Blood Rage (1987) Movie Script

(Eerie music playing)
(lndistinct chatter over radio)
(On speakers) Ladies and gentlemen,
your intermission is almost over.
You have two minutes till show time.
I'd like Trojans.
(On speakers) Ladies and gentlemen,
your intermission is almost over.
You have one minute till show time.
(On speakers) Ladies and gentlemen,
your intermission is over.
Come on, babe.
(Woman) Mmm.
(Woman screams in the background)
(Man sighs)
What is it?
(Whispering) It's the boys. The boys.
Look, they've been asleep for half an hour.
Don't worry about it.
(Man) Hmm.
(Boy, whispering) Mom's at it again.
Let's get out of here.
Get out of here, creep.
Hey, hey, get out of here.
What are you doing? Get lost.
Beat it.
(Screaming continues)
(Woman, screaming) Help me!
Help me! Help!
(Low voice) I thought
I heard somebody scream.
All right, look, let's get out of here.
This is ridiculous.
You know, I don't do women
who drag their kids around everywhere.
OK. Take me home.
Oh, my God.
Where are the boys?
My boys have gone!
(Yelling) Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mom!
- Mom!
- Terry!
- Lemme go. Terry.
- Mom!
- Terry, you're all right? What happened?
- I'm fine.
He did... He just hurt that person.
He just hurt him.
Terry, stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
Son, it's all right. No, it's all right.
Mommy's here. It's fine.
(Siren wailing)
(Man) Thank you, Mrs Simmons.
- Happy Thanksgiving to you.
- Same to you, Mrs Simmons.
I thought that it was
important for us to meet today,
because as you know I've been
working with Todd the last few months.
(Dr Berman) Dr Berman's patient
consultation notes, November 22nd 1984.
Saw Maddy Simmons, Todd's mother,
for the first time today.
I don 't think she was
quite prepared for what I told her.
That after 1 0 years,
Todd was starting to remember
what had happened in the drive-in that night.
Facing the fact
that Todd's memory of the incident
cast suspicion on his twin brother, Terry,
was not that easy for her.
On Terry?
What, are you crazy?
Her position on another issue
was also somewhat negative.
No! No!
No more tests.
No more tests.
My children are not guinea pigs.
My past work with hysterical patients
helped me calm her down.
I'm sorry.
Though calmer, Maddy's level of resistance
was still quite high.
I wondered...
How would she react
when confronted with Todd himself?
How would Todd respond to Maddy
in view of his new recollections?
I was not without worry.
After all, I had never seen
the two of them together.
It's your favourite.
Pumpkin pie.
(Dr Berman) Maddy
treated Todd like a child.
As if no time had passed
since the evening of the murder.
Their initial tension was predictable
in light of Todd's breakthrough.
The trauma of watching his twin
commit murder had made Todd catatonic.
In that state, he couldn 't fight
what he now sees as punishment
for a crime he did not commit.
Maddy persisted in defending Terry.
And espousing her notion
of one big, happy family
without realising that such ideas
had ceased to have any meaning for Todd.
(Todd) Family. I don't...
(Muttering) I don't care about...
(Dr Berman) His world and my work
were beginning to crumble.
Todd, please don't do this.
- Honey, just stop it. Honey, please.
- (Buzzer sounds)
Sweetheart, its Dr Berman's office.
(Dr Berman) But in spite of
the dramatic nature of today's outburst,
I consider the setback relatively minor
because Todd remained focused
on establishing his innocence,
and getting on with a normal life.
(Todd) Get me out of here.
I never killed anybody.
(Dr Berman) I must now begin
the long process of preparing him
for the dangers of the world
from which he has been sheltered.
(All) Break.
(T erry) All right, you rush.
I'm going to cover Karen.
(Dr Berman) As for Terry,
he mustn 't find out that I suspect him.
He's been normal for 1 0 years.
But who knows what
will trigger another killing?
- (Laughter)
- I think I got you.
(Group) Aww.
Come on, it's a football game,
not a kissing contest.
(Laughter and chatter)
(lndistinct chatter)
You must be Terry!
Your mom's told me all about you.
I am Beth, your new neighbour.
This is Andrea. She's just
home from college, too.
Your mom invited us
for Thanksgiving tonight
and we will both be just delighted to come.
Great! Why don't you play football with us?
I don't really know anybody here yet.
Oh, come on, you'll have fun.
Hey, who's that good-looking
chick with him?
(Scoffs) I don't know.
Listen, everybody.
Let's go up for a swim, huh?
Yeah, let's go.
Oh, I am so glad I don't have
to slave in the kitchen this year.
That Maddy Simmons is a saint!
I mean, she really is.
She hasn't had it easy.
Her husband left her when
the boys were young.
Terry has a twin who killed someone
and went crazy.
- Wow. That's tragic.
- I mean, Terry saw the whole thing.
The doctors thought he might
never get over it.
(Chuckling) He seems to have
adjusted quite well.
Looks all right now!
Oh, Jesus, look at that.
New girl in town.
Ohh, yummy, yummy, yummy.
(Gregg) The water's nice.
Oh, this is great!
(Karen) One, two, three!
Oh, just...
(Clears throat)
Hey, Andrea honey?
Um, hi, um...
Listen, I know this is kind of last minute,
but, um, there's a stockbroker and I've
been kinda hoping he would ask me out,
well, uh, he did!
And, um, I was just wondering if you could
watch baby for a couple of hours tonight?
(Andrea) I guess so.
There's nothing else going on here.
Oh, thank you!
You're a doll.
- (Woman) Julie?
- Huh?
- The baby.
- Oh.
Hi, doll.
Home we go!
- (Andrea) Oh.
- Jeez. I wanna live here.
(Andrea) I can't get over her.
She's 28, divorced, stuck with a baby
and works at a grocery store.
God, if I were her, I'd shoot myself.
Andrea, that's a crummy thing to say.
- (Andrea scoffs)
- So do l.
I think she's got a lot to offer
to the right person.
Like you?
You're right, she'd be better off
shooting herself.
You never told me that one!
Before we start,
Brad and I
have an announcement to make.
Come on, honey.
You tell them.
- We're going to tie the knot.
- We're getting married.
(All cheering)
(Woman) Great!
Congratulations, Mom!
Oh, Terry. I love you so much.
Aw. That's really nice.
Congratulations. I'm happy for you both.
I really am.
- (Brad) Thanks.
- (Laughing)
I guess that a toast is in order.
Oh, a toast.
Here's to the new family.
- (Glass clinking)
- That's nice.
Well, I'd say that this big
bird is ready for carving.
Terry, you do the honours.
Well, seeing as how
we have a new head of the family,
I think it's time you started
pulling your own weight around here.
(Chuckles) Thanks, buddy.
Listen. Dig in, everybody.
Dig in.
I mean on the other stuff.
(Woman) Oh, great. OK.
- (Phone ringing)
- Oh. Excuse me, excuse me. I'll be right back.
(Woman) So, Andrea, tell me,
what year are you in?
Junior. You?
Well, it's my first year.
Um, I really love it though.
My classes are great!
(Andrea) I was like that
for about a week,
then all I wanted to do
was party and play tennis.
- You play tennis?
- (Andrea) Yeah!
Then we should play sometime.
Great. You've got to have friends here.
This place is slow death.
And at Christmas, we're going
to be stuck here for a week.
Oh, we'll find something for you to do.
(Andrea) I hope so.
Oh, I'm babysitting for Julie tonight.
Why don't you come by?
I'm gonna be so bored.
- Oh, I'd love to.
- Great!
(Maddy) Terry?
Could you help me for a moment?
Coming, Mom.
That was the school that just called.
They can't find Todd.
What do you mean, "They can't find Todd? "
Did he run away?
And they think that he might come here.
Oh, wow!
What are we supposed to do?
They're out looking for him now.
And his doctor is on her way over here.
Brad, are you're almost done?
I wanna a slice of turkey.
I'm getting there, I'm getting there.
All right, hurry up.
Listen, let's just pretend
that nothing's happened.
I just don't wanna spoil things.
I mean, it is Thanksgiving,
and everyone's been looking
forward to the dinner so much.
Anybody else need more turkey?
No. I'm pretty good. Thanks.
- For a minute.
- Very nice.
Everything OK?
Hot bread, everybody!
Looks like you're getting a chance
to meet the rest of the family.
My psychotic brother just escaped.
(Andrea) Terry, is something really wrong
with him or is he just a little loonie?
- (Beth) Andrea!
- Just asking, Mom.
Would you pass the green beans, please?
- Brad?
- Oh, the green beans, yeah, sure.
Gee, this looks good, Mom.
Come here, you.
It's been a long day.
Time for you to get off your feet.
Why don't you get out of here
and I'll finish up?
I think everything went very well.
The turkey was perfect.
(Door opens)
I'm sorry. I can't now.
(Door closes)
I mean, Terry's in the next room
and Todd's out there all alone.
I'm just so worried.
What if he comes here?
Hey, hey, don't worry. I'll be here.
- We'll handle it.
- (Sniffling)
I'm sorry. Guess I'm just
a little nervous. That's all.
Maybe, if I straighten the place
up a little, I'll feel better.
That's what I am gonna do.
- I'm gonna just straighten the place up.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, babe.
It's OK. I mean, he's probably
hiding in a closet back at school.
So, relax. OK?
Oh, Brad.
I'm so glad you're here.
(Doorbell ringing)
- Hey!
- I got him, Doc.
(Dr Berman) Put that gun down.
It's his twin. Can't you see?
You are Terry, aren't you?
Don't worry about the gun.
It's only a tranquiliser gun.
Now, listen. I'm Dr Berman,
I'm from the institute,
- I want to see your mother.
- Dr Berman!
- Did you find him?
- No, I haven't even looked yet.
What's that gun?
It's OK, Mom.
Hey, hey. I'm Brad King.
I'm the manager here.
Maybe I can be of some help.
(Dr Berman) Yes.
Would you please help me?
Sure. Uh, listen, I'm gonna take care of them
and I'll be down in my office.
Now, you stay here
and don't worry, I won't be long.
OK, but just don't be long.
- I won't.
- OK.
Take care of your mother. Come on.
(Man) Nice place you got here, Mr King.
Were you around when the
Simmons kid first turned into a wacko?
Come on, Mom. It's all right.
- (Dr Berman) Let me do the talking.
- It's all right.
(Man) OK, Dr B. Sorry.
Sorry, Mr King.
Now, how can I help you?
You can tell me where I should start looking.
OK. We got about 1 0 acres here.
Now, if he were on the grounds,
he would probably be hiding
on one of the back patios.
And we have a nature walk
through the woods, right back here.
You might want to check that.
Do you keep any guards here?
No. We never had any trouble before.
All right.
I'm going to start looking with Jackie.
Where will we find you when we're finished?
OK. My office is in
Room 1 37, right down there.
If you need any help, that's where I will be.
Fine. Thank you.
You're gonna go down there
and you're going to search all the patios.
And I'm gonna go out into the woods.
But Dr B, maybe I ought to go with you,
you know, in case, there's a problem.
Jackie, I can take care of myself.
Give me the gun and just go.
(Man on radio) This is The
Lord Never Sleeps Bible Show.
And since the Lord never sleeps,
neither do we.
We'll be broadcasting prayers and music
and reading from the good book
all through the night.
And if you know what's good for you,
stay tuned...
(Phone ringing)
Oh, thank God.
- (Brad) How are you?
- No, I'm just so worried.
Everything's OK?
The doctor and her assistant
are out looking around,
they're not going to find anything.
But just in case, I'm here.
Uh-huh. Stop it. It's OK. It's OK.
No, I feel it's just like a burden for you
and it's too much for you.
And it's my problem.
And I just...
(Brad talking indistinctly)
I love you, too.
(Radio playing)
(Radio continues playing)
(Brad) Well, look
what the cat brought in.
(lnsects chirping)
(Dr Berman) Todd?
(Jackie) Todd, are you out there?
Come on out. Damn, Todd.
This isn't funny.
(Cat yowls)
Shit. Get a grip on yourself.
Dr B is gonna kill both of
us if I don't bring you back.
(Dr Berman) Todd?
Todd, I don't like this, Todd,
you better come back.
Hey, Todd.
I got some goodies.
You wanna get high?
Then you gotta come out first.
Come on, Todd.
(ln sing-song) He's a lunatic. Lunatic.
Terry, right?
It's Terry, right?
(Terry) Yeah. You're uh,
Dr Berman's friend.
Damn, you guys look so much alike.
It's... It's frightening.
Hey, I'm really sorry about what
happened back at the house.
Well, that's all right.
Damn. You guys sure look a lot alike.
Hey, Dr Berman told me to relax,
so I was relaxing.
- Hey, you want a hit?
- Sure. Thanks.
You know what else Dr Berman told me?
Mmm-mmm. What?
She told me that Todd
never killed anybody.
- (Terry) Yes, he did!
- (Screaming)
Yes, he did.
(Frogs croaking)
Todd, it's Dr Berman, Todd.
Please come out, Todd. I'm here to help you.
(Dishes clattering)
(Line ringing)
It's not cranberry sauce.
(Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
(Man on radio) An eye for eye,
tooth for tooth and hand for hand...
(Baby crying)
(Door knocking)
(Andrea) Terry!
Hi. Come on in. Want a drink?
Oh, I'd love one.
I've got vodka and tomato juice
or tomato juice and vodka.
- Just tomato juice.
- Sure?
- I don't drink.
- OK.
- Any news on your brother?
- No.
God, I heard about what he did.
Must have been a drag for you and your mom.
I don't like to talk about my brother, Todd.
It gives me nightmares.
(Andrea) Sorry.
Let's talk about something else.
Got a major, yet?
(Terry) Psychology. You?
I told you. Partying.
I wonder if there's anything good on the tube.
OK, Karen, this is it.
(Doorbell rings)
Hey, Simmons.
(Scoffs) I don't believe this.
(Karen) Simmons?
Hey, Terry?
Come on. Where are you?
Oh, brother!
(Gasps) Oh, my gosh!
Terry, you scared me to death!
Oh. I thought you were hiding from me.
So, um...
Listen, we didn't get much
of a chance to talk at dinner
and well, you wanna talk?
You're high, aren't you?
(Laughing) You always get
real quiet when you're high.
Well, Terry?
Well, look, um...
(Clears throat)
You know, we've both been away at school
and I don't know,
we haven't talked to each other.
You haven't written me any letters
and I've hardly even seen you
since you've gotten back.
And, I don't know, Terry. I just love you a lot.
I want you to make love to me.
You're shocked, huh?
Well, Terry, come on,
I wish you'd say something.
I'm not Terry.
I'm Todd.
Um, Terry's brother?
Oh, my God.
I mean, um...
So, you're home for the holidays, huh?
You seem nice.
I've never kissed a girl before.
Oh, yeah. Well, um...
You really ought to try it sometime.
I gotta go. Bye.
Hey, Artie!
Artie, come here.
Hurry up.
Come here.
You guys are not gonna believe this!
(Music playing on car radio)
Terry's insane brother is here.
I just saw him out back.
Are you crazy or something?
This guy's in some nuthouse.
No, really, they called during dinner.
He escaped.
Oh, shit. We better find Terry.
Oh, no way. I am not
going back there. Uh-uh.
We'll go.
Oh, great. The both of you?
I better stay with Karen.
Listen, I'm not afraid of this guy.
Just in case.
(Karen) Wait a minute, Artie.
That is ridiculous. Don't be stupid.
Yo, Simmons?
You back here?
Well, he looked exactly like Terry.
Except that he had this really
wild, crazed look in his eyes.
I mean, I almost peed in my pants.
- Pretty scary.
- Yeah.
(Karen) What are you doing?
I'm just trying to calm you down a little bit.
Well, stop it. You're just
making me more nervous.
(Artie) Nobody back there.
(Karen) Maybe we should call the police.
Now, cool your jets.
When Terry gets here, he'll know what to do.
Yeah, but you guys, don't you think
we should be doing something?
My God!
(Terry) God. That's horrible.
How can they show that on TV?
What are you doing?
(Door opening)
What's going on here, you two?
- Absolutely nothing!
- (Laughing)
Baby OK?
Oh, little bugger didn't make a sound.
Ah! Thank you so much, Andy, honey.
You're welcome.
Um, Julie, the $1 0?
$1 0?
(Sighs) Well, I'll look.
(Opens purse)
Oh, yeah. Please.
Let me take care of this, all right?
(Chuckles) Thank you.
No problem.
Looks like you two have had quite a party.
I wouldn't drive anywhere, if I were you.
Oh, Bill.
They're neighbours.
And besides, I told them
they could help themselves.
I'm only looking out for you.
You could get in trouble for
getting minors intoxicated.
Oh, we're not minors, sir.
- Good night.
- (Julie chuckles)
Don't pay any attention to him.
He's just looking out for me.
- Let's grab some more beer.
- (Car radio playing)
(Karen) Hey. Wait a minute.
Isn't that Terry over there?
- Where?
- Right over there.
Yeah, it is.
We better check this out.
- (Artie) Hey, buddy.
- Hi. What's up?
Terry, I just saw your brother
and he tried to kiss me.
At least he has your taste.
Damn. That's a great idea!
Why don't we have a welcome-home
party for Terry's crazy brother?
All right!
Not funny, Gregg.
Did you see him for real?
Or are you goofing on me?
Yes, I saw him for real.
Do you think I'm going to kid you
about something like that?
Hey, where you going?
To find him.
Look, you don't understand.
He's nuts. That's why they locked him up!
(Laughing) It's like the rest of your family!
- That's not funny, man. That's not funny.
- Hey, hey!
What's eating you? Chill out.
(Karen) Hey, um, should I come with you?
Gregg, you think he's really pissed off?
(Mocking) Nah.
You guys, forget about him.
If you're really serious
about doing some partying,
Iet's go back to my place.
My mom's gone for the night.
I've got plenty of stuff. How about it?
Sounds good to me. What about you, Artie?
- You don't have to twist my arm.
- Let's go!
(Artie) Karen? Come on.
(Andrea) Yeah, Karen. Come with us.
Oh! Oh!
(Terry) He's here!
- What?
- Todd.
- He's here.
- (Vacuum switches off)
With the doctor?
No. He's still loose.
Oh, my God.
Karen said that she saw him.
I can't find that doctor anywhere.
I think maybe she left.
Where's Brad?
I don't know.
(Line ringing)
Should we call the police?
Find Brad.
He's probably out looking.
I'll stay here in case Todd comes home.
But Terry, be very careful.
He's probably very frightened.
And Terry, please put on a sweater.
It's cold outside.
The blue one.
(Todd sniffling)
I know you believed me.
Why didn't you do something?
(Girl) Tinker.
- Hi.
- I've lost my cat. Have you seen it?
But do you know what?
Cats have a way of finding
their own way home.
And I think that you should go home, too.
Because there's
a bad person out here tonight.
- OK?
- OK.
So, go home and lock your door.
And don't let anybody in. Not anybody.
No matter what they say.
I'm gonna whip you like a step child.
So, Andrea, what are we going to do here?
OK. I am going to teach you
how to drink tequila, right. OK?
- Now, you lick your hand.
- Mmm-hmm.
Come on.
OK, now, dunk it in the salt.
I have my own method.
OK. Now, we're gonna lick the salt
and then down the drink real fast,
- and then take a bite of lemon. OK?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Lick your hand.
- (Video game playing)
Mmm, lemon.
Not too bad, huh?
Mmm. That is gross.
(Artie laughing)
Mmm, tell me what happened
tonight with Terry's brother?
Did you kiss him or what?
No way.
And I felt like a real jerk, too.
At first I thought it was Terry,
but he seemed strange.
Then he came out of the shadow,
and I realised it was his brother.
And he had this really weird look on his face.
And then he told me he's
never kissed a girl before.
Oh. How creepy. Ugh.
Well, I really hope they catch him.
Me, too.
Hey, guys!
(Gregg) Hey, hi. How are ya?
(Andrea) With one of those things around,
you can write off this night.
You girls having a good time back there?
(Andrea) Oh, sure. Just talking about the bad
old days when guys were horny all the time.
Oh, that sounds like my kind of conversation.
(Karen) Hey, um, Artie, I'll take you on.
And I bet you I beat you too.
Come on, Karen. You know you can't beat me.
Ah! That's what you think.
When's my turn?
- When I am finished.
- Hold on, you're going to crash.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
- You are too!
Oh. You've already crashed.
Too bad.
Crme de menthe.
(Julia) I'll be right with you, honey.
Coconut liqueur.
I've never had coconut liqueur.
What do you do? You take it straight
or on the rocks?
Well, anywhere you like it.
"Not for children."
Silly thing to put on a liquor bottle.
- (Laughing)
- "Not for children."
Of course it's not for children.
Read it again...
Body. Liquor.
I thought you might like an appetizer.
Why don't I just slip into
something more comfortable, hmm?
- (Clears throat)
- (Doorbell ringing)
Would you get that, please?
- Uh, it's that kid who just left.
- (Sighs)
Well, find out what he wants.
- (Record scratches)
- (Baby crying)
Oh. Baby. Shh, shh.
- (Baby crying)
- (Shushes) Honey...
Mamma's gonna to get you a rich daddy.
I'll be right there.
Here I am.
(Knocking on door)
What are you doing out there?
(Baby crying)
I'm coming, baby.
(Maddy) Terry.
Oh, go.
Watch out for that road barrier.
Oh, you almost hit it. Oh my gosh.
What happened?
Too much wine, I think.
Did they find Todd?
No. Not yet.
Maybe he didn't come here after all.
Maybe he ran away.
Far, far away.
Come give Mamma a kiss.
I really got my eye on this one.
OK. You're gonna crash.
- It's my turn already. Yes you are.
- No, I'm not.
- Here it comes.
- No, I'm not.
Oh, got them.
- (Groans)
- (Laughing)
OK. 90,000 points. That's not too bad.
- (Sighing) I should do better.
- You still did better than me.
It's awful quiet in here.
Yeah, I know. Where did Andrea
and Gregg go?
What was that?
(Karen) Artie, wait a minute all right?
Be careful, all right?
(Artie) OK.
(Knocking on door)
Hey, Ramsay, you in there?
(Karen) Andrea?
- Jesus!
- Argh!
(Andrea laughing)
Gregg, they thought the makeup was real.
Ramsay, you asshole.
Jesus. I thought
that Terry's brother got the both of you.
Yeah. So did l.
You guys, that was not funny at all.
Thanks a lot.
Artie, I'm leaving.
- Aw, Karen.
- (Laughing)
Hey, we're going to Mark Johnson's party.
Are you two coming?
Andrea wants to play a little tennis.
A little tennis?
(Laughing) Talk to you later.
(Laughing) It worked. I don't believe it!
Oh, shit.
Andrea, that was a dumb thing to do.
- Gregg honey, I'll be out in a minute.
- OK.
(Whistling) working order?
That number is in working order?
Oh, no. No. That's impossible.
It's impossible. You must have
dialled the wrong number.
No. He's definitely there.
Could you please just recheck that number
for me? Cuz this is a real emergency.
Why not?
Look. Look, look. Look.
You don't seem to understand.
This is a real emergency.
This is a real emergency.
I mean, he's definitely there.
He's waiting for my call right now.
He is sitting there and waiting for my call.
This is very important.
Operator, I am begging you.
This is a real, real emergency.
What's the matter with you?
- Ready?
- I guess.
How do you expect me to hit that?
See, there's this technique in tennis.
It's called swinging your racquet.
I'll swing my racquet.
Come on. Be easy on me.
(Gregg) I'm never gonna
drink that tequila again.
Need some help, Andrea?
Oh, God.
You... You all right?
Boo! (Laughing)
I couldn't find the ball.
- It's right here.
- Oh. You must be soused.
- Gregg.
- What?
Not here.
I've got a much better idea.
Oh, great.
That's a great idea. That's great.
Oh, operator, thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much. Yes, I'll wait. I'll wait.
Ah, well.
The problem is that, um,
my son just escaped from his school.
Well, actually, he ran away.
Actually, it, it's a mental institution.
He ran away from his mental institution.
Now, um, well... Now, I was there
earlier today to bring him his pie.
I always bring him an individual piece of pie
with a little white plastic fork
and a napkin
and I put it in a little box with string
from the bakery.
What number do I want?
Get me my boyfriend.
No, please, get me my boyfriend.
You stop that.
(Terry) You're bad, Gregg. Bad.
(Dial tone)
Not now.
Not nice.
Oh, please...
Please don't do this to me.
Please don't.
Please don't leave me alone here.
She started dating him.
Well, anyway she dumped me.
The story of my life.
And I'm a survivor, you know.
Oh. Come on, Artie. You got a few good years
left on that puss of yours.
Hey, why don't we go to that party?
No. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
That party's not going anywhere.
Let's talk.
Now, what's the story with you and Simmons?
Mmm. Isn't it obvious?
It's like I'm not even around half the time.
Artie, you know,
you, you and I are like best friends.
Do you think maybe you could just talk to
Terry and find out what's going on for me?
Yeah, sure.
- I'll do it.
- Oh, Artie, thanks.
You're a doll.
A doll? You haven't seen my darker side yet,
have you?
(Laughing) You're a turkey.
Karen, Artie, it's me!
Oh, God damn it, it's Terry.
- (Laughing)
- You fucking asshole. Shit head.
- Truce. Truce.
- Truce.
I just couldn't resist.
Hey look. I'm sorry about
popping off at you before.
That's all right.
Where's Gregg and Andrea?
- Um, they're out playing tennis.
- Yeah, right.
You know, somebody ought to tell them
to get inside.
Nobody should be out
with my brother around.
Oh, yeah. Right.
I'll tell them.
Hey, and thanks for looking out for my girl.
You're a real sweetheart, Simmons,
you know that?
A real sweetheart.
You know, we haven't had
much of a chance to be alone.
Well, that wasn't my idea.
- Let's go back to my house.
- OK.
Hey. Who are you?
What are you doing in my car?
You're a friend of Terry's, right?
Oh, my God. You're Terry's crazy brother.
No. It's Terry who's crazy.
He's killing people.
Yeah, right.
- You've gotta help me.
- Hey, anything you say!
They call me "Mr. Helper."
Mmm. I was beginning to think
you didn't care any more.
I care.
How come it seems like you've been,
I don't know, sort of distant lately?
Do I seem distant now?
(Laughing) No.
(Artie) Now, listen, Todd.
Straighten yourself out.
- I am all right.
- Just try to stay cool, OK?
It's my place, too.
Everything will be fine.
(Doorbell ringing)
Terry. Your brother's here.
- He's got to be stopped.
- Yeah, I'm with you.
See anything?
- Simmons, get over here.
- What is it?
Take a look at this stuff.
a fork.
(Laughing) Be careful with that.
That isn't cranberry sauce, Artie.
That is not cranberry sauce.
- I see him.
- Where?
- Over there.
- Where?
Where is... Argh!
Hey, Artie!
Hey, you guys!
Where are you guys?
Oh, come on. Artie!
It's not cranberry sauce, Artie.
It's not cranberry sauce.
(Karen) Terry!
Hey, Artie! Where are you guys?
What happened? Are you all right?
Sure, I'm all right.
What is that thing in your hand?
It's Todd's.
He's gone totally out of his mind.
He's killing people all over the complex.
- Come on. We've got to stop him.
- No.
Let, let's just go to your house
and call the police.
Call the police?
Yes. This thing has gotten totally out of hand.
You're right. It has gotten totally out of hand.
That's what we'll do. Call the police,
they'll know what to do. They'll figure it out.
- (Gasping)
- I love you.
- (Screaming)
- Did you hear me? I said, "l love you."
Karen. Where are you going?
Karen. Karen!
Gregg! Help! Help me, please!
Let me in!
- (Man) Hello.
- Oh, my God. I don't believe it.
Thank God you're there.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, ma'am.
Are you sure you got the right number?
This is 473-7896.
I'm sorry. I'm... I'm sorry. I must, uh...
- No problem.
- I must have got the wrong number.
(Phone clicking)
Oh, my God.
Why? Why are you doing this?
You're no fun.
You're no fun at all.
Hello! Help!
(Ringing doorbell) I need help really bad.
(Ringing doorbell) Is anybody in there?
Who is it?
Oh. Um, I'm Karen Reed
and I'm a friend of your neighbour's.
And I need help.
I can't let you in.
(Stammering) But you don't understand.
I... Please just open the door.
You have to let me in!
The man said not to let anyone in.
Oh, but please!
There's somebody after me and he's chasing
me and he's trying to hurt me.
You're gonna hurt my kitty.
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Come on.
Is anybody here?
Um, I'm a friend of your neighbour's
and I need some help.
(Baby crying)
Um. I hear your baby crying.
- Hello.
- (Baby crying)
It's all right. Shh. It's OK.
Come on. Isn't anybody here?
I...I'm really sorry to disturb you, but l...
(Baby crying)
(Baby crying)
Come on.
(Baby crying)
(Terry) Karen, I hear the baby crying.
We're alone now.
(Baby crying)
Karen, that hurt.
Brad, help me. Help me.
Oh, Brad.
Brad, I was calling you and calling you.
Why didn't you answer the phone?
Todd's here! He's been killing again.
(Man on radio) may even
fool your mother,
but in the end you will answer to the Lord
and only the Lord.
And so it is written and so it shall be.
When a man goeth into the wood
with his neighbour,
to hew wood, and his hand
fetches the stroke with the axe
to cut down the tree and the head
slippeth from the helm,
and lighteth upon his neighbour that he die,
he shall flee into one of those cities, and live.
And those which remain shall hear and
fear and henceforth commit no more...
Ugh. Ah. Ah.
(Baby crying)
(Baby crying)
- Hi.
- Oh, God.
Can we talk?
Oh, Karen.
Are you guys still in there?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.
Have you seen Karen?
I don't believe you, guys.
You would do it anywhere,
on the diving board,
in the sauna.
(Door closing)
(Man on radio) Amen. The Dawn
is coming soon,
so we're gonna sign off.
But we hope you'll listen to The Lord Never
Sleeps in the future.
One more key to life everlasting.
I'm going to make everything all right.
(Baby crying)
Karen, what's the matter with you?
Get out of the way!
What? Are you going to try
and shoot me again, Todd?
I'll kill you.
I swear I'll kill you.
You've been a bad boy, Todd.
(Terry laughing) You wimp.
Try to grab my hand!
You'll be OK.
- (Gunshot)
- (Screaming)
(Terry gasping)
- (Gunshot)
- (Screaming)
- (Gunshot)
- (Screaming)
Oh, my baby.
Oh, my baby.
Come to Mommy.
Mommy's here. Come to Mommy. You're safe.
It's OK, you're safe.
Oh, I love you so much.
I love you so much.
I've hurt you so much.
I'm never gonna hurt you again.
No one's every gonna hurt you again.
It's us again.
It's us again. It's just us again.
No one's ever going to separate us again.
You're my whole life.
I don't want to live without you.
You're my world.
It's safe here.
I don't wanna be with anyone else.
We don't need anybody else.
We just need to be with each other. That's all.
Oh, God. You're such a good boy.
You're such a good boy. You're the bestest.
You're the bestest of the best.
It's just us, Terry.
He's gone.
Todd is gone.
I'm Todd.
I'm Todd.
- I'm Todd.
- No.
- No. No.
- I'm Todd.
(Echoing) I'm Todd, I'm Todd!
I'm Todd. I'm Todd. I'm Todd!
- (Todd) I'm Todd! I'm Todd! I'm Todd!
- (Maddy) I'm Todd. I'm Todd.
I'm Todd! I'm Todd.
I'm Todd. I'm Todd. I'm Todd! I'm Todd!
- I'm Todd! I'm Todd! I'm Todd!
- I'm Todd. I'm Todd. I'm Todd. I'm Todd.
- I am Todd! I am Todd! I am Todd!
- I'm Todd. I'm Todd. I'm Todd!
I am... (Gunshot)
(Sirens in distance)
(Police siren blaring)