Blood on Her Name (2019) Movie Script

(pensive music)
(Leigh gasping)
(pensive music)
(door latching)
(pensive music)
- Ryan?
(hand banging)
Hey, it's me, open the door.
(pensive music)
(video game beeping)
(pensive music)
(thunder rumbling)
(door rattling)
(ominous music)
(keys jingling)
(engine rumbling)
(animals calling)
(Leigh groaning)
(bird chirping)
(pensive music)
(plastic rustling)
(phone ringing)
(phone chimes)
- [Voicemail] Hey Dad, just
wondering where you are.
Looks like you didn't
come home last night,
but you should know Mom's
pretty pissed about it.
I just hope everything's okay.
Just give me a call.
(Leigh vomiting)
(birds chirping)
(clock ticking)
(water running)
(Leigh whimpering)
(engine rumbling)
- Hey.
It's best not to mention
last night, all right?
It would just complicate things.
- Well, who was he?
- I don't know.
He was probably lookin'
for somethin' to steal.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
It's not as bad as it looks.
- What happened to him?
- He, he ran off
right after you left.
- I would have stayed.
- No.
You did the right thing. I
didn't want you gettin' hurt.
I know you would have.
Thank you.
(shop bell dings)
- You must be Leigh.
- Where's Officer Boyd?
- Officer Boyd is no
longer with the department.
I'm your new probation
officer, Ryan.
Nathan Parrish.
- Hi.
- Can I get you something?
- Oh, we won't be long.
Thank you though.
- Bring him a coke.
Is everything all right?
- Yeah, just got a
lot goin' on today.
- [Nathan] How are things Ryan?
- Fine.
- Broken any laws
since last check in?
- No.
- [Nathan] Anymore fights?
- [Ryan] No Sir.
- You the one that hit your mom?
- It was an accident at work.
- That true?
- Yeah.
Yes Sir.
- What do you do when
your mom's at work?
- He works at the shop with me.
- Where's that?
- Tiller's Auto.
- Husband's?
- Ex.
It's mine now.
He's not involved.
- Why not?
- 'Cause he's in jail.
- Hm.
Like father like son, huh?
Drugs, alcohol?
- No Sir.
- It's better that
you tell me now.
(patrons chattering)
- He's a good kid.
- You blinded a boy
in his left eye.
- The kid was pickin' on him
about his dad bein' sent off.
Supposed to not fight back?
- I got folders full of people
with reasons for what they did.
It doesn't put the
skin back on the cat.
File has a note from the court,
says that you're behind
on your restitution.
- Yeah.
- Now if you don't get that paid
it's gonna be a hell of a
time clearin' his record.
- Things have been tight.
I'll catch up.
- I've been doin' this
a long time Miss Tiller.
Good kids don't end up here.
- He doesn't know you.
You mean to pee on that cup?
Atta boy.
(engine rumbling)
(doors slamming)
(wind whistling)
- Must be nice bein'
the boss's kid.
Sleep late, ramble in whenever.
- [Leigh] You good?
- Hey, I got a truck over
here that needs your help.
- What's wrong with it?
- [Rey] You tell me, kid.
(pensive music)
(keyboard keys clacking)
(pensive music)
(door unlatching)
What's up with Ryan?
- Nothin', just...
we had that meeting with
the PO this mornin'.
- Is everything okay?
- It's fine.
It's nothin'.
- [Rey] Bullshit.
- I was, I was workin' too fast.
You know, took a little fall.
I'm all right.
- Who did that?
- There was just, there
was a break in last night.
Some junkie probably
thinkin' the place was empty.
I guess I startled him.
It's not a big deal, all right?
He lost interest as soon
as he realized it
wasn't an easy score.
- Did you call the cops?
Maybe we could pull the
tapes in the cameras.
- [Leigh] Like I said,
it's not a big deal.
- Leigh, don't do somethin'--
- Just let it go.
I'm sorry.
I know you're just...
It's just a break in, all right?
We don't need a bad reputation
with the few
customers we got left.
- Hey, your dad came by.
- When?
- Earlier today.
If you need anything,
don't hesitate to ask.
(door latches)
(pensive music)
(computer thuds)
(pensive music)
(trunk slams)
(birds chirping)
(children chattering)
(dog barking)
(police siren)
- What are you doin' out here?
- You ever do that
again I'll report you.
- I'm a year from
forced retirement kid,
what do you think
they're gonna do to me?
What happened to you?
- What do you want?
- I came by earlier.
I know that Ryan's
appointment was this mornin'.
- He's fine.
- That Parrish is
a pain in the ass.
- I said he's fine.
- I was thinkin' that maybe
Ryan could come see me sometime,
take him off your hands
for a couple hours.
- I gotta go.
(engine starting)
- Would you at least tell him
that I was askin' after him?
- I'll see you around, Dad.
- Well, see you around.
(engine rumbling)
(cellphone chiming)
(pensive music)
(thunder rumbling)
(gentle music)
(rain pattering)
(thunder rumbling)
(engine rumbling)
- How come we never
take your police car?
- [Richard] 'Cause
you aren't big enough
to ride in the front yet.
- So?
I'll ride in the back.
- [Richard] The back
is for bad guys only.
(radio static crackling)
- [CB Radio] Hey Richard,
you there? (radio static)
I got a situation I
could use your help with.
- [Richard] Ain't really
a good time for it.
- [Man Whispering] ... the
place on Old Broughton.
I gotta make a quick
stop before dinner, kid.
(thunder rumbling)
(engine rumbling)
(Leigh groans)
("The Journey")
Down the dark
highway, I travel on
To places I can't stay
Like the tide,
I'm pulled along
Let Truth show me the way
(music swells)
(pensive music)
- Come on, man.
- Hey, come on.
- Just let go of me.
- Hey, you look good.
- Just get the...
(elbow slaps)
(Colt groans)
- [Colt's Friend] What
the fuck was that?
- God damn it, man.
- Fuck!
(engine starting)
(train horn blaring)
(Leigh panting)
(Leigh screams)
- [Customer] Ma'am?
- I'm sorry, what?
- Do I have to do it all now?
- Oh, uh...
It looks like you
could wait a month
or two on the axles if you want.
- Hey.
- What is it?
- Hoffman's called again.
- [Leigh] I'll handle it.
- They're gonna quit
fillin' our orders.
- I said I'll fuckin' handle it.
Sorry, I didn't mean that.
- Why don't you take
off early today?
Go soak in the tub or somethin'.
- You sure?
- Hell of a lot better than
you yellin' at me all day.
- Yeah, all right.
Sounds nice.
I'll be straight tomorrow.
- I know you will.
(engine rumbling)
- [Ryan] What were
you arguin' about?
- What?
- With the man who broke in.
- Uh, I wasn't arguin'.
I was tellin' him to leave.
- It sounded like you
were fightin' about money.
- No, he was high.
He wasn't makin' any sense.
- He used to work with Dad.
- Ryan.
- [Ryan] Why did you
say you didn't know him?
- Can we just drop it please?
Look, all that stuff
with your father...
it's behind us, all right?
I want it to stay that way.
- Where are we goin'?
- I need to take
care of soemthin'.
You're gonna spend a few
hours with your grandfather.
(birds chirping)
- How you doin' kid?
- Good.
- See that bird right there?
- [Ryan] Yeah.
- It's a pheasant,
I just got it.
Got some homing pigeons too.
Tell you what Ryan, why
don't you go up to the house.
I just made some iced tea.
Why don't you see if there's
anything on TV you wanna watch,
I'll be right with you.
- Okay.
- I don't let him
watch anything R-rated.
- Okay.
- And nothin' too violent.
- Right.
I was surprised
to get your call.
- Well, some time to
myself sounded nice.
- Hm.
I've had about as much
of that as I care for.
- I'll be back in a few hours.
- Take your time.
(Leigh knocking)
- What's up?
Rough week?
This is stronger shit
than you're used to.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- How much should I take?
- Uh, how much trouble you
lookin' to get off your back?
Those are fives.
You start with one,
you'll be good.
- Hey?
You uh, you mind if
I hang out for a bit?
I just need someplace quiet.
- Yeah, uh, knock yourself out.
Oh, uh, I wanted
to tell you I uh,
I finish my parol in August.
I think I might head
back to Michigan.
I'll set you up with a new guy.
- You tell Jesse?
- Your ex and I don't
really chat anymore.
(Reed sighs)
This place is a mess.
(pensive music)
- Hey, did you
um, did you notice
if I was wearin' a necklace
when I came in here?
- No, I don't think so.
- Yeah, okay.
Just call me if you find it.
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, I was uh, I
was in here last night.
- Yeah, I remember.
I spent a half hour
cleanin' up blood and glass.
- Do you um, did
you happen to find
a necklace while you
were cleanin' up?
(objects rustling)
It's not in here.
- Then I guess I didn't find it.
- Please, it's um, it's
a little silver chain,
had a wrench on it.
It's really important.
- Well, you maybe
you should check
with that fella you
were grindin' your
snatch on last night.
(engine rumbling)
(children playing)
(Leigh knocking)
(shots firing in the distance)
- That's not bad.
You see how the water's
runnin' toward the creek?
You always wanna watch
a suspect's feet.
See if he's about to run.
You see which foot
his weight is on,
then lead him that
way just by a hair.
(shot firing)
(water splashing)
- Time to go Ryan.
- Just let me try one more time.
- Ryan.
- We'll get 'em next time.
- You haven't changed a bit.
- Hey.
What's stuck in your craw?
- Not half a day with the kid
and you got him picturing
bullets goin' through heads.
- He said he'd never
shot a revolver.
- [Leigh] And you thought
it was your job to fix that?
- I think that he hadn't
seen his dad in three years.
What's goin' on with you?
- You're a poison.
That's what's goin' on.
- The boy needs to know how
to take care of himself,
things at the shop
bein' how they are.
- Beatin' around the
bush doesn't suit you.
- Ryan told me there
was a break in.
- Boy needs to keep
his mouth shut.
- Easy.
He was scared.
- He say anything else?
- He didn't seem much
for talkin' about it.
Why didn't you tell me?
- 'Cause it doesn't concern you.
- You forget what I do?
- No.
No, I didn't forget.
- If you got somethin'
to say, say it.
- This was a mistake.
(door slams)
- [Richard] Ryan?
- Hey.
- What?
- I'm just lookin' out for you.
- By makin' sure I
can't defend myself?
- By makin' sure you have
the right influences.
- Well, I can make
my own choices.
- Yeah, you've done a real
great job of that so far.
(door slams)
(pensive music)
Hey, have you seen my necklace?
(objects clattering)
(crickets chirping)
(pensive music)
(train horn blaring)
(trunk slams)
(engine rumbling)
- [Travis] Hey Mom, Dad's home.
- [Dani] Tell him to sleep
on the fucking couch.
(Leigh gasps)
- [Travis] Hey
Dad, you in there?
(Travis grimaces)
Oh fuck, no.
(Leigh panting)
(thunder cracking)
(rain pattering)
(girl humming)
(rain pattering)
- What are you drawin'?
It's a circle.
It gets bigger and bigger.
Like a fingerprint.
(glass shattering)
(pensive music)
(shot firing)
(Rey knocking)
- Leigh?
You in there?
(door unlatching)
Oh, thank God.
I've been tryin' your cell.
We had another break in.
Did you sleep here?
- Shit.
- [Rey] Customers, no customers,
we gotta call the police.
- There um, there
wasn't a break in.
- What?
- I was lookin' for somethin'.
I meant to clean up.
I guess I just fell asleep.
- [Rey] I'm goin' out.
(tires on gravel)
- Spring cleanin'?
- I thought I made
myself pretty clear.
- [Richard] I'm starting to
remember why we don't talk much.
(Leigh sighs)
- I can think of plenty of
reasons we don't talk much.
- Jesus kid, I've seen priests
less hung up on old sins.
- You just come by to complain
about how you're treated?
- Where's Ryan?
- [Leigh] He's not here.
- The other day when I saw
you out by the trailer park,
you never said what you
were doin' out there.
- The truck was over heatin'.
I was lettin' it cool.
- Horse shit.
Try harder.
- I don't know what
you want from me,
so if you don't mind...
- A fella turned
up dead yesterday,
about 100 yards from where
your truck overheated.
- [Leigh] Hm, that so?
- Name was Cobb.
- That supposed
to mean somethin'?
- It ought to.
He used to run stolen cars
through here with your ex.
- Well, if you think Jesse
had somethin' to do with it,
you know where to find him.
- Tell me you don't know
how he got dead, Leigh.
- You know what?
Fuck you.
- You put that God damn tire
down and you look at me!
(pensive music)
(Leigh sniffles)
Jesus Christ.
- I don't know what to do.
- What the fuck happened?
- He broke into the shop.
He musta not known I was here.
When he saw me he
just, he went crazy,
like he was on somethin'.
And I grabbed a wrench.
- You...
Where's the wrench?
- It's gone.
- Why didn't you report it?
- I don't know.
I mean I panicked.
I, I thought if they
made the connection
with Jesse they'd take the shop.
- Why did you take the
body back to the trailer?
- 'Cause he has a family.
- Who the fuck cares?
- I couldn't just
disappear a man like that.
Leave his people wonderin'.
- Well that's great Leigh.
Now his people know.
- I know it was stupid.
- You're damn right
it was stupid.
You bury it, ya burn it.
Shit, you dump it in a lake.
- This isn't your problem.
- You're my daughter.
This is my problem.
- I don't want your help.
- You're a master criminal now?
You cover your tracks
pretty thoroughly?
- [Leigh] I didn't say that.
- What about that camera
up on the wall behind me?
Is that connected to anything?
- No.
- You think that he
took any of your skin
with him to the morgue?
What about fingerprints,
what about hair?
Did anybody see
you actin' strange?
You tell me they're not gonna
find your DNA on his pecker.
- Just stop it!
(Richard sighs)
- Leigh.
- What do I do?
- You the prayin' kind?
I'll go see what I can learn.
I need a fuckin' drink.
(somber music)
(pensive music)
(pensive music)
(door unlatching)
(bottles clinking)
Oh, Ryan.
- [Ryan] You gonna lecture me
about not comin' this morning?
- Hey, listen, I was thinkin',
we should get outta here.
Just take a little vacation.
- What are you talkin' about?
- I just mean when was the last
time we just went somewhere?
- [Ryan] What about the shop?
- Well, Rey can take
care of the shop
or we'll close it
for a couple weeks.
- A couple weeks?
- Yeah.
Let's just go somewhere okay?
Let's forget about cars
and school and work.
We can go anywhere.
You name the place.
- Ragwater Falls?
- Yeah, okay.
Yeah, you tell me where
it is and we'll go.
- I don't know.
It was just some place
Rey was talkin' about but,
maybe California or Colorado
but it's like rafting
and fishing and stuff.
- That's sounds great.
Go pack your bag.
- Aren't we supposed
to call first?
- Right.
Um, yeah we, we'll call
your P.O. from the road.
- Mom.
- Please don't
argue with me okay?
- I don't wanna get in trouble.
Just call 'em.
- All right, I'll call.
I'll give 'em a call.
(gentle music)
- I'll be in the
shop if you need me.
(gentle music)
- There's a customer here.
Says she wants to see you.
- Can I help you?
- My name's Dani Wilson.
I think you worked with
my boyfriend Daryl Cobb?
(pensive music)
- Yeah, I'm sorry I think
you got the wrong person.
- I ain't here to cause trouble.
- Like I said I
don't know anything--
- But I will if I have to.
Look, I ain't no snitch.
I don't give a shit
about stolen cars.
- I don't know what
you're talkin' about.
- Daryl turned up
dead yesterday.
I just need to know why.
- I'm really sorry to hear that.
(Dani sighs)
You talk to the police?
- The police don't give a shit.
He's just some junkie to them.
Did he ever talk about anybody
who could have been angry at him
or maybe somebody's car he'd
stolen that had found him?
- Sorry.
Look, I don't want
any trouble all right?
Cars are my ex's thing.
I wish I could help you, I
just, I don't know anything
about what happened
to your boyfriend.
- [Dani] Did he ever
talk about anybody
that he might have
worked with or...
- No, I'm sorry.
If anything comes to
mind I'll let you know.
(ominous music)
(Leigh gasps)
- Well, thank you for your time.
Oh my God.
- It's not what you think.
- Oh my God.
You get out of my way.
- I can't do that.
- [Ryan] Mom?
- Ryan, just get
back to work buddy.
- Is everything okay?
- It's fine.
Just go on out back with Rey.
I swear to God, it
was an accident.
he attacked me.
(door slams)
- Leigh?
- I'm in trouble Rey.
(Leigh sniffling)
- [Rey] Let's get outta here.
(engine rumbling)
- [Ryan] You comin'?
- Ryan, I...
If you um...
If you ever need your papers,
your birth certificate
or anything,
there's a shoe box in my closet.
- Okay.
- Just--
- [Rey] Hey.
[Rey] Foods gettin' cold.
(somber music)
- You hungry?
I'm starvin'.
(door slams)
- [Rey] All right, come on.
I need your answer.
- The wrist pin?
- Nope.
Wrist pin holds the piston
to the connecting rod.
That's oh for three.
Guess who's got
broom duty tomorrow?
- Mom's the one
who made the mess.
- Excuse me?
- [Rey] I used to
make stupid bets like
that with your dad all the time.
You remember that?
- Oh yeah.
I remember you used
to lose all the time.
- Did you like him?
My dad?
- Your dad was a,
complicated guy.
He was really hard to know.
But hey, he made the
world's greatest kid.
- Al right buddy, it's bed time.
- Come on.
- Say goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- [Rey] Goodnight.
How bad is it?
- You don't wanna know.
- Probably not but
I don't see anybody
else lining up trying to help.
- I fucked up, Rey.
I didn't stop running cars
after Jesse got put away.
- Jesus.
- Hey, it was the only
thing keepin' us afloat.
You know how things are.
I had to think about
Ryan, about you.
- Don't put that on me.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- There wasn't a
break in was there?
- I had a fight
with Jesse's guy.
I swapped the VIN
numbers on a truck.
He was supposed to
bring me the money
but his buyer fell through.
So he said he wasn't gonna pay
me till he found another one.
I told him that wasn't the
deal, I'd already done the work.
I lost my temper.
I threw a wrench.
we had a fight.
It was an accident.
- What was an accident?
(Leigh gasping)
Oh, Jesus, Leigh.
Why didn't you call the cops?
- And tell 'em what?
His girlfriend knows.
- [Rey] The woman from the shop?
- I keep thinking I hear sirens.
Is that weird?
- Does Ryan know?
- He deserves better, Rey.
A dad in jail, a mom on
the way, a grandfather...
Might as well lock
him up myself.
- He's a good kid.
He'll be okay.
- What do they even do,
if a kid's got no parents?
- He's always welcome
with me, you know that.
- I couldn't ask you that.
- And you're not gonna have to.
We're gonna get this
thing figured out.
(gentle music)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
(door shutting)
(pensive music)
(men whispering)
- [Richard] Your service weapon?
You shot the man with
your service weapon?
- [Man] Shit.
- [Richard] Report it stolen.
Dump it somewhere.
- [Man] Won't that
seem suspicious?
- [Richard] You think
you got a better idea?
God damn it!
- [Man] What was
I supposed to do?
- [Richard] Shake him
down, not shoot him.
Help me move him.
(body thuds)
- [Man] You think
your girl heard?
What if she says somethin'?
- [Richard] She's a good girl.
She'll do what she's told.
(door creaking)
(Travis yells)
(Travis groaning)
(Leigh groaning)
- It was you that
killed my daddy?
- Please!
Please (groans)!
- You scream, I
kill your son too.
- You don't have to do this.
(Leigh choking)
- Shut up!
(Leigh screaming)
(Travis groaning)
(Leigh wheezing)
- Rey!
It's her son.
(Leigh gasping)
(gun loading)
Ryan, no.
- Whoa, whoa buddy.
It's okay.
- Buddy?
Hey, give it to me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, hey.
We're okay.
- Hey buddy, hey?
You got any duct
tape around, huh?
- Yeah?
- Okay, can you
go get it for me?
- Yeah.
- [Rey] All right.
- [Leigh] Yeah.
- You gotta call the cops.
- I know.
(thunder rumbling)
(crickets chirping)
You okay?
Hey buddy, come on.
Let's go inside.
It's startin' to rain.
Look, I'm really
sorry about all this.
- He didn't get away did he?
The man at the garage?
It was me that
killed him wasn't it?
- No, Ryan.
- Stop lyin' to me.
I felt it break in his head.
- That is not the
way it happened.
- Yes it is.
- No.
There was a fight.
That man attacked me.
- No.
- I hit him, he went down.
You weren't anywhere around.
- That's not the truth.
- I don't care
what the truth is.
This is the truth now.
You understand?
I made some really
shitty decisions.
That's why we're in the
situation we're in right now.
- I killed that kid's dad.
- He attacked me.
You didn't do anything wrong.
- Then why is it a secret?
- 'Cause it's just
simpler that way.
- It's because of
the trouble I got in.
You're scared I'm like dad.
- Ryan, you are nothin'
like your father.
- Well then who am I like?
(Ryan scoffs)
(Leigh sighs)
- [Rey] He's a lot
stronger than you think.
- [Travis] Fuck you, you
stupid fuckin' bitch.
(Travis groaning)
- Hey, hey, no, no!
- [Travis] Get off me!
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
(Travis mumbling)
Look, it's not gonna help, okay?
We'll get a lawyer and we'll
get this thing figured out.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Just don't tell 'em
that the kid broke in.
That's it.
- [Richard] Leigh?
- You didn't call the cops?
- I just need some advice first.
- You know damn well the kind
of advice he's gonna give you.
(gentle music)
- You should get outta here.
- [Richard] Leigh open up.
(door latches)
(Leigh sniffles)
You all right?
- I'm okay.
- Ryan?
- [Leigh] He's fine.
He's in his bedroom.
- You fucked up, kid.
How'd he find you?
- His mom must've told him.
- How'd she find you?
- [Leigh] I lost my necklace
when I was droppin' him off.
She must've found it.
- You didn't think that
was worth tellin' me?
- I didn't expect
it to get this far.
- It has.
- What am I lookin' at?
If I turn myself in?
- That depends.
You really stop runnin' cars
after Jesse got sent up?
Felony murder.
- It was self defense.
- It doesn't matter.
Stealin' cars--
- Swapping tags.
- Is a felony.
And the piece of shit was killed
in the commission of the crime.
- All right, okay.
All right.
There's gotta be another way.
- I think you know there is.
- I can, I'll talk to her.
I can explain that...
God damn it.
- Look at me.
I checked down at
the department.
They ain't got
shit for evidence,
and they ain't lookin' for any,
but if you're tellin' me
that this woman and her boy,
they know somethin' about
you, they got proof--
- No, no, no.
No, I am not like you.
I don't have that in me.
- So you said your whole
damn life but here we are.
Livin' with somethin' like
this is a son of a bitch,
but it's livin'.
- I don't want the
kid here anymore.
Take him to the shop.
- Okay.
Then what?
- I don't know (sniffles).
Don't, don't do anything
until I get there.
- What about the girl?
(Leigh gasping)
- I'll figure somethin' out.
I came to see if you
could watch Ryan?
- You must think of me
as a real asshole, huh?
- That is not--
- Don't.
You want him to find
a different way?
Show it to him.
- Why didn't you call the cops?
- Because I knew that
you wouldn't hurt him.
- Maybe I already did.
- [Rey] Did you?
- Please Rey.
I'm not askin' for me.
Hey, did you um,
did you tell Ryan about some
raftin' or fishin' place?
Colorado maybe?
- Yeah.
- I think it caught
his imagination.
Might be nice to
take him sometime.
(gentle music)
- What's gonna happen to him?
- Your grandfather's
gonna take him to jail.
- What if I told
them it was my fault?
Would he still have to go?
- Some things just
can't be undone.
You've got so much good in you.
- I'm sorry,
about what I said.
About not bein' like you.
- No, no.
- I didn't--
- Hey.
(Leigh sniffling)
All right.
I'll see ya in the morning.
(pensive music)
(fan whirring)
(Dani gasps)
You send him to kill me?
- What?
- Your boy?
You send him for revenge.
- Where is he?
Where's my son?
- He broke in and attacked me.
- Is he...
- He's fine, for now.
- Oh God.
- Are you sayin'
you didn't know?
- It ain't like he
didn't have good reason.
- Why haven't you
called the cops yet?
- Did Cobb really attack you
the night you killed him?
- Mm hm.
- Sounds like him.
You here to kill me now too?
You don't seem like the type.
- That's enough.
- Tryin' to protect someone?
Is it the Mexican?
- I said that's enough.
- Fuck.
(pensive music)
Easy momma bear, we both got
cubs we're worried about.
- Pack your bags.
- What?
- For both of you.
You got two minutes.
We're gonna go get your boy,
you're gonna get in your car
and you're gonna get outta here.
- Where are we supposed to go?
- North, south, east,
west, I don't give a shit!
But you are gonna stay the
fuck away from me and my son.
(pensive music)
(tires on gravel)
- Yeah?
- [Leigh] It's me,
we're comin' in.
- Oh Jesus.
- All right, that's far enough.
Good girl.
(pensive music)
What are you doin'?
- These two are gonna
get in their car.
They're leavin' town.
- Leigh.
You've lost your nerve.
- Don't touch me.
- What do you think is
gonna happen, Leigh?
You think they're
gonna just walk
out of here and
forget everything?
- That's exactly what
they're gonna do.
- And what if they don't?
What happens when
that bitch and her pup
are 20, 30 miles down the road
and you don't have
that gun on 'em?
You're gonna be livin' with what
you do right now
for a long time.
- They don't deserve this.
- Nobody said they did.
- I'm not killin'
anyone tonight.
- Jesus Christ.
- No!
- No, don't!
- Get outta the way.
- No.
(shot firing)
(object clattering)
(Travis groaning)
- Can't guard both of 'em girl.
Come on.
Let's finish it now.
(gun cocking)
- [Leigh] Put it down.
(shots firing)
- Everything that I've ever
done was to protect you.
- Bullshit.
I've kept your
secrets my whole life.
A kid should never be
asked such a thing.
- Leigh!
- No, Travis!
(shots firing)
- Leigh!
- No!
(Dani groaning)
(Richard groaning)
(objects clattering)
(Dani screams)
(tense music)
- No!
(Dani gasping)
(Richard groaning)
- [Dani] Travis, run!
(shot firing)
(Leigh gasping)
(Dani gasping)
- You killed him.
- [Dani] That wasn't my plan.
Oh God.
Was he a cop?
- Yeah.
- [Dani] Oh shit, shit, shit.
- I didn't tell my
dad to hurt your boy.
- I didn't send
Travis to kill you.
- We gonna just kill
each other anyway.
- There's somethin'
that I need to know.
Why did you bring him to me?
Why didn't you just bury
him in the fuckin' woods?
- Does it matter?
(Dani sniffling)
You needed to know.
(Dani sobbing)
It doesn't have
to end like this.
We can both walk away.
- Then what?
- I don't know.
I don't care.
I just wanna go home.
(Dani sobbing)
(Leigh exhaling)
I'm comin' out now.
- Don't you fuckin' move.
- Easy.
I'm just gettin' your keys.
(keys jingling)
I'm puttin' my gun down now.
- You're a good person, Leigh.
(shot firing)
(pensive music)
(Leigh gasping)
(Dani sobbing)
(shot firing)
(Leigh gasping)
Your old man was right.
It was never gonna end.
(Leigh gasping)
But your boy is safe,
you have my word.
I owe you that for lettin'
me bury him proper.
(Leigh gasping)
(Leigh unintelligible)
(Leigh unintelligible)
(somber music)
You're gonna get
blood on your shoes.
(somber music)
("Hold On")
Noah, Noah, let me come in
Doors are fastened
and the windows pinned
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Noah said you done
lost your track
Can't plow straight,
keep on lookin' back
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
I was blind, I could not see
Jesus opened my eyes for me
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Wanna go to heaven
only way I know how
Keep your hands
on the gospel plow
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on, yeah
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Keep your hand on the plow
Hold on
Noah, Noah, let me come in
Doors are fastened
and the windows pinned