Blood Out (2011) Movie Script

Got a meth lab --
explosive, highly toxic.
Last report -- eight inside,
all presumed armed and dangerous.
Billy, Joe, you've got the back.
Hey, you guys wanna
play cops and robbers?
OFFICERS: Get down! Get down!
MAN: Get down, everybody! Freeze!
On the ground! Down! Clear.
- Cops!
- Gun!
(GROANS) My leg! Ohh.
No, no.
Get me a medic now! Move it!
Hang in there, sweetie.
Damn you!
Now! Move it!
Yo, Mike, David called again
twice today. This is his number.
Really? You know what?
I'm not interested.
It's your brother
we're talking about, man.
- He might be in trouble or something.
- Oh, David in trouble?
Well, that would make
a change, wouldn't it?
David's not in trouble.
He is trouble.
Tough day today, but you did
a good job out there.
We got a couple of guys down,
but no-one lost.
Most importantly,
the dopers got shot down.
You said no-one was lost.
How's the girl?
I'm sorry. Collateral damage.
It's just terrible.
No-one wins in this, Michael.
Everyone get some rest.
MICHAEL: Hey, give me a minute,
alright? What are you doing here?
Can I talk to you?
The one thing I asked you --
not to come here. One thing.
Mike, please, man, can I just...
Just for a second, please?
What the fuck do you need?
One of your friends banged...
- Just please...
- You need money? I can't help you.
Could you please just come out with me
and talk with me for a second?
I'll see you outside.
Hey. So what is it?
What do you need, David?
Look, uh...
..I'm getting out.
How many times do you think
you can make me believe that, huh?
I'm getting married too.
- Look at her, man.
- Yeah, she's beautiful.
Isn't she, though? Her name's Gloria.
She cares about me, man.
A lot of people cared about you, David.
I love her, man.
I'm gonna marry her.
What do you want from me, huh?
What? You want my fucking blessing?
You got it. Go marry her, do something.
She won't marry me
unless I get out, you know?
I can't do that alone,
blood out and all that, you know?
Yeah, I know, more than you know.
You're gonna give her Mom's ring?
I am.
Let me see that.
Is this for real, David?
I swear to you, man. I'm done.
Do it for Mom, OK?
You come stay with me, we'll get
you a job, I'll get you a place, OK?
I gotta put up with your shit anyway.
I love you, man. Come here.
DAVID: I love you too, man.
I'm not gonna let you down.
I promise, man.
I'm not gonna let you down.
Yo. We got a problem.
(WHISPERS) Hey, hold up.
- Yeah.
- Yo, kid, meet me at the spot.
Come on, man.
Shit, can't you handle this?
Of course I can, kid,
but Elias wants us both on this one.
I guess there's some new crackers
he ain't vetted yet.
It's five bills a piece.
Five bills, huh?
Just a quick pick-up and drop, right?
That's it.
Shit, alright. Fuck it.
Alright, I'll be there.
Cool. See you, kid.
- What's up, fool?
- What it is.
So let's go. Where's this slinger at?
Oh, fucked if I know.
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is he doing here?
ourselves to miss your funeral, bro.
Anthony, step away.
Step away.
It seems like all your boys
have turned up to say goodbye.
They don't look very sad to me.
Well, nobody's sad when a snitch dies.
I ain't no fucking snitch!
So what you're saying here
is Stix over there is a liar.
I seen you sucking up
to that fucking cop.
No, he's my brother, man!
Look, I needed his help
with something. That was it.
I ain't no fucking pigeon, alright?
I swear to you on that, Elias.
I just want out, alright? That's it.
OK, you want out?
That's it, it's done, you're out.
Zed? It makes no difference to me.
You're still a dead man.
You know the code.
Look, I've been banging for you
since I was 12 years old, alright?
I've done everything
you've ever asked of me.
Man, I've taken care of your beef,
jacked for you, killed for you --
everything you've ever asked of me.
Man, my own mother died in my arms
'cause of a bullet that was meant for me
and I still didn't drop the flag then.
You wanna jump out?
You get past them boys and you go free.
You don't, you die.
No bullshit.
Are you next?
Run, rabbit. Run!
Blood in.
Blood out.
- Let me get this.
- Go ahead.
Yeah. Hello. Uh-huh.
Uh-huh. This is he.
Yeah, yeah, Deputy Michael Savion.
When...when did this happen?
OK, I understand.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
You good, bro?
It's David.
He in trouble again?
Yeah, it's more than that, man.
Deputy Savion.
I got a call about my brother.
Go through.
You Savion?
Two shots, both entry, right?
Yeah, one up close.
Any shells?
One in the wall right there.
The other one's
probably underneath him.
It looks like a.50.
You said a .50-cal.
Are you talking about a rifle?
No, no, no. No, it was short shells.
Probably a handgun.
- A handgun?
- Yeah.
You think gang-related?
Oh, yeah, yeah, definitely gang-related.
Look, uh...
..I just need to get your signature here
on this positive ID form
and we can get back to work.
You know, I'd greatly appreciate it.
- Feathers, huh?
- Yeah, something like that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, feathers --
that's gang-related too.
He's definitely a stool pigeon.
You shitting me? Fucking listen.
Hey, hey!
I'll tell you exactly what it is!
I got it.
Guess I'll get his personal effects
at the station, right?
Yeah, yeah. Hardwick's
the lead detective.
- Yeah, good to know.
- He'll call you in a couple of days.
I'm sure of it.
What's the password?
Thanks, bro. I owe you.
What you got?
- Gang tats, right?
- Yeah.
You recognise any of them?
Mm-hm, that one.
RSAs. Aren't they the same suit
that runs out of Baltimore?
Same gang, different set.
OK, good. Nice work. Do a run on
the.50-cal handgun for me, will you?
Got you.
Hello. Hi. This is Michael Savion,
Deputy Michael Savion.
I've called at least 15 times,
left messages.
I've not got a single call back.
Yeah, yeah, I understand.
No. Excuse me.
Can you listen to me, please?
I'm just simply trying to acquire
the status of the investigation.
Can you please give me some information?
But I... No, no, I...
OK, yeah.
Look, just tell him that Michael Savion,
Deputy Michael Savion, called again.
OK? Thank you.
Excuse me.
Oh, yeah?
I'm looking for a Detective Hardwick.
And what's your name?
Michael Savion.
And what is this in reference to?
The murder of my brother.
OK, yeah, follow me.
Thank you.
Are we here?
Whore was dumb enough to offer me
a blow job to let her go.
- Well, what did you do?
- I let her suck my dick.
- Oh, man.
Then I busted her for
attempting to bribe an officer.
- That's ballsy.
- What?
She swallowed the evidence. (LAUGHS)
- Hey, guys, who's Hardwick?
Right there.
I'm Hardwick.
Why you so uptight?
Deputy Savion. I've been calling you.
Hammond Sheriff's Department.
Oh, yeah. Savion, right.
Sorry I didn't get back to you.
I've been real busy.
Yeah, I see that.
You wanted to know about that banger
that got whacked a week ago, right?
You mean my brother, right?
My brother who was murdered?
Any leads? Anyone in custody?
Best we could figure
was a member of a rival gang.
Right. It's taken you, what,
a week to work that out?
The case has been filed 'Unsolved', OK?
What are you talking about?
You closed this?
He was shot in the fucking back
by a.50-cal handgun.
There's, what,
like, four in the fucking state?
How hard is that to trace, guys?
Look, sorry to hear
about your brother, alright?
- Really?
- Really.
But you probably know better than I do
what he was up to.
A lifetime banger, slinging drugs
on the streets for years.
Yeah, I knew what he was doing.
My brother, though, you know?
Yeah, well, we look at it
like a problem solved, alright?
Another low-life thug off the streets.
Now, I don't know how you boys
handle things down in Mayberry,
but here we don't lose sleep
when the bad guys
do the dirty work for us.
All of you,
you're a fucking disgrace.
- Disgrace?
- Fuck! Oh!
What the fuck are you
doing to me? To a cop?
Oh! Arggh!
- Tough guy.
- Arggh!
He waltzes in here... Where the fuck
he think he at? Kansas?
Whew! It's hot in here. You alright?
I'm gonna hold on to these
till your sheriff in your
podunk town call for it.
And I personally wanna thank you
for staying here at
Hotel Central Lockup.
- They look good on you, man.
- Yeah.
But do come again.
We'll always have this suite here
available for you personally.
Yeah, I'll be back.
You had your fun, you had a good time.
You're a fucking joke, you know that?
Fuck you very much,
Officer Sayvion...Savion,
whatever the fuck your name is.
- What about work?
- You kidding me?
Still think I got a job
after what went down in there?
That's not true, man.
They'll probably just put you on a desk
till they get this sorted.
You're probably right.
Can you imagine me behind a desk?
- No.
- Yeah, me neither.
I'll call you, man.
Hey, Mike, I did
some more snooping around.
- What you get?
- Something's really weird.
It smells like somebody high up
is taking control on a local
or even state level.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
That's bullshit.
This prick in here's got my gun
and my badge. Can you go get it?
- I got you, brother.
- Alright. I'll call you, man.
This is unit 17. I have
a possible 4-2 in progress.
Male suspect is on foot.
3200 Black Oakland Avenue.
In pursuit now.
MAN ON RADIO: Unit 17. stand down.
You are outside yourjurisdiction.
Unit 17. stand down.
We look at it like
a problem solved, alright?
We don't lose sleep when the bad guys
do the dirty work for us.
MAN'S VOICE: Yeah, feathers --
that's gang related too.
He's definitely a stool pigeon.
We don't lose sleep when the bad guys
do the dirty work for us.
He's definitely a stool pigeon.
(IRISH ACCENT) Can I help ya?
Yeah, I need some work done.
What are you looking for?
Sleeves, front, back, all of it.
Start it off with this.
Right here.
I don't know, bro.
Do you know what this is?
I suppose I could put two guys on you.
Of course you can.
This goes nowhere.
I think we could work something out.
When do you want to get started?
Right now.
Yeah, I like it.
I'll take it.
Great. Rent's due on the 1st,
late on the 5th.
But I need first and last month now.
Should cover the first six.
What do you think?
Mm. I like you already.
If you need anything, anything at all,
I'll be right down the hall.
I'll bear that in mind.
Yo, white boy.
What's a fucking Assassin
doing on lndigo's turf?
It's your turf, right?
Fucking right it is.
To me, that street looked like
it belonged to hookers and drunks.
That's a lot of shit
you might wanna clean up.
What do you got? That's it?
That's it. That's all you got?
SONG:If there's a pussy in the club
Beat 'em up. beat 'em up
Put that fucking coward out
Beat 'em up. beat 'em up
A motherfucking pig
Beat 'em up. beat 'em up
Somebody hit you when you flipped
Beat 'em up. beat 'em up
If some bitches wanna fuck
Beat it up. beat it up
And if their man wanna dunk
Beat 'em up. beat 'em up
Somebody fucking with your click...
Beat 'em up. beat 'em up...
I'm gonna get you, white boy.
You motherfucker!
You won't get a chance, motherfucker.
- Oh!
- Ooh!
Stand up!
Do you think this is funny?
Where do you want me to hit your sister?
(BRITISH ACCENT) Will somebody
get the fucking door?
So how about you, Squat?
Do you think you're a match
for Miss Bellona?
There's someone new in town,
an Assassin. Not our set.
Yo, he took out four lndigos by himself.
He took out four lndigos
by himself? Impressive.
No piece, no weapons, no tools, nothing?
He even took their gear
when he was done.
Nice touch.
- You sure it was our ink?
- No doubt.
OK, go find him.
If he wants to tip up,
then see if he'll blast a cop.
And, Anthony, remember --
we cut off the heads
of those that don't bow.
Yes, boss.
- It's Billy.
- Hey, it's Michael.
Man, where the hell you been, bro?
I, uh, need your help.
Can...can you do a crosscheck on Elias
and the Red Stick Assassins?
You OK? Shit, you sound terrible.
I don't have time
to explain any of that.
I just need... Can you do
the crosscheck, Billy?
I got you, brother.
I'll check the system for you,
but how do I get back to you?
Not a good idea. I'll call you
same time tomorrow, OK?
OK, not a problem.
Mike, be careful, man.
OK, yeah. Later, man.
Yo, cuz. You wanna go
take care of some business?
Well, you know what to do.
Make us proud.
Mm-hm, I'll be right back.
This is kind of
fucking dangerous, right?
Hanging out at a fucking cop shop.
What the fuck is he
waiting for, man? Come on!
Hey, you need a hand with that?
Oh, fuck!
Holy shit! Yo, that was Hardwick, bro.
Yeah, it was, or what's left of him.
Fuck you very much, Detective Hardwick.
Fucking asshole.
Oh, shit! Holy shit!
- Let's go. Get back in the car.
- You like that?
- Let's get the fuck out of here.
- He had it coming. You got my drink?
Who was that for?
Homeboy D-Day.
- Fuck that snitch!
- Shut the fuck up, Squat.
You know as well as I do
fucking D-Day was no snitch.
Yeah? Then why the fuck did Zed
make us do what we did then, huh?
'Cause Zed's a fucking animal.
That's why.
David wanted out, man. That was it.
He was getting married and shit.
You said 'Zed', right?
He's Zed, the big cheese, Elias's boss.
You're EC. I thought you would know Zed.
Yeah, I know exactly who he is.
I just didn't know he was down here
taking care of a snitch.
..Elias wants to meet you.
So let's go see him.
SONG:This is a movement A real movement
Like coke in motion
You motherfuckers
talk like you a movement
But none of youse are moving
I walked the hills. I had to climb
with these legs of my own
My hard days and dark nights
put my head in the zone
Hustled for blood money
Left my wife pregnant at home
We're on the television
Everyone's regularly stoned
I flashback to a '70s song
in the Volare with my mom
Picture the future
Seeing everything gone
My wife is asking me.
Is anything wrong?"
I tell her. Erica. everything is
You better be strong"
America. where I was born
City blocks are where I was raised
I seed from the land of the greed.
home of the craze
I never run. I'm unafraid
I'm known to be brave
Till my bitch dig me a ditch
and she stone me a grave
Seven weeks in utero
You grow and don't be a slave
Just build your hunger and
your power from your loneliest days
There were many before me who
moulded me and showed me the way
But I'm my own man. there's nobody
that told me to say what I say
Hate will fuel your rage
Drugs will get you high
Money buys respect
Love will get you by...
- You like her?
- Are you kidding me?
My boys tell me that you have,
uh, some serious banging skills.
Is that right?
He tore it up at the cop shop, boss.
So tell me -- what brings you
to Jigga City?
I wasn't going back in.
The Assassins -- I knew they were here.
And what about your boys?
(SCOFFS) Man, I was on cold storage.
By the time I gated, my EC boys
are either dead or locked up.
Which boys?
G-Ray, Smokes, DC Dog -- all dead.
(CHUCKLES) Little Mac, B-Bad --
still in prison.
Hoodwink and Lemworth.
How did Hoodwink get his name?
You know that.
Eye socket smashed in
while he was jumping in.
And you, what's your G name?
OK, Mr Snake.
Welcome to your new set,
Red Stick Assassins.
Consider yourself blessed in.
But you have to work
a little harder for your set.
Just a tiny little test.
What the fuck is the test?
A test to be a true Essex man.
We have a date with the BRG
and you, Mr Snake,
are gonna be our head-buster.
Let's celebrate.
No, I'm good.
He's good. (CHUCKLES)
He's good.
SONG:We did it for the money
We did it for the game
We did it for the money
And we'll do it again
We did it for the money
We did it for the fame
And we did it for the money
And we'll do it again
Again. again. again...
ZED: You may be a warrior,
but the throne belongs to him
who has the courage to sit on it.
Ain't that the fucking truth,
hey, right?
You keep doing what you're doing
and me and you're gonna be highrolling
very soon, my brother.
Very soon, very soon.
- That's the fucking plan, right?
- Yeah.
- That's the fucking plan. Hey.
- Here.
- Stay out of trouble.
- Alright.
What's up, ladies?
Man, who the fuck is you?
I'm the reaper, baby,
and Death is with me.
- Forgot how fucking fun this was.
Please, sir, could you spare
some change?
No, we got nothing for you, sweetheart.
Keep on moving.
Hey, Iady, come here.
Here, take it.
God bless you.
What the fuck are you doing?
She needs it more than I do.
Yeah, got nobody else better
to give it to?
Yeah, like who?
I don't know. Your momma?
No, she got killed by a drive-by
when I was a kid, you know.
She have any other babies?
Yeah, kid brother.
Died banging.
What about you?
She cool?
(LAUGHS) No. She's a fucking mess.
Pregnant, strung-out,
pain in my fucking ass.
You gotta love her, though, right?
So they keep telling me.
Way to go.
You hit?
Fuck this.
That is unacceptable.
If you get any resistance,
correct it by any means necessary.
Now the summit.
Tell me about the American.
"He's a newcomer" --
that's your... reconnaissance?
Find out everything you can
about this man.
We have very little... time.
Contact our friend at the ministry.
Have him drop the papers
we spoke about.
I don't care what it costs. Do it.
Well, aren't you a picture
of prenatal fucking health?
Look, I just need a little, OK?
Probably, if you just give me a little,
I'll be fine, OK?
I don't know
what you're fucking talking about.
- Never gonna happen!
- I know you sell this shit!
I know you sell this shit, alright?!
Just give me some fucking...
Don't you fucking touch me! Just...
Listen to me. Listen to me. Come here.
See this? See this?
- You're fucking pregnant!
- Fuck you!
Listen, if you don't wanna do it
for yourself, do it for the baby.
I am not gonna help you fucking
kill yourself. Do you understand me?
Fuck you, OK?!
I will go suck a dick
if you won't give me none.
Fuck you. Fuck you!
You're gonna give her Mom's ring?
What's up, big dawg?
Let's go bang this, man.
Go blast them fools.
Yes, it is.
- You guys always go at it like that?
- These days, yes.
Yo, come on, y'all, man!
I wanna ram
them mother-fuckers up tonight!
Fuck me, Squat.
You got some energy in you.
Yeah, well, Elias says we gotta bounce.
Wants to get his new general
to the game.
Michael, Anthony here tells me
of all your good deeds.
Everyone...bear witness.
You, Michael, are now my general.
What the fuck is a general?
He's been locked up a for a while.
Michael, the world sees us
as nothing but thugs...
..street rats, urchins... Lucifer does.
We have the world fooled.
Cops are numb,
and our business has expanded.
Sounds like a good thing.
Like the cogs on a wheel,
we build our machine piece by piece.
It's not a problem. We just, uh...
we go recruit more bangers, right?
We get the baddest mother-fuckers
in the world.
It's not like the marines.
It's like the Mayans.
We conquer a tribe, they bang for us.
They're not us.
Doesn't matter.
They're warriors.
How do you think a 13th Street boy
became an Assassin?
And if they won't roll,
Elias jets them to another set.
Fair enough.
They're soldiers.
They know nothing
but thugging, fighting and fucking.
It takes a man like you... become a general.
We get paid handsomely...
..the world needs us...
..and we need the paper.
I'll be watching you tonight.
Just to see how good you really are.
- Kelvin Martin.
- Yeah, I know who he is.
I knew him.
You guys are tied in with the cops?
Wouldn't exactly call Hardwick a cop.
We want Martin.
Anything else, my friend... a bonus.
Let's go catch us a tribe.
I'm in.
Look, first thing we gotta do,
make sure they don't have eyes.
You two, go check the corners.
Get back quick.
We get in there, we move fast.
Don't give 'em any chances, OK?
You got it?
Let's do it.
- What's up, mother-fucker?!
- Yeah, don't fucking move!
Yeah, sit your fucking ass right there!
I wish you would, huh? Yeah.
- Get your hands where I can see them!
- RUN!
Don't even fucking think about it.
Keep those fucking hands
where I can see them. Stay there.
Anthony, we got a rabbit.
Come back here!
Fuck you up, man!
Hey, Squat. I got it.
You Kelvin?
You wanna come check my ID, huh?
Come check my ID.
It's in my back pocket.
Hey, Kelvin, just so you know, from now
on, you belong to the Assassins, OK?
You made it.
What, you had doubts?
Hmm, maybe.
I'm warrior blood. You risk death.
Shit, then I guess I'm dead, huh?
I'm only slightly dramatic.
No, you're not.
But you are elusive.
Yes, I am.
I am elusive because I do not put
expectations on other people.
That way I do not get let down.
(LAUGHS) You learn a few things
when you've been screwed over
as much as I have.
Things change, right?
From now on, I'm around.
Oh, really?
And who are you?
And, more importantly, why are you here?
You waltz in here like you're
king of the fucking world.
I mean, Elias is trying to
figure out a way to adopt you.
- And on top of that, you...
- Hey, hey, hang on.
Maybe, uh...
Maybe it's not that complicated.
Maybe, you know, you and l... and I are just here
because we're here.
What do you think?
Oh! Oh.
Hey, Billy.
Mike. Man, how are you?
- Where are you?
- You don't wanna know.
What d'you find?
Well, when I searched
the national database for RSA
and I cross-referenced Elias,
it's pretty obvious
the Feds are all over this gang.
It's on the FBI's national task
force list as well.
Mike? Mike, are you there?
Yeah, yeah, I'm here. Fucking Feds.
I guess, you know, sometimes, a man's
gotta do what a man's gotta do, right?
Look, man, this shit is bigger than you.
I know what you're trying to do
and I really understand it.
But if I were you, I'd just let it go.
I mean, look at David.
You knew the life he lived.
And if you're thinking about
doing some vigilante-type shit,
you might not get away with it.
Don't have a choice, Billy.
I gotta take care of this.
Michael, make no mistake about it.
With a badge, it's justice served.
Without a badge, it's murder.
It's like this, man.
Why don't you just tell me
where you are,
so if you need any help,
I can be johnny-on-the-spot?
Thanks for caring, man.
Gotta keep you clean.
You're in deep enough.
Take care, Billy.
Fucking Feds. I can't believe it.
Hey, Gloria, wait.
For God's sake, listen to me,
I need to help you!
I wanna help you.
You one of Anthony's homies?
- What you got? Some blow for me?
- No.
Nothing like that.
My name's Michael.
Michael, David's brother.
David who?
David Savion.
What the fuck?! Why am I
supposed to fucking believe you?
Come in here with
these crank-ass whores!
Listen to me.
I'm trying to get you out of here.
This is why I'm here.
Gotta get you out of here, you have
a baby. Your baby, David's baby, OK?
Let me help you.
How am I supposed to believe you?
- That's fucking shit!
- Listen...listen to me. Come here.
Can't fucking tell the whole
neighbourhood. Come here, please.
It's our mother's ring you're wearing.
How am I supposed to believe you?
Listen to me,
I just wanna get you out of here.
Take care of yourself,
take care of the baby, take care...
- Just let me help you, please.
- No, no.
You guys murdered
the only fucking thing I ever loved.
- I loved him.
- How am I supposed to...
I loved him, too, Gloria.
Fuck you!
Get that fucking shit away from me.
Hey, man.
Gonna shoot me through the door?
What, with this?
What's up?
Elias wants to see you.
Yeah, what about?
He wouldn't say.
And I asked.
- What, right now?
- Right fucking now.
Give me a second.
ELIAS: Michael.
MICHAEL: What's going on?
- Sit down. Come on.
- OK.
I need to talk to you.
Sit, please.
Do you remember I spoke to you
about the war?
- Yeah. Every...every word.
- Good.
The world you and I travel in
is run by very few powerful men.
Now, these men are not politicians.
Nor are they military experts.
The battles we've fought
over petty turf is now behind us.
We've grown to become leaders.
International leaders.
We no longer divide and conquer.
We conquer and divide.
This weekend is a summit of our network.
I know that.
Arturo is representing South America...
..Zed and I North America.
Who's covering Europe?
- I like your thinking.
- Business, right?
But first things first.
We can unite North and South America.
That puts Zed at the top
and me over North America.
Sounds like a bloodbath to me.
Yes and no. Then again,
perhaps it's down to you.
Me? Why?
We decided to keep it fun...
Arturo brings his general,
and I bring mine.
How can I help?
A blood match. Winner takes all.
..the question is, Mr General...
..are you willing to represent
our organisation?
What do you think?
You lose...
..we work for Arturo
till the end of our days.
You win...
Look at me.
..riches...beyond your
wildest imagination...
..will be ours.
Who would I be fighting?
Hector Gonzales.
Arturo's greatest general.
Really? So how great is he?
You're greater. You're faster.
You're more powerful, more intelligent.
You can win.
No, no, no, no. Not you can win.
You will win.
So I guess, um...your wish... honour, right?
I thought you'd say that.
OK, let's celebrate.
Yo, it's A-Train. Gloria's here.
- Really?
- She told me about yesterday.
- And?
- She wants your help.
Cool. That's a good thing, right?
Where are you?
Fifth and Broussard.
OK. OK, I'll be right there. (HANGS UP)
We cool?
We're cool.
You're doing the right thing,
you know that.
I know.
Thank you.
She wants help?
I hope so.
Why don't you go ask her?
Hey, Gloria, you OK?
I just wanna get out.
That's why I'm here.
Anything you need,
we can arrange that, right?
We'll help you.
Let me ask you a question.
Where do you really stand with Elias?
Elias has a saying.
"We cut off the heads
of those that will not bow."
Yeah, sounds like him.
- How's that working out?
- It's not.
Elias said...
.."They've lost their way...
"..and no man is bigger than the set."
Time for a change, huh?
Just you?
Come in.
I know you're a cop.
(LAUGHS) What the fuck
are you talking about?
I saw the way you cleared
the lndigo's house.
If you weren't there,
it would've been bang, bang,
and whoever's left standing
would've won.
Yeah, well, I'm still not a cop.
And I've had similar tactical training
at Quantico.
I ran your DNA, Deputy Michael Savion.
What the fuck? You're a fucking Fed?
Yes, I'm a fucking Fed.
I'm deep undercover.
Look, we've been in the field
on this for a very long time.
I built a DNA database
of the gang members
which we're gonna use to convict them.
We've been hoping to get these guys
all together in one place
at the same time.
The summit is what
we've been waiting for.
You cannot -- cannot --
screw this up, Michael.
- It's important to me, too.
- What do you mean?
This guy Zed,
what do you know about him?
Zed -- he's one of our main targets.
British sonofabitch. Their "guv'nor".
He killed my brother.
Yeah, he wanted to go straight,
have a family,
and they shot him in the back for that.
Wait, so this is not an operation?
This is just you?
Jesus Christ, Michael!
You can't just come in like a vigilante.
We're gonna take Zed down.
This is bigger than you
and your brother and Elias.
You can't do something to screw this up.
What have you given up, Zed... your...haste for the world?
Given up?
We gain the world.
Oh, it's a little scratch of earth...
..only until it's swallowed up
by the beast...
..with your remnants
and skeletons of bones remaining.
Mother Earth's breath is weighted.
So, what do you know about this guy?
Hector Gonzales?
Well, he's never lost.
The guy's a beast.
Even for you.
We got shit to do, right?
I'm not done yet.
I need a minute alone.
Win tonight.
Don't do anything stupid.
Wait for my signal.
This is bigger than you
and your brother.
I know.
Guess it's worth winning, though.
ANTHONY: Hey, guys?
They're here.
You see, I heard the whispers.
- Whispers?
- Yes.
Yes, the voices that tell me you seek...
..Michael's scratch of earth
for your own, hm?
Whispers, my friend, they told me
you were looking for los campeones.
That is why I have come here.
What the fuck is this?
That's for me?
You fucking kidding me?
Come on, I'm old-school, remember?
I guess you should... You know where
you found it? Just take it back.
What exactly do you want, Arturo?
We both want the same thing.
A little scratch of earth.
At all costs.
This is my sacrifice.
I know you're taking the
best soldiers from all sets.
You've never lost a summit.
That's true.
And neither have you.
That's it, Michael. You stay focused.
I need to go find my sister.
She's missing.
Now, look, brother, at some point, man,
if things go well, I'm gonna go ghost.
You're doing the right thing, man.
Look at them.
I want what you want -- spreading
our reach throughout the world.
But unlike you...
..I don't forget
who my family really is.
Hail Mars, son of Juno, god of war!
On toward to battle!
Hail Mars...
..son of Juno, god of war!
ALL: Hail Mars, son of Juno, god of war!
Mine enemies to their knees!
Mars, who will wield the sword of man,
come forth,
for the victory is in their hearts!
ALL: For the victory is in their hearts!
For the victory is in their hearts!
For the victory is in their hearts!
Hector! Hector! Hector! Hector!
Hector! Hector! Hector!
Hector! Hector! Hector!
SONG:Come on!
Oh. let me tell you now
Get up! Get up!
Oh. let me tell you now
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom...
Get up!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom!
Bringing the doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Bringing the doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker...
- That's it!
- Come on!
- Come on!
Come on!
Let me tell you now
Oh. let me tell you now...
Come on!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Now we're bring the doom...
- Arggh!
We're bringing the doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
We're bringing the doom...
- Oh!
Get up! Get up!
Get up!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker...
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
We're bringing the doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Doom We're bringing the doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
We're bringing the doom...
Arrgh! Arrgh!
Oh. let me tell you now
- Yeah...
- Yes!
Oh. let me tell you now
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker!
Doom I'm bringing the doom. sucker!
Doom. sucker! Doom. sucker!
Doom I'm bringing the doom. sucker...
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael!
To the victor goes the spoils.
He's yours.
Victory goes further than this room.
I'm gonna take your whole empire.
Do you truly think you possess the
virtue to rule all of the Americas?
Do you?!
Don't you worry about me.
Oh, not even for a second.
But perhaps it is you
that should worry about yourself.
The position you seek
is a precarious one.
ELIAS: No, Arturo, I think it's you...
..that's in a
fucking precarious position.
Enjoy the elation of your conquest.
Albeit brief.
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Let's go.
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael! Michael!
What do you think, Michael?
Two for one?
You're fucking monster, you know that?
- What was that?
- Put it down. You don't need it.
Do I need this? Do you need this?
ELIAS: Do it, Zed. Do it.
So, what happens now?
Don't be a fucking coward!
That's what I gotta say to you.
Cops! Get, get, get, get!
Get the girl!
Get over!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
You hear?! Fuck you!
Please just let me go!
Ugh. Shut the fuck up!
(SCREAMS) Oh, my God!
Let me go!
It's OK, Gloria. Come on.
OK. You OK? I got you now. It's OK.
You're OK.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
It's OK now. It's OK.
It's OK.
- Hey, hey. It's OK.
- Michael.
Don't do this. Look, it doesn't
have to be this way, OK?
- Come on.
- You're right, it doesn't.
You have a baby, David's baby, OK?
Blood in.
Blood out.
Hey, you alright?
I think we're gonna be alright.
Be OK. You come stay with me, OK?
We'll get you your own place.
We'll get you back on your feet.
No drugs, no gangs.
I wouldn't want to have to lock you up.
You don't have a job.
I know.
I think we got it from here.
What do you think?
Lead me on
My time has come
The seed is sown
And the war is won
Leave me my dignity
But promise
You'll be patient with me
'Cause I have been so lonely
I could die
Lead me down
Where my audience lies
Strip me of everything
I wore in my disguise
I don't mean beggar's rags
But don't take off them shopping tags
My millions paid
Could save one million more