Blood of the Tribades (2016) Movie Script

- And so Bathor created
man in his own image.
In the image of
Bathor he created him.
Male and female he created them.
And to the female,
Bathor declared,
I will surely multiply
your pain in childbearing.
In pain shall you
bring forth children.
Your desire shall
be for your husband
and he shall rule over you.
Now, Bathor declared it so.
But he women of our village
believe they know their place
even better than the Lord does
for they bear us no children.
They bear us no deference.
And they do not drink
the blood of Bathor.
They, these children of the
night feast on the blood of man.
But charm is deceitful
and beauty is vain,
but a woman who fears the
lord is to be praised.
We witness no fear, and yet,
these daughters of
Bathor not only reject
the lord's teachings, but
use their flesh to turn us
to the side of evil.
But the Lord preserves
all who love him,
but all the wicked
will be destroyed.
Bathor gave us the
key to eternal life
and eternal peace in paradise.
And now we have betrayed Bathor,
and we are to be punished.
They are the ones who
flaunt their barren flesh,
and yet, we are to be punished.
We are to be punished.
God will forgive all
who confess their sin.
We must cleanse Bathor's
home of this evil.
We must purge this darkness.
We must slay these demons.
In the name of Bathor, our lord,
we must spill the
blood of the triblades.
- You must not get involved.
This is not our war.
We've waited over
a thousand years
and we must remain patient.
- A war is upon us, Naga.
- Your day of vindication
will come, Giltine.
But this is not our war.
- Although
they've shown us none,
I want to bring
justice for us all.
- The triblades have
left us no choice.
They have cursed
us with disease.
But all of your suffering
will not last much longer.
We have accomplished
many great deeds
in the name of Lord
Bathor to repay our sins,
for when Alnwick was tempted
by the barren Bathsheba,
and forced to give
in to his desires,
some of us of faith might
say that Lord Bathor
had turned his back on us.
But we forgive you, Alnwick.
- Thank you, Grando.
- For Bathor has shown great
mercy, and so shall we.
We shall bring an end
to your suffering.
You shall no longer wear
the cloth of Bathor.
You have given yourself to sin.
For your eyes have
been used for evil,
we shall return
them to goodness.
Blood to blood, we return to
blood of Bathor to the Lord.
Remove this empty
vessel from my sight.
Sanctify yourselves with
the blood of our lord.
- The blood is the life.
- I shall not be honored
with the blood of Bathor
until I have rid his
land of the poison.
The land that 2,000 years
ago, he presented to us,
in exchange for caring for its
treasures until his return.
Now we have failed
Bathor and must suffer
until every hope, every
path, and every creature
is free of the evil
that has overtaken us.
The lustful sinners
must be destroyed.
- Blood is life.
- Why are we here, I'm bored.
They invoke the Red,
it must be serious.
- Let's go play, it's a
beautiful day for a swim.
- It'll have to wait.
- Yes, it's not very becoming.
Not very becoming at all.
And on my feeding nights.
I hope to get this
over with quickly.
- Me too, I don't wanna be here.
- I'm simply starving.
- We should just go.
The exit is right around here.
- Let's go.
- I haven't done anything.
It's probably something
completely mundane.
- They must feel so dreadful
with their hair so bright.
- Daughters of Bathor, it
is with great reluctance
that we invoke the
Rite of the Red
and call you here today.
Until now, there
have been only rumors
of an uprising upon us.
But the murder of several
of our sisters has shown us
that the judgement day is here.
- We nephites have convened
and consulted our memories
of the word of Bathor.
And determined that
the mercy of Bathor
shall be granted only to
those of us who hold our faith
and do not flee our duties here.
The deaths of our
sisters purifies us all,
for Bathor is just and merciful.
- And the light of the
candle shine no more on me.
And in her was found the blood
of prophets and of saints,
and of all that were found
slain upon the Earth.
- And after these things,
I heard a great voice
of much people in heaven
saying, hallelujah,
salvation, glory, and honor,
for he has judged
the great whore
which did corrupt the
earth with her fornication.
- My sister was a kind
and honorable person.
Her only sin was to
deny those beasts
the pleasures of the flesh.
- Speak not what you do
not understand, my child.
Bathor has protected
us for 2,000 years
and shall return to protect
us for an eternity more.
We shall not fail
in this final trial,
we shall not be cast
out at the final moment.
- This is a test to
see who is worthy
of living in Bathor's
kingdom of peace and joy.
- We shall not tolerate
rumors of unrest and flight.
We shall all remain.
The blood is the life.
- The blood is the life.
- This is the path of fools!
We should flee, or
we should fight.
But we should not sit
idly by and be destroyed.
- Our
word is decided.
The blood is the life.
Now go.
- What do we do?
- Bless us, oh, Bathor,
for these, thy gifts which
we are about to receive
from thy bounty.
The blood is the life.
- Do you
remember a time
when these people
walked the lands?
- I can no longer
say what I remember.
Just that the memory
was once mine.
I see my mother laughing as
she sings a lost song to me.
- And what of these
others, these other graves.
- They are the homes
of the forgotten.
Their names were written once.
I see words dancing on
paper surrounded by flame.
They were glorious
and wonderful,
but their age of
dancing is gone.
The ink has returned
to the night sky.
And so, we must
pass the words on
so that no more are forgotten.
I know images of
pain, suffering,
but I do not know what is
real and what is imaginary.
We've lost everything.
Eras far off as the stars,
flickering and echoing.
They are no longer ours.
Our words are gone forever.
The fog of forgetfulness
creeps from the east
every time we do not honor
the words of the past.
- Aluka, I know you're
hungry, my love.
I have held you for as
long as I can remember
and I'll hold you forever more.
- How can she continue
to expose herself
to that innocent child?
- She's vile and
dishonors Bathor.
Only of Bathor's
blood shall we drink.
- As I suspected, another woman.
- You are in great danger.
You must leave at once.
You must all leave at once.
- I have failed my people.
We have spent these millennia
learning complacency.
We cannot fight.
We cannot survive
without the structures
and routines of Bathory.
We are caged and now we
are turning on ourselves.
Just today, I ordered my
people to stay in place.
I told them it was
the will of Bathor
because I was afraid
of stealing their hope.
We have nowhere to go.
- I guess we should thank
you for driving us out
so long ago, but
we cannot thank you
for the many years of
suffering and isolation.
But those memories
are finally fading.
And we are the
keepers of history.
- Drove you out?
- You don't
even remember, do you.
- I'm afraid not.
- The fog curses you and
strips you of your clarity.
But no matter.
Meet us tomorrow
night in the clearing
to the west of the village.
We will guide you to safety,
teach you the ways of survival,
and record whatever's left of
your culture, accomplishments.
- Thank you for showing us mercy
where we have shown you none.
I must find the
other red nephites.
We will call for a gathering
to prepare for the exodus.
- When will
they come for us?
- I do not know,
and perhaps I do not
wish to know, Fantine.
We cannot hide, for whatever
time we may have left,
we cannot spend it in fear.
- But I am
afraid, Elisabeth.
I am afraid.
- Do
not fear, Fantine.
We are nothing but what we
believe ourselves to be,
for we've all died many deaths.
Once for each of the times
we've allowed our
spirit to be crushed.
And once for each of
the times we have acted
against that which we
believe to be right and just.
- What will happen
to us when we are slain?
- Some say
we shall be reborn.
Imbued with our true
purpose by Lord Bathor.
Others doubt whether
we are reborn
or our eternal fate
is to be forgotten.
There's a truth that
hides among the stars.
- Will you stay
with me until the end?
- I will,
Fantine, until the final star
returns to the darkness.
- I cannot stand by any longer.
Although they nothing
to preserve our ways,
and though they
act like children,
we cannot simply allow
them to be slaughtered.
- There were thousands once,
according to the teachings.
Now only a couple
dozen of us left.
We must not get involved.
- Vengeance is ours.
- I have betrayed you all,
and I have betrayed Bathor.
We must abandon our
homes and leave at once.
- You have been taken by evil!
- We knew there was
a traitor among us,
but we never would
have suspected.
- For Bathor, the
blood is the life!
I want those
outsiders destroyed!
They mocked Bathor
for the last time.
Bathor showed them
mercy by banishing them
instead of executing them,
and this is how
they repay Bathor?
- We have won a great victory.
Bathor has rewarded us
with this great honor.
And at the same, has
given us another test
of our faith and our will.
These wild demons were banished.
We believe they had
been banished forever
but now they have returned,
and now they too shall die,
and Bathor shall grant us
this victory once more.
A victory not only
of the present,
but a victory of the future.
We will cleanse
the land of Bathor
and prepare for his
impending return.
The second era of
Bathor is almost here.
Do you doubt the power,
the birthright of Bathor?
- Bathor is almighty.
- Good.
Do any of your doubt the power,
the honor, the
birthright of Bathor?
- The
blood is the life.
- Blood is the life.
- I see there is
one whose conviction
to the right of Bathor
is not strong enough.
We cannot allow your
lack of enthusiasm
and commitment to the
word of Bathor to fester.
You are like a disease.
Better see if we can find a cure
before it is too
late for all of us.
Remove your shoes.
- I'm sorry.
I will fight to uphold
the word of Ba--
- How dare you speak
the name of Bathor!
You must make a blood sacrifice
to show you are worthy.
Remove your shoes!
Now you must complete
a test of will
to show that Bathor
has given you honor.
You must walk the path of glass.
Bathor has spoken.
You transgression
has almost been paid.
And you've drawn no blood.
Now, with your last step,
you must make an
offering to Bathor.
The blood is the life.
- Blood is the life.
- Bathor
has called on us
to take up our most
difficult quest.
We must leave the village
and travel to the west,
the land that
Bathor once forbade,
to stop the spread
of this pestilence.
Today, we each drink
twice the blood of Bathor
to give us the power in
this ultimate battle.
Jacob, Stoker, you
two shall go forth
as scouts to locate our enemy.
- The
blood is the life.
- Sava, Berwick, dispose
of this howling animal.
- The blood is the life.
- I shall take the
path to the east.
- And I the path to the west.
- The blood is the life.
- The blood is the life.
The blood is the life
- You've had your day.
The second coming of
Bathor is upon us.
I hope you're prepared for
what you've set in motion.
You're covered in the blood of
corruption, go wash yourself.
- What is this place?
- What do all you wild women
need with all these things?
Have you stolen them?
- There is nothing
wild about us.
We have advanced while
you've remained stationary.
We are the last
preservers of culture.
After you banished us,
we knew that our destiny
was to keep our legacy.
And, you, on the other hand,
lived in complacent waste.
You've accomplished
nothing at all
as we grasp at sands
to keep your memories.
- Elisabeth, are you all right?
- That book is
in her mother tongue,
lost for a thousand years.
- Giltine, you need to do.
Where there is one,
there are many.
We must take him to the twins.
- Do not.
- Be alarmed.
- You are with.
- Friends.
- Your blood.
- Was full of poison.
- The blood of Bathor.
- Must be running out.
- Your blood.
- Is thin.
- And impure.
- We have cleaned your blood.
- As we do our own.
What is?
What is your name?
- I am Jacob, son of Bathor.
- Jacob, you.
- Are healed.
- You must.
- Drink.
- More fresh.
- Blood.
- Jacob, we apologize for
this, but you must sleep now.
- Count down with us from 10.
- 10.
- We shall spill their blood.
We will return their
flesh to Bathor.
Then, and only then--
- I've found them.
I've found them!
- You have interrupted
the word of Bathor,
I hope you bring great news.
- Indeed I do.
- Excellent, prepare
your weapons.
Jacob, lead us to victory.
- No, Grando, you do not
understand, they have healed me.
I have no wounds.
- It is true.
- What trickery is this.
- We must stop drinking
the blood of Bathor!
- Blasphemer!
See what they have done?
They mean to destroy
us from within!
They have taken the
name of Bathor in vain,
and for this, they will pay.
We must rid this
man of his demons.
Behold, Bathor has
given us the power
to tread upon serpents,
and over scorpions,
and overall, the
power of the enemy.
You must confess
your sins to Bathor.
Fetch Jacob's brother,
the unloyal Esau.
Bathor's light shines upon him.
He's been given an
opportunity to redeem himself.
- The blood is the life.
- The blood is the life.
Grando has found
some use for you.
- You have one last chance
in the eyes of Bathor.
- You'll do perfectly.
Just right for Grando
and for Bathor.
- He is alive.
- Get him to the twins.
- Will he be all right?
- The twins say
he should be fine.
- Until he returns to his
cult and they kill him anyway.
I don't know why we even bother.
- I see them off in
the distance to the east.
- Giltine and I will cut
them off before the clearing.
- I won't leave without her.
She knows the true
language of Bathor.
- Fine.
- Do not.
- Be alarmed.
- You are with.
- Friends.
- Your blood.
Was full of poison.
The blood of Bathor.
Must be running out.
- So you are the traitor!
How could you.
- Time for a nap.
- Good morning, Fantine.
I don't mind if it takes
you all day to confess.
I'm in no hurry.
We have demonized
the men for too long.
We have made them suffer,
though it is us who tempt
them with our shame.
We must no longer
deny our bodies.
We must be vessels for Bathor,
granting new children
for the Lord.
Now, Fantine, you must tell me.
How can you lift this
curse we placed on the men?
You must call upon the others
to return to the word of Bathor.
- We do not remember,
or even recall the
true word of Bathor.
We cannot read the edicts.
We only remember
what we choose to.
- Lie!
You were just as foul
as Grando said you were.
Well, I shall break your will!
- We must divert our eyes.
The seductress will try to
sway us from the word of Bathor
with her supple body.
Look away and close
your eyes tightly.
- Run, Elisabeth!
- I am hungry, and I am
frightened, Elisabeth.
- Look at
this abomination.
Such evil from
the bowels of hell
should not set
foot here on Earth.
- And in the same way
also, the women abandoned
the natural function of the man.
And burned in their
desire toward one another.
Women with women committing
indecent acts, and receiving
in their own persons, due
penalty of their error.
- Bathor,
we have served you
with all of our hearts.
We have done all you have asked.
We have vanquished all
who might destroy you.
We protect you in
our hearts and minds,
and we pray for the
day when you may return
from your holy conquests to
bring peace upon the land.
You, you've blessed
us with your return.
You are not Lord
Bathor, you cannot be.
But, it can't be, the triblades,
they have all been destroyed.
- I left you with paradise.
I gave you the gift
of eternal life.
I gave you the
gift of perfection,
and this is how
you honor my name.
What have you done
to my children?
- But all of
your children remain.
Those who have betrayed you
have been returned to the blood.
- Returned in my name?
What gives you the right to
destroy that which I created?
- Obeying your
words of 2,000 years--
- I left no words!
I left no place for
your destruction.
I left peace and harmony
and journeyed off
to build our empire.
And I have.
- You are
great, Lord Bathor--
- Enough, enough.
You have committed
sins in my name.
I sought for a world
where we could be free,
and you turned to
hate in my name.