact.
You believe me to find him.
I think Colombians have done it for free.
Do not move anyone!
Come! Come! Come!
Do not move!
Give me the damn keys!
Open the door!
Open it!
Open the door!
Open, or kill!
Not move up! Move! Five,
Three, two, one...
Hurry and get it!
Hurry and you're otherwise kill!
- Come on!
- I. No. No!
Open the safe!
Open it!
Quick! Money!
- Please...
- Do not move!
It is very late!
Quick or kill!
Your time has end.
Maybe it's a trap.
- You think I care?
- I have Chinese message.
Fo're soldiers.
They know anything about the clan.
We speed up.
I meet the monk and wait there.
its Not easy to find.
Anyone who speaks against clan,
When will die.
Steven Ho made a mistake.
And it look like you about to pay.
The hitman?
Where is he?
You search for a man
and you can not find.
Where is he?
Tell you something.
Do not you find with me.
This place, I have no fear.
To me... you're nothing.
I'll kill you where you stand.
You can not talk like this,
This is a temple.
You must show respect.
No, you will choose me to respect.
When someone threatens me...
I don't wait, I don't run, do not hide.
I'll make retribution.
When I find Ho,
I kill both of you.
In front of his eyes.
From ear to ear.
And then...
Farewell family.
We make contact with Zhou.
Target position: east
coast of Australia.
heading to Hong Kong.
ETA: 36 hours.
connecting camera.
How weird is it?
Want phases strange?
Bring it on those bitches!
I care her?
she means nothing to me.
Listen very carefully,
Right now,
I have the cocaine.
Which means you have shit.
Or should I say...
No shit.
No, you listen.
I give my drugs but now,
I cut this bitches throat.
When you get to Hong Kong...
you wait.
Big man, And now...
you get to play with me.
Fuck with me one more time,
I send you her head in the mail.
Outside is a container of cocaine.
- Take it.
- Who the fuck are you?
I do not like it.
He is playing with us.
We wait.
I say we take him out.
Until get the shipment,
We wait.
Home in Ho.
Ying Yang Ho.
What do you think?
It seems that he wants to play.
- Then we'll play.
- Stay here.
As long we have those bitches,
He does what I say.
There's nothing here!
Check on all containers!
Check each fucking container!
I'll kill you!
Who is this?
- Wrong warehouse.
- Fuck!
look like you are not listen.
And as far as I can see,
I got no fucking drugs.
so If you don't had an answer for me
right now, you're fucking dead!
Where is my fucking drugs?
I have to kill him!
Big man, you know what a bomb trough a body?
Not if we have a body bag.
Drop the gun.
Do you think it do it?
Drop the fucking gun!
We have a saying in China.
Power will not to be
given up without a fight.
You want to take a shot?
Want to play a game with
me, you a piece of shit?
Let's play!
Damn you!
You got power?
I will show you real power.
'll Kill you, motherfucker!
Who holds the power now?
I'll fucking kill you!
As you can see,
and blood is water.
Do you think you know the game?
Not know anything!
You should have killed
me when you had the chance
I've called you here to kill you.
I see you're as stupid as your father
Now you die.
Until tonight I knew for sure
it was you.
This is our mother's wedding ring.
No one will ever touch you ok.
Game is over.