Blood on the Sun (1945) Movie Script

But gentlemen... I know nothing
about this article being printed...
I was out of town.
The let me read what is printed here
in your paper.
If Japan wants to control China...
...we must first crush the United States...
...just as in the past we had to fight
in the Russo-Japanese War.
Gentlemen, you know the Chronicle
has supported the government for 25 years.
Every government.
This insult to Baron Tanaka
and the Japanese people...
...has caused great disturbance.
You must know the penalty
for disregarding censorship.
If my managing editor has violated
any of the regulations...
...I'll fire him!
Nick Condon!
Somebody dig up Nick Condon!
He's out... something important.
Said he wasn't to be disturbed.
I don't care if he's
interviewing the emperor...
Get him here right away!
- Get him on the phone, Kinshan.
- OK, Mr Sprague.
But he's not going to like it.
Get him anyway.
Hello, Oshima!
What's on your mind?
There is a matter to discuss...
If you please.
It is an official matter
of great importance.
Great!...Come on in...
We'll talk it over.
- Nick... will you please get...
- Oh... alright... alright!
Hand me that towel, will you.
Lies! Lies!
It is all one big lie!
Every word is untrue.
Now, just a minute...
You must disclose source
of your information.
Police must know name
of this traitor.
Alright... that's fair enough...
You have a right to know.
The name of the traitor
is the American press.
That article appeared
in 3 New York newspapers.
But I cannot believe it!
Alright... check with your consul
in New York.
Very unfortunate... when an
American newspaper prints slander...
Oh, I agree... I agree!
If there's anything I hate...'s to give anyone a poor impression
of Japanese friendship.
Ah... thank you!
Thank you.
You can't do this to me, Nick.
My blood pressure won't stand it.
Supposing they shut me down?
When I came here 2 years ago
and took over this rag...
It was on one condition...
And I run it!
I know Nick... but you can't...
Your circulation has doubled.
Advertising has gone up 500%...
And you're making more money
than you ever made in your life.
You're not doing so badly yourself.
You're making 5 times the money
you made in Shanghai.
Tired of the deal?
Don't think I don't appreciate
what you did for The Chronicle.
But printing things like that...
That's what newspapers are for...
That's what people buy.
Not just Japanese propaganda handouts.
This was just a rumor!
And thousands of American businessmen have
a right to know about rumors like that.
I know... I know... but, Nick...
Lots of Japs read English, too.
There was more to that
than just a rumor.
When those 2 birds hear about it...
I'll have Ollie Miller look into it.
"Look into it"?...
We've got to get out of it!
You're going to write the retraction.
I'll write a retraction
when they prove the story is false.
Nick... are you sure that piece
was in the New York papers?
The Japs would have caught it on the wires,
and censored it.
New Yorkers read it yesterday.
Yesterday? Then how
could you have read it?
Read it? I wrote it.
Nick... for the love of Mike...
Hiya Nick... thought you'd be in jail
by this time.
Somebody's going to have to slit
your throat to save his face.
Aren't you a little early with that stuff?
Oh no... it just seems early.
I hear the police have collected
all The Chronicles from the newsstands.
Well I hope you boys
got YOUR copies.
You're welcome to cable
any part of it you want.
No thanks, I want to stay in Tokyo...
I just signed a new lease.
Anybody here seen Ollie... Ollie Miller?
No... not yet.
When Ollie Miller's not at this bar...
he must be sick.
- See you later.
- Sure.
Oh, there you are, Nick...
Meet Joe Cassell...
He just pulled in from Shanghai.
- Hello...
- Glad to know you.
You gonna sit down?
- Have a drink?
- Scotch and soda
3 Scotch and sodas.
Joe Cassell... Joe Cassell...?
Covered the criminal courts
for the old "Tele" of New York...
Then went to Russia, then Peking...
Then I lost track.
There's fame for you, Cas!
No... that's a good memory.
Want a job?
Going home.
I was at the Foreign Office this morning...
That story of yours had them
buzzing like hornets.
It was very rizzy.
Yeah... Breaks the monotony.
Where'd you did it up?
A little here... a little there.
Of course, there's not a grain
of truth in it... You know that.
I don't know anything, do YOU?
Quite a bit.
Our Chinese cousins are trying desperately
to shape public opinion...
Against Japan.
What for?
To take intention off
their own internal disorder.
Believe me...
"disorder" is a clean name for it.
I've just spent 4 years there...
I know.
I lived there 6 years, myself.
4 was enough for me...
Not that I haven't a tremendous admiration
for the Chinese people.
I see...
"Some of my best friends
are Chinese"!
Well!...At last!
Hiya fellas... Hiya Begana!
Hey Jack... did you get a load of that
front page of Nick's, this morning...
Hey... how about a little drink...
Set 'em up... on me!
YOU buying?!
As many as you can handle.
- I'll have a double Scotch.
- Bourbon, double.
How about you, Begana?
I'll have a little soda.
You know what I want.
But Mr Condon...
China, throughout the centuries...
Excuse please... Mr Miller is here.
Yessir!...I'm quittin'!
What? Again?
Ever see these things before?
Keep the change!
2 tickets for home on the first boat
I could get... Leaving tonight.
Where did you get the dough?
New invention.
Secret machines... press buttons...
Out comes fives... tens... hundreds!
Well in that case,
how about the 2 you owe me?
A pleasure... a pleasure!
And here's the 10
that you wouldn't loan me, stinker!
Buy a round of drinks.
Excuse me,
we'll continue this...
Ollie just came in...
I'll see you later.
So long, Nick.
Yessir, I'm quittin' this godforsaken
land... What has it got?
Cherry blossoms... but no cherries.
What kinda cherry trees
are those?
I'll probably settle down in Connecticut...
and write a book.
Yes, we'll all write a book, though.
Hiya Nick boy...!
A fine little welcome for you all over...
...and 20... a debt of long standing.
Great honor to pay!
You must have been trading
in Shanghai silver!
Johnson's just gonna buy us a drink!
Where'd you get the money?
I came into it.
Come on... make sense...
What's up?
I may well take offense
at the scepticism of your tone.
But I prefer to be generous
and remember you as my friend...
...and former employer.
That I attribute to your bitter jealousy
of my good fortune.
FORMER employer?
I'm leaving... tonight.
Me and Edith... on the "Nagata Maru".
Where did you get that money?
Nick... take a tip from me...
Come back to the States.
This place is getting hotter
than the inside of Fujiyama...
Get out!...There was blood
on the street this morning.
It'll be flowing like a river,
before the summer's over.
You are mixed up
with something shady.
Me?...Ollie Miller?!
And don't forget... Edith... Cabin 23...
Come down tonight
and I'll fill you full of champagne...
..and tell you how much I love you!
"Man's best friend" dog!
Friends... nice people... so long!
Nick... isn't it marvellous...?
Going home!
I won't believe it 'til I'm seasick!
Great stuff!
You go on with your packing, Edy.
Yeah... I have to.
Never been early in my life.
What's it all about?
Oh Nick, you've got me...
All of a sudden everything's wonderful.
Really terrific!
And did Ollie explain it?
Oh, like he does everything else...
He dismisses it.
Didn't he say anything?
Oh, vague... very vague.
Something about a contract
for a book he's going to write.
Big literary deal... advance royalties...
scads of money!
Fine... fine!
Nick... I don't care where he got it.
Maybe he stole the emperor's treasures...
All I know is, we're going home.
This place is slowly killing him.
Me too.
Alright... after all Ollie's
private business is still his own.
But I didn't want to see either of you
getting into a jam...
...because of anything... irregular.
If there was anybody he'd tell
what it was all about, it'd be you, Nick!
That's what has me worried...
He hasn't!
You'll be at the boat, tonight?
Sure... with a couple of magnums
of champagne.
That should open his big mouth!
He's opened it on less.
Nick... in case I don't get a chance
to tell you tonight...
You're all we going to miss
in this place.
I wish you were coming back
with us.
See you at the boat, beautiful!
Good evening Condon San...
You going to America?
Oh no... you're too anxious
to get rid of me...
Just going to see a couple of
friends of mine up on the boat.
Your name, please.
Ask Hijakata here...
He's been tailing me all day.
I am thought-control officer.
Please answer questions.
Alright... I'll give you an answer...
I'm thinking this is a new low in
stupidity... even for the Imperial Police.
Now I want to see Mr and Mrs Miller
in stateroom 23...
Any objections?
Not yet... Mr and Mrs Miller
not yet arrived.
Well, I'll wait for them on deck.
Sorry! Not permitted tonight.
"Armstrong"...Come on, dear.
Too bad... you refused to believe police.
Now you know... truth has been told...
You thought for yourself...
"Friends have not yet arrived."
Hello... Tokyo Chronicle, please!
Charlie Sprague.
Chronicle office.
Charlie... there's trouble... big trouble.
I can't tell you about it now..
I'm coming right down.
Find out where the ambassador is...
...and get a call through to him
right away.
Right, Nick.
Did Ollie Miller reach you?
He's been trying
to get in touch with you...
Said it was urgent.
Where is he?
He said he'd try to get over
to your home.
Fine. Well I'll go there, then...
Switch the call there.
Take a sip of this.
There you are.
Ollie... can you tell me
what happened?
I didn't know it was
going to be so tough...
I'd have asked for more money...
You made a good guess
in the paper this morning.
You won't have to guess any more, Nick.
Tanaka planned it.
I'm glad Edith got away OK.
Sorry I missed the boat.
What is it?
Very sorry to disturb.
So am I... Beat it!
A desperate criminal escaped police...
Maybe he is hiding here.
Sorry... we must search.
It is to protect you.
There's nobody here and I don't need
anybody to protect me...
Now get out!
Have accident?
Here is criminal!
Don't you mean "victim"?
We must search house, please.
Of course, there was nothing to find...
now get out of here.
Yes... but you come with us...
make report.
That's exactly what I ought to do.
If you just give me a chance
to phone my office...
Not permitting telephone.
Now look here, Oshima...
I'm getting awfully tired of this.
You're chief, Yamada,
is a very good friend of mine...
I don't want to have to turn you in.
Come, please.
Condon San...
Good morning, Condon San!
Did not expect you here...
except as friend.
May I use your phone?
Tokyo Chronicle, please.
You've got some explaining to do,
Get me Charlie Sprague!
Among other things, my government
doesn't like its nationals... be thrown into the jug,
without any charge.
Japanese government would not do that
to American, Condon San.
Here is charge.
Nicholas Condon, Managing Editor
Tokyo Chronicle...
...held private celebration
in his own home...
...gaiety intense, and far-reaching...
...causing complaints from neighbors...
Complaints ignored...
...forcing police to make polite request
that gaiety subdue.
Request ignored.
Police enter home at 10.30pm.
Find Nicholas Condon with 2 girls.
Two... Condon San?!
Condon very much under influence
of sak.
Demand police leave.
Police demand 2 girls leave.
Condon attempt
to throw police out.
Condon overcome by drink.
Friendly police put him to bed
in city jail... to protect him.
You've cut me off...
Get me the Tokyo Chronicle again, please.
Because holding you in much esteem...
Man of great prestige...
No longer angry with protective police...
You are free to go.
Nick, please... go home
and get a little sleep.
You had us up all last night...
We even woke the ambassador.
I don't know how
we're gonna alibi it to him.
Japanese papers are full of what you did.
Never mind that...
I'm glad you got the ambassador...
Get him again and tell him I got to see him
as soon as possible.
And get in your car and pick me up here.
Bring a camera!
Sgt Oshima... you know our good friend
Conon San of Tokyo Chronicle?
We have met many times.
- It's a great honor.
- It's not mutual.
You killed 2 Americans
last night, Oshima...
One on the "Nagata Maru"
and the other at my house.
Serious charge, Condon San.
Your have proof?
Condon San and sak
have big fight last night.
Sak win!
I suppose you weren't at the harbor...
...and you weren't at my house?
Last night we take families
to view cherry blossoms in moonlight.
Most pleasurable evening.
Better you forget bad dreams
and go home to good sleep.
Sayonara, Condon San.
Anytime I make big joke I say...
Hope I am not too serious... too soon.
Understand... you very strong judo.
Perhaps you honor me
with contest some time.
Certainly... only I hope next time
it'll be face to face!
You can put your camera away...
There's the window
Ollie plowed through last night...
They've replaced it.
Replaced number one...
even to the lipstick.
Replaced... number two...
They don't miss a bit.
They'd even take out the bloodstains.
They are very thorough.
What is it, Nick?
There's someone at the door...
Shall I see who it is?
Yeah... see who it is.
- Mr Condon please...
- Come in.
This is Mr Condon.
Thank you... am from Foreign Office.
Please permit me to escort you
to audience...
...with his Excellency
Premier General Baron Tanaka.
Well... I'm going to be busy
for a couple of hours...
Tell him I'll drop into his office
sometime this afternoon.
Please... not to office...
His Excellency awaits you
at his home.
An honor!
A few minutes, please.
Won't you join us?
Not now, thank you, Prince Tatsugi...
if you don't mind.
I'm afraid Iris is unhappy these days...
Unfortunately it was necessary to
involve her in this distasteful affair.
Colonel Tojo advised it.
Since when, Baron Tanaka, do you concede
to Colonel Tojo's sordid wishes?
I did not concede, Prince Tatsugi...
I agreed.
In the future, I would be less unhappy
if I were not called upon... search the effects of a woman
so horribly murdered.
It will not happen again, my dear.
I promise that.
An interesting woman!
Mixed parentage?
- Her mother was...
- Chinese.
Baron... you know that I have communicated
my fears to the emperor...
...regarding the road on which
you are determined to lead the nation.
Your Highness... the decisions
already have been submitted to the emperor.
Your great influence, Baron,
could still check the militarists.
I am but an old man whose voice
no longer carries its authority.
But you are among the most highly-esteemed
in my cabinet... Your Highness.
Esteemed... esteemed as a liberal screen.
I'm the scroll of the poet, behind which
samurai swords are being sharpened.
Without armed strength,
we will perish.
That is my view.
Those views will lead,
in time, to disaster.
We see the problem differently.
That is true.
To uphold my beliefs,
I would die with honor.
You, Baron Tanaka, will die
only to erase your dishonor.
Mr Hyashi and Mr Condon.
It is a pleasure to see
you again, Mr Condon.
Colonel Tojo, of the Imperial Army...
And you know Major Kudyoka,
Imperial Secret Police.
And Mr Nicholas Condon.
But please sit down.
Thank you for coming to my home.
It is more agreeable
than meeting at the office.
Here we are not bothered
with... newspapermen!
Your front-page story yesterday, Mr Condon,
was somewhat... embarrassing.
Can't please everybody.
Of course.
We realise you had no way of knowing it was
an inopportune moment for such a story.
Frankly Mr Condon, certain liberal subversive
factions within our own country...
...are seeking to create an incident
to weaken the present government.
They are responsible for the malicious
rumor which you have regrettably printed.
As I said, Mr Condon, the story itself
is unimportant...
There rumors of a document
which plans world conquest...
...are ridiculous.
But... should this rumor be taken seriously
by the wrong people...
A blazing fire might be kindled... which
Japan would find costly to extinguish.
Oh, I see... what you are saying is...
You'd like the Chronicle to put on
a "Fire Prevention Week" campaign.
Is that it?
No, Mr Condon.
Within the past 24 hours, we've discovered a plot
to smuggle this forged document out of Japan.
A man by the name of Oliver Miller...
one of your former employees... involved.
We could recover the document
from him by force...
...if we chose.
We would prefer that you persuade him
to return it to us.
It seems you haven't heard,
Your Excellency...
...nor your secret police, Major...
that Mr and Mrs Miller were murdered.
Last night.
We read in the papers this morning
about your escapade last night, Mr Condon.
In your incoherent condition,
you spoke of this unpleasant fantasy.
As we were concerned with the fate
of Mr Miller, even more than you...
...we immediately made inquiries.
From the captain of the "Nagata Maru"...
A most trustworthy gentleman.
Isn't it clear to you now?
Perfectly clear.
In every detail, Mr Condon, murder
is an ugly and dishonerable act...
And to prove it, some one
must be accused...
Bodies must be produced.
Now, Mr Condon... to approach this problem
that way...
...would only lead
to many difficulties.
If you send Mr Miller a radiogram...
...I am sure he will return
the document to us...
...through you.
Everyone would be enormously relieved.
And you would greatly profit.
We will all get to laugh at the strange
hallucination which you experienced last night.
I see...
You want this "forgery" returned.
And you're willing to pay plenty for it.
Alright... here's my price...
When the United States embassy
is informed...
that the murderers
of Ollie Miller and his wife
I mean the real murderers...
Oshima and Izikata...
...Not a couple of sacrificial monkeys...
...are brought to trial
and convicted.
Then, and only then...
...the thing that you're looking for
may turn up.
Alright... sit down... drink?
For the love of Mike...
What's this about you quitting the paper?
Trying to give you a break...
You want my job, don't you?
Come on... don't toy with me...
What's up? What happened with Tanaka?
Charlie... I can't tell you much...
You'll have to be satisfied
with the crumbs.
After I left Tanaka,
I went to the embassy...
We had a long talk.
Now don't ask any questions.
This much I can tell you...
They're sending me
back to Washington.
OK... crumbs... but from cake!
I suppose you saw "Bright Eyes" over there?
He's been tailing me all day.
They know you're leaving...
they might have other plans for you...
Polite... but official.
Oh yeah... and one more for me.
After you finish that drink,
you're going back to the office.
I want a story in tomorrow's paper that says I'm
sailing in 10 days on the "President Wilson".
Why the publicity?
If my hunch is right, Charlie...
the police did not get that document.
So it must've been the people
that want to get it out of Japan.
Now, if they know I'm sailing...
they may try to get in touch with me.
Don't do it Nick... keep on ice
until the boat sails.
There's a one-column cut of me in the files...
three-quarter face... very flattering...
Run that with the story...
front page.
Hey kiddy... do me a favor, will you...
Keep an eye on my friend over there.
I say, Condon...
may we join you?
It looks as if every table's taken.
I arranged it that way.
This is Nick Condon, "Tokyo Chronicle"...
Miss Iris Hilliard,
just arrived from Shanghai.
I hope you'll enjoy Tokyo.
I think I'm going to.
Never mind... I do it better...
And besides... I'm not crazy.
What do you mean... "crazy"?
No man in his right mind would willingly
share your company, Miss Hilliard.
How's Shanghai these days?
Oh, Shanghai's always gay.
For everyone but the Chinese.
May the waiter interrupt long enough
to take your orders?
- Daiquiri.
- The same.
How was the trip over?
A little on the rough side.
I always say it's not the ocean,
but the Japanese boats.
You arrived last night?
I went down to see a couple of friends off
on the "Nagata Maru" last night...
You didn't by any chance come in
on that boat, did you?
Look here, Condon... have a reputation
for bad manners...
...but this is going too far!
It's alright, Mr Cassell...
perhaps Mr Condon can explain.
Telephone, Mr Cassell.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I had kind of a rough night, last night...
I'm not quite myself today.
I read about it in this morning's paper.
Oh, that story?...
Not true.
I didn't think so.
Too much fun to be true.
May I have a cigarette?
I'd like to make a confession.
Well, we're alone.
You were right about Cassell.
He is crazy.
I insisted on coming over here.
I wanted to meet you.
You certainly know your judo, don't you?
You've had me off-balance
ever since you came in.
What you're saying is that...'re making a play for me.
Perhaps I like your looks.
No... not with this!
There are maybe things,
about that, I like.
I've always liked red hair.
I grew it for you.
And the ears.
Two of those.
Isn't that good?
More would be vulgar.
Keep on! Keep on!
Pretty soon we'll level.
Alright Mr Condon...
Let's... to use your phrase... level.
I was told to meet you, by a friend.
Yes... but whose friend?
Yours... in Shanghai.
A very wonderful,
almost saintly old man.
Chang Po Ling!
Yes... wonderful!
And he asked you
to look me up?
He certainly hasn't forgotten me.
No... he remembers you very well...
As you were then.
He hoped you hadn't changed.
Just what does that mean?
First... we'll become better acquainted.
It was his desire.
His desire became mine...
5 minutes ago.
Come on, let's figure a way
to go about that.
About what?
How to get better acquainted
in the shortest possible time.
You see, I'm leaving in 10 days.
Oh, that's not bad...
Come on let's drink to them.
- To "them"?
- Yeah... 10 days.
"The 10 days that shook the world."
Iris... my dear!
Do you know Colonel Tojo?
Of course.
And Major Kazyoka?
- Tea?
- No thank you.
Have you anything to report?
I have made SOME progress.
What progress, please?
Mr Condon find me attractive.
The introduction I arranged
worked smoothly?
Excellently, thank you.
This adventure, Colonel Tojo, has many
ramifications which I find displeasing.
Perhaps we can eliminate the sordid details,
and learn exactly what has occurred, thus far.
Does this man possess the document?
I cannot say for certain.
I'm sure he does, Your Excellency...
It would appear so.
It is Mr Condon's ambition to leave Tokyo,
in good health, within one week.
He is relying upon his embassy
to protect him.
That means you must work swiftly.
Colonel Tojo... I do not need YOU,
to remind me of my duty.
As far as Mr Condon is concerned,
I have every hope for success.
Hope alone will not suffice.
Hey, Charlie... that fellow with
the top-hat just going out...
Isn't he the one from the Foreign Office,
who was over at my house the other day?
Yeah... why?
Oh... nothing...
Just checking... thanks.
Do you know a guy named Cassell?
A Joe Cassell?
Yeah... heard of him.
Well I just got a wire
from the States about him...
They say he's a good man.
I thought I'd try him out in YOUR
job after you go.
From what "States"?
You mean you just got an order from the
Japanese Foreign Office to put him on!
2 minutes ago.
That's an insult!
Nobody dictates to ME!
No... not even your own conscience.
You promised Charlie Sprague my job,
didn't you?
Well, I reconsidered...
They say Joe Cassell has got
a fine record in journalism.
Yeah... great... he ran a paper in China
that posed as "the friend of the people"...
And on the side, he set up
a patriotic organization...
...that collected nickels and dimes
from the poor Chinese in the States... print anti-Japanese propaganda.
What of it?
Nothing much... but instead of
printing the leaflets...
...he lost the money in the stock market.
60,000 bucks!
His partner committed suicide...
and Cassell decided on a change of climate.
I don't suppose
you can prove that?
Alright... if that isn't enough...
I'll dig up something that'll make
even YOUR stomach crawl.
But if you've got any sense...
You'll stick to Charlie Sprague.
Will you stop trying to run my paper!
Yes... right now!
OK... OK... I'll give it some more thought.
Hey, Nick... where are you going?
What do the Japanese say?...
"If the flower is to be beautiful...
it must be cultivated."
Come on...
Do you know what this chase
has done for me?...
...Developed a ravenous appetite!
I've developed a few, myself.
- Must we really avoid him?
- No... Come on.
Thanks kiddy!
We are about to dine at Sato's.
Excellent restaurant.
We thought you'd like it.
Nothing too good for
the Imperial Secret Police!
Thank you.
You like it, eh?
Japan is lovely.
What I've seen of it in 3 days.
The scenery is alright...
but some of the inhabitants I object to.
The higher up you go,
the lower-grade people you meet.
But I'm lucky...
...that I don't have to meet
any highly-placed Japanese in my work.
- Work?
- Of course.
I'm studying the problems
of Japanese women.
For a friend in Shanghai.
Now don't tell me that's why he told you
to get in touch with me.
Nick... you know so much...
and still you're so ignorant about women.
Ignorant... but awfully willing.
Do you know anything at all
about Japanese women?
Now, what kind of a question is that?
Academic or personal?
You won't be serious!
Oh, I'll be serious.
They're not considered human beings.
They're not even allowed to think.
It's against the law.
I imagine they "bootleg" a thought
now and then.
Yes... "bootleg" thinking...
that's not good enough.
And so... you've elected to help them.
Why not?
I'm a woman.
I've been aware of that
for some time.
The Chinese women
are just beginning to learn...
...what it could mean to be free.
If the Japanese women felt the same way...
You mean that might stop... Tanaka...
...Tojo... Yamoto, and all the rest?
It might help.
This Tanaka plan...
What do you know about it?
Why don't you tell ME?
I haven't published any articles
on the subject.
Why don't I just kill him off?
I think I know a less violent solution.
Wait a minute...
Don't wait up for me, kiddy!
- Do you mind?
- No...
Very nice!
Somebody been expecting us?
Help yourself.
- You?
- Please.
How about one
for Hijakata out there?
Let him suffer.
You've got a pretty good notion there.
Do you understand Chinese?
I'm afraid she's hopelessly romantic.
She's not exactly my type, but...
On the other hand... with a few
alterations... you'd be...
What sort of alterations?
This is just kind of a game...
Rule 1...
Learn never to interrupt a conversation
when it begins to get interesting.
Rule 2...
Whenever you sit, always sit
with your chin tilted up like this...
Like this?
When did you leave China, Nick?
There goes Rule 1!
I left China 2 years ago...
Left Brooklyn 15 years ago...
Cleveland 10 years ago...
Kansas City in the summer of 1921.
Now would you like me to go all
through the towns very quickly...
...Just sort of get them
out of the way?
I don't think that'll be necessary.
Well I just wanted to make sure
I'd cover everything...
...that you might interrupt with.
I'm afraid I'll have to
interrupt you, Nick.
I was just thinking...
You were thinking of
changing the subject again!
Now... let me tell you what I'M thinking...
I think I know.
And I like it very much.
But I don't believe you really know
what you think of me.
Maybe I do.
Desirable woman?
Much more than that.
Be sensible, Nick...
What I'm trying to tell you...
That I'm half Chinese...
I'm half Irish and half Norwegian!
It isn't the same thing.
What are you trying to do...
run down the Irish?
Thank you, Nick.
Stop it... how but I hate gratitude!
it's a very debasing emotion.
You just keep your mind
on the game.
That's Rule 1.
Rule 2...
Have you played this game before?
Maybe when you learn
a little more about THESE people... might revise your opinions
about the Chinese.
Maybe, but the farther west I've gone,
the more I'm convinced...
...that wisdom and civilisation
come from the East.
That's what I say!
Japan is east of China.
You should do well here, Mr Cassell.
How about this?
Excuse me, gentlemen...
I'll see you later.
What is it... what's it all about?
Colonel... this is an outrage!
I won't tolerate it!
You seem to forget my
position and influence.
Perhaps you do not have them
any longer, Mr Cassell.
Have you seen His Excellency Baron Tanaka?
If he'd seen me,
I wouldn't be here.
Be reasonable, Colonel...
All you want was to hold
till China be killed.
It didn't happen the way we planned it,
but what's the difference?
We are just as much concerned in the manner
in which these matters are accomplished.
Now, His Imperial Majesty's government
will have to make it very clear...
...we were never acquainted with you.
But where's that leave me?
I've lost my friends in China, and now...
Surely you must realise, Mr Cassell...
When he, who is not a
good friend of China...
cannot be a good friend of Japan.
Most regrettable.
Good day.
OK... OK!
Don't get me wrong, Condon...
I don't blame you...
It was my mistake...
I don't know what got into me.
The Chinese are great people...
I love them...
If you'd only come to me before
printing the story, and stopped me...
Knocked some good sense into my head.
It isn't brains you're short of, Cassell...
I know but...
It was like doubling up...
Letting the money ride on a good bet...
I couldn't pass it up.
Get out of here!
Wait a minute...
You're a decent icon...
And I've got an idea
that'll work for both of us.
You're in a worse spot than I am.
They're not going to let you
out of the country alive.
But they don't suspect me.
You set the price... half a million...
anything you say...
Let me take it to China, and set myself
up again with the right people...
You'll collect the money in America.
Take what to China?
The Tanaka plan.
You've got it, Condon.
Tanaka's already made you an offer...
but you're holding out for more.
I know.
Oh yeah?
Well, what else do you know?
Plenty... didn't I frame the
introduction... for Tanaka...
...between you and the Hilliard dame?
Don't I know she hasn't had any luck yet
because you're playing cagey.
What else?
That's funny... you smear me
for selling out China...
...while you're selling out
your own country.
Nick... what is this?
Now that we know each other...
start talking!
Start talking...
You were at Yadakamado that night.
What if I was?
- You work for Tanaka!
- No!
That's a lie!
Thought you were going great,
didn't you?
Had me shooting off my mouth about
the wonderful Chinese people...
Tied me up with Chang Po Ling...
You were going to have a case of espionage
built up against me, and have me boxed.
I'd give up the Tanaka memorial...
...or else spend the next 10 years
of my life in a dirty Jap prison.
Very cute.
But you made one slip!
You thought you'd build yourself up with me
by spilling that story on Cassell.
It didn't work!...He talked!
Can I say something?
Yes... plenty!...
To the United States embassy.
You're going to tell them
how YOU killed Edith Miller!
- I didn't!
- Well you know who did!
And who killed her husband.
You go down into the sewer
with dirty rats like Tanaka...
Then come to me with your
"Freedom for women"...
"Equal rights for all people"...
"Love of humanity"!
Well, who killed them?...the names...
Oshima and who else?
What would you give
for the names?
The Tanaka memorial?
It's too late for that kind of deal now.
What is your price then
for the document?
That hardly answers my question.
Alright... I'll give it to you
in your own language...
It may come as a surprise to you...
but these things can't buy everything.
There isn't money enough in all Japan,
to buy that document.
What are you risking your life for?
To protect people in China and America
that you don't even know?
To save humanity?
Come on... let's get over
to the embassy.
Are you sure?
Are you sure you'd risk your life
to protect the Tanaka plan?...
If you had it.
Oh, don't worry... I have it!
No, you haven't.
I have.
Is this more of your lies?
No, Nick.
You wait on the terrace...
I'll bring it to you.
Where'd you get this?
Where did you put it?
The portrait of the emperor
held no fears for me.
- When the police left...
- Where were you?
In your garden.
it was an awfully good fight
you put up, Nick.
But when Oshima hit you
from behind...
He hits awfully hard.
So this is it, eh?
This is it.
"Memorial to His Imperial Majesty"
by Premier Tanaka.
Outlining the positive policy of Japan.
Tell me...
How close did I come?...
In my article the other day.
You missed, Nick...
by millions of square miles.
This is a plan for world conquest.
Manchuria is only the beginning.
All of China... then America...
Oh no... wait a minute...
What do you think WE'll be doing
when all of this is going on?
Until the bombs start falling on you...
They're counting on that, Nick.
That's why it's so important to get this
to the outside world.
To China... to YOUR country.
Now, before the plan goes
into full operation.
Well, the Japanese are going
to claim it's a forgery.
And they'll scream "Fraud!"
all over the place.
What we've got to do
is to find some means... keep them from
squirming out of it.
That can be done, too.
This document CAN be authenticated...
...with the signature of someone who was
present when the plan was drawn up.
Are you sure of that?
I'm sure of that.
How did you get mixed up in this?
It's my work.
Well, I can think of easier ways
of making a living.
Not for me.
Big payoff, eh?
A free China.
That's why I had to be so careful, Nick,
about telling you.
I had to be sure
how you felt about it.
And about you.
The other evening I said I wished
we'd met 2 years ago...
I couldn't tell you why then.
I suddenly became afraid...
...that the thing I wanted most for you
to say yes... you'd take the chance...
...would come too swiftly.
It would end for us
before it could begin.
I suddenly wanted the moment of
your decision pushed back months...
Wait a minute, darling...
I'm still alive.
Yes, Nick... very much.
So much so that... I can't bear
to think of it otherwise.
Thank you.
Sit down.
You are not displeased
that I suddenly begged this cocktail?
I intended to see you
later this evening...
But some rather important matters
demand my attention.
I am concerned about your work.
I had hoped you might have completed
your mission by now.
And that the document we seek
might already be in your hands.
I should be very happy
when all this is over and forgotten.
I'm afraid that politics and intrigue
are not my special talents.
Sometimes I get a little frightened.
I understand, Iris.
I promise... for you
there will be no more politics.
No more intrigue...
No more spying.
I should be very grateful.
It is I who am grateful.
In fact, I have brought you
a little gift, in reward.
It is something I picked up at
the silversmith on my way over.
I guess you were expecting
more rubies?
I haven't forgotten how you love them.
Oh no... these are quite lovely.
"A virtuous woman, who can buy?
For her price is far above... rubies."
A quotation?
From the Christian Bible.
It should remind you
of something else.
From the same source.
The coins... count them...
30 coins...
30 pieces of silver!
No... I'm not going to kill you.
I'm going to give you a chance
to save your life...
..and MY honor.
The fact that you betrayed
me was discovered by Colonel Tojo.
I've managed to save face thus far... informing him that your actions
were part of a plan of mine...
...through which I could obtain the name
of the traitor within our government...
...with whom you have been working.
What is his name?
Very well... have 2 hours
in which to make your decision.
If, at the end of that time, I do not receive
a call from you, naming the traitor...
...your fate will be
in the hands of Colonel Tojo.
Weigh carefully the possibilities
of such a future!
Don't attempt to leave the hotel or use
the telephone, as it will be useless.
I will await your call.
Get me the "Tokyo Chronicle" office please.
Sorry... only calls to Baron Tanaka
will be accepted from your suite.
You will see that the woman is punished.
Death, that comes quickly,
is not punishment.
There are other forms which are slow,
which must be painfully absorbed.
Yes, Excellency!
I have plans for our divine emperor...
For his rule, and power.
In the execution of these plans,
I have failed.
From my own stupidity
I have been deceived...
...and thus dishonored
His Imperial Majesty.
To you, Captain Yamamoto...
To you, Colonel Tojo...
...I pass the sacred obligation
which I have betrayed.
I charge you a pledge...
I pledge you, never to sheathe
the sword of the samurai...
...until our victorious armies
march as conquerors...
...through the streets
of every capital of the world.
I swear the same.
America will be crushed...
never to rise again.
The gods are kind...
I will be in the White House when Japan
dictates her terms of peace.
Meet me before the shrine,
where we will do what must be done.
Is everything in readiness?
Yes, Your Excellency.
I have been considering
your past services to us.
They have not been without value.
Thank you, Colonel Tojo...
You know, I've always been
a friend of Japan's.
Japan does not forget her friends.
There is a way in which
you can re-establish yourself.
An exclusive news story
of the first magnitude.
I'll be right over!
In a half an hour.
There must be something wrong, Charlie...
I've been trying to get her all morning.
Did Miss Hilliard have any visitors
Yes... Baron Tanaka.
Baron Tanaka!?
You know where he is now, don't you?
With his ancestors.
Come on... open up!
There's something fishy
about that press release.
Where did Cassell come off...
to grab an exclusive?
If you ask me, Charlie the stroke that
killed Tanaka had a very sharp edge to it.
Oh, Miss Hilliard!
They didn't get her...
She took a run-out powder.
Could be after the baggage.
Come right in.
4-piece luggage...
now check please.
Alright... I'll take your word for it.
Sorry... must count.
Alright... let's get going.
Have another drink.
- It's a frame, Nick.
- Easy... easy!
Hijakata 'll be outside somewhere.
She's had almost a week
to contact you.
Why does she wait till three hours
before your boat sails.
I told you that dame was no good...
She's trying to hang a spar up on you.
Can't you see it?
Don't go, Nick, for the love of...
Let me see who it is.
No, you wait here.
It's Johnny Clarke from the embassy.
I'm certainly relieved
to find you here, Nick.
Why... where did you expect
to find me?
Frankly, in a Japanese dungeon.
I told you.
What's the story?
You've got a friend somewhere
on this island, Nick...
We received a phone call from him
at the embassy, 20 minutes ago.
Who was it?
A warrant is to be sworn out
for your arrest.
You're to be held for questioning,
suspected of being a Chinese agent.
The ambassador sent me over in HIS car.
Official American property
can't be violated.
So... I'm to put you on the "Wilson" at
once... in the charge of the captain.
Great... you'll be immune...
You'll be a diplomatic pouch.
It's the only way Nick...
If they once catch you,
it's a long legal tangle.
Before we can do anything...
weeks... maybe months.
Come on Nick... bon voyage...
Now get going!
Thanks, Johnny...
I'll see you at the embassy
in about an hour.
Well... we won't be responsible,
you know.
Mr Condon!
Light up in there.
A whole week...
and not a word from you.
I couldn't get a word to you before this.
You could have gotten word
to me some way!
You still don't trust me.
I do trust you.
I worked that out myself, an hour ago.
I think I can prove to you
that it was worth it.
Come with me.
Mr Condon...
I'm quite certain you will agree...
...there is very little time
to waste on explanation.
Miss Hilliard and I feel it would
serve our purpose most effectively...
...if I signed the document
in your presence.
Naturally, when this is made public...
...its authenticity will
not go unchallenged.
My signature will be branded a forgery,
by our government...
...including the emperor.
In that event, Your Highness,
your voice will give them the lie.
The length of elapsed time...
...between the publication of this document
and my ability to speak...
...will be very brief.
In Japan... a traitor's voice
is quickly silenced.
Mr Condon. I take my part in this...
not for YOUR country...
...but for mine.
I would rather see Japan defeated...
...than triumphant under the heels
of our militarists.
Lady... would you mind very much
if I were to kiss you?
I don't believe I'd have the strength
to move from this spot, until you did.
And now... we've got to
get out of here.
It's all been arranged.
In a few minutes, a fishing boat will
take us to a freighter on the lower bay.
You're going with me, Nick.
They're planning to hold you
for questioning.
Once they get you...
I had an idea it was you who warned the
embassy there was a warrant out for me.
They want to send me out
with diplomatic immunity.
Diplomatic immunity won't stop a bullet,
or a bomb under a car.
Rough, are they?
Leave with us, Nick...
For me.
For you?!
Are you worth that?
Why didn't you tell me?
Nick... this way...
Police everywhere... hurry!
You'll have to take it out, darling...
I'll hold them here,
till you get a start.
No... they'll kill you!
Get going!
Nick!...if they'll kill you...
The plan is all they want!
We can't do that!
We've got jobs to do... nobody gave them
to us but they've got to be done...
You're my girl, aren't you?
You're going to do
what I want you to do...
I know it's tough...
It's tougher to go than it is to stay...
...but you can't hold them,
and I think I can.
Alright, Nick.
I'm your girl.
Given up strangling... eh, Oshima?
Oh, that's right...
you HAD given it up...
You shot Ollie Miller...
It was his wife who was strangled,
wasn't it?
I see your point...
When it comes to taking a man
with your bare hands...'s rather risky, isn't it?
You're very clever Mr Condon...
...but there's one flaw
in your cleverness...
It's as easy to kill you with these...
as with that!
In fact, I prefer it that way!
Kab... check the men!
Condon has escaped from the docks.
Now he comes here.
Drive past Haka Street.
Look at this!
So sorry, Mr Condon... take plan from you...
But you see...
Japanese very smart!
Only half-smart, flunky!
Only half-smart.
Get out of my way!
Hello, fella!
I said I'd be back in an hour...
Sorry I'm a few minutes late.
Yamada, this is not going
to be treated... another of your
very regrettable mistakes!
Condon is an enemy of Imperial Japan...
Insist he must be...
Extremely sorry this has been
the result, Mr Clarke...
It is true, Condon has been
enemy of Japan...
But Japanese people very good...
very generous.
We will forget bad actions of Condon
and say no more.
You, in turn will forget this incident?
What's the matter, Yamada?
Afraid of the penalty for failure?
What is much simpler this way...
Both sides have made mistake.
Will be very embarrassing for all.
The United States government
doesn't settle for a deal, Yamada.
Condon San...
Condon San... you have saying...
"Forgive your enemies"
I am willing.
Sure... forgive your enemies!
But, first, get even!