Blood of Redemption (2013) Movie Script

Get down, get down!
There he is!
Get that son of a bitch!
My job was to keep people alive.
But right now, I have
a different job.
Protecting people wasn't easy...
but it was simple.
Don't drink.
Stay sharp.
And be prepared to take
a bullet from your client.
This is the story of a dead man.
When did you get back?
Couple of weeks ago.
So this is where
you've been living.
It's not the Biltmore, I know.
No, it's definitely
not the Biltmore.
Want to sit down?
Yeah, yeah.
- Coat?
- Oh, thank you.
So, um, you want a drink?
That would be great.
It's your favorite.
So, where've you been?
I had some thinking to do.
Look, you're the only one left
I can trust.
I need your help.
Sure, yeah, anything.
You're not gonna have any?
I don't drink, remember?
This is why I brought you here.
Oh, my God.
Whoever put
your boyfriend in jail
and killed his father
is on this wall.
I just can't make sense of it.
Not yet.
I can't believe this.
You can help me
fill in the blanks.
Let's take a look at the family.
Two patriarchs who join forces:
Serg, the politician
to care public affairs;
Hayden, the businessman.
They had their differences,
but they respected each other.
Sergio, you taught me
the most important
lessons in life...
honor, respect,
a man's word is his bond.
And on top of all that...
he made me his partner.
- So phase, your gasses.
- Same!
To my friend,
my partner, my family.
- To Sergio!
- Salud!
God bless.
I consider myself
a very lucky man.
Senator Roswald, it is an honor
and a pleasure to have you here.
Together, we have built
what I am proud to call...
a small empire.
my most endearing
and gratifying achievements
are my two boys.
Although, like his late mother,
may she rest in peace...
my youngest boy is late.
How's it going?
- Hey, big guy... Hey.
What are you doing out here?
A little extra
security doesn't hurt.
Well, enjoy the cold, huh?
I got something for you, Kurt.
Is it my birthday?
- What's going on?
- Take a look.
My mother.
I've never seen this before.
She gave it to me
before she got sick.
I want you to have it.
You may be our head of security,
but I've always thought
of you as a brother.
You know that, right?
My six-foot-five blonde brother.
Always will.
- Have fun in there.
- I will.
- Don't drink too much.
- Not too much.
- Ahh, there he is!
- Pop!
Hey, hey. Hey. My boy!
- How are you?
- I'm glad you could make it.
I'm sorry.
- Did I miss your toast?
- Ah, you didn't miss anything.
- Good to see you!
- Good to see you.
You missed the toast but you
brought the butter.
That all changed the day
of Sergid's 70th birthday.
Hmm, Senator Roswald.
Well, I hate to be
the bearer of bad news,
especially on your birthday.
You said you had
something urgent
you wanted to discuss.
We're gonna have
to rethink our operation.
What do you mean "rethink"?
There's a new man
working on the bureau.
He can't be bought.
So if I can't protect you,
then you're going
to have to stop.
I'll have to get back to you.
There's nothing to get back to.
You do as I say.
I was always around.
Watchful eyes and ears.
You hear things.
The senator wasn't
the only one to bring bad news.
Serg... I, uh...
I've got a nephew.
His name is Campbell.
He's my... my, uh,
oldest sister's boy,
God rest her soul.
Anyway, he got into a spot
of trouble in Liverpool.
I'd like to bring
him to the States,
and, uh, you know, put
him under our wing.
Give him a job.
Get into the business.
Is that all right with you?
Come here!
Have you got a speech
impediment, huh?
See, I never heard
it when you was
chatting up my girlfriend.
Now we're getting serious.
Come on!
Leave me alone!
I don't want any trouble!
Neither do I.
That's why I'm gonna
have to kill you.
I'm going to have to take this.
Yeah, I'll be there.
We're all concerned.
We need to shut
down the operation.
You've been drinking.
There's been a major
change at the bureau.
We'll be losing our protection.
What about Hayden?
He'll have to accept
my decision.
We're all a part
of the same family.
He's not my family.
You know what I mean.
This isn't the time
to talk about this, Dad.
It's the perfect time.
It's times like now that we see
what really matters.
and your brother's happiness.
That's all I really care about.
End it now.
Get out with Loryn...
while you still can.
Too many moving parts.
This won't end well.
You let me worry about that.
After that party, I never
saw the family happy again.
You got yourself
a real princess here.
- Men have killed for less.
- You?
You wouldn't hurt a fly.
You wanna see some real action?
Come and see me box
tomorrow night.
What are you talking about?
He thinks he's Oscar De La Hoya.
It means a lot to me.
You know I don't like violence.
But we'll do what we can.
See what I've gotta put up with?
You gotta put up with it?
Am I annoying you?
Okay, okay, awkward moment.
I take the hint.
What's wrong?
My father...
wants to end all of it.
What do you want?
How you doing, Uncle?
Oh, boy.
- Long time, no see.
- Oh, gosh.
- Yeah, you look terrific.
- Thanks.
- A little jammed up, eh?
- Yeah.
All right.
Look, I spoke to Sergio.
You're gonna work with Quinn.
But you gotta promise me.
I want you to be low-key.
I want them to trust you.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
This is not London.
This is the States now.
Rules are different.
It wasn't my place
to advise the family.
My job was to make sure
they got from "A" to "B"
in one piece.
But letting a thug like Campbell
into the business
was too much of a risk.
And my job is all about risk
A guy like Campbell was never
gonna be satisfied
chauffeuring us
around for very long.
Quinn must have known that.
The family's main source
of revenue was illegal gambling
and identity theft.
But Quinn had finally talked
his old man into branching out.
To the printing business.
If it all worked out, they were
gonna make millions.
It's hard just to walk
away from that.
Let's add Boris to the equation.
He's the one who set
up the delivery
at the warehouse.
Printing the money
is only half the job.
You need someone
to circulate the bills
into the open market.
Someone like Boris.
Someone like Boris.
This is the kind of meeting
where things can suddenly
take a turn for the worse.
It's good to see you again.
Always a pleasure, Boris.
How's your father?
He's retiring.
We lost our protection and...
he doesn't want
the family engaged
in illegal activity any longer.
What about you?
Excellent work.
What did I do to deserve
such a gift from Sergio?
Well, your operation
is light and efficient,
he trusts you.
So I'm the sacrificial lamb.
Oh, no.
You're the wolf, Boris.
Everyone knows that.
- How much?
- 30%.
You mean I take all the risks,
and you get 30%?
Tell your father I'm flattered.
But there is one element
he hasn't taken consideration.
What's that?
There is no one else in town
who can pull
off a scheme like this.
No one else he can fully trust.
I will accept at ten.
And to prove to him my honesty,
I will take my payment
once we reach agreement.
You see that?
- I love your style.
- So do I.
Oh, Quinn, one more thing.
Mr. Huang needs
another delivery.
Let's go, boys.
Can you spare some change, man?
Hey, man, can you
spare some change?
Something was wrong.
This was no bum,
he was too clean.
And he was not alone.
Thank you, bro.
These guys were professionals.
It takes one to know one.
Get in, go, go.
Are you okay?
Yeah, sure, if you
like concussions.
You don't think it was Boris?
Not a chance, he's not
smart enough.
Who, if not Boris?
Well, the list of enemies
is pretty long.
But no one would have
the guts to try that.
No one would dare.
- You want my opinion?
- No.
Yeah, sure.
- They'd rather frame Boris than hurt you.
- Why?
They want us to think Boris
is behind the attack.
I'm impressed, Campbell.
No, it makes sense, but who?
Boris, Hayden, Campbell,
Senator Roswald.
Okay, so we have the list
of our suspects.
Anyone else?
He does have a dark side.
You know, for a big brother,
you're such a dumb-ass.
- Where's Pop?
- In the den.
Now that I've got you here,
there is something I did
want to tell you.
- Me, too.
- What?
You hit like a girl.
There you go.
So, your kid brother
just got accepted
into the bureau.
You what?
- I got into the FBI.
- Shut the fuck up!
I didn't even know you applied.
So what?
Do I get big
brother's approval here, or...
- Yeah, you do.
- Yeah?
Come here, I'm proud of you.
- I'm really proud of you.
- Thanks.
No dancing.
Hey, it means a lot to me.
I'm serious.
What's going on, son?
Kurt got into the FBI.
I know.
I'm proud of him.
I'm sure you are, but...
Come on, the FBI?
I promised your mother.
- I'd keep him out of our business.
- I know.
- I intend to keep that promise.
- I know.
Boris wants ten.
I think I can get 20.
There's more than that.
Hayden knows.
I don't think he's happy.
He will be.
I'll leave him a good share.
Make him an offer
he can't refuse.
It's more than he deserves.
I don't think it's about money.
It's always about the money.
I got a delivery
to make to Huang.
Don't do it, son.
- It's too late, Pop.
- It's never too late.
Times are changing faster
than you can say "jail".
Love ya.
Quinn made the decision
to leave me behind.
The Chinese were the biggest
buyers of stolen IDs.
The gang was run by Mr. Huang.
Except that was not Mr. Huang.
Good evening... Mr. Quinn.
I was expecting Mr. Huang.
He's not feeling well tonight.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yo, I thought we said alone?
Yeah, we did.
I know that identity theft
is a growth industry,
but this is ridiculous.
How many guys we got here?
What are they, go-go dancers?
- Who's that?
- That's my driver.
See, I was expecting Huang.
I was expecting Huang!
Well, you got me.
You got it?
Yeah, I got it.
Relax, will ya?
Now, about my money.
You got it.
It should have arrived.
Yeah, you see that's...
I don't see it.
It's done.
It's... no, it's not...
it's not done.
I don't... I don't
see anything there.
It's a matter of seconds.
Yeah, it's, um...
- Well, check again.
- Yeah, I can do that.
You know, could be the signal,
like we could be in a bad area.
Any second.
Oh, Shit!
Go, Quinn, I've gotcha!
I got you, go!
- You order a BLT?
- No time.
Let's go back,
I'll call for help.
- I want Grimaldi alive.
- Yes, ma'am.
I'll call Hayden.
Hunter, go left, Sanchez, right.
Watch your crossfire.
Uncle, it's Campbell.
We're in trouble!
I told him to leave with you.
Excuse me?
I told him to quit
the business...
and live a normal life with you.
Start a family.
Excuse me.
How do you know?
Because my nephew's in there
as well.
I was about to retire.
I know that.
I was about to close a deal
that would make us
as rich as Croesus.
Money can buy retirement, Serg.
But not peace of mind.
And look where we are now.
I'm about to lose a son
and you a nephew.
Look, I've got a plan
to get them out.
I'll need Axel.
You get me Axel, Serg.
Consider it done.
That's good, Serg.
I'll give him all the details
at the office.
Meet Hayden at the office.
But Quinn told me
to stay with you, sir.
He was set up, framed.
If you don't get
him out of there,
they'll arrest him.
I'll get him out.
It didn't make sense for me
to meet Hayden at the office.
He could've just given me
Quinn's location.
Take me to 15th and 7th, now.
But I didn't question orders.
Freeze, drop your weapon.
- Come on!
- Go, I'll take the heat for this.
- Are you sure?
- Tell my dad I'm sorry, all right.
- Tell my dad he was right.
- Freeze!
Come on now... I'm unarmed!
I've got nothing!
Quinn Grimaldi,
you're under arrest.
How did he get through?
How did Campbell get
past the police once he got out?
Don't worry about Quinn.
I'm sure Axel will bring
him back safe and sound.
I'm gonna go outside and grab
myself a smoke.
Your confidence in me
was misplaced that night.
By the time Quinn got arrested,
I wasn't even halfway
across town.
I had never failed Sergio.
I'm sure he had
every expectation
his son was coming home.
You don't have to kill her.
It's me you want.
Dad, Dad... are you okay?
You Okay?
- Kurt...
When I got to the warehouse,
Quinn was already
at central booking
and there was a warrant
out for my arrest.
It was the end
of the Grimaldi empire.
After that, everything changed.
Hayden and Campbell took
over the counterfeiting operation.
I guess they found a permanent
partner in Boris.
They're still protected
from the law by Senator Roswald.
But worst of all,
Campbell took up residence
in the Grimaldi family home.
From there...
he's got an iron
grip on the city.
So that's why you left town.
I mean, you had the police
coming after you.
No, I just needed
time to be alone.
What are you talking about?
My job was to protect
Serg and Quinn.
Now one's dead, the other
one's in jail.
I owe it to him to find
out who's behind all this.
So you came back for revenge.
Yes, maybe.
I just want to set
things straight.
Quinn gets out of jail
at the end of the week.
Think you're gonna be there?
I don't think
he'll wanna see me.
You know...
it's not your fault.
Yeah, I know.
I gotta go, okay?
I'll see you tomorrow.
I know more than she can
possibly imagine.
I know where she's been going for the last
few months.
Let's see if she comes clean.
Yeah, it's Boris Moljevic.
We're coming right over,
we'll be there in ten.
Grimaldi, whatever you
do, don't go in alone.
Wait for back...
Put your hands up,
guns down now!
Privet, motherfucker,
I said now!
Put it down!
Who do we have here?
Agent Kurt Grimaldi, welcome.
Your father must have
died of a heart attack
when you told him you
wanted to join the FBI.
IS this it?
Is this all you got?
Five of your guys against one?
The odds don't look
that good for you, Boris.
Not enough, Boris.
GO, go! go!
Take cover, take cover!
Is the perimeter secured?
The rear in the West Side isn't.
- Where's Agent Grimaldi?
- Inside.
Come on, come on!
- Grab my hand!
There's no room for gunslingers
in the bureau.
Next time, wait for backup.
I can ID Moljevic.
He shot at me.
We'll drag him in,
he'll post bail,
be out by tonight.
I don't want him,
I want Campbell.
And I know you do as well.
But this obsession with finding
your father's killer
is compromising your judgment.
Now get the hell
out of my sight.
Had to put four of Mr. Huang's guys
in the hospital...
but I finally tracked
down the man who set up Quinn.
Now I'm gonna make him
tell me who hired him.
Rumor has it, Campbell
owns this club.
High-class prostitution.
Sergio would have
never done this.
Two bodyguards.
Word must have gotten
out I'm looking for him.
Should have hired better guys.
That's gonna cost him.
Who the fuck are you?
Please don't kill me.
Why'd you set up Quinn Grimaldi?
I was paid to do it.
- By who?
- I don't know.
We spoke over the phone!
You got a contact?
- I don't.
- Give me your phone.
Your phone, hurry
up, Chopsticks.
Come on.
Why the fuck did you kill him?
Kill the son of a bitch!
Kick his fucking ass!
Told you I was sorry.
- Good kicks, though.
- Kiss my ass!
Maybe next time.
So, you wanna know about Kurt.
Does he know about the real
family business?
I think he knows.
I think he always knew.
Well, he always knew what Sergio
and Quinn were up to.
I mean, I can't prove it, but...
Why do you think
he chose the FBI?
- Revenge.
- Revenge?
Being left aside.
Hello, Kurt.
Haven't seen you in a long time.
How ya been?
What do you need, Senator?
I was very close to your father.
I loved him like a brother.
You didn't have any problem
getting into business
with Hayden and Campbell though.
things don't turn out the way
that you plan them.
Four years ago, I came
to your father.
I begged Serg to get
out of the business
and he agreed.
That signed the beginning
of the end.
Then this Campbell comes aboard.
He's more violent than ever.
He starts a war.
Kills all his opponents...
or covers them with gifts.
Well, I suppose that makes
you one of the second types
of people then, Senator.
I just can't provide
the protection for them
that they need anymore.
I'm useless.
They're gonna come for me.
You want me to bring him down.
If I go down...
they go down.
So what?
You have some master plan?
I'm gonna tell all.
Senator, I haven't seen
you in three years.
Yet you show up today
and you pick me up,
and suddenly, you're
gonna tell all.
Two days.
I have some other things
I've got to do first.
Did they kill my father?
I have no proof of that.
You got your two days.
You Okay?
What is it?
There's something
I have to tell you.
And don't judge me, okay?
I'm just like you,
I was there, too, remember?
And... I spent all this time
trying to figure out who did it.
I've been with Campbell.
I sleep with him,
trying to collect as much
information as I can.
You want to be with a winner,
don't you, Loryn?
You don't want to be
with a loser.
You're my honey now.
He and Hayden did it.
I mean, I can't prove it.
I mean, not yet, but...
I will soon.
Well, those two were
always on top of our list.
Here, I thought you
could use this.
Hot chocolate?
Only three years.
Quinn Grimaldi, you
are under arrest.
He had friends.
Senator Roswald and his gang?
You know the Senator
lost his reelection.
Pretty soon, he won't be
able to protect anyone.
I understand.
But what about Quinn?
Can't read him.
If he's smart, he'll lay low,
but he could go
into revenge mode.
Maybe get back to business.
Definitely him
coming out of jail
is gonna shake things up.
Are you gonna greet him?
Quinn, it's me!
It's me, come on, get in.
Wow, you look well, bro!
What, do you get filet
mignon every day in there?
What, you pissed off?
If I'm one minute late
after three years?
Come on.
Nah, you know, I feel
like stretching my legs.
It was a little cramped
in there,
as I'm sure you can understand.
Forget the prison life.
Get in here, I've got a great
party organized for you.
- Come on.
- Where?
- At the house.
- At the house?
You're living
in my dad's house, yeah?
I kept it in the family, for us.
I got you a lovely suite there,
you got your own room...
east wing.
- Come on.
- Sounds like a good time.
- We'll catch up.
- Quinn!
Are you being... what, you
pissed off 'cause I'm late?
What is it?
Quinn, get in the car.
You saved my life,
I saved yours.
- We're brothers.
- That's right.
And, brother, I'm
gonna see you soon.
What, has that prison
shit got in you head?
What's going on, Quinn?
Three weeks I've been doing this
party, Quinn!
We're brothers for life!
Oh, ladies, you are going
to make my day.
So, Senator, how do you like us?
Come on, come on.
Let's test the waters.
- Yeah.
- Long time, no speak, Axel.
It's Quinn.
Look, I appreciate
all you've done so far,
but how about you give
up the lone-waif routine
and team up with me and Loryn?
Let's take down Hayden
and Campbell together.
Say yes.
This complicates things.
But I owe him.
Campbell and Hayden's printing
hinges on two components.
First, the exclusive
forgery software.
And second, Boris
laundering the money.
We'll attack both.
But getting 200 feet underground
and stealing the software
won't be easy.
You need and access key.
And only one of us can get it.
So where is he?
I don't know and I don't care.
Why don't I believe you?
Yes, you do.
Wanna know why?
'Cause I'm your honey, baby.
Why would I care
for a loser, hmm?
Well, you know love
shouldn't be rationalized.
Now that's a big word.
What, rationalized?
I was talking about love.
I can be very good to you.
I know.
I don't know anything
about Quinn.
Okay, I believe you.
Are you sure?
Loryn does her part.
She has sacrificed the most.
- Open up!
- Oh, God!
Police, open the door!
Oh, God!
Senator Roswald has
been arrested for murder,
claiming that he got framed.
Two of Campbell's girls.
He has been framed.
- No doubt about it.
- Campbell?
No, not Campbell.
Campbell would have killed him.
That's what Roswald
was scared of.
This is someone else.
Someone with a plan.
Maybe the Senator will help us.
Not a chance.
Now that he's in jail,
whatever he knows
is the only thing
that's keeping him alive.
Kurt... I'm serious.
No more of that Lone
Ranger crap.
The next bit is up to me.
Separate Boris
from his bodyguard.
What do you want?
What do you want?
Who are you?
Tell us
about Hayden's operation.
I know your voice.
That's not what I asked.
I'm a dead man if I tell you.
You're a dead man if you don't.
Hayden isn't doing anything
different than Sergio used to.
It's counterfeit money.
- That's it?
- That's it.
Campbell's different!
He runs a drug smuggling
on the side, okay?
Hayden doesn't know.
He would not approve.
He has also taken
over a prostitution ring.
Eastern European women.
Keep talking.
He uses them
in exchange of favors.
What's that?
Favors for what?
Quinn... is that you?
I've always
been a friend to you!
I've always been on your side!
You know, this
was Quinn's and my place.
But that was...
a very long time ago.
You know, your brother
did everything...
absolutely everything
he could do to protect you.
I need to see him, Loryn.
I get the feeling
he doesn't want to see me.
What's so funny?
You're just not the first
person to say that...
all right?
You know, I don't
understand how you're
dating Campbell, Loryn.
He's nice.
He gives me stuff.
I just didn't think
you were like that.
So why did you want
to see me today?
They're gonna kill you.
Did Campbell tell you that?
What if I kill him first?
You don't know what you're
fighting against.
Thugs with money?
Thugs with power.
First, Boris.
Then, Roswald.
They're afraid.
And that means I'm
doing something right.
Stay here!
Hey, man!
Agent Grimaldi,
Campbell is on the move,
heading east.
You can intercept
at Hollywood and Vine.
Surprised I'm not dead?!
What the fuck are you
talking about?
One of you guys just
tried to kill me!
I don't kill cops
and I don't kill feds.
Well, who was it then?
I don't know and I don't care!
Did you frame Senator Roswald?
Let me give you some advice.
You're in way too
far over your head.
And you might wanna focus
on somebody else but me.
We need to talk.
Did you try to kill
Kurt Grimaldi?
What is fucking wrong with you?
'Course not.
- Did you?
- No.
Listen, somebody sent me this.
He has also taken
over prostitution ring.
Eastern European women.
He uses them
in exchange of favors.
Are you sure?
Did he say anything
about Sergio?
Did he think I killed him?
Maybe... I don't know.
Well, that must be the reason.
I'm going to have
to talk to him.
Do you know where
I can find him?
What did you tell him?
- Nothing.
- About the girls.
And the drugs.
I... I don't remember.
I see.
Did I ever tell you
I went to college?
I studied medicine.
Didn't learn nothing, though.
But I did find
out how the brain works.
Did you know we only use
a fraction of the brain?
So I was wondering,
what happens to all that other
And I worked it out.
It's locked here in a library.
What is your point?
Well, don't you think
it would be amazing
if a scientist could find out
how to unlock that library
and take
out all that information?
Now, I'm gonna ask
you one more time.
Did you tell him
about the girls or the drugs?
I didn't say nothing.
That's a good answer.
But I don't believe you.
I'm no scientist...
but I'm gonna have to find
out a way to unlock
your library and get
the information out of it.
It is the truth.
Your pupils dilated.
It is the drugs.
You're sweating.
It's the drugs.
But I'm gonna have to make sure.
Don't worry.
It won't take a second.
I'm working!
I hate to sit this one out,
but I know they can take
care of themselves.
I taught them that much.
Only Quinn knows his way inside.
And I'm too tall
for the other part.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I need my desk now.
Can you just go and clean
somewhere else, please?
I'm nearly done.
- Let me just finish...
- It's... it's fine like this.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Oh, boy!
- Oh, God, I'm sorry.
- Goddamn it!
So silly of me.
Do you know how expensive
this equipment is?
There we go.
I'm almost done.
I like to be really thorough.
Just stop while you're ahead.
I am not gonna tell
you one more time.
All righty-
So, let me know if you
need anything dusted
or disinfected, buffed,
polished, uh, slowly.
I do it all, okay.
I'm leaving.
Thank you.
Hello... anybody home?
Oh, Shit!
Get in there.
It must have been Quinn.
He got away clean
with all the files.
Not for long.
Don't you worry,
I'll take care of that.
That's a good thing.
I'm sure you know by now.
You better bring that back.
You'll what, kill me?
I didn't kill your father
and I didn't set you up, Quinn.
I know.
Ask your Uncle.
Meet me in St.
Joseph's in two hours.
Bring 15 million.
I think it might come in handy.
What did you do?
What you talking about?
Was that fucking Quinn?
My mother will turn
in her grave.
What'd that scum tell you, huh?
What did he tell you?
- What is fucking wrong with you?
- You ain't at the end of this.
I set this whole fucking
thing up for you!
He's a scum!
His own father didn't like him!
Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
And I still have to.
Where's Quinn?
You have the money?
I'm not dealing with you.
You should make that an option.
My best option
would be to kill you.
That would be stupid.
But very rewarding.
Only if you believe
in life after death.
That's a smart trick
for somebody like you.
See, I thought you was dumb...
real dumb.
after that with Sergio.
Leaving him and then
having him killed.
Are you done?
Axel, we both know you're not
gonna let that grenade off
in this church.
Try me.
Let's get down to business.
I brought the money.
Now where's the hard drive?
Open the bag.
Take out a bill and burn it.
Is that good?
An original, no copies.
Happy now?
So you gents want
to help me out?
My car is outside.
Have a nice day!
It's a dud.
You bastard.
He's heading South
on La Cienega.
Turn right at the next light.
Of course,
I've been waiting for her.
Let her in.
I poured you a drink.
He's somewhere in here.
We got him trapped.
Let's head for the car.
Let's flush this fucker out.
There he is!
Kill the son of a bitch!
"Brothers for life"
is a relative term.
Pardon the pun.
Well, let's do this.
Thank you so much, thanks.
My father...
wants to end all of it.
What do you want?
I spent all this time
trying to figure
out who did it, too.
Get out with Loryn
while you still can.
End it now.
Too many moving parts.
This won't end well.
I need a shower.
I need a drink.
Dead men can't tell stories.
Stories about a son
who couldn't bear the thought
of losing an empire.
The son who had
his own father killed.
And orchestrated events
to make it appear
as if he was set up.
Well, the list of enemies
is pretty long.
They want us to think Boris
is behind the attack.
I was expecting Mr. Huang.
I don't think
it's about the money.
Murdered innocent people
to set up a politician.
It's always about the money.
He even willingly spent
three years in prison
just to convince everyone
he was innocent.
- It's too late, Pa.
- It's never too late.
His own father didn't like him!
This won't end well.
Too many moving parts.
You got a contact?
Give me your phone.
We spoke over the phone.
Axel, we need to talk.
Like I said, don't
drink, stay sharp,
and be prepared to take
a bullet from your client.
This is the story of a dead man.
A dead man named Quinn Grimaldi.
Completed my part of the deal.
I knew you would come through.
As promised.
I, uh... got your FBI file.
You're a free man, Axel.
Sorry about your brother.
Family's close.
But I've learned
friends are closer.
- So long, buddy.
- All right.
Your father was a good man.
- Thanks.
- Good luck.
Hey. Axel!
I may call on you soon.
Don't go too far.
My job was to keep people alive.
But I had to kill the man
I was hired to protect.
Next time...
I'll choose my clients
more carefully.