Blood Paradise (2018) Movie Script

Please don't hurt me.
- Baby?
- I think I'm having an allergic reaction.
It's, um, it's not allergies,
it's a panic attack.
- I think I'm getting a heart attack.
- It's just a panic attack.
You just have to calm down.
Sit down.
- Where's the pills?
- You don't need the pills, okay?
Where are the fucking pills?
In my purse.
Where are the fucking pills?
Baby, they're in my purse.
You want to untie me?
- So, how you've been?
- Better to be honest, much like your books actually.
But, er, you know...
I think we've got to
go different direction.
What do you mean?
What kind of direction?
I-- I wanna see
Robin in the dirt.
Yes, I can see it.
I went with my son to Sweden.
We did one of those adventure
trips, you know, back to nature,
and it was fabulous, and I think
that's what you need.
Sweden? Why, why Sweden?
I think you need something new.
But I'm-- I'm-- I'm working on
this book right now,
er... here.
You know, we've done so well together.
I think you should trust me.
I think you should pack
and you should go.
- Okay.
- And I mean, look at me, have I ever advised you wrong?
I don't know,
I have to think about it.
Think about it
but don't think too long.
We both need the money, right?
I mean, I've got
a kid in private school,
you have a lifestyle.
I think it's time
to do something that sells,
something new, something hip.
The time has come
to balance your chakras.
Open your third eye
and become the dragon.
Breathe fire,
spread your wings and fly.
You are free, you are strong,
you are the dragon.
Now, breathe like a dragon.
So how was
that meeting with Lilo?
She wants me
to go to a farm in Sweden.
Why the fuck Sweden?
I don't know.
It's hip or something.
- Hmm.
- I know you're scared of flying, you can stay here.
I don't think you should go.
I have to go.
I have a bad feeling about this.
You always do.
I love you.
See you, Ted.
start the car, please.
Miss Richards,
I'm really sorry I'm late.
I'm-- I'm really sorry I'm late.
- Oh, you must be the driver?
- Yeah, yeah, that's right. Yeah.
So, so, so, just let me
get the bags for you.
- Sure.
- Sure? Okay.
Just come with me.
It-- Just-- Argh. Just hop in.
We're there in no time.
Just make yourself comfortable.
That! You comfy?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
You're Robin Richards?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
Sorry, I'm...
I don't mean to be creepy.
I-- I am Hans, by the way.
- Hans.
- You can-- you can call me Hans Bubi.
I am, er...
I also happen to be
your biggest fan.
If you-- if you would like
to do me the honors.
Just write, "To Hans".
Wonderful. Wow.
Um... You-- You don't mind?
Yeah. And-- and maybe this one?
Just this-- this last one.
It's not-- not
so much my favorite.
It's not really what-- what I would
consider a Robin Richards book, you know.
But still, it's-- it's okay.
It's got its moments.
I wrote it.
Yeah, I know, but...
It's not a Robin Richards'.
You can-- you can do
a lot better than that.
Great. Yeah, you know, I know you're
going to write the next masterpiece here.
I'm sure of it.
It's going to be great.
So-- so, er...
Are you here alone?
Yeah, my boyfriend
is arriving tomorrow.
- Oh, your boyfriend, yeah?
- At noon.
Yeah? Okay. So?
I was actually going to ask you
if you could pick him up.
Just anywhere you want to go,
just-- just call me, just...
- call Bubi and... I'll get you there.
- Thank you.
You know, I really do love
your books, you know.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I've read them several times.
- Really?
- No, I-- I-- I wish I could write like that.
Are you a writer?
I want to be. But it's...
still it's only in my dreams.
It is, it's hard having dreams
in a place like this, you know.
Why is that?
I don't know. It's here,
nothing ever happens here.
What was that?
- Wow! Are you okay?
- Yes.
Shit. Ha!
Wow, it just fell off! Damn!
Just have to...
Just go and wait
in the car. It's-- It's okay.
- No, you shouldn't really.
- No, I'll help.
I've got it. I-- I've got this.
Just go and sit, sit in the car.
It's-- It's okay.
You know...
You shouldn't really.
- You all right? You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Ah. Slowly, slowly.
Just listen.
- Do you hear?
- What?
The forest.
Don't you think this would be a
great opening for your next book?
- What do you mean?
- The driver and his-- his passenger just
getting stuck in the middle of nowhere
in the dark forest and you know,
some ancient evil wakes up
and start haunting them and...
and killing them
and eating them and whatever.
Wouldn't that be great?
Should we put
the couch on the roof?
Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure. Right.
Right. Argh. You're ready?
One, two, three.
Um, sorry about the bumpy ride.
- That's fine.
- OK. OK. Sure.
Um, here's for tomorrow as well.
- We talked about this.
- Oh, oh, your boyfriend, yeah.
- Picking him up at noon.
- Yes.
- Yeah, right. Got it.
- If that's okay?
- Sure. Sure. Got it.
- Thank you.
Oh, shit. Did I scare you?
No, I, I just didn't expect...
that thing.
It's a hen, an animal.
Yeah, I-- I guess
it is an animal, yeah.
- You must be Robin?
- Yeah, and you must be Rolf?
Yeah. You can call me Rofer.
Rofer. Got it.
Do you mind holding it?
I-- I don't know how to hold it.
- Just like a baby.
- But I've never hold it.
- Squeeze over the wing.
- Over the wing?
OK. Over the wing.
- I'll pick some eggs.
- OK.
Two eggs.
Present for you.
- Uh...
- You can eat it tomorrow.
What-- what if it breaks? Okay.
- Don't squeeze it.
- No, uh, I won't.
So, now I can take that.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Please, come in.
Here's the bed.
I made it myself.
It's a nice bed.
Yeah, and cozy.
That's my wife.
She's resting out there.
She's buried in the garden?
Yeah. She loved the garden.
But now, it's only a garden of...
Let me show you the kitchen.
I renovated it myself.
Yeah, it's nice.
I renovated the chimney.
You can make
a fire in the stove.
Oh. Sorry, my sister
must have been here.
This is my wife, Linda.
Isn't she beautiful?
Yeah, she's lovely.
She was a fine lady.
I don't see a restroom.
It's in another part.
Please, I will show you.
- Another place?
- Yes.
- Outside?
- Yes.
Hey. Um...
It's a really great day.
Do you know if there's
any way down to the lake?
Thank you.
What the fuck.
The time has come
to balance your chakras.
Open your third eye
and become the dragon.
Breathe fire.
Spread your wings and fly.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
- Hey there.
- Hi. Can I borrow your phone?
It's broken, out of order.
It's lost, Ted took it.
Do you know where there's
any cellphone connection?
You can try up in the hills.
Find a high peak, and, I mean,
maybe you'll get some connection there.
The road over here?
Yeah, straight ahead.
Thank you.
Where have you been?
Where's Ted?
Ted never showed.
Thank you.
Probably nothing,
he's scared of flying.
I need a phone.
- This is a phone.
- It doesn't work.
Rats, probably.
You know, you can use mine.
The one at home. That works.
Um, well, I'll probably
have to shower.
Change some clothes.
Looks good.
It's right this way.
We're doing a bit of renovating.
So it's-- it's
kind of messy right now,
but it's gonna be fine.
Sorry, just got to
move the couch.
Okay. All right.
Come on right in.
Just come on in here.
We're renovating, so it's
gonna be... It's gonna be cool.
Bubi cave.
- The telephone.
- Huh?
The telephone.
Here it is.
Oh, you...
Maybe you wanna sit down?
- Sure.
- Yes, sure.
Just sit here.
Sure you wanna sit like that?
Just sit down.
There you are.
Yeah, just push
the buttons and...
Oh, you-- you-- you want
some privacy?
Lorenzo, is Ted with you?
He's not here.
Yeah, you're probably right.
All right, talk later.
So where is he?
I don't know.
You know,
my wife probably did that.
She's jealous.
We're being totally rude.
You haven't introduced me
to your... whore.
I'm Robin.
I know who you are.
I've been using
your books as toilet paper.
I'm sorry about my wife.
She can be... You know she--
You know, sometimes she just--
She just gets mad and...
Actually, she scares me.
Can you pick me up tomorrow?
I'm going to the airport.
It was a mistake coming here.
What do you mean, what do you
mean a mistake coming here?
I can't write anymore. I'm done.
Of course you can write.
You are Robin Richards.
You're the greatest author
in the world.
Just don't give up.
Don't go home.
Stay here and try.
Pick me up tomorrow, same time.
She loved the garden.
But now, it's only a garden of death.
Please don't hurt me.
No, no, please.
No, please. No, please.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to eat one.
What do you want?
Hans! Hans!
I'm really sorry about my wife.
She has a bad temper.
The time has
come to balance your chakras.
Open your third eye.
And become the dragon.
Breathe fire.
Spread your wings and fly.
You are free.
You are strong.
You are the dragon.
Now, breathe like a dragon.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Help me.
Help me.
I need a phone.
Do you have a phone, please?
A telephone.
Hello again.
I'm very sorry about my wife.
And I'm very sorry
about the finger.
But I will make it good.
Don't worry.
Don't hurt me.
You will be fine.
Don't worry.
You're looking
a little bit damaged.
Would you like some fika?
That is coffee and buns.
Then I will get it for you.
I-- I'll come back.