Blood, Sand and Gold (2017) Movie Script

It must be
over 400 years old.
At least 90% purity.
Soft to the touch.
It was only a matter of time.
This is going to be
the biggest haul
of gold artifacts
in the history
of Adams exploration.
Adams exploration?
In the history of the world.
Is that what you want?
The company
can give it to you.
The company cannot
pay me what I want.
I'm not going to do this
because I loved your father.
I'm sorry. This is
the best that I can do.
This is your release form.
Got any place to go?
I'm an archeologist.
Hell of a funeral procession.
The king is dead.
Long live the king.
It's still up
in the air, Matthew.
Our business is to salvage
and recovery of treasure.
It looks bad
if a hundred thousand
gold coins go missing.
And the killing
is in the press.
We won't have a ceo
until this is resolved.
A king is a king from birth.
The coronation
is just a formality.
Your sister might disagree.
My sister doesn't have
the stomach for this job.
She's just a scientist.
She has to be
placated somehow.
Your father
gave her a journal
with enough documents to blow
this whole thing to bits.
No, she'd never hurt
this company.
She doesn't have the balls
to use a nuclear option
like that.
This fight will take place
in the boardroom...
And I own the boardroom.
- Yes, but...
- So typical of my father.
He spends his whole life
pillaging, pirating,
only to get a guilty
conscience at the end.
Still, I think he's right,
and when I run this company,
I'm gonna run it clean.
Remember, be diplomatic.
Offer her cfo,
head of research-- a carrot.
I've been diplomatic
with her my entire life.
It's time she learns that
there's a new balance of power.
You've got some fucking nerve
calling me today
after your screwed
everything up.
Excuse me? The security
you insisted upon hiring
was useless.
My interns could've
done a better job.
All I know is that
you failed to stop them.
I looked down the barrel
of a loaded gun.
I almost got shot
execution style
by a man who used to come
to our family barbecue.
So pardon me
all the fucking hell,
but I'm not in the mood
for a teachable moment
from you right now.
My sympathies, mave, truly,
but I'm ceo now,
and you just cost our company
a billion dollars.
What? You're not ceo.
Mave, Ernest here.
If I may...
Your father implemented
security measures.
Because of today, we had
to vote for an interim ceo.
And I'm sorry
for your ordeal, truly.
Oh, go to hell, both of you.
I'll fight you
in the boardroom and win.
See you at
the fucking meeting.
She'll fall in line.
It's the beginning
of a new era.
If it's one thing I've learned
from your father,
never underestimate
your own family.
A leader has to show strength.
When sir Francis Drake
was sent to raid the Spanish,
his co-commander Thomas dowdy
tried to take control.
Thomas dowdy was a gentleman,
a scholar, and a war hero.
But Drake was the captain,
and one of them was
beheaded the next day.
I understand your
long-standing fascination
with sir Francis Drake,
but I'm not sure what
the same logic applies
to 21st century Hong Kong.
That's bullshit.
This company needs a captain.
My sister is not gonna
get the votes,
because she spent there entire
life reading about history,
and I've spent my entire
life understanding it.
This way.
Everything is in here.
An aika stone?
This is mesopotamian.
The term is actually
akkadian, but, uh...
Look, are you going to be
doing this here or back
at your appraisal office?
You're selling it?
Well, you're from
the university, right?
I'm sorry, I just wanna
get this over with.
I think there's been
a misunderstanding.
I came here to find you.
You're Jack riordan, right?
I'm sorry.
Do I know you?
You ever seen one of these?
It's a gaudens double eagle,
last gold coin circulated
by the U.S. mint.
It was worth $20 in 1933.
Wanna guess how much
it's worth now?
Look, I don't know
what got you out of your
comfy little office,
but I'm not interested.
I need you to steal
something for me.
Excuse me?
I don't know
who you think I am,
but I am not your guy.
I think you are, Jack.
The biggest find
in modern history.
100,000 gold coins touched
by the inca themselves.
More gold than
king tut's tomb.
More gold then 10,000
of these combined.
- Isn't this
what you live for?
- Stop.
You were the best, Jack.
You found things
we didn't even know existed,
let alone
were still preserved.
Isn't that what
all this stuff is about?
Just stop.
I am not just talking about
the thrill of the find.
I'm talking about history.
500 years of blood, sand,
and gold in one goddamn chest.
Look, I don't know
what you think I did or was,
but it's over.
The last treasure hunt
i went on,
the only thing I found
was the back of a jail cell.
I'm out.
Everyone has a price.
that's how much is worth now.
We should be through
this turbulence
in about 20 minutes,
and in Western Sahara
in about three hours.
Don't tell me
you're afraid to fly.
I'm not afraid to fly.
I don't like flying.
You and my brother Matthew--
the only thing keeping him
from monopolizing
the company jet.
Once our dad died,
he went straight for
the fucking throne.
Why are you afraid to fly?
Sorry, are you going to be
talking this whole time?
I'm certainly
paying you enough.
We have one week
to find this, Jack,
before the board meeting.
One week.
So what's your plan?
Find the culprit.
Find the gold.
This is the last place
Henry was
before they took off
with everything.
Well, it's your money.
- Of course,
I'll need a gun.
- No guns.
Well, Henry has a gun,
in case you've forgotten.
Henry didn't shoot me.
He saved my life.
We're going through
the local authorities
on this one, Jack.
Hurry up.
We're supposed to be meeting
the police chief.
I lived with him
here for months.
Looks like a dead end.
I have a few more
questions for farouk.
I'll be outside.
It's not a problem.
You're following us.
I saw you. Tell me!
Why are you following us?
Jack, let him go.
We're leaving now. Merci.
Let's get out of here.
Your sister is back
in Western Sahara.
She thinks
she's a detective.
I told her the authorities
were handling it.
She thinks
they missed something.
You know mave.
Well, the only thing
mave is gonna miss
is a board meeting.
Whatever she's doing,
it's costing us a fortune.
Cut her off.
Freeze her accounts.
If she has no money,
she has to come home.
They froze my accounts.
Goddamn it.
It's a good thing
you already paid me.
For what?
You'd rather just beat the shit
out of anyone you see.
Yeah? And you'd rather
pay them off.
Why don't you have a drink?
It doesn't matter.
Without cash, it's over.
Send the plane back.
Matthew wants to parade me
in front of the board
as a goddamn failure.
I've got nothing.
Maybe Matthew is right.
Leave it to the professionals.
I do have one thing.
I stole his phone.
Look at the last
number dialed.
Hong Kong.
Haven't heard
a lot of mandarin
around here, have you?
- So?
- So...
A billion dollars of gold
is worth nothing
until you sell it.
Skip the lecture, Jack.
What's your plan?
Go to the biggest
black market in the world,
find your gold,
steal it back.
That's what I paid you
$750,000 to tell me?
My accounts are frozen, Jack.
Look, we do this my way.
I've got some contacts.
I can set us up for a bit.
And this black market of gold
is in Hong Kong?
The middle of the middle east.
Golden city.
- Dubai.
- Ms. Adams?
The company is recalling us.
Plane leaves in 20.
We'll be outside.
Well, I guess
you gotta choose, mave.
One thing, we do this,
I'm gonna need a gun.
I just go word
the plane is back
and your sister
wasn't on it.
Well, she's making
it easy for us then.
I guess she'll be
missing the meeting.
First we're gonna meet
with my friend sheik Ali.
He's a bit of an eccentric,
but he's the biggest artifact
collector in all of Dubai.
Jack, habibi.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Let me get
a good look at you.
I figured it
was only a matter of time
before you came calling.
You've arrived just in time.
There's a sitting room inside
for your wife.
There's only 20
of these in the world.
I won him in a poker
tournament in marrakesh.
Impressive, eh?
So, how's business?
Business? What business?
Governments are ambushing
any new digs, any findings.
They're suing private companies
for their treasure
because of this new
salvage law.
Well, I guess I got out
at a good time.
Yeah, which is why I'm surprised
you're even back here.
You know ever since that whole
black swan investigation
I haven't bought anything
for my trophy room.
- No one has.
- No one?
Well, there's word of
a gentleman from Hong Kong,
the only one is stupid enough
to pay cash
for black market items.
They say he speaks Japanese.
That's just a rumor.
Enough business. Come.
His name is arrab.
He's an accipiter.
Look at these birds.
Accipiters, they always kill
their prey the same way--
You can never be too careful
when dealing with
the sovereign nations
of the world.
I'm throwing a party,
and anyone in who's anyone
this side of the Gulf
will be there.
You must come.
I'm not sure
if that'll be a good idea.
I know your weakness.
- Where do we go next?
- I don't fly.
I'll drive. I ride bikes.
- Of course.
- Are you coming?
I'm fine here.
Well, suit yourself.
I'm so glad my money
is going to good use.
Follow me. There's someone
i want you to meet.
Are you here
to talk history or money?
Because you know
i won't talk about
one of them.
When I first met this young man,
Jack was quite impressive,
both in his research
and in his pursuit
of fellow colleagues.
We're not here to talk about
the past, Charlotte.
We're here to talk
about the future.
The past is
all around us, Jack.
That was always your problem,
both as student
and as an archeologist.
Always the vision,
never the Patience.
Well, I guess
that's why I'm here.
I'm trying to correct that.
So what's the treasure
this time?
We're looking for late
16th century, elizabethan.
I heard rumors about this.
I'm not so
out of the loop, Jack.
Whitman's red books,
top shelf.
I thought your boy
was lost to me.
Because of prison?
Because he forgot
the golden rule of archeology.
The work is about the history,
not the person
who uncovers it.
But Jack was so
easily distracted,
both by fortune and glory.
That can come later.
But you seem to bring
something out in him.
I don't know about that.
Got it.
A column of gold
as far as the eye can see,
minted coins,
bracelets, and jewels
all taken from
the tombs of the inca.
The mysterious haul of Drake.
Even my nephew today
brings his little prospect pan
to the beach
in search of Drake's gold.
The gold we found was incan.
It had an engraving,
a Spanish symbol.
Something like this.
Oh, my god.
It is Drake's.
But why would it be
in Western Sahara?
Because he was taking it
to the canary islands.
He knew the Spanish
would search his ship.
Knowing that, he leaves his
treasure across the channel
in the Western Sahara,
hoping to come back for it.
And that's where I found it.
You think it's okay
to come here like this?
Huh? After work?
You know I hate that.
You're just wasting
my fucking time.
You understand?
You understand me?
Oh, goddamn it.
What did I tell
you about no calls?
Tell me.
Don't tell me
she's in Dubai.
What does she know?
Goddamn it.
Ernest, you said
we would cut her off,
that she would come home.
The last thing
we need right now
is my sister blowing
this whole thing
out of the water.
What's your name?
You work out of town?
So why are we changing hotels?
In this city, every hotel,
every concierge, every driver,
they know what you're doing
and when you're doing it.
Like that car that's been
tailing us since the airport.
The only thing they had
was a one-bedroom.
They're sending a roll-out
couch for you.
You give them my name?
- Should I have?
- Well, it's not my tab.
Here's your key.
I'll be at the elevator.
You wanna tell me
why you've been following us?
Get his car.
- Sir, will you be driving?
- No.
No, madam will be...
What the hell was
that back there?
His name is assam.
Look, last place
he went on his GPS.
The gold souk.
Largest gold market
in the world.
Seems like a good
place to start.
I told you, we can't trust
anyone in this city,
especially your driver.
Which is now me.
It's a burner. There's only
one phone number on it.
Stay with the car.
We're doing this my way.
Wait! Stop! Stop!
Who is assam?
Who are you working for?
Just give me a name.
I need a name.
No, I need a name.
Can you give a name?
- Japanese, Japanese.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just need a name.
Didn't I tell you
to stay in the car?
Just give me the keys.
Give me the keys.
Come on.
Someone out there
is purchasing large amounts
of black market artifacts,
and all we know
is he's Japanese.
Our friend back there
was gonna tell us more
when you decided--
I was just trying to help.
If I had known
what was going on,
it wouldn't have happened.
You know why I work alone?
No accomplices.
Well, you could use one.
You might need this tonight
at the sheik's.
Is that for warmth
or are we going undercover?
Well, I thought
we'd make an entrance,
but I like how quickly you've
embraced the life of crime.
I learned from the best.
They have valets
for this thing?
They have valets
for everything.
Yeah, they'll be here
in five minutes.
These are the high rollers
on the black market of gold.
Twenty billion
for just this compound.
Drug dealers, murderers,
warlords, terrorists...
Are you trying to impress me?
Is it working?
Mr. riordan. Finally,
a bike worthy of its rider.
Hopefully your entrance
will be the only surprise
of the evening.
Well, you know me.
Not a chance.
Is our Japanese buyer
coming tonight?
Is that mave?
What a surprise.
My favorite sister.
You're only sister.
You don't fly.
I lost my fear of flying
the day I became ceo.
If you'll excuse us.
Can I help you?
I thought I knew
all of my sister's friends.
We're not friends.
No, you're not
exactly her type.
Let me guess.
You're her hired gun?
Tracking my stolen treasure?
You and every
law enforcement agency
in the world.
So why the hell
did she hire you?
Well, I guess because
i can do things
that law enforcement
agencies can't.
Hmm. So can I.
That's a beautiful bracelet.
Can I look at it?
This isn't yours.
Give it to me.
You got it from my brother,
didn't you?
- Give it to me, bitch.
- Hey, calm down.
Let's just talk to him
about it, okay?
What's my sister paying you?
A million?
A million five?
Really scraping
the bottom of the barrel.
I'll give you $2 million
to walk away right now.
And what do you get
out of it?
You know how
this business works.
It's not about digging
for treasure anymore.
It's claiming rights
and lawsuits
and government oversight.
It's making
the connections necessary
so that companies like mine
ensure a profit.
Can you honestly see my sister
handling any of that as ceo?
She has a gentle heart.
And that's why I was so saddened
by the loss of Drake's gold.
It would've been a real feather
in the cap, you know?
That's who you are, huh?
The second coming of Drake.
We were both privateers,
and great ones.
He was a pirate licensed
by a company. So am I.
His ship was
"the golden hind."
Mine is a red Mercedes sls.
I guess the thing
that you're forgetting now
is that Drake went insane
and beheaded his best friend.
Oh, you're speaking
of Thomas dowdy.
He got a little too close,
didn't he? Dowdy?
Take my money.
Just take.
Just take it.
It's 500 hundred years--
not a good time.
Way to get us kicked out.
Uh, good thing
that party sucked.
No, seriously,
who cares he took back
his motorcycle?
Wasn't that great
of a bike, anyway.
Oh, and that
was good work, too.
- I didn't think
you had in you.
- Save it.
Oh! And you're right
about your brother.
Uh, he's a maniac.
You know he thinks he's
the second coming of Drake?
I found the treasure.
This is hand plated.
Wait, the sheik had this?
No, my brother's whore did.
She took it from him.
But that means that
Matthew has the gold.
Second coming of Drake.
We're chasing
my goddamn brother.
What happened?
The sheik called me himself.
She knows, Ernest.
Mave knows.
How? How's that possible?
Doesn't matter.
It's being taken care of.
What about us?
What about the company?
I kinda like it when
everything is out in the open.
She knows I know,
and now we're just gonna
have to fix it.
Matthew, you're drunk.
Hey, this is your sister
we're talking about.
Matthew, this is not
how we do things.
Would you rather
we were both in jail?
I'd rather you come
clean about this.
Report everything found,
that way the company
can get back
to what it does best,
finding ancient ruins.
And what?
Every country
within 2,000 miles
slowly claws
our findings back.
Fuck no.
What I if I find, I keep.
There are legal means
to handle this, Matthew.
It takes time, yes,
but it's the best thing
for this company.
Would you spare me
your fucking morality
and legal issues, Ernest?
You lawyers
all think the same.
But you know the shit
this company's been doing
for years to stay afloat.
You're a part of it,
it's politics.
Okay, what do you want?
I want mave taken out.
And I'm gonna need
a clean-up over here.
Room 77.
You know the place.
Matthew? What are you
talking about?
We're gonna something
a little different tonight.
I'm not gonna fuck you.
I'm not gonna even touch you.
Have you heard
of Thomas dowdy?
Hmm? Of course not.
Nobody studies
history anymore.
- You stole from me.
- Stop!
Steal from me?
Steal from me?
Steal from me?
You all right?
You haven't said
anything in a while.
I have to use the journal.
The journal?
My father willed me
a journal.
I haven't read it.
it exposes every sin
Adams exploration
ever committed.
The journal is in Switzerland
in an account to my name.
Once we get there,
I'll pay you what's left,
then you can go home.
You're firing me?
This isn't about
the gold anymore.
It's between me
and Matthew.
Well, it's your money.
All right, just stay--
stay down. Stay down.
Oh, god.
Stay down.
Are you okay?
Oh, my god.
- Oh, god!
- All right, stay down.
Stay down.
- Look under the seat.
- For what?
These cabbies
always have guns.
- Just check the bag
and stay down.
- I am!
Okay, I found it.
Fucking Christ.
Mave, are you okay?
Holy shit, you got them.
Just because I don't like guns
doesn't mean I'm bad shot.
Fuck! Shit! Still there.
I hit him.
Fucking gearbox.
This is why I don't drive
fucking cars.
I can't hold them off anymore.
Then don't hold them off.
- What?
- Then don't hold them off!
We need to face them head on.
Henry. Is that Henry?
Oh! Oh, god.
Help me!
It's leaking.
It's gonna blow.
Oh, god.
Come on.
Well, there's good news
and bad news.
Uh, bad news is
our mode of transportation
is completely fucked.
Good news is...
The booze survived.
It means,
"this is bullshit."
It's what my dad
used to say,
and Matthew and i
would laugh,
which would only make
him angrier.
I didn't wanna get
back into this.
- What?
- The salvage game.
The black swan,
the Spanish got that.
All I got was four years
of good behavior.
I'm not going back
to fucking prison.
Then why are you here?
The same reason as you,
i guess.
With everything that
we solved and that we know,
that there's still something
left to be discovered.
The idea that
a single gold coin
could be mined by the inca,
stolen by the Spanish,
and touched
by sir Francis Drake.
You speak all these languages.
How do you not speak French?
How would you say
"i wish I could take you
back to your office tomorrow?"
And what about...
"I'll take you
to a back room?"
"I'd take off all
your clothes."
"I'd slide my fingers
up your legs."
"I'd fuck you on the table."
For the record, i--
I think you'd be
a great ceo.
Guess we'll never know.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Salaam alaikum.
We can lay low
at Charlotte's house.
She can arrange for
the flight to Switzerland.
You sure we can trust her?
Charlotte's the type
of archeologist
who can't stand that the gold
isn't in the wing
of the Smithsonian
as we speak.
I'm glad you survived.
I need a cigarette.
You smoke?
When I'm about to destroy
my father's company
and my birthright? I do.
It's a shame
you've made up your mind.
When you got me started
on Drake's gold,
I did some more research.
I know where your
brother's keeping it.
How? Adams has thousands of
load sites around the globe.
If he even decided to use that,
it could be anywhere.
My dear child,
have you learned nothing?
History repeats itself.
Not only does an offshore
recovery guarantee
he won't be taxed
on his findings,
but a true historian
like your brother
would be only too happy
to fulfill its destiny.
Drake was trying to get
to the canary islands
when he died.
So you're saying
that Matthew is crazy enough
to try to do
what Drake never could?
That's insane.
Well, for Matthew,
that's par for the course.
Doesn't matter.
I made up my mind.
I need a ticket
to Switzerland.
I'm gonna show up
at the bank
and put the journal
into custody.
It's done.
Look, when you showed up,
i was in a bad place.
But you convinced me that
we could make history.
The biggest find of
this generation, remember?
More gold than
king tut's tomb?
Jack, you came because
i was paying you.
Yeah, maybe.
But it's bigger
than that now.
Mave, what have you
got to lose?
Why not bring down
your brother
and reclaim what
you rightfully found?
- No.
- If you turn Matthew in,
he could destroy everything
before you can get to it.
The biggest salvage haul
in the history of modern times
destroyed like
the buddhas of bamiyan.
The history of the world
destroyed by a selfish,
greedy bastard.
So we follow the gold
to the canary islands.
Then what? Get killed
by Matthew's endless
army of Henrys?
Don't be stupid, child.
We won't go alone.
You know, there's still
time for me to take you
to Switzerland.
I'll take my bike.
We won't have to fly.
Everybody wins.
No, my brother is going down.
You see that rock over there?
The castle
is right behind it.
You've been here before?
I'm sorry, Jack.
Everyone has their price.
Goddamn it! You're
working for Matthew!
I'm working with Matthew.
I trusted you!
Her brother needs her.
But you? You're dispensable!
I'll come back for you.
- Jack!
Even if they survived the fall
and the gunshots,
they won't survive the sharks,
not with all that blood.
Do I look like I run
a hospital wing here?
Just because
i am the closest thing
to a hospital
on this island?
Are you going to tell me
what happened now?
It's from a knife.
S, como no. From a knife?
It's a lead bullet.
I need to-- I need to get
to the castle.
Nope. You're not going
anywhere tonight.
Thanks for joining me.
You're insane.
Didn't you choose
to come here?
Didn't you choose
to hire a mercenary,
track down our gold?
My gold?
Drake's gold?
Drake, Drake, Drake,
Drake, Drake!
Do you hear yourself?
You're obsessed.
That's why we're here,
aren't we?
- This castle.
- We're here...
Because you're too dense
to understand
that running an international
salvage company
means keeping our findings
from our competition.
Our father used
this place for years
as a warehouse
for black market gold.
You think we were
just given this life?
You spent your years
digging for treasure
fueled by clean money?
By dividends?
Do not say that about dad.
He was the best scientist,
archeologist that either
of us ever knew.
Dad was a criminal.
This line of work is criminal.
I'm just being rational
because someone
has to start running
the family business.
Dad had his faults,
but he was not a murderer.
What do you
think would happen
if we reported this
to the Western Sahara?
Or this to Spain or France?
Claiming rights and lawsuits
for the rest of our lives!
I am not a goddamn
law firm, mave.
I'm an archeologist.
You are not an archeologist.
You're a psychopath.
And I'll be damned
if I let you take down Adams
and run it into the ground.
Says the girl
who was about to release
our father's journal.
It's a good thing
I'm stopping that.
- Never.
- Never?
You actually think
you're the one in control?
I brought you here
to get that code
and destroy dad's journal.
Take her inside.
Wake up.
You mentioned
a castle last night.
Which one?
The canary islands has many.
There are three castles.
de San Juan bautista,
castillo de San cristbal,
castillo de San andrs.
- Name it.
- No, it's--
it's different.
Tesoro. Treasure.
Do you mean castillo
de la muerte?
No one goes there.
No one.
Not even tourists.
Well, that's because
it's rigged to explode.
That's a legend.
This is not going to work.
Give me the code, mave,
and I'll make sure
the greatest salvage company
in the world
lives to fight another day.
That's what our father wanted.
Dad brought us to places
like this as kids.
We played pirates.
Remember when I found
that blue piece of glass
and you told me
it was a treasure?
You were a good brother.
What happened?
That was a good day.
You need help, Matthew.
When did it stop
becoming about the work?
About finding ancient
About uncovering secrets
that no one else
in the world could know?
That's enough.
Give me the code.
So you can destroy it?
Like you did noor
and Henry and Jack?
And that hooker in Dubai
who was so coked out of her mind
she didn't know
she was fucking a psycho?
You stupid bitch.
You were always the Princess.
The by the book scientist.
I've been the one who knows
where the bodies are buried.
I'm your sister.
I'm ceo.
Drake is my destiny,
and if that surprises you,
then you never truly knew me.
Now, give me the code,
dear sister.
Shoot and we're all dead.
Not a step closer.
Back from the dead.
I'm nearly impressed.
You know the history
of this place,
don't you, Matthew?
Drake rigged it to blow up.
He filled the walls
with gunpowder.
It was the only thing
that he could do
to protect his gold
against the Spanish.
And guess what.
I'm holding the trigger.
I don't believe you.
The powder still burns.
This is bullshit.
- Search the castle.
- Nobody moves.
- You're bluffing.
- Try me.
Okay, Jack.
Look around.
This is what you've
been searching for--
from the incas to the Spanish
to Drake to me here,
archeologists have been
waiting 400 years
to be in your position.
You're not
gonna blow it all up.
You're not gonna kill mave.
You know,
you're right, Matthew.
There's no difference between
a privateer and a pirate.
They both take
what's not theirs.
- Shit.
- I'm hit.
We gotta go. Come on.
Quick, let's go.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Leave me.
I got you into this.
Get out while you can.
Take the money and go.
Just go.
Just take the money and go.
Don't you get it, mave?
It's not about the money.
It was never about
the money with you.
Come on.
We're almost there.
I saw this on the way.
It's not vintage,
but it'll do.
I'll get it started.
That's enough, Jack.
There's no switch.
No trigger.
You give up,
I'll let mave live.
It's funny, isn't it?
I mean, you're dying
at the hands of an antique.
I found your gun.
Bye, Jack.
So many stories about Drake.
And they're beautiful, really.
The best one is how he died.
Alone, sick,
his body eating itself
from the inside out.
This great explorer
of the earth,
conqueror of empires,
left his final mission...
It is my great pleasure
to return this incan gold
to its rightful home in Peru.
This gold has taken
a long journey
from the mines of the inca,
to the hands
of the conquistadors,
to the holds
of Drake's ships,
and finally
to castillo de muerte.
This gold became
an unrelenting obsession
from my father,
my brother, and me.
It is with great relief
that we return it to you,
the true owners,
to free Adams and myself
for future adventures.
Thank you.
There will come time
when I'll cease to find
your lateness charming.
I had to see someone
who has a lead on this.
That's chen dynasty.
I thought you were
out of the game.
Don't you miss it?
I have responsibilities now.
Besides, you said
you like to work alone.
Yeah, for this I might
need an accomplice.
A weekend.
Four days Max.
This isn't made with Jade.
Carbon dating checks out.
Seems impossible,
but it's real.
Holy fucking shit.
How do you say that
in French?