Blood Red Sky (2021) Movie Script

[ominous music playing]
[jet engines roaring]
[man speaking indistinctly over radio]
[siren blaring]
[intense music playing]
[controller] Transatlantic 473,
we've vacated the runway
for landing for you.
You are on line one, four, zero, four.
Keep a low angle.
Seventeen-degree approach is fine.
Now extend the landing gear.
[siren blaring]
[helicopter blades whirring]
[man speaking indistinctly on radio]
Welcome to our airbase, sir.
Everything is cleared.
The plane is approaching.
We assume captain and copilot are dead.
Thank you. Keep your men back.
We'll take it from here.
- Alan, together again. What's the status?
- We checked the passenger manifest.
At least one passenger on board
is on the German terrorist watch list.
The sniper team is already in position.
One there, one around the back.
I'll let you two crack on.
Leave the autopilot on.
I'll give you step-by-step instructions.
- Watch your approach angle.
- As you were.
- There it is.
- Turn off the autopilot now.
Just make sure the nose on the altitude
indicator doesn't sink below the horizon.
Watch your approach angle. Not so steep!
[soldier] Okay, move!
[pilot] It'll bump a little on landing,
but don't worry.
As soon as you touch down,
keep both feet on the brakes.
Step on the brakes!
Now! Floor it!
[engines revving]
[wheels screeching]
- Anybody got a visual?
- [man speaking indistinctly on radio]
- [spotter 1] Adult male. He ducked.
- [Colonel] Team 2?
- [spotter 2]Negative, sir.
- Let me have that.
Transatlantic 473,
this is Colonel Alan Drummond.
I'm in charge here on the ground.
Please tell us the situation on board.
Transatlantic 473, please advise
what the situation is on board.
Is anybody hurt? We're here to help you.
- Where can he go from the cockpit?
- The passenger cabin or down here.
The instrument room and front cargo bay.
Shortwave radio activity!
[man 1 on radio]
Priming the detonator now.
- [Colonel] What's he saying?
- He's talking about an explosive device.
[man on plane]
Don't trigger until we are safe.
- [woman] He wants to ignite when safe.
- Explosives on board.
I repeat, explosives on board.
Take all appropriate safety measures.
Have ordnance standing by.
[suspenseful music playing]
Movement by the rear hatch.
P2, affirmative.
Free line of sight, 320 meters.
It's a boy. He's unarmed.
Don't shoot.
I repeat, don't shoot.
- Get the boy out of there.
- The boy's clean. Let's go.
Male subject back in cockpit.
Free line of fire?
[spotter 1] P1, affirmative.
Free line of fire, 300 meters.
[spotter 2] P2, affirmative.
Free line of fire, 320 meters.
Do not move.
We will open fire at the first movement.
I repeat. If you move, we will open fire.
Hands on your head.
Now slowly climb into the pilot seat.
Put the headset on.
And very, very slowly, show me your hands.
Let me get out.
I'll explain everything to you.
No, you'll do what I tell you to.
You have to believe me. I'm no terrorist.
[Colonel] Hands behind your head
where we can see them.
I'm injured!
I will help you
when you let the passengers off the plane.
How many terrorists are there?
How are they armed? Is anyone hurt?
I need to know as much as possible
before I send my men in there.
I'll try my best.
[helicopter blades whirring]
You're quite the athlete, aren't you?
[sirens wailing]
Hot chocolate?
I'm Naomi.
I work for the police.
What's your name?
There's nothing to be afraid of anymore.
You're safe here.
Anything else you want? Cookies, maybe?
Can you tell me what happened
on the plane?
Were you traveling with your parents?
[TV reporter] The Dow Jones in the USA.
Worldwide, the markets are showing
an eight percent surge in only one week,
driven mainly
by the airline stock numbers.
Analysts predict
a strong course correction,
which means the market might face
some instability for some time.
So in spite of the market's current high,
it's still a risky moment
in terms of investment opportunity.
That volatility is also confirmed by
the fact that gold
is at a new seven-year high.
Market power often comes from genuine
innovation for businesses and malls.
[TV reporter continues indistinctly]
[breathing heavily]
[inhales, exhales]
[announcer speaking on PA]
Where's your mother?
She'll be here soon.
She told me to check our bags.
Hey, wait a second. I'll help you.
- [ticket agent] Thank you.
- Yeah.
[grunts] What have you got in there?
Moving forward with the grand tour,
this is our radiation therapy.
- And there's Sarah. Say hi, Sarah.
- Hi.
How many will it take?
[doctor] Oh, we'll see.
Nothing to worry about.
[doctor] This will be your room.
Forty-eight-inch TV with all the streaming
services, so you won't get bored.
Oh, excuse me, I have to hang up.
It's my son.
[doctor] He's a great kid.
I look forward to meeting him.
Have a good flight.
See you at the airport.
Okay, bye.
[phone rings]
- Hey, little man.
- I checked the luggage.
- I didn't have any problems.
- [mom] You're awesome.
- Elias?
- Yeah?
[ominous music playing]
I love you.
See you in a bit, Mom.
[announcer speaking on PA]
[Elias] Mom!
There you are. Oh, sweetheart.
There you are. You did great.
[X-ray system beeping]
Is this yours?
I have a prescript.
Okay, my love.
Mommy will be right back, okay?
You stay here.
- Okay, I promise.
- Good.
[sinister music playing]
Okay, okay.
I don't understand.
You booked me a new flight.
Now I'm landing at 5:55 in Pennsylvania
and arriving at 7:10.
A.m. or p.m., huh?
Ah, great. Okay, then I can lie down.
Okay, good night.
Good morning.
- Excuse me?
- Good morning.
In America, it's daytime.
Okay, look, we're here.
It's night here.
And New York is over there, to the west.
It's day there now.
And we're flying this way,
but the earth turns this way.
So night will be five hours longer for us.
And we land at night,
and it will be morning here.
That was a real scientific presentation.
[phone rings]
- Is your mother back yet?
- She's taking her medicine.
But there's a doctor in America,
Dr. Brown, who can help her.
He can kill off her bad blood
and implant new bone marrow.
So she will start making new,
healthy blood.
You know, I'm a scientist too, physicist.
I'm going to America for a convention.
- I'm Elias.
- I'm Farid.
- You have siblings.
- [Elias] No, no siblings.
[breathing heavily]
- [Farid] Do you have a favorite team?
- [Elias] Dragons.
Oh, Mom. This is Farid.
He helped me with the luggage.
- W... Would you like to sit down?
- No, thanks.
He's a bright boy you got there.
Mm-hmm. He sure is.
Come on, honey.
[announcer speaking on PA]
[people speaking indistinctly]
Here, Mom.
Sorry, this is ours.
[woman] Rainer, no need to be rude.
[Rainer] Those are our compartments.
[woman] Just sit, dear.
- [Rainer] Are you comfortable?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Everything up there?
[crew member] Welcome from the cockpit.
As we've completed boarding,
we're ready to go and start as scheduled.
My name is Bastian Buchner, second officer
on today's flight to New York.
Please enjoy your time on board
and have a pleasant, safe trip.
[suspenseful music playing]
[crew member 2] We are cleared to New York
via Rome departure route.
So... would you like some coffee, gentlemen?
- Oh yeah. I'll take...
- [flight attendant] Black, two sugars?
- You're the best, Julia.
- And one with lots of milk?
Yeah, right, sure.
Double whiskey, gorgeous.
- Hey!
- Robert, the guy in 1A is all yours.
Sure thing, honey.
The new guy fits all the clichs.
- Are you jealous?
- [Julia] Excuse me?
Well, now you're not the only one
going after the copilot.
[flight attendant laughs]
[flight attendant] You'll find that
the safety instructions have been placed
in the seat pockets in front of you.
We are currently third in line
for takeoff and expected to be in the air
in approximately seven minutes.
We ask that you please
fasten your seat belts
and secure all your baggage under your
seat or in the overhead compartments.
We also ask
that your seats and tray tables
are in the upright position.
[unsettling music plays]
[engines revving]
[breathing heavily]
[man coughs]
[somber music playing]
[soft rock playing inside car]
# I found myself in this place #
# Saw you across the room #
# I had no words to say #
# I knew you'd be mine soon #
# And you showed up around me #
# Lisa caught your smile #
# And I hope I could stay one more night #
[baby whimpering]
Shush. It's all right.
It's all right.
Damn it.
No idea.
What should we do?
You wait in the car. I'll get help.
[somber music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[keyboard clacking]
Excuse me!
- Sir?
- The Internet is down.
Sorry, but that happens.
We're in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
Your airline guarantees
uninterrupted onboard Internet service.
- [man] No! I need to get out of here.
- [Robert] Sir, sit down.
- No, no, leave me alone.
- I assure you, sir.
Don't touch me
when I tell you not to, okay?
I'm not sitting down right now.
- [woman] What is it?
- Someone's freaking out.
I told you not to touch me.
- [Robert] No need to cause trouble.
- Hey, hey, hey, sir...
Take it easy, calm down, man.
Take a deep breath.
Everything's fine, honey.
Go back to sleep.
I'm an air marshal, sir.
You are threatening the security
of the passengers.
If you calm down, I can let go of you.
Do you understand?
Hey, Michael. Do you need any help?
[Michael] No worries. I've got it.
Calm down, please, sir.
Just calm down.
And take a deep breath. What's your name?
- [man] I'm calming down...
- [muffled grunting]
Where is the third one of you?
One D. Where is he?
One delta.
Oh, by the way, my name is Karl.
Eightball, it's done.
[muffled screaming]
It's enough! Enough!
Enough. Stop it.
It's enough. It's enough.
[Karl] What's wrong with this guy?
- [Eightball] Ladies and gentlemen.
- [passengers squeal]
Excuse the disturbance.
Everything is in control.
Okay, remain seated...
and, uh...
enjoy the rest of the flight!
[passengers clamoring]
[breathing heavily]
[Eightball laughing]
Remain seated!
[passenger] Hey,
what's going on back there?
Get back!
- [passenger] What the fuck?
- Get back!
Please remain seated, everybody!
Everyone to the back of the plane.
Don't take anything.
- Heard? Don't take anything.
- This door is secured, you can't...
[lock whirring]
I gave him the drops.
[hijacker 1] Now listen up! We'll clear
this section. Put your hands on your head...
Let's go. What are you waiting for?
Get up!
[passengers screaming]
[hijacker 1] Hurry up!
I said, get the fuck up!
[hijacker 2] Open the hatch.
Welcome aboard.
Go on.
There, there.
- There's a window seat.
- Come on! Move it!
[passenger] Okay.
[Karl] Up, up, up!
- Come on!
- [Eightball] You, move it!
- Move it!
- [Karl] Faster! Come on!
Sit down.
[woman sobbing]
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Funny motherfuckers.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls.
As you can see,
we have control of the plane.
Our one demand is strictly monetary.
If met, you're free.
We want this little operation of ours
to go off without a hitch.
If not... hmm...
Use your imaginations.
Everyone, please place your hands
on the seat in front so we can see them.
Eyes to the ground. Thank you.
Oh, and remember.
Big smile. Big smile.
What's wrong with you?
Hands up! Or I break them off!
That goes for all of you!
Keep your heads down!
[woman crying]
[breathing heavily]
- What?
- [Karl] Cut it out, Eightball!
It's enough.
Leave it!
[breathing heavily]
Black box is reprogrammed.
[plane engines revving]
We're turning around.
Everything is fine, sweetie.
I'm sure they're just avoiding a storm.
Don't worry.
Look ahead.
[breathing heavily]
[controller] Transatlantic 473,
this is Shannon Airport.
We've lost your ACARS signal.
What's your status?
This is Transatlantic 473.
We have a little technical problem,
nothing serious. Hold it.
[controller] Roger that. You'll reach
Greenland flight zone in 700 miles.
Relay your position via radio
while you're evaluating the malfunction.
Elias, cut it out.
Put it back.
- We can hide down here.
- [mom] Stop it now. Put it back.
[hijacker 1] Farid al Adwa?
[hijacker 1 in Arabic] Peace be upon you.
Get up.
[Farid grunts]
Come on! Get the fuck up.
Elias, I said stop it!
- [Eightball] Go!
- Move!
Yallah! Move it, fucker.
[Karl] Stop!
- Stop it. This is unnecessary.
- What? What? What?
Why are you doing this, huh?
We don't need this drama.
Why you're making so much drama?
It's not necessary.
It was just my son.
- [firing]
- [echoing]
Hey! Don't! No, no, no, no!
[Karl] What the fuck are you doing?
You fucking maniac.
- You little psycho!
- [passengers crying]
- [Elias crying]
- [softly] I can't breathe.
- Hey! Get up!
- No! No!
- [Karl] What's the matter with you?
- [Elias] Help me!
- No, but he's a kid.
- Shut up! Move!
Okay, okay.
Sit down. Sit down.
Scoot over. Scoot!
Scoot over. Listen, listen.
I need you to stay here. Can you do that?
Promise me.
- [hijacker 1] Move!
- What happened?
Eightball shot a passenger.
[hijacker 2] What the fuck?
She got up without permission.
If you fuck up again,
I'm gonna kill you myself.
Now get out of here, fucking psycho.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's what happens
when anyone tries to play hero.
We don't like heroes. Not on my plane.
Make sure he doesn't fuck up again.
My pleasure.
Might as well shoot him now.
[heart beating]
[baby wailing]
It's all right.
It's all right.
[baby whimpering]
[mom] It's all right.
[animal cries out]
[mom] Nikolai?
- Nikolai?
- [birds squawking, taking flight]
[breathing heavily]
[baby whimpering]
It's all right.
[creature growling]
- [growling fiercely]
- [screaming]
[creature banging on door]
[baby wailing]
[banging continues]
[baby crying]
[creature's footsteps receding]
- [banging]
- [wood clattering]
Oh God!
[baby whimpers]
[coughing, gurgling]
[Karl] Now keep your hands up
and heads down.
Hey, you, look down.
[dogs barking]
[hijacker 3] This airplane is now
under our control.
We are faithful soldiers of the Caliphate,
who have abandoned this life
to strike terror in your hearts
and to set hellfire
over the city of London.
Seeking death to humiliate you infidels
is our highest honor for us.
We are glad to sacrifice ourselves
for the path of righteousness.
The question is,
what are you willing to do
to defend your cities
of decadence and perversion?
A thousand times you have been warned.
Today you pay the price
for your ignorance.
[hijacker 2] What?
- I cannot read Arabic.
- You spent five years in Egypt.
What kind of Islamist are you?
I don't belong to those guys anymore.
[hijacker 2] Give it to him.
[in Arabic] Rejoice
communi... community of...
[clears throat]
[in Arabic] Rejoice, community of Muslims.
In our blessed martyrdom,
Allah the Almighty has allowed us
to carry out an attack on godless Europe.
I have been forced to read this message.
We have nothing to do with the hijacking.
Please help us. Allah Akbar.
[in Arabic] Read it how it's written.
[mom grunts]
[indistinct voices approaching]
Hm. [bangs]
Too tall for this bullshit.
You ain't got a problem
'cause you're like three feet tall.
[hijacker 4] Calm down, Hightower.
[Hightower] You got jokes.
[alarm beeping]
[dog barking]
Man, shut up, you damn mutts!
Loud-ass, fucking dogs.
[growls, barks]
All right, you've got 15 minutes.
[imitates barking] Damn mutts.
[dog barks]
[dog barking]
Damn it.
[dog barks]
[dog whimpers]
[whines, squeals]
[dog barks]
[mutters in Czech]
[dog growls]
[breathing heavily]
[speaking Czech]
- [growls]
- [groans]
[Karl] Move it.
Sit down. Sit your ass down.
Hey! Where... where are you going? Stop!
Hey! Stop, I said!
[Elias weeping]
[squelching, crackling]
[eerie music playing]
[hijacker 2] Jurij, come in.
Is the jump prepped?
Jurij, come in. Do you read me?
Ten minutes to jump.
What's the status of the charge?
Jurij, you Czech bastard. Do you hear me?
Where the hell are you?
[dog barking]
[dogs barking]
[gasps, spits]
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time
for us to say goodbye to you now.
For our own safety and protection,
we booby-trapped this plane.
If anyone should rush forward
or try to follow us,
a toxic nerve gas will be released.
In that case, please use your gas masks.
Just put it slightly over your nose
and breathe normal.
Oh, sorry, that's right.
You don't have any gas masks.
So, please observe the fasten
seat belt signs above your heads,
and remain seated
for the rest of the flight.
We realize that you have
a choice of airlines
and would like to thank you
for flying with Transatlantic tonight.
Good night. Sleep tight.
Nice flight.
- Hair spray cans?
- [hijacker 2 laughs]
Nice try.
[Hightower] Fake it 'til you make it.
- Put your mask on.
- [Karl] There's no need for it.
[speaking indistinctly]
Where the fuck are you?
Oh whoa.
Oh wow.
What the hell happened to you?
[door closes]
Elias! Elias!
Mama. Mama. Mama.
You can't do that. You can't do that.
Go back to your seats!
- I thought you were dead.
- Everything is fine, honey.
We have to turn the plane around,
then everything will be fine.
Go, go.
Don't... Don't look over there.
Don't look.
Forty-three miles to target area.
[mom] Where is the pilot?
The pilot, where is he?
[speaking indistinctly]
The pilot is dead.
[passengers gasping]
[speaking indistinctly]
[mom] Okay.
Does anyone... Does anyone on board
know how to fly a plane?
Is there anyone here who knows how to fly?
Answer me!
Is there anyone who knows
how to fly a fucking plane?
- [Rainer] What are you doing?
- I'm an aerospace engineering student.
Sit down! They'll kill all of us.
We're gonna die anyway.
[woman] What? What are you talking about?
An Arab student with flight experience
fits the profile perfectly.
Brother, why New York?
- I'm going to a convention.
- Move.
- [Farid] Me too.
- Come on. Come on.
They set us up.
They made us read a statement
saying we wanted
to crash the airplane in London.
Either we die
or the British shoot us down.
- Nonsense. They're not terrorists.
- Oh yeah?
Why? Because they don't have beards
and pray towards Mecca?
They want to influence the stock market.
The market's overheated.
When another 9/11 happens,
prices will tank.
You could make billions from shorting.
He thinks
they wanna crash the stock market.
Like that bombing a few years ago.
The soccer club.
They want to change
the outcome of the election.
Whatever. If we don't do anything,
we're gonna die. That's for sure.
We have to do something now.
Just before the election.
Remember Madrid 2004?
[suspenseful music playing]
I've spent a few hours
on a flight simulator, but I...
T-minus ten minutes to drop zone,
awaiting go.
- [man] We're on position.
- Got it.
[Karl] Who are those guys down there?
- I don't want to end up as shark bait.
- Make sure you have your GPS on.
[Karl] Who's going to get his mil?
[mom] It'll be all right. I promise.
[Elias] Did you drink blood?
You have to take your medicine.
Hey, everything okay in there?
That wasn't me.
They've got the autopilot on.
[mom] Don't.
Let them jump first.
She's alive.
[passengers speaking indistinctly]
[hijacker 2] Where is she?
They're in the cockpit.
No, wait!
- [Hightower] Get the fuck back to economy.
- Shit.
Open the door!
- Turn the plane around.
- [student] What?
I said turn the plane around!
[student] We're closer
to Europe right now.
Open the door!
[Mom growls]
[growling] Turn around! Now!
[breathing heavily]
They're turning.
- One!
- No, please don't!
- Please don't!
- Two!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
[hijacker 2] We got 200 more passengers
on this plane.
We can play this game all night long.
Give me another one.
What the fuck you looking at? Go!
[gasps] No! Please, don't. Please, don't.
- I'm begging you, please.
- No!
[Karl] Stop it, you psycho!
What the fuck are you doing?
Put the fucking knife away,
or I'll put a fucking bullet in your head.
[hijacker 2] Why is this taking so long?
Get me another passenger.
Sit down. Sit back. Put your hands up.
[wailing] No!
- [Karl] Put your hands up!
- [woman] No!
[woman] No!
- [girl crying]
- [phone rings]
- [man] Where the fuck are you?
- Delayed. Will transmit new coordinates.
All these deaths,
they're on your hands.
[girl crying]
It's okay.
Do you wanna see
who drives the plane? Come on.
[girl continues crying]
- No.
- [hijacker 2] One.
[Mom growls]
- Two.
- [growling]
[Karl screams]
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Stop screaming!
- [growls]
- [hijacker 2 yells]
[Hightower] Run, run.
Fuck! Get back! Get back! Get back!
- What the fuck?
- Go! Just go!
What is going on?
What the fuck is this?
[vampire hijacker 2 snarls]
[Mom strains]
[Mom panting]
Elias, open the door. Elias!
Don't be afraid.
I won't hurt you.
[girl weeping]
[somber music playing]
Can you hear me?
You're right. Don't open the door.
No matter what, you're safe in there.
We'll make it. I promise.
[door locks]
[breathing heavily]
[Eightball] Her bag.
Throw it over to me.
- Now!
- [screaming]
Here, here. It's all right. Okay?
She was dead, God damn it. How could she...
"Sunrise, 7:14. Sunset, 5:26."
- [Hightower] Where the fuck were you?
- "Blood, 150 ml."
She's a vampire.
[Karl] What have you been smoking?
You psychotic freak.
[Bastian] She tore his throat open, man.
I saw it!
You shut the fuck up!
The fuck is wrong with you? Huh?
What about Jurij?
- [Karl] What about him?
- [Hightower] That was no dog.
[Karl] You outta your mind?
- You gonna listen to this fucking maniac?
- Man, lay off it, Karl.
- You know what he did in Mali.
- Yeah, I know what he did.
You wanna believe this...
sick, twisted fuck of a maniac?
[Eightball] She wants to get away
from the sun.
Let's give her some.
[grunts in pain]
[baby wailing]
[neighbor] Your baby's been crying
for two hours. Is everything all right?
- [baby wailing]
- [mom] I'm here.
[somber music playing]
[baby wailing]
[breathing heavily]
[gasps, screams]
[footsteps approaching]
I was hoping you'd come back here.
You killed my son. Do you know that?
He bit me.
He had no control over it.
But you do?
No one does. The evil is too strong.
We are all cursed.
We bring nothing
but suffering to this world.
[exhales sharply]
[Hightower] We got one more detonator.
We could blast the door down.
Go back up there?
Forget that damn mission, man!
Berg is dead.
He was the only one
who knew what was going on anyways.
We got our advances, come on.
Isn't that enough?
You wanna jump out
in the middle of the ocean?
Get a fucking grip.
What's the matter with you?
Our only chance is you go up there
and get the plane back on course.
Man up!
No! No, stay here!
[student] Come back inside.
They'll be back!
Go back.
I won't leave you alone. [grunts]
Come! Hurry up! Let's go!
Help me!
[Mom strains]
[Elias grunts]
[Elias groans]
- Hide. Get in there.
- Wait! Mom, wait!
Get in there.
[breathing heavily]
[Karl] What the fuck?
Come on!
- I'm going to shoot her.
- Don't shoot.
Come on.
Take the controls.
- Move, Karl! Go!
- [Eightball] Do it!
- [Hightower] Come on!
- Who's in there? Come on, open!
[in Arabic] There's no deity but God.
Muhammad is the messenger of God.
[heart beating]
- [shouts]
- [Elias] Leave her alone!
I have to kill your mama.
- She's evil.
- You're the evil one!
Don't move!
Can you do that?
[Elias] Don't move!
Can you shoot someone?
[wind whooshing]
[alarm blaring]
- What the fuck is that? What?
- It's a pressure drop! A pressure drop!
We only got oxygen for ten more minutes.
We got to get the plane down.
[suspenseful music playing]
Give me a mask.
Give me your mask.
Give me. Fuck off!
Go. Go!
- I've got to get into that cockpit.
- Do it! Fucking do it now!
[alarm blaring]
[Hightower] It's open!
Come on.
There's an oxygen mask down there.
[Bastian] Okay, guys. We're going down!
[groans loudly]
[car locks]
[Mom screams]
[vampire] We are cursed.
We cannot allow this evil
to keep spreading.
[Mom moans]
[vampire] This evil cannot keep spreading.
We have to stop it.
You have the evil within.
You cannot...
control it.
[glass shatters]
[lighter flicks]
[somber music playing]
[engines roaring]
[intercom dings]
[Farid] Everything okay?
- I wanna see my mom.
- [Farid] No.
Elias, stay here.
- Okay, we're back on course.
- Good shit!
[alarm blaring]
Fire in the hold!
- What?
- There's a fire in the hold.
[suspenseful music playing]
Eightball, where the fuck are you?
What the fuck!
[groaning in pain]
- Rainer!
- Out of the way!
We got to get out of here. Now.
- Mama!
- Elias, stay here!
[car bleeps]
[door unlocks]
It's Eightball.
He's alive.
- [Bastian] What is it?
- Shush.
[Bastian] What...
[speaking indistinctly]
[Hightower screaming]
- [Vampire Eightball snarls]
- Ah!
[Bastian] Let's get out!
[Bastian] We need help!
We need help!
What the fuck!
[mom] Did he bite you?
- [groans in pain]
- [mom] Did he bite you?
[Karl] Help me! Help!
Fuck you! Fucking bullshit! Where are you?
Help! Help, I cannot...
[Rainer] Ingelore?
Ingelore, where are you?
I'm looking for my wife.
Give it to me.
Out of the way!
What's going on back there?
You goddamn terrorist!
- Stop it. You're not helping.
- [Rainer] Let me through!
Let me through! [grunts]
Cut the shit out!
- My wife, I need to find her.
- Where is she?
The monster got her!
[Elias] She's not a monster!
Calm down. I can help.
I used to be in the army, understand?
Everyone, whatever is back there,
we got to keep our heads.
Yeah? Search the floor.
Find whatever we can use
to defend ourselves.
You ugly motherfucker.
- Hey, what about this?
- [Bastian] Give it to me! Here!
- [man 1] Pardon! Pass it down!
- [Bastian] Yes.
[man 2] Hey, stop! Wait here!
- Hey, hey, you can't do that.
- [Farid] Hey!
- [Elias grunts]
- Hey, kid, what's up with your mother?
- She doesn't have leukemia.
- I never said that.
- Don't hurt her, please.
- I won't, I promise. What's her name?
- Nadja.
- [Farid] Okay. You stay here. Watch him.
[flight attendant] Sure.
[Elias] Mama, watch out!
They wanna kill you!
Mama! Can you hear me?
They wanna kill you!
[man moans]
Help me.
Nadja? Can you hear me?
- Elias sent me. We don't want to hurt you!
- [Rainer] Ingelore.
Ingelore. What happened to you?
Oh God. [moaning]
No, no, no. This can't be.
Oh God.
[Rainer] Give it to me. Come on.
- Wait, hold on.
- [Rainer] You killed my wife!
I'll shoot you.
We need to help him!
[Rainer grunts]
Don't! Stay here! Stop him!
[screaming] Fucking help!
[Nadja roars]
Hit her!
[Elias] Mom!
Don't do it!
Don't shoot!
[Vampire Eightball snarling]
Elias, we can't let them come up.
You have to help her!
[both straining]
[Farid screams]
He bit me.
I can't feel my fingers!
[gun firing]
Shit. Shit.
[man] What the fuck?
Okay, okay.
[muffled screaming]
Stay here.
[gasps] Oh my God.
Elias! Elias! Get some help, quick!
[Elias] Help me!
We need heavy people
to weigh down the hatch!
What did he say?
What do you want?
Help me! Help!
Help! help! Fuck!
[Elias] No!
Stop! Don't bite him!
Stop! Go away! Don't drink his blood!
What the fuck?
[Nadja] Elias.
Elias, get back. He's dangerous.
He wants to be healed, just like you!
- Don't!
- Keep calm, Elias!
Right here.
[Farid moans]
My hand got caught in the cargo hold door.
And your mom helped me.
Elias. Let's go.
We need a doctor.
We need a doctor!
I'm a doctor!
No, it's not about me.
There's a guy in the rear who's worse off.
[passengers shouting]
[Farid] Don't worry. She's on our side!
[passengers screaming]
We got everything under control!
Don't worry!
[Nadja] Turn the plane around.
- Do it!
- I have to check our course.
- We're below cruising altitude.
- Mom.
- Mom.
- What's going on?
She wants us to fly to New York.
But we're too low and short on fuel.
We have to divert to the nearest airport,
or we'll crash into the ocean.
- Turn the plane!
- Hey, we can't make it to New York.
Do you understand?
You got to help me.
Please, help me. I'll pay you.
Don't worry. I'll help you.
[groans in pain]
[Elias] It's dark down there.
Come on. Let's go.
[Bastian] This is Transatlantic 473.
Do you read me?
Transatlantic 473.
Anybody read me?
They wanted to blow down the door.
Watch out, it's on!
Not anymore.
It's gonna be fine. We'll wait until dark
and catch the next plane to New York.
Mom, look how far we've come.
Please, we can do it.
[somber music playing]
[engines roaring]
Thank you.
Thank you, guys.
If the pain gets worse,
take two more pills.
- Okay, thank you.
- Okay. I take care of the broker.
How is he?
He has massive interior bleeding.
[controller] This is Lossiemouth tower.
You've left your assigned course.
Please identify yourself immediately.
[hijacker 3] This airplane is now
under our control.
We are faithful soldiers of the Caliphate,
who have abandoned this life to stri...
This is Transatlantic 473.
Transatlantic 473.
I am the second officer.
My name is Bastian Buchner.
We have been hijacked.
The captain is dead.
Transatlantic 473, please repeat.
I said we have been hijacked.
The captain is dead.
[controller] Are you in danger?
Negative. We overpowered the hijackers,
and we locked them in the cargo hold.
I'm so cold.
You've got a kidney rupture.
I can't stop the bleeding.
What does this mean?
- I'll get you something for the pain.
- Stay here.
You've got to help me.
I'll pay you.
A million dollars.
Your money isn't going
to help you now either.
I'm sorry.
She'll be right back.
[groans] Fuck.
[distant roaring]
[distant growling]
[woman sobbing]
Don't worry. He's not going to get up.
[distant roaring]
[man grunts]
[moans in pain]
[distant growling]
[growling, banging on door]
Bite me.
I don't want to die.
Perfect. I'll give you the address
as soon as we land.
Dr. Brown will make sure
to get the Cytarabine.
That way we'll have enough time
to plan the next flight.
- What's wrong?
- [Farid] I don't know. Something's wrong.
- Bastian!
- [Elias] What's wrong?
Go down. Go.
Wait, I'll help you.
Hey, what are you doing?
We can help them!
We can hide them down there!
If we open the door,
then we'll never get it shut again.
Let us in! Please, let us in!
- Please.
- [straining]
[Julia] Please, we're gonna die out here!
Please let us in!
We can't land.
What do you mean it shouldn't land?
You wanna crash the plane or what?
They'll hide in the cargo bay
till it's dark, then get out, all of them.
We have to inform the authorities.
What? And tell them what?
We have vampires on board?
No, no, no, we have to...
We have to land and then jump.
Here. If we attach this to the fuel tank,
it'll be enough
to blow up the whole plane.
How do we get there?
- That's the fuel tank.
- [Farid] Fuck. Shit.
The detonator doesn't have a timer.
Do you have a remote?
- [Bastian] Yeah. Curtiz had it.
- [Farid] Where is it?
- Where is that asshole? Fuck.
- [Bastian] In the rear cargo hold.
- Does this lead to the back?
- [Bastian] Yeah.
Shit, it's way too narrow.
Is there another way to detonate it?
Yeah, but then we'll blow up too.
You land the plane.
And as soon as you're out,
I'll blow it up.
No, Mama!
- Yes, Elias.
- We can get you out of here.
- You can hide in here.
- Elias, we have no other choice.
- I can fit there. I can get the remote.
- Elias, it's over!
You hear me?
- Forgive me, please.
- I can get past them with this.
Give me... [screams]
Stay here, Elias! Shit!
[action music playing]
No! That's suicide!
He'll make it. Look, he'll make it.
[eerie music playing]
[distant snarling]
That's the remote control.
Elias, can you hear me?
The cell phone is the remote control.
Be careful. Don't press the big button.
Elias, come back.
Elias, you hear me? Come back.
Elias, run!
[Elias groaning]
[Nadja] Shit!
How hard is it to land the plane?
What? Why? We'll make it.
I entered the coordinates. We'll fly
to the destination automatically.
And the landing?
You have to stay in the air corridor
then put on the brakes.
The rest is no problem.
- Can you handle it?
- What?
[Bastian] Anyone can do this
with contact to ground station,
even with one hand.
You have to look after my son.
What do you mean?
Please, just promise me.
[somber music playing]
I promise.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- No!
Go away!
Go away!
[hissing, snarling]
[Elias grunts]
Hey! Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come and get me!
[ringing in ears]
[breathing heavily]
[air whooshing]
Mama! Mama!
[controller] Transatlantic 473,
Transatlantic 473, please respond.
- [controller] Who am I speaking to?
- [alarm blaring]
[controller] What's going on?
Where's the copilot?
Copilot is dead.
[controller] Please repeat.
- He's dead.
- [controller] What happened?
Transatlantic 473, do you copy?
What the fuck happened?
No. Elias.
- Elias, watch out! Behind you!
- Mama!
Talk to me, please!
[grunts] Autopilot. [grunts] Autopilot.
[robotic voice] Autopilot switched off.
[engines revving]
[Elias] No! Go away!
[Elias] Go!
[sighs] Fuck.
Stay with me.
[somber music playing]
[audio muffled] Mama!
[softly breathing]
[siren wailing]
[helicopter whirring]
Where's Farid?
You mean Farid al Adwa?
He's still on the plane.
The police have him under control.
- You have to get him out of there.
- [Naomi] I don't know what Farid told you.
But he's one of the bad guys.
No, you have to get Farid out of there.
- You have to save him from the vampires.
- Calm down.
- The plane is full of them.
- What happened?
- You have to get Farid out before sunset.
- [soldier] Calm down, boy.
We need your help.
Can you tell me
how many kidnappers there are?
They're all dead!
- What do you mean?
- [Elias] They are all monsters!
You have to get Farid out of there
before the sun goes down!
- No! No! Stop it!
- [Naomi] Shush. Calm down.
- Let me go!
- [soldier] It'll all be fine.
Let go of me!
You have to...
The kid's in shock.
What are your orders, Commander?
We wait.
[ominous music playing]
[Colonel] The convention you claim
to be going to doesn't exist. We checked.
They... They planned it all that way,
those bastards!
Don't you understand?
You have to let me get out of here.
Or it will be too late.
That is one tough bastard.
I wouldn't expect him to last that long
with an injury like that.
Let the passengers go,
have your men hand themselves over,
and then we'll let you out.
I'm not holding anyone!
Don't you understand?
[in Arabic] Oh Lord of the worlds.
Let me out. They're going to kill us all.
Shoot to kill. The target has a detonator.
[bullet whizzing]
- Did you get him?
- [spotter] Don't know, sir.
To all units, operation is ongoing.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Farid screams in pain]
[soldier] Go, go, go, go.
[groans in pain]
Don't move! Don't fucking move!
Raise your hands!
No, no, no!
Please, please, listen to me!
No, I have to blow up the airplane.
I don't want to, but...
[vampire growling]
[male medic] Come on. Let's move!
They're taking the plane.
[female medic] All right.
We're bringing him to the hospital.
You have to get Farid out of there!
Where's my teddy?
Where's my teddy?
- Here, give it to him.
- [Elias] My bear!
Calm down. Calm down.
[siren wailing]
You've got to stop them!
They can't go into the plane!
All right, lad.
[medic groans]
[distant growling, snarling]
[soldier] Oh fuck!
- What the hell?
- It's a fucking bloodbath.
- What's going on?
- First team, respond.
Let's go! Get the boy!
- Jesus Christ, what's going on?
- [soldier] Blood everywhere!
Stay here! Fuck.
No, no, don't do it. Please!
The whole airplane is full of... [groans]
Ah, please... [groans]
Don't do it! It's full...
- The airplane...
- Get out here!
Don't go in there!
The whole airplane is full of monsters.
Please, don't. Fuck!
Elias! Elias!
Elias! I'm here!
- I'm here! I'm here!
- Farid!
Jesus Christ! What was that?
[distant gunfire]
[soldier screaming]
[soldier groaning]
Let me go! The boy is with me.
[somber music playing]
Uncuff him. Let him go.
[somber music continues]
[dark electronic music playing]