Blood Shot (2013) Movie Script

It's her smile I miss the most.
It's my own fault things
headed this way, really
Most people have no idea what kinds
of things, monsters really exist.
It creeps me out.
Evil is out there and I'm
gonna find it and I'll put
it where it belongs even
if I have to do it alone.
The Devil's gonna pay.
I know what I'm doing.
I think.
These terrorists actually think
they are gonne get away with it.
We all know that evil doesn't really exist.
Allah Akbar.
- It's him, it's him!
- Come, boys look!
I have just received a revelation from
Allah, the most merciful.
No more warnings.
These pigs and dogs
ignore them anyway
And they are unworthy of
escaping Allah's mighty wrath..
Prepare therefore to enter paradise.
- Allah Akbar.
- Praise be to Allah.
- Allah Akbar.
- Allah Akbar.
Tell my mother not to weep...
for I will be in paradise.
Turn your sorrow into anger.
For I got to give my life in Jihad.
By Allah.
- Only use it once. Don't forget.
- Don't worry about me man.
If we have any reason to worry.
If ever betray our trust...
I don't have to tell you what
we're gonna do to you, huh?
Yo man, I passed all your tests
so far ain't I?
I'm good bro.
Pass this last test you'll
get everything you want
All we've got is a face.
That's the best we can do.
It's just the tip of an iceberg.
He's working with someone new.
Someone of major concern.
Your mission is to track him down
and take him out
and everyone who's working with him
As usual, no evidence, no witnesses.
Find out what you can and then
kill them all.
If you fail in any way,
we will deny any involvement,
etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
I just want to know that
you're the only one
we can count on to get
the job done right.
Just you.
Where is it?
Great Satan!
Doing your mother proud my man.
Balls of steal, thanks for the message.
I'm gonna get 'em this time.
What is the scene up there anyway?
You don't wanna go up there man.
Bite me!
- In your dreams scumbag.
- I know what you are.
Your dead powers belong to us!
Your breath is already wicked enough.
You're making me dizzy.
Now, shut up!
Here's your problem.
That's a little better.
you must give me bite!
For the glory of Allah, bite me!
OK! suit yourself. You ready?
Oh, yeah.
You again.
Well, it looks like you
caught me red-handed this time.
Don't move.
Don't move!
Do you mind?
These guys bleed too much.
I'm serious.
This is the last time.
Okay -
- What is that?
- Silver.
Isn't that for werewolves?
That stings.
Never been shot by a
silver bullet before.
I got a clip full of them.
Yeah? If you shoot me again,
you're really gonna piss me off.
That's it.
Let me guess. Holy water?
Please. You'll get more reaction
from sewer water.
Come on, get up.
Is that all you got for me tonight?
Looks like you've been doing
your homework,
but you're reading the wrong books.
Hey, look.
Grab the knives and throw them at me
Nice shot.
Not the face!
My turn.
You know what happens when you kill a cop?
I'm gonna kill a couple more?
I wanna kill you so bad.
I was just gonna say
the same thing to you.
So what's your excuse, huh?
- I ain't the one who is immortal here.
- I'm healing.
Just wait.
Yeah, well, I'm just resting so,
if you wanna go get it...
Now you're just getting lucky.
- You are persistent though.
- I'm coming after you no matter what.
You're out there killing people
all the time that's just...
That's just messed up.
I'm a hit man what do you expect
me to do, get a day job?
Besides these guys are all pigshit anyway.
I'm just cleaning it up
before you step in it
- I'm doing you a favor.
- Well here.
Drive this stake in your heart and
do me another one.
Sorry pal, you're just
gonna have to keep trying.
Tell me, besides trying to kill me,
- Why are you so by the book?
- Innocent until proven guilty.
I should be arresting these guys
not letting you kill them.
What about me?
- You've never seen me kill anyone.
- You're guilty.
Look at yourself. Look at what you are
you're not even human.
You deserve to burn in hell.
That may be true.
But if you'll only knew what these filthy
cockroaches were planning on doing...
- The system can handle guys like this.
- Your system is a game.
These guys are guilty.
Trust me on that one.
My solution was just a whole lot
faster and cheaper then yours.
And it's still justice.
Who gives you the right to be
judge and jury, huh?
You can't possibly know everything.
I'll tell you what I do know.
Terrorists are invading the city.
They're about to do something big.
- I may be evil but they're way worse.
- Then I'll arrest them.
No you won't.
Gotta go.
By the way...
in 10 seconds get out of here.
The building's gonna blow.
Did I forget to mention that?
What can you tell us about
what happened here today?
Well, you see this building here...
it just blew up
It's on fire now.
It's probably very hot.
Did you hear the thunder last night?
Ho, ho, ho, man.
Hold another all-nighter, huh?
Just doing my job
Your job?
What the hell is this?
As I was telling him, my job.
I got the feds, CIA, NSA,
and the department of homeland security
all over my ass all because of you.
You know...
I like my coffee like
I like my women.
Don't you dare say it!
In my office now!
Brown and bitter.
I want an explanation.
Tell me what you've left out the report.
Everything I know is in there.
- I promise.
- Really?
Single suspect, none forced entry.
Out of hundreds of shots fired,
not one drop of his blood was found.
Nor was there so much a trace
of evidence he was even there.
I doubt this man even exists.
I don't know what you want me to tell you.
It's in the report.
Mr. President, we caught one.
He's getting us partial intel on a meeting
between high-level terrorist
gathering in Manyak Akbar village.
The missing Sovjet weapons expert
apparently, he's there too.
Let me guess.
He won't give us the time, this gathering
untill I have to get to New York
to see his lawyer.
Permission to continue enhanced
interrogation technique Sir?
Damn right!
Welcome my brother.
I am Zubri.
I trust your journey
was pleasant one?
Please come with me.
Let me show you to you quarters.
You're going to love it.
What's with the fetus?
This is Marud.
He's our explosives expert.
- But...
- There is no one better.
Please... our servants will
show you to your room.
We will summon you for the meeting.
Master, they have returned!
They have returned!
They have returned!
Brother, they are back!
Where are the others?
- I'm the only one left.
- Yes, you've done well.
I... I have completed my quest.
Indeed. Get him the man a drink.
Bring the chest to my chambers,
and prepare a toast!
In celebration of our unity,
we drink to Jihad.
The life is in the blood.
This is our Jihad bomb.
It will blow up an entire city.
All we need is nuclear material
to be inserted here
and for detonation device,
which will go there.
Now, a normal nuclear bomb
would take out this area.
And it will fall out... and spread here.
But the new experimental material you
will obtain will cause such immense damage.
We can only calculate it.
No one has ever seen the effects.
But... it should do this.
What would we do without the Russians?
Excuse me.
But, where are we going to get
such nuclear material?
Leave that to me.
What we worry about is getting us all
into enemy lands without being detected.
We have researched all potential ways
of infiltrating the United States.
We have found the absolute safest,
easiest way possible
without the slightest
possibility of being caught.
I have obtained student visas
for all of us.
Something called racial profiling
and political correctness,
which basically means there is not
a change we will be searched
as long as we all look
exactly like terrorists.
I'll handle it.
Everyone get out.
Get out!
Yes sir.
Find them...
wherever they are hiding.
And, um...
I want him to redecorate.
Any particular method?
- Something with flair.
- Done.
Do the worst...
whatever it takes.
I don't want to know.
No problem. Will do.
Yes, thank you Mr. President.
Security missed it.
It showed up on our facial recognition
system a few hours ago..
His name is...
Muhammad Akeem bin Fatah.
Kalamhi Ahkbah Sallam Fatanm.
Falla Abdulla Hasan Yassan Kwani.
Ah, screw it.
Let's just call him Bob.
We don't exactly know
what he is up to.
He always seems to be
two steps ahead of us.
But he has taken out some of
some of the world's top agents.
What do you suspect?
We can't even begin to imagine,
but whatever it is,
it'll be catastrophic.
That's why we ned you to stop him.
This is one of his latest atrocities.
His men filtered with children
carrying explosives.
This man is really pure evil.
He's a reprobate.
- He needs to be dead.
- Leads?
Get this he's just a narc..
He was in there looking for drug dealers
and stumbles on to a terrorist cell.
He's answering directly to the NSA now.
He's in way over his head.
- Is that cop still on your tail?
- Not for long.
- Do you want us to take care of it?
- No. I'll handle it.
You keep saying that.
Why don't you just take him out?
We have the authority.
Take a look at this.
This is worse then we thought.
They call him "The executioner".
He loves decapitation.
Chances are he is the man in the hood
in most beheading videos out there.
He's the most dangerous explosives man
in the world and probably the best.
His name is Marud.
Don't let his size fool you
Ali, he loves chemical biological weaponry.
He invents new drugs for the enemy.
One more rear way for Jihad.
According to our informative, key players
have moved to an undisclosed location
We can't just let that lie.
We've got to take on that warehouse.
Run those cockroaches out
and see what happens.
Now... if you want to start
digging for Bob...
Errand boy,
he looks like a jackass.
Put some pressure on him.
He'll leak something.
Sounds like fun.
Don't take these guys lightly.
They train hard.
They're ready for anything,
maybe even for you.
You might may want to
have a plan this time.
You wanna know what my plan is?
They're all going back to
the desert in body bags.
Where Allah won't even be able to use
dental records to recognize them.
Are you gonna get in 'em,
or do I have to make ya?
I thought we talked about this.
You're right, here it is.
It's still half my house too, right?
You'll get your half.
Come on you really wanna sell?
Do you really want to do this?
Look at you!
Look at your face!
Vampires again?
I can't handle seeing you like this.
- It's not fair to me.
- I'm chasing bad guys baby.
Look, I'm trying to make a difference.
Can't we just give it another shot?
I mean we love each other.
You can quit your job.
- Don't ask me to do that.
- You can start over.
We can start over.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
I told you, get in the body bags!
- Help me!
- What is wrong?
The great Satan,
the man with the dream powers...
He's here.
A Jew!
Where's your boss?
- I cannot tell you.
- I can start carving.
Pain is only temporary compared to
what will happen to me if I talk.
Uh, we've been instructed to ask you,
to uh, bite us...
if we ever ran into you and well...
So... bite me.
Why do you guys always think
I'm gonna turn you?
So you can blow yourselfs up
over and over again?
- I can't believe you just did that.
- Yeah?
Does it hurt?
A punch of the skin?
What's wrong with you?
What am I supposed to shoot you with?
Well now you got to put up with the
smell of garlic while I kick your ass.
Come one get up.
- We done?
- Yeah yeah...
You know, after I rest a little,
Im gonna knock you in the walls and stuff.
You're probably gonna lose that arm.
I'm not giving up.
Yeah, I figured.
How do you look at
yourself in the mirror?
You want to know how it works right?
Demons. Thousands of demons.
- They posses me, to be made to this.
- Even one demon is pretty damn evil.
Yeah, you think?
They don't get to call the shots, I do.
How much will power does that take?
You know exactly how much it takes.
- So if you they changed you this much why
- Think of it this way
Everyone has a dark side.
You were a cross so you understand
that it's sin, so just call it evil.
For me it's a little more literal,
sure but it's...
It's all how you acknowledge it
and don't let it control you.
So if you're so good, how can
be killed looking at a cross?
Some sort of biochemical reaction that...
No gee, I don't know. I think I just
told you something about demons?
They just can't take it.
They're the problem, not me.
Yes but they give you all that strength.
Yeah. And I'm not gonna let it go to waste
If I can make 'em all my bitch,
I'll use this power for truth,
justice and the American way.
You're a demon possessed vampire.
- It's my duty to take you out.
- Ill tell you what.
You stop sinning, I'll let
you take me out. How's that?
Bite me.
Is that a sin or a request?
Don't bite me!
Psst, Rip, come here.
You okay?
You're gonna blow this thing.
You need to lay off man.
Allright listen to me
we can handle this.
Look, I'm not on this right?
I'm working something else.
Obviously you need help with it,
whatever it is.
Hey, Rip, you need a hospital.
I just want you to know that
I wasn't stepping on your toes.
Stay safe, allright?
They're all dead.
Who did it? What did you see?
I asked him to bite me.
Something is coming.
He's coming for us all.
No more failure!
It will not be tolerated!
Give him ten lashes.
That should cure him of his fears.
- Thank you! Thank you master!
- Whatever it is, we are ready for it.
Oh, you really cut it close tonight.
Don't tell me it was that cop again.
You're too valuable to let a guy
like that keep you out all night.
- We both know what can happen.
- Don't worry about me.
I had time to kill.
Why don't you think about
killing more then time
the next time you see him again?
Now, we picked up some
shatter and confirmed,
You really screwed up tonight.
You were seen by a Zubri.
How bad?
This could turn out really serious.
Maybe they'll be ready for you this time.
Hey eh, can I talk to you for a minute?
About what?
I think I found some evidence
and it doesn't add up.
I wanted to ask you about it.
- What? Come on, go screw yourself.
- No, I'm serious!
I eh, I believe it, I think
I can help you prove it.
- Allright.
- So, uh, tell me about this vampire.
- What do you wanna know?
- Who is he? What does he do?
You can see what he does.
He's a sadistic killer.
You've read all the reports right?
It's all in there.
Are you screwing with me?
- How does he do all that?
- Intense right?
- What, does he dodge bullets?
- No, no, he doesn't have to.
It's not his style.
He'd rather just take it and keep smiling.
So what happens?
He just heals right back up.
Yeah, oh, one more thing.
He's huge and he's strong.
I mean this guy can throw
a guy farther then
you and I can trust
him that's for sure.
Yeah! What else can he do?
When he gets angry,
and he has enough energy,
He can actually hear his heartbeat grow
louder and louder before every kill
Oh, and this is the strangest part.
He messes with electronic equipment
and it's like...
radio frequencies and television receptions
and stuff, I mean.
- No kidding, so can he fly?
- Yeah. I asked him that one time.
He explained to me that it takes too
much energy to fly all the time.
I mean do you run as fast as you can
everywhere all of the time?
No, it makes sense
So what else? Garlic?
No. Only annoys him.
Silver Bullets?
- I tried them, they don't work.
- Does he bite?
No, of course not.
He will not bite anyone.
Apparently he's the last vampire.
He's not gonna turn anyone else either.
He's not gonna turn anyone else!
You're a killer Van Helsing, Rip.
- Son of...
- I've come to suck your blood.
In my office now!
The rest of you get back to work!
Do you want to tell me
what that was all about?
Fine! Do you want to tell
what this is all about?
I told you it's all in there.
Yeah, well, except for the little part
you left out about monsters.
Internal affairs wants a psych test.
That's great.
Whatever they say goes.
If you pass you'll get 30 days probation.
If you fail...
sorry it's out of my hands.
No one puts in the hours I put in.
I'm dedicated to my work
and you know it.
Well then convince them.
Talk about vampires
and see what they have to say.
It's simple... I mean, come one
Allright, we were just messing around
we joke around like this all the time.
When was the last time you get some rest?
A while.
Go home, get some sleep.
I'll push back your evaluation
until this evening.
If I had a home.
Excuse me I mean no disrespect but,
once we complete the tunnel,
how will we get through that?
It would take us a year,
and no man could survive going inside.
Do not worry brother.
Allah will provide.
Soon we will eclipse the
Manhattan raid so much,
The world will never even remember it.
New intel.
We're hearing about some sort of genie.
A goat demon of some sort.
Yeah right.
I wouldn't take this lightly if were you.
Yeah? Why not?
I eat Gen for breakfast.
They are saying it's a Merin,
The most dangerous of the Gen
This is not a fairy tale.
Are you serious?
You expect me to believe this?
You're real aren't you?
Listen, I've been doing some thinking,
and I might gonna have to quit.
I might get fired.
They can't trust you either?
Yeah they eh, they think I'm crazy too.
Well there's something wrong with you.
Look I just want to know if there's
a chance for us if I do.
What do you want me to say Rip?
- Not when you look like a train wreck!
- What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to show you the vampire!
Do you honestly think
that's what I want?
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Damn vampire.
First my wife and now my job.
Who is the raisin head?
He's our new dealer.
He has been checked out.
I have the status update you requested.
The project will be completed
and ready by friday night.
Excellent, excellent.
Our informant's tracking device is down.
We know why.
- He must be in some kind of fortified
- Underground layer?
We're getting all kinds of
seismic readings from this area
How safe do you feel on the
streets of your city
knowing that the very officials
payed to protect you
Are using their power to harm you?
In tonights edition I will
show you evidence,
of rampant government corruption.
Public servants infecting our city
and our nation
A peace officer purposely detonates
a crime scene.
We learned that this same
peace officer was also involved
in the recent warehouse massacre.
Where were 58 innocent people
were found slayen.
I got it.
Why are we not allowed to
reveal his identity?
Government regulations restricting
the very freedom of this broadcast.
This footage was captured mere
minutes after the incident.
What kind of back alley deal was this?
Here is why you should be concerned.
Allah Akbar.
Allah Akbar.
- Allah Akbar.
- This is my favorite part.
This will be recorded.
Case number 1156743,
Rip Lancaster.
Questioning will encompass all
case work for the past 18 months.
State your name please.
Thank you for meeting with us.
Let's talk business.
We would like you to give us details
on the police officer you
profiled on your show.
His name, where he works,
where he lives.
What's in it for me?
This, $2 million.
And we will also give you
the story of your career.
We'll even tell you where to park your van.
Let's get right to the heart of it.
Do you believe in vampires?
Yeah, I mean, no.
Look, it's just a hobby.
You mean hunting vampires?
Not, of course not.
Look, I just read about them.
You know? Thats all.
Oh, no.
Allah Akbar.
This is my favorite part.
Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.
They've already isolated the back room.
Massive digging.
That confirms the seismic readings.
They'll have their location
pinpointed any second.
I'm sorry, Rip.
You gonna be okay?
I least know who to call if
I ever run into a vampire.
I don't believe in vampires.
We have to take out Bob, ASAP.
- They're about to go nuclear.
- I won't let that happen.
Now remember,
This genie is unlike any enemy
you've ever fought before.
I'm not sure you're aware
of the dangers it may pose.
From what I read in the file,
I'm assuming that I can take it out
with extra fire power save enough.
You'll get all the fire power you want.
Your primary objective
is an executive order.
You can do whatever is deemed necessary
to rid the world of this blue eyed
... sack of feces.
It's him.
Do they have my wife?
Yeah, they got your girl.
He's on his way.
Show me.
What the?
You just killed the guy
that knows where my wife is!
I just did you a big favor.
He was leading you into a trap.
Now it's your turn to do me a favor.
Ah yeah? What do I get out of it?
Are you gonna help me find my wife?
I'll let you live.
So you still haven't figured
out which side your on?
I'm on yours that's for damn sure..
You know there's only two
things you need from me
a cross and a wooden stake.
- Yeah get back all that extra stuff.
- It makes me feel comfortable.
Does that feel comfortable?
- So what do you want from me?
- Instead of getting in my way,
why don't you help me this time, deal?
Not quite. These guys got my wife
I want you to help me.
- No, you help me.
- No, you'll help me!
Don't move!
I notice you have been
taken credit for my work
- How's that working out for your career?
- We'll talk about that later.
- You know I had nothing to do with it.
- Yeah right.
I know you're obsessed.
You're full of it,
that's a bunch of bull.
You see the last guy that came
after me this hard,
He ended up in a mental institution.
You're doing much better.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna help you
until you agree to help me first.
Looks like you're doing a pretty good job.
I know.
Still think you should
be arresting these guys?
Oh, this is self-defense.
Fully justifiable.
Nice work.
- How long?
- Two more minutes.
Make it one and a half.
Everybody, hurry, hurry.
His name is...
Muhammad Akeem Bin Fatah Ulama
Ahmed Salim Fahid Abdulla Hasan.
Nevermind, we're calling him Bob.
These guys are as evil as they come.
They kill children for fun.
If they've got your wife,
It's not looking to good for her, pal.
They are about to do something big.
We have to stop them.
For what?
- To kill Bob and his goons.
- Maybe you misunderstood something here.
- I'm not helping you.
- Listen to me.
- They have a nuke.
- Here?
- Yeah. I need your help, Rip.
- No. No, wait, wait.
I'm not going in there with you.
- It's too intense.
- Rip.
If I go out there and get killed,
you'll end up alone and be forced
to save the world and your
wife all by yourself.
Is that what you want?
Allright fine. Um,
let's do things my way allright
We sneak the rest of the way
and try to find my wife first.
I think we better go ahead
and do things my way.
No, no, my way!
Loud and proud, baby.
The American Way.
Break out the violins.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Put it there, Zubri!
This is your Virgin, Bob.
You! Are... right?
Now I'm out.
You got any more tricks
up your sleeve huh?
Just one.
Kicking ass!
Now I'm out.
Exact number of bullets.
At lomg last, for the first time,
in over 6,000 years.
I have brought you here
for a great purpose.
There is much to be done.
Put it inside, and close it tight.
Nothing's wrong?
Leave me, leave me.
It's about time that you warmed up to me.
The genie has obtained the material.
You woman distract me from Jihad!
Bring the chest.
I got it.
The genie that belongs inside of it,
now that he's free,
It will be used in unspeakable ways.
Well, how do I stop it?
You must drib the fresh blood of
a virgin girl into the mouth of the skull
and recite an ancient Arabic recall passage
in order to get the genie
back into the skull
and to save your friend's life.
Allright, so who's the Virgin?
I am.
Ok, do you know what to say?
I know exactly what to say,
- Word for Word.
- OK, good. Let's go.
- Allah Akbar.
- Allah Akbar.
Well, I'm sorry.
What was it again?
I'm ok.
Look at my lips, huh?
I can't do that.
Allright, this is bad.
- You haven't said it right, not even once.
- Sorry. It's weird.
Just give me a few more tries,
I'll spit it out.
You might only have the chance
to say it once.
Come here, son of a bitch!
Papa, it's gone!
Careful, careful!
You did it.
In English.
What's wrong?
When a persons blood is used on the skull,
a life is taken
You didn't mention that. No.
I knew you would not have done it
if you would know.
- Why? I'm responsible for you.
- No. I did this. I cut myself.
I did it to save the others.
For Aisha.
You see what that girl did for you?
I hope you realize...
Hey, you okay?
Are you yourself?
I feel so dirty.
He violated me.
So it's kind of like you went to prison
Thanks buddy. I owe you one.
Allright, let's go save my wife.
If we don't stop the
meltdown and get the bomb
We're all dead.
Fine, let's hurry.
- Follow me!
- Yes!
This way!
We are close, but we may still
need our insurance policy.
Go and get it.
It's all sealed.
Now the bomb.
And then your wife.
You're not looking to good, pal.
You know, I was just thinking.
If she sees you.
She'll believe me, she will love me again.
Yeah, and maybe you'll
get lucky tonight, huh?
Come on, get up.
I want my life back.
And my work.
If they'd all could see you were real,
I'd get my job back.
You don't really want to get back
to that job, do you?
I like chasing bad guys.
Well, then, get up
and let's go get some.
Come on. Is that all you
got for me tonight?
Get up.
- Use me as a shield.
- It'll be fun.
- Allah!
- Carrie!
Hey buddy, can you do me a favor?
Can I see my wife please?
I wish I could pal.
But you're on your own for good this time.
What? Don't you just heal back
and back up again?
Not this time.
God, I'm gonna die.
Hey, look at the bright side.
I'm finally out of your hair.
- This hurts man
- Tell me about it
Huh? It even hurts you?
I mean you being a bloodsucker and all.
- Hey Rip.
- Yeah.
I got a stake through my heart.
Hey, what's your name anyway?
Who has protected you from me today?
You may wanna step a little closer, pal.
Can't you see we're both
dying here, you idiot?
No one has protected you for
the angels fight for me!
I know what angels you're talking about.
The ones with sulphur breath,
you just got lucky that's all.
Luck has nothing got to do with it
Allah, most merciful watches over me
and guides us in Jihad!
Then why don't you show some
of that mercy to my wife?
Let her go.
Let me tell you what I will
do to your filthy pig of a wife!
I'm going to take her head off.
Nice and slow!
I will give you her head
if you're still alive.
Maybe I will bring in a video
so that you can watch.
I'll tell you where you
can stick that knife.
- I already know where to stick it.
- Yeah?
Come on over here and show me.
Don't you fool, it's a trick!
Come on, chicken shit!
- Don't go anywhere
- I'll be here.
- Don't you touch her!
- Or what?
What are you going to do?
Listen to me, very carefully.
I want you to get a sword
and chop his head off.
Then I want you to take his fangs
and give them to me.
And then put his head in
a mirrored box and bury it.
Do you understand?
We have seen the last of your kind.
Enjoy your pain!
Please don't!
Oh, please don't!
I wish I was dead so I
didn't have to hear this.
No! Don't! Don't cut me!
You bastard, you bit me!
- I just saved your life.
- No you didn't, you just killed me!
Whatever, You said you wished you were dead
Oh, so you're still a genie!
You were gonna die anyway.
Now you'll still be around.
So... I can still save her?
Yes, but you won't be able
to be with here again.
- But she's my wife.
- I don't make the rules, trust me okay?
Besides, I bet your vow was
"till death do us part" Well...
Now you're dead... so part.
Allright Look, fuck, can we, lets just
agree this of so I can get back there?
Relax for a second,
what time is passing?
We're in the spiritual world now...
When you get back, you better hurry up.
Every few hundred years we pass a torch.
When we're tired we find a place for it
I'm sorry, I gotta go.
You gonna be okay?
You set me up.
You tricked me.
Would you have given
up if I hadn't told you?
I've been training you...
Come on, get up!
Come on, get up.
Nice work
- I'll let you live
- Don't bite me!
- I've given you a gift
- Oh, a gift!
You have a commitment to justice
unlike anyone I've ever seen.
You're stubborn, determined,
all the things you need to be.
- So I can, still be good?
- I'm counting on it.
Get up and let's go get some
A good vampire.
I guess I can do that.
You start now.
IRS building.
Headquarters, downstairs.
Death and taxes, baby.
Save the world, Rip.
And save your wife.
The rules are simple,
drink their blood after you kill them.
Or else they'll come back.
Go get them.
Stay on night shift.
And I almost forgot,
my name is...
What were you gonna do with my wife huh?
Was it this?
Look at me.
I'm so sorry.
If only I had listened.
If only I'd quit you first.
Stay with me.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Open wide.
And say Allah.
No Zubri, Zubri, no, no! Zubri, Zubri!
Go ahead and kill me!
Tonight I will be in paradise
enjoying my virgins.
And pleasures you
can only dream of.
Yeah, you're not going to paradise.
Here's a preview...
of what you have to look forward to.
And where you're going,
you are the virgins!
It's her smile I miss the most.
It's my fault things
headed this way really.
We're sorry to see him go,
but he must have picked you for a reason.
Welcome aboard,
we are honored to have you.
He's gone Sir, he's gone.
But he did find his replacement.
Have him checked out.
Make sure we're still save.
Most people have no idea what kinds
of things, monsters really exist.
It creeps me out.
Evil is out there and I'm
gonna find it and I'll put
it where it belongs even
if I have to do it alone.
The Devil's gonna pay.
I know what I'm doing.
I think.