Blood Ransom (2014) Movie Script

[Door opens]
She's a very special girl.
I'm just gonna drive her.
Don't get close.
You won't even talk to her.
I'm just here for the job, man, that's all.
That's what they all say.
I don't need to take this.
Why me?
You are strong.
You're right.
Give me a break, Oliver.
It's not gonna happen.
You guys up all night, huh?
I'm not gonna do it, okay?
Why? Because you don't think fucking pretty boy'll pay?
He'll fucking pay!
Where does he get all that cheese from, huh?
You know there's some illegal shit going on...
Yeah, illegal, why?
Because he hired and fired you?
This will all be handled!
We got this caper straight.
Dude is fucking loaded.
He don't want no cops coming around.
Plus, he loves that bitch.
He'll pay...
Hey! Watch your mouth.
He's gonna pay.
Your boss will pay the ransom.
I don't fuck around.
I said no.
[Music playing]
It's getting late
It's getting dark
In the end of the night
I can feel your warmth
So don't you worry
Just rest your head
'Cause in the end of the night...
I think it's dangerous that she's changing her mind.
My blood is coursing through her.
-She will kill the driver.
-She's still human.
That means I know her a little better than you do.
The disease will set in.
Take something of his scent, place it in the back of the car.
When she kills him, she will be mine.
She won't take your offer.
Let her die painfully on her own.
That is her choice.
If crystal doesn't want it, I do.
She does have feelings for the driver.
If she has urges, she won't act on them.
She'll push him away to save him.
She won't be loyal to you.
I will.
Do you think you know what I am?
You're not gonna touch her.
Why? What, are you in love with this chick?
Jeez, don't worry.
We're not gonna hurt her, lover boy.
I don't fuck around.
And, come on, what is this
"Niet-zsche" shit you're reading?
You think you're gonna find the meaning of life hanging out in digs like this?
Come on, no one reads books anymore.
Besides, god is not dead, motherfucker.
[Music playing]
Appetite for destruction
Your body, I'm lusting
Animal loving with no repercussion
Blowing dust in the air
Shoot the rocket launcher off
I can't do nothing but stare
And light the nag champa
Hey, don't work that bitch, Max.
All right?
All right, let's go!
Hurry up, babe!
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on! Come on!
Oh, you got her?
You got her? All right.
Go, go.
-She's all fucked up.
-Check her out.
-Oh, shoot.
-[Muted chatter]
Oh, shit!
No, you crazy bitch!
Oh, shit. Oh, wait.
Shit. Oh, sh...
-what the fuck?
Come on.
Oh, shit.
Were you up all night?
-You need help cleaning up?
-[Phone vibrating]
I don't think I could have kids with her.
I gotta go to work.
I heard you're driving around some girl.
A girl named Crystal, right?
Is it at the club where Oliver used to work?
I gotta go.
Look, man,
I know I'm not hanging out with you guys anymore,
but this is my life now.
And, Oliver, that guy, I can't...
But you?
I... I still consider you my best friend.
You know what I'm saying?
Are we gonna kiss now?
Fuck you.
I'm serious.
That place you work at,
it's one of those private clubs outside industry, right?
Where you don't ask questions about the girls?
A couple months ago,
a string of murders were reported outside one of those places.
I'm not saying that you're spot.
They brought in this brother, thinks he's John Wayne,
walks around all day with a cowboy hat.
They told me suddenly the entire investigation
was terminated from up top,
like that shit never happened.
All I'm saying is, don't get into anything.
I know how you are, man.
They want money for the girl.
If you think the note is stupid, there was a call, too.
From an unblocked number.
You know her family had money.
She didn't need this place from you.
That should tell you something about her.
Think of this as your way out.
All you have to do now is nothing.
I'm tired.
Kill them.
And bring her back.
[Phone ringing]
Yo, Jerr. It's Oli.
Dude, don't get pissed man, all right,
but we, uh, went ahead and did it, you know?
You know that thing with the girl?
But listen, I told you where we would keep her if it went down,
but don't go there, man, all right?
Just stay out of it now, Jerr.
I know how you are, man.
You know, sometimes in life you just gotta do nothing.
You know what I'm saying?
Anyway, man, I'll get you your share, all right?
I'll make sure of it.
But, dude,
do not go down to that place, okay?
Just sit tight.
Don't do anything, man.
Look, I gotta go, all right?
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-[Man groans]
-Give me the keys.
-What the fuck?
-You stay out of it
or I'll fuck your bar up.
-Don't help him.
-Get the fuck off me!
Take this shit outside or I'm calling the fucking cops.
The keys.
Don't be fucking stupid...
Give me the fucking keys!
I told you not to touch her.
Dude, she fucked up Max! Oh!
Call the fucking cops!
Who the fuck are you?
How the fuck did you get...
You tell me where the girl is
or I'll shoot your friend in the head.
He's not my fucking friend.
Okay, then.
You tell me.
1453 industry road, all right?
In a storage room in the back.
Jeremiah Rose made us do it.
He's there with her right now.
You're a weak man, aren't you?
Well, I don't want to die.
But you're already dead inside, can't you see that?
There are all these dead people walking the earth...
Some of them right here in West Covina,
And they fight so hard to stay alive inside.
You, on the other hand,
have the gift of life,
but inside, you're nothing.
...on earth as it is in heaven.
They kingdom come, they will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Do you believe in god, Oliver Mendia?
Give us this day our daily bread...
Answer me!
I believe my soul will be saved.
Well, you're wrong.
I don't believe in god.
I didn't ask you.
-Do you want me to ask you?
I'm gonna take you back.
I don't care what happens to me.
-I care about what happens to me.
-I'm gonna take you...
I can't go to a hospital.
I can't go back.
Please, just help me get out of here.
Roman will come after us.
And Bill?
-[Car alarm]
-He's all ready here.
Don't fight him.
Don't ever fight him.
We have to go.
Come on.
[Engine stalling]
Fuck. Shit.
[Engine revving]
[Phone ringing]
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Is something wrong, hon?
Yeah, something's wrong.
I had the blood test done.
Why didn't you tell me last night?
I don't know.
It was your birthday, Jeremiah was here.
-I didn't wanna...
-What did the doctor say?
He said he wants to see us together.
That doesn't sound good.
I know.
I have this odd feeling.
Look at this shit.
Lord have mercy.
It's a goddamn shame.
You know any of these boys?
I thought all you flips knew each other.
I sure hope you ain't fixing to make none of that
Nasty-ass dinuguan shit y'all...
Somebody wanna help him up?
[Police radio chatter]
CSI this shit here.
You got it? All right.
Everybody move.
-Hey, you a mess, boy.
-Give me your hand.
Watch out.
What you got?
Hmm. All right.
Well, let's just roll on out then.
Come on.
Let's go.
Please, Daniel, get that out of here.
What are the prints?
One is the deceased, Oliver Mendia.
The other belongs to a California resident who was arrested
for drunk driving six years ago,
Jeremiah Rose.
And, you know, I found what I thought was blood,
but I couldn't find a match.
I couldn't even find a type.
I don't know what else it could be.
Ange, I need a big solid.
Keep those prints on Rose
between us until I tell you, cool?
We're closed.
Dude, come on, man.
I need your help.
Arnie, don't answer the door, don't pick up the phone,
don't talk to anyone.
[Arnie] man, I mean, look at this chick.
You ain't cut out for this.
Look, I know there's trouble in this.
Jesus Christ.
Come on.
If people are gonna chase you, she's gotta be fast.
[Phone ringing]
[Ringing continues]
What the hell are you doing?
Jerr, what's up? Jerr.
Oliver and Max are dead.
Listen, whoever these people are,
Are you listening to me?
You gotta get out of your place.
-[Arnie] you have to give her up.
-No, you listen to me.
The guy who killed them is on his way to you.
Jeremiah, what the fuck have you done?
I'm sorry.
Please get her somewhere safe.
I'm gonna take her to my cabin, the place I told you about.
Nobody'll find her there.
You got a gun?
Yeah, I have a gun.
I'm gonna need it.
You know, killing's a funny thing.
Most people stay dead.
Your best chance is to bring her back.
If you do that, I'll give you 50-50.
If you don't, what happens is 100%.
You have until the end of tomorrow night.
But if you overrun that,
or anything happens to that girl,
you'll find my word is gold.
Jeremiah, we're on our way.
Yeah, the cabin's not easy to find.
I'll text you the turn-off.
Gotta go.
Stop the car.
We're two miles from the next rest stop.
Stop the car.
We're in the middle of the road.
-[Demonic voice] Stop the car!
-What the fuck?
[Car horn honking]
I need your blood.
Please, please, don't be afraid.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You're not going to take my blood.
Just one... you're in the middle of the road!
[Horn honking]
You were supposed to find the ones that took her,
kill them, and bring her back.
I gave the driver until the end of tomorrow night.
That's not what I wanted.
I never break my word.
You see, you had your chance.
Stay out of it now.
I can't do that.
-I want you...
to see something.
I'm not answerable just to you.
Not anymore.
Every breath you draw,
you owe to me.
If you're threatening me with that girl,
she means nothing to me.
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Jerr, what the fuck is going on?
Is Anna safe?
She's safe.
I need 24 hours.
Is it a girl?
I need 24 hours.
In 24 hours it won't be up to me.
Where's Arnie?
You can't be alone out here like that.
What happened to your face?
You're healed.
Thank you for saving my life.
You're the only person I can trust now.
You won't be needing this.
Just let me go.
You know I can't do that.
Kill him.
I want to take it back.
Whatever it is, this thing I'm becoming?
I'd rather die.
I will not kill him.
Is that what you really want?
Because if it is, you won't be able to do it yourself.
Your insides, they won't let you.
Let him do it.
If you want a real death,
he can give it to you.
I don't understand.
Everything I've promised you is real.
This is the opposite of life.
I felt his heart.
You know what you have to do.
Come daybreak tomorrow, none of it will matter.
You said when the time came, I would have a choice.
-He's dead already!
By asking for his help, you chose that.
And the longer you are with him,
the more the urge will take over.
Did you think there were no consequences?
You see, whatever...
life or death...
that you choose,
there are always consequences.
Where'd you go?
I'm sorry.
For what?
I have something to confess.
What is it?
I went to your place yesterday,
because I wasn't...
I wasn't sure.
Then I found this.
See? It's monogrammed.
My dad gave it to me when I was young.
I got this crazy idea...
that maybe you took this from me
because, you know,
you had feelings for me.
This was something to hold onto
Because we couldn't be together.
I'm not that sentimental.
[Whimpers, barks]
Hey. Got gas and picked up some food.
We should keep moving.
Take this from me.
What are you doing?
Give me your hand.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not.
You have to kill me.
If the baby has R.H. Positive blood
inherited from the father
and the mother and baby's blood cells
become mixed during gestation,
the mother's body may treat the baby's blood cells
as foreign substances
and produce, um,
antibodies against them.
As a result of this,
the baby may be born seriously ill,
and unless there's a blood transfusion right after birth,
the baby could die.
I don't understand.
Are you saying that my blood is no good?
We should have brought the blade.
That'd be like accepting defeat.
The light's awesome when it's dying.
It's one of the few times I think maybe there is a god.
I hope there is.
Ballistics report came back today.
Car accident or something.
That's a nice tattoo.
Seems like all your boys is dying today.
And this one right here don't even look like a flip.
You know, I figured that it's tough on all of us
with all this lawlessness we got to deal with every day.
So I really don't like questioning other badges,
but I got to tell you,
I'm having a hard time shaking this feeling
that you... you're hiding something from me.
All them boys dead got to have something to do with somebody in common.
And I think it's somebody you know.
I think the symbol of sacrifice is quite beautiful.
-Don't you?
-If you say so.
You're employer's grown Morose.
We thought he would be a fine person
to begin a West Covina chapter.
But this whole incident has become messier than need be.
And now you claim he doesn't want you to kill the driver?
That is what you said, isn't it?
I miss the days when we could all do our own killings.
Vampires didn't need men like you.
It was very libertarian.
You mentioned something about a lead.
If the girl has changed her mind,
there is this woman they might see.
I knew you'd come.
I never wanted this.
I can see you actually thought about killing him.
Did she show you the blade?
He didn't want to bring the blade.
That blade is the only thing that will stop her
if she wanted to kill you.
You haven't got much time.
When did it happen?
Six nights ago.
The seventh is your last.
If you don't die, you will kill,
and he won't be able to stop you.
Do you still want to help me?
Jeremiah, you have to kill Roman.
And if you do... if...
mix a drop of his blood
in this vial of newly blessed holy water.
Drink it and you'll be human again, Crystal.
Remember, the blessing has to be fresh.
The water that you use at church,
once everyone's touched it,
that's not holy water anymore.
This is bullshit.
She doesn't know what she's talking about.
Listen, it has to be father Mena.
You can't just explain all this to any priest in the middle of the night.
Jeremiah, we have to go back and get the blade.
All the rest of this is bullshit.
I want to believe you.
You have to kill me...
-Before I kill you.
-I'll prove it to you.
Emily! Come out here, sweetheart.
Tonight was her last night, too.
She's just like you, Crystal.
Little Emily didn't deserve this.
I infected her.
I wanted the child I never had.
And now, I have to kill her
before the sickness I gave her destroys her.
But I hoped you'd come, and I saw father Mena today
and had some water blessed myself.
This blade belongs to me.
Kill me.
-And then you'll believe.
-Jeremiah, please.
Help me free her.
You don't kill us in the heart
Like all the stories say.
You kill us in the throat.
-Do it.
-Show me how strong you are, Jeremiah.
Roman is much stronger than me.
Do it!
There you go.
Aah! Aah!
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You were never a believer.
But now in your time of desperation...
before you take this,
in your heart, do you believe?
Father, there's no time.
Are you shot?
I have a small cut from the altar.
Oh, son, that doesn't look good.
You know I could end this right now.
-Are you hit?
-Are you?
-I told you not to run.
Her fate is inevitable.
Yours, you can change.
-I don't believe in fate.
-Do you believe in god?
We have to go.
You have to go to a hospital.
You don't have much time.
You might die.
If we don't make it and I'm anywhere near you,
you will probably kill me anyway.
Detective, this little girl says she's looking for you.
How old are you?
I'm not sure.
How'd you get here?
I'm not going to hurt you.
Do you know how long I've waited for you?
What you've done?
It's immoral.
The whole world is immoral.
The people who lecture you are hypocrites.
The honest ones wallow in their own despair.
He was going to take me back.
Help him.
-Do one thing and I will.
Take his blood.
Know what you can be.
If you do that, I will save him.
Crystal, what you do with him after,
I leave to you.
You wanna tell me what the hell is going on?
This little girl has been missing damn near a week now.
And her folks that was on the news, we can't find them either.
Now, child services is here to take her.
And she said somebody that you know
told her to come here looking for you.
Now you wanna tell me who that friend is?
Am I dead?
Roman saved you.
God, you're beautiful.
How do you feel?
I feel amazing.
I do, too.
I feel strong.
I feel like I could do anything.
Are you hungry?
This is my parent's house.
Why do work in that place then?
Where are they now?
They're dead.
You see this dress?
My mom had actually put in her will
that she wanted to be buried in this.
Why wasn't she?
Their bodies burned in a fire.
I don't wanna die.
What are you doing at my desk, Hobbs?
I'm just sitting here thinking about that little girl.
You still have that address to the strip club?
Yes, siree, I do.
All of a sudden, you wanna be a cop now.
Hm. That's funny.
You know what?
Fuck you, man.
-I still don't trust Bill.
-I don't either,
but it's gonna be daylight soon.
I don't feel any changes in me.
Maybe the psychic was wrong.
Maybe there is no ticking clock.
We're going in through the back way.
This was an unnecessary mess...
but I took an oath never to harm him.
You'll need this.
Manningham says it's the one.
I can't vouch for that.
But if you choose to take the risk,
that's what he told me.
The way I see it, you don't have much choice.
-Who's Manningham?
-Take the blade.
Just take it.
Remember what I told you, Jeremiah.
I always keep my word.
You understand.
Maybe I should run right now.
Get away from you just to be safe
and see what happens.
Maybe nothing happens.
Look, something is different.
I should be sick, but I'm not...
Why did Roman save me?
Must have been something you promised.
I should go somewhere now.
-Somewhere where?
If things turn out right,
that's where you'll find me.
That's kind of like a promise, right?
What are you doing?
Go back to sleep.
What's that?
Dad's old gun.
Where are you going with it?
Someplace I shouldn't.
-Then don't go.
-I have to.
You don't have to do anything.
-I have to do something.
-About what?
The things that are going on out there.
If I come back from tonight, we should try again.
The doctor said blood treatments could work.
Maybe we're not supposed to have a child.
Wait, what do you mean, if you make it back?
I have to go.
Dawn is coming soon.
Mr. Manningham, why are you here?
She'll be coming back.
But she won't come back to you.
She'll come to kill you.
She's bringing the driver.
They spoke with the psychic.
I think they know the steps.
I never liked that psychic.
We should have never let her in.
-Will you stay?
-How long have you been alive?
-You ought to stop reading
All that Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.
I used to read them all, too.
Now I prefer a good Victorian novel.
All that unrequited love.
I thought, if I lived long enough I'd understand.
Well, as long as you think that you've made a difference.
I don't give it that much thought anymore.
[Tires, brakes squeal]
[Car doors slam]
You know, if suddenly you feel like turning towards god...
God is not hiding behind that light.
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Drink it.
-Then we'll be together.
-Then we'll be together.
Kiss me.
-What are you doing?
-[Bill] I gave you my word.
The sun is up.
[Hammer clicks]
[Hammer clicks]
-[Chamber spins]
-[Hammer clicks]
-[Blows landing]
-[Jeremiah grunting]
I told you, you don't have the stomach for this.
Drink it.
I thought the sun would burn me.
But now, for the first time in my life,
I feel human.
You're under arrest!
Jesus Christ.
There's so much blood.
-Whoa! What the hell is...
Dan, don't.
Dan, don't. It's okay.
-What the fuck is she?
-I'm not gonna let you hurt her.
Don't make it...
I'm not gonna let you hurt her.
I won't let you.
-Put it down.
-Don't do this, Jerr.
Dan, please, you're like my brother.
I'm an officer of the law.
[Hammer clicks]
Can you save him?
If you want kill me, it's not the heart.
It's the throat.
[Little girl]
Why did you stop being a policeman?
Dreamt the same thing my dad dreamt years ago.
What was the dream?
-It's not for children.
-What's in the box?
I'll tell you someday, okay?
But today, I want you to help me bury this in the backyard.
And no matter what happens...
never dig it up.
I promise.
But can I just ask one more question?
Does that box contain the past...
or the future?
It's both.
Hey, where are you headed?
[Music playing]
The blood will turn to rain
Was it ever love?
Was it ever love?
The face that turns the smile
Was it ever mine?
Was it ever mine?
Please stay a while
Forever comes
The secrets turn to pain
Was it all for love?
Was it all for love?
The hurt that you reflect
It was never mine
Never mind
Turn my love
Into the raven soul
These sins are so pure
This place you've hidden, dear
Forever flows
In your soul
It was so clear
Hold for one moment
I remember your soul
Come back to me
Come back to me
It was beautiful
The blood will turn to rain
Was it ever love?
Was it ever love?
The face that turns the smile
Was it ever mine?
Was it ever mine?
[Music playing]