Blood Moon (2014) Movie Script

Pete, ol' pal...
we've been together a long time.
This is where we say goodbye.
I just can't see
you suffer no more.
So long, partner.
It'll be getting
dark soon, Pete.
I best find me some place
to bed down for the night.
Blasted coyotes.
Thought I'd scared
them off yesterday.
You varmints, let's
get a good look at you.
Don't come back, you bastards!
Hush now.
It's just a rat.
Looking for somewhere
warm to sleep.
When the stage
gets here tomorrow,
you gotta be fresh and strong.
40 miles from here to Lassiter.
Oh, Jesus H. Christ!
Right, you put your hands up,
and you don't do anything
stupid now, you hear?
I'm gonna ask you gentlemen
to put all your
money on the counter.
Now, move it!
Keep your powder dry, Jeb.
We've got it, come on, let's go.
What you looking at, little boy?
Damn it, come on!
What are you looking at?
Face the other way if you
know what's good for you!
Now let's get out of here!
You alright, Lloyd?
Hurts like hell, but I'll live.
Grab him, doc.
Aw, jeez they got Van Corren.
That's a damn shame.
The bullet's gone clean through.
Did you see who it was?
No, but one of them said,
"you gotta keep your
powder dry, Jeb",
has to be the Norton brothers.
Don't jump
to conclusions, Lloyd.
There's more than one
Jeb in these parts.
I've got a cousin
Jeb, in Denver.
And your brother's name
is Jeb, ain't it Lloyd?
I'm telling you, it was them.
They've robbed five
banks already this year.
Was only a matter of
time till they hit mine.
Well, looks like
they headed north.
There's a good chance
they'll bump into the coach.
The one Jake's on?
I'll take you down to my office.
They were riding hard.
They're gonna need
fresh horses soon.
Only one place
they'll find them.
Palm Flats.
Palm Flats.
Pardon my curiosity but,
is that wedding ring new?
Me and Jake just got married
in Durango, four days ago.
We've only known each
other three weeks.
I was attending a trial.
Jake's deputy
marshal of Lassiter.
First day in town, met
Sarah, we got talking,
and well, here we are.
You must be some talker, mister.
And now I'm Mrs. Jake Norman.
I have a weakness
for pretty rings.
Is that Mexican silver?
Yes, indeed.
My husband gave it
to me as a present,
the day we opened the
Golden Garter in Lednam.
You run a saloon?
Dan said they'd look after me.
Your husband must be
a very generous man.
Excuse me, Mr. Norman?
Jake, you can call me Jake.
Jake, I'm a reporter.
You seem a little young
for a newspaper man, mister?
Henry Lester, with
the London Times.
I'm writing a series of
articles about the wild west.
I'd like to ask
you a few questions
about being a deputy marshal.
Right, here we go.
How many men have you shot?
Put the book away, Henry.
Jake's on his honeymoon.
Have you ever visited Lassiter?
It ain't much more
than a one-horse town.
And they shot that
horse 20 years ago.
Jake tells me it's a
wonderful place to setup home.
Do you believe
everything he tells you?
Well, Sarah and me
don't have any secrets.
Do we darling?
Will your husband be
meeting you in Denver?
Dan died three years ago.
But I still call myself
Mrs. Marie Cooper.
And I miss him every day.
I'm sorry.
We had eleven years together.
That's more that some.
Sorry folks!
Hey Yancy, you told me you have
the most comfortable
stages in the west.
Well, we do Jake.
But this here,
ain't one of them!
Ho-ha. yo!
You see him Yancy?
You think I'm blind?
I don't know.
Stage line don't pay me to stop,
for no cowboy, down on his luck.
Don't worry, father.
I'll protect you.
Well, you got
me to stop, stranger.
State your business.
My name's Calhoun and I'd
like to board your stage,
if there's room.
Where's your horse?
Broke his leg yesterday.
You shoot him?
No, I wrestled him to the
ground and beat him to death.
Now, now.
There's no need to
be disrespectful.
Especially when you got
a shotgun pointed at you.
Apologies, gentlemen,
where you headed?
We're going to Pine
Flats in a couple hours,
get fresh horses and
then on to Denver.
Denver, huh?
I've never been there.
Well, you wanna put that
right, fa re's six dollars.
Six, you only charge four...
Would you shut up?
I'll give you one
dollar now in good faith,
and the rest when
you get me to Denver.
Whoa, easy.
Alright, sling
your stuff up on top.
Get yourself inside.
Name's Calhoun
and I'd appreciate
you holstering those guns.
Anyone mind if I?
Where you from, Calhoun?
Well, I'd tell you but,
you'd never have heard of it.
Next stop, Pine Flats.
tick-tock Ahiga.
What have you got for me?
Don't make me wait all day.
I got four.
Ah-ha, well
that's not gonna scare me off.
I raise you four.
Beat that.
Show me what you got.
Full house.
Ahiga, you're a
low-down, cheating snake.
If you were a man,
I'd cut your heart out,
you half-breed bitch!
If you were a man, you
wouldn't cheat at cards,
you skunk-breath toad,
and your wife told me
you were a lousy lover.
Not again.
Antahini, antahini!
Causing trouble
again, Black Deer?
Join me fora drink, marshal?
There's a saloon
down the street.
I prefer to do my
drinking in here.
And your gambling,
and your fighting.
Joanie Loumis don't
mind, do you Joanie?
I've always been willing to
do business with the Indians.
That may be so, but I
don't want to catch you
serving that girl whiskey again.
Hey, what are you my father?
You've got no right
talking to me like that.
I got every right.
What the hell's got
into you today, Wade?
I just got back from telling
Jenny Corbin she's a widow.
Got any coffee on the stove?
Yeah, I'll bring you a cup.
Bring me the pot, and two cups.
Coming right up.
Navajo hate coffee.
Prefer firewater.
Taste good.
Guess you heard
about the robbery.
Yeah everyone's saying
it was the Nortons.
Yeah, no one's
willing to form a posse.
Drink it, all of it.
Loumis, where'd
you find this coffee?
Up the rear end of a buffalo?
I said drink it.
I need your help, Black Deer.
I'll pay you 10 dollars.
And a bottle of whiskey.
But until those outlaws
are behind bars,
coffee's the only thing
you'll be drinking.
What do you say?
I'll give it some consideration.
Well, don't wait too long.
I'm intent on riding out soon.
Then I need to tell you about
the dream-vision
I had last night.
Been a while since you
bored me about one of those.
An evil Navajo spirit,
a creature that kills in
the light of the blood moon,
yee naaldlooshi.
A skin-walker?
That's just legend.
It's more than legend, Wade.
They're real, and
they're out there.
I don't suppose
you've ever seen one?
Well, would you believe
me if I said I had?
A skin-walker is
a Navajo warrior,
banished from their
tribe, for learning
the forbidden secret
of shape-shifting into,
god dammit Wade,
you're looking at me
like I've been chewing peyote.
The time of the blood
moon is almost upon us,
when skin-walkers are
at their strongest.
Heed my warning.
Delay your search
for a few days.
You got your personal beliefs.
But I got my duties to perform.
Shit, I'll ride out alone.
I'll be in your office in
an hour, ready to ride out.
You got any silver bullets?
On my wage?
Hell no, why?
It's a question that
needed to be asked.
Welcome to Mud Flats!
Pine Flats, we're stopping
here for a couple hours.
Wish it was a couple days,
my backside's sore as hell.
Charlie be fixing
biscuits, coffee,
if he's a mind to.
Hey, save me
some of them biscuits.
I'm gonna deal with the horses.
I'll wait out here,
if you don't mind.
I've never been inside
a saloon in my life.
Oh, no, there ain't
been a saloon here since
the silver mine closed
down, everybody left town.
Oh, I assumed the
townspeople were all in church.
Pine Flat's citizens aren't the
church-going kind, if
you get my meaning.
Drunken miners is all some
of them gals really are.
Some of them girls
are real pretty.
It's like a ghost-town.
Not quite, Charlie
Packham stayed on,
working for the stage-line.
Oh yeah, sure did, he's
got himself a room upstairs.
Got it nice and cozy too.
Cozy isn't a word I'd
use to describe this place.
Maybe it just needs
a woman's touch.
Yeah, a woman with
a box of dynamite.
Charlie, the old
coot, losing his mind.
Left the lamps on in the
middle of the daytime.
You got customers down here!
Maybe he's out back.
He still should've heard us.
That doorway lead outside?
Yeah, through the kitchen.
Shall I take a look or...
No, you best keep the
preacher and the ladies company.
What's going on, Jake?
Nothing darling, just stay here.
Spread out.
Over Here!
Jesus wept...
That Charlie?
What's left of him.
I guess we'll be
making our own coffee.
What in God's name did that?
God was looking the other
way, when this happened.
The liver's been torn out.
And how is it you know
about livers and such, hmm?
You a doctor?
" Grizzly?
No, this ain't from a grizzly.
You familiar with
Indian legends?
Sure, I heard of a few.
Now wait a minute...
Name me one critter
capable of doing that.
Had to be a wolf pack.
Now that figures.
Yeah, when they get hungry,
they get real vicious.
Real clever too.
Didn't leave one
paw print behind.
Best get the old man buried.
Well, Charlie keeps, kept tools,
upstairs in the store-room.
Bound to be a
spade or something.
Still loaded.
He didn't get a chance to
fire at what came after him.
It had to be a wolf pack, right?
I'll be mighty
relieved if it was.
Yancy tell you what
happened to Charlie?
Not in great detail, no.
Was it an accident?
Most likely a wolf pack.
Might they still be around?
I'd like to take a look at
the body before it's interred.
I wouldn't
advise that if I were you.
But it would add so much
more color to my articles.
Henry, the only
color you'll find,
out there, is bright red.
Well, better
get Glen from the livery.
Now'd be a good time
to say a few words, preacher.
Yes, of course.
Most of us here, didn't know...
Charlie Packham.
Charlie Packham, but
Yancy and Glen tell me
he was a decent fellow,
who provided
sustenance for weary...
I thought I saw someone,
standing by a tree.
Stay out west long enough,
you'll see Jesus
Christ, Himself,
playing a guitar and cussing
like a cowhand on payday.
Nevertheless, I saw...
As I was saying,
Charlie was a decent...
Henry, what in the
hell are you doing?
We're in a
dangerous predicament.
It will enthrall the
readers of my pa per.
If you ever get
time to finish it!
There's two of them.
One out front, and one behind.
Listen up, you're
caught in a crossfire now!
So drop your guns and stand up!
Any suggestions, Calhoun?
Do what my brother told you!
Well, nothing comes to mind.
Come on now!
I said drop it didn't I?
I didn't see you
drop your gun, son.
He ain't got a gun.
Is that right?
What's your name, boy?
Henry Lester.
Come here.
Come here!
I want you to go around,
get everybody's weapon,
including the stage
driver's and his pal.
And you don't do
nothing to make me
want to shoot you
now, you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Maybe we should
introduce ourselves.
I'm Hank Norton.
This here's my half-brother Jeb.
If you've heard of us,
you're gonna know
what we're capable of.
innocent people, mostly.
What's your name, cowboy?
Have we met someplace?
No, I think I'd
remember the smell.
This is nice.
And we're gonna
have to watch you.
Cause you're a
smart-mouthed asshole.
Okay, everybody inside!
Move it!
Henry, you hold on real
tight to those, now.
Okay Jeb, bring them in!
Alright, move it up!
I said move it up!
Get over there.
What you looking at?
You are a sight for sore
eyes, ain't that the truth.
You bastard.
You wanna point it at me?
Can't no one call me a bastard,
seeing as I never
knew my old man!
Jeb don't even
let me call him a bastard.
Last time I did, he put a
pickaxe through my chest.
I still got the 10-inch
scar here, to prove it.
Cause when I get riled,
there ain't no limit
to what I'm capable of.
When I want something,
I just takes it!
You got something else
to say to me, huh?
Well, lookie here.
We got ourselves a lawman!
Shoot him!
Please, don't shoot him!
And the girl!
I ain't shooting her.
I got plans for her.
Norton, you kill me,
the law will hunt you down
and make sure you both hang.
And if I pull this
trigger right here,
your sweet little wife,
she's gonna be a widow.
What you say about that?
I'd say you wouldn't act
so tough if I had a gun.
Is that right?
Well, take one of mine.
Come on, we'll have a
shoot-out right here.
Come on, take it!
Take it, I said!
How about giving me the gun?
What'd you say?
I reckon you might be trouble.
' Me?
I'm no trouble to anyone.
Jesus Christ, Jeb pull
the trigger, shoot somebody.
I'm not sure whether
I'm gonna kill you now
or let you watch me have
some fun with your Missus.
Lawman, why don't you go hide
behind your wife's petticoats.
Excuse me,
mister Norton, these guns
are getting very heavy.
Listen Henry, why
don't you take those guns
and stick them in
a barrel outside.
Come straight back,
you understand?
Go on, git.
Move it!
Who's funeral is this anyway?
Old timer who ran this
place for the stage line,
got his throat tom
out by something.
What kind of something?
We ain't exactly sure.
' A grizzly?
No, ain't been no grizzlies
in these parts,
for 9 or 10 years.
Well how about old Mose?
There you go talking
a damn fool again.
Well, he's supposed
to be 10 foot tall,
weigh 1,500 pounds,
and I heard he
killed those bulls
with one blow.
Old Mose does his hunting
up in Freemont county.
It's two or 300 miles from here.
Maybe he learnt to ride a mule.
What is your name?
Mrs. Marie Cooper.
And yours must be Horses Ass,
cause you surely smell like one.
You open your god
damn mouth again,
I'm gonna put a bullet in it.
Henry, come sit over here.
If it weren't a bear
that killed that old-timer,
then what done it?
Something strong enough
to tear out his liver.
My wife needs water.
She's gonna have to wait.
Look at her.
Jeb, watch her.
I got it.
Maybe it was a wolverine.
I heard of one, once,
that bit right through
a trapper's arm and
then ran off with it.
Whatever it was,
it's got a taste for human meat.
Probably watching us right now.
No accounting for taste.
Cowboy, go stand
next to the post over there.
Lawman, you join him, go ahead.
Mrs. Cooper, why don't you go
see if you can find some rope.
Tie them up to that post.
Tie them up tight, do it now.
You see something out there?
There ain't nothing to see.
Jeb, why don't you head
out back into the kitchen,
see if the old man kept
some guns back there.
- I'm busy!
- Go on!
I said I'm busy!
Don't make me
tell you again, boy.
God dammit.
This good enough?
Tie them up.
Sorry about this.
Better make them tight.
Quit talking!
No guns, and I've
locked the back door.
Why don't you
head out to the kitchen,
see if you can rustle
up some vittles.
Me and my brother need
to eat before we leave.
Jeb, Jeb!
- What?
- Get over here.
Keep an eye on these two.
What is it you saw out there?
Forget it.
You finished?
Where the hell you learn
to tie a knot like that?
Any cowboy gets
fresh in my saloon,
I string him up.
Hung 27 just this year.
You should call in for a drink.
You didn't bring a rifle?
I have enough protection.
White ash, prepared
by my father.
Navajo magic, huh?
Listen, if a skin-walker
is shot in the heart,
with a silver bullet,
it might appear to die.
White ash sends it to
the land of the dead.
If you say so.
But we obviously don't
stock silver bullets.
So that stuff ain't
gonna help much.
We'll see.
Wade listen, on the way over
here, I had another vision.
" oh yeah?
They're coming in thick
and fast aren't they?
Listen to me.
I saw you and me
under the blood moon.
And death was reaching
out to both of us.
Well, the Norton's are
pretty handy with guns.
You know damn well, I'm not
talking about the Nortons.
Look, the sun's gonna go
down in a couple of hours.
You afraid of the dark?
Hell no.
Nor me.
But it is a wise man who fears
what might be
hiding in the dark.
God dammit.
Hey lady!
Give me another cup.
If you want
more coffee, Mr. Norton,
you're gonna need more water.
Yes, sir?
See that silver
bucket in the corner?
Yes sir.
Go fill it up with water
from the bucket outside.
And Henry!
You come back through that door,
with anything in your hands,
'sept that bucket,
you're a dead man.
Hey, cowboy.
You ever been to Wichita?
Not that I recall.
Me and Jeb come across
a gunslinger in Wichita,
about six or seven years ago.
Can't say I remember
his name but,
you sure look like him.
Now you come to
mention it, he do.
I look like a lot of people.
He could draw, shoot a
man, and holster his gun,
before you even had
time to take a breath.
I heard he was a preacher.
He left the church on
a account of his family
got murdered by bushwhackers.
And he was so angry with God,
that he offered up
his mortal soul,
to the devil his
self, to get revenge.
And old Satan, well he made him
the fastest gunslinger
in the west.
And he hunted down
them bushwhackers.
And he killed them, one by one.
Just how fast are you, Calhoun?
What makes you think I am fast?
I don't know, something though.
Well, there's an
easy way to find out.
Untie me, gimme a pistol,
and you'll have your answer.
Before you have time
to take a breath.
Son of a bitch, Henry!
- Come here.
- Get your hands off me.
Give me that.
Whoa, there.
Two horses stopped
here, three hours ago.
They covered the tracks with
earth and leaves, to confuse us.
The Nortons?
Has to be.
You alright?
Yea h, I'm just a little dizzy.
When's the last time you ate?
I caught a rabbit for breakfast,
killed it, skinned it, ate it.
You missed out cooked it.
Did I?
They took this trail.
Okay, look if you're
sick, I understand.
YOU can turn around.
I can do this trail alone.
You couldn't find
your ass in the dark,
even if it was on fire.
You think so, huh?
I think I can surprise you.
Hey, wait up!
How long you gonna be?
A couple of minutes.
What's she doing?
She has a name.
Sarah's just made your coffee.
We'll be on through in a
minute, with your food too.
I don't know shit about cooking,
but I do know it takes
sharp knives for cutting.
' Sugar?
Me and Jeb each.
And make sure you...
Hank, what in the hell was that?
I'm gonna look outside.
You can't go out there.
The hell's wrong with you?
Hey Calhoun, you really reckon
that's what killed
the old timer?
What'd you just say?
It's a skin-walker, Hank.
Ain't no such thing.
Well, you could go out
there and prove us wrong.
Hank, you can't go out there.
Shut up!
Henry, you know
you really should
write about the skin-walkers
in your newspaper.
It would make your
readers' hair stand on end.
Even those bald Englishmen
you've got over there.
Shut up, we've heard enough!
Keep talking, lawman.
Maybe Jeb will realize
it's all horse shit.
A couple of years back,
there was this skin-walker
living in these parts.
Went around eating
Indians and cowboys,
and cattle rustlers.
Oh. yeah?
Took seven Navajo
braves to kill it.
And in its gut, they
found the bodies
of five of the most
ornery outlaws,
that ever robbed a bank,
all chewed up, to hell.
Is that right?
Well, the fella who
told me swore it was.
Maybe there is a
Indian running around,
who thinks he's a wolf,
but if he's out there,
I'm gonna blow him
to kingdom come.
Only thing that'll
kill a skin-walker
is a silver bullet
through the heart.
Calhoun, shut your face!
Or I'll put a bullet
through your head,
and it won't need
to be a silver one!
Get it while it's hot.
If you're still alive to eat it.
If I come back, and
I'm tall dark and hairy,
shoot, cause it ain't me.
Let me in God dammit!
Open the door!
Come on!
We gotta get out of here.
The bodies out back, is gone.
Take a look at this.
A bible, all chewed up.
Jesus Christ, Hank,
what are we gonna do?
Stick to the plan,
and head south.
Can I?
So, you boys are thinking
of heading down to Mexico?
Lots of pretty senoritas there.
And they love gringos.
That right?
Well, I never had a
Mexican woman before.
" Ain't you?
No, I had saloon
girls and farmer's daughters.
I even had a
preacher's wife once.
And they all look
the same to me,
when they're bare-ass naked
I can see their titties.
Although, some do look
prettier than others.
Just how much time we got, Hank?
We got enough.
But I take the young one first.
That ain't fair.
I'm the eldest, it's my right!
I ain't arguing,
this one's mine.
Are you saying
that you prefer her,
to a real woman?
What are you doing?
Well, Hank, I'm just saying,
that what I got here, well,
it's just as juicy,
as a girl at 21.
I can't concentrate on this,
if you're still holding her.
Sit down.
Is this how you like it, Jeb?
Nice and slow?
What about you, Hank?
But I'm still gonna beat the
ever-loving shit out of you.
Why, Mr. Hank Norton,
you're just a romantic
old fool ain't you?
When I get back to London,
my editor will not believe
the things I've seen.
I hope that
includes me, darling.
I think it does.
Henry, go outside and get them
guns brought in here.
Are you sure
that's wise, Mr. Norton?
I reckon you might
have done this before.
Oh, do you now?
Well, come here, I'll
tell you a little secret.
When you run a saloon,
not too close, well sometimes,
you just gots to
entertain the boys.
And other times,
Mr. Norton, you
gotta surprise them.
'Jeb. hey!
That was some shot.
I only had one bullet.
Well, sometimes
that's all it takes.
Where'd you say
you were from again?
Well, I'd tell you but,
you'd never have heard of it.
Why don't you try me?
We need to move.
It's Henry!
Henry, I'm coming.
Get back inside.
Watch it don't
come over the roof.
The skin-walker is real.
Darndest thing I ever saw.
Ever used a gun?
No, no.
I want you to go to
the kitchen and lock the door.
If that thing breaks in,
I want you to aim
this at its head,
and pull the
trigger, understand?
Jake, it's still up there!
Yeah, I can hear it!
Calhoun, it's out back!
Get off!
Sarah okay?
Cut some.
Norton saved her life.
I reckon he was mostly
thinking about his own.
He tied up?
Yeah, Sarah's watching him.
You found something?
Yeah, a blood trail.
Well, when an animal's hurt,
it goes to where
it feels safest.
It'll be back.
We better be moving
on soon, to Pine Flats,
that's where you think the
Norton brothers are headed.
You been real quiet
for the last hour.
You talked
enough for the both of us.
After your fight with Ahiga.
He called you an antahini.
That means witch.
In my tribe,
a witch cures sickness,
with plants and
herbs, nothing more.
Nice try, Black Deer.
A skin-walker don't
necessarily have to be a witch,
but a Navajo witch is
always a skin-walker.
Some of us
are only part skin-walker.
But if the beast
within is too strong,
I turn into something
half-human, half skin-walker,
hated and hunted by both.
That white ash you got,
it's to protect yourself.
Marshal Wade Norman,
why did you have to
be so damn clever?
I preferred you when
you were as a dumb-ass.
So it's true.
Now I know why
you drink so much.
The gunsmith had three
silver bullets in stock.
Black Deer!
You know your way around a team.
You ever been a
stagecoach driver?
I rode shotgun a
while, over in Kansas.
Never been to Kansas, myself.
I was born in Chicago.
My parents moved me out
west, when I was nine.
Met my cousin Wade in Denver.
And he took me south,
down to Lassiter,
where he lives now.
He taught me all
about law enforcement.
I was made deputy when
I was 17 years old.
You always stood the
right side of the law?
I said have you always stayed
the right side of the law?
I've done some bad
things to survive.
Got blood on my hands but,
none of it innocent.
Stay vigilant, Jake.
My arm.
Give me a whiskey.
My arm's on fire.
I think it might be broke.
You ain't gonna give
me a cup of that?
Strong coffee can go
straight to the head.
And after I saved your life.
Before that thing turned up,
you and your brother
would have had me,
on this stinking floor,
and laughed while you did it.
You probably would have
murdered us all, too.
So don't you dare talk
about saving my life.
You murdering outlaw, scum.
Well now, lady,
I reckon I seen right through
you, to the bare bone.
I may be a piece of
murdering, outlaw-scum,
but I been places.
Nowhere that sold
soap obviously.
I've had me a bath
or two, in my day.
When I was visiting whore-houses
in Wichita and Dodge.
I bet the girls there
loved your company.
Innocent young girls,
don't know how to
handle a knife,
cut a man's throat.
On account of they'd
be shaking with nerves.
But a common whore,
she knows how to use a blade,
for her own protection.
I'd remind you,
that I'm the wife
of Lassiter's deputy marshal.
Do you think he would
marry a common whore?
Sure, if you fed him
some bullshit story
about how you come from
a fine family back east,
and pretended to be a
sweet, young virgin...
I knew I was right.
If you say anything,
to my husband,
you can bet your unwashed ass,
that this innocent little lady,
will happily cut off
your fucking balls,
and fry them in bacon fat.
I reckon you just might.
He annoying you?
No, he isn't gonna
cause us anymore trouble.
Are you?
Almost ready to roll.
Jake's keeping a look-out.
I'll take this out to Jake.
Hey preacher.
You wanna know where
me and my brother Jeb
hid the bank money we
took, this afternoon?
Set me free,
and I'll divvy it
with you, 50-50.
Norton, as far as I'm concerned,
your blood-money should stay
buried until hell freezes over.
Glad you think that way Calhoun.
Let's get aboard.
Will you stop that spitting?
The horses!
I swear I left the brake on.
You did, I checked.
The horses are gone too.
He's one devious
bastard ain't he?
You show me a nine-foot
flesh-eating critter who ain't.
What happened?
Someone spooked the horses,
rattlesnake maybe.
No, it was my fault,
the brake wasn't left on.
And mine.
You don't have to lie, Calhoun.
It's clear the
skin-walker did this.
We're gonna need more light.
Well, there's more lamps
in the livery stable.
Let's go.
I've got this.
Lock the door behind us.
You're gonna die!
So what are our chances?
Depends if we can hold out till
the stage-line comes
through tomorrow.
We better pray it ain't delayed.
Interesting choice of words.
You a religious man?
I've been known to go to church.
Anything happens to me,
I'd appreciate you saying
a prayer over my grave.
Any one in particular?
Shortest one you can find.
I get bored real easy.
Remember, just a prayer.
No hymns.
Reckon I can get a
handle on most men but,
truth be told, Calhoun,
you're a solid
gold puzzle to me.
Better watch out for that
mule that's been hanging around.
I reckon he's got
one hell of a kick.
Hey Calhoun, I found your mule.
Hey, come here, I've
got something for you.
I better go get
what we came for.
Then I'd better come with you.
You're a very brave lady.
No, I'm a very frightened one.
I'll never forgive myself
for bringing you all the way...
I promise I'm gonna
get us out of here.
You better, I wanna see
this one-horse town of yours.
Come on, love birds.
We better get back before
Norton spits himself to death.
Well, sounds like you folks
were having a hell
of a party out there.
just surprised
to see you all in one piece.
I'm touched by your concern.
Better get some alcohol on that.
Wound ain't gonna
clean itself, Jake.
I'll keep first watch.
Gonna be along night.
Any sign?
Mind if I ask you a question?
Not if it's why the
hell did you bring
such a pretty girl to
this god-forsaken place.
Something like that.
When Sarah agreed to marry me,
I did consider
staying on in Durango.
Maybe take a deputy's
job down there.
She wanted to get
away from the place,
make a fresh start.
So here we are.
Yeah, wherever here is.
It's coming in for the kill.
I want you two back here.
No, I wanna fight with you.
More guns, the better.
Oh, second time that's happened.
I meant to get it fixed.
Is this genuine?
Some of them are.
Hey, you don't think...
Well, we'll see.
You have to hit it
directly in the heart.
My dad said
these would look after me.
If that works, I'll eat my head.
Well, if it doesn't work,
the skin-walker
will eat it for you.
How are we gonna get
a clean shot at it?
Norton's gonna be our bait.
Norton's gonna be our bait.
You sick son of a bitch.
Thank you.
Marshal Norman.
Wade, I'm Jake's wife.
He breathing?
Yeah, he's
breathing, he's alive.
Is he okay?
Nope, this man's dead.
You know what that thing is?
Yeah, I've seen one before.
Shot saved a silver bullet.
You alright?
Wade's here, he saved me.
Wade, good to see you.
There're silver rings in the
shotgun there, understand?
Skin-walker's gone.
What about Marie?
That his name?
Don't call for an
undertaker just yet.
We thought you were dead.
No, I've got other plans.
Where is it?
Hand me that shotgun.
Jesus, Wade what
happened to your neck?
We're gonna all
be having them tonight.
Ain't over yet.
Return to hell.
Bastard's dead but
it won't lie down.
Try this.
White ash?
You seen it before?
Is it at peace?
It don't deserve to be.
Don't you believe in redemption?
That our past sins
can be forgiven?
Sure he does.
And so do I.
Name is Calhoun.
Marshal Wade
Norman, Jake's cousin.
Found the stage a
couple miles back.
That's Hank Norton.
What's left of him.
Brother Jeb's out back.
Fact is, there's
more dead folks,
around here, than live ones.
Well, there's a
on the Norton brothers' heads,
alive or dead.
There's a lady in
there, didn't make it.
She's the one who
took down Jeb Norton.
I want her buried right.
That'll be my reward.
I'll see to it.
Hey wade, how about you take
me and my new wife
home to Lassiter?
Of course, cousin.
Unless you've changed your mind.
If you two ever have young'uns,
I'd sure like to be
there when you tell them
how you spent your honeymoon.
You got any plans, Calhoun?
I'll be moving on.
That's a real shame.
Lassiter needs another deputy.
Pays 20 dollars a month, right?
I reckon he'd be worth 30.
Is that an offer
you might consider?
I got me a job lined
up, down in Santa Clara.
What could you possibly
find to do in Santa Clara.
The sheriff's
asked me to deal with
some varmints
causing big trouble.
What kind of varmints?
Oh, red-eyed demons,
six inch claws,
bat's wings, and a bad attitude.
Well, guess you'll need
your prayer book back.
Keep it.
Hey, Calhoun, where'd
you say you're from again?
Well, I'd tell you but,
you'd never have heard of it.