Blood Thirst (2023) Movie Script

In a post-apocalyptic world,
two warring vampire factions
have taken over the world,
and only a few pockets
of surviving humans remain.
Both humans and vampires
are on the brink of extinction.
Who are you?
Let her go!
You need to leave
my property now!
Leave this property,
I'm tellin' ya.
Get back.
I'm warning you!
If you run now,
I'll let you live.
- What?
- She's going to die,
no matter what.
Do you think you can save her?
God will damn you
forever for this.
Do it.
You should thank me.
I'm taking you away
from all of this.
Drain her.
But leave this one alone.
I want him to turn.
- Aw, shit.
- What is it?
- That's not good.
- What?
I think they're vampires.
You best step back
away from the window.
Alright man,
what are we gonna do?
Back away from the window.
That's what we're gonna do!
Come on, man. Get serious,
man. They're gonna
get killed down there.
And we can do what?
Best thing we could do
is not get killed with them!
Are you serious?
Man, these people
have been good to us.
Look, man, we have
to do somethin'.
We can't just stand--
What do you
want us to do?
I think
he saw me.
Like a shepherd,
I must tend to my flock!
You belong to me now.
Fuck you. I'll never
belong to you! Ever!
Well, you have no choice.
And what of you?
I'll-- I'll join you.
No will to live.
I have no need for you.
We shall feed!
Well, don't just
stand there! Get him!
Hey dude, you gotta
get me outta here.
Son, you got
bigger problems.
- What do you mean?
- You've been bit.
- Wha--
- You're already dead, man.
I wasn't stealing anything,
I was just looking
for something to trade.
You're a worse liar
than you are a thief.
Stand up, real slow.
The woman.
You didn't think
to bury her?
That's my mother.
My-my adopted mother.
I wanted to bury her,
but if I did,
they would come back.
They'll know somebody survived
and come looking for me.
If they do,
they'll find two of us.
Oh. Oh, my God.
People are coming.
I think they're vampires.
- Hurry, back door!
- Okay, come on, everyone.
Quickly, this way.
- Hurry!
- Hurry, hurry!
- That's it.
- Come on, come on!
Who are you
and what do you want?
What do you think I want?
Your total obedience
for a start.
Now, where are
the others?
- I don't know what you mean.
- You're lying to us!
Your kind always lies.
And it always ends
the same way.
Where are the rest?
There's only us here.
Do I have to pluck out
an eyeball
to get an honest answer
from you, vermin?
Maybe she will be more truthful
when she is watching you suffer!
We know there are others.
I can smell them.
- They may be close by.
- I'll go look.
There can't be many places
to hide around here.
- No.
- Shh.
We'll be okay!
Here they are,
my lord.
Retreating like cockroaches
into the darkest corner.
I have faith.
Faith that will protect me
and these people.
The son of man has no place
to rest his head.
God has failed you.
I still believe.
Which one is to be first?
You! Big man!
What of you?
Big man. Big faith.
You will never be strong enough
to become one of us.
All of you.
Weak! Worth nothing
but feeding upon.
Take him.
But save the others.
We will need to ration.
Thank you, my lord.
Now, it's time to feast,
and rid the world
of one more waste of oxygen.
Yes, my love.
Hey, you still believe
in all this stuff?
Even after everything
that's been happening?
You got somethin' better?
We must endure.
we must believe.
What did she prefer
to be known as?
- Huh?
- Your mother.
Margaret? Or Maggie?
I found her ID.
Uh... Maggie, I mean,
I guess Margaret's
more appropriate.
If you're gonna be
a good liar,
you better recognize
who's lyin' to you.
She's not your mother,
is she?
Hey, are we leavin'?
Time to move.
But it's hot out there.
No point in staying here.
Zero transportation.
The horses are dead,
the tractor's dry.
I got a bicycle.
I can ride ahead
and get us some supplies.
Good. Go on, then.
You! Put your hands up
in the air and down
on your knees!
Hey, hey, hey!
Look what I found!
You like it?
So they made you
sheriff, huh?
Yup! Whole town voted.
Let me guess.
You were the only one
available for the job.
Why you have to ruin it?
Get out. I'm drivin'.
Oh, man.
- You did good. Windows up.
- What? We're gonna melt!
Windows down creates drag.
We lose mileage.
It's gonna be hot,
but it beats walkin'.
Did you find any guns?
No. No guns.
Did you check the station?
Didn't find it.
Hold on.
Why are we
creepin' around here?
Just takin'
a look around.
but if there was anybody here,
they'll be dead.
That means the Master
could've been here before us.
Stay here.
Keep the doors locked.
What? What am I, eight?
You hear me?
He's dead!
Did you shoot him?
What about her?
Shot her too.
Seems like you can
take care of yourself.
I get by.
- Did you see any others lately?
- Nope.
Well, I guess
I'll keep lookin'.
What exactly
are you looking for?
The leader. The Master.
You best come in, then.
Where you're going,
you're going to need this.
What about you?
Danger's still out there.
When you kill the Master,
it's gonna take the world
a long time to recover.
I won't live to see it.
All I have to look forward to
is more of this shit.
Don't you wanna see
the beginning?
I know you'll do it.
Take this.
A man of the cloth
needs a crucifix.
It'll see you through
to your darkest hour.
Thank you.
You want us to bury
those bodies?
No, leave it.
Let it be a warning
to any other assholes
who come around.
You take care now.
Always trust in the crucifix.
- It'll see you through
to the light.
Another dead town.
Are we to walk and walk,
with only dust
to cover our tongues?
The Master is here.
He shall provide
for us.
What if he doesn't?
You worry too much.
What of this
can you change?
I'm just merely
voicing my concerns.
You are not alone.
We are all sharing
your concerns.
But unlike you,
I think my mind
is better than yours
to find the solution.
Do you want the Master to think
that you don't respect me?
No, my Queen.
I apologize--
Respect me!
Good to see you.
I'm glad you are here.
Oh, it's good
to see you, my love.
How many have you raised?
Just these three.
I wish I could've
brought you more
but so many are--
There is no indignation,
my Queen.
Well, it's not enough.
The battle
is drawing close.
Well, maybe we could go forage
and step on others.
There is a hunter coming.
We deal with him.
Then we move.
Oh, Master.
I haven't fed for days.
In the cellar.
But restrain yourself.
You must rest.
The spy has left.
We only showed him
what I wanted him to see?
Nothing of our true force?
Of course not, my lord.
Good! What of our casualties?
For us, none.
- Oh.
- For them...
all that we could find.
- What of their leader?
- We got him.
He was hiding
in a shelter like a dog.
Bring him.
Bring him to me!
Here he is, Master.
He hasn't been touched.
We killed them all
like children.
They put up
no resistance.
Most of them tried to run,
but no problem to us at all.
I am one of many,
and many more will come.
You better.
You show
a little character.
Maybe we can have
use of you after.
I would rather die
than serve you.
Ah. Finally.
- Here! You want 'em?
- No!
- Take 'em!
- No! Dad!
Don't do this!
Why are you doing this?
It's you or me.
This is the way
you treat your daughters?
Step daughters.
They don't mean nothing to me.
Ah. Even the lowliest animal
shows greater morals than you.
I'm sure they won't be
missing you.
Thank you, my Queen.
This shouldn't happen.
It's wrong.
You see what the world is now.
What? You'd rather
have taken his place?
There's plenty
of mouths to feed.
No. God, no.
And you. You took that man
to be your husband?
Look at the way
he treated your daughters.
He had money,
he was a good provider!
That's what this is about?
You want a path
out of here?
Yes, I want out of here.
I do! But not the way
you have in mind.
I'd rather meet my maker
with this pure soul!
Well, what about me?
Ain't I good enough for you?
That's right.
All you are
is blood to me.
And you will live
until I say you die.
I could join you.
There's a battle coming.
One that has been brewing
for centuries,
and all you'd be is a waste
of blood meant for others.
Feast. Feed.
- Thank you, my Queen.
- Enjoy.
Who are you?
Why are you here?
My name's Jeff.
I-I'm just a farmer,
they bit me.
I was forced
to follow them here.
You don't belong here.
I know.
I don't wanna be here.
I don't want any of this.
I want life to be back
the way it used to be.
It will never be
the way it used to be.
You're free.
But-- but where do I go?
We can't
just leave him here.
He'll attract flies
and maggots.
We need to draw
as little attention as possible,
and using half our manpower
to drag him up there
where they're at ain't it.
Why? You think
they're gonna
forget about us?
We're all
gonna die here.
Why don't you ask him?
You don't want me.
I have hepatitis.
Oh, really?
So you think I should
just let you go?
You have the rest of us.
How many more
are suddenly gonna pop up
with blood diseases?
Or be near death,
if I show you mercy.
It's true!
This will do.
Watch me,
or you'll be next.
You turned fast.
Faster than the others.
Do you feel it?
I can't fight it.
I need... I need to.
And you're gonna start
right here.
Feed on the ones
you love.
Mom, no.
You can't do it.
Fight it!
I won't do it.
I could never!
You're gonna feed
on your daughter.
Maybe the others!
No. I want you to feed
on your daughter.
You'll need the energy
and you will feel alive.
I refuse!
I'm not like you!
Oh, yes,
you're just like me.
You'll see. You'll see.
What is it, my lord?
I have taught
my apprentice well.
I don't understand.
For a long time,
I have felt a--
a contradiction within you.
As if you were
holding a secret.
I still don't understand.
My spy. Did he hide
himself well?
Not at all, my lord.
We knew he was there.
Almost from the start.
He sent a spy,
thinking I would
not notice the one
right beside me.
You had everything!
But you betray me! Why?
I want to be
on the winning side.
You idiotic fool!
We've got somebody up ahead.
He's probably been bitten.
We should just
run him over.
Just in case.
What is wrong
with you?
I wanna stay alive,
that's what's wrong.
Staying alive is one thing.
Keeping your humanity
is another.
Well, maybe
I don't have any.
Everybody's got it.
It's a choice whether
you keep it or not.
Get out! Real slow.
Just step outside
and keep cool.
You all right?
I'm good. I could use
a ride, though.
Where you headed?
I don't know.
Would appreciate it
if you lowered the weapon.
You can ride with us
but I gotta check you
for bite marks.
I can understand that,
man, but I guarantee ya,
I ain't been bitten.
Hop in the back.
I'm John. This is Charlie.
I'm Rico.
- Hey, Rico.
- Yeah?
Not the first time in the back
of a police car, huh?
You gotta love
the nerve, huh?
- Got one!
- Yes! Now we can try
- the garlic shotgun shells.
- Yes.
Don't get too confident.
Some of them can move fast.
not this one. Look at him.
He hasn't fed
in a long time.
He's all...
Let's get him.
- You gotta aim for the heart.
- I am.
Hey, careful.
Okay. I got this.
So bossy.
look at that. You got him.
That was a little too easy.
I like a challenge.
All right.
Get him in the trunk.
Uh, he's heavy.
Can I get a little help here?
You kill him,
you bag him.
This could be trouble.
What are we gonna do?
Let's see what they do.
Get rid of the badge
and the hat.
Some people get nervous
around cops.
Well, let me out.
I don't look like no cop.
You can say that again.
We are not cops.
I repeat,
we are not police officers.
Stay cool.
Good job. You told us
you ain't cops.
I figured that
was a good idea.
So if you ain't cops then
what are you doing here?
We're vampire hunters.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So how many have you killed?
Well, I'm in training.
Listen, we do that ourselves,
so we don't need you guys.
Well, maybe you can help us.
We're lookin'
for the Master.
Follow us.
We'll take you to Daddy.
- Who are these?
- They say
they're vampire hunters.
You kill any?
We're lookin'
for the Master.
He's come this way.
And you think you got
what it takes to kill him?
I aim to find out.
We killed one today.
Show me.
That's Jeff Lockwood.
He had a place over east.
He was a good man.
Came from that way.
We buried a woman there.
That's why we're out here.
The old place
wasn't defensible.
At least out here
we can see 'em coming
and keep on runnin'.
Well, at least we've got
a way to fight back now.
You're mistaken.
This man wasn't fully turned.
Best way you can fight back
is help us.
Come on inside.
Let's go talk.
Chop that up and cook it.
Doesn't work on them.
Now how the hell
are you so sure about it?
Tried it.
You got bit?
But not turned.
What does that make you?
The chosen one or something?
You comin' or what?
It's alcohol.
It's for the vehicles.
They've been converted.
Where'd you get it?
I got a still hidden-aways off.
You must do
a lot of drivin'.
Most of it's not for us.
There's a local militia
operating out of the mountains.
They come down here
and they claim it as their tax.
Bunch of bullies
and thugs, mostly.
Now they say they're Army,
but I can tell by lookin'
at 'em, they ain't.
- You served?
- Yeah.
And the man that
your daughter killed.
He came from the mountains.
Do you think
those bloodsuckers
are up there?
Ah, maybe.
But that guy could've been
walkin' around in circles.
Who knows where
he started from.
Now, you're gonna ask
the militia tomorrow.
They should be
turnin' up then.
You think they're
willing to help?
Yeah. If there's
something in it for them.
You'll have to ask.
Now, you're welcome
to stay here, if you want,
but you'll have
to sleep outside.
I've got a bedroll.
I don't.
Where am I sleeping?
I think he needs to be buried
next to his wife.
I'll take him
over there tomorrow
when our friends leave.
They're staying?
Yeah, just one night,
outside. It's okay.
Hey, guys. I left my bike
back there aways.
Is there any way
I can get a ride
and some gas?
I'll give you a ride.
- We got trouble.
- Aw, shit. Vampires.
Sure looks like it.
What you gonna do?
Uh, I got garlic
shotgun shells. You down?
Hell, yeah, I'm down.
Don't get too close, though.
Those things move fast.
Don't worry, we got this.
How's this?
Wait till they get
a little closer.
Those shells
will spread out,
especially with
my sawed-off. Now!
Screw this!
Let's get outta here.
I reckon my bike
should be right up there.
Yeah, I see it.
Nice bike.
Thanks. It's my pride and joy.
Only thing I've ever
really had, you know?
You know, that alcohol
isn't too good for the engine.
It's probably
gonna outlast me.
Man, that sounds good.
Now the only problem we got
is them vampires down the road.
You want me
to run interference?
No, don't worry about it.
We'll just take
the long way home.
Okay. Well, I'll catch you
at your daddy's place.
Adios, mother suckers!
How is she runnin'?
No complaints,
but we got us a problem.
Ran into some vampires
back there.
- Elena?
- Oh, she's good.
She did a little detour
around 'em.
But you know
those garlic shells?
They don't work.
Looks like our friend
was right.
And I'm afraid
they're coming this way.
I'll stand guard tonight.
Get off of him!
No! Daddy!
You! I will tear you
apart for that!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
- Get back!
- Oh, fuck.
Get back!
Get back! Get back!
You are the hunter
the Master spoke of.
I will make you
suffer for that!
And you will suffer no more.
Something's happened.
He is dead.
The hunter.
He is coming.
He's dead.
He ain't coming back
this time.
Looks like these crucifixes
are worth keepin'.
Problem is they split
when they hit the target.
Can't use 'em again.
Well, hell, we could
make some more.
Gotta be made
from certain wood,
blessed the right way.
Blessed by the right people.
Daddy, no!
No. Don't come close.
My blood is infected.
No! No.
It's all right.
I'm gonna join your mother.
No, Daddy. No,
you can't leave us.
Look, he got bit and
he's okay.
Maybe you'll be fine.
That's unlikely.
It seems your crossbow works.
That's good to know.
'Cause I think you got
another one to do.
I guess so.
I've raised
two strong girls,
who can take care
of themselves now.
You can do it.
You hear me?
Yes, Daddy.
Let's do this.
Many of your followers
have yet to arrive.
Do you wish us to start
search for them?
I have no use for the weak,
unable to get here
by themselves.
We are so few.
How can we possibly prevail?
The whole world
has been ravaged.
They will be facing
the same problems as us.
Now, go.
Trust in me.
Yes, my lord.
We've been talkin'.
When you're leavin',
we're comin' with.
I appreciate that.
Those shells of yours
don't kill 'em,
but seem to slow 'em down.
We'll get making some more.
Can I get some of those?
Figure with my two barrels,
I could blast 'em in the face,
and blind 'em temporarily.
Worth tryin'.
Think I'll get my chance?
I can guarantee that.
I just can't guarantee
we're gonna live.
Yeah, well, I'd rather take
my chances out there
than sit here and rot.
Hell, John, I should've
been dead already.
The way I look at it,
any chance to kill
one of those things,
I'm good.
All right.
Let's get some rest.
Let's see what the militia's
got to say tomorrow.
Hey. Be careful with them.
You did this?
- Yeah.
- Vampire?
- Yep.
- I ain't buyin' that.
Exactly. Bullshit.
Check the teeth.
It's for real.
That don't mean nothin'.
Could've found him dead.
Are you trying
to impress us?
Maybe I am.
- Well, it ain't workin'.
- Pity.
Could've used your help
to kill more of 'em.
Our help?
What do you need
our help for?
I'm lookin' for the Master.
Good luck with that.
I ain't going anywhere
near any Master.
I just wanna find him.
Big country.
Lot of ground to cover.
I suppose you want us
to do all your lookin'?
Like I said,
I could use the help.
Why don't you tell your boss?
He's not our boss!
He's our captain!
Well, then tell your captain.
Might be worth his while.
Hey, honey! How about
you get those crates for us?
So you're just passing
through, huh?
You stick around,
you gotta start paying taxes.
- Your bike?
- Yes, sir.
Really, I can-- I can get you
a good deal on that.
I'm good, man.
Thank you.
Oh, you sure?
Get you water, food.
Plenty of fuel
to roll with.
I am not interested.
Thank you.
Why don't you think
about that, hm?
But it's still
not for sale.
You know,
I'm startin'
not to like you.
Why don't you just
not be here
when I get back?
Don't. It won't help.
Where's your daddy?
Had somethin' to do.
Is that right?
Is this your new boyfriend?
You look a little
You best make sure
he gets that message.
I will!
Just don't hold your breath!
You sure you know
what you're doin'?
I'm wingin' it as usual.
How long
you gonna wait for 'em?
I can wait two days.
He's close.
I'm feeling
he's getting stronger.
He's comin'.
"He's comin'?"
That sounds like an army.
Okay, vampire hunter.
You got me interested.
Let's go talk.
So, how have you been doin'
out here, alone?
Still think you don't need
any, uh, companionship?
You better watch your mouth.
I'll cut your balls off
and feed 'em to your little pet.
Yeah, I, uh,
I don't need that,
but I'm sure Shelton here
can handle you.
I like it rough.
Think your sister here
would go for it?
Hey, that's enough, boys.
Y'all need to move on.
You gonna take us
all on yourself?
If I have to.
I should just
shoot you right now.
Yeah, you could,
but I don't think you have
the authority, fuck face.
Think you need to go ask
your little boss up there.
I need you two to get those men
away from the women.
Seems fine to me.
Do it.
Doesn't seem a problem.
Maybe we should ask Torque.
You don't need to talk to him.
I gave you an order.
We'll wait.
I don't see Torque interfering
with a little fun.
Okay, boys!
You need to calm down.
I am calm.
Oh, that's real good.
'Cause last time I checked,
we all had a common enemy.
The vampires.
You remember them, huh?
While you're all busy arguing,
they're gonna sneak up
behind you and bleed your ass.
Jesus! I wasn't talking
right now, you goddamn idiot!
I was talking metaphorically.
Let's go before
they get rapey again.
I'm glad you like it.
What do you need us for?
There's a lot
of terrain out there.
I assume you know it well.
I'd appreciate it if your men
could help me track him down.
Why would I help you?
When I kill the Master,
this country's gonna need
somebody to take care of it.
It seems to me
that you're the man to do that.
This world needs order.
Tell you what.
You hang around here.
I'll be back
within two days.
I believe that would be good.
If he's within 100 miles
of this place,
we'll find him for you.
What happened?
They're behaving
like pigs, like usual.
I didn't see nothin'.
All I saw was a bunch of guys
makin' polite conversation.
You stay away from them.
If you ask me,
she's too sensitive.
She's been on her own
too long.
Well, I ain't asking you,
and it seems like
you've been alone too long.
Maybe you should let things
work out the way they should.
I'd be very careful,
if I was you.
I apologize
for my friends here.
They're the sheep
that has lost their shepherd.
Mm. Maybe you need
new friends.
Yo! Let's go!
Take care.
You too, vampire hunter.
Do you trust him?
but I gave him the best deal
he's ever gonna get.
That man's gonna be
trouble, John.
That's what I thought
about you.
But I'm afraid
you may be right.
I have arrived.
I am Nosferatu.
we can see that.
I need to speak
to the Queen.
We will let her know
you have arrived.
I must speak to the Queen.
It is important.
If she wishes to speak to you,
she will come.
Where are the rest?
My Queen,
they're scattered.
I know not where.
Who is this that demands
an audience with my Queen?
I've seen
the dead bodies.
I can attest
to his existence.
We are both aware
of the hunter.
Now go rest.
Looks kinda quiet.
What were you expecting?
I don't know. Doesn't look like
there's anybody here.
You think there'd be somethin'.
Take a drive down
that main street.
You spot anyone,
vampire or not,
hit the goddamn gas.
Ah, crap.
I can guarantee
I'll be doing that.
We should've
brought bayonets.
Might give us
a fighting chance.
Should we aim our guns
out the window?
It's not gonna work.
It might be something.
I need every chance
we can get!
How many vampires
have you approached?
None, and I'm hoping
to keep it that way.
Uh-huh, so you got
no better idea
than we do on this.
I know what to do.
I wish I had my knife.
We should've spent last night
carving stakes.
They said they tried it.
Now quiet.
Head down the main street.
Keep the engine revs
as low as possible.
We don't wanna draw
any attention to ourselves.
All right.
So, we checked it out.
Should we go now?
We can't. Torque will ask us
if we checked inside
these buildings.
So, we lie.
Screw all that.
We can't lie.
Torque will ask us
if we checked these buildings.
What if they are in there?
They'll kill us.
We'll leave
the car doors open.
We'll kick in the doors
of these buildings.
We see anybody,
jump back in the car
and we're gone.
Hey, where's Lambert?
I don't know,
I wasn't watching!
He's dead!
get us outta here!
Hey! Hey!
Where you goin'?
There's no escaping.
That doesn't work for me.
What are you doing here?
Please, I don't wanna die.
You're not going to die.
Now, tell me.
What are you doing here?
Vampire hunter,
he sent us.
He's nearby.
So he's coming.
You want me to send him
a message?
I would love
to send him a message.
I said you will live.
You will live...
It's Johnston.
Looks like he's been bitten.
Keep goin'.
He was a good man!
He deserves better than just
being left out here to turn.
We'll let the vampire hunter
come and deal with him later.
He's not going anywhere.
You see, there you go.
You know, you'll never be
a great leader
if you worry about
the loss of every soldier.
This is fuckin' war, you know.
We're almost
there now, sir.
- Pull over.
- All right.
Let 'em know we're here.
I'm gonna go check things out.
You guys stay here.
I sure hope he knows
what he's doing.
What on earth?
Are there still such
stupid people left alive?
I need to see it.
It could be a trap.
You still want to go?
Of course not, my lord.
I was just trying to serve you
as best as I could.
I have never met anyone
wanting to die,
as badly as you.
I'm here to see your master.
You assume I am not the Master.
I doubt that.
We all know the boss is never
the first to show his face.
I got a feeling you guys
are not too high up
on the totem pole.
I could kill you so quickly.
Wait here.
Coming here like this
is unexpected.
You are either very brave,
or very foolish.
I figure it's a risk
I'm willing to take.
What has happened
out there?
A human would like
to speak to you.
Send him in.
Yes, my lord.
Pardon, pardon me.
I, um... I come
to make a deal.
There's a vampire hunter.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Whoa, now.
I'd appreciate it if you kept
your distance. For real.
Very well.
But it won't save you.
You've got one minute.
There's a vampire hunter.
He's looking for you.
But I can bring him to you.
And in return?
Well, uh...
At the rate you guys are goin',
you're gonna run out
of people real soon.
Put me in charge
of the surviving humans.
Let us rebuild
the population.
They're too afraid
to deal with you,
but they'll listen to me.
Bring him to me.
What the hell
just happened over there?
I made a deal.
- With him?
- That's right.
Look, we gotta be
on the winning side of this.
- You sold out the human race.
- Sold 'em out?
You think that vampire hunter's
gonna save us all?
He kills one
freshly turned vamp,
and you wanna make him
your savior, hallelujah!
- But shouldn't we let him try?
- No.
This is a great opportunity.
We can run this country.
All we gotta do is supply
the Master with enough,
um, enough bodies.
Oh, is that all?
That's all.
Look, after all this,
and you still don't understand
how this world works now?
See, that's why you'll
never be a great leader,
and exactly why I am.
Let's go.
This is all you bring me?
All I could find,
my Queen.
There are many empty towns,
with next to nothing
between them.
We have traveled a long way,
with nothing to sustain us.
We desire blood.
Well, there's none here.
When we leave,
we shall find some.
You don't seem hungry.
And your breath
is most fragrant,
as if you've just fed.
Unless my senses deceive me
after our difficult...
Do you accuse
our Queen of lying?
No, no.
And if it seems that way,
please forgive me.
Once we feed,
we'll be more civil.
We will find some,
but for now, we stay.
Stay? Why?
The battle is upon us.
We should go.
There is a hunter coming.
When he dies, we go.
What human requires
all of us to kill him?
One of us can stay.
That should be enough.
The Master wants
to do it personally.
Then he can stay
and rest of us can move on.
We can leave this barren
wasteland behind.
The Master wants us all to stay.
Where is the Master?
He is resting,
just like you should be,
after your long journey.
We wish to speak with him.
We will not keep him long.
Maybe we should disturb him.
I'm sure he would be
overjoyed to see you.
Go! Go rest.
There are many things
to be discussed.
Mm. There are more
of you coming.
When they arrive, we talk.
When your Queen decides,
and not before.
We have traveled
all this way.
Treated like slaves.
And yet we're forbidden to enter
the Master's house?
They were there.
I could smell them.
I smelled the blood
on her breath.
They are there.
But it has been decided
they are not for us.
We're kept outside
and starved like dogs?
We should threaten to leave.
That will bring
the Master to us.
It will also bring
with it his wrath.
She cannot keep us
from the Master forever.
Rest now.
Great news,
vampire hunter.
- You found them?
- Well, uh, not exactly.
But three of my guys
went into an old ghost town
not too far from here,
only one came back.
I think it's safe to say
we found your spot.
Now, what we need to do
is pack everybody up,
we head down there
and we kick
some bloodsucker ass.
Well, wouldn't it be best
if we went tomorrow morning?
They're strongest at night.
Well, uh, see,
that's the beauty of the plan.
Won't be expecting us.
Don't mind Mr. Rico.
He's loyal.
That's a good word, right?
I best get ready.
Stay cool, Rico.
Loyal dogs get put down, man.
Somethin' isn't right.
You're gonna have
to sit this one out.
What's the matter?
Our friends out there
have the look of guilt.
They can't be selling you out.
That makes no sense.
Maybe not,
but after we're gone,
you pack and head
in the opposite direction.
No, no way.
I told you we were going
to help and we are.
You know this ghost town?
I reckon I know
what he's talking about.
You give me two hours,
then get there unseen.
If what you say is true,
it could be
all over with by then.
That's a chance
we're gonna have to take.
When this is over,
we're gonna run this country!
No more vampire problems!
You know what I'm sayin'?
You know what I'm sayin'?
- This is gonna be our country now!
- - Yeah!
- We will be in charge!
- Yeah!
- And we will run the human race!
- - Yeah!
And we're here to join you.
Oh, yeah. About that.
- Take 'em.
- What--
Get the women too.
- Why the women? You said--
- Man, shut your ass up!
But you said...
You asshole.
That I am. Tie 'em up.
Rico. Charlie. Relax.
If he gives you
any more problems,
put a bullet in his head.
Loyal dogs get put down.
I had faith in you.
Make me understand
why you betrayed me.
Because I don't have faith
in you, vampire hunter.
I've seen the Master
and you can't beat him.
And besides,
I kinda got this thing.
I like being
on the winning side.
At what cost?
Your soul?
Bought and paid for.
A long time ago.
That's why I'm still here.
Can't argue with that.
I brought you
what I promised.
And some.
Send him over.
All that you've been through,
all that you've seen...
and you still believe?
How is that reasonable?
Are you judging me,
or my faith?
You carry the faith
of an empire
that has murdered every
single one of its prophets.
And if you persist, John,
it'll be the same for you.
This isn't going
to be quick, my friend.
Every day, you'll grow
weaker and weaker,
until you no longer care
if you live or die.
And die you will.
Not so confident,
are you now, Hunter?
Be silent!
Does it hurt you so much
that I've chosen to live?
Having a bad day today, are we?
Screw you.
Yeah, whatever.
I know I got a sweet ride
waitin' for me back there,
Your mom was a sweet ride.
Put him in the cellar.
You can have
this one as well.
What do you think
you're doing?
This is wrong!
This is all wrong
and you know it!
This man is our only hope
for survival!
False hope, you mean.
Keep him alive.
As long as he doesn't do
anything stupid.
No matter what.
My lord.
We should finish them now.
They are too great a risk.
Especially the hunter.
Those two.
Do you?
Speak again,
and I will tear
your tongue out.
- This one's mine.
- All yours.
- No! No!
- What the fuck?
Fuck off my sister, you--
Hey, no!
I can't wait to tear
into you tonight.
Charlie. Be still.
Make a move, Hunter,
and I will not hesitate.
About your deal.
I don't make deals.
I take.
Filthy vermin,
prepare to die!
They're flanking us!
You will be mine.
Submit to our will, now!
And we will be merciful.
Your leader has fallen,
and you are doomed
to follow him!
Your adrenaline will only make
your blood taste sweeter.
I can almost taste it now!
All you're gonna taste
is my knife.
All right then, bitch.
Let's see what you got.
Where you think
you're goin'?
Get the fuck off me,
you fucker!
Get her!
What are you
gonna do now, hero?
I'm gettin' outta here.
That's what I'm doin'.
Now back up.
You need to help us.
You're one of us.
I'm not with you.
I'm with me and that's that.
If you leave us, you're
gonna end up
becoming one of them!
We're in this together.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I need a human shield
and you are it,
honey, let's go.
Shut up!
Take me,
I'm better cover!
Yeah, and you're
more trouble too.
- Shut up!
- I don't wanna go!
Charlie. Charlie!
Save your breath.
You're gonna need it.
Cut us loose.
Thank you.
Come get this,
You kill one of mine?
You will take his place.
- Not today!
- Next!
So now what?
Now we find the leader.
We kill him.
Where's my crossbow?
Torque brought it,
just to make sure
the Master knew your existence.
I need it now.
We need weapons.
You take his.
Leave it to me.
I'm a thief, remember?
Go on, then.
What about us?
It's best you stay here.
It's safer.
If you get some weapons,
will you bring some
back down to us?
I'll do that.
They'll work
against the militia.
Not against those animals.
Am I gonna be okay?
I don't wanna be one of them.
Can't tell.
You haven't turned yet.
That's good.
If the militia get here,
you fight like hell.
I will destroy you!
I got weapons.
She saw me, though.
- They know.
- Better find the girls.
The Master will be pleased
I killed his nemesis.
You speak too soon.
Your arrogance amuses me.
I've killed many
like you before.
You haven't dealt
with anybody like me before.
Ain't you got
somethin' to do?
Go. Go!
I shall
make you one of us!
And we will be together
for all eternity!
I would rather die!
Oh, you will feel so different
once you have changed.
Get away from her,
you fuckin' bitch.
Take that bitch away!
I've felt acorns
bigger than you.
Get off her, fucker!
Run, bitch!
Give up and accept your fate!
You are like rat
trying to fight with a tiger.
And the rat always dies
a useless death,
soon forgotten!
I should've killed you.
Yes. You should have.
You're out.
And you have lost, John.
This was always going
to end just one way.
And that cross
will never save you.
Let us stand together,
in the abyss, John.
Embrace me.
In infinity.
Think how powerful
we will be together.
How you doin' there, boss?
- John!
- John, you good?
Elena! Oh!
- Oh, God!
- I'm so glad you're okay.
I knew you could handle it.
Daddy would be proud.
Hey, John.
I'm gonna take
a final ride.
If I need you,
I'll find you.
What's next?
I have no idea.
What is it, my lord?
He is-- he is dead!
Who is, Master?
My apprentice.
The one who dared... challenge me.
After all these centuries,
he's finally dead.
So now there'll be
no battle?
That's-- that's right.
That's right.
No battle.
No battle.
The world...
The world is ours!