Blood Slaughter Massacre (2013) Movie Script

WOMAN: Is he dancing?
I do the twist,
that's so '60s.
MAN: There you go.
That's what we all do.
BOB: Hello, everyone.
I would like
to make a toast.
Where is the man
of the night?
- Get out, Richard Blumstein.
- WOMAN: Get up there.
There he is.
Now, I've known Richie
a long, long time.
As a matter of fact,
I remember when
we used to skip gym
class and smoke pot
- behind the bleachers.
- Not. [COUGHS]
BOB: And now he's a judge.
Well, Bob, considering
all the tomfoolery
you talked me
into those days,
it's no wonder what a
clown you turned out to be.
- BOB: Let's make a long story short.
- Too late.
Richard's one
of my best friends,
and I'm honored to be able
to raise my glass with you
on your 45th birthday.
Now, even though
another year has passed,
he doesn't seem any
older than the last.
Or any younger.
Hey, let's arrest that
obviously drunken man.
BOB: To Richie.
- ALL: To Richie.
- Thank you, Bob.
Oh, Lord.
I'm not used to seeing
these two like that.
They're usually so uptight.
Sweetheart, when you've
worked with these guys
as long as I have,
you learn they only
care about two things.
Law and liquor.
Can I ask you a question?
Don't be shy, honey.
Do you think I'm wasting
my time here?
What do you mean?
Well, since the divorce,
I have my daughter,
and her future
to think about, and...
There's an opening
in paralegal.
Thinking about taking it.
Yeah, just talk to Bob
about it tonight.
What would I say?
Be yourself.
What's the worst
that could happen?
Hey Mr. Simmons,
do you have a minute?
For you Ms. Lindberg,
I've got several.
Well, I wanted to talk
to you about
that paralegal position
that just opened up.
Oh, really.
- Yeah.
- You don't say.
I was wondering
if you could...
If I'd be willing to put
in a good word for you?
Yeah. Yeah.
You know, I could
get you the interview.
And I'm sure that
my recommendation
can get you that position.
But, what kind of position
would you be willing
to give me?
Mr. Jenkins, I, uh, I...
Come on, Sally.
We're all adults here.
I'm sure we can
come to some
I, uh, I don't know if, uh...
Why don't meet upstairs
in about 15 minutes
and we'll talk about it?
COBB: Listen, Jimmy, don't
let this thing get you up.
These things happen.
That guy got away
with murder.
Innocent until proven guilty,
and he wasn't.
How can you say that?
I don't understand.
Are you gonna let this
eat you up all night?
We have a job to do.
JIMMY: Is this
the right place?
Yeah, 139 River.
JIMMY: Doesn't look like
anyone's been home all day.
Anonymous calls have
a way of
not being too reliable.
Wait, so we came
all the way out here
to appease some
nervous old cat lady?
- COBB: Shit.
- Did that come from inside?
Go around back,
I'll call for backup.
Cobb, come in.
It's a goddamn
massacre back here.
Where the hell are you?
Goddammit, Cobb.
WOMAN: Help me.
JIMMY: Ma'am,
I'm a police officer.
I'm here to help.
Is the person who did this
to you still in the house?
What happened in there?
They're all dead.
He killed them all.
In the shadows
Smoke on the street
I can hear pounding
Of their feet
Awake from sleep
In the dead of night
With the demons eyes
Burning bright
As I feel the chill
Down my spine
I step across the borderline
There's no mercy
I can feel
When I look into
Her deadly eyes
With just one touch
She's catching my mind
And there's no escape
I can try to find, yeah
Take cover
Keep out of sight
Beware of the demons
Of the night
If you see them
Looking for their prey
You might never see
The light of day
Save your soul
From that spell
Don't fall into The
depths of hell [MUFFLED]
Don't run and try to fight
So what do we have here?
15-year-old female.
Body was dumped here
sometime late last night.
- Jealous boyfriend?
- Doubtful.
Her heart was
ripped clean out.
Oh, God.
Yeah, someone sure
did a number on her.
COBB: You can say that again.
Hang on a second.
Did you see this?
No, I didn't.
Who is that?
Hey. Look what I found.
Thank you, officer.
- Who's that?
- I don't know.
I found it under the body,
thought maybe you'd recognize her.
I'll take it down to evidence
when we get to the station.
The mother's
already down there.
She ID'd the body earlier.
I say we start by
interviewing her friends.
I hear they hang out at
the video store down town.
You think they'll
be able to help?
We gotta start somewhere.
I'm not a police officer,
I'm a detective.
There's no reason
to be afraid.
I'm Detective Cobb,
and this is Detective Fincher.
Look, man, we're not
doing anything wrong.
FINCHER: Did you kids know
a Suzette Sinclair?
Seen her around
from time to time.
COBB: Does she
hang out here often?
Kinda, she doesn't
have many friends.
What about you?
Are you guys friends?
Have you seen her lately?
No, I wouldn't say
we were friends.
So, you didn't like her?
No, nothing like that.
Just, we had
chemistry together.
So what about a boyfriend?
Did she have a boyfriend?
I really don't know.
Anything that you could
think of would help us.
- Enemies, bullies, maybe an ex-boyfriend.
- What's this about?
- We said we don't know her, man.
- Well, obviously somebody knew her.
We found her dead
this morning.
Somebody killed her and dumped
her body by the McNeil Cabin.
Well, we had nothing
to do with that.
- No one said you did.
- Why don't you stay out of it?
It's none of your fucking
business, you little harlot.
Oh, get lost, loser.
She doesn't wanna
see you anymore.
Is this true, Danielle, huh?
- What kind of lies has she been telling you about me?
Is there a problem here?
Why don't you just keep
out of this, old man?
It doesn't concern you.
Get back to your Studebaker.
Why don't you let the girls
alone and be on your way, huh?
Who the fuck do
you think you are?
That's who the fuck
I think I am.
Now, leave the girls alone,
hot shot.
But we'll finish
this later, Danielle.
You can count on that.
And as for you.
Here's what I think
of your fuckin' badge, pig.
DANIELLE: Thank you, officer.
Fuckin' asshole!
That's your boyfriend?
Doesn't know
when to quit.
Well, if he tries
anything like that again,
here's my card,
give me a call.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Do you mind if I ask
you girls something?
I'm investigating the
murder of Suzette Sinclair.
Did you know her?
Not really.
Well, sort of.
We just went to junior
high school together.
When was the last time
you spoke to her?
About a month ago.
I saw her walking away
down the hall.
She was going
to math class.
Did she have any enemies
that you know of?
We really wouldn't know.
Like she said, we hadn't hung
out with her in a long time.
Well, I'll tell you what. If you
think of anything that could help me,
I'd really appreciate it.
My number's on the card.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- You get anything?
- No.
This girl doesn't
have any friends.
It doesn't look like anybody
would be throwing a party
knowing that
she's dead though.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
I was supposed to
meet Jenny for lunch.
Good luck with that one.
All right, let's get back
to the station.
Maybe I can still make it.
Jenny, wait.
Just, I can explain.
Explain what?
That you forgot that I
was waiting for you again?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm working on a case.
Yeah, you are
always working.
All I asked was one hour
of your time
so you could help plan your
little girl's birthday party.
Jen, I don't need
the criticism.
I've always been
there for my daughter.
Oh, really?
Well when was the last
time you made it down
to one of her soccer games?
I know, I'm sorry,
I'm doing the best I can.
But it's hard,
I have a job to do.
And you think that I don't?
I work just like you
and I still manage
to find time for her.
All right, regardless
of what you may think,
she is just as important
to me as she is to you.
I am still her father.
I waited here for
over an hour, James.
You know what, forget it. I will
take care of all the plans myself.
All you need
to do is show up.
Can you handle that?
Yes, yes.
- Of course.
- Good.
And you better be there.
The only thing in the world
that that little girl wants
is for her father to be
at her birthday party.
You know what, you can
disappoint me all you want.
I've already made up my mind
what a deadbeat you are.
But I will not stand by
and watch you continue
to break her heart.
I'm sorry.
I promise I'll be there.
You know, when
I married a cop,
I thought that I would
have somebody in my life
that would always be there.
Somebody that would always
be there to protect me
and the family that
we created together.
But you would have to actually
be there to protect us.
Jim, if you are not there,
do not bother coming back.
Oh, hi, Mrs. Collingwood.
Yes, she's fine.
She's asleep.
We watched...
Vicky's dad is
the new landlord.
Uh, what?
No, yeah, yeah, yeah.
She went to sleep
right afterwards.
No, no.
You guys take your time.
No, I have homework
to do anyway.
You guys have fun.
I'll see you guys
in a few hours.
Bye, Mrs. Collingwood.
- Sorry.
- I told you to be quiet.
Sorry, do you think
they heard?
No, I don't think so.
So what do you wanna do?
I don't know.
What do you wanna do?
I don't know.
I thought we were
gonna watch a movie.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's watch a movie.
And maybe we could um,
I don't know,
fool around
on the couch a little.
But what if Christine
wakes up?
I'll be quiet.
a last resort for our clients.
For most, we are
the final place to turn.
So call us now...
That's 1-800-MDK4YOU.
Call us now
and fight back today.
We interrupt this broadcast
to bring you
late breaking news.
Tragedy struck our small
town earlier today.
Authorities have stated
they're investigating the death
of young Suzette Sinclair.
Hold on.
- Hello.
- Are you watching this?
No, I'm doing my nails.
- Put on the news.
- Why?
Just do it.
Sinclair was the daughter
of Robert Jenkins,
a local district attorney
who was killed
nearly ten years ago
along with 23 others in the
Havenwood fire at Blumsfield Manor.
Oh, wow, that is so cool.
She's dead, Carla.
Cool is not the word
I would use.
She's on the news though.
That's pretty bitchin'.
Do you think
they'll catch him?
Who knows?
This break sucks.
- Carla?
- What?
Are you even hearing this?
What would you like me
to do about it?
I don't know.
Oh, my God,
chill out, Danielle.
You act like this guy
is after you or something.
Don't say that.
I don't even wanna
talk about it anymore.
Well, you called me
to talk about it.
I know, it's just...
I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, don't be
like that, Danielle.
Hey, I know what you need.
You need a party.
- A what?
- A party.
Didn't you say your parents
were gone away this weekend?
- No. Carla.
- Yeah.
Yes, yes yes yes.
- We'll have a party on Friday night.
- No way.
I'll invite some
of the girls.
I'll have Glen get us beer,
we'll get pizza
delivered, rent movies,
it'll be awesome.
- No, no no.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- I'm calling Jessica right now. Bye.
- No.
- Carla.
- Hmm.
MAN ON TV: Are you happy now?
Are you happy?
Where the hell
have you been?
Oh, sorry,
I slept late.
Well, fix your goddamn tie,
clean yourself up
a bit for Christ's sake.
You look like dog shit.
So, what did I miss?
Double murder.
The girl, Mari Lindberg,
and the boyfriend,
Brian Tennant.
Where are the parents?
We haven't been
able to locate
any of the boy's family
as of yet.
The girl's mother
died a few years ago,
and the father is
away on business.
FINCHER: Who found the body?
She was babysitting
the neighbor's daughter.
They say they came home
a little bit early.
She was already gone.
Obviously upset.
They tried calling her,
and got no response.
Having a spare key,
they let themselves in,
and they found her.
So what happened?
She left the kid alone
to have a fling
with the boyfriend?
We found blood
on the rear window
of the neighbor's house.
So you're saying he abducted
her at the neighbor's house
and brought her here?
Seems like it.
What about
the boyfriend here?
Well, we found him dumped
in the backyard in the shed.
Apparently, he only wanted her.
The boyfriend was just
in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
makes you say that?
How long has
she been like this?
MAN: About 36 hours.
Nearly two days?
Are you sure?
Well, based on the congealment
of all her blood,
I'm guessing the time
of death to be about 10 PM.
Just like the last one.
What does this guy want?
I think he's sending
a message, Detective.
A message?
You don't think he'd go through
all this for fun, do you?
COBB: You know what,
do me a favor.
You take care of the body.
We'll do the thinking
around here, okay?
See this?
Look, look.
COBB: Is this one
of the Sinclair girl?
Uh-huh, same photo.
What are you
still doin' with that?
I forgot to submit it
to evidence.
Listen, you can't
be walking around
with evidence
in your pocket.
Look, I didn't do it
on purpose, all right?
Excuses, excuses,
and more excuses.
And I know you're
still drinking.
I am not
still drinking.
Don't bullshit me.
I can smell it on you.
You know what?
Do me a favor.
Get out of here.
Just go home.
Go home?
If you don't like it,
take it up with the Captain.
- Fincher.
- MAN: Detective,
meet me at the overlook by
the park tomorrow at five p.m.
I have something for you.
Don't be late.
Who is this?
Who is this? Hello?
RADIO: And I do have
some stuff here.
And I wanted to let you know...
Some of the stuff...
I'm a little worried, yeah.
It's not gonna look good.
'Cause we can see from these
surveillance photos here.
We saw this young lady...
So, why are we getting
a movie again?
Why not?
I don't know. It's just...
Are we really gonna watch it?
So, fine then,
you just want us
to sit around
in silence all night?
You know what I mean.
You never end up
watching it anyway.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
Watch out, asshole.
Excuse you.
Oh, bitchin'!
I know a drinking game
to go with this one.
A drinking game?
Sweetie, you will soon learn
that there is a drinking game
to go with anything.
What the hell?
You really scared me back
into the '70s, old man.
Come on, Carla,
let's just go.
I scared you?
There are a lot
scarier things in here.
Yeah, well, right now
all I see is you.
Seems like a lot
of young girls
are going missing lately.
What the hell are
you talking about?
Couldn't help but overhear,
you ladies are worried
of the killer.[WHISPERING]
You're not gonna
scare me, old man.
Such a shame.
Such pretty girls.
Flesh is fresher,
the blood more potent.
He takes them.
- Takes them young.
- Take your hands off of us, you creepazoid.
Just watch
yourselves, girls.
He's back.
- No one's safe.
- Screw you, nut job.
Come on, Danielle.
What the hell is
going on over here?
Find you.
Find you all.
- He'll find you all!
- What are you doing?
Let's go already.
No one is safe!
MAN: Didn't figure you
for a quitter, Detective.
What the hell do you want?
Told you I have
something for you.
Well, let me have it then.
My information
is expensive.
Is this the kind of
conversation you wanna have?
That's fine, I'll just take it up with
your supervisor at the coroner's office.
Okay, okay, fine.
You win.
Give me one reason I should
even be standing here.
You need this information.
These murders are connected.
And the ripper is to blame.
What the hell are
you talking about?
Don't waste my time.
I'm not wasting
anyone's time.
Explain yourself then.
Here, take a look.
How the hell did you even
find out about all of this?
Look at me, Detective.
Do I look like a child?
I remember what
happened that night.
And now what? Are
you gonna extort me?
This isn't blackmail.
- I'm just trying to...
- People of this town
don't know what
happened that night.
And the people who do aren't
gonna start talking about it now.
They don't even know
the Ripper existed.
- Look familiar? That's...
- Yeah, I know who that is.
That's Gerald Vatetta.
He was accused of
molesting his daughter,
but they couldn't
get a conviction.
And she died
in a car accident
a few months later.
That was no accident,
Detective, and you know it.
He blamed everyone,
and he killed them
all in return.
- You mean...
- The ripper wasn't some lunatic on a murder spree.
Gerald Vatetta was
out for revenge.
How do I know
I can trust you?
- How much choice do you have?
- Listen, man, I don't know...
No, you listen to me, man.
Ripper nearly destroyed your
career before it even started.
You were so obsessed with
him you didn't see your life
falling apart right
in front of you.
Your wife left you, your daughter
barely knows who you are,
and if it wasn't for
that partner of yours,
you'd be working some
school crosswalk right now.
You need this information.
Yeah, well how am I supposed
to say I found it?
You're a detective,
do your job.
This man is still out there,
and he's gonna kill again.
But why?
Why disappear for ten years
before suddenly
reappearing again?
I haven't figured
that out yet.
You have access
to files that I don't.
Sealed documents.
Oh, you just expect me
to waltz into the file room
- at the police station and go rifling through...
- No,
I don't expect anything
from you, Detective.
You do what you
want with this.
You're on
to something here.
I'm just trying to help.
If you're gonna
catch this guy,
you're gonna have to start
thinking like a killer.
[SIGHS] What the hell
is this bullshit.
What the fuck?
- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to apologize.
- It's 4:30 in the morning.
- Yeah, yeah yeah.
I just wanted to come by
and say I'm sorry.
- Are you drunk?
- No.
No, I'm not drunk.
- Jesus, Jim, have you even slept yet?
- No.
I mean, I was up all night,
I was thinking about it.
- Listen, can I just come in...
- No, I don't think that's such a good idea.
Well, why not? I wanted
to see my little girl.
Oh, you're little girl
needs a father,
not a stranger who's gonna
come and go as he pleases.
Right, look,
I was on my way,
I got her the present.
- I did, and I was... lost tracked of time.
- No, just save your breath.
Just save your breath.
I'm tired of your
bullshit excuses.
I meant what I said
to you the other day.
I want you out
of my life for good.
I don't wanna hear anymore
of your empty promises
and your selfish lies.
I want you to turn
around and leave.
- No, I can't.
- No, you are not gonna hurt her anymore.
Now, look, she's
still my daughter.
You understand me? You can
not get rid of me that easy.
Oh, well, I can
sure as hell try.
You know,
she's young enough now
that maybe in time she'll
forget all about you
and what you did to her.
Even if her father is a
waste, she won't remember.
A waste?
Goodbye, Jim.
Take it easy, man.
I don't want any
problems, all right?
And just what the hell
were you thinking?
I told you, I fell
and it went off.
You fell and it went off.
And monkeys might
fly out of my ass.
What do you have
to say about this?
And don't give me any of that
"Oh, he's my partner," horse shit.
If you knew he was
off the wagon,
and you didn't
report that to me,
you are as responsible for
this incident as he is.
I can not have my detectives
on the biggest case
this town has ever seen,
running around drunk, shooting
at innocent civilians.
I didn't know he had
reached that point.
Well, clearly he has.
You need to surrender
your badge and your gun.
You're suspended indefinitely.
Effective immediately.
No, no, you can't.
- I got a lead on this case.
- Oh, what?
Your meeting with your
little friend in the park?
Yeah, I've already spoken
to his supervisor.
We're gonna be bringing
him up on charges
for stolen evidence.
I've had enough of this crap.
You're off this case, I'm
assigning it to somebody else.
Wait a minute. I've been working on
this for a week, you can't just...
Shut your mouth.
He's lucky I don't
throw him in a cell
with his little ginger friend.
And you're lucky you're not on
suspension for insubordination.
- What?
- Enough.
Your badge, your gun, now.
Now get the hell out
of my precinct
before I do lock you up.
Captain, if you just give me
a little bit more time,
- I can get him in shape.
- No, no.
You did things your way,
now we're doing them my way.
And I don't care how long
I had known you.
You watch yourself
around here.
You're on very thin ice.
Yeah, yeah I did.
Oh, my God, yes.
Oh, my God,
I'll be right there.
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God.
Mom, I'm taking a shower.
MOTHER: Okay, let me know
before you leave.
Yes, mother.
MOTHER: Kristin?
Honey, are you okay?
Okay, guys, now listen.
My parents will be
back in two days,
and if this house
is a mess,
they're gonna kill me.
Danielle, please, lighten up.
Yeah, Danielle,
don't be such a spaz.
Don't worry about her.
We're gonna have
a good time tonight,
and I'm gonna make sure of it.
Even if it's the last thing
I do.
You're gonna take this beer,
you're gonna drink it,
- and you're gonna like it.
- Come on, Carla.
You know I don't.
And you're gonna like it.
What could go wrong?
- Let's go.
- CARLA: I'm comin', bitch.
What the hell are
you doin' in here?
In the dark?
Don't you remember
you've been suspended?
Take a look at this.
Look at that.
Remember the photo we found?
That's Katie Vatetta.
Gerald Vatetta's daughter.
She was sent to the orphanage
after he was arrested.
What does that have to do
with you being here tonight?
Think of this, think, Walt.
Ten years ago we witnessed
that massacre.
You really think this has
something to do with that?
Listen, just hear me out.
Gerald Vatetta killed all
those people that night
because he blamed them
for his daughter's death.
Gerard Vatetta is the Ripper.
- That's not possible.
- It isn't?
So you think it's
a coincidence
that the Ripper got away
and no one's heard from
Vatetta since his trial?
Look, we worked hard
to keep that unknown,
and now you're gonna
spend all your time
digging it up again?
We can not put a lid on
this this time, Walter.
Look, three murders
in the past week.
Every crime scene
with this photo.
If you think that's a coincidence,
you're out of your mind.
- Five.
- What?
Five murders.
They found the bodies of
Kristin Thompson and her mother
earlier tonight.
I've spent all my time
chasing after you.
Trying to make sure you
don't do something stupid.
Like you're doing now.
Walter, we can not
just ignore the facts.
The pictures, the dates,
the names,
they're all the same.
Tomorrow is the ten-year
of his daughter's death.
Look, look.
Sinclair, Lindberg, Tennant,
and now, Thompson.
Don't you get it? These are
the children of all the people
that he murdered
ten years ago?
I'm telling you, man.
This guy got away
and now he's back
to finish the job.
We made a mistake
back then, Walter.
Now we can fix it.
It's not our case
anymore, James.
- Just let it go.
- All right, you know what?
Forget it.
I'll handle it myself.
You just don't get it,
do you?
You run around town
like some sort of vigilante.
Breaking into the station,
stealing files at night,
following up on leads
built on tainted as
well as stolen evidence,
going off to meet
God knows who,
and you want support from me?
What are you gonna do if
you catch the guy anyway?
You know what's gonna happen?
Someone else is
gonna get the credit
and you're gonna get fired.
Where were you
that night, anyway?
What? What are you
talking about?
Where the hell were you
ten years ago?
Where did you run off to
when you left me in
that house to be killed?
Why do you want me to
forget about it so badly?
How do I know you don't have
something to do with it?
How do I know you're not
the one behind all of this?
Watch yourself, James.
You know I'm only
trying to protect you.
I'm gonna find him, Walter.
I'm gonna find him,
and I'm gonna stop him.
Once and for all.
Now, if you wanna
help me, then help me!
You know I can't do that.
Then you're part
of the problem.
If that's the way
you want it.
But you know what?
I've warned you.
- Hello.
- Jenny.
Are you all right?
Is Amy okay?
James, what do you want?
Is Amy okay?
Yeah, she's fine, she's
with my mother. Why?
All right, look, I want
you to do me a favor.
I want you to pack a bag
and go and stay with
your mother for a while.
My mother? Why?
Jenny, I can't explain it.
Will you just trust me?
Would you just do it please?
I don't have time for
this right now, James.
There's someone at
the door now, so...
The door? Who is it?
It's just Walter.
Jenny, do not answer
the door, I am begging you.
Hi, Walter, James is
on the phone with me now.
- Do you want to talk to him?
- Jenny, do not let him in.
Jenny, get out of
the house, right now.
James, call me back when
you come to your senses.
Jenny, Jenny!
What happened?
You were right.
He's got Jenny.
I tried to find him.
But, I guess he got
the better of me.
The Ripper?
Where did he go?
The orphanage.
He has three more
sacrifices tonight.
Sacrifices? For what?
[COUGHING] I don't know.
I'm really sorry
that I didn't believe you.
It's okay.
I'm gonna get you
an ambulance.
Hold still.
I ran away, James.
OPERATOR: 911, what is
your emergency?
That night.
I got into the house,
I got through the door.
But as I was walking around,
I saw him bash Jenkins
in the back of the head.
I was scared, but I had never
seen anything like that before.
Go get that son of a bitch.
Hello, 911.
Tell me about the sacrifices.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You talk to me.
What the hell
is going on here?
- What does he want?
- I've got nothing to say to you.
Now you listen to me.
This son of a bitch has
killed six innocent people.
My partner is dead,
and now he has my wife.
You're gonna start talking,
and you're gonna talk fast.
Okay, okay.
Now you know something
you're not telling me.
You gonna let it out, or am I
gonna beat it out of you?
He needs seven sacrifices.
I don't know.
All right, all right,
okay, okay, okay.
He's trying to bring
his daughter back.
And then seven sacrifices
by tonight and the body.
To bring her soul back.
That's all I know, I swear.
I swear.
I need you to help me
get her back.
You want me
to help you again?
You're the only one who
knows the Ripper is back.
I'm the one who got you this far.
Isn't that enough?
Everybody thinks I'm crazy.
What's in it for me?
Please, I have no one else
to turn to.
Oh, shit.
Check those corners.
Captain, get in here.
He's dead.
Search the building.
I want every tenant
His gun is gone.
Looks like our favorite
alcoholic was here.
I want an APB put out
on Detective Fincher.
I want him in for questioning
for the murder
of Detective Cobb.
MAN ON TV: I can not believe
the power of...
It is extraordinary.
What are you doing?
MAN 2: I'm sorry.
Can't let you do that.
MAN 1: What do you mean
you can not?
MAN 2: Specimen 58 is
too valuable to be destroyed.
I'll do anything to
make sure it lives.
What the hell is this?
Serrano Reserve.
121 proof rum.
MAN 1: What do you mean?
Oh, my God.
It tastes like I'm
drinking gasoline.
Give me that.
Let me show you
how it's done.
Chug, chug, chug...
That's how you drink it.
FINCHER: This is the
orphanage where his daughter
was captured before
the accident.
It's been here all along.
I'm sure of it.
Are you sure this
is a good idea?
It could be a trap.
Yeah, I know it's a trap.
Gotta save Jenny.
Just go and look around
for another way in.
He's not expecting
the both of us.
Close these doors behind me.
I don't want him
knowing we're here yet.
What do I do
if I find her?
Take her and run.
What about you?
I'm not leaving until
this bastard is dead.
Oh, God.
What did he do to you?
You've got to get out
of here.
I'm not leaving without you.
Jim, he knows
that you're here.
It's a trap.
Goddammit, Jim,
just listen to me
for once in your life.
He's got a list of victims.
Look over there on the wall.
See, he's after you.
You have to get out of here.
I have to get you
out of here now.
It's okay, it's okay.
What happened?
He got away.
He found me outside.
There's nothing you
could have done.
This whole thing is a trap.
It was all my fault.
I should have never let
you come in by yourself.
No, it isn't.
It's mine.
It should've been me.
Oh, shit.
We've got to find
this girl.
Who is she?
She's the last one.
We've got to get
to her before he does.
Me too?
I want my daughter
growing up
knowing that her mother
died protecting her
from this monster.
We've got
to fight him tonight.
We'll find her,
we'll keep her safe.
What about them?
Well, they're
after me now.
I'll come find you.
I'll take care
of them, now go.
ALL: Cheers.
Woo, I'm drunk.
Gimme that shot glass.
Thank you, this one's
for Danielle.
Come on, Carla.
You know I don't.
You don't drink,
you don't smoke.
What do you do?
Yeah, Danielle, we're
having this party for you.
You gotta live a little.
Live a little?
Half of this stuff
will end up killing me.
All right, no.
Wait, that was my boob.
That was personal.
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
That sound.
What was that?
Someone should go
check that out.
Not me.
Whoa, not me.
I'm not going.
Not me.
Fine, I'll check it out.
I love you.
Ow, what the fuck?
What the hell is your problem?
What the hell's my problem?
Oh, great, it's the bod squad.
Aw, did I scare
the little girlies?
Get bent, lame wood.
I need a cigarette.
I need a drink.
No, no, no.
Not in my parent's house.
Come on, Danielle.
It's just one cigarette.
No, the smoke will
never come out.
All right, I'll go
outside. Fine.
I'm with you.
Hey, don't leave me
alone with these guys.
We'll be right back.
Besides, Dan's kind of cute.
What are you guys
even doing here?
Steph invited us.
She said there was
gonna be a party here.
Well, there's no party,
so, you can leave now.
Danielle, would you
just knock it off?
Live much?
'Bout time you showed up.
We were hanging with Johnny.
You know how he is.
Oh, no, you didn't tell him
you were coming here,
did you?
Damn, babe. Take a chill pill.
Is she always
this bitchy?
Don't worry about her.
Let's go upstairs and
I'll make you feel better.
Hey. I'm Dan.
What are you? A lesbian?
I mean, I feel bad for her,
but, at the same time,
Donny was such a jerk.
He really was.
Speaking of.
We better get back in there
before she freaks out
on everybody.
I'll be there in a second.
The turning point of life
Is not the life
you were to turn
What, that's it?
Come on, baby.
I'm a little drunk.
Give that a chance.
Whatever, I gotta pee.
Come on.
Don't be like that.
Come on, baby, gimme
like five minutes.
We'll try again.
No, I'll give you
one minute,
and when I get back,
Little Peter better be ready.
See, I knew it.
Little tough love
is all you needed.
Peter, what the hell?
Destiny comes down
To your face
And you know that it needs
And the choice
Was never yours
To make
And it seems
Oh, my God.
What the hell is
going on up there?
Oh, you know.
You guys are disgusting.
What's your problem?
I don't think you're the one
with the problem, bro.
Oh, my God.
I have to pee.
Oh, my gosh, Carla.
My parents are gonna kill me.
You're gonna get it.
Go wash that up in
the sink or something.
Looks like the ratio
is improving.
You gotta act fast, bro.
What the hell is
that supposed to mean?
Oh, come on, babe.
You know what that means.
Or this is gonna
be the lamest party
we have ever been to?
We should have just
stayed at John's.
I get what you're saying, man.
But there's enough chicks
here for all of us.
Look, man, that Regan
chick is still outside.
She looks like
she's down to party.
My thoughts exactly, bro.
Your friend's
a major jerk.
I'm a little backed up
if you know what I'm sayin'.
Carla, is that you?
You know, just screw
you all, all right.
This isn't funny.
What are you doing?
Johnny, what's up man?
You came.
Danielle's in the house, man.
She's gonna freak.
What's with the costume, bro?
Ah, you guys are assholes.
Look, babe, we're
just having some fun.
You need to relax a bit.
Dude, what is your problem?
What the fuck, man?
You girls really know
how to throw a party.
Dick's right.
It's two of us
and two of you.
So we should be sitting
here getting it on,
we're sitting here watching
Attack Of The Brain People.
JOHNNY: Do you see
what you have done?
No one said you
had to watch it.
What is your malfunction,
little girl?
JOHNNY: Danielle.
Oh, what now? Is your
virginity knocking?
You know what? Why don't
you gather up your goons
and get the hell out of here.
Nobody's stopping you.
Hey, guys, I said shut up.
What was that sound?
CARLA: Wow, he just
does not give up, does he?
How could this night
get any worse?
- JOHNNY: Come on out, Danielle.
- I'll get rid of him.
No no, I can handle it.
Later, lame boy.
Well, don't let
him in the house.
After the other day
at the video store
there's no telling
what he's gonna do.
Fuck you, and fuck
your flowers, Danielle.
I'm gonna go make us
some drinks.
Oh, now, Danielle, one
drink's not gonna hurt you.
Johnny, you're wasted.
What are you doing here?
I just came here
to tell you
that you are a heartless,
cold-blooded little bitch.
Oh, that's great.
Real mature.
Is that all?
You can leave now.
What if I don't wanna leave?
What if I just wanna stay here
and crash your
little whore party
with your little
whore friends?
Will you get out of here
before you hurt yourself?
Don't you tell me
what to do.
I don't have to listen to you.
You're not my mother.
I'm giving you five minutes,
and then I'm calling the cops.
You mean your detective
friend from the other day?
I knew it.
You're fucking that
asshole cop, aren't you?
Oh, please.
Wow. Fine.
I know when I'm not wanted.
I'll go.
But I have just
one more thing
I wanna say to you
first, Danielle.
Just one more thing.
- That is?
What, what is it?
Johnny, what's wrong?
Oh, God, oh, God.
He's dead.
He killed him.
What did that asshole
do to you?
That guy outside,
he killed him.
He killed Johnny, he's dead.
What guy?
That guy with the mask.
[LAUGHING] A guy with a mask.
That's just the boys
messing around
- that you won't let 'em in.
- Oh, God, he's dead.
Let me get you a drink.
You're gonna feel a lot better.
No, no.
Oh, my God!
Oh, shit.
What the fuck
are we gonna do?
Okay, okay, okay.
We'll stay here a minute.
Danielle, I know
you're scared, but...
Stay away from
us, don't hurt us.
You two okay?
Yeah, who are you?
I'm here to help.
How's your friend?
How do you think she is?
She's in shock.
That maniac killed her
boyfriend right in front of her.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
Who is that guy?
He's a psychopath.
I followed him here.
No time to explain now.
Trust me, he's probably
already in the house.
We need to find something for
you to defend yourselves with.
Defend ourselves with?
We need to get
the hell out of here.
You wanna go out there?
Be my guests.
You won't last one second
on your own.
Say the plan.
You need to keep her quiet.
Do exactly as I say,
and I promise we'll
get out of here alive.
Now, is there anything
we can use in this house
to protect ourselves with?
Look, I've got
two shells left.
We need more than that.
There's a baseball bat
at the front door.
Okay, good.
Is there anyone
else in the house?
They're all dead.
We're gonna get that bat.
Are you crazy?
I just told you that lunatic
killed all of our friends,
and now you want us
to help you find him?
Either that or sit here
and wait for him to find us.
Right now we're sitting ducks.
And he's a hunter.
We have to move.
- Freeze!
- Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Thank God you're alive.
How did you find us?
I'll explain later.
Where is he?
DANIELLE: He's in the
house with that other guy.
He's here too?
- No, no, please don't leave us.
- No, no.
He's after you.
And he won't stop until you
and all your friends are dead.
what did I do?
It's not you,
it's your parents.
My parents?
Years ago, his daughter
was killed
and the whole town
covered it up,
then the guy got away with it.
Your father was killed by him.
No, my father was
killed in the fire.
No, no there was no fire.
Your father was the judge who
pushed the trials through.
He made it so there was no
way he could get a conviction.
The Ripper killed everyone
he held responsible,
and we covered it up
with the fire story.
And now he's back.
He's back for the children.
He wants his daughter back
and he thinks you're the key.
Now look, you two have
gotta get to safety.
Go to a neighbor's house
or anything.
And I want you
to call the police,
and tell Captain Bracken
where we are
and what's going on.
- What about that other guy?
- I'll take care of that other guy.
- You guys, go.
- You can't.
I said run. Go.
I thought you were dead.
Where is he?
He's gone.
No, he's not.
He's still here somewhere.
I know it.
He's outside. He's going
after the girls.
You can't stop him.
- No one can.
- Yes, I can.
And when I do,
I'm gonna bring you
his fucking head.
No, you won't.
- Why'd you stop?
- What do you mean?
- We can't leave them in there alone.
- Are you crazy?
We have to try to help them.
No, he told us to go get
help and to wait there.
That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
- Now, let's go.
- Look, he's after me, not them.
My father started this,
but I have to finish it.
What are you talking about?
I'm not going to let them
die for me.
- We have to try to help.
- No, no no no.
No, stay here.
You just go get help, okay?
Danielle, come back.
What the hell are you doing?
I won't let you
get any further.
What the hell
is going on here?
You thought you were
oh so clever.
You thought you could
all put this behind you.
You thought it would
all just go away.
You were wrong.
You were wrong.
This town may have
forgotten what happened,
but I haven't.
I loved her, Detective.
And you all took
her away from me.
And now you are gonna pay.
Who are you?
I'm a man who should
have a wife
and a child of
his own right now.
Katie Vatetta was pregnant
when that son
of a bitch killed her.
That's my child.
That was my child!
Was my future.
That was my chance
at a family.
That form you had,
the one you let slip
through your fingers.
FINCHER: You're insane.
I'm missing the one thing
that made me whole.
And he
is gonna bring her
back to me.
Why are you helping him?
Why now?
The Ripper found a way
to bring her back.
Danielle, she's the one.
She's gonna be
the resurrection.
My Katie.
I have a second chance,
A second chance at a family.
One big happy family.
a ghost,
and dear old dad.
- No, oh, no.
- You let him do your dirty work,
and you think he's gonna
just let you have her?
I won't need him anymore.
He doesn't even know
who I am.
Do you think Katie
and I could have told him
we were gonna have a baby?
You let them believe that he
molested his own daughter?
I had nothing
to do with that.
It was convenient though.
We're gonna leave.
he was set free,
and the orphanage sent her
to a foster home.
And that's where
she was killed.
And the Ripper came after
all the people
who let that
drunken asshole
off the hook.
I've been trying
to find him for years.
I need you to find
him for me though.
But you weren't supposed
to make it this far.
You were supposed to die
at the orphanage.
Thank God I found you.
- We have to leave right now.
- Why, what happened?
I'll explain later,
but we really have to go.
- No, we have to help them.
- No, come on, please.
No, Carla, no!
One down, one to go.
You're never gonna
get away with this.
Watch me.
See you in hell, motherfucker.
Okay, you son of a bitch.
Come and get me.
Die, you son of a bitch.
This one's for my father.
Say hello to daughter for me.
You scared the hell
out of me.
What happened?
It's over.
Sorry about your friend.
My name's Ryan.
In the shadows
Smoke on the street
I can hear the pounding
Of their feet
Awake from sleep
In the dead of night
With the demons eyes
Burning bright
As I feel the chills
On my spine
I step across the borderline
There's no mercy I can feel
When I look into her
Deadly eyes
With just one touch,
She's touching my mind
And there's no escape
I can try to find, yeah
Take cover, keep out
Of sight
Beware the demons
Of the night
You can see them
Looking for their prey
You might never see
The light of day
Save your soul
From their spell
Don't fall into
The depths of hell
Don't run and try to fight
Beware the demons
Of the night
I've been taken
Hostage by the dark
Captured, tortured
Ravel inside
Begging for reprieve
For my demise
Under the spell of
A devil in disguise, yeah
Take cover, keep out
Of sight
Beware the demons
Of the night
If you see them
Looking for their prey
You might never see
The light of day
Save your soul
From their spell
Don't fall into
The depths of hell
Don't run and try to fight
Beware the demons
Of the night
To serve by
To fight the darkness inside
My flames into your soul
Only my love
Will make you whole
You and me will be forever
Demons of the night
Demons of the
Of the
Of the