Blood, Sweat, and Lies (2018) Movie Script

- Hah!
- Oh, my,,,
Oh, I got home from work early,
Huh, did I scare you?
You scaredy-cat,
How's dinner? Is it done?
- Almost,
- I'm starving, Let's go,
It's okay,
Baby, you've got something
all over your face,
And that was so worth it,
- I do?
- Yeah,
Did I, did I get it?
Ah, ah, that's good enough,
Wow, What's the occasion?
Happy Anniversary,
I'm kidding,
Happy Anniversary,
Did you really think I forgot?
I don't know,
Well, why don't you, uh,
close your eyes?
Now stick out your hand,
- Open it,
- Oh,
It's a,,, Oh, it's,,,
a rock,
It's a tiny piece of the Alps,
I'm gonna take you there
on a trip next month, or,,,
whenever, but there's this
incredible climb, it's,,,
Why does your face
look like that?
- I,,,
- What?
- I-I,,,
- What?
I thought you were going to
Five years, Carter,
Five years we've been together,
and you don't even know
that I hate hikes,
I thought it would be fun,
Geez, Mel, you used to
run marathons,
I used to dream I'd be able
to keep up with you,
and now it's like,,,
I'm bored,
- Oh,
- You're bored?
No, no, we're,,,
- We're happy,
- We're not happy,
Oh, my,,,
Mel,,, Okay, you-you once
blindfolded me
and drove to San Francisco
for dinner,
and now you are literally
making a roast,
I, I,,,
For you,
For you,
I have supported you
for five years,
Our entire relationship
has always been defined
by what youwant,
What do you want, Mel?
I want to,,,
stop living in limbo,
And if I seem lost to you
from what I was,
well, maybe that's because
you've nevergiven me
any indication
that this is going anywhere,
Maybe you're right,
Maybe this isn't going anywhere,
Mel, I-I-I can't do this,
And before you start feeling
sorry for yourself,
I want you to know that
you are hurting me, by the way,
- Is that a fact?
- Yes,
I still love you,
What's my favorite color?
Get out,
It's been a week,
Well, according to
Cosmo'sbreak-up calendar,
this can take as long as
two and a half years, so,,,
Mmm, Well, I don't have
two and a half years,
So, I don't care what Cosmo's
break-up calculator says,
This is vile, Wow,
Well, it's good for you,
so suck it up,
Aww, You look so pretty
in this photo,
- Leslie,,,
- You look pretty in every photo,
But so do you, I mean, you look
amazing in these photos
so beautiful, you're strong,
Carter was dead weight,
I know,
Youget to decide
who you wanna be
not him, not anybody else, okay?
I know, I know,
but he was right, though,
He was, I've just,,,
I've become so small,
It's like I don't even know
who I am anymore, who I was,
Okay, well, who you were
was not perfect
but she wasn't, you know,
drinking wine at 4:00 p,m,,
house-hunting down memory lane,
Ohhh, Okay, fine,
I will indulge you
for one minute,
You look gorgeous in this photo,
- Who took that?
- Wasn't me,
It's probably
one of the thousandsof guys
who are madly in love with you,
R,,, Yeah, please,
All right, listen,
you beautiful sad sack,
Here's what
we're gonna do,
You are gonna get off the couch,
you're gonna put away
those scrap books,
you're gonna stop listening
to Boonie Bears' early work,
and you're gonna come
to the gym with me,
No, I hate the gym,
You're a track and field
record holder,
you do not hate the gym,
Yeah, I, that was in college,
and I do hate the gym,
They're like playgrounds
that are not fun,
Well, then, make it fun,
Bring a friend, enter me,
No more wasting time,
No more wasting time,
Cheers, Great,
You are going to love
this place,
I sincerely doubt that,
What? It's very exclusive,
Exclusive like expensive?
No, it's like the place to be,
It's where all the rich guys
Hi, How's it going?
Um, could I please have
one guest pass?
Oh, Amy, I didn't even
recognize you,
Hi, How are the kids?
- Great,
- Good,
Oh, you guys changed your logo,
It's so much better
than the last one,
Last one's like
a little,,, chintzy,
That's cute,
So fun, right?
You doing okay, Mel?
Sorry, I didn't mean to
scare you,
How did you know my name?
I, uh, I saw your name
on the guest list
when your friend signed you in,
Oh, right,
- Right,
- I'm Trey,
- I'm one of the trainers here,
- Right, Nice to meet you,
You too,
How you doing? You doing okay?
Yeah, no, I just feel a little
out of my depth,
Look, I remember
my first time here,
I was so nervous, I nearly had
a panic attack,
And, uh, believe me,
you're in,,,
much better shape than I was,
Thank you,
You're welcome,
Listen, I'd hate for you to have
a bad first impression
of the gym,
Can I offer you a free session?
No strings attached, I promise,
Uh, I don't know,
No pressure,
- Um,,,
- Why don't you just,,,
make yourself comfortable and
I'll get you a bottle of water,
- Okay,
- Yeah?
- Yeah, Thank you,
- You're welcome,
- Who was that?
- Just a trainer,
He offered me a free session,
Hm? Um, yes,
A thousand times yes,
You should obviously
train with him, and, you know,
sleep with him, get married,
maybe even have his children,,,
Wait, no-no, no-no-no,
I just got out of
a serious relationship,
like five minutes ago,
Anyway, I don't think
he's attracted to me,
Oh, Oh, okay, Yeah,
Your radar's clearly broken,
so I'm gonna go,
but, uh, you enjoy
your training session,
This is the sparring area,
Excellent cardio, a lot more fun
than the elliptical,
If you don't mind me asking,
what brought you
to the gym in the first place?
My excruciatingly upbeat friend,
- Yeah, I saw her,
- Yeah,
And my stupid ex,
- Oh, exes,
- Yeah,
Okay, so we will definitelybe
using this area,
- Yes,
- Yes,
Come on, lot more to see,
so follow me,
One more, Come on, you got this,
You got this, Stay focused,
Excellent work,
Good job,
So, how do you feel?
- Good,
- Good,
Good, Yeah, uh, surprised,
I didn't expect to be signing up
for a gym membership
and definitelynot
personal training,
Well, you will not be
disappointed, I promise,
Thank you for encouraging me,
You're welcome,
Tell you what,
just sign right there,
That's it,
Congratulations, Miss Barrett,
You are officially
a card-carrying gym member,
- There you are,
- Oh, hey,
- Hi,
- Don't gloat,
I just signed up
for a personal training package,
- Nice,
- And Trey's my trainer,
Very nice,
People must tell you all
the time that you look familiar,
I did a community charity
counter last year,
So, that's probably it,
I'll be googling that later,
Uh, tell you what, why don't you
come back in tomorrow morning,
we'll do all your
intro-procedures and stuff,
I promise it's not as scary
as it sounds,
- It was very nice to meet you,
- Leslie,
Yes, that's right,
- Bye,
- 'Kay,
You are so lucky,
I'm just, I'm so proud of you,
It's okay, it's a gym membership
not a Pulitzer,
Yeah, but you did it,
and you're doing something,
You're creating something,
and your new trainer is hot,
Don't be weird,
Well, not noticing
would be weird,
Well, it's a professional thing,
so, if anything,
his vibe will be like a brother,
Yeah, an extremely hot brother
who's not related to you,
- Mm,
- In that case,,,
I think you should date him,
Do not tempt me,
Thank you, Chloe, Excellent,
Go ahead and take your break,
Do you see anything you like?
Yeah, this is,,,
It's a nice piece,
- Antonio Gutierrez,
- Hmm,
He's young, Totally bizarre,
A genius,
- It's called "Chrysalis,"
- Hmm,
You can see the rough
alternating layers to the paint,
coherence, but the texture's
a bit of a riot,
The artist says
he believes in error
because beauty is not found,,,
Not in perfection, but
the artistry of imperfection,
You know his work,
The artist graduated from
his MFA program a month ago,
You just let me babble on like
I was introducing him to you,
like, you just wandered in
off the street,
I did just wander in
off the street,
but yes, I know his work,
I was just enjoying watching
you do yours,
I'm Adam, by the way,
Well, Melissa, pleasure,
Hopefully I'll,,, see you
around here again?
You can count on it,
I own the gallery,
Don't look so scared,
All this assessment intro stuff
is for you,,,
to track your results
moving forward, okay?
Let me, uh, get a quick picture,
It's a, it's a progress photo,
All that before-and-after
You don't have to do it
if you don't want to,
- Are you going to post it?
- No,
No, no, no,
I keep 'em in a photo album,
in a bin in my desk,
No one's ever gonna see them,
- Okay,
- Okay,
In two seconds, Ready?
So, uh, let's, let's talk about
your fitness goals,
You got one?
Ever since I was a little girl,
I wanted to do,,,
a pull-up without any help,
- Unassisted?
- Yes, but,,,
But then where you push yourself
all the way up
so you're completely upright,
Yeah, A muscle-up,
It's a very epic move,
Only one percent of people
are actually
capable of doing that move,
Oh, wow,
- Oh, well,
- Okay? A muscle-up,
I love it,
Okay, so,,,
we have the perfect goal,
now we need to set the date,
I recommend six weeks,
It's ambitious, but if you're
willing to commit,,,
I think we can do it,
Six weeks?
Okay, I'm one hundred percent
whatever it will take
to meet my goal,
- Yeah?
- Yeah,
I'm excited,
Let's do it,
All right, so, the way
this works is that
you are going to do a pull-up
just how you normally would,
- Just like normal?
- Yes,
- Uh-huh, okay,
- It's been a while?
- Uh, like, ten years,
- Ten years, Good, Okay,
So, the machine is going to help
by supplementing your weight,
- It's going to make it easier,
- Easier?
Easier? Okay,
- Are you ready?
- Whoops,
- Yeah,
- You're good,
Let's give it a go,
That's all right,
- That's supposed to happen,
- That's supposed to happen?
- Yes,
- Okay,
All right, now as you pull up,
your shoulder blades back,
like you're squeezing
a tennis ball right there,
Do you feel that?
- Yeah,
- All right, Go,
Okay, good,
Let's try one more,
- All right?
- Okay,
That's was a great
first attempt, all right?
You're not gonna be perfect
right out of the gate,
But eventually,,,
I'll get you on that,
Are you kidding me?
That's a skyscraper,
- Yes, it is,
- Oh!
And believe me, you will do it,
All right? Let's try again,
- Okay,
- Get up there,
I'm Wonder Woman,
So, your goal,
a muscle-up is basically
two parts,
First part,
the pull-ups we just did,
It's your biceps, your lats,
your trapezius,
everything else,
Second part, mainly triceps,
which dips are the perfect
exercise for that,
- Set your water down,
- Okay,
- And let's go to town,
- Okay,
Uh,,, There we go,
All right, Go for it,
Good, Good,
Okay, you straighten your arms,
shoulders forward, chin down,
Good, Can you do one more?
- Yes,
- Yes,
Excellent work, my girl,
Because you've done
such a tremendous job,
I got you something,
It's a fitness track,
- Wow,
- Can I have your hand?
That's, that's amazing, but I,,,
Don't worry, it's covered by
the initiation fee, all right?
This tracks your calories,
it tracks your sleeping pattern,
how much you walk,
So, that's for you,
If you give me your phone,
I can set it up for you,
That's really nice of you,
Thank you so much,
You're so welcome,
- Wanna do some cardio?
- Do I have a choice?
- Absolutely not,
- Then I'll do it,
That's my girl,
I think I've hit a wall,
- Yeah?
- Yeah,
How far did you run?
Uh, maybe ten minutes, Maybe,
- Ten minutes?
- Maybe,
Here's your phone back,
- Thank you,
- Welcome,
So, let's, uh,
get you out of here,
Yes, please,
Thank you,
- Hey!
- Hi!
Hey, how's your workout?
- It's great,
- Leslie,
Hi, Trey, So, I scouted out some
of the local talent for you,
What do you think
about that guy?
I think his name is Mark,
and he's in marketing
or something,
Oh, Mark in marketing?
Or what? Like Trey in training?
I think you should ask him out,
- I am here to work,
- That's my girl,
Good job, killer,
- Thank you,
- Let's raise it,
Give me that,
Drink this,
- Thank you,
- You're welcome,
Wait a minute,
What's wrong?
Is there matcha in this?
Is that okay?
It's perfect,
I used to drink these
when I was training in college,
- Really?
- Yeah,
I thought I was
the only person who knew
about matcha and protein,
- It's delicious, right?
- Totally,
- Mm?
- Oh, Takes me back,
So good,
So, what's the deal
with this ex?
No offense, but I do not think
youare the right confidant
for this sort of thing,
- Ow,
- No, I just,,,
I think that you've
probably never been dumped,
Oh, no, I've, I've been dumped,
You want me tell you
the first story?
Yes, I do, because
I do not believe you,
Okay, When I was in high school,
I had a crush on this girl,
um, so I went to pick her up at
her house, and when I got there
there was a Post-it note
on her door that just said "No,"
Oh-ho, you must have been
Oh-ho-ho! Yeah, laugh it up,
- Oh!
- I know,
Okay, Okay, so, Carter,,,
Carter broke up, well,,,
the thing about Carter is that
I told him that after five years
he still didn't know me
at-at all,
I mean, he did,
but he didn't care,
I am deathly afraid
of heights and,,,
he wanted us to go climbing
in the Alps,
That's bad,
What? I don't,,,
I have an idea,
Oh, what is that?
- Are you up for a field trip?
- I don't,,,
- It's right next door,
- I don't trust,,,
Say yes,
- Let's go,
- Okay, Okay,
Okay, Now, I was saving this
for later
in your training, but,,,
I think you need it now,
It's great for building
grip strength,
upper body strength
and, you know,,,
facing your demons,
Huh, I don't know if I,,,
Listen, you're stronger than you
think you are, okay?
But we don't have to do this
if you're not comfortable,
No, I want to,
Are you sure?
Okay, Let's do it,
You look great,
You look great,
- I can't do this,
- Yes, you can,
- I can't,
- Yes, you can,
I don't want to hear that,
You got this, Mel,
I will not let you fall,
all right?
- You wanna reach the top?
- Yes,
Okay, Climb,
Listen to my voice,
My voice only,
I believe in you, Mel,
You got this,
I will not let you fall,
Okay, okay,
Good job,
- I can't breathe,
- Hey,
I can't breathe,
Hey! Relax, okay?
Take it one handhold at a time,
You got this,
- Um, have you seen Mel?
- Sorry, please hold,
She's probably with Trey,
They're next door,
- At the climbing wall?
- Yes, that's right,
Oh, Okay, All right,
I believe in you, You got this,
- I can't,,,
- Breathe,
You got this, Mel, Okay?
Listen to my voice,
My voice only, okay?
Come on, Mel,
You got this,
I can't,,,
What the hell
are you doing?
That's her safety,
Bring her down, Trey, Right now,
I can't,
I believe in you, Mel, okay?
She has to do it now,
You got this, Mel,
I believe in you!
Okay? Reach that top, One more,
You got this, Mel!
I believe in you!
Good job, Mel! You did it!
- He could have killed you,
- Look, he knew I could do it,
I was safe the whole time,
Okay, he guessed
you could do it,
Thanks for the vote
of confidence,
What, he gambled with your life,
I'm sorry,
How do you not see
how irresponsible that was?
You were the one who wanted me
to take more risks,
Yeah, smart risks,
not ridiculous,
silly, life-threatening risks,
That was not silly!
That was important for me,
I have been afraid of heights
my entire life,
and I just did something
about it,
In the most dangerous way
Trey knew I could do it,
He believed in me,
Why can't you?
No one believes in you more than
I do, Okay?
You're my best friend,
I love you,
But I just,,, I care about you,
And I don't want you
to get hurt, okay?
I'm sorry I scared you,
Sorry, I was kind of a bitch
about it,
Hello again,
- Welcome back,
- Thank you,
So I've been thinking a lot
about the last time I was here,
- Oh,
- Yeah,
I mean, some things are just
too beautiful to forget,
I'd like to buy it,
Of course, Yes,
I'll just look it up,
So, it needs to stay on the wall
until after the exhibition
is over,
but I will have it
delivered after,
Actually, I'd prefer
to pick it up,
I, uh,,,
can't stop thinking
about the gallery owner,
Well, there is a closing-night
party on the 15th,
- You're welcome to come,
- Um,,,
I'd love to, but I think
I have a dinner on the 15th,
so I'm not sure I'd make it,
What time does it end?
That actually works,
And when are you free?
Uh, how about Saturday? 8:00?
All right,
It's a date,
- Bye,
- Bye,
Hey, Leslie,
Hey, babe,
I'm so sorry to bug you,
It's not about your hot date,
Though I expect details later,
Naturally, What's going on?
I got a flat
and I'm supposed to be
at the office, like, yesterday,
Do you think I could
trouble you for a ride?
Oh, yeah, yeah, Um, hang on,
Sure, Yeah, No sweat,
You're a legend!
I'll see you soon,
- Okay, bye,
- Bye,
Okay, if you can pull yourself
away from the electronics
for a second,
we have arrived,
Well, to say thank you,
I jail-broke your phone
and made all the little icons
into little flowers,
Oh, wow, That's so invasive,
Thank you,
my little tech friend,
You are so welcome,
Well, I am so sorry
that I made you late,
I'm sure Trey will be merciful,
All right, see ya,
- Hey, I am so sorry I'm late,
- What happened?
Oh, Leslie just
needed a ride to work,
Something with her car,
Nothing, Come on,
let's get started,
No, no, What is it?
It's just,,, I've, I've kinda
seen this thing before,
Now, someone's actually
made progress
and feel I've been
supporting them,
they just start to,,,
derail them in small ways,
I don't know,
No, I don't think
that's what's happening,
No, I'm sure you're right,
Here, before we get started,
I, uh, I got you
a little something,
- What is this?
- Just open it,
It's a key to the gym, Kinda
like your home away from home,
A lot of clients have 'em,
It's kinda like a,,,
It's like a rite of passage,
That is so cool,
- Thank you,
- You're welcome,
- Ready to get started?
- Yeah,
- Come on, Let's do it,
- Let's go,
Did I tell you
you look stunning?
Yes, you did,
But thank you again,
So, do you wanna tell me why,,,
a great guy like you
didn't already have a date
on a Saturday night?
Well, actually I recently
broke up with someone,
Yeah, I,,,
kind of sworn off dating there
for a while,,,
till I met you,
Do you wanna talk about it?
Nothing to talk about really,
I felt like she didn't really
know me after three years
of being together, you know?
How 'bout you?
But five years,
He thought my favorite color
was blue,
Mm, It's purple, right?
Yeah, you've worn
a little piece of it
with every outfit
I've seen you in so far,
- Ah, this is it,
- Yeah, this is me,
- I love it,
- Thank you, I do, too,
I want to see you again,
Come on, tired girl,
What, late night?
Yes, I had a date,
Good, One more,
That's my girl,
So, this date,,,
anything serious?
I hope so,
I'm seeing him again
this Saturday,
Wow, Saturday?
It's,,, moving
a little fast, no?
I don't know,
I think when you see
something you want, you,,,
you go for it, right?
- Thanks,
- You're welcome,
See you next time,
- I think this one,
- Yeah,
Let's go with this one,
I'm stalking you,
In broad daylight
at my place of business?
So what time
are you finished here?
Uh, never,
No, we just got
this new collection and I'm,,,
- I'm freaking out,
- Well, can I help?
How much do you know about
modern silver gelatin prints?
Well, I could bring you
Well, I can't,
Training diet,
I can cook for you,
Something healthy,
I mean, you gotta eat,
I mean, it might be late,
How'd you learn how to do that?
Well, my mother passed away
when I was a kid
but,,, not before
she taught me how to cook,
I'm sorry,
She must have been very special,
Yeah, she was,
She,,, really knew her way
around the kitchen,
and, uh,,,
she had your sense of style,
What about you? How'd you, uh,,,
How'd you get into fine art?
Well, I ran track in college
so I wanted an easy major,
- Art history?
- Art history,
Yeah, and then I ended up
loving it,
So, I was living in Brooklyn
after college
wearing a lot of black,,,
And I started working
as an assistant in this
hole in the wall gallery,
I worked my way up to curator,
There really wasn't a lot else
you could do
with an art history degree,
I mean, unless you have
a lot of money and can become
a major collector,
which I just didn't,
But no offense
to you,
None taken,
Well, the only reason
why I have money to collect is
because I started collecting,
How did you get started?
Well, my father was a man who
believed in what he could touch,
What he could understand,
He didn't believe
in art or music
or any of that nonsense,
Anyway, when I was nine,
I wanted piano lessons,
He, uh,,, gave me
a subscription of Forbes,
- Exactly my reaction,
- Hmm,
So, anyway, when he passed,
he left me
a little bit of money,
Well, I used it to buy
an early Buona Sera,
My favorite,
- Yeah?
- Yeah,
So, why'd you keep collecting
after you made your point?
I fell in love,
I think our food's
gonna get cold,
I think I'm okay with that,
Ah, Dammit,
it's my reminder alarm,
I'm late,
- Training?
- Yeah,
Yeah, my trainer is a bit
of a stickler,
Well, maybe,
I should meet you at the gym
sometime for a workout,
- Protect you from the stickler,
- Oh,
I'll hold you to that,
Hey, you can hold me anytime,
- You like that?
- Uh-huh,
Good morning,
Mm, I need to go,
Yeah, I can't believe
you're turning down
the possibility of a brunch,
You are so strong,
I amso strong,
- Talk soon?
- Oh, yeah,
- Make plans?
- Absolutely,
You're not getting rid of me
that easily,
Don't get too buff,
That's right, You believe
in the beauty of imperfection,
Mm-hmm, Hey, Melissa,
You are perfect,
Trey, You scared me,
What are you doing here?
You weren't on time,
so I figured you might like
a nice,,, walk to the gym
this morning,
- Okay, Sure,
- Yeah? Cool,
- Let's go,
- Yeah,
Oh, here, I made that for you,
- Thank you,
- You're welcome,
Hey, Melissa,
you forgot your phone,
Adam, this is Trey,
Trey, this is Adam,
Oh, yeah,
Heard so much about you,
- Nice to meet you,
- About to be mutual, I'm sure,
Well, I should get going,
Uh, door's locked,
- Enjoy your workout,
- Thanks,
It's nice to meet you, man,
Yeah, you too,
Take care of her for me,
Should we go?
I'm sorry,
I know I keep talking
about Adam,
All right, you're lagging, hon,
Come on,
You know,
it's not just that he's,,,
incredibly good-looking
or, or that he's well-educated,
he's just,,,
he's like,
he's like nobody I've,,,
ever met before,
We're gonna pick up the pace,
- Okay, Okay,
- Come on, come on!
There we go,
And he, he cooks,
He's an amazing cook,
I'm, uh,,, Let me get you
a bottle of water,
Thank you,
I'm just so glad
you guys got to meet,
Me, too,
I'm so,,, I'm so,,,
I'm hazy,
Can you hear me?
Hey, there she is,
Welcome back, beautiful,
You wanna sit up?
Come on, Slow, slow,
Did, did you carry me here?
Of course I did,
You scared me,
passing out like that,
No, you have nothing to be sorry
Sometimes you hit,,,
a couple of unexpected bumps,,,
on the road to success,
- Are you okay now?
- Yeah,
Yeah, I think I'm,,, I'm okay,
- I'm good,
- Okay,
you know I will never
let anything happen to you,
Never, Right?
Tell you what,
why don't you, uh,,,
sit here for another minute
I'll get some
more ice water in this,
All right? I'll be right back,
So, you just dropped?
you have been getting
a lot of cardio lately,
So, tell me about art boy,
Well, actually he hasn't really
called in a,,,
A what? Like, an hour?
No, in,,, a while, I mean,,,
Ugh, You've always been
so clueless
about your admirers,
- What admirers?
- Ugh,
In college
you had the entire track team
on lock-down
because of your legs,
and then there were
the art geeks,
and then there was that guy,
Who is that guy
with the, um,,, hearts?
- Th-the hearts guy,
- What?
The construction paper
hearts guy,
Come on, He was like,
he was like that, that weird,
shy guy, big guy,
Come on, what was his name?
I don't, I don't remember,
I don't know,
- What?
- Mmm,
He would leave heart-shaped
notes under our dorm room door,
like, everyday,
I can't believe
you don't remember his name,
Ugh, I have to go,
Mm? What? It's early,
Well, I have to go make dinner
and catalog the new exhibit
which will take hours, mind you,
and then,,,
I don't know, I have to train
in the morning, So,,, yeah,
You can stand to miss one day,
- What?
- Just stop it, I have to train,
Oh, my God, You are obsessed
with training,
Well, maybe you're obsessed
with derailing me,
What? I'm the one who
brought you to the gym
in the first place, remember?
I do remember,
And now I'm getting back
in shape, and I'm dating again,
and you're over it,
Are you serious?
I can't believe you would
say something like that,
Because you don't seem to
understand that I have to train,
Because your fitness goals
are not the gravitational anchor
around which my world spins,
You know, Trey said
you would do this,
Oh, what, Trey?
Oh, you mean Trey who showed up
at your house
like a crazy person Trey?
Sure, yeah, No, listen to him,
not your best friend,
Totally cool,
- Hey,
- Hey!
You're here early, I was just
finishing up some stuff,
Oh, no worries, You mind putting
this in the cubby for me?
Of course not,
I'll be out in a few,
- Thanks,
- You're welcome,
You can do this,
Ah! Dammit,
Keep your breath normal,
Here, let me show you,
Step down,
Okay, It's two parts, remember?
So imagine you're pulling
the bar to you,
When you get up, press up,
All right?
And use your momentum,
The view's great up here,
You're gonna love it,
All truly good things
take time, Mel,
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm,
Hey, you'll get there,
I promise, Talk to me,
Yeah,,, No, it's,
it's not just that,
I had a fight with Leslie,
I basically accused her
of sabotaging me,
Is she?
I don't know,
I mean, she's always
been there for me,
I don't,,,
Like when she was there
for you with Carter,,,
whenthings weren't going well,
- Yeah,
- Yeah,
And now you're kicking ass
at the gym,
- Now you're seeing this guy,
- Adam,
Right, Yeah, Adam,
And you are strong as hell
right now,
In my experience, friends want
their friends to succeed,
they just don't want them
to surpass them,
My advice is you take a 24-hour
detox from Leslie,
All right?
Just see how you feel,
Trust me,
Trey, please come
to the reception area,
Please be Adam,
- Hey,
- Hey,
- Trey, right?
- Yeah,
Come on in,
Shut the door behind you,
Sorry to, uh, walk and talk,
but I'm in the middle of
a workout,
Yeah, No problem,
It's pretty early,
What brings you by, man?
I'm here to see Mel,
Is she around?
This place even open?
No, Not for another half hour,
Mel has a key though,
Oh, well, she said
she'd meet me here,
Maybe she forgot,
Yeah, maybe,
Her phone doesn't seem
to be working,
If you like,
I can tell her you stopped by,
Yeah, thank you,
I'd appreciate that,
- Yeah,
- Yeah,
Well, um, so I'm just gonna
head on out,
You know
what I love about this place?
It's science,
It's numbers,
It's math,
Here you dedicate yourself,
put your mind to it,
you can achieve
whatever you want,
Doesn't matter
what you're born with,
Here perfection is
a mathematical certainly,
Of course I heard
you're more of an art guy,
Yeah, I am,
You wanna do the superset?
Yeah, Why not?
No, no, no, Leave it,
- I'll spot you,
- Yeah,
Gonna crack some tunes, man,
Okay, take it,
Take it,
Take it!
If I was a blade
I'd shave you smooth
Yo, why didn't you take the bar?
The bar!
Sorry, man, Uh, music,
I didn't hear you,
If I was a judge
I'd break the law
If I was from Paris
If I was from Paris
I would say
Oooh la la la la lala
- You're ready?
- Mm-hmm,
- Okay,
- Yeah,
So, what you want to remember
is that your attacker
will most likely
be larger than you,
- Okay,
- Okay?
So, get a good, strong base,
- Shoulder-width apart, Good,
- Okay,
- How's that feel?
- Yeah, it feels good,
Good, Okay,
Now, with my arm
I'm gonna reach around
right under your throat, okay?
Keep your hips back, All right?
It's very important to stay
as close to your attacker
as possible,
It minimizes their counter
options, all right?
Now, with my arm
I'll go under your arm,
grab the back of your neck
and lock out right there,
Good, Uh,,,
You got a piece of hair,
Good, You're doing great,
Now, I'll grab the back
of your neck, Do you feel that?
- Uh-huh,
- Okay, Good,
With this arm, all right?
Will you grab the back
of my head?
Good, Good,
Now the next move,,,
is to slowly,,, turn around,
Got it,
Yeah, I got it,
What's going on?
Is it Leslie again?
No, I took your advice,
That's good,
Just haven't heard from Adam,
I'm sure he'll call,
Hey, look, if he doesn't,,,
he's crazy,
Ready to go again?
Actually, do you mind if we just
call it a day?
Of course not,
Hey, bro,
Yeah, no worries, I can help,
Who is this?
We, we don't have
a session today,
Do you wanna get
another work at it?
No, I've been thinking
about it and I,,,
I-I think I need some time
away from the gym,
Why don't we just do
a last weigh in?
You know, check your stats,
your progress,
We'll see where you're at,
Five minutes, I promise,
- Sure,
- Okay,
Just give us a little privacy,
How was your weekend?
It was good, Yeah,
- Did you have fun?
- Mm-hmm,
- Good,
- Mm-hmm,
What's your diet been like?
Pretty normal,
You gained a pound,
Have you been taking
the supplements I gave you?
I forgot yesterday, I got busy,
No, no, no, no,
Do you know what happens
to the body
when you ease off,
even for a minute?
- It's a pound,
- It's a shortcoming,
I'm gonna go,
No, wait,
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
I'm sorry, okay?
I believe in you,
You are so close to perfect,
I just want to help you get
there, that's it,
I need a break,
- Let me out, Trey,
- No,
I can't let you do that,
Interrupting your progress
at this point can be,,,
be very dangerous,
Get out of my way,
I need you,
And thank you for gettingr
the comfort food, 'cause,,,
Carter, What are you doing here?
Just stopped by
to get my last box of stuff,
Wow, you, uh,,,
You look incredible,
Why didn't you call?
I figured you'd be at work,
I went in last night,
and I found that someone had
broken in and trashed
the gallery, so,,,
Sorry to hear that,
Yeah, I filed a police report
and an insurance claim,
but I can't really
do anything until
the clean-up crews are gone,
Yeah, sure,
You should probably
give me your key,
Yeah, yeah,
- So, you home alone?
- Yes,
- Who else would be here?
- Oh,,,
Your new boyfriend?
I know you didn't text me,
What are you talking about?
Your psychotic new boyfriend,
You know, actually, I shouldn't
even be talking to you,
Who are you talking about?
- Adam?
- I don't know his name,
He said some pretty vile stuff,
Like what?
Well, aside from
jamming body parts
into other body parts,
to basically stay away from you,
Oh, look, Mel,
I'm happy to see you,
and honestly,
you look incredible,
But tell your demented
new boy toy
if he texts me again,
I'm calling the police,
- Carter, w,,,
- Hey!
- Carter,
- Hey,
- What is he doing here?
- Come in,
So Carter said he got some
crazy weird text from me,
but I didn't send them,
I didn't send anything,
Mel, you are lucky that I am
a technological genius,
I am so lucky,
I say it every morning
like a mantra,
All right, Oh, boy,
Where is your laptop
in this mess?
- Keep digging,
- Okay, here it is,
So, if someone were
sending Carter weird texts,,,
I'll find out who,
Just let a master work,
I also need
to remember Carter's number
because I blocked it out
when he dumped you,
Me too,
Bingo, Take a look at this,
Wow! How'd you do that?
That's like magic,
Ah, More like
advanced computer science,
So, yeah, magic,
Is it even legal?
Oh, geez,
Okay, So, what are
we looking at?
Carter's incoming texts,
This is the longest one,
Super creepy, and there are
tons just like this
from the exact same number,
What the hell,
So, who would have access
to your phone?
I mean, nobody,
It's always locked up,
- At work, at the gym,
- Think,
- Adam,
- Okay, Let's call him,
Ah, okay,
Well, you call him,
because every time I call him,
it just cuts off,
I mean, I don't know
what's up, so,,,
- It's blocked,
- What?
It's blocked,
he blocked you,
That doesn't make any sense,
Look, I'm sure you were
amazing in bed,
but he definitely blocked you,
No, I mean,,,
Well, if, if he doesn't want
anything to do with me, then,,,
But he,,,
W-why would he go through
the trouble
of texting Carter from my phone?
Look, I know you don't like
getting any flak for wonder boy
at the gym, but,,,
he would have access
to your phone,
Okay, I admit that Trey
has been weird lately,
actually, very weird,
but,,, I mean,,,
he changed my life,
You changed your life,
Okay, so let's go
check out the gym
and do a little
reconnaissance, okay?
Shoot, I can't,
I have that closing
exhibit reception
at the gallery tonight,
I have to go down there
and make sure
I can even pull it off
with all the vandalism,
- You're still doing that?
- I have to,
What am I gonna do,
just lose my money on it?
Good point, good point, okay,
So while you get ready for that,
I will see what I can
find out at the gym,
and then we will meet back up
at the gallery party tonight,
Just one thing,
What are you writing?
Instructions for
a backdoor IP assault,
There are so many texts,
it seems unlikely
that this person only texted
from your phone,
I mean, if they used
a computer app
to connect at any point,
and if they
didn't re-route through VPN,,,
you can track them,
Okay, this is like
a foreign language to me,
but,,, thanks,
Oh, and, uh,,,
no, it's not legal,
Lunch Tray, Lunch Tray,
Have you ever considered
,,,A whole lot of fat,
Damn it, Lunch Tray, man,
You sure eat a lot,
You make a person
look like a handicap,
Lunch Tray, Lunch Tray,
Hey, I know you guys
are closing really soon,
but I wanted to know
if I could use
your sauna really quick?
on home, man,
I'll lock up,
I had to volunteer to do recon,
Oh, wow, of course he has
a photo of himself on his desk,
Okay, Trey,
what have we got?
Wow, lots of pills in here,
Good, Trey, what else
you got here?
Let's see,
Okay, boring,
Huh, X-ray, Boring,
Hmm, Okay,
Well, hello there,
Okay, okay,
Trey is Lunch Tray?
Hey, you chose one?
It's my favorite,
Hello, Good to see you guys,
Hey, you've reached Leslie,
Leave a message,
Leslie,,, where are you?
Call me back,
Come on,
Hey, you've reached Leslie,
Let's see here,
Backdoor IP assault,
IP addresses,
Okay, That's weird,
Fitness tracker app,
Oh, shit,
Come on,
Oh, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no,
Come on,
Hey, Mel?
Hey, Melissa?
Leslie, are you in here?
No, No, no,
No, no, no, no, no, No, No,
No, Shit! Shit!
Leslie, I'm gonna get you
outta there,
Okay, Hang on, hang on, hang on,
Oh, come on! Open, open,
Oh, hey, Leslie, Leslie,
I'm so sorry, Okay, it's okay,
It's okay, I'm here,
That's right, it's okay,
Ah, Okay, I'm gonna call,
Ah, it's gonna be okay,
No, no, no, no,
what's your emergency?
Yes, Yes, I need an ambulance,
- Right, And the police,
- Confirm your location,
Oh, yes, I-I'm at the,,,
Ma'am, hello? Are you there?
Ma'am, I don't
know if you can hear me,
but we've traced this call
to your location,
Police and ambulance
are on their way,
Uh, you forgot this,
- No-no,
- What?
Why are you scared of me, Mel?
- Sit,
- No,
He forced you to sleep with him,
I know he did,
I can make him dead,
not just hurt,
Please,,, sit,
Sweet Mel,,,
I am never,,,
going to let anyone hurt you,
Never again,
It's me,,,
your secret admirer,
We were in love,,,
in college, remember?
But we couldn't be a couple
because you were you,
And I,,,
things weren't perfect,
But now they are,
You're crazy!
You always have been a shy one,
it's okay,
You can't imagine what it was
like to be so lonely,,,
wanting you all of these years,
Well, of course,
before we can be a couple,,,
we have to be alone,
Okay, I got this,
Shit, Okay,
Okay, I got this,
Why are you hiding from me, Mel?
You're not making this
very easy,
Where are you, Mel?
All right, Mel,
it's your choice,
Back to Adam it is,
Look at you,
You think Mel
could ever be yours?
You'll never have what we have,
I remember the first moment
I fell for her,
Fall for me now,
It's over,
It's over,
Can you walk?
- Yeah, Yeah, I'm good,
- Okay, come on,
Come on,
All right, It's okay,
It's okay,
It's okay, It's okay,
- Run,
- No,
Get the hell off me!
You think you can choose him?
You're mine, Melissa,
Forever and always,
It's me and you, baby,
That's it, Okay?
It's okay,
Get off me!
I know I've told you this
but beautiful job
on the restoration,
I mean, you can hardly believe
anything even happened here,
Oh, thank you, I know,
Well, you guys did
such a fantastic job, too,
I mean, my security system
can now rival NASA,
Oh, I will take that,
So, uh, he got five years, huh?
Can we not talk about Trey?
You're right,
Old news, old news,
To you and this
beautiful gallery,
- Cheers,
- Cheers,
Hey, sweetie,
Hey, gorgeous,
Brought you some flowers,
Thank you,
- Your mail's there too,
- Oh, thank you,
Ooh, ooh! Oops,
What is this?
Don't freak out,
it's an everyday thing,
You're not concerned?
Not in the least,