Blood Vessel (2023) Movie Script

- [birds chirping]
- [soft music playing]
[Abbey in English] Wayingi gave
us a beautiful planet Earth.
[children chatter playfully]
From the vibrant colors
of the butterflies,
to the lush green lyofo forest,
Weyingi's earth, is indeed
a masterpiece of unparalleled beauty.
The people didn't have much
but they were happy.
At least,
until the evil mineral was discovered
- The waters that once gave us life
- [grieving mother sobbing]
- God, come and help me! God, please help!
- [Abbey] now bring us death.
God, come and help my child, please.
[crowd chanting] We won't accept this,
we won't accept this!
We won't accept this,
we won't accept this!
[Abbey] The effects of this destruction
are devastating and widespread,
particularly on our youth
who have taken the lead
in our fight against
this environmental catastophe.
- [gun shots]
- [melancholic music playing]
[crowd chanting] We won't accept this,
we won't accept this!
[Abbey] But my story isn't
about the oil or its spillage.
- Mine is a love story.
- [soft guitar music playing]
And even though I wasn't involved
in the uprising by the youths,
the events that transpired afterwards,
would change the course of my life
[man] We need to do
something to surprise them.
[Abbey] Forever.
[haunting music playing]
- Man, remember what we discussed.
- [man 2] Sure.
[man 1] You will take care of that side.
We will take care
of the pipeline on this side.
- [man 2] Okay.
- [man 1] Do you hear me?
[haunting music continues]
- [man screaming]
- [haunting music continues]
[haunting music continues]
[Commander Kome] I want the culprit found.
Parade 'tion!
I don't care if you have
to burn the village to the ground.
- Find them!
- [soldiers] Yes, sir!
[children chatter playfully]
Come and eat this.
Why should I?
All I want is my freedom!
I don't want to eat!
that you won't see that boy again.
I'll give you your freedom.
I can't do that.
I don't intend to keep that promise.
Why are you so stubborn?
Where did you learn this?
Don't you know I'm trying to save you?
I can't leave him.
I'll tell you why,
his child is inside my womb.
Girl. What have you done?
All I want is love.
The truth is that it's not a crime.
[girl sobs]
Oyin you will bring
a curse into this house.
It's not a curse.
The child is not a curse.
Very soon,
you will become a grandfather.
I disagree!
You won't have it! Not you!
You will not have the child.
Very early tomorrow,
you will be on the first bus to Warri.
[Oyin sobs] Father!
I will send you to Warri.
When you get there,
your aunty will take you to the people
who will abort
this abomination in your womb.
Please, my father.
- [dad] You are mad.
- Please, Father.
Please, Father.
Please! [sobbing]
[dad] You will never, ever You will never
- come back to this town.
- Please, Father.
You will never see that boy again.
- [sobs] My father.
- [Ebiye] Seriously.
- [Oyin] My father!
- Leave me!
[wailing] My father!
[sobbing continues]
- [Oyin sobbing] Father!
- My son
- Yes, Father.
- [dad] Don't let her out.
- [dad] Do you understand?!
- Yes, sir!
- [car hooting]
- [children playing]
My brother this journey,
do you want to to embark on this?
I want to embark on it.
On this journey, things might go bad.
I'm serious.
The ocean will be rough!
[clicks in frustration] I've decided!
I will go.
Taking care of this family
is my responsibility,
that's why I'm asking.
[Female presenter] The people
of Nembe community
have gathered outside at the square
to protest against
the dire living conditions
that oil spillage has forced upon them.
After years of promising
to mop up the oil spills,
Axis Oil has failed
to live up to their promises.
And the people have come
to register their displeasure.
What started as a peaceful protest
is threatening to take a violent turn.
Nembe people have started.
[chuckles] Mother
why do you worry so much?
[mom] Isn't it my job to worry?
[sighs] Calm down. All will be fine.
Olotu do as you have promised.
When we get to the white man's land,
I will surely call you.
[mom sobbing]
Tekena, come and hold me.
I want you to promise me
Promise me you will follow your brother.
You must not try
to get ahead of your brother.
Okay? You must follow his footsteps.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
I've heard you.
[children playing]
[light Ijo music playing]
That roasted plantain
you gave me yesterday was not nice.
I didn't enjoy it.
Even the money you paid wasn't enough.
Now that you've come
to buy again, I'll treat you well.
I'll give you good ones. Dont worry.
- Really?
- Because of these protests going on,
- That's true. Eh?
- That's why things are like this.
- [Mama Dolor] Don't be angry.
- No worries.
[woman in market] Enough is enough!
Okay. Take.
[children cheering]
[tensed music playing]
- Oyinbrakemi.
- Abbey! [sobs]
Where is your father?
What is it?
My father held me hostage,
and he's planning to send me to Warri.
[Oyin's dad] Abbey! Abbey!
Abbey, come out! Come out!
- I'm shocked.
- [machete grinding]
- Abbey, come out.
- [Abbey's mom] Ah, what happened?
Get away! Where's your son?
He wants to abort the baby in my womb.
Abbey please, I don't want to abort it!
[sobbing] Abbey.
Abbey, please.
Abbey, please!
- Wait, I'm coming.
- [Oyin sobbing]
- Open this gate!
- [Abbey's mom] Abbey is not around.
- Girl, get out of here!
- You are insane.
- [sewing machine grinding]
- [light music playing]
- [Oyin gasps]
- [Abbey grunts]
- [Oyin grunts]
- [light music continues]
- [metallic box clinks loudly]
- [sewing machine stops abruptly]
- [light music resumes]
- [sewing machine grinding resumes]
- [Oyin breathing heavily] Abbey.
- [Abbey] Sorry.
- [Abbey] Be careful.
- [Oyin] Abbey.
[Oyin whimpers] Abbey. [laughs excitedly]
[Abbey chuckles] Baby.
[Abbey] Yes, let's go.
- [Oyin] Be fast.
- I agree.
[tense music playing]
[indistinct market chatter]
[tense music continues]
[boy on street] Man!
What's going on?
[soldier] You!
- [indistinct crowd chatter]
- [soldiers] Hey! Hey!
[boy on street] What's going on here?
What's going on here?
What's going on here? What's going on?!
[boy on street] What's going on?
What's going on here?
[tensed music continues]
[engine accelerates]
[police siren]
[tensed music escalates]
[crowd screaming]
[crowd continues screaming]
- Abbey.
- Enter inside.
- [police siren continues]
- [tensed music continues]
[tensed music continues]
[soldier shouts] Hey!
[boat rattles loudly]
[soldier 1] Move! Move!
Get out of there! Move!
[boat rattling continues]
[Oyin] Mm-mm! [sobs]
I'm so scared!
- I'm scared!
- Stop panicking. Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
Everything will be alright..
- [water lapping]
- [police siren continues]
- [melancholic music playing]
- [tense music continues]
- [inhales loudly]
- [water gurgling]
[melancholic music playing]
[soldier 1] Hey! Come out!
Get out! Go! Go!
Get away from there!
[Commander Kome] These two are responsible
for the death of one of my men.
[Ebiye chuckles] These ones?
I know them well.
I know them. Boma and Degbe.
I know them well.
But these boys you are talking about
They are just thugs
being used to set traps. Eh?
If you want to end the uprising today,
it's not difficult.
Just apprehend the leader of the boys.
Come, this is the place.
This is their house.
He is a dangerous person, shoot him.
If they refuse to open, break the door.
- [soldier 2] Where's your son?
- [Ebiye] Good!
- [Ebiye] Open this door!
- [soldier 1] It's your son!
[Abbey's mom] What did we do?
- [Ebiye] Yes!
- What have we done?
- What have we done?
- [soldier 1] Good!
Open this door!
- [soldier 2] I say, where is Abbey?
- Huh?
- Where did he go?
- Oh, my brother.
- [Abbey's mom] Where is he?
- [soldier 2] I say, where is he?
- Your son is a murder suspect.
- [Abbey's mom] How?!
- [soldier 1] Clear.
- [soldier 2] Clear!
[Abbey's mom sobbing]
- He has a gun.
- [soldier 2] Madam
your son needs
to report to force headquarters
first thing tomorrow morning!
- Go back in! Go back in!
- [Abbey's mom continues to sobbing]
- Ebiye.
- Don't call me!
Ebiye, Ebiye
[footsteps passing by]
[Oyin panting]
Abbey, why do they want to arrest us?
Some youth killed a soldier.
And I'm suspecting these two.
You are crazy. Don't you have sense?
We are fighting for general welfare,
you're there misbehaving.
Get out of my sight!
Half breed.
- [Abbey gasps] Are you mad?!
- [Olotu] Hey. Hey, hey.
- [Abbey] Are you insane?
- [Degbe] Why are you misbehaving?!
- [Olotu] Don't fight. It's okay. Calm down
- My friend, I will hit you.
[raises voice] Do you understand?
I will beat you more!
[Olotu] Keep quiet please.
- Everyone should calm down.
- [Tekena] Just calm down.
[Boma] Degbe, calm down!
My friend, behave yourself.
We're helping you people
and you're misbehaving.
Now you do not appreciate us.
This Axis Oil company
came to our community,
messed up the environment,
polluted the land, poisoned our waters
And you expect us
not to attack these evil people, isn't it?
[Degbe] And you are not supporting us.
No problem!
For your information,
you need to take a stand.
Taking a stand all this time,
what have we gained?
[Boma] My guy,
let me enlighten you. Understand?
If anybody should die,
- those who remain on earth will carry on.
- [Degbe] Normally.
- [Degbe] Let's keep moving.
- I know what I stand for.
What do you stand for?
[Degbe] Let's go, let's go. I'm upset.
You over there!
You two, I've never seen you
in this community before.
Who are you?
[Tekena] We're not from around here.
- Tekena!
- We're coming from Imiringi.
So what brings you to Nembe?
My brother, we're just passing by.
We don't want to be part of your struggle.
Why not?
Guy, don't waste time
discussing with these jokers.
These guys are weak.
In case you're not aware,
this is the only land that we have.
If you don't fight,
nobody will fight for you.
- [soldier] Idiot! Your father! Bastard!
- [motorbike approaching]
Your father's ass! Bloody civilians!
- [crickets chirping]
- [dogs barking from a distance]
Tekena. Tekena.
- [Olotu sighs] Tekena.
- [Oyin moaning]
How's it going?
Has any of you seen my brother?
- [Oyin moans and pants]
- Tekena!
[Degbe] Something has affected him.
[Olotu] What's that on you?
- Where did you go to?
- [Tekena panting and moaning]
- [Boma] Are you going to kill it?
- [Oyin] Wait!
- [Degbe] Kill it! Kill it!
- [Oyin] Stop, stop!
Wait, wait!
That is Adumu.
- Python God.
- [Tekena moans]
It won't bite you unless
it perceives you want to attack it.
- My grandma tells me that Adumu
- [Boma] Nonsense.
- [Tekena whimpers]
- [Oyin] Adumu is a water spirit.
She says it's a water spirit
but poses as a python.
She told me that we come from water
- and we will return to water when we die.
- [Tekena hyperventilates]
- My man!
- Abbey.
- Where did you go?
- Brave man!
This is good food.
Lady, leave here. You want to eat it?
- Yes, let's do it!
- Delicious meal.
- [Degbe] Brave man.
- [Boma] Yeah.
My man turn that one over.
Look at this one here.
Mother Mom.
The military men are still there.
What is really happening?
- What are we going to do?
- [mom scoffs]
Bibi, listen.
Take this to Abbey
and give him a message for me.
There is a trap set for him. Hmm?
If Abbey doesn't leave now,
he will fall in it.
Give him this money.
Let him leave this town. Hmm?
Go to the boatyard, you'll see him.
- Pass through the back.
- [Bibi] I'll take the things to them.
[Bibi] I brought money and the bag.
Abbey, please.
Don't come back home
or soldiers will arrest you.
[Tekena] When it is quiet, we move.
Let me call him.
Friend, what about your child?
No change of plans.
As we planned, let me call Mr. P.
Where is my phone?
- I can not find it.
- [tuts, sighs]
Olotu Olotu.
What are we going to do?
I had it but it is lost.
Be strong. Mmh?
- [Abby sighs]
- Abbey.
What was the message
your sister brought to you?
Your father went to the station
to report me to the police that
I'm the head of the three people
who started the protest.
The police are now looking for me.
Now, I can't go back home again.
[Oyin] Abbey. [sighs]
[Oyin coughs, retches]
[Abbey] The soldiers are searching
everywhere for us.
How are you involved in this?
That's not important.
Just know that,
all of us are in the same boat.
Boma tell me, is this the end?
My man
we have to keep a low profile for now.
Do you understand?
Either Lagos or Ghana we will go there.
How will we find our way to Ghana now?
How will we do it?
You killed a soldier!
These guys don't forgive easily.
Or have you forgotten
what happened at Odi massacre?
does anyone of you know any Mr. Perekemi?
I heard he's from this village.
- Who would know him?
- [Abbey] I don't know him.
Is he a sailor?
Er, yes.
Mr. P.?
[Olotu] Mr. P, yes.
I know Mr. P.
- [Olotu] You...
- Why are you looking for him?
[Boma] I know him.
My man, you better tell me
why you're looking for Mr. P.
So that I can tell you
how to find him, you understand?
Mr. P promised
my brother and I passage
to leave this village and go abroad.
Man, can you give us more details?
Tell me, can you give us more details?
Do you have money?
Er, I have a little money here,
for my girlfriend and I.
Oh. For you and your girlfriend, right?
So the rest of us
should be killed? [laughs]
Selfish bastard!
That's why you're a half-breed.
Boma, make a call.
Call your house
to pack some things so we can leave.
You hear?
Olotu, you sure
you know these people well?
Did you check them out?
I have checked them out.
Can you vouch for them?
You know I don't like to work
- with crazy people.
- Yes, we know, we know.
- Eh. You know how it goes.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- This is the money, right?
- Yes, sir.
My friend, you're sure
the money is complete?
- Everything is complete, Mr. P.
- You all follow me.
You all keep coming.
You all should walk carefully.
You guys should move gently.
Move quietly so that
people above don't hear you. Move quietly.
You all should hurry down, please.
Come on! Walk quickly, take giant strides.
[Mr. P. grunts]
[Olotu] Where are you taking us to?
Jesus, enter! Stop asking me
very stupid go on, enter!
Go inside, come on!
You all are acting timid.
[Olotu] Mr. P., please tell us
what type of place is this.
This is not what we paid for.
[Mr P] Go inside quickly.
Hurry up! Catch your brother's bag.
What kind of people are these?!
Catch your water keg. Take, take!
Go inside quickly!
You're just looking around.
Aren't you a man? You're a man!
Look here this is
a five-star lodge. [sighs]
Mr. P, are you sure there's no other place
where we can stay?
Is something wrong with you?
What kind of stupid questions
are you asking me?
This is either you take
this space or you leave my boat.
- [Oyin] Mr. P.
- Yes?
- There is no toilet in here.
- [Mr. P] Toilet?
That bucket by the side
over there is your toilet.
- Make good use of it.
- [Olotu gasps]
- Come on, Mr. P.
- [all grumble]
- [Oyin] Mr. P.
- [Mr P] What is it?
- Okay, Mr. P.
- [Mr. P sighs] As for food
Look, let me tell you this
It's only one mouth I made provision for.
But since I'm kindhearted,
I will I will feed you all as well.
But it's only one meal a day.
So please choose whether it's
a day or a night-time meal.
Mr. P, we'll eat at night.
- [all] Night.
- [Mr P] Like ghosts.
Now, listen. The last warning,
this is a warning for you all!
I don't want to see any of you
come upstairs out of this place.
Do you all understand?
- [Oyin] Yeah, yeah. We will.
- [Olotu] We will manage this place.
- Correct. Eh.
- Thank you.
[Mr. P] Because I won't
be lenient with anybody.
I make money from this. Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music continues]
Welcome, sir. Welcome, sir. [coughs]
What's wrong with him?
Get him off my ship!
Everybody, come here, come here!
Let's go.
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
- My friend.
- My brother.
We've started sailing.
- [all laugh]
- Awesome.
[all laugh]
Since we began our journey till now,
if we were bad people [laughs]
we would have been arrested.
We are not bad people. [laughs]
God has made it possible. [laughs]
[birds chirping]
[melancholic Ijo music playing]
[melancholic Ijo music continues]
To sustain us,
let's gather our food together.
Who made you the leader over us?
I am the leader.
Brother, I am not the leader.
I just want to be alive.
That's all I'm doing.
I will rather starve to death
than eat with a half-man!
- Relax, man!
- [Olotu] Stop, stop!
- Bro, calm down. Are you kidding me?!
- [Bro] No, no. Wait, what is all this?
My man
There'll be no fight on this trip.
I'm not taking sides.
If you people refuse to stop,
no problem! By the time we get there,
to the white man's land
if you insist on fighting each other,
you can continue fighting.
I hope you heard me.
- Do you hear me?
- I have heard you.
Do you hear me?
[soft music playing]
My man, what's that smell?
[all sniff]
It's that shit bucket.
- [expresses surprise]
- [sniffs]
This boat is not moving!
[upbeat music playing]
Wow. Come on, girl!
[voice on bullhorn] N-A-2-0-0-8. Stop now.
This is the Ghanaian Navy. Stop now.
Commander Kofi and I
had an understanding.
And I hope you and I can come
to the same understanding.
You know why Commander Kofi
took an early retirement?
Because he sold his integrity for money.
I am not my predecessor.
Please come on the ship.
This vessel is under arrest
until you provide receipts
for the cargo you're transporting.
Are we clear?
[tensed music plays]
[Olotu] Friends.
From what I hear [laughs]
Brazil is where
the most beautiful girls in the world are.
[laughs] With nice shapes.
[Oyin] Put on this bracelet
so the beautiful girls in Brazil
will know you are mine. [laughs]
Promise me that when
we reach Brazil, you won't forget me.
[laughs] I promise.
Degbe! What is the matter?
My man, calm down.
What's going on?
What's going on?
If not for what he said,
I would have gone out.
What exactly is going on?! [tuts]
So how do you want us to work this out?
What do you want us to do?
My man, I think we should leave.
Let's find out what's going on.
- Hey, hey.
- [Degbe tuts]
Remember Mr. P said
- we shouldn't leave this place.
- The same Mr. P
who left us here to die, right?
Man, don't give me that.
Don't give me that.
- Those are the instructions he gave us.
- [Degbe tuts]
If this ship doesn't sail now,
we will run out of food.
Even this half-breed agrees with me.
So the issue right now is,
who will go out
and who will remain inside here?
Let's vote.
You have very powerful
people in government.
I'm a businessman, Commander.
I have powerful friends everywhere.
You know, in other parts of the world,
transporting stolen crude
makes you a thief.
No. My brother can't go out there.
What's this guy saying?
- We've already discussed this.
- [Olotu] Wait, wait, I'll...
I'm not a child that you can stop.
[laughs] You would have been
a very wealthy man, Commander,
if only you'd turned a blind eye.
A man who has everything,
but doesn't have respect,
honor and integrity
has nothing.
- Teke, what are you doing?
- Don't stop me!
You are my brother, not my father.
Do you really want to go out?
Yes but I'll come back.
[Olotu] Tekena!
Tekena! Tekena, listen to me.
[electric guitar music playing]
[both grunting]
- Tekena! Tekena.
- [Tekena panting]
The boat.
- It seems the ship has started sailing.
- [Olotu sighs in relief]
- [Olotu sighs]
- [Tekena hisses]
[people laughing]
It snows and rains,
and anyone who's not in Africa
- is a dumbass! [laughs]
- Dumb asses! [laughs]
Talking about dumbasses
Today the commander
talked to me about pride.
I told him to go shove it
- up his ass!
- Right up his ass!
[Tekena] Oyin, what's up?
Please tell us your stories.
[sighs] This girl wants to tell us
another depressing story.
[Oyin sighs]
My grandmother told me the story
of our people that have been forgotten.
But it is our story.
She said that a long time ago
all those white men
used to take our people
to their land and sell them.
In chains.
Those are our brothers and sisters.
She said
instead of them to become slaves,
they would rather die in the ocean.
My grandma said that if you put your ear
then you'll hear them singing.
[inhales deeply before singing]
The suffering
Of a child of destiny
[men humming the same sad tune]
- [sad humming continues]
- [sad tune playing]
[sad humming continues]
[Oyin] A great ocean
Is covering my heart
When it's time, grace will arrive
[haunting melancholic tune playing]
[old woman] Oyin, my child.
You understand what I am telling you.
My husband's people believe
that if one kills a python
if you kill a python and eat it,
that it's a bad omen.
The community
will gather and place a curse
upon the family that ate, erm, the python.
[huffs] It's serious.
[scoffs] Oyin! Oyin!
- Ma?
- [expresses surprise]
Why are you not responding?
I'm wondering if you're hearing me.
[sighs] There's a man I'm in love with.
But Daddy won't allow us to date.
- You said?!
- He won't allow us to be together.
Oyin did you say "man"?
Man?! Don't let your father hear it!
Don't even go there!
- But why?
- [expresses surprise] You ask why?
[grandma sighs heavily]
[Oyin's mom sobs] Water gods
- When your dad and mom got married
- [Oyin's mom] Please give me a child.
- [grandma] Your mom went
- Gods of the water.
They didn't have a child and your mom
- Went looking for a child.
- Please give me a child.
They searched and
searched for a long time,
- to no avail.
- [Oyin's mom sobbing]
- Your mom now went to the river
- Gods of the water
- Please give me a child.
- [grandma] And begged the river goddess
- [grandma] for a child.
- [Oyin's mom] Gods of the water,
- [Oyin's mom] please give me a child.
- And the river goddess gave her a child.
- [Oyin's mom] Gods of the water, thanks.
- And who is that child? Look at her!
- [Ezinne] It's you. Yes!
- [Oyin's mom] You have done well.
[Oyin's mom] As you have given
the child I asked of you, I thank you!
[grandma] That's why I said
you should never mention
anything about a man again because
the end is that is it.
Do you hear me? Please.
Don't go there.
What is behind it is grevious!
Don't go there. You cannot get married.
You will be successful. In your studies,
you can see how successful you are.
Everything you do will be successful.
Any business you wish
to do, you'll be successful.
But husband or man,
I don't ever want to hear it from you.
- [Tekena coughs, groans]
- [Oyin hums sad tune]
You are still awake? [clears throat]
I can't sleep.
Hmm. Me neither.
Believe it or not
I've never been away
from home this long before.
I miss my house.
[Tekena] Me too.
I just pray
that this journey is worth it all.
Tell me about your fianc?
Why don't the other men like him?
[sighs] Five years after marriage,
his mother still had no child.
She got an Igbo girl
to come marry her husband.
The girl had a child.
But the man's family
didn't want the child.
Because the child was not of their blood.
They said the child was omeni.
A child of an unwanted woman.
Child of a property-wife.
[man screaming]
[Degbe screams]
[inhales hysterically]
[Degbe breathes deeply]
- [Abbey] Take it. Drink.
- [sighs in relief]
What's happening to you?
[heavy breathing gradually subsides]
What's wrong?
I have blood on my hands.
We just wanted to scare them.
We did not plan to kill anybody.
[continues heavy breathing]
It's not your fault.
You didn't mean it.
Why am I even
Why am I even telling you this story?
When we don't love ourselves?
- Why is it that you're not free with me?
- [sighs heavily]
- Huh?
- [Degbe exhales, laughs]
Refusing to tell me your stories
because you think
I'm a child of an inferior?
In here, there is no
superior human. We are all equal.
We're all equals.
The most important thing now is
getting to the outside world.
[sighs] I feel like drinking alcohol.
[Degbe sighs]
[chilly music playing]
Man, my tummy
is seriously dealing with me.
What's really going on?
My stomach is also rumbling.
[sighs] Man I want to go search for food.
Nobody should try
to persuade me otherwise.
- [Abbey] Man, it's risky.
- I need to look for food now.
[Abbey] Hey. Hey, my man.
- My man. Get up, let's go look for food.
- [Oyin gasps]
Degbe, where are you going?
- [Oyin giggles]
- [Olotu grumbles]
- [Abbey] Take it easy.
- [Olotu grunts]
[Olotu] Mr. P said we
should not leave this place.
[Degbe] Please forget about that.
Just calm down.
[Tekena] Ah! Don't go out!
He is not even afraid.
- [Boma] My man.
- [Degbe] Boss.
[Degbe sighs]
Please be very, very vigilant.
I understand. I know what is at stake.
You understand? I know what is at stake.
Good luck.
Thank you, my brother.
Thank you.
[Degbe] I have to get out of here.
- [Boma sighs]
- [Oyin coughs]
[pensive tune playing]
[pensive music continues to playing]
[light music continues]
- [silent dialogue]
- [light music continues]
[metallic clattering]
- [screams]
- [tensed tune plays]
[door clatters]
- [alarm blaring]
- [Degbe panting]
[Degbe panting]
[alarm continues to blare]
[tensed tune fades off]
You must have been hungry, huh?
Go on. Eat.
- [Boma sighs]
- [Oyin coughing]
[Abbey] She has a fever. [sighs]
My man, my friend isn't back here yet.
- [Abbey] I'll be back.
- [Olotu] Where are you going to?
Where are you going?
Where are you going? My man.
Where are you going?
I have to find her some medicine.
- [Oyin coughs]
- She has a fever.
Abbey I'm not sure this is a smart move.
Listen, man
if anything happens to her,
I will never forgive myself.
[Oyin coughs]
Be strong.
Please guy, keep an eye
on her while I'm away.
Of course.
I'll look for Degbe and bring him back.
[Abbey grunting]
[door opens]
[door bangs]
[slurps noisily]
I am Igor.
And this is my ship.
It's my job to account
for every single soul on this ship.
You should understand.
[Igor] Hmm?
So how did you get on my ship?
We paid for passage.
Who did you pay?
Was it any of the faces in this room?
We paid Mr. P.
Mr. P? Who is this guy?
That's that's what
the other guy called him.
There are others?
[tense music playing]
Take me to them.
They can have a decent meal and a bath.
Won't you like to have a bath?
just relax.
There's no problem.
Everything is cool.
There's lot of food here, you understand?
Go ahead and sit down.
My friend, you understand?
There's no problem. Just relax.
Just relax.
[Igor] Listen to your friend.
Please, sit.
You all should sit.
There's no problem.
My man, sit down. You all should sit.
Hmm? Sit.
We have plenty of food here
so, enjoy yourselves.
Help yourselves.
Get something to eat.
[Degbe] Man, relax.
[Igor] Eat.
I have one question to ask.
And what I demand, is your honesty.
How did you get on my ship?
Olotu, tell him what happened.
We paid Pere for passage.
Mr. P.
[Degbe crunches noisily]
I hope you don't mind if
I call Pere and confirm your story.
[Olotu] Go ahead, sir.
You you can confirm.
- [upbeat club music playing]
- [indistinct background chatter]
[phone ringing]
Sir Sir Igor. Sir?
Hello, sir?
[Igor] I found some people on board
and they claim that you brought them here.
My God! May the Lord forbid!
I I cannot do something like that!
Sir, I did not bring
anybody into the ship.
What kind of nonsense is that?
Are you certain?
Sir, I am certain
one hundred and fifty percent!
[splutters] You and I have worked together
for ten years,
I'm not new to this business.
I know protocol. I cannot just
be misbehaving anyhow, and act up
and bring someone on board the ship.
But you already know
that I cannot do such.
Come on, what nonsense talk is that!
Thank you for your confirmation.
there's something I want...
Hey, why did this man
just hang up like that?
Woah. Oh boy!
I called Pere and he just confirmed that
he didn't bring you on board.
[tense music plays]
[Oyin coughs]
No. That's impossible.
We paid Mr. P for passage.
We're speaking the truth.
[Igor] How can I be sure?
You could all be spies.
- Ah!
- [Olotu] Ah, no!
- What do you mean, spies?
- [Olotu] Come on.
- No, look at us! Do we look like spies?
- [Olotu] Do we look like spies to you?
We're not spies. Every...
Men, are you guys spies?
Because the way
two of you came out of nowhere
is suspicious.
I beg you in God's name!
What nonsense talk is that?!
Eh? What are you saying?!
- [Oyin] This man is crazy.
- Didn't we come here together?
- Didn't we come here together?
- [Oyin] What?!
- [Tekena] What sort of nonsense is this?
- [Boma] Man...
- [Degbe] Stop it! Don't yell at me.
- [Olotu] Shut your mouth!
- [Boma] My brother, shut up!
- I'm talking to you, you're yelling.
- Don't yell. You understand?
- [Oyin] This guy is bad. Come on!
- You're a man.
- What's wrong.
- What's wrong with this guy?!
- Why are you acting this way?
- Do you hear what you're saying?
- Don't yell at...
[Olutu squeals]
- Get up!
- Get up!
- [Dominik] Get up!
- Get up now!
- Get up! Now!
- Now!
- [Dominik] Now! Now!
- [Alexey] Get up!
- [Alexey] Now! Now! Let's go.
- Get up.
- Go!
- Get out!
- Move! Move.
- Come on!
- Come on, get up! Move!
- Get up! Come on!
[tense music playing]
Are you okay?
[sobbing] You're a monster.
Calm the fuck down.
It was either them or us.
But they were not a threat!
In this business, we don't take chances.
- They could have been spies or pirates.
- [sniffles]
We could have gotten killed
by any one of them!
Do you understand?
[sighs deeply]
I want to leave.
- [Oyin sobbing]
- [melancholic Gregorian chant playing]
[tense electric guitar music playing]
[engine accelerates]
[birds chirping]
[tensed tunes escalates]
[muffled] Help us.
Captain, you need to see this.
[Oyin] Please. Please.
Help us.
[Olotu] Help us.
Hey, my friend! Long time no see!
You gained a few pounds.
murder, torture
How much do you
want to make it all disappear?
This will cost you
more than a few pounds, my friend.
[Oyin] Take us with you!
- Take us with you!
- Nice doing business with you.
- [Oyin sobbing] Take us with you!
- Goodbye.
[Tekena] They're leaving us here.
[all sobbing]
- [Dominik] Get up!
- [Alexey] Get up!
- [Alexey] Get up!
- [Dmitri] Get up! Now!
[Dmitri] Stand, please!
[Dominik] Come on! Get up!
[Alexey] Bitch, now!
- Go! Go!
- [gun cocks]
My brother.
[Alexey] Easy.
Easy now.
White man let us go.
There's nowhere to go.
- If my men won't kill you
- [Anya moans]
the ocean will kill you.
I'll take my chances. Do you understand?
Be my guest.
[Anya] Don't let them go.
He's bluffing. I'm very sure
he won't hurt you, believe me.
[Anya panting] Don't don't let them go!
I promise you he wont.
- [Anya grunts]
- [Boma screams]
[melancholic Gregorian chant playing]
[Igor] Don't close
your eyes! Please, Anya!
Look at me! Please don't close your eyes.
I am begging you.
Don't close them, I'm begging you.
Don't close them.
[melancholic music
escalates into tense music]
[tense music playing]
[Igor] I didn't tell you
When I was a boy,
my dad used to take me on hunting trips.
Hunting on the black bear.
I was not a good hunter.
Never had patience for it. [sniffs]
But there was one thing
that I was very good at.
Skinning meat.
[melancholic Gregorian chant plays]
[chuckles] You see
the first thing
is that you have to make sure
that the bear is dead,
so you can drain
all the blood from the body,
before you start taking the skin off.
And I'm very glad
that we decided
to skip the first two steps.
- [melancholic Gregorian chant plays]
- [tense music playing]
You know, because I
really wanted you to enjoy the
the process
as much as I do.
[Igor sighs]
By the way,
in case you were wondering
who was that woman
that you killed this day
that was my baby sister.
[Alexey] Igor.
So, where are you holding those bastards?
[Dominik] In the laundry room.
[Gun cocks]
I want to be very sure
that you find all the other rats.
- Copy that.
- Copy that.
Make sure you feed
those in the laundry room.
I will be needing them tonight.
It is horrible!
[footsteps approching]
Hey, Igor.
Now tell me, have you found the rat?
[Dominik] No, Aleksei is still seeking.
Are we are we sure
that they are they are spies?
- Are you questioning my orders?
- No.
We'll find him.
[tense music playing]
[Oyin coughing]
You, and you. Come on, now!
Come now!
- Who sent you?
- No one sent us.
- Lies!
- [Olotu grunts, Tekena whimpers]
[Igor] If you want
to leave this ship alive,
you will tell me the truth.
Who sent you?!
[whimpering] We speak the truth.
No one sent us.
- I believe you.
- [Dominik] On your knees.
[Tekena sobbing]
You want to leave the ship?
Throw them the knives.
Now, fight to the death.
That's the only way one of you
gets to leave the ship alive.
And if we refuse?
If you refuse
[guns cock]
You're both gonna die.
I will not fight my brother
for your entertainment.
That's a shame.
Kill them both,
and throw their bodies in the ocean.
[tense tune escalates]
[Tekena panting]
I'll fight.
- Tekena!
- [Igor] You'll fight?
[Olotu] Tekena,
what do you think you're doing?
I want to survive.
[spray fizzing]
[Alexey whimpers]
[Abbey grunts]
[both grunting]
- [Tekena] Fight! Fight me!
- [Olotu] Tekena!
[Abbey groans]
- Fight me!
- No! I refuse to fight my brother.
[both grunt and struggle]
[Alexey groans]
- [Abbey grunting]
- [Alexey groaning]
[Abbey grunts]
You're seen as the good child
while I'm the bad child.
You get us in trouble
and I take the blame.
I hate you!
Is that what you want to hear?
But we were only children.
You want me to say sorry? Okay, sorry.
[Tekena roars]
Will you stop this madness?!
[both panting]
[Olotu sobbing]
Go ahead and do it.
Kill me.
Go ahead and do it.
The reason why you can't kill me
is because you know
I'm your blood brother.
Fight as we may
I'm still your brother.
No matter what it is.
I'm still your brother
Until the very end.
[melancholic music playing]
[Tekena continues sobbing]
[Tekena sobs hysterically]
- That's enough!
- [gunshot]
Fight, or die.
[sobbing] What are we going to do?
[Olotu] I will do something soon.
Take good care of yourself.
[Tekena] What do you mean?
Make sure you keep
your promise to my brother.
[Tekena gasps then sobs]
My brother!
Promise me you will look after mother.
[Tekena] Why did you do it? [sobs]
Because you are my brother.
[Tekena] No!
[Igor] Congratulations!
Now, you're a free man.
You're free to go.
Go where?
Back to Africa.
- [gunshot]
- [Tekena gasps then sobs]
[Tekena] No!
[eerie tune plays]
[Dominik] Farewell, comrade.
They've killed Aleksei. Igor.
Those bitches killed him!
[seagulls cawing]
Oyinbrakemi. Oyin.
[panting] Abbey.
[sobbing] Abbey.
Abbey. [sobbing]
[uptempo music playing]
[door slams]
[thrilling uptempo music plays]
[mouths] My love.
[mouths] I love you.
No, no, Abbey. [sobs] Please.
[keys jangling]
[uptempo music continues]
[soft music playing]
[muffled mumbling]
[muffled mumbling grows louder]
[muffled angry protest]
Look here, I'm the captain of this ship.
Untie me. [panting]
Untie me.
They threw me in here
when I protested the killings.
[Oyin on PA system] Abbey
Don't come out, they will kill you.
[Igor] In English.
[tearfully] Abbey, if you don't come out
of hiding, they're going to kill me.
- [Captain] Who's that?
- [Igor] What am I holding
- to your head?
- Abbey, a gun.
A gun.
I'll count till ten.
If you won't come out of hiding,
I will shoot her in the head.
[Oyin gasps, sobs]
[Igor] One.
- Four. Five.
- Abbey.
- eight,
- [gun cocks]
[Oyin cries out]
- Ten.
- [Abbey] Wait.
[Abbey] I surrender.
I surrender.
- Please, no. [sobbing]
- [Igor whispers] There you are.
Abbey! [sobbing]
- Abbey.
- Oyin.
- Oyin, it's okay. I'm fine.
- [Igor] Stop!
- Switch to him.
- [Oyin sobs]
Stop. Stop, stop.
[mouths] Abbey, I love you. [sobs]
You've been
a real pain in the ass, my friend.
What do you think?
You're gonna get away with it?
You have me.
[voice breaks] Just let her go.
Is this your girlfriend?
[Oyin continues sobbing]
[haunting music playing]
[Igor] Do you love her?
[tense music playing]
[mouths] I love you.
[Igor] Do you love her?
- [Igor] You do?
- I love you. [sobs]
Well, now your love will live forever.
[tense music escalates
then stops abruptly]
[screams] Oyin!
[screams] Oyin!
- [screams] Oyin!
- [melancholic Gregorian chant playing]
[screams painfully] Oyin! Oyin!
- [Abbey sobbing]
- [melancholic Gregorian chant continues]
- Oyin!
- [melancholic Gregorian chant continues]
[Abbey sobs hysterically]
[thrilling music plays]
[Dominik] You're done!
Die, you bastard! Die, you son of a bitch!
You'll see your brother
today, wherever they are,
for all that you've done to us, bitch!
[metal piercing]
[body thuds on the floor]
[softly] Abbey. [sighs]
[Abbey exhales]
Boma, what did they do to you?
Abbey fight.
- [Abbey sob]
- [sad wailing music plays]
[groanings intensifies]
[sad wailing music continues]
[sad wailing music continues]
[birds chirping]
Are you betrothed to a water spirit?
If I get married, I will die.
If I have a child, I will die.
But I know what I want.
Wait. What about the prophecy?
I I thought you don't believe
in spirits and prophecies.
But that is what you believe.
And that is enough to make them real.
I'm not part of them, Abbey.
I want to live life as I choose.
- What if you die?
- I will not die.
[Oyin sighs]
[Igor grunts, pants]
Did I tell you [panting]
- that you've been such a pain in the ass?
- [Abbey coughs]]
[Igor panting]
But I have to give you credit [panting]
for what you've done to my boys.
[Abbey singing] The suffering
- Of a child of destiny
- What is it that you're singing?
- When it's time
- [melody instrumental playing]
- grace will arrive
- There are no gods to save you.
You got me? You got me?!
A great ocean
- Is covering my heart
- You can keep on praying
- while I'm slicing your skin.
- Child of destiny
[Abbey] I love you.
[mouths] I love you.
Boma, what did they do to you?
Abbey fight.
[Igor] What is it?
Where did you go? Eh?
What is it, a joke?
[sad wailing music playing]
[Igor] Where did you go?
[air hissing]
Where is he?
Where where did you go?
- Where Where is he?
- [hissing noise continues]
[sad wailing music continues]
[Igor] Huh?
[Igor panting]
- [rapid drumbeats]
- [Igor screams]
- [sad wailing music continues]
- [Igor groans]
Where are you?
- [rapid drumbeats]
- [Igor screams]
[Igor and Abbey grunting]
Where are you? [panting] Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
- [rapid drumbeats]
- [sad wailing music continues]
- [Igor crying]
- [sad wailing music continues]
- And this one
- [gun cocks]
is for the love of my life
My Oyinbrakemi.
[sorrowful music playing]
[sorrowful music continues]
[sorrowful music fades out]
[door opens, then shuts]
[gasps] Abbey.
[squeals then whispers] Abbey.
[birds chirping]
[sad tune plays]
how did my son die? Please tell me.
[sighs] I respect your son.
He was a brave man.
What was Degbe doing
with somebody like you?
Why are you worried?
We are friends.
During our journey,
this is what came out of it.
[sobbing] My son is dead!
My dear son cannot have
a guy like you as a friend.
[Abbey] There is money inside.
What I'm giving you
cannot bring him back.
But it will make you strong.
[mom sobbing] Oh, Degbe.
Oh my [sobbing]
[Abbey] Don't be angry.
I have come to give you some bad news.
You came because of my sons.
To say they're dead.
stroke killed their father.
[sobs] Now Olotu has died.
Um It's not only Olotu who died.
- [voice breaks] Tekena too.
- [sobs]
[Tekena] My friend I'm alive.
[mom sobbing]
[Tekena] My friend
When did you come back?
[Abbey] Not long ago.
[Tekena] I thought I
was the only survivor.
[Abbey chuckles]
[sighs] I thought the same thing.
My friend.
What happened?
- [sad tune continues]
- [waves rippling]
- Akparaka.
- Great man.
What is happening?
You've called a meeting
and you have not told me
- [Ebiye] [scoffs] Akparaka.
- [Akparaka] Great man.
[Ebiye] What is happening?
[indistinct chatter]
[Akparaka] Be patient,
when they get here, they will tell you.
- [Ebiye] Are you part of this?
- When they get here, they'll tell you.
- [Akparaka] Be patient.
- [Ebiye] Who is that coming?
- Let us be careful when we get there.
- Okay. Hmm.
[Elder 2] When we get there,
you all should be calm.
[Ebiye] Let them move
quickly and come, please.
Because I have other things to do.
[Akparaka] Whether good
or bad news, they will say it.
[Ebiye] Okay.
I walk slowly these days.
- [Ebiye] Okay.
- [Elder 1] Thanks.
- [Akparaka] Welcome. You are welcome.
- Thanks.
[Elder 1] We wanted to come yesterday.
[Akparaka] Welcome.
Great man, don't you see us standing?
Why have you
not given your visitors a seat?
Great man offer them a seat..
Huh?! Abbey!
[Ebiye] Abbey!
- [Elder 1] Please just calm down.
- [Elder 2] Please be calm.
- [Abbey's mom] Please calm down.
- [Ebiye] Abbey!
- [Akparaka] Great man.
- Where is my daughter?
- [Elder 1] Please just listen to them.
- Where is my daughter?
[Elder 1] Please, sir.
- What has happened has happened.
- Please calm down.
- Abbey! Eh?
- [elders] Calm down, please.
- [all] Please calm down. Please.
- [Ebiye] No.
- [Ebiye] Abbey!
- [all] Just calm down first.
- [Elder 1] Take it easy.
- [Elder 2] Calm down.
- [Ebiye] I will deal with you.
- [Elder 2] Take it easy! Please calm down.
- [Elder 2] Great man, stop and listen.
- [Akparaka] Hold yourself.
- Please, great man.
- Great man. Great man!
- Hold yourself. Please let's listen to him
- Please sir.
- Please, calm down.
- [Elder 2] Please forgive him.
- [Elder 1] Forgive him.
- Calm down.
- Don't be mad at him.
- Please listen to him.
Where did you send her to?
[emotinally] Oyinbrakemi is dead.
[Ebiye] Hey!
- [Akparaka] Please my friend, be strong.
- This was what we came to tell you.
- [Elder 1] Please we are pleading for him.
- Be strong, please.
- [Akparaka] Calm down.
- [Elder 1] I hope you have listened to us.
- Please calm down.
- That is what has happened.
- [Elder 2] Please forgive him.
- Be strong.
[Elder 2] Because of us, please be calm.
- Please forgive him.
- [Ebiye] Hey! [sobs]
- The Lord knows best.
- We commiserate.
- [Elder 1] Be strong.
- [Akparaka] Be strong, please.
- Please be strong.
- Take heart please.
- [Elder 1] Forgive him.
- [Ebiye sobs deeply]
This was the message
we wanted to relay to you.
Yes. That's why we wanted you to sit down.
[Elder 1] Sorry. My friend.
We hope you understand.
[Abbey's mom grunts]
[Abbey] I will miss you.
[Abbey's mom] I will miss you too.
[tense music plays]
Ah, Abbey.
Listen to my advice.
What happened is not over, know this.
Go and stay in Lagos as a free man.
I will come and visit you. Mh?
[traffic sounds]
- [Bibi sobbing]
- Please go safe!
You get there. Mmh?
- [Abbey] Take good care of mom.
- Bibi, it's okay.
[Abbey] Bibi, it's okay.
Bibi, it's okay.
- Stop crying, let him go. Okay?
- [Bibi] I'll miss you.
- [Abbey] Take care of Mom.
- [Bibi continues sobbing]
[Abbey] Take care of Mom, okay.
- [Abbey's mom] Now, let's go.
- [tense music playing]
- [Bibi continues sobbing]
- It's fine.
It's okay. Get in, get in please.
- Safe trip. Please be careful.
- [engine ignites]
It's okay.
- Let's go, let's go.
- [Bibi] I wiill miss you.
- Bibi It's okay.
- [ominous tune plays]
[sobbing continues]
[ominous tune fades out]
[music playing]
Subtitle translation by:
Ayolope Koiki & Onyaye Cristebi Ipalimote